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  1. Deep beneath the eastern clay, the minotaur stirred in the cavernous depths. A trail of smoke rose up from its snout as it recalled that glorious battle. A prideful demon laid low by its own arrogance. Draz-Kulzattar the fool. Draz-Kulzattar the imp. It would not matter. The Eye of Providence were upon them. "Ra’drakurz raht roknoth kuul ra’vaznan amol tul."
  2. The Bull demon raises a spiteful salute to its bovine brethren, analyzing the poster. It yells to nobody in particular, "HAIL HYDRA!"
  3. Mael-Rotukna Kalul Those who traveled through the exposed road networks of the Western jungles might hear from the lightless bush a great and metallic roar, airy and hoarse from years of warchants. The cry heralded a stampede of many hooves, shadowed figures of bronze and iron with long faces like those of an ungulate. Those who lingered may hear chanting, perhaps even a glimpse of a flash of crimson light before these mounted warriors quickly passed. The taint of brimstone lingered in the air, stinging the senses of those too foolhardy to have fled. Each tree was to be adorned with a charred and black section of bark, dripping with black mucous as if it were sap. Runes of an unknown tongue glowed beneath the corrupted sap. Those who stared too intently might find something clawing at their nerves, a pain forming at the back of their skull. Perhaps it was an attempt at staking a beastly claim upon the surrounding land, like any primal creature might. Although perhaps it was an omen of something much greater. A call for aid or a call for war. There upon the gnarled wood an infernal creature could read, “Mael rotukka raht hritar krei. Ra’kalul raht a’vrid duth ra’iiztrii za’Zalev’zak randrok. A’vrid hzakuz uk ra’dendukal. A’vrid thaznit ra’inna hugka. Zkaat zu’zo’kuul am’ruth korduv ra’gatraka tuk huk.”
  4. Somewhere deep in the labyrinths, the hulking figure of Skorkon'Ugluk lit a torch in honor of the elf who had passed through his flames unharmed. The bearer of the Shield of Dazkur was considered by the goliath as something of a worthy rival, a shaman worthy of his title upon facing the tribulations of the labyrinth. Though weakness is not so easily kept at bay. Especially among those so unfortunate to be born of weak flesh. And those whose pride exceeds their capacity for strength are quickly swallowed by the flames which stoke their will. "Agiz Penweather. Zhield ob Dazkur. Champion ob Phariz. Brother ob da Band. Latz tik haz run out."
  5. The BULLGOFF frowned as he witnessed his friend's corpse carried back to San'Velku. An immensely prideful and honorable orc, one who embodied those Raguk ideals in all things. He raised up his fist one last time in rememberance of the dead, a mighty Raguk salute. "ANG GUND GRIZH! May we klomp again soon, blood bruddah. Beneath da watchful gaze ob KRUG ALMIGHTY!"
  6. The Minotaur of Qarkah, clearly 'of healthy mind', turns to an inanimate pool of blood deep beneath Krugmar and raises a question. "Dat was easy, huh bruddah?"
  7. Beneath halls of hallowed, volcanic stone sat the Minotaur. Beneath the very polis he'd helped consecrate. Beneath the great herds of blessed cattle he had bred and culled to perfection. Beneath mountains of skulls and wicked flesh. It sat and pondered over the missive as smoke filled the room, its brothers joining him in solemnity. "Mi band? Those who called mi bruddah? Who took great KLEOS by mi side? Have they forgotten their oaths? Their vow tu Dazkur?" It asked of the fellow minotaurs, though they were exempt to learn a single word of common. He turned his attention then to the full situation, furrowing his brow and tensing his muscles. "Bah. Da cards am dealt. Whatever happens now is on their heads. Al-uk. Murdok. Bruddahs ob mi youth. Their foolishness shall nub just be their own undoing. But da undoing ob all we have built. Ha-Uruk. HA-QARKAH!"
  8. The BULLGOTH nodded, wrapping the wound upon its palm as it regarded the history of their two great clans. Memories of fighting alongside the Sons of Leyd, of serving mighty RAGUK Rex's to its greatest abilities. "HA-QARKAH!"
