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  1. I won't lie that I'm pleased to see the warrules come into a final state where they are available to all of the server. The additions are good and well thought out. Good job, matta, genuinely. I hope these warrules last, even if there is a change in administration and other staff leadership. Hopefully this puts an end to the era where wars just fail, or the rules have to be revised after every botched war and we're forced out of war for the next few months. With the way things are looking right now, I have faith that era is over, though.
  2. Ser Flemius suffers from a bout of melancholy... Friends were taken from him, left and right...
  3. Ser Flemius, busy barking orders at the trebuchet engineers as he watched the destruction infront of him, only looked over his shoulder towards the fight on the beaches ever so swiftly, seeing men being drowned and cut down... Only later would he hear that the former Savoyard prince had been slain... A faint sigh escaped him. He'd remember the man, that is sure.
  4. Ser Flemius, busy throughout the battle callibrating and commanding various trebuchet teams and other siege engineers, heard of Ailred's death only after the battle... What had previously been a moment of pure ecstacy now turned bitter, as his good friend had perished...
  5. Ser Flemius, having heard Alphonse of Icathia out, frowned deeply at the deceit of the Orenians!
  6. "Bet they don't dare to parade past their gate. They'd get their show of strength reduced quickly."
  7. It happens, and it's alright. Stuff like this couldn't really have been foreseen as you couldn't properly stresstest it as the test didn't have nearly the numbers we had today. A bit disappointed that we weren't allowed to just fight a bit after the warzone started working, I think that'd have been fun, but regardless. Also, good luck not sleeping for a week, alex :3
  8. War raid cooldown on christmas is based. No being called away from the christmas dinner table to defend the city...

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    2. rukio


      If you feel more obliged to answer a minecraft call than spend time with your family...


      idk man

    3. rukio


      (That said I will also be playing games and ignoring family)

    4. Harold


      they didn’t say anything about discord raids tbf

  9. Ser Flemius, who had received a wound in the fighting, returned home, not entirely dissatisfied with his own performance!
  10. Flemius hides in the closet after having whispered some sweet nothings to King Sigismund as he slept... "That was close..." He thought, as he stood perfectly still behind the wooden door!
  11. SIGN UP SHEET [Reply to the forum post] IGN: FlemishSupremacy Discord: Flemish#3082 Name: Flemius Where are you from?: Haense Optional Fighter name: The Marian Menace
  12. Ser Flemius dipped his head in respect to fellow knight Sir Mohammed.
  13. Ser Flemius nodded, and thought back on how the Imperial Bureaucrats had sought to hinder his investigation into the schism by sending him round and round, and facing him with delay after delay. Surely, these Imperials did not mean well.
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