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  1. Martin'lur'ther-Rex roars in dismay! "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!"
  2. ah yes, the ward against bulletmancy, very epic +1
  3. The herald read over the missive, a detemined look coming over his face as he nodded! He was eager for what is to come!
  4. Flemius, who has excellent ears, finds these two statements to be quite contradictory.
  5. One Flemius, who happened to be in Haense, briefly, looked upon Erich's outfit, and wondered how he would acquire such a nice outfit for himself... Mayhaps murde- no, certainly not that.
  6. [[RP]] First Name: Flemius Surname: Classified Age: 80 Reason for Interest: Seeking redemption in the eyes of GOD! [[OOC]] Username: FlemishSupremacy Discord: Flemish#5057
  7. Beware the Dragon Men were gathered in a camp, huddled together by fireplaces, looking over their weapons, cracking jokes and talking with one another. They were part of the army of a western kingdom, sent out here to deal with the dragon sighted in the mountains in the north of the Kingdom. The army consisted of brave young men and grizzled veterans of many conflicts. Unfortunately, a dragon sighting was quite rare, and as such, this was the first time any of them had the opportunity to face such a magnificent foe. Without exception, all of them imagined themselves to
  8. Flemius, who has been in the Haenser burial bussiness for the longest time, grumbles at this news!
  9. "Yes, but have you considered that dueling is really cool?" Asks Flemius, upon having read the missive.
  10. Elathion receives the missive, nodding with grim determination. He would devote himself wholly to these tasks!
  11. Elathion rose an eyebrow. "What bussiness would the High-Elven people have living in Haense, though?" He questioned upon reading the missive.
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