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  1. The Imperial Palace of Novellen Originally constructed in the year 1734 by John-Henry, the Prince of Pruvia, then renovated in the year 1755 by Abiah Rutledge, the Novellen Palace is the seat of the Emperor and his Household. It is from his throne that he oversees the workings of His empire. A select few are granted the privilege to reside and freely walk the halls of this magnificent structure. The Imperial Cabinet has a chamber from which they host meetings, as a result, Novellen Palace acts as the source from which many of the Orenian Bureaucracy flow from. Likewise, the palace is a ‘city within a city’ and it is where many of the courtiers make their mark within the empire. Courtiers and People of Note: The Emperor His Imperial Majesty, Peter III Anthony The reigning Emperor of Oren, His Imperial Majesty has the final say in all matters, including the inner-workings of the palace. It is he who allows the courtiers to frequent his household. The Emperor personally selects the Governor of the Palace, and entrusts him to manage his household, staff the palace, and host court. Peter III is known to be a patron of the arts, faith, and different cultures, with the Emperor taking a liking to many different cultures, the Rhenyari being one of many. Governor of the Palace The Right Honorable, Sir Jahan Basrid Beside the Emperor, it is the Governor of the Palace who watches over all courtly affairs. It is his duty to make sure the palace is staffed with servants, tutors, chefs, and the like. He is also tasked with being the one to host the Imperial Court within the palace. The Governor also hires the Majordomo, his second in all courtly matters. Together, they define the standards of the court and jointly staff it. Being a Rhenyari, Sir Jahan brings a different culture and appeal to the palace. Majordomo of the Palace Her Imperial Highness, Vespira Antonia Helane The Majordomo of Novellen serves as the second in command to the Governor of the Palace, aiding in the management of the entirety of the palace staff, as well as overseeing the life and wellbeing of the courtiers, ensuring that they adhere to the principles of behavior that are expected of an attendant of the courts. Because of her instrumental role in the issuing of missives dictating court etiquette, she is expected to renew the memos of courtly etiquette whenever there is a change of code, both in fashion and in behavior. Madam Renée Antoinette A portrait of Renée Antionette Rothesay New to the court and Oren, Madam Rothesay has become a regular within the halls of Novellen. As a Chancellor of the Imperial Association of Culture, she often lends her advice to the Governor and Majordomo when they ask. Being a native of Aeldin, her worldly nature grants her a fresh perspective on the workings of courtly affairs, one that is both welcomed and appreciated. She is also given the ability to hire and fire with the permission of the Governor and Majordomo. Captain of the Fourth Brigade Captain Oskar van Tirpitz Current Captain of the Fourth Brigade, Sir Oskar is trusted with the security and safety of the Imperial Family. He works with the Governor of the Palace to ensure the safety of all those who frequent it, whenever the Imperial Court or an event is to be hosted within the palace, it is he who is in charge of making sure everyone is safe and the events flow smoothly. The following are all positions within the court, each one plays an important role within the Novellen. They are all trusted courtiers and in a way, they act as advisors and caretakers for the Imperial Household. Without them, culture and life could not flourish. COURT HISTORIAN The job of a Court Historian is twofold. Primarily, the Court Historian must keep a detailed record of the proceedings of the Imperial Courts. He preserves the developments of the court for posterity. The Court Historian also researches past Empires and dynasties, and creates documentation on the development of mankind. COURT TUTOR The Court Tutor has the singular duty of raising and educating the children of the Imperial Family, and the children of other courtiers. They lecture the children on matters of courtly etiquette, manners, history, and statecraft. A tutor is responsible for preparing the next generation for a life in the courts, as leaders and administrations. The court tutor’s charges often overlap with that of a Governess, and the two are regularly employed together to provide a well-rounded education. COURT MINSTREL The duty of a Court Minstrel is to provide entertainment and music for the court and its guests. The musicians keep spirits high at events, balls and courts in the palace. The Minstrels are also charged with writing songs to celebrate the great accomplishments of the Empire, past and present. Some Minstrels will join the Household with their own retinue, consisting of bards, vocalists, actors and jesters. COURT PHYSICIAN One of the essential functions of the Palace, the Court Physician is directly responsible for the health of the Emperor and his family. The Physician remains the medical authority on all injuries within the palace, and may attend to the health of the Courtiers and their families. MASTER OF THE HUNT The role of the Master of the Hunt is to organize events, primarily hunts, that take place within the Emperor’s jurisdiction. Furthermore, said events could entail tasks such as keeping track of the Imperial animals, or even beginning the creation of the Imperial Zoo. MASTER OF THE KITCHENS Within the palace, the Master of the Kitchen acts as the Head Chef of the kitchen. In this role, the Master of the Kitchens is responsible for the oversight of cuisine and libation that is prepared for events in the palace, and regular meals within the day, as well as the constitution of the Imperial menus. CUPBEARER In the Imperial Household, the cupbearer is a task that entails bringing wine and other drinks for the household. Even within court sessions, the cupbearer will pour wine for the Privy Council. ATTENDANTS OF THE IMPERIAL