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  1. Anyone unable to get onto the server?

  2. Has a very healthy and active community, one of the best places I’ve had roleplay in a long ass time. +1
  3. (RP&MC) Name: Alor Fi’Ceru (Merkaken) Age:136 Race: Mali’ker Event (1v1 or Warfare Sim.): 1v1 Nation/Group: The Sable Principality of Vira’ker
  4. A young mali’ker comes stumbling out of his home, coughing and waving a hand in front of him as a rather foul smelling billows into the air and disperses. Another failed alchemical experiment. Alor takes out a notebook with a sigh, not looking down on it, and writing a big fat “NO!!” underneath it, crossing out yet another theoretical recipe. He rubs his forehead, looking around at the odd looks and laughs he gets. While they laugh, Alor knows they mean well. The Mali’ker walks back inside, moving his face mask above his mouth and nose as he allows his home to air out once more. ((Great community with great roleplay. Very glad I found you guys.))
  5. If you’re looking for a quick mineman buck and you’re good at shading check this out

  6. Have we met before in game/on the forums? I can remember like maybe a handful of people since my break and idk if we interacted in any way before or not. Also, custard eclair or creme?
  7. Lo there do I see my father.

    Lo there do I see my mother and my sisters and my brothers.

    Lo there do I see the line of my people back to the beginning.

    Lo they do call to me.

  8. Enjoy some edgy music from everyone’s favorite edge lord
  9. There’s quite a few things I missed. The heavier and most important one I’ll save for last. I miss stomping around with my old Dread Knight buddies from way back in Anthos. It was a very odd relationship three of us had, Alexandros (My character), Verin (SiEnimFallorSum’s Dread Knight) And Aelor, the Dread Lord when my DK was name (Wish I remember his MC name. It was Augur or something like that I THINK). It was almost like two sons and a father... But not really. Neither one of us loved or cared for each other. But it was more of a “Hey, I dislike you two the least out of everything on this planet” type of thing. I miss phobism. If you weren’t around for it, it was essentially a more powerful deity illusion magic that focused on ritualistic spell casting that drove those that were victims of the phobism user insane. It had one attack in a group of preset spells you could use. And that attack wasn’t much special. Sadly, though, what happened to Phobism is what happens to a lot of magic. It got shelved. We were offered to rewrite it, and the phobism users that came after me tried their best but for reasons unknown to me it got denied time and again. The reason I know of on why it got shelved was powergaming, which I honestly disagree with and I honestly thought was a rather dumb choice. I don’t really have anything against the LT that made that choice or anything, I just wasn’t happy with the decision. LotC would benefit greatly from more magic or creatures that focused more on the mysticism (Pun not intended but enjoyed) of magic and more ritualistic side of it rather than what seems to be focusing on fighting. Just my personal opinion though. Of course, a magic, and truly a massive amount of lore based around said magic, leads me to the one who made it... Watyll. I miss him more than anything and a day doesn’t go by without thinking of him. It was heartbreaking when he passed. I may not have known him as well as others on this server but I still considered him a good friend. I enjoyed our chats on skype and our Darth Sideous and Darth Vader esque roleplay we had as cultists. It’s a tragedy a man with such a spark of genius is taken from us. I know that’s a bit heavy for a goofy AMA but eh. As the second question... I suppose the LT shelving thing. Again, I really don’t have anything against the LT members themselves. I’ve chatted with a few of them and they seem like perfectly nice people. I just think it’s a shame when things need to be shelved or gotten rid of. I might just be salty cuz I tend to be in the groups of things that get hit when things are shelved so I mean take that with a grain of salt. On the plus side I get to RP my old DK as a bit more 3D now that he’s no longer solely focused on killing, so there’s a silver lining to it. It’s gonna be freaking interesting to see how he adjusts to being in Atlas/wherever this new place is since he was turned in Anthos Hmmm... Depends on what we’re talking about specifically. Community’s a lot more toxic now, sadly. However the roleplay’s better, magic seems less clique-ish (Which I know seems false to some people but if you were in Asulon you know what I’m talking about).
  10. Hmm... Favorite thing is the people. You meet some genuinely amazing people on this server, friends even. True, there’s lots and lots of toxicity. Honestly it’s worse than I’ve personally seen it before, but for starters that’s my opinion, and also it always tends to come back to the middle. There will be highs in every community, whether it be a race or nation, or even the server itself, and then there will be lows. Neither lasts forever, for good or ill. What I genuinely enjoy about it is, again, the people and obviously the roleplay. It took me a long time to kind of come out of my shell and put myself out there, but once I did and I got a feel for what group of people I fit in with the most I had an amazing time, and they’re times I think about often, whether they are RP memories that are silly or serious and even ooc moments in skype or discord. What keeps me coming back is nostalgia and a genuine love for the server. Sometimes I’ll need to take a break whether for personal reasons or just a loss of interest, but it’s difficult to stay away for long. I think about the amazing memories I’ve had on this server and eventually feel a need to make more. I started in mid-late Asulon in July of 2012, so about 6-7 years which is really crazy to think about. I’ve sprinkles in some breaks here and there, and it’s always interesting to see who’s still around/who left/who came back when I return. He knows my true name! I didn’t think anyone still on this server remembered what I used to go by lol My favorite thing is probably how open ended everything can be. I enjoy that it’s sort of up to your imagination (within reason, especially on a server) what is happening and how your character will be effected by that. It’s kind of like you’re writing your own little story about someone, and as your character interacts with this world it’s influenced either in a large or small way by other players doing the same thing. It’s interesting thinking of a character, giving them a basic personality, and then sending them out to the world into the world and seeing how they change according to the world around them, the actions the events. It’s just fascinating how you can have a sort of plan for your character on what you want them to be and how many times things will pop up that change that plan. I mean I thought my Dread Knight was going to be the last remaining Dread Lord forever. Now he’s Human again and is trying to figure out what to do now that he’s no longer immortal. Things can change in a second, and I find that amazing.
  11. Hi Blah blah funny joke blah Ok what are your questions for me?
  12. How does Alchemy work in terms of RP? Do you need to get ingredients to use in potions to use in RP? If so, how do I get the ingredients?

