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    Enuf iz enuf

    "Hrmr, diz will be fun tu peep. Let diz azh have hiz flatwizh. Da zpiritz will dezide." The young bullish figure remarks before lumbering out onto the roads.
  2. The Stone-Faces Actions Population: 532 Resource Gain: 9,000 C, 4 L, 4 M, 2 F, 3 S, 0 E, 0 AE, 2 R Stockpiled: 2,000 C, 0 M, 0 F, 4 S, 0E, 0 AE, 0 R 240 Stone-Face Raiders: T3 Melee, T1 Armor 26 Stone-Faces: T3 Melee Unused Gear: 274 T3 Melee [4 M] The foundries of the Stone-Faces finish arming the first generation of warriors, storing a large amount of weapons and armor for the next batch of warriors. 120 T3 Melee and 120 T1 Armor. [10k C] In the newly colonized lands of Woodlawn, two large fields of maize are grown along the decaying urban streets. [4 S] The stockpiled food and supplies are distributed throughout the tribe in an attempt to prepare the tribe for the prophesied ‘hardship’ this winter. Stockpiling everything left over as it can be stored. [2 R] The tribe’s wise men continue their research, beginning to lay the foundations for powerful fire pots. 4/5 R for T1 Explosives. [MOD] The Stone-Father aids his acolytes and wise men in preparing the first fire pot prototypes. The shaman’s mixture would be made up of two parts scavenged alcohol to one part molten tar. (2 S, 2 P, 2 E, 2 C, 3 I, 1 A, 3 L) [MOD] The Headsman leads an expedition further east to explore the lands around the great ‘Skyway’. (3 S, 1 P, 2 E, 2 C, 1 I, 2 A, 5 L)
  3. The Stone-Faces News of the iron chamber which lay beneath the rubble and steel skeleton of the museum spread quickly among the violent tribesmen; tales ranging from trapped demons to entombed riches were told often to assuage their intense fear of the unknown. Yet the holiest of the tribe remained fascinated by his find, scribes and shamans clamored to catch a glimpse of the antique shape. An item of intense religious value due to it’s age and wisdom. Back at the Phoenix Garden, Feenix prepares his raiding party for it’s second major expedition. His group will depart from the gardens to head further north, exploring the unknown land and scavenging for gifts from the stone trees. Actions Population: 527 Resource Gain: 9,000 C, 4 L, 3 M, 2 F, 2 S, 0 E, 0 AE, 2 R Stockpiled: 3,000 C, 0 M, 0 F, 4 S, 0E, 0 AE, 0 R 180 Stone-Face Raiders: T3 Melee, T1 Armor 240 Stone-Faces: T3 Melee [3 M] The primitive foundries of the Stone-Faces continue to churn out well-crafted spears and tomahawks, readying their men to do battle against the horrors of the wasteland. 120 T3 Melee and 60 T1 Armor. [5k C] Large gardens of maize are grown in Hyde Park, supplying it’s new residents with a plentiful supply of tribal cuisine. [5k C] Hunks of old world metal and anything scavenged in the new area is placed in a new scrap yard to keep up with the demands of the warrior caste. Stockpiling everything left over as it can be stored. [2 R] The tribe finally begins to progress with technology, starting a research initiative in the holy site to find a way to open the large door. 2/5 R for T1 Explosives. [MOD] Due to Red-Eagle being preoccupied, the Blood-Mother treks south, accompanied by a gathering of 50 Stone-Faces and 70 tribesmen to settle more land in Woodlawn. (2 S, 1 P, 3 E, 3 C, 2 I, 2 A, 2 L) [MOD] The Stone-Father begins an in-depth investigation of the door leading to the stone tree’s inner sanctum. He fasts for several days beforehand, expelling any evil spirits that might cloud his thoughts before beginning. (2 S, 2 P, 2 E, 2 C, 3 I, 1 A, 3 L) [MOD] The Headsman travels north to map out and explore the blocks surrounding the museum, accompanied by 60 raiders. (3 S, 1 P, 2 E, 2 C, 1 I, 2 A, 5 L)
  4. Skörkon’Gorkil beats his fists against his chest, raising his arm proudly for the first time in many years with a raguk salute. “AZH HAI, AZH UZG!! Unitehd we kan finalli bekom grayt! Flat duh twigz agh flat duh pinkiez!”
