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  1. Zeldarina

    The de Hartcold-Enthelor Pact

    North Stow sighs as she looks over the outdated treaty.
  2. Zeldarina

    Juliet De Honneur In Art

  3. Zeldarina

    [✗] Gnomes

    I put forth the idea of Gnomes, a new race. There are 3 different types of gnomes: Garden gnomes Swamp gnomes Shroom gnomes (or Mushroom gnomes) GARDEN GNOMES PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: They are 2-3 feet tall, with small feet and small eyes. All of their limbs are in proportion, unlike Dwarves. The men have beards that are thick and long. Hair colour can range from yellow to brown to red, the typically natural hair colours. They are all chubby, and can be obese. Garden gnomes tend to have lighter skin. They often wear bright garments, red, blue, green and yellow, typically with dyed boots as well. PERSONALITIES: They are often cheerful, similarly to Halflings they like farming (of crops), and are often found in fields or in bushes eating berries. They dislike too much work, due to their small frames they are often tired out, and will often have breaks to eat or drink. They spend most of their time eating, stuffing their faces with berries and fruit. They often eat bugs and insects, preferring to stick to the smaller animals (as they are the only thing they can hunt), however if served meat they will eat it, they just do not hunt them themselves. Typically, the woman and the man both work, until the woman falls with child, and then the man also stops working to care for her. They come back to work together. They have a ritual similar to marriage, where the man claims the woman, and the woman claims the man. They could pass as halflings, and do a lot of the time. BELIEFS: They are thorough believers of the circle of life; when a friend dies they bury them with a seed, so that a tree may grow in their place. Religion doesn't play a role in Garden Gnomes, they tend to have beliefs similar to those of druids, of respecting the elements and nature, however don't follow any strict rules, as freedom is an intrinsic value to them. They are mostly peaceful in nature, and things such as race don't bother them, however they prefer to stick to halflings and druii, as they are similar creatures. They don't partake in fighting much, as they don't do much damage, but if duty calls some do offer what little skill they have, which is often very basic and simple. When in a large group they can do some damage. Their weapons are often sticks or wooden swords, and their armour dyed leather. They don't teach them to read and write, as they are rather dim-witted, however they sing, dance, paint, and act well. They are often found riding chickens. As they tend to dwell in human settlements, they don't rule over themselves. When in small groups of themselves however, they share out the food. They believe all politics should be equal for everybody and everything should be shared. SWAMP GNOMES PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: They are 2-3 feet tall, with small feet and small eyes. All of their limbs are in proportion, unlike Dwarves. Hair colour can range from green to brown to gray. Swamp gnomes have green-brown-grey skin as well, the skin made up of moss and mud. They often wear brown clothes, suitable for water. Their tongues' are black or green, long like a frogs'. PERSONALITIES: They are often grumpy creatures, greedy and simple. They obsess of shiny objects, and make nests off the shiniest items they have. As you might have guessed they reside in swampland, in boggy areas or marshes. Their diet is whatever they can find, as they are scavengers, often eating the remains of kills. They are easily swayed by coin, but things like power and titles don't bother them. They speak simply, and often repeat what they say e.g.: "Hello stranger, stranger yes stranger, hello hello, how is stranger, is stranger on this yes on this day?" BELIEFS: They see coin as their god, the word, "Shiny," is repeated a lot in their sentences. Love in swamp gnomes is rare-none, they get together to mate and then leave, they don't see marriage as necessary, and don't understand other race's ideology of one woman to one man. They are often shunned, called derogatory terms, a common one being toad. It doesn't mother them, and as the word is short and catchy, it caught on, so lots of children are called "Toad" . Other common names are, "Coin," "Shiny", "Mine","Swamp", and "Frog". Despite their simple nature, they do have feelings such as love and hate and trust and distrust, however they prefer to display it in physical gestures rather than words. They are ruled by the, aptly named, "Leader". The leader may change by getting killed by another swamp gnome. They make friends in dwarves and orcs particularly. SHROOM GNOMES PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: They are 1-2 feet tall, with small feet and wide eyes. All of their limbs are in proportion, unlike Dwarves. The men have beards that are thick and long. They don't have hair. Swamp gnomes have blue-red skin as well, mostly dotted like a mushroom. The men don't wear shirts, just brown or green skirts fashioned out of leaves and mud. The women wear the same skirts, but in a dress form. Their eyes can be any colour, except pure black or white, often the two eyes being different colours. PERSONALITIES: They are shy creatures, who are easily scared, like mice. As a result of this, they are rare to find, living in forests and woods in houses they fashion out of trees, or in the druid grove. They eat mushrooms, herbs and leaves, completely vegetarian. They do speak the common language, but mostly speak very softly, or with a stutter. They are extremely self-preservative, and have sharp core instincts. If scared they let out a very smelly odor, like a skunk. If eaten, they are poisonous. BELIEFS: Shroom gnomes don't stick to one job. All shroom gnomes have a basic knowledge of healing alchemy, cookery, fishing, and tree-climbing. They use magic, their only way of attack if cornered. Magic is seen as a great skill in Shroom Gnomes. They are ruled by a council, which is elected. They don't believe in nobility or knighthood, instead that everybody fights for their kingdom. They are also taught to tame squirrels and small birds, ( which are not used for combat but for collecting resources), and always bring a companion with them. GNOME LORE: The tale of the gnomes differs slightly in each sub-race, but is essentially the same. A human queen - Belladona Goldenguild fell pregnant with her husband - Peter Goldenguild, the King's, triplets. She birthed a boy - Addison, and then a girl - Rosemary, and then another boy - Zagan. Each child grew up to be completely different; the girl was quiet and shy, always in trees and talking to animals, one boy walked the fields cheerfully, and the other son was greedy and slow, stealing what coin he could find. When they all turned 18, their parents died of old age, and so the girl took the throne, as she was first born. The greedy son wanted the throne to himself, and had to get rid of his sweet-natured, golden-haired brother. The tales say he planted a seemingly empty beehive in a tree, and as his brother took a long swipe of the honey, he released a hundred bees on the boy, stinging him to death. Now he needed to kill his sister, he dropped a poisonous mushroom in her stew, turning her blue as she slowly died. The boy went off on his horse, to buy the finest crown he could fine, bringing a heavy sack of minas with him. He entered a swamp however, and the weight of his coin brought him down, making him drown slowly in the mud, his horse managing to escape. The tales go that the tree the golden-haired boy died at took in the energy of his death, and spread out into it's grass. The grass took this life force, turning into the first garden gnomes. The girl's life force went into her mushroom that was in her stomach, making it sprouted out, and take the form of the first shroom gnomes. The last son's life force was evil and dark, and went into the swamp around him, the dark mud rising to take the form of swamp gnomes. This but a tale, told to children however. In actuality, gnomes are a genetic mutation, there is a chance that if a halfling and a dwarf breeds, it will create a gnome. People say that the more you spend with druids the more likely it is your child will be a gnome, but it is hard to prove. Shroom gnomes from forest dwarves and halflings, swamp gnomes from dark dwarves and halflings, and garden gnomes from mountain dwarves and halflings, there is no current gnome for cave dwarves. just a gnome meme lul
  4. Zeldarina