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    2. Merkaken


      6 hours ago, Parker said:

      It is sad for me to say but,


      People like to use the wiki and browse through where and how to get and use alchemical things without real role-play effort onto LoTC thus you have alot of big brain potions which normally if you told said person making it to craft it in role-play without aid from the wiki they’d be fucked.


      Besides my rant, you can search for alchemy teachers by posting forum posters or search in role-play and you MIGHT find a dedicated teacher, not saying it is impossible but like I stated above.


      What I do


      What I tend to do is get a fellow com padre, in role-play and go from town, kingdom and home searching for different ingredients that I know in-character, there are a billion of them and of course I cannot know all of them.

      Alchemy is fun when you make mistakes, or at-least I find it fun to see characters of mine blow **** up on accident, and I do self-rolls all the time to search for ingredients, or if I am mixing it properly.

      It’s of-course better with a friend, and when you go to each town or group of role-play you can just sit in the tavern and rest, and carry on yatta yatta.



      Ingredients aren’t mechanically given, however you could make them just for the sake of making them. To make Alchemic potions you have to figure that out in ROLE-PLAY. I am a big advocate for literally hiding most lore just so people do not meta-game or say they don’t meta but want to have the surprise and immersion with no spoilers. Anyway, potions are made with mechanical descriptions – you should see an example on the auction house.


      Hope this helped.


      This was all a huge help, thanks. I have one more question, though, how do you know if your experiment is a success? Do all potions need to be LT approved like magic, or is it more of a “As long as it’s nothing extremely crazy it’s ok” type of thing? And if that’s the case, what would constitute needing to write a lore post for it?

    3. Parker


      Well there is a certain alchemy post that has a bunch of replies of ideas for alchemy potions. The main post is updated with those replies if they are accepted into the lore, thus you can play around with those potions if you find out how to make them or are taught.


      The good thing with Alchemy is, you can use a base potion and change up how you use ingredients- feel free to ask more experienced people on how more Air Symbols in an Alchemist fire could change the product.


      Rolling for Perception and Progression

      In terms of how you know if the roll is successful or not, normally I roll out of a hundred and if it is 65+ then I normally constitute that as experience in the specific potion or process of how to make that potion, and it is successful. I also do rolls out of 20 and 12+ are successful in finding the said ingredient in the respective region. Even if I rolled a nat 20 does not mean I would find flame-tongue in the frigid cold.

      v good pieces to look at.

    4. Merkaken


      I gotcha. Thanks a bunch

  13. Am I reading right that when hard shelved creatures revert back they lose their memories or PK?

    1. howard


      you’re correct at least about losing memories, hard shelfing is basically retconning the creature. apparently they’re walking back the PKs a little bit?

    2. Keefy


      They do not have to lose their memories if you do not wish to go that route. The only thing set in stone for the hard shelves that were once people is they become living people again. Past that, free ball.

    3. James


      #powerful sensible reasons for powerful sensible decisions 

      this is sarcasm 

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