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  1. So are Lore Games over?

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      god i wish


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      They are eternal.

  2. wtf happened?

  3. “I spent my entire youth trying to bring this disastrous war to an end, at last peace can be restored to Humanity.” Sir Jahan would say. “Now I’m sure my children can live and know peace.”
  4. Day 4 of waiting for @VonAulus to be removed for incompetency. 

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      what a crazy turn of events

  5. “Courland, your land, my land, our land. Oren in five” Jahan would say
  6. Jahan may know something, but Jahan ain’t no snitch.
  7. To all who receive this letter, For twenty years I’ve served as His Imperial Majesty’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs. I’ve traveled across Arcas and have seen many different cultures and people. I am truly grateful for this opportunity to serve the Empire and glad I was able to contribute towards the Empire. However, I feel the time is right for me to retire, and travel down another path. As such I am informing all who read this letter that I am searching for the next Secretary of Foreign Affairs. It is time a fresh face entered the Cabinet, time for new ideas, and time for a new vision. I will continue to serve as Secretary until my successor is found and deemed worthy of the role. All who would like to serve the Empire in this position please seek myself or the Arch-Chancellor, Simon Basrid. I look forward to hearing from all who wish to apply. Signed, Jahan Basrid Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Governor of Novellen
  8. A Letter to Dietrich van Jungingen Dear Mister van Jungingen, It takes a certain innate talent to produce works like you have done. One that comes across once in a generation, but yet you display it. The way you craft your works is one that we have not seen since Joseph I. It is truly a great talent to possess, and one to cherish and polish always. I know not how many works you have created, but I do know that each work builds upon the last. You have worked to fine tune your gift from the beginning, and the fruits of your labor are finally showing. Across the Empire, your works are read. From the walls of Avalain to Barony of Selm your poems reach our ears. In particular, I am fond of your “Son’s of Horen” piece. Your use of words really bring about a sense of unity, and being in such troubled times as we are, the kinship between men and women is most dire. You did not name it “Son’s of Haense” or “Son’s of Kaedrin” or “Son’s of Curon”, nay, you named it “Son’s of Horen”. I would formally like to invite you to the Novellen Palace to meet and discuss with you about your works of art. I look forward to corresponding with you Mister van Jungingen. Signed, Jahan Basrid Governor of the Palace
  9. The Horde of O’Karii Government Type: Tribal Kingdom Magic Type: Enhancement Magic Leader: King Mura the Clanless Culture: The O’Karii are born for war, their society revolves around raiding and pillaging their neighbors. They are split into clans with each one having their own area to live, the clans are known for infighting which has kept them on the plains. The abhor normal magic, seeing it as a weaklings tool. The only magic they accept is Enhancement Magic, meant to improve one’s physical abilities in all capacities for short bursts. History: The origins of the Horde are unknown, some believe that they wandered from a nearby continent. Others believe them be the spawns of demons, whichever you believe, know that the O’Karii are warriors by nature. Life, when they first arrived to the plains, was simple. The men hunted and the children practiced fighting, archery, and horseback riding. But when one clan wandered off the plain and sighted a nearby village, what happened next changed the face of the Horde. They saw all the treasures the nearby village had, and they wanted the spoils for themselves. Like lightning they descended upon the village, going on a rampage slaying everyone they could and looting everything they saw of value. What they did not take they burned, and those that survived the slaughter became slaves. When dawn broke and nearby traders saw, they were horrified. Who could have carried out such acts of violence? The traders, would soon know, for the O’Karii had discovered lands yet untamed, and they would ravage them. The clans of the O’Karii, while having a general unifier, often acted separate of each other. They worshipped the same pantheon of gods, but each held a different one in high regard, they would even war with each other for dominance. Such life prevented them from becoming true threats, and as such, many bigger nations did not see them as an immediate threat. As long as they focused on raiding border towns and infighting, they could never pose a true threat to the kingdoms to the north and east. One thing the O’Karii have a disdain for is technology, choosing to live life like their ancestors had once had. They saw technology almost the same as most magic, a weakling’s tool. For they believed in the truest sense that man had everything he needed, technology to them created inherently weaker men. All a man of the Horde needed was a bow and a blade, and he could make the mightiest of men cower like children. Mura was born to an influential clan, the Saro. This clan long held a tradition of war and raids, and for the most part dominated the southern half of the O’Karii lands. To be a man of the Saro was an honor, and the expectations were high. The future king was always different than his brothers and sisters. Where most would hate technology, he saw