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    Will do this later today, hopefully. Crisanta The Lost Youth Source. By shuangwen. Name and Age Information Current Full Name: Crisanta Birth Name: Crisanta Introductory Name: Crisanta Nicknames: Cris Zodiac: - Age: 50 Age she appears: 20 Birth Location: Unknown Titles: None. Traits: None. Physical Information Race: Wood elf Nationality: Gender: Female Build: She's quite slender in build as she has not much of any muscle. Crisanta would also have slight curves, though not very much. Height: 5'2" Hair Color/Length/Texture/Style: Eye Color/Type: Skin Tone: Crisanta's skin is a light shade of tan. Face Shape/Details: Her face is slim and egg-shaped. Scars/Tattoos: None. Clothing: Hygiene: She tends to keep herself very clean and trim. If she isn't, she's on her way to get a bath. Voice: Personality Information Personal Alignment: Public Alignment: Political Alignment: - Main Character Strength: Main Character Weakness: Good Traits: - Neutral Traits: - Bad Traits: - Religion: - Short-Term Goals: Key: [=]-In progress [x]-Achieved [o]-Failed [-]-No progress - Long-Term Goals: - Apprenticeships: - Magic: - Fears: - Drive: Sexuality: Marital Status: Quirks: - Background Information Backstory: Childhood: Past Homes: - Current Home(s): - Past Jobs: - Current Job(s): - Birth Mother: Birth Father: Blood Relations: - Adoptive Family/In-Laws - Death - Preferences Favorites: Person: Food: Drink: Color: Location: Activity: Animal: Flower: Least Favorites: Person: Food: Drink: Color: Location: Activity: Animal: Flower: Inventory/Significant Possessions Skills Relations