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  1. I'm building an orc clan if you're interested. We're basically all about looting treasure and having parties. Hmu on discord if you're interested. Vilebranches#8810
  2. TWISTED SKULLS “To keep your secret is wisdom, to expect others to keep it is folly.” – William Samuel Johnson {Rp in a bit} Turn 5 – 2275 Actions Two levels of fortifications are constructed in the Capital. [10000 C + 2 B] A raiding party led by Smiley will scout out the block to the south, enslaving any small settlements or wastelanders found in the area. [MOD] Production of 50 Molotovs [4 M, 2 F] 2% Population Growth [3 S] Researching T2 Plasma [11/25 R]
  3. TWISTED SKULLS “If he truly is a God, then he is an unforgiving one. I hold no doubt he loves us, but his love is torture. He will have us destroy half of the world before we are granted an end.. But hey, the loot ain't bad.” – Burke's lament. After the raids of the previous year, the various groups of raiders found themselves at each other's throats. Supposedly the raids were meant to put an end to the rivalry and determine once and for all which group made the better raiders. However, the apparent lack of a clear victor made the situation ten times worse
  4. TWISTED SKULLS “This is your land. A land taken from you by the elites, by silver-tongued demons and false promises. So I give to you an opportunity; follow me. And take it back.” – Osiris to the survivors of Vault 57, before forming the Twisted Skulls. Burke and his raiders found themselves welcomed back to the camp with a bloody festival. A massive bonfire had been created to light the festivities as chemmed-up raiders went about their business, drinking alcohol and getting into brawls. However, a considerable force had decided not to participate and was
  5. TWISTED SKULLS “Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power. You are free.” – An old world scholar. The fledgling raider nation slowly begins to grow through the streets of the former slum. At the entrance of the encampment one could find the mangled bodies of the former slaves, each piece of the body impaled on a different spike. The only piece of flesh missing from the piece would be the heads, likely being used as basketballs or something by the Skeleton Crew. At the same time, under a peculiar tent at the edge of cam
  6. TWISTED SKULLS “Wassup, dawg? You hear about the new slaves that Burke and his posse wrangled up? Yeah, fuckin’ Skeletons came and dragged them to Hell. They might as well be useless now.” – The laments of a slaver. While the rest of the warband started getting acclimated to the new camp location, scavenging the ruins for valuables and setting up temporary farms, the residents of the Fire House took on a very different atmosphere. The walls of it’s interior painted crimson, a primal instinct of rage or fear could not be avoided within the building. It was
  7. TWISTED SKULLS “I ain’t no fool. Osiris saved us from that hell down there, man.. I’m just sayin. He’s spooky as all hell.” – A Twisted Skull grunt to another tribe member. The tribe of the Twisted Skulls had made short work of the ghouls inhabiting the mud-covered neighborhood. They knew the importance of the collection of shanties and collapsed two-story buildings. Long ago, the ancestors of the Twisted Skulls likely inhabited these homes, thriving in the squalor and poverty afforded to them by the corrupt city. The ghouls they had to put down may have e
  8. Application Faction Name: Twisted Skulls Civilization Type: Raiders Starting Points: 5 points in Tech , 1 point for 5 M, 2 points for 10k C, 2 points equipment production Faction Backstory: The story of the Twisted Skulls begins with Vault 57. Before the Great War, the ancestors of the Twisted Skulls were taken from the nearby projects of Chicago and relocated underground. These individuals, mostly from black, low-income households, were forced into an already over-crowded home and given an endless supply of food and water via a speci
  9. I mean, personally I’m happy with where Orcs are currently. We could use a bit more activity, but hey when haven’t we. There are clans that cater to old-fashioned/traditional orc roleplay like Ram, Gorkil, Ox, and Ungri. There are clans that have a more reformist/spiritualist nature like Yar and Lur. And there are clans like Shrogo, Raguk, or Lak which decide to go somewhere completely different. I encourage you to get back into orcish roleplay. There’s really something for everybody. Well, almost everybody.
  10. one more roman salute for the good times, dude. you was a good lad. o/
  11. Bro why do gms gotta be so racist? Gms are literally lynching boys out here. #FreeElite

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      Thanks for the support Vile, it means a ton. ANG GIJAK ISHI

  12. The Stone-Faces Actions Population: 532 Resource Gain: 9,000 C, 4 L, 4 M, 2 F, 3 S, 0 E, 0 AE, 2 R Stockpiled: 2,000 C, 0 M, 0 F, 4 S, 0E, 0 AE, 0 R 240 Stone-Face Raiders: T3 Melee, T1 Armor 26 Stone-Faces: T3 Melee Unused Gear: 274 T3 Melee [4 M] The foundries of the Stone-Faces finish arming the first generation of warriors, storing a large amount of weapons and armor for the next batch of warriors. 120 T3 Melee and 120 T1 Armor. [10k C] In the newly colonized lands of Woodlawn, two large fields of maize
  13. The Stone-Faces News of the iron chamber which lay beneath the rubble and steel skeleton of the museum spread quickly among the violent tribesmen; tales ranging from trapped demons to entombed riches were told often to assuage their intense fear of the unknown. Yet the holiest of the tribe remained fascinated by his find, scribes and shamans clamored to catch a glimpse of the antique shape. An item of intense religious value due to it’s age and wisdom. Back at the Phoenix Garden, Feenix prepares his raiding party for it’s second major expedition. His group
  14. The Stone-Faces The Stone-Father stared out upon a crumbling mausoleum to the spirits of old America, a site of once wondrous mystical power now reduced to pebbles by the Great Event. It’s massive domed roof was split open like an ancient skull, allowing a great swathe of light to enter the forbidden stronghold. His visions were always correct, or so he believed. There was something ancient dwelling within, something blessed by the Relic itself. He looked about to see a spattering of newly set-up tents and abodes, complete with scavenged furniture an
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