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  1. Skin: all bid: my 3rd born rp grandchild Disc: Dyl#5096
  2. Yoooooooo sign me up brother
  3. The First Townhall of Freeport 11th of Tobias’ Bounty, 1800 Greetings to all, I hope you are all in good health. It is important that everyone’s voice is heard here in Freeport. Your thoughts are just as important as my own, and I wish to hear them. So I invite all to the first Townhall Meeting to be held within a Saint’s Year. Please bring any concerns you may have for me, any questions you wish to ask, and any suggestions you wish to bring forward. As stated before, I wish to hear your thoughts on everything. All are invited, and I look forward to seeing you all.
  4. Dyl


    "I watched you grow up from a young child to the powerful woman," Sir Jahan would say, "I was but a child myself when I was tasked by your father of watching over you and raising you." He'd look out over the farms, a smile on his face. The old Rhenyar would walk through the city, smile strong but tears rolling down his face. He'd find his and Anne's shared grandchildren, "Do not cry," he'd say to them, "we must smile, it is what she would want. She was a beautiful flower indeed, but everything must die. She wilted, so now it is our time to bloom."
  5. The Freeport Privateers “On the sea, we are all brothers and sisters” -Captain Leo The sea, for all it has to offer, seldom does the individual take what she offers them. For the Sea is more than just a body of water, no she is more complex and mysterious than that. There are endless treasures waiting to be found, endless adventures waiting to be had, and endless legends waiting to be forged. The sea is the breadbasket from which all of these sprawl from. Her beauty, her mysteriousness, her freedom, it draws a many from the farthest reaches of the world. Let it be known
  6. An old man laughs upon reading the report, "The two twins were sired by the Emperor, a true tragedy. My own father had told me the truth of the revelation. The Duke of Adria was set to go against his half-brother Antonius. Do not attempt to rewrite history." he'd crumple up the report and throw it in the trash.
  7. Generalissimo Jahan
  8. “The sea knows no master, and all who sail, sail with Her permission.” Origin Founded in the First Year of the Second Age by Leopold de Helena and Theodore Mane, and built using the blueprints found in the study of Daniel Louis d’Arkent, the Cove of Freeport is a haven for all who seek to sail the sea without the shackles of any overlord. The cove is an independent entity, it holds no allegiance to anyone other than its inhabitants. However, the cove also acts as a base for many independent sailing groups or companies. Governance Freeport
  9. Dyl

    Looking for Crew

    Greetings to whomever receives this message, my name is Leopold and I am looking for people to sail with. In my travels through the lands of Arcas I’ve gone to many places, learned many things, and met many people. All this has taught me many lessons, but most of all it has taught me I cannot keep traveling alone. This world is dangerous and there are many unknowns out there. I cannot hope to ever conquer it alone if I wish to keep my life. One man cannot hope to unravel the world’s mysteries, and so I must seek others who can help me. Ever since I was a child, I dreamt of the sea
  10. Leopold does the following action: then turns and goes about his day.
  11. Leopold gets up from wiping his bum, "Political parties?" he'd say, looking over the document. He'd place it down, "Not really for me," he'd go to write the former Countess a letter, when opened it would simply say, "Belagadu."
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