    North Stow In Art [UPDATED]

    Talented artist indeed, ty for the +1
  5. Zeldarina

    North Stow In Art [UPDATED]

    This is North's updated Art, with a background and extended shading. Has to be small because of max file limit.
  6. Zeldarina

    North Stow In Art

  7. Zeldarina

    The Knights of Arbor

    Sign up for Citizenship RP Name: Serayah MC Name: IconicBish This is how you would fill it out ❤️ (This is a girl I recruited)
  8. Zeldarina

    A silent throne room.

  9. Zeldarina

    A silent throne room.

    This is in the creative writing section, so it's just a story lol. Precisely.
  10. Zeldarina

    A silent throne room.

    The throne room fell silent, all eyes on the tall oak doors so carelessly flung open, the wind; a cool whip in the hand of the Gods. A sound of swords being unsheathed can be heard throughout the throne room, but those who draw their weapon do not step forth, rather they use the shadows of the columns as their armour and protection. The King himself does not move, he remains in his throne, grip tight on the cold metal arms, and poise uncomfortably straight to elevate himself. At the King’s side the Queen sits, her gaze fearful, torn between her husband and the intruder. The woman’s footsteps click down the hallway, and it is the only sound that can be heard, ringing out with the rhythm of a blacksmith sharpening his sword, or of a heartbeat. She walks confidently, like a victor after a battle – strutting through her enemies fallen bodies, without pause or hesitation. As she reaches the Kingsguard, her footsteps cease and she stands with her hand gently resting on her waist, her vision, piercing and cold falls on the King, and then drops to the Queen, who squirms in her seat uncomfortably, this makes her chuckle – a deep rippling laugh that slips and slides throughout the room like blood. As this trickles from her mouth she turns, and walks forward, each step calculated and slow. “It seems we have a crowd.” Her voice fills the room with the dramatic elegance of a performer. “I’m afraid my juggling act is on the morrow.” She keeps her back to the King, quite deliberately, and rolls her eyes at the knights clutching their swords like children hold their toys. The room falls silent once more, as if it had been frozen, and nobody wanted to break the ice. “Why are you here?” Finally, the King speaks, he does not shiver or stutter, but his eyes are cowardly and weak. “I wish to dance for you.” She says, without turning, her tone low and mocking. The Queen stands and shouts in her high, shrill tone, “You must face your King when you speak, and kneel to him as well.” A smile spreads across the woman, and she walks in a semi-circle, to face the thrones once more, but she does not look at the King, her vision stays focused on the Queen. She strides purposely and powerfully towards her, and the Queen’s courageous moment falters, now she looks nervous and silly where she stands. “A standing ovation already? How kind.” The Queen takes a quick breath and responds swiftly, the words rushing to get out of her mouth so she can sit down without attention. “I am your Queen, and you will address me as such.” “I must apologize; how rude it is of me not to address you by your proper name.” Her smirk is mischievous as she leans low. “I bow to you, Smotherer.” A series of gasps full the throne room, and the Kingsguard looks to the King for commands. “Seize her!” The Queen screams, but the Kingsguard do not move. “Burn her, stab her, drown her!” Each word is higher the last, making her sound hysterical and unsound. “Why do you not move! I command you as your Queen!” She tells the guards in an irate manner. The head of the Kingsguard does not turn nor kneel and stiffly replies, “We are under the command of the King, not of you.” Upon hearing this the Queen looks to her husband for support, but his focus stays on the woman. Tears of frustration well up in her eyes, and spill, as she storms out of the throne room. The King sighs, but his vision does not stray from the woman, who returns his steely gaze. “Let the dance commence.” She says, her voice a whisper yet heard by everybody present, an echo even heard in the