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  1. 9/10 dat lich from Aegis wtf u doin back
  2. there's nothing like thinking a cop staring at you for 3 minutes but in reality he just zoned out.

  3. Wait MPM is back on the server??
  4. Truer words have never been uttered
  5. ... Wait, why on earth would old dread lords not be able to make new Dread Knights if they already know how to and have done so? That makes no sense.
  6. -snip, misunderstood the guild purpose cuz I'm a moron)
  7. I mean, if they're not massively manufactured, I'd be fine with this. It would honestly be kinda nice.
  8. Forgive me for sounding like an idiot... What the hell is genus? The only thing I can think of is that irish drink... I'm also curious as to whether this allows the Dread Lords that still remain to make more?
  9. His name is stupid. +1
  10. Yup, did gud lore with Wood Elves.
  11. .... Remind me to never come onto the forums again while at work... Dear Christ I'm gonna be fired if someone looks over here at the wrong time... I've tried talking to Jist about some lore I had an idea on for Dread Knights, gave him the general gist, and asked for his opinion. Weeks went by, didn't hear a thing. PM'd him again, he told me to hold on. More time went by, still nothing. I didn't ask him to help write the lore for me, or give him the entire thing or ask him to tell me how it'd get accepted. I just simply gave him the general idea in a couple of sentences, and asked "Should I even bother?" This really isn't the kind of behavior that I want to see in the lore team, not to mention Alchemy is a giant clusterfuck as it is, and is more confusing than magic somehow. If that changes, namely the ignoring the players part, I'd love to see him on the team, but for now, -1. Sorry Jist =/
  12. Helped me out and got me accustomed to being an Orc/Goblin that one week I played one. Good guy.
  13. What watyll and his various amazing events did was simply fantastic. We did our best to provide antagonistic RP to all groups, and for the most part it worked perfectly. We need to be handing out antagonist roles to player groups, and not server wide antagonists. Focusing on smaller groups rather than the entire server allows the antagonist to know what each specific group wants in events and cater to that.
  14. mc name: Merkaken rp name: Popo Sandybanks character race: Halfling character gender: Male What do you want? (Head, Body, full skin): Full skin Description: Just looking for some kind of simply Druid looking robe. It doesn't have to be extravagant. No hoods, please. Some minor nature-y details would be appreciated, i.e carrot in the sleeve or something to that affect. Reference Pictures: https://gyazo.com/99c3ae1864a38835e65cb646fe5333e7
  15. Kha shouldn't really be removed. If we're removing races that died, all we'd be left with are Wood Elves and Humans. Simply because a race has died does not mean it should be removed and the middle finger given to the playerbase that does play them. Nearly every race/subrace has died at some point. The Kha just really need to get an overhaul, such a Smaw suggested. Become more savage again, but not furry cat orcs.