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  1. Vilebranch

    Shadow of the Empire [RP]

    Tribes of the Vandals Ruler: Beucad of Clan Theudegisklos, King of the Vandals Capital: Luppla (Bernburg) Trade Agreements: Magyars and the Saxons Pacts of Non-Aggression: The Saxons _____________________________________________________________________ Beucad arrived once more to the sound of applause and merriment in Luppla, while this raid's haul may not have been as prosperous as the last due to the aid of the Scirii, it proved to be enough of a hampering to the Veneti that it was useful enough. Further down the road, he spotted one of his war chiefs shouting to him and beckoned him closer with a swift motion. The man approached with a smile, "King!" he shouted. "The Italii bring tidings from Rome. They seek our help in condemning the Veneti from the world. They offered vast wealth, and a formal alliance with us!" The king stared at him, straightening out his face, "And what did you tell them, Gauterit?" The young man took on a look of worry as he responded, "Well, I told him we were eager to spill Veneti blood." At this, Beucad had to bide his anger and clenched his hands around his destrier's reins, "We are Vandals, we do not make deals with bawd southerners. You will send a messenger to tell them that we will not make such a deal with Rome. We will take what is ours, we will take gold and blood from the Veneti." He continues, "Indeed, if you were wise you would have known why we raided Venice with the Scirii. It was to gain the trust of the Scirii, to convince them of our strength. For we must unite Germania to repel the bureaucratic oafs of the South and West. Soon, we will ride South where the true raiding shall begin." He gives a small pause before looking down at the young Gauterit, black warpaint dashed across the man's hairline, "Ontop of this, I entrust with you the responsibility of convening the Thing. As of today, you will be my Lawspeaker." _____________________________________________________________________ Actions: Population: 386,531 Base (4) + Capital (4) + Trade (2) + Agri (1) + Raid (12 AP) - 23 AP Vandals train and recruit several units of light infantry. (6 AP) Two units of light cavalry are trained for the invasion into Venicii lands. (8 AP) A single unit of bowmen are conscripted. (4 AP) Several ballistae are constructed. (2 AP) A message is sent to the Chief of the Scirii, asking for them to join the Vandals in conquering the rightful Germanic land south of the Danube. (MOD) A Thing is convened among all free, land-owning men and women of the tribe. It is during this Thing that they will decide whether or not to invade the Venicii. Should the proposition be approved by the Thing, the Vandal army would be mobilized, leaving behind two units of Basic Infantry to defend Luppla. The main army would head south to meet up with any possible Scirii additions before laying siege to the Venician city of Tergeste. (MOD) Investments continue on a new market area in Luppla. (4/25 AP) Research progresses on improving the defenses and fortifications of the Tribes. (5/10 RP)
  2. Vilebranch

    Shadow of the Empire [RP]

    Tribes of the Vandals Ruler: Beucad of Clan Theudegisklos, King of the Vandals Capital: Luppla (Bernburg) Trade Agreements: Magyars and the Saxons Pacts of Non-Aggression: The Saxons _____________________________________________________________________ Actions: Population: 368,125 Base (4) + Capital (4) + Trade (2) + Agri (1) - 11 AP Vandals begin training and conscripting a unit of capable bowmen for the upcoming raid. (2 AP) The Vandals once more arrange the organization of a raiding party, being led by King Beucad, to make way towards the lands of Scirii in an effort to convince the Scirii to join their raid, before heading south towards eastern Venice. 100 Bowmen, 250 Medium Infantry, 100 Harii. (8 AP) Investments begin on a new market area in Luppla. (1/25 AP) Research progresses on improving the defenses and fortifications of the Tribes. (4/10 RP)
  3. Vilebranch

    Shadow of the Empire [RP]

