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  1. Merkaken

    [✗] [WIP]The Resonant Dead

    Yes, people are a bit touchy on the lore that Wattyl made. I don't think anyone expects you to be on his level by any means, nor should they. I agree with Kardel's statement (though it could've been rather softer). Im in no way opposed to additions to wattyl's lore, and I can understand wanting to bring that back. However, like I said, I said, I don't agree rewriting it by any means. If I can just give my two cents, leave the name as it is, do not change it, leave alone the part where those who are insanely can naturally learn it. The only thing that should stay in this lore, in my opinion, should be the addition of undead learning it naturally. Again, no one is saying to write lore like wattyl by any means. Just do not change it aside from additions. This language should not be an altered-soul person and undead only thing.
  2. Merkaken

    [✗] [WIP]The Resonant Dead

    I'm honestly very conflicted about this lore... I love that the Ikuras language is being reused, it truly deserves to as it was a huge undertaking for the original creator of the language. however, I have a couple of issues, one minor and one major im not really a huge fan of renaming the language just because of slme added lore. It's a minor thing, I know, and I know I'm biased as a prior phobism user, so I mean take this criticism with a grain of salt. I just don't like renaming it simply, as I understand, because Ikuras' influence is waning. The manor issue i have is that it no it no longer come natural to anyone that isn't undead. I find that odd and am not a huge fan of it. I understand you can learn it if you're a dark arts user/someone with a tampered soul, but that's not what it used to be, unless something changed a while ago and I didn't know. The black language was was meant to be for those who have gone insane. Not someone who was a little cooky or eccentric, someone who is legitimately insane, regardless of magic or soul type. It was something that came naturally to you slowly as you went more and more insane, and even more natural if Ikuras touched your soul, like with the Phobism users. Now it seems like a "spooky only" thing. I really don't think it should be locked like that. It should be for any who has truly gone/goingn insane. If i misinterpreted something, or my concern is mistaken or anything like that, please by all means correct me. I truly do love that the black language is being used for Undead, that is a very neat addition, it's just those concerns that bother me.
  3. Attention orc player base. Please consider this on behalf of the entirety of lotc


    1. xxx


      tfw you accidentally submit your image to gallery and a bunch of "imgurians" downvote you and ***** about how your content shouldn't be on their image hosting website

  4. Merkaken

    Zarsies' Biased LM Application

    I have to respectfully disagree. Zarsies is a rather kind person, and was very helpful as an LM to me. My encounter with his mysticism user really shaped my character, really altered her personality, and scarred her physically and emotionally. The reason he makes a lot of darker lore is because.. well, he's good at it. I really haven't seen any evidence of Zarsies making lore for his own benefit. Hes made solid lore in the past, no reason why he won't in the future
  5. Merkaken

    [Accepted] [Actor] Swgrclan, 11/7/2017

    Swgr is a very nice person, makes rp enjoyable and fun. Back when I was but a wee dread knight, I ran into his... drauger? I forget what they were called but were part of the Setharion antags. Went toe to toe in an epic duel. It was ******* amazing. I have no doubt he will make quality rp for everyone
  6. He's my waifu, builds good ****, Is good man
  7. Merkaken

    Druidism Addition [Feat] Druidic Transcendence

    Fair enough. However, I still fail to see how this takes anything at all away from Shamanism save for a shaman teaching someone how they connect to THEIR plane. Druids won't be going to the ancestral plane of the orcs, or the elemental plane, or control anything aside from plants and animals.
  8. Merkaken

    Druidism Addition [Feat] Druidic Transcendence

    I thought he was saying that you can disconnect the shaman if you find out someone's is teaching a non-orc a shaman technique that you can disconnect him but I could very well be misreading it as well Like I said, nothing is being stolen. A lutaman is helping a Druid connect to a completely separate plane of existence from anything relating to shamanism. The only thing that is being drawn from Shamanism in this lore is that it's using a lutaman technique. That's it. Druids aren't becoming shamans
  9. Merkaken

    Druidism Addition [Feat] Druidic Transcendence

    @Honor except that's not true. Druidism isn't an elf only thing. It might have started with the elves in Aegis, but it's not an elf only thing. Wood elves worship the aspects and hold druids in high regards, but that's about it. Also, clerics is not a human only thing, or even a human centric thing. I have no idea where you're getting either of those from. Runesmithing, I'm not too sure if there are non-dwarves who know it.
  10. Merkaken

    Druidism Addition [Feat] Druidic Transcendence

    Again, idk what to tell you. The problem you're describing happens to literally everyone. Orcs are not special in this respect. Simply saying "no, you can't reference shamanism cuz it's MINE!" Is simply silly. Like I said, if your race dies because someone taught something almost entirely different save for using a shaman technique to do it, your race was going to die regardless.
  11. Merkaken

    Druidism Addition [Feat] Druidic Transcendence

    And that's fine for a case by case basis, but i doubt all shamans think exactly alike. No ones trying to say "all shamans and druids MUST get along". Obviously not all shamans will want to teach this to druids, and that's fine, that's roleplay. My beef is that people seem to think that for some reason people think that teaching Druids something that originate from Shamanism, but is only shamanism in the sense that the druids spirit is taken to another plane of existence, is going to somehow magically destroy shamanism and the orcish race, and therefore should not exist. Simply because something is a reference or gets is origins from shamanism does not mean interest will destroy shamanism.
  12. Merkaken

    Druidism Addition [Feat] Druidic Transcendence

    It still makes no sense why people think this will take away from shamanism since it isn't shamanism, or even anything to do with the planes that shamanism has. A shaman literally goes up to a Druid and teaches him how to connect to their own (Druid's) plane of the Eternal Forest. Not the ancestral plane or any of that. The eternal forest. Not to mention, orcs and Shamans have from time to time worked together. Even Buubztick said in his death post book that Druidism is the second best form of dirty worship, with shamanism ahead of it (paraphrasing). So the whole "shamans would NEVER help druids" is more of a shaman to shaman thing, not an across the board thing
  13. Merkaken

    Druidism Addition [Feat] Druidic Transcendence

    Tbf they were gonna do that anyways
  14. Merkaken

    Druidism Addition [Feat] Druidic Transcendence

    So, having something that references shamanism, but isn't shamanism, it's just a sort of linking of two magics, will kill your player base? Hate to tell you this, fam, but if your player base dies to something as incredibly minor as that, it's practically dead anyways.
  15. Merkaken

    Druidism Addition [Feat] Druidic Transcendence

    Love everything about t, but quick question. Would druids be able to communicate with animals in the eternal forest that have passed on too?