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  1. Heero

    The Arranged Skirmish, St. Helena Rout cont.

    An onlooking peasant snaps his fingers to the memorable jingle whistled by the Seventh Sons
  2. Heero

    Declaration of Paragonship, 1706

    “As it should be.” comments a wayward companion of the Dwed of yore, reminiscing in the masterworks produced by the legendary mason of Clan Strongbrow as fickle memories flash to life of the ancient Dwarven citadels.
  3. Kalii’mar, Kalii’mar, Kalii’mar!!11!!!! Om Namah Shivaya
  4. Heero


    “I suspect said party is attempting a form of maneuverability or to simply collect an inheritance trust.” comments one of Amelia’s hand-maidens, adjusting their spectacles as they make haste to return to their designated duties and avoid the gallows for slacking.
  5. Yo, f*ck normies. Bury me in a Gucci Coffin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_hyk8Yw3kk


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    2. Heero


      Oh shoot, it’s Ronald Reagan. Waddup duud

    3. Agnub


      Destroying communism one wall at a time.

    4. Luv



  6. Heero

    Lord of the Comics [Art]

    ur only hrtin urself
  7. Heero

    Transition Event into Arcas

    Aegis to Asulon, Anthos to Fringe; all that comes to mind tbh
  8. Heero

    Lord of the Comics [Art]

    Just make it more Berkserk-y and less animuu edge and I’m totally in
  9. Heero

    Nostalgic Redemption

    you take that back you cheeto crusted basement dweller. glaius maximus here is a proud adult who pays his taxes and contributes to society as a educator molding the young minds of tomorrow my ancestors are smiling imperial can you say the same
  10. Heero

    Cassius & Co.

    Shalom Merchanetilevich makes his way to the latest imperial pastime
  11. a dope halfling n-word soft a
  12. these physically hurt ******* 10/10 good job fam
  13. Heero

    PSA: Mass Steam Account Hijacking

    Inb4 Sim-swapping becomes the new **** https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/gyaqnb/hacker-joel-ortiz-sim-swapping-10-years-in-prison

    1. Heero


      help im faaaaaaalling maaaaan hooooooly **** maaaaaaan