    Tribes of the Vandals Ruler: Beucad of Clan Theudegisklos, King of the Vandals Capital: Luppla (Bernburg) Trade Agreements: Magyars and the Saxons Beucad made his way through the burgeoning city of Luppla, the sound of a loud horn awakening him from sleep and beckoning him to the capital's entryway. Trekking down the main path, Beucad examined the many villagers as they stood in front of their doors, holding back anticipation for what the horn might mean. Through Luppla's entrance, nothing more than a large, stone archway, the tribal king caught sight of the large raiding party, drinking and splitting up their loot among themselves. At the party's head, stood War Chief Rikiar, a long held close friend of King Beucad. The man beckoned Beucad forth with his hand, "Come, friend! We will arrange your cut from the plunder. I believe there is still quite some gold left unclaimed." The chief talked with a rough voice, offering his king a smile and a pat on the back as Beucad approached him. "Oh, you shouldn't worry about it, Rikiar. Just have what's left from the hoard taken up to the longhouse and given to Melle. She's been growing a bit distant, and some gold ought to cheer her up." The king looks out over the four hundred or so men as they travel up into the city, carrying armfuls of precious metals to their families, "How many did we lose, Rikiar?" The war chief simply gave a shrug as he responded, "'Bout thirty. Had to deal with a small danish force harassing us on our way back to the Rhemus. Weren't too hard to shake off of our tail." Beucad simply offers a silent nod before retreating back into the city limits. Actions: Population: 347,288 Base (4) + Capital (4) + Trade (2) + Raid (12) - 22 AP Vandals make an effort to finding useful resources and plots of land in their territory. (5 AP) The Vandals recruit from the Harii tribe's population, recruiting a unit of their elite light infantry, the 'Skaduganganz'. (3 AP) Investments into Agriculture around Luppla finally bear fruit, transforming some of the once heavily wooded countryside into fertile fields. (20/20 AP) Research progresses on improving the defenses and fortifications of the Tribes. (3/10 RP)
  4. Vilebranch

    Shadow of the Empire [RP]

    Tribes of the Vandals Ruler: Beucad of Clan Theudegisklos, King of the Vandals Capital: Luppla (Bernburg) Trade Agreements: Magyars and the Saxons Beucad made his way through the bustling tribal city of Luppla, often surmised as the pride of the Vandal people. He reflected on the history of his people and his triumphs but despite this could not shake the feeling that what he sought to witness would not come to fruition within his lifetime. Centuries before, the ancestors of the Vandalic Kingdom had been ravaged by Hunic incursions into Germania which led the Vandals to being nearly exterminated as Germanic refugees were refused passage into the Empire's lands. However, throughout the years the Vandals have managed to survive within the outskirts of Imperial Germania and their resentment towards the Empire swelled into frequent raids. With the unfortunate Great Dying, the Germanic playing field had been wiped clean for the Vandals and their Chief, Beucad, was quickly able to conquer many of the surrounding tribes and add them to his numbers. He walked past the sacred pine near the center of the city, a towering tree with the likeness of Wodanaz carved into it's bark, and began his way up the stone steps towards the Temple of Teiwaz. The Temple was built sometime after the Vandals resigned their Arian practices during the Hunnic Wars and it's wooden walls stretched high above the rest of the city atop a man-made hill. Entering the Temple, Beucad was enticed by the smell of frankincense and a fair woman dressed in fair white linen addressed him as he entered, "It has been written in the Futhorc that you would seek me out, good King. You seek the blessing of the God of the Hanged, I presume?" He didn't know how, but it always seemed as if the woman was one step ahead of him, and if it weren't with for her charm he wouldn't be as friendly with her. Beucad nodded before opening his mouth, "Indeed I do, High Priestess. I must soon stand before the Thing and convince my people to approve the raiding of the Danish land where the Rhenus meets the sea." The High Priestess, Alwina, simply gave a small nod and motioned for the King to follow her through several more doors before they exited into the Temple's courtyard. There, Beucad found a young Frankish boy tied down to a large marble column, weathered in age. Behind the column the leaves of a young fir poked out and made it's presence known. Several other priestesses after the High Priestess entered the courtyard, carving runes into the boy's chest with ceremonial knives while his muffled pleas for help were drowned out by the sound of a large deerskin drum. As the priestesses wiped the blood from the boy's chest, Beucad could make out the meaning of the runes, 'Christ's Faithful'. The King knew he didn't have the right to deny Teiwaz his sacrifice, so he made no objection. Alwina turned her attention to Beucad and spoke with her usual feminine charm, "Good King, if you seek the blessing of Teiwaz, you must plunge your sword through the boy's heart." Actions: Population: 330,750 Base (4) + Capital (4) + Trade (2) - 10 AP A raid of 150 light infantry and 300 medium infantry is organized, heading along the Rhine towards Danish Batavia. (8 AP) Investing into Agriculture around Luppla. (6/20 AP) Research progresses on improving the defenses and fortifications of the Tribes. (2/10 RP)
  5. Vilebranch

    Shadow of the Empire [RP]