Queen’s ears, as she rushes into her bedroom sobbing. The woman holds up her hand, and dances her fingers around like puppets. The Kingsguards’ limbs jolt and drop as if they were a mirror of her gestures. The 5 of them cry out in confusion as they lose control of their body and are used as rag dolls, their ivory robes flapping wildly in the movements. Knights and men alike on either side of the throne room step out, toward the woman, with weapons high and strong. The woman pays them no heed, and instead starts to hum a tune, a tune that thrashes and jumps and claws as if it were a beast of its own. “STOP.” The King’s shout booms across the room, loud and clear, the woman snaps her fingers and the Kingsguard lie lifeless on the floor. “You storm into my throne room, infuriate my wife, and murder my men. What is your business here?” The woman walks forward, over the dead bodies of the Kingsguard, and cries of objections come out from the crowd. One man rushes forward and she turns, giving him a strong glare, and his body flies away, hitting a few people, and lying still and cold. She stands in front of the King. “Once, we were lovers and you told me I meant the world to you.” The King starts to levitate, and his voice is silenced, yet his mouthing and expressions are one of a man in agony. “Well…” She says, as the King floats higher, and higher still. “I am here.” The King’s crown touches the ceiling now; tears pour down his face as his body spasms with pain. “And I come to collect my price.” She brings his body crashing down, onto the floor, the sound of his bones crunching ring out, and his blood pours onto the white rug. People drop their weapons in fear, some trying to sprint out of the door, but with a flick of her hand everybody levitates, a few feet, nothing more. They all have the same, dying emotions spread across their faces, skin contorted in pain. Her laugh spreads out once more, and she nods to the crown, it lifts and comes to her, drawn like a moth to a flame, bound to her dangerous beauty, and rests on her hair. The Queen bursts into the throne room, having calmed herself, and screams at the body of her dead husband. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?” The Queen runs to his corpse in distress, shaking her head at the mess of blood and bone, in the moment of such intense panic not even seeing the levitating bodies. “I am your Queen.” The woman says, simply. The Queen looks up, in horror and spots the floating people, she stumbles backwards, and falls, screaming. “And you will address me as such.” The true Queen finishes, and brings the whole court crashing down to their deaths. The widow looks up at the true Queen, with blood covering her robes and tears pouring down her face. A wise man accepts his death, when it comes, to die with peace and without fear is to have a good death. But the widow cowers and screams as she dies, dragging out each second like the desperate fool she is.
  11. Zeldarina

    [BUYING] Bodyguard

    [RP] - NEEDED - A strong bodyguard capable of fighting well, must have a history of fighting. You will be required to be with me all of the time, to protect me from scum such as bandits, robbers, the undead etc. The price is negotiable, send me a bird and we will meet and discuss this. No orcs allowed. [OOC] I'm not on North that much, maybe 1 or 2 hours per day. My in game username is ZeldarinaX and the rp name is North Stow. Message me on here, in game, or on discord. You need to be good at both actual pvp, and rp pvp (have gone through training). Preferable have unique weapons and armour. My character's not under any specific threat (like nobody has sent assassins after me) but she likes to travel, and I want to stay safe on the roads.
  12. Zeldarina

    [SHOW] Lord Scribe of Haense

    @ZachnoSnacko When you take off the grid it removes the overlay. But I might just be being stupid xD. And thanks!
  13. Zeldarina

    [SHOW] Lord Scribe of Haense

    Heya guys I made another skin. What do ya'll think? CLIENT: Swithun FEATURES: silver brooch, dark cloak, dark navy robes, golden clasps, and stone-coloured shoes. I think this was my fastest skin ever, I did it in about 2 and a half hours.