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  1. ORIGINS The Wind Temple, nestled in the western region of Braevos, serves as a dedicated school for Martial Arts and the study of the Material. Within the sacred grounds of the temple, under the guidance of instructors, pupils strive to achieve Cigam Udrom. This state, often considered the pinnacle of mind-body duality, is marked by the separation of consciousness from the body. In this state, martial instincts take over, allowing the practitioner to move and react without thought or emotion. ___ Wu-De 武 德 - The Martial Way Light, dark and balance. The domains of the deific, the necrotic and the arcane. The members of the Wind Temple operate in the material crossroads of the trio - the centre - confined to the signs: Water, earth, fire, air and aether - the rational energies - free from the volatility of order, life, creation, chaos, destruction and death. I. “One must not flaunt, misuse, or otherwise ‘show off’ their arts by any means. Talent is not a source of personal glory but rather a sacred responsibility. Members are encouraged to use their powers only when necessary and with the utmost respect for the natural order. They are admonished against using their arts to seek personal aggrandisement.” II. "In this realm, we stand not above the common man, but beside them, bound by the shared threads of our humanity." “This fundamental tenet lies at the very core of our order's teachings. It embodies the principle of humility that we hold in the highest regard. As members of the order, we understand that our abilities do not elevate us above our fellow descendants. Instead, they grant us a unique responsibility.” III. "You shall take no action which would reflect poorly upon the order. Conducting yourself with utmost respect and stature, you are the embodiment of our order's principles and values. Your actions are a mirror that reflects the honour and dignity of our order. In all your dealings, let integrity be your guiding light, and let your behaviour be an inspiration to all who witness it.” IV. "You will not take part in any political matters, for the purity of our ideals must not be tainted by the agendas of worldly powers. Our purpose is to research, create and better ourselves. We shall remain neutral observers lest forced otherwise.” V. "You will wear the appropriate uniform at all times befitting your standing in the order. Your attire is not merely a reflection of personal style, but a symbol of your commitment and place within our sacred fraternity. By donning the designated uniform with pride, you honour the traditions of our order and demonstrate your dedication to the ideals we hold dear. Your attire is a badge of honour, and it should be treated as such.” VI. "You will treat your superiors with respect, addressing them by their proper rank in the order. This practice reflects the hierarchy and discipline that underpins our organisation, fostering an environment of order and mutual understanding. In the spirit of camaraderie and unity, your respect for those who lead by example reinforces the cohesion of our order. Let your interactions with superiors be marked by courtesy, humility, and a readiness to learn, for in doing so, you uphold the traditions that have guided us through the ages." VII. "In our hallowed order, mastery is the fruit of tireless effort and unwavering commitment. Seek not to be given knowledge but to attain it through the crucible of your own endeavours. Each skill, each secret, each facet of our ancient arts must be diligently pursued and earned. It is a journey of self-discovery, a path illuminated by your own determination. As you strive to ascend the ranks of The Flaming Fist, remember that the truest power lies not in what is given freely but in what is earned through sweat, sacrifice, and unwavering resolve. This is the code by which we rise, and it is by this code that we shall prevail." _______________________________________________________________ THE FOUR STANCES The four stances of the Western Wind temple represent the primary forms of combat one undertakes across their journey to Cigam Udrom. They are represented by four beasts: the Dragon, The Turtle, The Tiger, and lastly Qilin. Each form possesses unique aspects that are ingrained in their form of combat. Pupils of the temple are often assigned the path they will undertake through means of random selection - fate being the driving factor for what they will practice, rather than opportunity. ___ THE WAY OF THE DRAGON 龍 _______________________________________________________________ "In the grand dance of strategy, the most impenetrable shield is fashioned not from passive resistance, but from the relentless surge of an unyielding offense." - Chapter taken from a wayward monk’s dictate. The stance of the Dragon is primarily composed of an unyielding, offensive mentality, wherein the monk seeks to put consistent pressure onto their opponent by steadily advancing forwards. This stance is defined by keeping a high guard position of their hands, often utilizing their forearms to parry or deflect various attacks coming to them. The user’s back is usually kept upright, as opposed to slightly bent - this particular trait allows for the user to conserve more energy in the course of combat, whilst also allowing to maintain a consistent high guard. ___ THE WAY OF THE TURTLE 龜 "In the art of conflict, the most profound offence arises from an impenetrable defense, where resilience and fortitude render any attack futile and thus become the greatest form of aggression." - Chapter taken from a Turtle sage’s dictate. The stance of the Turtle is primarily defined by its aptitude in defensive measures. Those that undertake the path of the Turtle are taught extreme patience, coolness of the mind nonetheless under pressure. This particular style of combat emphasises waiting for the opportunity to strike, whilst taking minimum damage unto themselves. The style is characterized by keeping one’s arms close to themselves, utilizing shoulders as bases for protecting themselves from various blows, this is known as the “Turtle Shell”. _______________________________________________________________ THE WAY OF THE TIGER 白虎 “Heed these words, my pupil. The essence of mastery lies not in the initial strike, but in the poised and artful riposte that transforms defense into a symphony of triumph." - Chapter taken from a master of the Tiger stance's journal. The core aspect of the path of the Tiger’s teachings is decisiveness. Those of this path are apt in interception, deflection and finally counter-attacking. This path serves as the middle-ground of the path of the Turtle and Dragon, a delicate balance between offence and defence. This is characterised by the user always keeping distance from their opponent, intercepting incoming blows with their own by deflection, and committing counter-attacks to penetrate the opponent’s guard via precise attacks. _______________________________________________________________ THE WAY OF THE QILIN 麟 Unlike the three paths that are available, the Path of the Qilin is reserved to only the most prestigious martial-artists of the Wind Temple. This is a set of techniques that one may undertake after having achieved mastery over Cigam Udrom. Whilst it does not offer a unique method of combat similar to its counterparts, it serves to enhance the path that a pupil has undertaken via the way of Resonant frequencies, and their attunement to the natural energies that such path unlocks. _______________________________________________________________ THE EIGHTFOLD PATH OF CIGAM UDROM __ The Eightfold Path is a series of practices, and in their own right trials, that a pupil of the temple undertakes in their path to martial mastery. The eightfold path is represented by a wheel, each limb marking a set of trials that one undertakes in their path to Cigam Udrom. Whilst a portion of the Temple’s practices emphasises the advancement in one’s raw martial arts, the eightfold path serves as a guiding factor for the exploration of one’s inner sanctum, betterment of their spiritual clarity and understanding of the material crossroads. The Gate Of Observance 遵守 - The very first gate of the eightfold path. Arguably one of the most meaningful trials that a pupil undertakes in their journey. The pupil is to set out and acquire an object of any kind. Then, with ink and quill, they must write ten appliances of the object that it could be used for. This teaching emphasises one to think outside the box, necessitating creativity of the mind without relying on reason and logic. The Gate of Sacrifice 牺牲 - The second gate of the eightfold path. This gate emphasises acceptance, and detachment from earthly tether. The pupil will have to choose at their own volition an object which they hold dear to them, and discard it forever in the presence of others. The Gate of Descent 血统 - The third gate of the eightfold path. This gate emphasises one’s courage and virtue, a test of their will and determination. Under a precise ritual that targets one’s psyche, the pupil will undergo hallucinations within the domain of their own mind, necessitating acceptance of that which cannot be controlled. The Gate of Endurance 耐力 - The fourth gate of the eightfold path. This gate emphasises on the collective fortitude of one’s psyche. Without food and minimal water, the pupil will undergo a week of starvation. Each day, they will be required to write with ink and quill onto paper their experiences and thoughts, then present it to the presiding grand-master of the temple for inspection. The Gate of Humility 谦逊 - The fifth gate of the eightfold path. This gate emphasises the importance of cultivating genuine humility and recognizing the interconnectedness of all beings. By embracing humility, one learns to shed the ego, understand their place in the world. The pupil will be set on a path to ask for alms, to beg others for food and charitable donations without prejudice. The Gate of Vice 副 - The sixth gate of the eightfold path. This gate emphasises the understanding of earthly vices and the strength to resist them. The pupil must identify their own personal vices—such as greed, anger, lust, pride, gluttony, envy, or sloth—and confront them directly. This process involves three stages: Identification and acknowledgement, temptation and resistance, and lastly reflection and transformation. The Gate of Illumination 照明 - The seventh gate of the eightfold path. This gate emphasises the pursuit of knowledge and the enlightenment of the mind. The pupil must embark on a journey to learn about a subject entirely new to them, something outside their usual interests or expertise. They will immerse themselves in this subject for a month, reading books, engaging with experts, and participating in relevant activities. At the end of the month, they must present a comprehensive and creative project that showcases their new understanding and how it connects to their personal growth. The Gate of Cigam Udrom 刃文 - The eighth and final gate of the eightfold path. This gate emphasises the complete mastery of the path and its virtues. The pupil will embark on an arduous journey across the cosmos. They must utilize the accumulated wisdom and skills from their previous trials to overcome the myriad dangers they encounter. This journey is not only a test of their physical and mental prowess but also a demonstration of their ability to integrate and apply the teachings of the eightfold path in real-world scenarios. _______________________________________________________________ THE CEREMONY OF YǍNBI ___ ___ A matrimony to one’s accomplishments, the ceremony of Yǎnbì signifies not the end, but rather the beginning of a new journey in worldly endeavours. This rite marks the ascension from pupil to master within the temple hierarchy. The pupil stands in the centre of an alchemical diagram drawn in the sand within the temple's inner sanctum. Here, they are granted the mask of Jīngtōng—a testament to their sacred status. From this moment, they are recognized by the Temple not as a pupil, but as a master. Such status casts a mark of responsibility unto the individual, making them the caretakers of the sacred Haganeki, and entrusted to forever keep to the Temple’s Wu-De, ushering a new generation of martial mastery.
