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  1. Name: Flemius Age: Youthful! Place of birth: Rubern Contact ((OOC: Discord)): Flemish#3082
  2. Flemius, a professional boxer and winner of the boxing tournament at the Stygian Hollow, sees another community of boxing elves who might perhaps catch his hands one of these days... He begins to hum a tune under his breath as he heads off to train once more!
  3. Mirwuldsetiid squints... Perhaps his eyes have grown poorer with the years, but he finds it difficult to adjust to the small, intricate lettering in this missive!
  4. "We didnt start the fire, though we did ignite it when we tried to fight it." Hummed a peculiar Nephilim as he heard of the news!
  5. Quinten manages to loot a raffle ticket, grinning broadly! IGN: FlemishSupremacy RP NAME: Quartermaster Quinten
  6. Entry form Must fill out and reply to this thread to enter! MC Name FlemishSupremacy RP Name Flemius Are you are Citizen of Oren Haenser CRP or PVP (Limited to 1) PVP
  7. Mirwuldsetiid stared out to sea, hands gripping the railing as he heard of the news. Before, sadness may have overtaken him as he heard of the man who had set him on this path's death, but now, there was naught but a feeling of grim determination to see things through. Meanwhile, Flemius wondered what became of his knight, intent on seeing the Knight trials through!
  8. Flemius escorts the King away from Keornhall, after succesful negotiations. Somewhere, in the back of his mind, he's annoyed that the Sutican government wouldn't authorize his plans for an offensive...
  9. I'd be in favour of this if LOTC could implement a replacement such as is the case on (redacted). However, until then, birds are an essential tool to making the arrangement of roleplay go smoothly, and I'd rather not throw this convenient possibility out of the window.
  10. Flemius took no rest after having occupied the keep, swiftly taking to reinforcing the keep and outfitting it to be a proper field headquarters for the southern BSK expedition. Maps and reports filled the tables of the command room, some accurate... Some a little less, but alas! His grim determination was now set upon the two dots upon these maps that still bore the mark of rebellion. Soon, he would prove the trainings had paid off when they uprooted these rebels!
  11. Flemius prepares his weapons and armour to set out on another campaign... All these trips south would ensure he might even get a nice tan!
  12. A certain dragonkin finishes off his own prayer, calling unto Azdromoth for strength to slay those who would stand in his way. "A pity... To be deceived in such a manner... If it is an inquisition they want, it's an inquisition they'll get." And for some reason, the prospect of the church bringing fire against him, didn't seem all that bad...
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