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  1. Ser Vlad was a bit irritated, "Ea named Mikolaj Oracle! Ea am niet 'people'!" He got it from his snack, marching to the correct this most grievous error. "Ea named him Oracle to succeed my sestra Viorica!"
  2. Isa Basrid nodded with approval as his grandson set off on a journey. "We Basrids are few in number, yet when one of us appears... they always make a big name." He slowly moved through his lair, resting in a nearby chair. "This one's ambitions in particular... are very, very, very great."
  3. "Spoken well kid!" Ser Vlad let out a laugh as he grabbed the missive. "Ea should visit her sometime, check up on her!" He'd choke on the food he was eating, patting his chest to dislodge the food. "After Ea finish eating..."
  4. Solid posts, a lot of potential for this addition. Seems like this could be a very useful tool in creating new ways to tell stories and inspire unique roleplay. At some point, smell should be thought about as that is another one of the senses which invokes emotion. I do think this should be a Further Alchemy addition however, as this could be quite dangerous and because of its nature, people can be very creative about what they do with it. All in all, it's very well written, took me some time to properly digest all the information and I like it! Hope it gets passed!
  5. Your Stepdad

    Name a time and place buckaroo

    1. Dyl


      u tryna fight buddy?Β 

      u know where i be


  6. "Does anyone know a good joke?" A passerby asked. "Yeah I know a few," someone replied. "Let me hear it," the first voice said. "Frederick II of Oren," and both voices laughed.
  7. Hoagie Wallace Bensom-Grant cries at the loss of this pour soul. He falls of his knee and cries.
  8. Dyl

    5 year AMA

    Ok but who is the best lotcer u know and why is it me?
  9. Ser Vladimir smiles upon knowing his good friends in Amathine are now allies! He plans to spend more time traveling between the two realms. Friends with Amathine means more food for him to enjoy! The Hero can be a hero to more than just the Haeseni!
  10. @ErikAzogΒ bro when we going back to Klompton?

  11. Ser Vladimir nods and goes to greet the eventual monarch. If he is still around, he'll surely be tasked with guarding the newborn as he grows up.
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