  2. The grand-master watched from afar, hidden beneath a veil of snow as his pupil-to-be completed his climb.
  3. Hello schizo rpers Nozcon is cancelled this year. Hope to see you next year. - Kind regards, the Nozcon administation.
  4. Jeffrey de Wees of the western wind temple overheard the chatter of his pupils on the news of the GOAT. Intensifying his kani training on his mu ren zhuang
  5. initiate the paladin banzai protocol @firespirit44 @Heero

  6. i didn't know it was possible to cringe and pog at the same time o_O
  7. when is the whitewalker lore dropping tho
  8. Within the inner chambers of the western Wind Temple, the weathered grandmaster readied himself for yet another journey to the cosmos. In preparation for the arduous journey that had called to him, he procured a roll of bread, a skin of water, a set of incense, flint and steel and his trusted haganeki baton, carefully tied to his belt. Placing it all into his satchel, he thus moved to the centre of the chamber. He prepared a rite, using the umbilical cord of a goat, salts and incense as his planar focus. Much like before, the aged planeswalker felt a calling, an unexplainable irritation within the confines of his own mind that required to be scratched. However, he hesitated, he knew that such ventures were treacherous, for his undesired presence would stir the equilibrium of time and space, make his presence known to otherworldly creatures. ____ “Alchemy is not for those who dare not trod in the unknown, the uncertain.” These words echoed within him. It stirred a memory of eld, told to him by one of his mentors. With this, he found the strength within himself to continue. His eyes closed, breath rhythmic, the Oscillit established himself into a state of resonance, ever so still that he could hear his own beat of heart, each breath reverberating through his whole body and soul. His eyes suddenly opened, a hand lurched forth as to reach forth - fingers curling into the fabric of existence and akin an old, forgotten key - twisting sideways as to unlock the unseen passageway. Suddenly. . . a shimmer of light in all of its hues tore open, a portal opened to the realms beyond. Eldritch whispers, calling forth to the man, pleading, begging for him to enter. Perhaps this was a mere fabrication of his own mind, or perhaps something out there did call for him - this was not evident to the man at the time. His heart began to race, the luminance took him aback. Swiftly collecting himself, he stepped forth and within the light. _____ [An esoteric depiction of the passageway within a journal] The land was cold, far colder than any he ever had been. It appeared as if the end of the world had occurred there, what warmth was prior had vanished - naught but niveous mountains, snowy crags, icy buffs with icefields and frozen lakes were to be seen. Its population was slim, and reducing by each day. His destination was Sleet - Snowflake Of The Stars On that fateful day, from the skies shimmered a beaming light, soon to break the clouds and thunder down into the lands. The comet made a three-point landing, and in its wake, a weathered Oscillit emerged - smoke rising from his person. He knew that he had to be swift, for he had now alerted the habitants of this world - if there were any - to his location. Nevertheless the lashing cold, and seemingly unfavourable conditions, a beacon of hope was present without the man yet knowing. Unsure where to go, his head spun to each side, attempting to discern a path to go towards, yet, on the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse. Upon the highest peak in the far distance, a brief reflection of light blinded him. Perhaps it was a mere coincidence, or perhaps fate - he knew his path forth. __ With a frozen stick in hand, which assisted him in scaling the harsh conditions of the land, he continued forth for the aforementioned mountain. Yet, to reach it, the man had to first pass through a colossal forest. As the man entered it, and looked up, it appeared as if the trees were of fairy tales, so long that they nearly reached the clouds themselves. Yet his astonishment was soon cut, as the coldness of the lands numbed each of his appendages. With each step, he found it difficult to continue further, he needed to rest. He dove deep into the forests, his breath growing deeper, his sight somewhat blurred, he was soon at his limit. He grappled onto each and every tree he stumbled across to assist him in standing. Finally, before his eyes he had come across a cavern , he knew this was his shelter, his saving grace from the cold. As he delved into the cavern, within it he had come across a site for a campfire. A small circle of rocks, and within, a pile of shavings of the colossal trees he had seen prior. “Whose is this..?” he pondered to himself. Yet, without further wait, he withdrew the flint and a chunk of steel he had brought prior. With shaky hands, he cracked them together, before eventually, a fire was born. The man warmed his hands upon it, before spending the night there. As the morning came, and the temperature somewhat became more manageable , the man continued on his pilgrimage. Finally, he reached the fated mountain. Yet, his journey was far from over, crossing the harsh