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  1. "Oh look" explains a Aeldinic Elf reading the missive. "All three of their population signed this nifty thing. Score!"
  2. A Letter to the Descendants

    "The Ascended brainlets deserve to be driven from the lands and returned to whatever foul corner of the world they originated from. We should gathering our arms and rally men under our banner, friend Constantine." he speaks to his equally bothersome tin-can compatriot. Observing the sagely crusader release plumes of steam from his helm. "Non nobis domine! Deus vult!"
  3. A Letter to the Descendants

    "The Ascended are band of degenerates who lavish themselves in elaborate Elvish orgies and other forms of debauchery. They are a pitiful excuse for a peace-keeping force. In fact they have instigating countless affairs dating back as far his Imperial Majesty Godfrey's reign of humanity. For one to abandon their humanity for unyielding vitality and the facade of 'evoking the Arch-Aengul's will' is laughable. I'll sting up any €ocksucker Ascended from the tree and truly bring them closer to their rat Goddess." airs an volatile creature steel-clad from head to toe, ensconced in titanic armor and a dated regalia.
  4. Concluding the Hunt

    Stranded, adrift on the restless tides of the entropic waves of abeyance, a loathsome soul sits overlooking the unknown while waves besiege his perch from below. Curtains of tarnished chains steam from his almost otherworldly form, perturbing from mounds of soiled bandages and gapping wounds. He clutches a burning excerpt folded between his knuckles, releasing a flurry of darkened smoke like a lit furnace. A terrible bout of coughs follows as the transcendental being wreathes with anguish. He draws a burly hand to his grimy beard, kneeling over as he struggles to compose himself. "How could I fight for truth when I betray all I love? Why did I trade her for this life? She loved me..." he emits from his veil of blackened smog. The former soul known as Crumena festers aloud, surrounded by only himself and the company of his enveloping abyss. He sits, scratching relentlessly at his forearm. Thick locks of hair knot under the growing surface of sanguine that spouts like fresh cysts from his thrusts. Remaining tethered in place, he shudders violently as a chill runs through his spine and assaults his every nerve. Crumena grimaces, his scarred face crumbled whilst his only eye squints in the distance of his dream-scape. "This place... black as hate, this, the darkest of all nights. This painful penitence... forsooth, my home."
  5. yo the ptsd is unreal
  6. Kai Culture!

    !_! #KAI MAFIA REPRESENT @mitto @Tsuyose @501warhead @Swgrclan
  7. Completely revised VA proposal (Feedback encouraged)

    no meme va's should come back. we're gonna on about this joke of a "we're going back to our roots at telanir inc!" so why not go full circle there's some good potential here
  8. dying of the flu does anyone want to donate a working immune system?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Hyena


      I've an autoimmune disorder, you don't want mine sorry!

    3. Nolan_


      Stop begging you gypo 

    4. devvy


      nah you can die

  9. Art or something

    im very proud e-tiger mom
  10. OOC Freebuild Protection, Fix it.

  11. [Diety][MA] Taheem's Xan app

    I connected him back in the day before he bounced become a world class hearthstone player
  12. Beardmancy

    @Josh3738 @Aeldrin You guys see this? No ******* bullet proof beards this time, kiddos