it as a tool to increase the strength of the O’Karii. As he led raids, his band of men would not destroy the technology, whatever he saw had use, they would take and adapt it to their needs. He would also spare those who had potential, taking them into his ranks to join his band. Such acts were viewed as heresy to the Code of the Horde. When the clan elders witnessed what was happening, they banded together and cast him out, forever disinheriting him and labeling him a traitor and branding him for death should he ever return. He was Mura the Clanless. Such actions, did not stop Mura’s ambitions. He had a vision where he stood over the plains, and saw the Horde united and truly strong. He kept on raiding, and kept on growing his band. As the raids and wars raged on, he drilled his men, taking lessons from the foreign soldiers he had allowed to join him. His men would be armed with deadlier tools, blades made of stronger metal and bows or rifles made out of sturdy wood which could kill in seconds. When he saw the state of his army, he decided to return to the plains. It was time someone united them indefinitely. He was not the first to attempt this, nor was he the first to succeed, but he would be the first to united them under one banner, one king. One by one the clans fell to him, and those that would join he spared, those which defied him were killed. Eventually he had united the entire plain under his rule, and declared himself King of the Horde. His first act as king was to execute all the clan elders, for it was them who kept the O’Karii from reaching true greatness. He would not allow them ever to be subject to such feeble minds. His wrath did not end their, he would also execute all those of the leaders’ lineage, for it was them who could one day challenge his rule. He would have none of that. Once his power was consolidated, he set to work refining his army and making a more efficient system. The raids became deadlier and more calculated, and the list of targets grew. They learned how to survive off the land in foreign areas, which allowed them to pillage for days or weeks. They would move further east and north, pillaging and looting everything in their path. The other nations began to notice them, and soon began to worry. Their worst fears realized, the Horde was united, and they were coming. Groups/Places of Interest Keepers of the Tales Until the rise of King Mura, O’Karii history had largely been an oral tradition. It was tasked to the Keepers to ensure that the tales of their ancestors were passed down to the children. This position was reserved for the children who too weak to become soldiers. These men became the teachers to the children before they would become soldiers. A Keeper was not looked down upon however, nay they grew to become the religious caste, with each tale meant to inform how a member of the Horde should conduct themselves. Field of a Thousand Voices An important religious site to the Horde, the Field is where they believe one can connect to the lives of their past ancestors. According to O’Karii tradition, the first leader of the entire Horde, Magos the Uniter, is believed to have channeled the spirits of all his ancestors there and used that strength to unite the O’Karii and drive off their foes. It is believed that when a soldier dies, his spirit rests in the Field, waiting to be awoken to answer his relatives plea. When a new clan leader rises, he is to get the approval of his ancestors and former clan leaders in order to cement his right to rule the clan. Key Figures Iros the Younger The younger brother of Mura, Iros was groomed to become the next clan leader after Mura’s banishment. At first. the younger brother was everything the Saro wanted. He was complacent, obedient, and respected the old ways. Such views changed when he witnessed Mura’s return. He saw his brother become even fiercer, and a better leader. Iros was the first to come to Mura’s band of renegades. He would be the one behind Mura, keeping and protecting his brother’s throne. 6 Charisma 3 Leadership 3 Martial Skill Mura The Clanless 6 Martial 6 Leadership Naru Lorka The first foreigner to join Mura, it was him who showed the future king the benefits to opening up his ranks to foreigners who showed they were worthy to join. His expertise in the art of war, technology, and the general layout of the land allowed Mura to gain strength and be as efficient as he is. Without him, Mura would have surely fallen already. 6 Martial 2 Charisma 2 Arcane 2 Agility Point Distribution 8 Military 8 Loyalty 8 Size 6 Technological Expertise Nat Idea All For the Horde +2% to Population Growth Farm Nodes run 50%/25% more efficient Cavalry is 25% cheaper Raids have a chance of increasing/restoring manpower by .05% Unique Units Riders of Magos (Heavy Cavalry) Elite horse-riders who have been riding and fighting for years. Come with Tier 1 Veterancy. Mages of Muran (Mage) Mages who focus on nothing but improving how their fellow soldiers fight. Spell 1: Adra’s Cry The Mage casts a spell, which makes it so all units affected by it gain 5% more health and 5% improvements to their natural defense. Spell 2: Rage of the Horde All units affected by it do 5% more damage and move 2% quicker. Black Skirmishers (Light Cavalry) Horse riders who focus more on light, quick attacks than actual confrontations. Attack in large numbers usually. Recruited in groups of 750 5% quicker than normal Cavalry Starting Position Squares= cities, Star= capital Fav color is blue
  10. voidal weakness change big poopoo. Good job lore team lol

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      Jake the Dog

      Make magic pointless, so we can all go back to rping *swings sword at head with sword.*

