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  1. Dyl

    The Response

    As stated in the screenshots, this is bs. He shouldn’t have an indefinite blacklist for it. He literally can’t defend himself, how does this make sense? Like he had/or should had perms to the doors. #freetrende
  2. What do tigers dream of, when they take little tiger snooze?

  4. So is botany a replacement for alchemy?
  5. You don’t want zero problems, big fella!

    1. Cruz ©

      Cruz ©

      milly rock urself back to 2017 noob

    2. Dyl


      Im in love with my city, b*tch I sleep with my hat. 

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    3. Cruz ©

      Cruz ©

      If one more dylan tries to stop me there’s gone be some dread headed niggas in the lobby

  6. “Welcome all to the Academy.” “We do not teach Kharajyr” (OOC: if you apply on like an elf or human you’ll be fine, also we don’t have teachers for that. Didn’t think I’d have to put ‘we don’t teach Kha’ because Kha do not normally come to the city.)
  7. The Imperial Orenian Academy Students during a lecture. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As the city of Helena sleep soundly, one thing could not shake Romulus’ mind. He remembered his days at the school in Markev; the fond memories of Queen Elizaveta’s lectures stirred within him. His days of schooling had lasted briefly before his source of education was overtaken by Imperial Scholars, yet their impact remained prominent throughout his adulthood. Amidst a dark sky coated with a veil of glistening stars, the princeling found inspiration; he would build a school for the Cascadian populace. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About the Academy: The academy offers courses to all who seek enrichment. The board will not turn down any Orenian citizen looking to deepen their knowledge. Located in the upper levels of Aurelius Avenue 11, we offer flexible courses to those who wish to make the journey to Helena. All courses are intended to augment students’ comprehensive capabilities, as well as to instill a love of academics within them for the years to come. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Courses: History Courtly Etiquette Cassarian Flexio Poetry and Reading Medicinal Studies Horse Upkeep Equipment Upkeep And more to be added! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Applications: Teachers: Name: Race: Age: Subject you wish to teach (Remember we are open to adding more): OOC: IGN: Discord: Students: Name: Race: Age: Subject(s) you wish to learn: OOC: IGN: Discord: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Signed, Headminister, Prince Romulus Cascadia
  8. ’No, your de Savin are filth, the same kind who dirtied the name...”
  9. “You are not even a de Savin,” Hamza would say, “All these false pretenders...”
  10. Dyl

    The Mages Guild

    OOC ((MC Name: CashDinero)) ((Discord: Dyl#5096)) ((Timezone: EST)) RP What is your name? Torok Why seek membership within the Mages Guild? I wish to dive into the secrets and practices of Arcanism. To further my knowledge in this art is my only goal. What is the extent of your experience with magic? None really. What arts if any do you currently study and who was your teacher? None. What position do you desire to claim upon joining the guild? Uhh, to be honest, I only wish to be given the chance to learn Arcanism. I will help as needed to achieve this goal. What position do you desire to advance to within the guild? I mean, the positions are not of the most importance for me. Again, I will help where needed. When is the best time to contact you for an interview? My time is irregular, we would have to schedule a meeting.
  11. Can someone tell me why this war was even allowed to occur? Staff knew the wargoals but still let 3 warclaims happen. So why did the war even happen to begin with?

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    2. Dyl


      Were Fireheart’s posts also miscommunication?


    3. TrendE


      @Telanir I love how that if Renatus lost the siege of Helena, they’d have lost their entire build & community within a singular fight – and you’d have done nothing about it. Meanwhile Oren (Obviously Haense being a major player in this movement) lost fight after fight both in and out of warclaims, after instigating the entire event; and this is how you react? Pathetic.

      If you do not trust your own staff members to manage events that effect the future of the majority race & probably the entire server in reality, then why should we even trust them in running the day-to-day?

    4. Dyl


      @Telanir I do think this 8 month staff enforced peace is really stupid, like brain-dead, 0 iq stupid. It’s not allowing for rp to develop naturally. It made this war entirely useless and has pissed off a lot of people. Our all labors were for nothing, we destroyed our city and palace, had guys stay up till the early hours setting up defenses and we’re not rewarded for our efforts in anyway. We are forced to abide by a treaty or you’ll punish us, which is another brain-dead decision. 

  12. Dyl

    [Your View] Costs and Raids

    i voted for no change, adding costs is stupid and should not be implemented. We shouldn’t have to pay to raid lol. If anything just change the prices of raid ladders and lock picks, but i think things are fine as is with the current raid cooldowns and costs.
  13. Dyl


    Romulus would mourn Ser Frederick’s passing, “He was a knight who guarded me since I was a boy... Now he rests in the Seven Skies.”
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