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  1. Vilebranch

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    Kaha-Nu-Buhu The Guiding Light Soon the Ruby Goddess would have an influx of the damned and lost flood into her realm. Those who died in defense of her will would have to live side-by-side with those that killed their brethren in the coming bloodshed. Perhaps these ‘Venandi’ truly weren’t lost to her guidance, but at this moment none of that mattered. The children of Exitius were gathering and soon, whether it was this year or thousands in the future, they would come for her creations. This game was not something she could find palatable. No, she would break it before they ever reached Holy Carda. In battle, there are those who fight with intelligence and those who fight with experience. Truthfully, she found both to be of equal tact, however to fight openly without either was something she found so repulsive that she could not dare to describe. She looked through her ruby hand to be greeted with the face of her Avatar on the World Sphere, were it possible she would have smiled in greeting to her friend. Sure he was bound to her, but he was still as good company as any other. “Vu’u. I’m glad you could come. I have a task for you, good friend. To the south one can find the spawn of the war-hungry Exitius. You will temper the blade of my creations. The Nyren shall prepare their defenses and train in the arts of archery, while the Pati shall be organized as to their strengths; numbers.” Although this would not be all, for Kaha treated her followers like her very children. Carda was her gem to those who suffered in squalor and filth, and she would not allow it to fall so easily. Out of those who devoted themselves to her worship in the Ziggurat, she chose one man. He was no priest or almoner, but instead a simple curate, an assistant. Mamo was his name. To this ordinary man, Kaha gave purpose and unfathomable power. He was no longer bound by his flesh, instead his ichor dissipated from his corpse and materialized into the world. He was to become her holy defender, her motherly protection manifest. If Exitius were to send his dragons to face her, then Kaha would have to provide the dragonslayer in response. [4 AP] – Command Avatar Vu’u teaches the Pati and Nyren useful military tactics, organizing Pati into large, loosely organized hordes and teaching the Nyren the usefulness of defenses and ranged combat. Uncountable forts are to be commissioned and garrisoned in the areas surrounding Carda by the Nyren, while Pati are instructed to spend the following years to focus on building up their numbers and performing guerrilla drills in the countryside. [8 AP] – Create God-Touched Kaha gives untold power to a curate by the name of Mamo. To him she would give javelins of ichor to pierce a dragon’s hide and powers over blood itself to do with as he pleased. He would be her ultimate defender and with him she would give her protection. With this he would be driven by only one purpose, to protect his home and those he loves. 4 AP Remaining
  2. Vilebranch

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    Kaha-Nu-Buhu The Guiding Light [4 AP] – Command Avatar Vu’u is once more sent off to meet with the Nyren of the River, aiding them in the construction of the first city to grace the mortal realm. The city would be constructed along the banks of the massive river, hundreds of dwellings and shops to propagate the fledgling society. The first marvel being the city’s massive stone walls, reaching 30 feet high and depicting engravings of epic quests and battles of their ancestors. The second and indeed the most defined landmark of the city would be a massive ziggurat in the center of the river which would serve as both a crypt and as a religious/political center, bearing massive likenesses of Vu’u and Kaha-Nu-Buhu. 5 AP Remaining
  3. Vilebranch