  11. Seeking Supplies! Greetings all, the Imperial Palace of Novellen lacks food and drinks! As such, I write this letter to inform any and all who may receive and read this letter that we seek for suppliers to provide us with what we lack. We will pay for supplies. Currently the palace is looking for people to give us the following drinks: wine, rum, whiskey, various varieties of tea, etc. Please note, that this is not a definite list, those drinks named are some of the few types we seek. We are also looking for suppliers to provide us with food as well. Being the cultural hub that Helena is, we welcome all of different backgrounds to become suppliers. It is our aim to celebrate and experience these various cultures. We seek various forms of: meat, bread and pastries, soups, fruit, vegetables, etc. To all those who wish to be a supplier of food or drink, simply send me a letter or seek me out in the City of Helena. I look forward to meeting potential suppliers. Signed, Jahan Basrid Governor of the Palace and Secretary of Foreign Affairs
  12. The Novellen Palace The Novellen Palace, circa 1752 Constructed in 1734 by John-Henry of the House of Pruvia, the Imperial Palace of Novellen, otherwise known as Novellen Palace, is a marvel on its own. Inside of it, many of the inner-workings of the bureaucracy go on. Novellen is also home to the Imperial Family and a select few who are given the privilege to reside within the same building as His Imperial Majesty and his close relatives. Within the palace itself, many events are hosted and the palace acts as a city within a city. Often times people can witness various members of the Imperial Cabinets hosting meetings or foreign dignitaries. Locations Within the Palace The Cabinet Offices To help His Imperial Majesty run the massive government of the Empire, each member of the Imperial Cabinet is granted an office within the Imperial Palace. The palace provides them with a space for which to speak to their employees and conduct their business. De las Baltas Theatre Named after the late Timeo de las Baltas, the De las Baltas Theatre provides the imperial residence with art and entertainment. It is often opened to the public so that they too may experience the luxury of the theatres. Many plays and musicals are performed in the room and the performances may range from simple songs to the traditional dances of the Rhenyari. Imperial Ballroom Every palace needs a ballroom, and Novellen is no different. Whenever a festival or event is planned, the ballroom is utilized. Inside the spacious room, the elegant architecture provides all who walk in with a sense of awe, and when it is in use it is even more grand. Expect balls and other sort of events to be held in this room. The Throne Room When the Emperor needs to address his loyal subjects, he usually does so from this room. The throne room is the heart of the palace and without it, Novellen would be a simple abode like many others. This room takes inspiration from past monarchs, with the throne itself being inspired from the one that sat in Johannesburg over a century ago. Courtiers of the Palace The Emperor His Imperial Majesty, Peter III Antony The current reigning emperor of Oren, the Novellen Palace serves as his and the rest of the Imperial Family’s home. It is because of him that the various courtiers, bureaucrats, and other visitors are allowed to walk within the walls of the palace grounds. He picks the Governor of the Palace, who is in charge of running the Imperial Household. The emperor is known for being a supporter of the arts and of the faith, both pivotal parts of the life of a courtier. Governor of the Palace His Imperial Excellency, Jahan Basrid The Governor of the Palace oversees all affairs within the palace grounds. It is he who is tasked with hiring servants, chefs, stablehands, and fellow chamberlains to help him manage palace affairs. He also serves as a Secretary of Foreign Affairs, and as such it is not uncommon to observe him hosting diplomats and meetings within Novellen. As such, the palace grounds also serve as a place where cultures can be exchanged and influenced. Grand Lady of the Palace Lady Valentina of Reza The Grand Lady serves as second to the Governor of the Palace. She is tasked with assisting him in his tasks as Governor. She also assists the Imperial Princesses in their daily duties and picks the handmaidens that frequent the palace grounds. Lady Valentina also assists in helping fund the arts as she is an avid patron and is frequently seen with the Minister of Culture planning events for the palace. Minister of Culture Her Grace, Lady Anna Maria Pruvia Whether its a ball, a play, or a festival, Lady Anna Maria Pruvia usually has a hand in its planning. For her innate talent at planning, Lady Pruvia is always at the helm whenever the palace or Helena needs something planned. The young lady also serves as Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs, showing that she is multifaceted and a loyal patriot to the Orenian society. Positions Available: Chamberlains Chefs Stableboys Governesses Tutors/Scholars General Servants Handmaidens Bed and board is provided to all who work within the palace. The rooming is spacious and not cramped as well as food is provided. To inquire about working one of these positions, please see the Governor of the Palace or Grand Lady, likewise there is a form below that one could fill out.
  13. Honestly why do you people care if we use guns? You don’t rp in Oren so it shouldn’t matter. Go fix your lore then come back aight. Lore team lost all credibility till lore games is done. 

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      The tech lock is not removed, until or if it is removed they can not be used in character. That is a verdict that is more then LT giving that verdict.

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