  5. The Stone-Faces The Stone-Father stared out upon a crumbling mausoleum to the spirits of old America, a site of once wondrous mystical power now reduced to pebbles by the Great Event. It’s massive domed roof was split open like an ancient skull, allowing a great swathe of light to enter the forbidden stronghold. His visions were always correct, or so he believed. There was something ancient dwelling within, something blessed by the Relic itself. He looked about to see a spattering of newly set-up tents and abodes, complete with scavenged furniture and hastily-made wooden walls. The people he had inherited from Wohali were truly beginning to thrive in these new lands, adapting to the strange new gods which looked down on them atop pillars of concrete. He looked up at one of the stone trees once and could have sworn he saw something move at it’s crown, perhaps just a figment of his overactive imagination or perhaps a sign from the Relic. He nodded once to the men entrusted to him by Feenix and marched up the steps towards the crypt, his Speaker at his side yelling out words of encouragement to the high-energy raiders. Actions Population: 515 Resources: 8,500 C, 4 L, 3 M, 2 F, 5 S, 0 E, 0 AE, 2 R 120 Stone-Face Raiders: T3 Melee, T1 Armor 120 Stone-Faces: T3 Melee [3 M] The primitive foundries of the Stone-Faces continue to churn out well-crafted spears and tomahawks, readying their men to do battle against the horrors of the wasteland. 120 T3 Melee and 60 T1 Armor. [5k C] Another trade shop is opened up in the new territory surrounding the museum to sell new pieces of the old world found throughout. [750 C] Stockpiling 1 more supply. Also stockpiling remaining caps, because why not? [MOD] The Stone-Father is accompanied by 40 Stone-Face Raiders as they begin a much more thorough expedition into the old museum. The stone trees whisper of this sacred site holding keys to the past, and so it must be at least spiritually important. (2 S, 2 P, 2 E, 2 C, 3 I, 1 A, 3 L)
  6. The Stone-Faces Stone-Father ‘Red-Eagle’ in ceremonial garb. The tribe’s Stone-Father stood at the center of the of the massive gathering, beside the raging bonfire which lit up the night with yellow sparks. Red-Eagle was Feenix’s first choice to replace their old shaman, a Tree-Father by the name of Wohali, who was thrown from the top of one of the taller stone trees. His shrieks affirmed his suspicions of Wohali being a traitor to the tribe, and so he was replaced. Feenix knew Red-Eagle would never fear judgement from the trees, for Red-Eagle had vowed himself to silence. The wizened shaman danced around the fire as the fire danced in-turn, smoke billowing up and out to different directions. Until finally, Red-Eagle’s dance was finished and plumes of black smoke blew northward. Feenix rose from the crowd, a great commanding voice echoing forth, “The Spirits have decided, and so it shall be. To the North lay the greatest of the stone trees, objects of immeasurable spiritual value. Once we gain the favor of these greatest of trees, we may conquer and pillage all that we meet.” The headman gives an affirming nod before continuing, “For those whose legs already ache in anticipation, come. Come and claim the lands which the Relic gives to you.” Actions Population: 505 Resources: 6,500 C, 4 L, 3 M, 2 F, 4 S, 0 E, 0 AE, 2 R 60 Stone-Face Raiders: T3 Melee, T1 Armor 60 Stone-Faces: T3 Melee [3 M] The primitive foundries of the Stone-Faces continue to churn out well-crafted spears and tomahawks, readying their men to do battle against the horrors of the wasteland. 120 T3 Melee and 60 T1 Armor. [1k C] Progress begins on constructing primitive wooden defenses around Jackson Park, with several shoddy watchtowers constructed to watch for enemy invaders. 2 levels of fortification. [1 L, 750 C] Stockpiling 1 more supply. Also stockpiling remaining caps, because why not? [MOD] Headman Feenix and 50 Stone-Faces head north to the museum and help occupy the area for the Stone-Trees, many unarmed tribesmen come north to join them and start on piecing together their own plots of land. [MOD] Stone-Father Red-Eagle assists 20 Stone-Face Raiders in exploring the remaining blocks around Jackson Park.
