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  1. MC Name: alex2271 Discord: Briar | alex222771#2965 Character Name: Briar Taliame Age: 20 Race: Wood Elf Reason For Joining: My character’s goal is to become a healer, and she is very interested in studying and learning all she can to achieve this goal. Alchemy is an aspect of this that she wants to study in order to learn more about herbalism and potion brewing, so that she may achieve her goal. Affiliation (Include if you are banned from any cities): Siramenor (Wood Elf settlement)
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    Briar grew up in Siramenor with her mother Eloinwy and father Esil. She was born near a briar patch earning her her name which is quite unusual compared to usual elf names. Although the religion of the Wood Elves is not practiced as much, Briar’s parents still raised her on the Sage Way, believing balance to be important to life. After Garthon’s Great War of Unity it had been passed down throughout Briar’s family to practice balance, because they believed that was the most important lesson learned in the war. Briar grew up having a very good life. Her father was and still is a member of the Order of Sirame, defending the gates from unwanted intruders. And her mother was and still is a woodworker with a good head for foraging as well, creating intricately crafted bows and swords to sell. Her mother taught her how to forage and plant while her father taught her how to fight. While she learned to fight, she learned about balance, understanding that she may sometimes have to take life away in order to defend the people important to her and create good. As a result of learning to fight and forage, Briar became quite resourceful. Briar didn’t have too many friends growing up, often staying inside and reading stories about far away lands. However, although she didn’t have many friends she was close with two girls named Velluai and Sage. Always the adventurous trio, they would play make believe games of adventure, making up small quests for themselves and stirring up all sorts of trouble within the village as a result. As Briar is getting older however, she struggles to leave this land of make believe in her head, longing to go out and adventure instead of staying within her village and marrying or getting a job. Her naivety and impulsivity often get the better of her and gets her into all sorts of bad situations. She vows that one day she will leave her village and embark on an adventure.
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