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  1. Literally you guys are a few years too late for this. C’mon, what is it? 2013? ?_?
  2. As long as it gets into my PayPal, the furries will keep their nine lives
  3. $50 USD in my PayPal otherwise the cat people get shelved
    1. lowerchase


      The truth is, the big iron’s been on his hip from the start

    2. Ug


      I support this.

  4. I’ll be expecting $50 USD in my PayPal within the week if you want any chance of this lore being passed. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon, Mr. Josh & fellow members of the Wheel of Friendship
  5. Jesus. First we get a powerful admin, now you’re bringing back weeb-NSA. You can’t do us dirty with one pro and then one con
  6. Hmu if anyone’s trying out the Fallout 76 relaunch DLC

  7. I’m going to make you proud, brother

  8. Heero

    Ranged Rolls

    /roll is rigged anyways
  9. “ORA ORA ORA ORA!1” exclaims Adrian’s coach, throwing fists in tandem, mimicking his blows from the shadows
  10. Will there ever be a cameo from Ms. T? P.S. Long time no see, Booger. Stay frosty and hope your voice-actor career has been taking off xoxo
  11. Heero

    [World Lore] Oxygen

    But Flam’s gone. We don’t need to do this stuff anymore !_!
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