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  1. Heero

    The Secrets of Carbarum

    To be able to transmute a material you need to possess extensive knowledge of the substance you are attempting to manipulate. In the end, you would essentially need to have the same level of knowledge a smith would need in this lore to accomplish tempering Carbum. Transmutation from Transfiguration isn’t just Full-Metal Alchemist magic, yo. On the topic of the lore itself – It would be nice to see Carbarum around as a rare material and it would definitely give more appreciation to black-smiths. On the contrary, how can we ensure on a mechanical level Carbarum won’t mess up the PvP meta? Furthermore, it strikes me as odd that once again, without warning or real indication, that the methods of tempering Carbarum are lost again to the annals of time. There are still a handful of Dwarves from Anthos and older such as Aengoth of Kal’Karik, Asulon (a time where Carbarum was aplenty). Would there be any attempt of accommodating these veteran players whose characters have the experience of handling Carbum?
  2. Heero

    Chasing Ashes

    Woe be to Raide of Ashford, woe be to the once held apotheosis of Taharaie, woe be to the disciple of Zecharael. I judge thee guilty! Guilty of succumbing to the allure of the ether... Crushed by justice! Crushed under the endless pressure of The Veil and it’s abhorrent aliens. Beware — the will wanes in the gloaming. Light fades. The mission is benighted. The Light forsakes us? But why? Light fades. The mission is benighted. So dark here. And so cold... Black as hate, this, the darkest of all nights. Wherefore does the Light fade? Send my child to the Light! I beg for his absolution! My discipline fades. I am carried along by hate and whim. Can so much death ever truly be justified? Light preserve us. The twilight deepens...
  3. Literally, LITERALLY, growing up with this kid has been such a shock and I’m proud to see how Bravo’s changed over the years. He’s a good guy with proper intentions for the server at large.
  4. yo my dude, do you go by that handle on overwatch?

    1. xboxersz


      I don’t play Overwatch, is there some cheeky bastard using my moniker on it?

    2. Heero


      yeah lmao. i got assblasted by a dude with the exact same name as you. i was shook when i saw your name and started thinking you were him

    3. xboxersz


      If only I had such skills as he does, alas

  5. clotting lead to the great rat race of 2016-2017 and generally i disagree with bringing wraiths back into the fold. how will the re-introduction of wraiths benefit the server or the necromancy community at large? as stated before end-games across the board got gakked and i think the only one like daeva somehow survived by they’re totally inactive and their lack of presence for such a prolonged period lead to people doing their own jam and didn’t restrict their gameplay. the wraiths had a bad wrap for targeting with clotting and weaponizing OOC strikes on people they disagreed with OOCly p.s. sorry if this somehow comes off as being aggressive promise its not
  6. i think it’s egotistical to continue beating the dead horse that’s the gravelords. they haven’t served with any impact since the golden days of anthos. end-games as a whole are virtually gone and for those that managed to escape it are riddled with inactivity. you’re just going to perpetuate the cycle of holding onto a title that bestows additional pixel prowess which will serve little to no effect on the magic itself as well as derail the magic and bring it back on the path of lusting after that ultimate upgrade. imo the lore isn’t half bad otherwise but zarsies’ was certainly much more coherent and well thought out. you should consider collaborating with him. he had a lot of good points and you haven’t address the biggest elephant in the room that caused so many issues for necromancy: clotting
  7. Heero

    😢 guys i need help 😭

    ive struggled being the emotional boyfriend too
  8. @Telanir Discord just crashed hard. Can we switch back to Skype now?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Esterlen


      The people who sacrificed Skype/Teamspeak to the altar of Discord have a lot to answer for

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      I miss Skype. Things were much simpler back then.

    4. Heero
  9. Heero

    Treshure's Wiki Team Application

    +1 but throw up an app for lt librarians since its essentially the same thing from my understanding???
  10. Heero

    T'was the night before Krugsmas...

    ******* lit
  11. Kinda shook to find out you’re fourteen. He’s a screamer but I fug with it. He’s a bright boy with plenty of time on his hands. Blus uno
  12. Heero

    The Firelands Campaign: Missive

    IGN: 1___1 Character Name: Soren Zitronite-Haas Nation/Group Representing: The Feainnewedd Initiative Are you a leader of this group (If Yes, please list your discord information below): Yes (You have my Discord) Cause for joining the Campaign: Eradication of supernatural forces Previously Interacted RP (Malevolence - Firelands p3): None minus for the Belvitz boss spawn if that is related
  13. Heero

    [Denied]knox213's Game Moderator Application

    Extremely disrespectful and showed to be abusive and malicious towards the end of his tenure as admin -1