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  1. CROWS THEATRE TROUPE -=- Issued and Confirmed by HER EXCELLENCY, Kamilla Julya Stafyr, Lady Chamberlain of Hanseti-Ruska TO BRING FORTH THE WONDERS OF HAESENI FOLKHOOD, the Lady Chamberlain is seeking to gather the finest art-workers of the land into a grand Haeseni theatre. For this, she asks that all willing Haeseni actors, playwrights and songwrights step forward to her, able in the theatre to gain not only renown on the realm’s stage but further experience in these endeavors and a wonderful team to work with. Would-be performers do not need rich grounding in theatre, but must merely be truehearted in their work. Actors / Actresses Any willing man or woman who seeks to act in the manifold plays to be held is welcome to take part in the theatre, as in doing so they shall provide the cornerstone for the mirth and gaiety to come. Playwrights While any man may submit a play for use in the theatre, the theatre also seeks to work alongside full-time playwrights whose sole calling will rest in the writing of play-craft. Songwrights / Singers Those skilled in songcraft—be it in singing or the playing of a harp or elsewise—have a clear and marked role in theatre-work and are asked to come forth. Thus, those with abilities and talents with an instrument, voice, or writing of songs are welcomed to apply. Signed, HER EXCELLENCY, Kamilla Julya Stafyr nee Baruch, Lady Chamberlain of Haense
  2. Character Name: Kamilla Julya Stafyr Age: 31 Place of Residence [Street / County Address]: The County Of Nenzing Position: Lady Maer
  3. 1728 Sigismund’s End The bed creaked quietly as Sarah sat down to lay to rest. She listened to the fading steps of Primrose and Roderick who just left her room to let the woman regain energy. Those were the two she cherished the most out of all, helping them grow up as if they were her own. Letting the tears drain, her blonde hair slowly rested on the soft mattress, not bothered to take off her clothes. The hair covered her face, her countenance now had long lost its shine, just as did her eyes. Surely, compared to just a mere few years ago, the woman looked quite miserable. Another cough filled the otherwise empty and quiet room. She looked back to the conversation she held just a few moments ago, one where Sarah kept reassuring the two young adults it was okay, that they were great and she was proud. She figured out they both caught on. "I'm so sorry" The lady would say to herself, arm now covering her once again teary eyes. Sarah knew they both caught on. They were smart. They were such bright children… had it not been that damned war, a war that took so much from so many. The trail of thoughts was stopped only by another set of coughs, this time she could feel the pain fill even her lungs. She groaned, sitting up. Once she glanced at her hands, Sarah saw the place where a band would previously be on, making her thoughts go back to simpler times when she'd still work at the tavern meeting Rodrik… The woman glanced at her desk, an unfinished letter would hide under a bunch of books. But now the woman had no intentions of finishing it, it laid there since a few years back. There was no point in finishing it now. Feeling her eyes become tired, body overtaken by sickness that she so bravely tried to keep in, she laid back down Whether it was some medicine or forcing herself to just keep in whatever pain she felt, at least for those last moments Last… She didn't want to die No, she had so much to see but the feeling of weakness was just too much. "Ah, perhaps a small nap will help, like usual." Speaking softly, lying to herself, Sarah reached for a piece of paper to write a short message to whoever shall read it. "To everyone and all that I love I'm happy I got to meet you." She laid the messy note down next to her, the handwriting lacked her usual gentleness and care, which Sarah always put into any piece of writing coming out from under her hand The blonde knew she wouldn't wake up No, this has been going for too long And maybe only if she wasn't so stubborn, so careless But that didn't matter... The woman looked at the empty side of the bed. Years ago someone always was near, kept her company, kept her safe and loved. Safety, how ironic, she didn’t feel safe out of the house in a while. No matter if she had a weapon on her or not. She could very well fight with her fists, after all, even if for a rather short period of time, she did join the army and fought, training with others. Her sight laid upon a sword, laying on the shelf. A beautiful longsword, ‘The Heartstriker’, a gift from a dear friend… almost someone more than a friend. That made the woman wonder, what if she chose another path - changed one thing, made one less mistakes Maybe… But she can’t say she had the worst life, looking at all the people she met. The family she gained along the long journey. From Mikhail and Aleksander, to the Kortreviches and all people of Haense. She loved them all, even if not always showed it But that didn’t matter, but she didn’t mind anymore. Fate was never kind, and the most important lesson was to just flow with it. That’s what she did Sarah laid her hands on her chest, closing her eyes softly as she drifted off to sleep. And then… there was no pain. The morning sun won’t light up her eyes anymore, making them shine the colour of the sky Sarah Greenhill-Kortrevich 1686 – 1728
  4. IGN: Sawona Character Name: Kamilla Julya Stafyr Age: 25 Position: Maer
  5. Ign: Sawona IRP Name: Kamilla Julya Stafyr Age: 21 Residence: 5 Marian Blvd. Discord: Saw#1299 Speech: “Dear citizens of Reza, brothers and sisters... I'd like to present to you a few things you may seem fit to change. After all, we all wish for a better and a brighter future, a safer place where bonds between our neighbors can be created and tightened, where we all can have the right to smile and speak freely! That is why I think we should remember the past, the heroes who fell for our city and for our great kingdom. To learn from the conflicts of the past, so we can make a bright future to look forward to! I seek to ensure that our youth, our children, can be raised in peace, that they might learn in a environment that will grant them all the needed materials to be able to do so. As a mother of two, I personally wish for my children to be raised in safety, to aspire to their dreams and make sure that they they become realities! We seek to make our walls open for newcomers, so we can expand our community and bring prosperity to Reza, to make people wish to join us and share their talents and their stories with us. I wish to expand our trading relations as well, to invite merchants to set up stalls in our great kingdom. To make sure the shops are always stocked and that the shortages of the wartime era are no more! After all, we care for this city, and people in it, as we are a unity, and I wish for nothing more than this unity to grow.”
