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  1. Fallout 76 is free-to-play until Monday if anyone’s interested in trying it out. CD keys are also pretty cheap too. Hmu if anyone’s interested !_!

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    2. Mumkey


      a passive observer 


      posting that was literally useless seeing as heero’s just looking for ppl to play with, he didn’t ask for any opinions from video-game connoisseurs, just said the game is cheap and if any1 wants to play they should hit him up



    3. Demotheus


      Yeah and I’m warning people not to waste their money because the game is run by asshats whob an people for literally any reason and there ain’t no refunds. 

    4. ElvenMomma


      I pre ordered Fallout 76 and refunded the game, still own it omegalul.

  2. metzil was often an individualistic facet when in relation to intervention. their meddling and conjuring of off-shoot descendants, dominion over time, even distributing boons and reliquaries from the confines of her realm; none of this had ever coincided with iblees or in cooperation with him citation: 4.0 aengudaemonic decension event line, metzil’s temple, the stone of metzil, the temple being shot out of the air by angry orenian screamers, etc
  3. hate to say it but you’re terribly mistaken. do you have context for that?
  4. There is nothing that can trigger the fight or flight response better than an iphone alarm on reverb

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    2. _Hexe_


      love to wake up with a heart attack bright and early

    3. Telanir


      this is where I shill the Sleep Cycle app, been using it for years it’s great

    4. hamberder
  5. @Llir is the only one who could help lmao
  6. “Fake news. Laethis was a superior leader.” says Sutician-Lyrian supporter a.k.a. banished_helf #36
  7. child with slingshot banned for rping a gun

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    2. NightcastorKitty


      WTB that slingshot, daymn

    3. Heero


      @mitto my husbando, i miss you so. :^)

    4. Ford



  8. @501warhead Can we please give @NotEvilAtAll a community award for doing the impossible and bringing back at least part of Asulon? That map is nearly nine years old !_!

    1. BipolarMk2
    2. Harold


      I think you’ve miscounted...

    3. howard


      give it to him

  9. Can we see about getting Tythus to upload the last known copy he had? Allegedly he showed BNK it ages back. If it exists on some hard-drive in storage, it’ll have a lot of old artifacts like Hanseti, Arethor, more of original Haelunor and other notable stuff like NekoDanie’s dragon island, Bellus Turris and the last rendition of Menocress that Dusk & co worked on. I can’t find the status update/post BNK made but he claimed that Tythus showed/let him explore that map presumably when BNK was still on the staff. That would be a real diamond in the rough. That being side, hot FUG. bless your soul @NotEvilAtAll you’re truly a champion of the people edit: https://files.lordofthecraft.net/maps/ The Anthos backup is not the best but for Athera, a lot of the stuff is where it was. There wasn’t too much crazy stuff being rebuilt. Most nations were pretty stagnant in their builds if I remember correctly
  10. “The noose equally is a suitable antidote for the homophile.” Crumena Ilwindior comments dryly, grumbling about something about future generations and brain-rot
  11. @Pun you are the devil incarnate shame on you! worst than that ***** hillary!

  12. worked for the snelves just cross your fingers and see if they get an admin on the payroll
  13. i lost all respect for you when you plagiarized urara’s work
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