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  1. Spring: Leopold's daughter
  2. Discord: Dyl#5096 Spring: 21
  3. Dyl


    where my son at
  4. @Cracker when is practice coach?

  5. Leopold would look upon the missive, a small smile forming, "I support Anna," he'd say, going to pocket the missive.
  6. @cruzazul brings the ball up, he passes to @Da_Emperors who punk fakes then drives to the paint. He kicks it to @Nectorist out at the 3 point line who passes it to @EddyTheBrave who throws the lob to @Dyl

    1. cruzazul


      Or I just go coast to coast like shai gilgeous 😎 



    @Anore to Freeport


    @6xdestroyer to sign with Oren, waiting for clearance from Team Physician.

  8. I bid @sergisalafor all of them
  9. The Orenian All-Star Basketball Team Composed of the finest players from across the Empire, the Holy Oren Ballers team is handstacked with talent. Our players defend 94 ft and are dedicated towards winning. Right now they are ranked #1 on the server and they are predicted to win the championship. Here is the roster: Point Guard: @cruzazul Shooting Guard @EddyTheBrave Small Forward @Da_Emperors Power Forward @Dyl (Team Captain) Center
  10. "I give this restaurant 5/5 stars." Leopold states.
  11. Yo f**k a warclaim, let's get this 5 on 5 pickup basketball. The Orenian Basketball team taking no Ls on the court.

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    2. Lickspittle


      yall ballin till I pull up in my air jordans


    3. SquakHawk


      i was trying to find a name for a basketball game i recall playing in elementary (and would suggest playing that) and ive learned that "donkey basketball" is enough of a niche sport where it will come up with a lot of videos on google

    4. Wizard of NOZ

      Wizard of NOZ

      ill cross any lotcer in ball

  12. A passing elf finds the later, "Those Valahs won? Good stuff." He'd cheerfully tuck it away then ride off to the keep. "I think I'll join them, this is my land to defend too I guess."
  13. THE CAPTAINS’ CONSTITUTION OF FREEPORT, 15 S.E. THE ADMIRALTY ESTABLISHMENT EDICT In recognition of Freeport’s liberal nature in it’s fifteen year tenure thus far, it has become apparent that without consistent leadership, Our Shore is doomed to stagnate and crumble. As such, Our Shore requires one willing to sacrifice their own liberties for Freeport’s endurance. By the will of the Council of Captains upon which Our Shore is founded, a lead Captain is to be named in perpetuum, and Freeport’s sovereignty shall be henceforth invested in the elective mod
  14. damn why the forums always tryna know what's on my mind

    1. devvy


      w e care

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