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  1. Martin’Lur’Ther-Rex applauds this great work from a fellow orc! “Hozh! Diz iz da thingz wi need tu furm a beddar undahztanding wif’ da pinkiez!”
  2. can we remove half-races already?

    1. JasperJohn


      no why are you always so angry

    2. Ayoou


      yes why are you always so right

    3. Ryloth


      wish i could hit that retweet button

  3. putting my community team app up as we speak, time to become invincible in pvp... (of all the lotc april’s fools jokes, this has got to be the best one lal)
  4. Honestly, if the rules are so restrictive that **** like Elite’s situation, in which no one got hurt get him banned, then change the rules.


    Fun not allowed on LoTC?


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ryloth


      took a 7 man rally to a city, bypassed iron doors and hugged players before leaving. reasons 101 every staff involved issue can’t be treated the same. the context is always different. should be a warning or maybe some laughs instead for positive vibes

    3. Elite_Snipes_


      I agree, we just lock picked some doors, rped with a afk player which soon returned then asked to leave which we did then got banned which all my guys as well got warning points....

    4. Valaryon


      We brought 40 people to gates. Yelled six lines of RP. Banned for three weeks. NICE.

  5. FAT +1 This server thrives on conflict, as conflict is one of the big ways to keep rp going, and currently, players seeking to start conflict are incredibly restricted. People cite “bad villainy” as reasons why there shouldn’t be raids allowed, but that doesn’t fix the problem. If you just crack down on bad raids, then why can’t we have bigger raids? We have the roleplay standard rules now, we might aswell give the players more freedom as long as they maintain themselves within roleplay standard rules. Obviously, going into a settlement for no reason, attacking people and calling pvp doens’t fit in the “give and take” part of those rules. Raiding has been restricted a lot since the new war rules. Considering how you can cover an entire tile in a region, you can make any villainy off the road on your tile a raid (which is how i got banned 😞). Right now, there are so many safeguards in place to ensure that players could go an entire year on lotc without ever falling victim to succesful villainy. Nations are perfectly capable of making themselves immune to 10 man raids through a half decent set of walls and a dilligent guard that does gate duty. If we can’t even expect that of groups with nation status, then really, you don’t have to do much at all to protect yourself. Onto raids, I feel like the general “let’s just charge into a settlement and kill everyone because we’re bandits” shouldn’t return, however, with a decent justification, you should be able to bring more people into a settlement to attack, wether or not this is a slight or wronging given to your character or group by the people of the settlement, a rescue raid or a legitimate, well rped criminal enterprise such as a “maffia” PLEASE; stop restricting conflict rp. Crack down on bad villainy all you want, i’d be all for that, but stop putting rules implace that impact ALL villainy, regardless of quality and effort put into it, because you’re making the server worse for it. You never fail to suprise me with just how much you hate this community.
  6. throwback to war of 2 emperors, where we had 300 people daily, the server ran better than it did now. Shame you changed the rules to make something like the war of 2 emperors impossible from ever happening again.
  7. Uthred smiles, proud of another Renetian victory.
  8. “About time.” Uthred Gromach would say from a nondescript, undefined location.
  9. Martin’Lur’ther-Rex glances over the poster, concluding that the Orenians are employing cats in their military service, and not paying them... Isn’t that against the law, now they made frogs citizens, too? He’d wonder to himself...
  10. Ribbit.

    1. Haseroth


      wanna join my wonk nation im making bro?

    2. johnnywar


      the monkey is alive and hes iwth us now right here with all the other vortigaunts do u want to see him? no u dont because u are busy playing when u should be block waring 

  11. Elathion would read over the missive in contemplation, remeniscing of when he could still fight in the war.
  12. Haenser be like: 


    1. J33xt101


      You mean all nations except for Sutica? They have a bad case of dissapearing brain.

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