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  1. Don't drink the kool-aid. 

  2. Each nation has a growth of Coarse/Yellow Alum with nodes either within or adjacent to their capital tile
  3. Thank you everyone from your participation and contributions during the Inferi and the subsequent end of Arcas. We look forward to changing gears and hope everyone enjoys Almaris!
  4. A humorous joke but that aside, please exercise restraint in any underhanded comments that do not contribute to the narrative of the thread or . We understands where frustration may lie but inflammatory comments will be removed post-haste. Please curb comments and leave them to constructive criticism to the matter at hand. Thank you for your understanding
  5. ?

    1. Knightei


      Its actually cursed he’s on Mod team; I want heero to stay on just story

    2. Heero


      *Record skip* Now you might be wondering how I got here, but the truth is, it’s just me and Mitto playing Russian nesting dolls

  6. Wait they actually let you freaking on? I WAS MEMEING OH GOD NO.

    1. Luminaire


      Good to see mitto is back on the team

    2. Heero


      too late, monkey. with the power of mitto on my side, i’mma make you look like the amateur you are, old man

    3. Braxis


      Bruh I’m happily retired trying not to catch the rona

  7. Stilling missing mine. Apparently interns aren’t recognized @Anore
  8. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Remeron)) Name: Crumena Ilwindior Vote for Sohaer: (XX) Anethra Uradir ( ) Eredael Rhenaer
  9. Life’s a real trip out in the Korvassa, huh?
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