HOUSEHOLD The palace attendants are hired by individual members of the Imperial Household. They share in the roles of the staff, and courtiers and serve to ease the burden of the Imperial family and their courts. Many courtiers and even Privy Councilors begin their journeys here. SENESCHAL The seneschal is the head of Imperial staff, with the task of safeguarding the sanctity and operations of all Imperial attendants. He acts primarily in a management role, answering directly to the Majordomo and Governor of the Palace. However the seneschal is directly responsible for the duties of all members of the Staff, and therefore must complete their duties in the absence of their subordinates. BOOKKEEPER Each Imperial family member, upon reaching a certain age, is allotted a bookkeeper, who is charged with ensuring all of their administrator’s debts are paid, paying their administrator’s personal staff, as well as ensuring they remain in fiscal prosperity. MASTER OF THE WARDROBE/MISTRESS OF THE ROBES These Masters/Mistresses are assigned with the task of assisting members of the Imperial family in matters of dress, ensuring that they are well-kept, they are also tasked with overseeing the Imperial wardrobe, as well as placing orders for new clothing. PAGE Pages of the Imperial Household are young noblemen who have been sent to the Imperial courts in order to gain experience in the presence of high-ranking nobility, in order to season them for their coming time at court. Typically, he is charged with delivering their employers messages to other members of court and servants alike, as well as tending to the overall comfort of his employer. LADIES IN WAITING Ladies in Waiting are married noblewomen who are employed to attend to one of the established ladies of Novellen. They are charged with tending to, and providing their employer with experience where her own may be lacking, as well as tending to the education of the Maids of Honour, so that they might take their place when their time at court comes to a close. MAIDS OF HONOUR Similarly to the Ladies in Waiting, a Maid of Honour is a young unmarried noblewoman who has been sent to court to serve, and learn from a noblewoman of higher status. Where it is their duty to assure the comfort, fashion, and basic needs of their noblewoman, their master must also serve as a mentor. Ladies in waiting receive the finest Imperial education, along with being trained in practices such as seamstressing, writing, and household management. STAFF OF THE IMPERIAL HOUSEHOLD The staff of the Imperial Household are the most essential order of the Imperial Palace. Their purpose is to ensure that the most basic functions of the Imperial palace continue to operate. From working in the kitchens to tending the grounds, the Novellen staff preserve the Novellen culture and lifestyle. Many who commit their lives to the Imperial Household can eventually achieve recognition as attendants or courtiers. SCULLION Throughout the halls of the palace, the scullions are tasked with ensuring that the chambers of the palace, servant’s quarters, and kitchens are cleanly hygienic. This includes scrubbing the floors with lye, scouring pots and pans with sand, sweeping cinders from the fires and arranging the kitchens. LAUNDRESS Laundresses are responsible for the cleansing of any and all Imperial fabrics, generally clothing. Many are expected to be well-versed in the array of textiles that are en vogue in Imperial circles, and are also tasked with the tailoring of garments. COOK Working in tandem with the Master of the Kitchens, the cooks are charged with the tasks of aiding the Master in his efforts to provide sustenance for the Imperial Household and their guests. Those who are most skilled in this profession typically rise to the rank of Master of the Kitchens once their predecessor has retired or been deposed. MAIDSERVANT Maidservants, though their duties similar to that of the scullions, work in more intimate spaces to the Imperial Household, such as the Imperial chambers. Theirs is a position that works close at hand with the Scullions and Laundresses of the palace. JESTER The jester, like the Court Minstrel, is charged with providing the Imperial family with comedic entertainment in the form of jokes, stories, or theatrical pieces. They work closely with the Minstrel, and generally will accompany their retinue. Joining the Court Those seeking employment in the palace, whether it is as an attendant, courtier, or staff, should contact one of the names listed below. They are all trusted to hire and staff the palace.
  2. @ibraheemc2000 @adamc2000 Hope y’all have a wonderful Ramadan, love you guys!!!
  3. Demetrio would be proud yet surprised! He had no idea his descendant Sabir was still alive! He cheers on his kid, but then would have a confused face, for he thought he only had two kids: Hamza and Helena. Anyway, he’d cheer on his possible son, wishing that the other de Savins would learn to just go off and die.
  4. To Our Most Esteemed Senator, Blessings upon you and your family. We, the Courts of Novellen, do take notice of your commitment and your loyalty to our most holy Empire. To serve in the Imperial Senate for twenty years is, in itself an achievement worthy of praise. We, the Courts of Novellen, do most congratulate you on this achievement and pray for your continued success. To honor the service you and the Rutledges have given our most serene land, I formally invite you and your family to a State Dinner to be held within the palace in two Saint’s Days (Saturday April 18th, 4pm est). We look forward to hearing more of your exploits and do wish you will join us at the dinner. Signed, The Rt Hon. The Count of Susa His Excellency, Sir Jahan Basrid KM Governor of the Palace
  5. The descendants of Demetrio would get together, colloquially they’d pen a response, “Dear stupid faces, please wait three to five business days for a proper response.” They’d also remember that this response comes almost 100 years late, and that no one in their right mind would support these people.
  6. Dyl