    Tribes of the Vandals Ruler: Beucad of Clan Theudegisklos, King of the Vandals Capital: Luppla (Bernburg) King Beucad stared into his goblet, inspecting the maroon liquid which resided within it when he heard a thunderous voice from the other end of the feasting table. The warrior chief, who was likely in his thirties, raised his glass up to his king for a toast after going off on a self-obsessed tirade about his own exploits, "- But, of course, none of this could have come to pass without our strong king! To Beucad, long may he live!" For a moment, the entire table seemed to rumble as everyone rushed to their feet to offer a toast to him before sitting back down and partaking in the feast. "Say, you were there with me, right? At the sacking of Arverni? What do you have to say about it all? We haven't seen this much loot since when the Empire left Albion." Beucad took a sip of wine before rising to his feet, his voice echoed across the silent hall and he could see that most of his subjects ceased their feasting to listen, "The Empire will soon dissolve, the Franks have had their day in the sun. Soon, it will be clear what we must do. To drive the lion out from it's den and to slay it for it's hide." He paused just long enough to let out a cough, "The enemy is poked at from all sides; in Iberia I hear that the Empire has been fractured and splintered beyond repair, in Albion the last footholds of Imperial power are slowly being drawn back, and the Danes and Norsemen frequently pillage the coasts of Francia. Soon, the full might of the Vandals will storm across the Rhenus and pillage and raid Paris. The Age of the Franks is over! The Age of the Vandals will soon commence!" Actions: Population: 315,000 Base (4) + Capital (4) - 8 AP Gathering a unit of medium infantry from the populace of Luppla. (4 AP) Investing into Agriculture around Luppla. (4/20 AP) Emissaries are sent to the Saxons and Denmark for future trade agreements. Research slowly begins on improving the defenses and fortifications of the Tribes. (1/10 RP)
  6. Vilebranch

    Shadow of the Empire [OOC] [APP}

    Discord: Vilebranches#8810 Nation: Vandals
  7. Vilebranch


    REGISTRATION: Name and Clan - Skörkon'Gorkil Current Rank - Grunt
  8. Vilebranch

    [Recruiting] The Coin

    ((IGN)): Vilebranches Name: Daqr al-Amun Age: 31 Chosen Role: Crook Race: Farfolk ((Do you have discord and/or willing to get it?)): Vilebranches#8810
  9. Vilebranch

    [Bounty]Rex-Slayer Dungoth

    "Dere am nubthin' which wuld zatizfi mi more den tu peep diz ting ded..." Moreg says, peering down at the paper and giving his bull a friendly patting. "GLORI OR FLAT!"
  10. Vilebranch

    Iron Bull Slaver Guild

    Moreg scratches his chin, reading over the notice and halting upon reading the lesser race list. "But... Ologz are dezcendants and are orcz. Ologz are not znagaz!"
  11. Vilebranch

    GobTek PMC.

    GobTek PMC. ‘Progress before Morals’ Research and Development GobTek offers one of the finest goblinoid work-forces on Axios and promises quality assurance on any and all goods purchased from our RnD Department. If you ever have problems with our products, simply contact our legal department and they will gladly send your money back, free of charge! We here at GobTek pride ourselves in excellent customer service, so should you ever have a problem, don’t be afraid to send a bird our way! Current projects in RnD include but are not limited to; Cow-to-Speech Analyzers, Hyper-Thanhic Explosives, ‘The Thunder Lute’, and Finding out what purpose Elves have on Axios. Our elite team of highly-trained goblin tinkers are working day-in and day-out to ensure your products are made to perfection. (Expect word from our legal department within 15 to 20 years should you attempt contact. Gobtek PMC. does not promise refunds for dysfunctional or malfunctional products.) Corporate Protection To protect GobTek assets and ensure the general well-being of our customers, GobTek would like to announce that we now employ guards and contractors within our ranks! GobTek offers their services to you at little expense to you. After all, can you really put a price on peace of mind? Indeed, for only one hundred minas a cactus day you and those close to you can enjoy all that life has to offer completely fear free. Our patented bodyguards may even offer discounts from time to time, so be sure to hire them while they’re available! Just as with our products, we want you to feel safe with our Hired-Protection agents keeping you alive, so should you have any problems with our agents, simply send word to our legal department. Register Now! Are you in desperate need of honest cash? Do you live in constant squalor because you’re unable to pay your human/elven/dwarven taxes? Are you simply looking to jumpstart a career in engineering or private contracting? Do you simply want to join GobTek? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then GobTek would love to invite you into our welcoming family! We employ people of all races and walks of life in our company, and we would be honoured to employ someone such as yourself. Simply fill out the registration info below and our legal department will decide whether you’re GobTek material or not. Application Name: Age: Race: Notable Skills: Place of Residence: ((OOC Information)) Username: Professions: Discord ID:
  12. Not to make this a popularity contest or anything, but Gallic would make a pretty nice addition to the ET, imho. +1
  13. Vilebranch