forests was just the beginning. In a test of his will, he began to scale the mountain. Yet to his surprise, across the spiral towards the top of the mountain intricate steps were constructed, this confirmed to the traveller that life did indeed exist within this wretched plane. Perhaps it was merely a coincidence that he did not meet anyone, or anything yet. . . __ Pressing on, the man was consumed by his own thoughts. Many questions had run through his mind, yet so little answers. His gaze was merely locked upon the ground, enduring the best he could on this arduous journey, though, in about the halfway mark, he noticed something covered by the snow, a mere etching of sorts within the dilapidated steps of the mountain. Dropping down onto his knees in a frenzy of search, he wiped the snow off of it with his hands, which seemed to be permanently numb at this point. His eyes widened, as his eyes were frozen upon the full marking. T H E O U R O B O R O S ____ He stared at the etching upon the stone stairs, what were merely minutes of his time, appeared to him akin hours of looking at the alchemical symbol. Could this civilization be advanced? To him, it made no sense at all, it appeared as if this plane was void of any invention or logic whatsoever. Standing up, he continued venturing upwards. Certainly troubled by this idea. Perhaps the top of the mountain was the answer to all of this? There was only one way to find out. He continued, even harder than before, having found new determination to continue his journey. Yet, as the man neared the top of the mountain, upon the final spiral of steps, he was greeted with something he had never seen before. A creature of horrific proportions had waited upon its steps. The planeswalker’s fears came true, he had stirred the cosmos and attracted its habitants to him. Swiftly reaching for his wooden baton, he took it out of its holster and held it firmly by him. The creature had not seen him yet, albeit it was a matter of time until it sensed him. Instinctively, with a swift whiff of air, the man established himself into the resonance permeating the land. Out of his body expelled an aura of faux flames - a physical manifestation of the Oscillit’s will. Finally, he stepped out from the corner to face the creature. __ [A rough depiction of the cosmic creature within a planeswalker’s journal] ____ ╒══════════════════════════════════════╕ He stood no chance. Fiercely battling his opponent, despite his martial prowess, the Oscillit found himself bested by the creature’s extraordinary, primal strength. Battered and bleeding, his eyes fluttered - he was losing consciousness and blood rapidly. His heart raced, body fighting for its life, yet it was not enough, not nearly so. The man’s eyes finally closed, he had finally reached his limit, it all took but one strike to end the defeated planeswalker. He could not escape his death here, nevertheless having done so his whole life. He accepted his fate. ___ With a sharp inhale, and an exhale much similar, his eyelids opened. The man found himself lying on a bed, his wounds bandaged and sterilised. How long has he been there? Hours? Days? Weeks? He had lost track of time entirely. Where was he even? Swiftly rising onto his feet, he left what appeared to be a small bedroom. Only to his bewilderment, his eyes fixated upon a figure standing before him, waiting for him. This was the person who shined towards the planeswalker from the very start of his journey, illuminated his path and defeated the cosmic beast - Dresden de Wees. “Father” was all that came out of Jeffrey. After long conversation, Jeffrey exited the small hut located upon the very top of the mountain. He dropped onto his knees and settled his incense upon the snow. This had marked the end of his pilgrimage. Finally, having said farewell to his father, Jeffrey tore a passageway into the fabric of the plane, returning home. ╘═══════════════════════════════════════╛
  9. monk is not a phase mom it's the real me

  10. monk

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      Bro they don't UNDERSTAND the MONK life this is a LIFE STYLE T_T

  11. [!] Pamphlets would flutter across the cities in mention Dear Allies and friends. To commemorate the humble opening of the Wind Temple, in the coming saint's days Grand-Master de Wees extends his invitation to a mutual gathering within the temple for tea and other activities. The gathering will be held within the Wind Temple, located left of Reinmar. Special Invitations; Shugo Kato of Koyo-Kuni and his entourage. [ @Reckless Banzai Screamer] His Holy Pontiff Caius I and his entourage. [ @MadOne] Lector Callahan. [ @Fleeperpriest] Prince Leon II and the citizens of Reinmar. [ @BuilderBagel]
  12. Much agreed. Sun Path in on by itself seems just the clear winner of the 2 paths in terms of combat versatility, the moon path being useful in rather niche scenarios. Perhaps in the future it can be introduced to new abilities, or the existing ones tweaked to level the scale. But overall, this is a change in the right direction imo.
  13. Jeffrey de Wees reads over the parchment, allocating space in his schedule to attend his student's clerical enthronement!
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