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    Kaha-Nu-Buhu The Guiding Light Vu’u made the trek through the cold swamps which laid to the North of the Nyren. The starved screeches of the primal beings echoed through the skies, and as they looked upon him they flew to their trees in fear. As he made his way to a clearing, a large and somewhat muscular form flew to the ground, standing straight in-front of the titanic beast. “Pati of the Swamp, I commend you for your bravery. On this day I speak to you as an emissary of your architect, Kaha-Nu-Buhu. You have attacked her most devout of followers, the creatures of the river. This is a great slight upon the Crimson Lady.” Vu’u continues, miraculously speaking their garbled and primitive language. “She is a gracious God however, as she is willing to forgive this transgression.” The sky suddenly darkened as the Sun quickly darted behind the horizon and Vula-Marama came to a halt in the sky. Several pairs of glowing eyes within the treeline came hurtling towards the ground, their bodies slowly bloating and their screams slowly becoming more muffled as they safely bounced upon the ground. Strangely, the Pati left in the sky also came flying towards the ground as they sank their fangs into the supple flesh of the Pati-Sulu. “This is her gift to the Pati. Protect the Nyren from outside forces and you shall never hunger a day in your life.” Then, a weapon of great power descended from the night sky and rested upright at the Pati warrior’s feet. It seemed be made of bronze, but at the same time emanated an intense red glow. The warrior stepped forth and rested his hands upon the weapon, looking up to the immense lion hesitantly. “You may take it. This is my gift to you, good warrior. Pass it along to those worthy, and allow it to aid you in your goals. Conquer, Adapt, Thrive. But never harm those whom the Guiding Light deemed worthy to praise her.” [5 AP] – Create Sub-Race Through her Avatar, Vu’u, Kaha-Nu-Buhu transforms nearly a quarter of the most sated of the Pati into bloated, tormented creatures known to the Pati as the Pati-Sulu. Their wings would become useless as their bodies fill with ichor, weighing them down immensely as they overflow with blood. They would become blood bags to be consumed by their kin, still denied entrance to the afterlife despite the presence of souls. [4 AP] – Command Avatar Kaha-Nu-Buhu sends Vu’u to journey to the swamp lands. There he would call out to the fleeting, bat-like forms. He would tell them to protect the nearby Nyren of the River, for they were chosen by the patron of these lands and creator of the Pati, Kaha-Nu-Buhu. [6 AP] – Create Artifact Kaha-Nu-Buhu grants a spear of immeasurable strength, Masina-I-Le-Lagi, to the strongest of the Pati. The spear would imbue it’s wielder with the ability to see any opponent’s weaknesses, physical or mental, and give them the means to exploit it. Not only this, any this, but any creatures killed with the spear would have their soul imbued into the wielder to further enhance their strength. 0 AP Remaining
  4. Vilebranch

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    Kaha-Nu-Buhu The Guiding Light Sinewy wings and gnarled faces rose into the sky as Kaha-Nu-Buhu created her first true children. The Pati, the Red Lady’s children, resemble large bat-like humanoids over eight feet in height and thirteen feet in wingspan. Largely carnivorous, the Pati scour the swamps in search of prey of any size. The hold a voracious appetite and their bite is especially potent, injecting a paralyzing venom into their prey’s blood stream before using their specialized fangs to suck up vast amounts of soul ichor from their prey. Interestingly, the Pati almost never kill their prey and instead leave them alive for future feedings. Although largely solitary, the Pati have been known to form small hunting groups to increase their effectiveness in feeding, and this effectiveness would logically lead them to create larger settlements. The Pati, having been born from the Goddess of Souls, strangely are lacking in the soul ichor that they feast upon, despite all other sentient races having an over-abundance of the substance. Due to this lacking in ichor, the Pati would be nearly invisible to the hunger of larger predators. [10 AP] – Create Race Kaha-Nu-Buhu spawns the Pati into the World Sphere. The strange, bat-like race would inhabit the swamps of the largest continent. The race would be inherently hostile due to their nature, carefully flying between trees and capturing their prey to feed upon at a later time. 3 AP Remaining
  5. Vilebranch

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    Kaha-Nu-Buhu The Guiding Light [5 AP] – Command Avatar Kaha-Nu-Buhu sends her servant, Vu’u, to seek after the Vyrnen tribes residing at the mouth of the river. Vu’u’s main purpose on this expedition is to teach the Vyrnen of the River the values of consecrating the dead and also teaching them how to seek out the blessings of their ancestors. 4 AP Remaining
  6. Vilebranch

    Challenge for Rexdom - Mûrak'Gorkil

    Skorkon wipes the elf blood from his blade, "Murak mayd hozh Wargoff, Murak will mayk hozh Rex. Pluz azh."
  7. Vilebranch

    The Ebon Watch pt.1

    Tikka frowns, the memory of the elf’s sacrifice still fresh in his mind. “Tikka will not forget. Tikka will come back for clock-thing. This time Tikka will be ready.”
  8. Vilebranch

