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  1. cool poll but the real question is what the best side is at thanksgiving dinner
  2. Vladimir wandered into the kitchen, grabbing several cookies. He’d afterwards fall asleep in the apartments, and fart on the Duke’s bed, cookie crumbles everywhere.
  3. Firelands Report KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM As per His Majesty’s request, I, Ser Vladimir Hothand, led a group of seven to the Firelands in an effort to locate the nest of Cloudbreaker. Its lair is well hidden within the Firelands, so well that mapping the route to the nest is impractical. The only way to reach Cloudbreaker’s lair is through the use of guides from the Almarian Society of Bounties and Beasts, but they will not provide any assistance other than that. The area where Cloudbreaker resides is covered in ash, more so than the rest of the Firelands. Here the ash impacts vision, and those without protective coverings will find the ash near blinding. When we arrived, we were quick to locate a horse with no rider, we can only assume its rider perished. After a bit of time we came upon a trail of lava leading into a cave, it is advised to wear heat protective clothing, normal armor is too hot and will hinder movement, but it is possible to progress without the use of heat protective equipment. As stated before, we were not the first to come upon Cloudbreaker’s lair. A party before us met a grim fate, while no bodies were found, swords, crossbows, and shields littered the ground. We can only assume they perished or panicked with fear. Deeper within the cavern, we found a pile of melted gold, but we dare not touch it. Nearby the giant remains of what we assume to be a meal of Cloudbreaker, for all that remained were the bones. We traversed deeper into the cavern, and came upon an opening, here is where we assume Cloudbreaker resides. Here, those without athin treated equipment cannot even enter, for the heat is too much to bear. I alone entered the room, I was not leaving until I had seen or felt the beast myself. The ash here completely hinders vision, I advise coming up with a way to retain visibility while in the room, lest we will be wandering blind. Giant chains hung from the cavern's ceiling, whatever chained Cloudbreaker up must have been even greater than the beast itself. I slowly made my way through the room, keeping my eyes on what little surroundings I could observe when I heard the sound of movement. I concluded it must be Cloudbreaker in the room, for whatever was in the room was massive, its steps creating audible sound and felt vibrations. With all this evidence, it was decided we’d make our way back to the surface. The entrance we came in was too small for a massive being like Cloudbreaker to make its way through. We scaled the mountain, finding a large opening near the peak. We neglected to go in, so it is unconfirmed if the opening leads to the same chamber, further expeditions will be required to confirm this. Ser Vladimir ‘Hothand’
  4. hey i remember that time we did stuff, it was so cool
  5. Vladimir plans to go out and support his sister! "Ea think she will be a great alderwoman." He'd then go out into the city and try to spread word of his sister running for office, however, because he did not like crowds, he might have trouble passing the word.
  6. Fast travel should stay, it does nothing but help benefit the server. I am someone who likes to explore the world and see what's out there. I like to visit different playerbases and see their rp and how they build and interact with the world. Fast travel helps me get from point A to point B much quicker. I do not think there are many positives to encouraging 'Road RP' at all. If you are not running a roadside tavern, then there's very little benefit to 'Road RP', most people are on the roads because they wish to go from one place to another, not because they're trying to have rp on the roads. For the most part, 'Road RP' does nothing but help bandits who just want to rob people of their loot, and I am willing to bet most people are not on the roads to get robbed. I also think fast travel encourages exploration, maybe not of the entire map, but of different settlements. If you want the server to feel alive and connected, then an easy way of traveling should be available. I think providing a quick route between say Balian and Haense or from the South Hub to Balian is much better than forcing someone to ride or run all the way to their location. It saves them time and means they can get to rping quicker. Finally, I don't think I've ever seen anyone argue for the removal or against fast travel. While I think some people are okay without them, I have never seen anyone explicitly argue that they're a detriment to anything on the server. If anything, I've only seen people argue and fight to keep them. I really think it would be a mistake to take steps backwards by removing fast travel. It helps the server, let it live please.
  7. Server activity always goes down in august/September due to back to school. Also another reason is the loss of Oren, not necessarily the people getting banned themselves. Every time Oren dies the server sees a drop in players.
  8. Vladimir smiles upon receiving his invite, "Ea wonder what's planned for it." He'd then go to polish his armour and sharpen his blade with Ser Walton's supervision!
  9. Isa received word of the constitution, perking a brow. He was indeed curious about this project of his distant cousin, perhaps one day he'd visit see what had grown in his former homelands place.
  10. Glad to see sh*tty people getting banned from the craft but it’s funny that the person who leaked logs is just as bad lol. People really can’t take losing. 

    1. ScreamingDingo


      it akainu snitching on greenbull

    2. rukio


      Haven't you literally run with some of the worst people on the server consistently and never had issue with their behavior until you left their group? Like, multiple times...


      Weird how that works.

  11. Isa Basrid heard word of the peace as he was compiling documents. "I see," he replied to the messenger, "peace has returned to the world." He did not show it, but he was happy to hear word of victory of his former homeland.
  12. ((MC Name: Romboo )) ((Discord: Dyl#5096 )) ((Timezone: EST )) IN-CHARACTER What is your name? Isa Basrid Why seek membership to the Mages Guild? It has always been a dream of mine since I was a boy to practice and research the arcane in some fashion. My kinsmen Simon Basrid was an accomplished fire mage, being one of the first in Oren at the time and leading change to allow for magic and the arcane to become more commonplace. I to seek to further my kinsmen's work and research the arcane and share my knowledge with all who would listen. I come to the Mages Guild not as a master or a scholar, but as a student ready and willing to learn. What arts, if any, do you currently practice? I do not practice any arts as of yet. What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance? I wish to join the Order Astrologicus, the arcane and the Void have long been crutches of my culture. I am of Rhenyari descent and the Rhenyari are known to be one of the few human tribes to study the Void and its effects on our realm. We are also known to be stargazers, and possess our own Zodiac. When should you be contacted for an interview? Whenever is appropriate for my interviewer, patience is a virtue and one I have learned.
  13. Isa remembered the rise of the Orenian monarch, indeed Isa was praying for his downfall....
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