  10. Deep in the infernal pits, a writhing mass of bronze came into shape and reflected upon that Owl. The Brazen Bull's claws tore into a foul imp before grinding it down between its jaws. Though it knew only hunger, a yearning for answers soon filled its burning stomach.
  11. The Ugluk Folk-Pantheon The Ugluk Klan, while known well for their devotion to the spirits of Qarkah and Karazept, possess a pantheon of spirits and heroes which eclipse those of many other clans in Krugmenistan. The nature of these entities tends to become vague and obscured by myth beyond the two main patrons, Qarkah and Karazept, resulting in much speculation on their true identities. Their natures vary from face to face; from those which persist through recurring dreams or physical creatures which have interacted with Ugluk clan members through the ages. Through ancient folk-songs and poems these entities have yet managed to survive into the modern Ugluk folk-canon. Due to the tribe’s semi-nomadic lifestyle, many of their lesser deities possess similarities to the mythos’ of many other Descendent cultures. It could be postulated that some of the more esoteric entities of Ugluk religion to have originated in forgotten cultures from lands long past, though little proof of such has been given. Despite this, the Ugluk Klan has managed to maintain a very distinct cosmology which has stood the test of time against more widespread orcish cults and religions. Zuvam-Hat - The Eater "Oh, bury mi nub—" agh his voice failed there; They paid nub heed to his dying prayer; In a narrow grave just six by three, They laid him there on da lone prairie. Where da dewdrops fall agh da vourukh rests, Da wild rose blooms on da prairie's crest, Where da coyotes howl agh da wind sports free, They laid him there on da lone prairie. -A Traditional Ugluk Song In the beginning, it is said that there was only the unending sky and a hole in that sky which was called KENEMAN. This hole grew bigger and ate more of the sky. It grew arms and legs, a head and a chest. And soon it grew so large from feeding upon the sky that it had to defecate. ZUVAM-HAT did defecate in such quantities that it made the earth from its dung. Yet it ate more and did defecate Man and Elf, Dwarf and Orc. It was not done in its eating and grew much larger than its creations. And when it defecated it made creatures who were larger yet. Gods and Spirits. Creatures too large and monstrous to name. These creations became envious of the Eater, and feared that he would soon come to consume them when there were no more skies to feast upon. The spawn of ZUVAM-HAT turned against him and tore him limb from limb. They plucked out his heart and cast it into the earth. Deep where no creature would find it. But its heart still beat beneath dirt and stone, and blood came bursting out from beneath. Thus ZUVAM-HAT was no more, and KURA-EZHAR was made. The Earth-Blood from which all order is kept in cosmic rhythm. Konurkam - The Scarab It is known that in the days of formulation, after the death of ZUVAM-HAT, his children did follow in their creator’s footsteps and enacted wills of their own upon the earth. One in particular, KONURKAM, was the first of spirits. And he did roll up the dung into great orbs of light and place them high in the firmament for all Descendents to see. These balls of dung became the Moon and the Sun, and though he wished for them to be consorts they quickly grew apart. AZTRAN and LUARA fought for dominion of the skies. A war which wages during every day and every night. KONURKAM was forgotten. His power now waned considerably. But once every eon, during times of great strife, KONURKAM unites his children in the eclipse until they grow distant once more. Titha-Azhu - The Thunder-Above When all at azh’t a mighty herd Ob red-eyed kowz he saw Plowin’ through da ragged skies Agh up da cloudy draw A bolt ob fear went through him As they thundered through da sky For he saw da riders comin’ hard Agh he heard deyr mournful cry -An Ugluk Riding Song Only a small portion of those original skies exist in these days. For ZUVAM-HAT had eaten all that he could before his death. And in their weakness they now have grown angry and full of rage. TITHA-AZHU is the rage of the eaten skies. Mighty thunder and lightning which claims the souls of the Eater’s creations. These souls follow TITHA-AZHU wherever it thunders, welcoming the damned into their herd as they tread above the earth. It is said that this is the fate of all true wanderers who