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    Kaha-Nu-Buhu The Guiding Light Kaha-Nu-Buhu slept for the first time in centuries. Within her abode, the tranquil harmony of souls lulled her into a deep slumber. The years passed by, one by one, until a disturbance in her realm awakened her. A slight prodding, like ripples in a vast lake of ichor, lifted her from her slumber. At first, it was almost as if nothing had changed of significance had even occurred. However, looking to her hands, she watched as one of her many long fingers snapped from her hand and went darting across Tuhinga-O-Mua. Unfortunate, she thought. This wouldn’t be the first time her incorporeal form had begun to disassemble itself, but it was difficult for her to rest with minor distractions such as this popping up on occasion. Suddenly, it occurred to the divine goddess that perhaps an event could be made of the occasion. She brought the souls of a monkey, a falcon, a snake, and a lion to her chamber. Placing in each of them a fragment of her consciousness, she had them seek out her finger across the afterlife. The first to find the finger was the quick falcon. Yet as it swooped down to catch the fleeting crimson shape, the bird was entangled within the thick brambles which grew near the ground. The second to find the finger was the clever monkey. Yet as he swung from branch to branch in pursuit, the monkey was too absorbed in his hunt to notice the massive ravine in his path and fell. The snake however, never found the finger for he was too busy whispering misinformation into the ear of the lion. So when the finger finally made it’s way towards the duo, only the lion was quick enough to pluck the shape from the sky with his powerful jaws. For it’s pride, the falcon was stripped of his consciousness and returned to thoughtlessly striding through the Realm’s skies. For it’s foolishness, the monkey was encased in stone and put on display at her temple on the World-Sphere. For it’s deceit, the snake was cursed to endlessly chase after it’s tail throughout the Void. Yet for ultimately laying claim to her favor, the lion was granted a name and a purpose. His name would become Vu’u and his purpose to guide the creatures of tomorrow towards her grace. [10 AP] – Create Avatar Kaha-Nu-Buhu spawns Vu’u, an extension of her will to guide, into the world. The Avatar would manifest as the a mass of smoke and red light, taking on a lion-like form as it goes about serving as a host to the Red Woman’s temple on the World-Sphere. 2 AP Remaining
  9. Vilebranch

    The Epic Victory Royale of the Nottinglads

    Tikka, the mysterious halfling savage, hears a song of Nemok's epic accomplishments. Later in the day, he would sprint into the bushes after spotting a renatian on the road and eat an orange.
  10. Vilebranch

    My Hacking Confession

    pls keep moving you have entered Tornado_'s gaming zone
  11. Vilebranch

    Community Meeting

    Going into 7.0, will anything be done to ensure that certain individuals/nations don’t obtain a monopoly over the playerbase?
  12. Vilebranch

    Season of Burning

    Skorkon’Ugluk had made this journey several times in his search for prey. The road to Sutica was long and dangerous, but if the rumors he had heard were true, practitioners of dark magic frequented the city on a daily basis. There he saw him, but it seemed too obvious. His prey wore a dark leather coat and a white half-mask. If this wasn’t the type to practice dark magic, Skorkon didn’t know who would. All it took was a simple question to reel his prey in, "Lat gruk wayr mi kan find dahrk mojo uzerz?" It didn’t take long for the words to slip out of the elf’s mouth, and they did. The elf spoke without any reverence to the orc, "Hmm... I'm not entirely sure, I'm actually searching for a teacher of Dark Magic as well." Skorkon drew his khopesh, and at the sword’s ivory glint the elf went sprinting into the city with a seven foot tall Uruk on his heels. It wasn’t all too difficult to catch the elf and drag him out of the city. He kicked and screamed for help, yet none of the city-goers seemed to care in the least. By the time Skorkon reached the Raguk Encampment and had stuffed the prospective necromancer into the campfire, only one woman cared enough to follow. She simply stared as the orc went about his rituals. Skorkon yelled towards the skies as the elf kicked and screamed in the small campfire, praising Jevex with all of his being, "Diz am Ghaazhug Ztaun! Duh Zeazon ob Burnin'! Agh lat muzt be cleanzed! Maprog Mubaj! Maprog Mubaj! Jevex! Jevex!" OOC: Unfortunately, the server died before I could take some pictures of the encounter, so I’ll just leave the logs here.
  13. Vilebranch

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    Kaha-Nu-Buhu The Guiding Light [8 AP] – Create Landmark Kaha-Nu-Buhu creates a massive tidal island on the shores near her newly created coral reefs. Upon the island would lie a large, seemingly naturally formed stone temple. Within the temple, mortals would find an immense, ruby crystal which would act as a direct conduit between the realms of life and death. Mortals would be able to bring their newly departed before the crystal, and if the crimson Goddess will it, channel their souls back into their corpses at the cost of not being able to ever pass back into Tuhinga O Mua. However, whether or not this would be the only aftereffect would be yet to be seen... 4 AP Remaining
  14. Vilebranch


    It’s been grand, dude. Really, you have consistently been the coolest person I know in the orc community. I hate to see you leave, but sometimes you can only take so much of the same **** over and over. Good luck with all that non-mineman stuff.