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  1. Elathion woke up in cold sweat as the words "Frost Witch Icecream Parlor" echoed in his mind from his nightmare... Luckily, such could never happen again... Right?
  2. Elathion, strangely endeared by the letter, or simply missing the time when he taught his own sons to sail, quickly sends a missive to the young princes.
  3. I will win by cutting all my opponents internet on warclaim day
  4. Flemius grumbled about all these new genders...
  5. Current map is v mountain heavy and its a pain in the ass to get anywhere. You're right in saying that there needs to be ample low land, though. Personally, I prefer a big map and fast travel to be available. Not only does this give the impression of a vast fantasy world and keeps the sights from going stale quickly, it also allows plenty of space for player groups and allows powerful nations to project that power through size, as is done this map. Dont make it smaller, just make more of it usable and stop claiming large swathes of the map for "map lore and events" only for it to barely be used at all
  6. Ser Flemius, who, on several occasions, had challenged men to duels, reads over the peace, and asks his wife for permission to go out duelling with the boys.
  7. Ngl, if that means players cannot oocly discuss their dislike for a nation in OOC or joke about the desctruction of a nation OOCly, a lot of us would be in trouble. This ban was for doing those things as NL.
  8. Mirwuldsetiid, evil Azdrazi, wonders if perhaps he could qualify for the title.
  9. didn't know they let you use the internet long enough to type all this at your nursing home... also i hate staff
  10. A particular member of the lizard overlords smiles at the knowledge that neither church nor paladins are particularly good lizard hunters.
  11. nice rewrite, spoon! +1 eager to see it put onto the server. Seems to fix some of the current issues with Kani quite well!
  12. "Talk about inflated prices..." Elathion frowned, looking over the auction's starting prices.
  13. "Both sides accusing the other of hosting Azdrazi, and both sides being right... Ironic." He chuckled, shaking his head vigorously!
  14. Can we please just return to defender default?
  15. I will now continue to verbally abuse staff because of this minor inconvenience
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