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  1. Merkaken

    [✗] [WIP]The Resonant Dead

    Yes, people are a bit touchy on the lore that Wattyl made. I don't think anyone expects you to be on his level by any means, nor should they. I agree with Kardel's statement (though it could've been rather softer). Im in no way opposed to additions to wattyl's lore, and I can understand wanting to bring that back. However, like I said, I said, I don't agree rewriting it by any means. If I can just give my two cents, leave the name as it is, do not change it, leave alone the part where those who are insanely can naturally learn it. The only thing that should stay in this lore, in my opinion, should be the addition of undead learning it naturally. Again, no one is saying to write lore like wattyl by any means. Just do not change it aside from additions. This language should not be an altered-soul person and undead only thing.
  2. Merkaken

    [✗] [WIP]The Resonant Dead

    I'm honestly very conflicted about this lore... I love that the Ikuras language is being reused, it truly deserves to as it was a huge undertaking for the original creator of the language. however, I have a couple of issues, one minor and one major im not really a huge fan of renaming the language just because of slme added lore. It's a minor thing, I know, and I know I'm biased as a prior phobism user, so I mean take this criticism with a grain of salt. I just don't like renaming it simply, as I understand, because Ikuras' influence is waning. The manor issue i have is that it no it no longer come natural to anyone that isn't undead. I find that odd and am not a huge fan of it. I understand you can learn it if you're a dark arts user/someone with a tampered soul, but that's not what it used to be, unless something changed a while ago and I didn't know. The black language was was meant to be for those who have gone insane. Not someone who was a little cooky or eccentric, someone who is legitimately insane, regardless of magic or soul type. It was something that came naturally to you slowly as you went more and more insane, and even more natural if Ikuras touched your soul, like with the Phobism users. Now it seems like a "spooky only" thing. I really don't think it should be locked like that. It should be for any who has truly gone/goingn insane. If i misinterpreted something, or my concern is mistaken or anything like that, please by all means correct me. I truly do love that the black language is being used for Undead, that is a very neat addition, it's just those concerns that bother me.
  3. Attention orc player base. Please consider this on behalf of the entirety of lotc


    1. xxx


      tfw you accidentally submit your image to gallery and a bunch of "imgurians" downvote you and ***** about how your content shouldn't be on their image hosting website

  4. Merkaken

    Zarsies' Biased LM Application

    I have to respectfully disagree. Zarsies is a rather kind person, and was very helpful as an LM to me. My encounter with his mysticism user really shaped my character, really altered her personality, and scarred her physically and emotionally. The reason he makes a lot of darker lore is because.. well, he's good at it. I really haven't seen any evidence of Zarsies making lore for his own benefit. Hes made solid lore in the past, no reason why he won't in the future
  5. Merkaken

    Reform the LT

    It REALLY depends on what LT you get. Sometimes, yes, LT members are unhelpful, or rude, or just flat out ignore you, such as whining when you ask a question they've been asked before, reading PMs and ignoring them, the list goes on. but there's good ones too. I've had lore team members who have helped me out with some lore so it fits into lore, or answering questions. i do think the loremag is a big iffy to me. As I understand it, if lore isn't either loved or hated it just kinda sits there. If this is correct it really does need to be changed. There should be a definitive yes or no. But, again, I could have misinterpreted how it works based off what an lm said, so if I'm wrong please by all means correct me
  6. Merkaken

    [CA] [Hou-Zi] Novastral

    Why won't you notice me senpai?!
  7. Merkaken

    LotC's /Actual/ Hate Problem

    I would have to agree. A lot of stuff since I have joined back in Asulon has been very clique-y and very "target these people" focus, and sadly it's persisted. Best example I can give is I made an alt and made a whitelist app without telling people (except for GMs) that it was my alt. Made an elf. Not 5 minutes later, I got a pm of someone welcoming me to the server, which initially was very nice. Then it went south. They basically were telling me to make a dwarf because all elves do is "ERP and meta game and power game, their rp is ****, all they do is ERP with each other". If this is what a new player gets right from the get go in the server, it's gonna likely do one of two things. One, convince the new player that this old ass meme is real, or two, show that the player base is very devided over a make believe mineman race.
  8. Merkaken

    [Accepted] [Actor] Swgrclan, 11/7/2017

    Swgr is a very nice person, makes rp enjoyable and fun. Back when I was but a wee dread knight, I ran into his... drauger? I forget what they were called but were part of the Setharion antags. Went toe to toe in an epic duel. It was ******* amazing. I have no doubt he will make quality rp for everyone
  9. Merkaken

    [CA] [Hou-Zi] Novastral

    What up my fellow monkey peasant?
  10. He's my waifu, builds good ****, Is good man
  11. Merkaken

    LotC has a hate problem

    Then like I said before, talk to staff, admins, etc.
  12. Merkaken

    LotC has a hate problem

    I agree, people shouldn't use that word. I'm not saying they should be allowed to, which might not have been conveyed in my previous posts. What I'm saying is that there's solutions. Very easy solutions that people seem to just choose not to do, which is what I fail to understand. If you just leave the chat, problem solved. You're no longer seeing the hate. Not to mention, staff /does/ do something about it. https://gyazo.com/898d6a0a99a7c7c9e2f352c8244978f7 This is from Space's original post about this (Not sure why he made another one since the issue was solved) found here: So saying that staff does nothing just is simply not true. So s
  13. Merkaken

    LotC has a hate problem

    you seemed to have skipped over two other solutions I said. You can talk to the admins or other people on the GM team. Even if what you're saying is true (it's not) turn off OOC, go off the forums, report whoever is harassing you. If nothing happens, then leave. Sure, ideally problems should be solved. But at some point it's your own fault for continuing to go to a place that you know you'll be discriminated against? And sure, you can argue "well, I shouldn't have to leave because I'm right". True, like I said, ideally you should be able to be safe from ridicule. But it's the internet. People who don't like you will be all over. If everyone is hateful and the staff does nothing at you know it's going to be like that and there's no change, it's your own fault for saying. "I shouldn't have to step out of the fireplace, the fire should stop burning me because I want to be warm"
  14. Merkaken

    LotC has a hate problem

    You and I both know that is blatantly not true, let's stop being silly. If you disagree with what a staff member is doing, I.E the reason you gave, go to the anonymous staff report, or talk to an admin, talk to the owner of the serve, or talk to another GM. It seems you just want to be upset.
  15. Merkaken

    LotC has a hate problem

    You can disagree all you want. Doesn't mean it's not going to happen. Then report the staff member, talk to an admin. You're talking like there's nothing you can do.