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  1. House de Castro Reformation

    Arstan would laugh greatly at the paper stating "The de Castro roused the Bear of Curon, it seems!"
  2. The Sovereign Duchy of Curon

    Arstan would shake his head at the placement of Frederick and himself at last in the order, signing the document and placing it aside. He'd continue the constant work of a lower Witan.

    SIGN UP SHEET FOR THE ONE v ONE MELEE Name: Arstan av Tosali Age:19 Nationality/Faction:Curon Race: Heartlander Title: Thegn of Curon, Witan of Curon
  4. OOC: Minecraft Username: Americuck Timezone: EST How active you can be (semi/always/neither): always Why are you interested in joining: I wanted to try something new. IC: Name: Landrey Age: 16 Race: Heartlander Gender: Male Noble or Common Lineage: Common Experience and Knowledge of Canonist dogma (None/Semi/Fluent): Semi Religious Affiliation (Atheist/Canonist/Xionist): Canonist Willingness to serve for life upon taking oaths of entry into the Order (None/Complete/Semi):Complete
  5. BR on raiding party

    You joined in the roleplay and are subjected to the effects of their actions, I'm sorry, but you participated in the raid.
  6. BR on raiding party

    Player(s) Involved: (Tag them using the “@” symbol.) @senor_tortuga @pmega2 @morningWud @lumiin Rule(s) Broken: (Cite the rule(s) being broken.) No Raiding until January 16th Evidence: (Link all relevant evidence.) Proof of Attempted Resolution: (Link proof that you’ve attempted to resolve this before you posted this report.)
  7. The Bear in Santegia

    Arstan Tosali would smile at the brave behavior of his men, stating "Ave Curon!"
  8. Horen-Gotshardion is the only house I mean to bend my knee to.

    1. TheWitherKingHD


      Tosali needs to die 

    2. Tosali


      Naw G, we been flexin' on these boys fo' years, ya dig?

    3. TheWitherKingHD
  9. Tbh, I'd be gay for Icarnus

  10. Death Stalks Curon

    =~= 15th of Sun’s Smile, 1644 ~=~ The sun had begun to set on Santiega, deep against the cobbled rooftops and bustling streets. Markets were flooded with residents, full of merchants peddling wares as the people wandered about. Distantly, a scream could be heard throughout the city. Various guards rushed to the small alleyway, behind high rise housing at the side of the river, as two figures crouched over a corpse upon the floor. A cloak surrounded the scene, sobs emanating from the female. As the duo backed away, the petite figure of Alayne av Tosali Halcourt could be seen. The white silks of her dress were stained rich burgundy, soaked in blood long dried from two wounds. Her brother, one of the figures at her side, had taken the time to properly cover the body from any bystanders, anger within his eyes. At his side was another member of the search party, evidently devastated. It was no secret of Alayne’s disappearance within Curon, so soon after her wedding ceremony. News had broken out of her affair, and her disappearance only brings more question the culpirate, the answer lies with the Santiegan populace. The only shock came from yet another crime committed by Santiegan scum to the people of Curon.
  11. This is what really went on with the Curon and Haense meeting. We need the populace to be woke, and rep the #TosaliLivesMattergang #TLM
  12. [Complete] Slave for Sale!

  13. Slave with Great Potential for Sale! BIDS STARTING AT 1000 MINA! -Signed, Damian
  14. The Road to Vsevograd [Warclaim]

    Wait, will the Tosali lands be involved in the warclaim? I just saw the lands on the map and was just wondering if it was going to be involved.
  15. [✗] Haense Charter

    Brynden Tosali signs