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  1. !_!


    summon yayayafun for me, thanks. i’m about to come to NYC and give you the Kensington Kombo.

  2. Bls Freja, don't make me hurt you :'(

  3. Heero

    #Unban Cyndikate2023

  4. i got aim, i’m like Jonny Dang, when it comes to chainsΒ πŸ”«

  5. *strums guitar*

    β€œAnd them ******* just gotta 'cause I took they Jim!Β Give him a job and he gave me a rim.”

  6. A decrypted and likely deranged Elf instinctually tenses up at the passing whisper of the aforementioned acronym upon alien winds. "I find myself with the sudden inclination to recall Snowy Fields..."
  7. Ah, the Great Filter is hard at work I see

  8. Sorcerio

    omg ur actually living on the forums ????

  9. yeah ylk'mesh whoo

  10. Let me see if I can give you a hand. Look out for a PM from me on the forums here @VonEbs
  11. you really gru on me. you're one in a minion.

    1. Sorcerio


      I wish we still had the downvote button.Β 

    2. Heero
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