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    Smokin doobies with Urahara and Kyoraku
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    Gator needs his Gat.....

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  1. Dyl

    A Simple Hello

    welcome to the craft! hope you have fun while you're here
  2. I like machine magicย 

  3. I want power armor @squakhawk make it happen!

    1. HogoBojo


      My client @squakhawkย will accept no less than $1,000 US in BTC for this request.

    2. Dyl


      @HogoBojoย I see your offer of 1000 in BTC and I raise you 3 bucks monopoly money

  4. This thread has been deemed inactive and the debate concluded. If you feel this was mistake, please contact a moderator.
  5. Kato Oro kneeled down in the burning Kato compound. He scrounged for his alchemy potions, grabbing them from the burning wood. He looked up to the sky as rain fell and yelled, "F**K YOU SHINJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  6. cheese and mayo in a shoe, but you ate a newspaper?
  7. Oro oroย 

    1. Benleft


      Oro Oro

  8. Why do it for free?

  9. Yo Samurai! by Oro Oro Yo Samurai! Got iron by your side A steel heart, A blade of art And you just cant say goodbye! Yo Samurai! Got the world in your eye Holding honor oh so high! Armor made to last From people of the past! Yo Samurai Yo Samurai Take a sec You canโ€™t forget Gotta have a fun ass time! Yo Samurai Yo Samurai Dont forget about your life Even if its filled with strife Go on, fight, fight, fight! Yo Samurai Keep on with the fight Show โ€˜em all your might Move on, like a flash Live life like a blast! Yo Samurai! Donโ€™t you ever back down We always hold our ground We walk our own roads Be humble donโ€™t you goad! Yo Samurai! Yo Samurai! You fought well Itโ€™s time to say goodbye So bye Samurai!
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