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  1. Elathion would read over the missive in contemplation, remeniscing of when he could still fight in the war.
  2. Haenser be like: 


    1. J33xt101


      You mean all nations except for Sutica? They have a bad case of dissapearing brain.

  3. While a good change in theory, I fear some of these things being put into practice. When you have vague guidelines set for ‘giving’ and ‘taking’ in rp, I fear it might be used as a tool to target ban your opponents in a war when they do something typically warlike to you, such as capture and execute important officials, or bandit the roads. Things like “Driving players away” is subjective. I’d also like to point out that I hope that ‘If there’s no report, there’s no problem’ also includes reporting things via a modreq, instead of the BR system, which often takes far too long.
  4. Ban reporting someone over being banned from a discord, jesus christ

    1. J33xt101


      It be like that sometimes.

  5. Flemius sighs, shaking his head upon hearing the news.
  6. Flemius grunts as he raises up from the ground, from a pile of slain Orenians. Despite his injuries, the broadest grin found it’s presence on his face, and no pain could remove it. Oh, they were only just getting started.
  7. Celia protests the patriarchy by putting on a pair of trousers. She feels accomplished and smiles.
  8. Elathion prepares to ignore this missive. He smiles!
  9. Hi! Red faction guerilla re mars tered FlemishSupremacy#5057
  10. In all these things you fail to mention or adress several issues the server has. 1. Staff hiding behind “ban protocol” while other staff comment how that it can be entirely ignored at will. Written rules seem to no longer matter, as staff can pick and choose what to ban players for. 2. Your godawful conflict rules no one asked for, which to this day stiffle rp and conflict. 3. Your constant inactivity without giving anyone the power to do the things you’re supposed to do, which is a major issue seeing how pulled a lot of power and responsibilities to yourself. 4. Your constant, misguided changes that you try to introduce with no prior feedback, your views, or anything like it, and when it doesn’t work out, your inability to acknowledge that, and fix it in a timely manner. You keep making changes for the sake of making changes, while ignoring actual problems. Perhaps if you’d listen to your community, this wouldn’t be such a problem. A few examples of this are CT appeals, your conflict rules, staff downsizing, etc. You announce wild changes and ideas, and are often gone before you can see them through. I’ll be harsh here in saying that you, Telanir, are the cause of like 75% of the server’s current problems.
  11. I miss Atlas

    1. J33xt101


      I can agree with this statement.

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Freebuild made Atlas good

  12. On Feeble Attempts 14th of the First Seed, 1751. Three times has Haense tried, and three times they have failed. Haensetic forces try to enter the El’cihi to cause havoc and kill, and each time they are slaughtered. They come and speak their lies, failing to realise it was they who started this war by their attack on Rubern. They think their weak attempts at breaking our city’s peace will sway us into surrendering, or sueing for peace, yet all they do is provide practice for our warriors. A depiction of the captured Maer, who might soon meet a horrible fate. Consider yourself warned, Orenians. While you threaten to turn our Kha brethren into rugs during your attacks, you shall meet that fate. Skinned and then dissolved. Your Maer of Reza will be the first one to suffer such a fate. Assault our city again, and you too shall suffer such a death. Penned By Elathion Dagre’sae
  13. A Captured Noble The depiction of the Adrian Noble within his cage. Upon the movement of AIS forces amongst the Orenian roads, he had come across a Adrian Noble, who styles himself as a director of a merchant company. He was quickly subdued and taken back to Rubern for the necessary processing. There is a simple decision to be made here, come and negotiate a ransom for this Imperial Noble, or he will be slaughtered. You have a few saints hours.
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