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  1. A Nephilim patiently awaited the elf's return, keen to find out how his pilgrimage went.
  2. Think the 15 minutes + 15 minutes is still too restrictive and incentivises both stalling by attackers to try and slow down any bell rally and for defenders to rush and spam the bell emotes. Up it to 30 mins + 30 if the bell is rung. If I get the rally ping and my Minecraft isn't open, I might not make those 15 minutes even if my character is logged off in the barracks right next to a fight. It's also a little unclear, what if I start ringing the bell at 14 minutes, but then due to emote rounds only finish ringing it by minute 24, do the defenders get an extra 15 minutes to rally or only 6?
  3. Tell you the truth; Azdrazi had the exact same redline and certain people did NOT interpret it that way, so better safe than sorry As for the people complaining about the mental changes you'll experience, I think it's quite fitting for there to be major mental differences if you commit to such a drastic change to your being. Treelord is clearly not meant for players who seek to continue their day to day slice of life interactions but just with a big powerboost. I think the mental changes allow these treelords to be unique characters and not just event characters, in a way similar to how the azdrazi mental changes give them new goals and a new (potentially alien) outlook on life Lore looks great tho!
  4. "Probably the best of 'em, now passed. If the paladins all had her conviction, they might actually be a foe worth consideration." Elathion mused, peering out to sea.
  5. A letter was sent to the princess post haste!
  6. this is why staff should be recruited exclusively from incels
  7. Elathion cannot wait to invest his life savings into this! "I don't know what a ponzi is, but I'm no pansy, so I'll invest!" He snapped at his son's objections, storming out of the room to get his shares!
  8. Elathion, who had once smashed that very same bell only for it to be repaired, nodded approvingly as he heard of his brothers' daring attack on the heart of the Xannites' stronghold. "What a splendid day."
  9. Elathion tucked a sheath behind his sash, preparing to ride for the West!
  10. A CA does allow them to be blacklisted when they emote like this if only ST had the balls to enforce it.
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