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  1. “ORA ORA ORA ORA!1” exclaims Adrian’s coach, throwing fists in tandem, mimicking his blows from the shadows
  2. Will there ever be a cameo from Ms. T? P.S. Long time no see, Booger. Stay frosty and hope your voice-actor career has been taking off xoxo
  3. But Flam’s gone. We don’t need to do this stuff anymore !_!
  4. does anyone have a recording of the latest community meeting? any footnotes or way to catch up on what was discussed?

  5. Heero

    save us

  6. Support your local socialist jewboy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2Ejib-aYpM


  7. Fallout 76 is free-to-play until Monday if anyone’s interested in trying it out. CD keys are also pretty cheap too. Hmu if anyone’s interested !_!

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    2. Minecraft_Terrorist


      a passive observer 


      posting that was literally useless seeing as heero’s just looking for ppl to play with, he didn’t ask for any opinions from video-game connoisseurs, just said the game is cheap and if any1 wants to play they should hit him up



    3. Demotheus


      Yeah and I’m warning people not to waste their money because the game is run by asshats whob an people for literally any reason and there ain’t no refunds. 

    4. Pup


      I pre ordered Fallout 76 and refunded the game, still own it omegalul.

  8. metzil was often an individualistic facet when in relation to intervention. their meddling and conjuring of off-shoot descendants, dominion over time, even distributing boons and reliquaries from the confines of her realm; none of this had ever coincided with iblees or in cooperation with him citation: 4.0 aengudaemonic decension event line, metzil’s temple, the stone of metzil, the temple being shot out of the air by angry orenian screamers, etc
  9. hate to say it but you’re terribly mistaken. do you have context for that?
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