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  1. THE CALAMITY OF WAR The Ruswick soldiers marauding amongst the Ruberni-Riverlands in pursuit of Orenians. The war drags on further, men and women are slaughtered by the day - that is the toil of war. It rages on, it ruins the lives of many; yet it is a necessity to root out the Orenian influence that once plagued the continent. Here, we stand, staring against a foe that has lost all their fights and is rapidly losing any influence they once held. All it was waiting for, a march upon their cities. But, while preparations are underway, it becomes the allies of Oren that become more and more disenfranchised with the Emperor, his leadership and those he associates himself with. An incompetent baffoon sits on the throne of Helena, but not for much longer. Gathered in an old dusty room that lay unused prior sat a gathering of men, the war had consistently taken place on the roads - but for once, it shall reign within a meeting. Flemius, a General of the AIS, sat opposite Swifty Sam as negotiations were under-way. With the Reivers no longer apart of Ruswick en masse, negotiations could commence and so they did, it only took the duration of a short-afternoon before terms were met. Later that evening, a meeting was to be held in the under-city of Ruswick, where the intents to fight with the AIS were publically decreed. Keeping that in mind, the following terms were handled between Flemius, representing the AIS, and the Nation of Ruswick. The Nation of Ruswick shall receive a payment of 10,000 mina up front, upon the signing of this document. The Nation of Ruswick shall join forces alongside the AIS for the duration of the on-going conflict with Oren, upon the siege of New-Reza. After the Siege of New-Reza, the Nation of Ruswick shall receive an additional payment of 5000 mina in thanks for their attendance to the siege. The Nation of Ruswick shall not be entitled to attack any Orenians on their own volition, unless it is in defence of the AIS. Signed, Flemius, on behalf of the AIS Swifty Sam, on behalf of Ruswick
  2. Like when you took my modreq about people joining mid pvp and combatlogging in a fight YOU PARTICIPATED IN ON THE OTHER SIDE. Told me that both sides had people who did bad stuff, closed the modreq, and when i specifically told you which players joined mid pvp and which combatlogged, you told me "oh i didnt know anything about that" and then proceeded to log off. Its not a lack of good information, its often an unwillingness of mods to go after the ways to collect said information. A lot of info is very easy to gather, and shouldnt require a report that drags on for ages and ages. Further, while pausing rp might be harmful to the flow of rp, not as harmful as retroactively applying a verdict after the fact, and potentially voiding rp that other rp has built off of after it happened.
  3. Flemius prepares to go and force prisoners to farm Orenian farms to help relieve the Krugmari famine.
  4. “Please tell the Orenians to stop their children from wandering into a literal warzone, when the adults won’t even leave the city." He frowned deeply.
  5. As Flemius catches wind of this, he quickly notifies Doctor Daniel, alerting him to a possible victim of the Marian Plague! @Harrison
  6. "Typical of Haense to think their pieces of paper and their declarations carry any weight." He said to his companion, as he saddled his horse to head out again!
  7. Flemius is angry, and grips for his very large sword to bring battle to the Orenians!
  8. A poster was spread around Arcas. It would read the following words: “Caught sneaking around Rubern and quickly dispatched, this little Haenseman proves himself of the most stubborn stock. Although he has broken bones, he seems not to feel any pain at all! Truly, a wonderful collection. The ransom price is set at 1000 minas, but higher bids may be offered if anyone else would possibly want him. Beware, he gets agitated at the thought of someone paying for his freedom!” A picture would be included!
  9. Flemius smiles, and returns home to sit by the fire after a long fight! (gf haense))
  10. Elathion frowns deeply, and considers once again picking up the sword and making the roads unsafe for the impure!
  11. “Must be really desperate for a victory if you proudly announce winning a 3 on 3 fight, and nearly losing it, too! Only to then flee when you heard Alliance reinforcements were coming. Esteemed Haensetian cavalry? Come and meet us then.” Flemius stated in response to seeing the missive.
  12. The First Toll The brief ambience that presented itself to the Province of Rubern was soon broken; the bells toiled. Men and soldiers alike mulled from within their dwellings to muster at the front-gate - just by the gallows. The sight set before them was akin to one you would of saw within the confines of Helena during the War of the Two Emperors. A man stood ‘pon the gallows with a rope tied around his neck, ready to be hung or otherwise executed in full sight of everyone. However, during this war it had become the men of Rubern that grew accustomed to this nature, for war was bloodthirsty and Orenian bodies had littered their streets and surroundings for the entirety of it. The voice of Flemius spoke out amongst the crowd, “This is a Vyronov, a nobleman of the Haense; he has put himself against us in war - and he will suffer the consequences of that. These Haensemen have killed our brother and friend, Brutus, and for that they shall pay. Let this be the first toll!” The crowd jeered, the Vyronov went silent and the lever was pulled. One crack of the neck later and dangling before them all was a dead man. As the corpse was taken down, his head was smashed, as Brutus’ was. His corpse was taken down afterwards, however, it would not be burnt like the body of [Certain Imperial Monarch]. Instead, a letter was sent to Haense, demanding the release of Brutus’ remains, in return for Isaak Ulric Vyronov’s.
  13. @Milenkhov Flemius grumbled to Antonius. "We shouldn't have been so merciful when we captured him, the fool."
  14. staff bad, mark my words


  15. Just relog, the glitch occurs only when you change your skin when you’re sitting. Relogging fixes it
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