  7. The Stone-Faces ‘Relic’ after her introduction during the World’s Columbian Exposition. As the Stone-Faces wound down into their new surroundings, it was clear to most that the spirits had relented in their fury. Headman Feenix had seen his people fight through hordes of afflicted abominations, seen them curl up and expire from dehydration, or simply up and die from exhaustion. Yet when he saw on the horizon the splendor of the old park’s ruins, his faith was returned anew. At the top of the hill, brilliant golden light reflected off of her gilded carapace, the weathered words of her pedestal read, ‘The Re---lic’. A god of retribution truly did exist, and her name was ‘Relic’, an idol of the Old World preserved to protect his people from despair. Feenix would clamber about his muddied home, helping construct the many lodgings of his tribe. Before long, the large mud plains were covered in many dwellings and it was clear enough that this land was occupied. After the preparations were finished, he had Red-Eagle take a small force of scouts north to examine the old world ruins which lay nearby. The mysterious domed building drew his curiosity ever since they had settled there, and it loomed forebodingly over his personal lodge on Wooded Island. Actions Population: 500 Resources: 11k C, 4 L, 3 M, 2 F, 2 S, 0 E, 0 AE, 2 R [5k C] The Headman makes work on a small market district for his new stomping grounds, better facilitating the flow of trade among the Stone-Faces. One Trade Shop. [3 M] Plumes of dense smoke rise high into the skies above the mud plains of the ancient park as the great forges of the Stone-Faces gain traction, equipping their people to defend their new land. 100 T3 Melee and 50 T1 Armor. [2 L, 1.5k C] Stockpiling 2 S to keep the people of the tribe well-fed. [MOD] A group of twenty or so men is sent north to scout out their surroundings and report back with findings about the giant museum which looms over their residence.
  8. Application: Faction Name: The Stone-Faces Civilization Type: Tribals Faction Backstory: The Stone-Faces trace their origins back to a group of tribal raiders from the Ozarks, who hunted and stalked their native lands for centuries before angering their forest and being forced North by bark-skinned demons, according to oral tradition. The journey was long and arduous, and many of their traditions were lost in the process, but when they finally arrived in Chicago their tribal identity underwent a drastic transformation. In the Ozarks, the Stone-Faces were often mistaken for vengeful spirits by their rival tribes due to their bark-colored camouflage, and the tribe would often use this to their advantage in combat. So, when they discovered Chicago and it was decided that the massive spires of cement would become their new hunting grounds, the tribe’s Headman symbolically caked his face in ash and dust. The tribe would abandon the spirits of the trees and instead pay respect to the spirits of the city. For the following years, the Stone-Faces scoured the crumbling town for food and prey, mercilessly and efficiently striking down most scavengers and expeditionary forces they faced. The tribe eventually settled in the old ruins of Jackson Park, with many fearful scavengers learning to avoid the area out of fear for their lives. The ruthless guerrilla tactics of the tribe proved more than useful, yet it was clear as the years winded by that larger and more powerful tribes were being drawn to their new lands. Only time will tell if the Stone-Faces’ faith in their stone trees will be enough to repel the foreign devils. Characters Character 1 (Leader): Headman Feenix Character 2: Stone-Father Red-Eagle, the Spiritual Leader of the Tribe Character 3: Blood-Mother Sapodilla, the Matriarch of the Headman’s Family Discord: Vilebranches#8810
  9. Skorkon'Gorkil beats a fist against his chest in respect to the old Lur's death. "Lat 'elped mi throu da tuffezt ob tikz, Falum. A hozh bruddah agh a hozha zhomo. Mi 'opez lat getz bettah."
  10. I like the idea of compressing the dark magic constructs into one single creature; as pale knights, dread knights, and dark stalkers were pretty similar in their previous forms. However, I'm not entirely sure that it makes sense for these three completely different magics to create the same end result of a construct.
  11. Skorkon'Gorkil wonders how Demetrio was able to write and send a letter while being tortured and captured by Owynists. "Guezz it be mojo!"
  12. Vilebranch

    The Mages Guild

    OOC ((MC Name: Vilebranches)) ((Discord: Vilebranches#8810)) ((Timezone: EST))  RP What is your name? Bacalou Couvier Why seek membership within the Mages Guild? The acquisition of hidden wisdoms and mysteries is ultimately in my interest, both as an entreprenuer and as an individual. It would also be my honor to spread what little knowledge I have to offer to any enterprising diviners. What is the extent of your experience with magic? Unfortunately, I have little knowledge of the arcane or otherwise. My skills are in the interpretation of the minute, as opposed to the significant. What arts if any do you currently study and who was your teacher? I have been taught divination at a young age by my mother. What position do you desire to claim upon joining the guild? Acolyte What position do you desire to advance to within the guild? Instructor When is the best time to contact you for an interview? Any time after 4:00 PM EST
  13. Man, that's a sad. Have fun in Valhalla.
  14. Bacalou Cuvier frowns as he reads the bounty, armed with only a dull kitchen knife. “The Goa have infested this one. Oh, what a fight it would be to see. Perhaps I shall go poking around for such a miracle of nature.”
  15. lordy lordy. lore guys ought to stop gimping lore for the sole reason of 'people will abuse it'. honestly i'll +1 anything if it means getting a chance to experience creatures/magic which i otherwise took for granted. don't really get the hateboners for DK's, all of my interactions with them in the past were positive.
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