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  1. Dave_I

    chaotikal's Lore Master Application

    He's reliable and experienced lore wise, plus he has been around for a while now +1
  2. Dave_I

    Reinam's Lore Team Application

    hed make a good addition to the team, very experienced within lotc
  3. Dave_I

    silkrose's wiki team app

    She would make a great addition to the team, therefore +1
  4. For the love of God, take him. I know him and I know that he should really become a builder here. He has showed me some of his builds and I'm pretty sure he would make a great builder. +1
  5. *Few walls in Adelburg would be covered with simple posters* Blood is red and sky is blue, those who desire to join us will follow this clue: Those who think they worthy are, will cart to lorraine in front of Adelburg grab. After you arrive, take your map and follow these: X - 3257 Y - 72 Z - 738 If you made your way there, follow signs and beware. Only those who patient are, will man with no face become.