    Sir Jahan Basrid would be in his office going over various documents when he would be notified of the Queen-Mother’s passing, “Ya Mitras,” he’d mutter, “So young yet gone already. It is a shame such vibrant flames get snuffed out so early....”
  7. So are Lore Games over?

    1. Rhodesia


      god i wish


    2. Sorcerio


      They are eternal.

  8. wtf happened?

  9. “I spent my entire youth trying to bring this disastrous war to an end, at last peace can be restored to Humanity.” Sir Jahan would say. “Now I’m sure my children can live and know peace.”
  10. Day 4 of waiting for @VonAulus to be removed for incompetency. 

    1. Milenkhov
    2. Harrison


      what a crazy turn of events

  11. “Courland, your land, my land, our land. Oren in five” Jahan would say
  12. Jahan may know something, but Jahan ain’t no snitch.
  13. To all who receive this letter, For twenty years I’ve served as His Imperial Majesty’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs. I’ve traveled across Arcas and have seen many different cultures and people. I am truly grateful for this opportunity to serve the Empire and glad I was able to contribute towards the Empire. However, I feel the time is right for me to retire, and travel down another path. As such I am informing all who read this letter that I am searching for the next Secretary of Foreign Affairs. It is time a fresh face entered the Cabinet, time for new ideas, and time for a new vision. I will continue to serve as Secretary until my successor is found and deemed worthy of the role. All who would like to serve the Empire in this position please seek myself or the Arch-Chancellor, Simon Basrid. I look forward to hearing from all who wish to apply. Signed, Jahan Basrid Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Governor of Novellen
  14. A Letter to Dietrich van Jungingen Dear Mister van Jungingen, It takes a certain innate talent to produce works like you have done. One that comes across once in a generation, but yet you display it. The way you craft your works is one that we have not seen since Joseph I. It is truly a great talent to possess, and one to cherish and polish always. I know not how many works you have created, but I do know that each work builds upon the last. You have worked to fine tune your gift from the beginning, and the fruits of your labor are finally showing. Across the Empire, your works are read. From the walls of Avalain to Barony of Selm your poems reach our ears. In particular, I am fond of your “Son’s of Horen” piece. Your use of words really bring about a sense of unity, and being in such troubled times as we are, the kinship between men and women is most dire. You did not name it “Son’s of Haense” or “Son’s of Kaedrin” or “Son’s of Curon”, nay, you named it “Son’s of Horen”. I would formally like to invite you to the Novellen Palace to meet and discuss with you about your works of art. I look forward to corresponding with you Mister van Jungingen. Signed, Jahan Basrid Governor of the Palace
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