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  1. Glad to see sh*tty people getting banned from the craft but it’s funny that the person who leaked logs is just as bad lol. People really can’t take losing.Β 

    1. ScreamingDingo


      it akainu snitching on greenbull

    2. rukio


      Haven't you literally run with some of the worst people on the server consistently and never had issue with their behavior until you left their group? Like, multiple times...


      Weird how that works.

  2. Isa Basrid heard word of the peace as he was compiling documents. "I see," he replied to the messenger, "peace has returned to the world." He did not show it, but he was happy to hear word of victory of his former homeland.
  3. ((MC Name: Romboo )) ((Discord: Dyl#5096 )) ((Timezone: EST )) IN-CHARACTER What is your name? Isa Basrid Why seek membership to the Mages Guild? It has always been a dream of mine since I was a boy to practice and research the arcane in some fashion. My kinsmen Simon Basrid was an accomplished fire mage, being one of the first in Oren at the time and leading change to allow for magic and the arcane to become more commonplace. I to seek to further my kinsmen's work and research the arcane and share my knowledge with all who would listen. I come to the Mages Guild not as a master or a scholar, but as a student ready and willing to learn. What arts, if any, do you currently practice? I do not practice any arts as of yet. What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance? I wish to join the Order Astrologicus, the arcane and the Void have long been crutches of my culture. I am of Rhenyari descent and the Rhenyari are known to be one of the few human tribes to study the Void and its effects on our realm. We are also known to be stargazers, and possess our own Zodiac. When should you be contacted for an interview? Whenever is appropriate for my interviewer, patience is a virtue and one I have learned.
  4. Isa remembered the rise of the Orenian monarch, indeed Isa was praying for his downfall....
  5. Isa nodded, agreeing with His Majesty's words. "His words are wise."
  6. THE YOLKS ON YOU On the 10th of Jula and Piov 433E.S [!] A painting depicting the Aulic Counsel of Hoonse and their victory over the Faedom. It was fast, fun, and filthy, armed with eggs, jam, honey, and feathers, the Kingdom of Hoonse made their way to where the meanies of the Faedom were meeting. Queen Analiesa shouted for Mischa to come out, the warrior-queen wanting to make the first move in this unfair war. Mischa ignored the Queen’s demand, so the Queen of Hoonse and Her Aulic Councilors barged into the meeting. On the Queen’s word, the Kingdom launched their surprise attack on the Faedom. First came the honey and the jam, next came the eggs, and then the Queen had her kingdom rain feathers down on the Faedom. It was quick, and the Kingdom of Hoonse left as quickly as they barged in, happy for their victory. To the Faedom, we don’t want to fight, but you declared war on us! We only want to have fun in our kingdom, and you insulted us and even ruined our bouncy castle! The Kingdom of Hoonse only wishes to have fun with all the kids who want to join us, anyone may come if they want to join Hoonse. Signed, HER MAJESTY, Analiesa I, Koenas of Hoonseti-Rooska HER EXCELLENCY, Adelajda vas Ruthern, Lady Palatine of Hoonseti-Roosak and Duchess of Vidoos HIS EXCELLENCY, Aleksandr Ilya var Ruthern, Lord Marshal of Hoonseti-Rooska and Duke of Vidoos HIS EXCELLENCY, Vladimir Boris var Ruthern, Knight Paramount of Hoonseti-Rooska, Better Spearer in ALL THE LANDS
  7. Isa nodded as he took a sip of his tea, looking at his ancestor's Gunner armour, he wondered what stories would be forged from the conflicts to come.
  8. cant believe rombo killed not one, but two of his sons....



    y'all are inflating my ego....

  9. The Missing Ruby A ruby gone A gem lost So much bickering But what is the cost? To shine bright That is the goal But only arguments When we got old The ruby shined The emerald shined harder It was not the time For the feud got larger Two gems Both can shine For if siblings argue It is the most grievous crime Rest in Peace Alina I regret not making amends with you… -Isa Basrid
  10. Looking for challengers on Pokemon Showdown, come battle me yo.

  11. i like fantasy, honestly the period does not matter to me as long as you can apply aspects of fantasy there.
  12. Isa smiled, he was proud a member of his family, the senior line of Carrion had gotten married!
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