try to outrun KOR’s grasp. For they are not welcomed through his gates and must live in the sky. TITHA-AZHU is feared foremost among the Ugluk Pantheon, frequently appeased at the peaks of high mountains and hills where the lightning cracks often. A frequent offering of horseshoes is given to rest the weary hooves of his herd. Tall totem poles stretch high into the sky, adorned with horseshoes and metal which conduct the storms. The Lamazhu Creatures of ancient Ugluk lore, the Lamazhu were believed to watch over those who were most faithful and honorable. People destined for greatness would tell stories of their encounters with these creatures. Tales of being at death’s door on the battlefield or during a hunt, but the Lamazhu appeared from nowhere in a burst of light. Fierce creatures with a lion's body and the wings of an eagle. They were adorned with a bull’s horns and the face of an old orc. Some tales claim them to be agents of Kor. Others connect them to Qarkah or Ghorza. What the tales have in common, however, is their appearance and supernatural ability to know of legends before they are made. Indeed it has been claimed that the Lamazhu could perceive the trails of fate to serve their purpose of protection. The Wanderer "Where has da horse gone? Where are mi kindred? Where is da giver ob treasure? Where are da benches tu bear uz? Joys ob da hall to bring us together? Nub more, da bright goblet! All gone, da mailed warrior! Lost for good, da pride ob princes!" -Excerpt from the Tale ob Paragma-Wrat The Wanderer's tales are more difficult to describe than the others. For he is an amalgamation of all those lost souls whose names have been lost to time. Both a spirit and an ancestor. The Wanderer's domain encompasses all heroes who are forgotten, but their deeds still sung and regaled. The Wanderer is a mysterious spirit, always described as a stranger clad in leathers. His stories, as an amalgam of a great many heroes, often lead him to develop conflicting personalities which range from honorable to antagonistic. It is said that the Wanderer treads frequently on mortal soil, wandering far and wide to create tales of his own for people to sing. It is for this reason that Ugluk warriors seek to be honored with tales of their exploits, for they fear that they will continue to roam as the Wanderer does after death. Arilat - The Deal-Maker Latz got to gruk when to hold 'em, gruk when to fold 'em, Gruk when to walk away, gruk when to run. Lat never count latz money when you're sittin' at da table, There'll be time enough for countin' when da dealin'z done. -An Ugluki Proverb ARILAT is often regarded as 'the Spirit of the Crossroads' due to his narrative usage as a symbol of choice for heroes. He appears most often as a man with a wolf's head wearing a black suit and tie. ARILAT offers deals to those he chooses, often through a game of blackjack at the cost of something unknown to the player. A mysterious figure who offers much to those with luck on their side. ARILAT is associated with the Ugluk tarot, often invoked before a dealing of cards. He is said to know the results of prophecy well before they are dealt. In Ugluk stories, ARILAT serves the role of both trickster and wiseman, ushering on the personal development and quest of the great heroes he meets with.
  12. What is your name, hero-to-be? Vardek of Xamballa, The Exalted What is your age? Timeless What is your race? Man Where do you reside? Where the blade is needed and enlightenment is in short supply. What powers do you have to fight against this great evil? I offer the strength of iron and jade, and the Architect's primordial wisdom. What is the meaning of a free-spirit, in short words? The freed spirit is he who has freed himself from the constraints of the world and achieved the rainbow body. They who walk in the skies with our heavenly creator.
  13. Somewhere and someplace, unknowable by mortal perceptions, a renowned Elven terrorist stirs once more. A scythe extends from the dark elf's arm as cold blood flows through him once more. Who was this poseur who now tries to claim his mantle? Who was this katana-wielding charlatan? Everyone with half a brain would know that only a scythe could merge style with lethality. The innumerable robed cultists gasped as their master awoke once again. An enraged shriek pierced their ears as the elf sliced through them with ease and blood cascaded through the clearing. The Nightbane had awakened.
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