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  1. MC Name: Yaakmo Discord: Ya’akov#5647 Character Name: Dokkalfr Iseld Age: 150 Race: Dark Elf Reason For Joining: Although Dokkalfr has been trained himself via texts for almost a century, he wishes to share more knowledge with others. Following the belief where one cannot learn everything alone, his goal is to share what he knows whilst gaining more info from others. Throughout his studies, he has made several tomes within his own library, now is the time to share what he sees fit. Affiliation (Include if you are banned from any cities): Freeblade, Lunsbeck, Talon’s Grotto
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    Tigerlily Proudneck was born in the countryside of Haelun'or, alone with no one but his two loving parents, Rufus Proudneck and Marigold Proudneck. Being the only child, he was recklessly spoiled with anything he desired, no matter how ridiculous it may have been. From ages 5-8, Tigerlily spent most of his time in the library, studying the history of Men, reading everything known to Arcas, forming a strong desire to meet men-- for none visited his secluded hole. Moving on in youth, at the age of 10, Tigerlily learned his second language by conversing with traveling elves. Although it’s weak, he can understand most things elves say to him. This caused him to befriend his childhood friend: Manadhben, a reckless elf, ignored by his own kin. Whilst alone, in the forest, Manadhben decided to practice his magic in front of Tigerlily, creating curiosity in his mind. This caused Tigerlily to request to be shown how to do what Manadhben was performing, druidic magic. Slowly, Tigerlily gained more understanding, but lacked power in his spells, thus making him nearly useless. Alas, one somber day, Manadhben never came by Tigerlily’s home, no more learning, no more communication. For 5 years, Tigerlily planned what to do, thus packing his belongings, and travelling wherever a boat can take him to learn more of this foreign magic, hoping to escape his seclusion for a brighter future. Grabbing what little he had, Tigerlily proclaimed to his parents that the time was now, to finally leave them for his own story to begin.
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