  6. The news reached her as Kamilla was spending time in Nenzing, tending to her children The woman wished to suprise the man who raised her, show him his grand-grandchildren just a next saint's day, as they were still young and needed to wait for a travel from the place she'd have settled in with her lovely husband Needless to say, it was a shock to her, somewhat expected but still a shock She looked up at the sky, taking a deep breath "Rest well, grandfather, you have served your time. It's time for us to make you proud"
  7. The consequences of some actions will stay with us forever, that was a thing Kamilla, despite her young age, learned very well She remembered holding her mother's cold body, body of the woman whom made her feel... alone. Yes, she was thankful for her grandfather, he had raised her well, but with no real woman role model Kamilla felt lost So she decided to hate her mother Only when it came to their last meeting that she realised that she missed her. Much more than she expected She was terrified when her body fell down. Kam spend wat too much time looking at her mother and making sure that she looked at least half as wonderful as when she breathed Now she found herself in Ayr, kneeling in prayer that perhaps the God will forgive her and her brother That her mother will meet a better place after her passing Who was at the fault here She couldn't tell "I'm so sorry mom... I miss you"
  8. The woman was quite glad to sing the paper, knowing it may prove useful in the future Not for her, but the little ones, from her own daughter to all the lovely little ladies As well as build up the morales "For the better, hopefully... for the better"
  9. Dropping onto the soft mattress, the woman let out a sigh. Her eyes closed, worn out and fragile body finally resting It wasn't long until she felt tears in her eyes drop down her cheeks, just to dissappear in the sheets as if there was nothing to begin with "Lilliana..." Small groan slipped past her lips, sitting up. Her eyes showing just about the same amount of worry, sadness and fatigue as her voice or the rest of her body. How long can one smile while drowning in tears as soon as the sun goes to rest "You've joined them too, and although it causes me much pain, I think I understand you I wish I could stand with bravery like this" Sarah would speak to no one, as a bird landed by her window to sing a song To be free and rid of the war, to be like a bird with only sky as the limit The war is like a chain, bounding everyone down to the ground, restlessly proving their weaknesses, overshadowing any hope they'd have "I already miss you. I would never suspect it'd go this way You were the first to welcome me into the family, to bless our love" Life and death, separated by a thin line A line that is still able to separate families, leaving them in great suffering "I should probably go see if Lotte is alright" She'd cry some more, surely, if not the fact that she has family to worry about Thus she left the room Only to wonder if she made the right choice to begin with To pick a right choice in a situation that has no right choices Oh how she missed Rodrik and Lilliana
  10. "Dead" She'd repeat the words she had just read, sitting in the safety of her room, -their- room. The woman could not get used to the lack of someone next to her, arms holding her tightly as they drifted to rest Sarah knew the words written were true, a traitor he was, but how she hated people speak illy of the male. Yet she remains silent at most times "Duncan has his way with words" She'd nod to no one, closing her eyes Yout can't deny the truth Not when it spits in your face "The man I love.... dead. Drowned by his owns sins..." Yet, the truth is still hard to swallow Maybe another day she will let go Onece they won't be calling her a traitor because of not her own actions
  11. The woman was just about done with her training as the news reached her. The small blonde felt her body freeze in spot, almost dropping the blade in her hand Never had she thought it’d come to this ”Oh Rodrik...” Sarah sat down, leaning against the wall of the building she had been training nearby, looking at the unifrom she was wearing. Be it she recently joined the forces to assist in the war, wishing it would end ”My dearest Rodrik...” For a first time in a while her heart became filled with the shadows of doubt. Oh, how has she missed both her children and husband. The girl ran a hand by her hair, now tangled by the light wind she was faced with just a moment ago ”You silly goose, you know I can not leave, not in times like these... not alone” She stood up, heading to rest, her head low as she’d glance at the gates as she went by ”What should I do”
  12. Sawona


    For all that Sarah knows, she was just a human that was desitnied to live, get a family and then die Her parents wouldn’t speak much of her other relatives, making her belive her guardians were all that the girl ever had and will have. She was always a simple and polite girl, almost a pushover. That was the way she was raised. Her mother and father never were the most religic or intersted in the history, finding it “useless” and “just making you feel small” Only times she heard something remotely interesting was when an older elf, for the live of her she’d never tell what exact kind of elf it was, came from time to time and told her stories of warriors of old. Stories like that of the four brothers, fathers of all the races, and frankly that was her favourite It sparked a flame in the young girl, one that made her wish she could have amazing adventures and that she’d become an amazing warrior Of which her parents didn’t approve, strongly Her mother kept her locked up like a bird in a cage since the first time Sarah proposed she’d venture out to the world to have advnetures, that was when she was 15, and since then she rarely left thier house She coulnd’t leave, her parents had ways of making her stay, but that was untill she reached the age of 24. A terrible accident took place, her parents now dead and she left alone Free She made sure to use her freedom, leaving her home in the north-west of the capital to move closer to the main city og the Kingdom of Haense, where she was born despite begin of Heartlanders roots Always polite and sweet, she starts her advnetures with a smile
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