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  1. I'm looking around after a long break and just...


  2. Dark Shamanism - The Guide

    Reminds me a lot of Ikuras and Phobism lore. I like this ****. Nice guide
  3. Rate The Above User's Fame.

    9/10 dat lich from Aegis wtf u doin back
  4. there's nothing like thinking a cop staring at you for 3 minutes but in reality he just zoned out.

  5. [✗] [Plugin] Make the /sit plugin work with MPM.

    Wait MPM is back on the server??
  6. Thinking of coming back. How's Orc RP been? Is it good for casual rp or not so much still?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Merkaken
    3. Kinslayer


      Come back man, its a great time!

    4. DivineJustice


      There's about 10 orcs on right now if you're interested, the new city is great as well. There's a place from the boats to it.

  7. Hello. What's going on?

  8. So uh. I think I'm gonna be done with the server for now. Might pop in onto the forums every now and then but uh... Bye!

  9. Dreadknights, the New Coming [Blood Magic Addition]

    ... Wait, why on earth would old dread lords not be able to make new Dread Knights if they already know how to and have done so? That makes no sense.
  10. Redshrouds, the Undead Legion

    -snip, misunderstood the guild purpose cuz I'm a moron)
  11. Disgusted with you Thunderfury noobs rn

    1. Fury_Fire


      Did somebody say [Thunderfury, blessed blade of the windseeker]?

  12. Dreadknights, the New Coming [Blood Magic Addition]

    Forgive me for sounding like an idiot... What the hell is genus? The only thing I can think of is that irish drink... I'm also curious as to whether this allows the Dread Lords that still remain to make more?
  13. New Dread Knights still cannot be created, correct?

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    2. ScubaSteveee


      Never Forget Dread Lord Alexandros 

    3. Merkaken


      All hail Lich's Bane's wielder.

    4. JadenOfCanada


      I have no clue tbh I haven't been keeping up with DK lore since my attempt at making them active again