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  4. Ban Report/Banning GM: Administration, or automated service. Minecraft Name: Neoteri. Rule Broken/Disputed: Payment chargeback. Character Witnesses: DontEverAsk, and wealthypiano. Event Details: Before I begin this entire situation I would like to first speak about how I am aware that I was informed to speak with the administration via the e-mail provided, however due to them taking near a fortnight to respond (I am not trying to blame them for incompetence or anything of the sort, I am entirely aware of the blacklist and am more than certain it was simply forgotten in the big mess of things) I have decided to make this appeal so it’s not so easily forgotten, and hopefully one of the Game Moderators may be able to pick it up if the Administration is currently unable to due to working on the blacklist. Now, what happened is quite awkward and I will explain from the start. On the seventeenth of January on a build server we were using to build a keep for wealthypiano, DontEverAsk created a parkour challenge with a reward of purchasing VIP for whoever beat it. A lot of the members of the guild (wealthypiano’s) were attempting to complete the parkour to be able to get the Lord of the Craft VIP purchased for them by DontEverAsk. Fortunately (or more aptly now, unfortunately) I completed the course first and had VIP purchased for me by DontEverAsk. However, instead of him choosing to purchase the crowns and transferring them to me (which I only learned about after-the-fact) he decided to purchase them from the store directly using my username. Everything was fine, DontEverAsk went inactive and roughly ten days went by after he did so and suddenly my account was banned for the above reasoning. I did as I was told to contact the e-mail provided and when I did, I was responded to by Maxim Chipeev (telanir) who informed me that gift payments should be delivered to the account by the paying party in-game through the crowns system and to have DontEverAsk to contact him, else he would face restrictions on his account. The player DontEverAsk has been unable to be contacted since they went inactive, and due to him being unable to get in contact with the Administration was soon after banned. Unfortunately now there are two people banned for a singular account of chargeback, the person who made the charge, and myself, the unlucky person who was caught up in the excitement of thinking he won some sort of prize to be banned under the assumption I was indeed the person to make the purchase. I am in no way annoyed at staff, or anyone involved, I simply want to be able to come back to the server I love and play with my friends who also enjoy the role-play this server hosts. Also I hope this sort of situation is looked into, because it seems like an easy way to get someone banned through fraudulently purchasing crowns for someone using a dodgy card and within a fortnight they will be banned, having to jump through unusual loopholes than regular ban appeals. Screenshots/Vids: http://imgur.com/a/OKkZh First and Second) DontEverAsk and I talking, he was asking how I was enjoying the VIP and showed me it worked. Third and Fourth) DontEverAsk complaining about me not getting it immediately but the screenshot of the store shows otherwise. Fifth and Sixth) My ban reasoning and the e-mails I had with Administration, it ends after that. Seventh) This is DontEverAsk’s ban, screenshotted by a GM.