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  1. *strums guitar*

    And them ******* just gotta 'cause I took they Jim! Give him a job and he gave me a rim.”

  2. A decrypted and likely deranged Elf instinctually tenses up at the passing whisper of the aforementioned acronym upon alien winds. "I find myself with the sudden inclination to recall Snowy Fields..."
  3. Heero


    Not my monkey, not my circus. RIP Senda and classic MM rockstars hunger exists because mojang willed it. we did things with hunger i.e. professions plugins, etc etc. we go through moods of what we want to do on a mechanic side of things like a girl changes clothes. ultimately prolly won't get changed since there's bigger fish to fry and we only have a small homegrown tech team schrodinger's dingo -- perceptually in a savage quantitative state high-key low-key reason for wt villiany and tactics to shoehorn rp centralization. road design is shit due to almaris being last minute cram job at the end of 2020. shoutout to junar for literally being squeezing a map out in under three/four months single-handedly (despite controversies rip) p.s. shoutout to @Disheartened for slaving for hours trying to uncuck them. big f spook rp is the final evolutionary stage of villiany rp on lotc not my monkey, not my circus ppl really care about their legacy/wiki pages too. dont forget the flavor of the month places that crash and burn if you're craving some ooc > roleplay left over from the forum's 2012 days. kinda funny you point it out but just use imgur like every other person on here lol thank you for coming to my ted talk. feedback noted xoxo
  4. Ah, the Great Filter is hard at work I see

  5. omg ur actually living on the forums ????

    1. Heero


      ha u thot

  6. yeah ylk'mesh whoo

  7. Let me see if I can give you a hand. Look out for a PM from me on the forums here @VonEbs
  8. You give me anxiety, Rocky
  9. you really gru on me. you're one in a minion.

    1. Sorcerio


      I wish we still had the downvote button. 

    2. Heero
  10. hey bro i'm free now xD

    1. Heero


      context, mr matta. CONTEXT

    2. itdontmatta


      we made a plan to catch up and i was free..

  11. Nah, just a fun little write up. Mostly just a spontaneous mind-dump. Also @FlemishSupremacy @Gustando i swear
  12. Back in LoTC's infancy, the bulk of our demographic were kids in the same age range of ~13-16. There was Mineman's big boom in popularity from the sensation of narrated playthroughs on YouTube. We got a shout-out and feature from the YogsCast on two separate occasions. I began playing LoTC either near the end of middle school, or as a freshman just entering high-school. LoTC offered such a unique avenue, especially for that ~2012 time period. There certainly was a form of escapism at hand and a lot of us back caught on to it but continued on no-less. The server and it's community offered a distraction from IRL stresses, the worry of school or the looming weight of actual responsibilities IRL, homework, assignments, etc. We were dumb kids, had a centralized Teamspeak server that a majority of people would hang out in. The main LoTC TeamSpeak was poppin' 24/7, seven days a week. Mod's asleep? Shitpost with the Aussies. Just the fact we could've all been in the same school more times than not made us extremely comfortable around each other. We enjoyed the popular game of Mineman but had our little special club that uniquely used Mineman like no one else in the world did. I mean, fug, we had a booth at MineCon 2011 that Native ran -- the first ever one where Minecraft was officially 'released' by Notch. Jeb allegedly stumbled upon our booth praised how he found LoTC's premise as something distinctive in the Mineman -- let alone the harsh reality of the rp sphere online as a whole. We could boast we had actual wars, organized conflict, wars and conflicts, fostered governments and municipalities, etc. It blew our little developing brains that we could watch GoT and emulate the things we saw and due to the always online nature of LoTC, turn that influence into our own abridged take. This lead to a plethora of reasons for people to interact, and the social nature of roleplay, Skype being our central means of communication and Teamspeak to idly chat and sometimes try to organize lol. Over the years there were countless people I had the pleasure of meeting, many who left a stark impact on me for whatever reason. Unfortunately, there's a time when you have to wake up and smell the coffee. Over a decade is a long time. Considerably so. Centuries for a community centered around a vidya game and a niche form of entertainment like roleplay/fantasy writing. Folks grow up. IRL calls. People just go their separate ways. It's the natural way of things but sometimes I do get struck by this sudden storm of nostalgia. I'll take a trip down memory lane through the forums or screenshots I have saved from back then. Probably once a year I'll dust off my Skype and take a peak to see if there's anything I can finagle in terms of reaching out to an old friend I haven't spoken to in ages. But it does hurt somewhat knowing that there's so many people that I regret not talking to or having some form of contact. I'm an old fart now; somehow feeling old AF IRL despite being in my twenties. At it's core, LoTC's wholesome roots or just general aptitude for what it can provide at times to others is what keeps me around. But deep down, I still miss the folks I've lost touch with over the years and seeing their old posts hurts more often than not
  13. A derelict Elf gasps upon fixing his sight on the ghastly insignia that dots the stray advert, momentarily stunned by the callous omen staring him. The Elf promptly dry-heaves at the realization of the Ourobros embossing. He shudders at the recollection and woes of the Leuvaren forests of Savoy that begin to pollute his dated mind. It would appear there are still folk that would addled by the supposed influence from that sigil of yore... @zchronik
  14. where is my money, boy...

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      wiring you dogecoin as we speak 😅

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