    The Creature Index [2017]

    Ugluk Bulls An Ugluk Bull decorated in ceremonial armor. { Credit to ‘BelleDeese’ at www.wallpaperup.com } Habitat: The massive domesticated bulls of the Ugluk clan were once rarely found in deserts of sparse vegetation and rarer still in grassy savannahs. Currently, Ugluk bulls are only sighted in the possession of Ugluk warriors. Wild Ugluk bulls have long since been hunted to extinction. Size: These bulls have been selectively bred over the generations, ultimately, for their size and strength. On average, an Ugluk bull can grow to 9-10 feet tall and 17-18 feet in length. Ugluk bulls are usually built like a tank, capable of carrying several full-sized orcs across the desert with little to no trouble. Diet: Curiously, Ugluk bulls are omnivores with sharp incisors as well as molars for grinding up plant matter. While wild Ugluk bulls would primarily be found grazing upon scarce vegetation and only rarely hunting for game, the orcish clan historically forces their bulls to consume descendant flesh in order to heighten the bloodlust and rage of their bulls. This practice has gone relatively stale in recent times in favor of the flesh of wild game. Temperament: Wild bulls, while territorial, did not have the propensity to charge after things unprovoked and would rather run from a fight they could not win. This trait was ultimately its downfall as Orcish hunters took its timid nature as a sign of weakness. Domesticated Ugluk bulls, however, are some of the most aggressive of the orcish mounts. Often times, an Ugluk bull without its rider will become uncontrollably enraged by the slightest provocation. This enraged nature is caused by both its upbringing and its diet, and often times results in major damages to property and self. Brief summary of the creature: The bulls of the Ugluk Clan are humongous bulls primarily built for mass-transportation, transporting large amounts of goods over long distances, and over-all ferocity. Their thick bones and large muscles allow them to hold large amounts of heavy goods over extended periods of time and travel across the desert with ease due to their high stamina and flexible diet. These bulls have a bloodlust only comparable to some of the most savage orcs and their Uruk counterparts show this off as a badge of honour. Characteristic: Domesticated Ugluk Bulls have a tendency to unprovokedly erupt into uncontrollable bouts of rage and it is this behaviour in which an Ugluk show their strength and stamina. An untamed Bull will be mounted by an initiate of the clan and slowly wear the bull out until it is unable to resist, where the uruk then proclaims their ascent into the clan. More often than not, Ugluk bulls will bond with those who choose to mount them during these trials. Origin: Ugluk bulls originated from the deserts and savannahs of Aegis. Early orcs bred the bulls to be as ferocious as possibly as the tamed them and integrated them into orcish society for their strength and size. Weaknesses: While these bulls have immense strength and stamina, Ugluk bulls lack the speed necessary to be a viable warmount and can easily be outran by mounts such as Lur wolves or Gorkil boars. Due to this, domesticated bulls are usually not keen on running away. LM Approval Required: No, Bred by the Ugluk Clan or what’s left of it. If playable, what are redlines? Acts as an RP mount for members of the Ugluk clan. The mount would mechanically be the same as a horse, and RPly being much slower than most other Orc mounts.
  14. Vilebranch

    The Spiritual Mandate

    Application: Name of Spirit and Aspect: Freygoth, Spirit of the Wild Blessing: Dangerous game which might once have attacked you upon seeing you, might think twice about trying to eat you. Daily Worship(How you choose to worship daily): Atleast three hours a day must be spent meditating in the Wilds.
  15. Vilebranch

    Adventurers' Guild

    ADVENTURERS' GUILD APPLICATION FORM What is your character name: Mor What is your MC username: VileBranches What is your skype: hepatitis_of_bees Of what race (RP): Orc What is you profession(s): Hosh Hunter and Leatherworker How familiar are you with the world(LOTC): I know Orc-y stuff. Would you like a custom skin: Nay Any questions: Nay