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  1. Cassius cursed under his breath, realising he would have to produce gifts, and quickly! He'd hurry to look through his inventory for something fitting!
  2. Cassius' eyes widened ever greater as he read the missive, packing his backpack to go find this man!
  3. None of these, even at tier 1, are particularly noticeable and it would be a stretch to conclude someone was causing the spell because they're sitting still and looking at someone. (and consequently, would get you reported for metagaming if you were to call it out). If you are going to be doing this to disrupt an event, there should atleast an obvious tell to show you're in fact making use of this spell. There have been several events which have been disrupted because a blood mage gave everyone bleeding from the ears/eyes/nose for no other reason than to disturb the event and that's some bullshit.
  4. Honestly, yeah, remove the spell. It's just used to cast it on people during events while being totally hidden to just troll and disrupt events. "haha, i will go to this court session and make everyone's eyes bleed. My tell? oh it's breathing out through my nose a bit harder than normal." Blood mages deserve nothing but being called pvp on if they do this
  5. Ser Flemius strapped up his armor and checked his weapons once more, humming softly to himself. "One last war?" He'd say to the mirror, sure that this would be his last... "Once more over the border into the south."
  6. Cassius makes note of the crown prince's letter, stashing a copy of it in his bookshelf. "A wise prince know that unity in one's country is important. A divided realm is a weak realm."
  7. Ser Flemius prepares his armor and his weapons, ready for what might just be another war... However, he fears the Aaunites wouldn't dare.
  8. He, infact, was there, but had forgotten to put this on his missive.
  9. The Political Church [!] A missive pinned to a few of humanity's notice boards and to the doors of a few of the Northern churches. I write this missive as a frustrated Canonist, to air my grievances and issues with the current state of our church. It is my opinion that the church spends too much time playing politics and too little on hosting masses and bringing the good word to the Cannonist people of Almaris. Cardinals and the Pontiff are present for weddings, but other than that, the lack of mass and ceremonies is certainly noticed. They make time to demand loyalty and obedience from rulers at their coronation, but have no time to host masses for the ordinary people. For those who truly need guidance, lest they be swayed to darker paths or fall to sin. Where are our priests, bishops and cardinals when we have need for this? I shall tell you. All too present are they, when Acre attacked Balian, for they were keen to provide shelter to raiders in the church. All too present are they, when the kinslayer Frederick made power plays against Haense, to try and control the seas between us and our ally, Urguan. Cardinals rush to place the pontiff’s approval to the creation of the Kingdom of Aaun, and they take sides when such a move is opposed by those of Acre, who wish for independence from the rule of a King and his issue. While trying to mediate peace between the Canonists state is a noble goal, if you refuse to do so from a truly neutral stance, and rather pick sides, you diminish the value given to the Faith’s authority, for you are simply wielding it to steer worldly politics in a way you see fit. If the people see the clergy as merely politicians wearing frocks, then you have already lost. Too busy to host masses, as they are busy declaring crusades against darkspawn, but not quite busy enough to see it through properly. Too busy are they with going around and doing widespread testing against those who dark beings may have infiltrated our society, but not busy enough to actually catch a noteworthy number of them, if any. Mayhaps both these things have something to do with the loud proclamations and potbanging that precede these actions, giving all those who wish to evade the church ample time to do so. Perhaps it is more about showing the world that you are doing something, than about actually achieving results? Stop focussing upon trying to achieve things that look good in the history books, and start focussing upon your actual purpose; spiritual guidance to GOD’s flock. Signed, Ser Flemius
  10. [[OOC]] IGN: FlemishSupremacy [[ OOC]] Discord: U have it Name: Elathion Event [Jousting or Melee]: Both Where are you from?: The wild n open seas! Optional Alias:
  11. Ser Flemius, who brought down the walls of Southbridge, frowns!
  12. Flemius missed his favourite queen already. It's good the helmet hides the tears.
  13. Elathion prepared his ships to sail north, eager to patrol the waters near his former home! He'd be sure to pass by Serheim frequently in this endeavour!
  14. Elathion read over the missive and nodded approvingly. "A good and just ruler. May they enjoy their time now and may their successor continue to spread prosperity for the elves."
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