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    Some nice Mineman rp. I play musical instruments as well. My teacher said I was nice at public speaking. I'm also the LotC grandmaster of High Tide.

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  1. Accepted, please report to the barracks. Accepted, please report to the barracks.
  2. A Fennic commandant chuckles at the thought. “The paladins insult us with claims we are biased. Fair enough, but they will not receive our support any further.”
  3. ABruhhMoment

    An Answer

    A Snow Elven commandant read over the reply carefully. Soon scoffing at it’s contents. “Typical mage order to bend to anything’s demands.” He’d simply toss the missive onto the corner of his desk.
  4. I’m interviewing people for the admin position! 

  5. [!]Notice from the office of the Grand Marshal. “To whomever it may concern. It has come to my attention that my malii’lari, Rhaella Tathvir has not been seen for some time. This is deeply troubling and has begun to cause me many restless nights of worry. I, the Grand Marshal of the Ivae’fenn and High Justiciar of the Princedom of Fenn, am hereby offering a reward of four thousand minae for my daughters safe return. Any information about her whereabouts should be brought to me directly. And to anyone who may be holding her prisoner, or have harmed her in any way. I want you to know that Fennic justice is swift and unmerciful.” Signed, Grand Marshal Aesilnoth Tundrak, Drakon Valkyr of Fenn, High Justiciar of Tahu’lareh, and Commandant of the Ivae’fenn.
  6. Accepted, report to the Grand Marshal personally.
  7. Accepted, please report to the barracks. Accepted, please report to the barracks.
  8. how to please my minecraft husband oh **** this isn’t google why wont it stop typing omg no 

    1. Kiiwi


      Get off of Minecraft

    2. ABruhhMoment


      7 minutes ago, Kiiwi said:

      Get off of Minecraft

      bro omg that actually worked. Wait, is this google??

    3. Hiebe
  9. Accepted, please report to the barracks.
  10. A Snow Elven commandant would sit within the Silver Snowflake tavern in Fenn. His brow would arch over reading the missive his gaze lifting to a mali’ker woman sitting just across from him. “Leilatha look! It seems you’re meant to stand trial.” He’d begin to chuckle, soon tossing the missive into the fire.
  11. “Consensual” war btw 

  12. A Snow Elf would pin a missive just under this missive!
  13. A Commandant’s offer. 13th of The Amber Cold, 1728. [!]A missive would find its way throughout the lands of Arcas. Addressed to the citizens of the Llyrian Concord. From the office of the Grand Marshal. “Dear citizenry of Llyria. Due to the forced hand of your Empyrion, the wheels of war have begun to spin. The sleeping giant of Fenn is to be unleashed upon your city. In tow with Legionnaires of Urguan, the Haelunorian Sillumiran, and the combined naval armada of Aegrothond and Hou-zi. Soon your walls will topple and your homes and stores pillaged. But I as a descendant would be remiss if I did not extend a hand of mercy. I understand that many of you were not associated with the dictatorial decisions your Empyrion forced upon you. And so, here is my offer to each of you. The besieging of your city is imminent and unavoidable, however we wish to spare the innocent at all costs. We are not murderers, but we will not stand for your leader’s many slights against our Princedom. Collect your things and vacate the city with haste, for soon our combined forces will eradicate all within the walls of the Llyrian Concord. Leave and never return, for if you do then only pain will you find. On the elven day when our forces march upon the feeble walls of the concord, any and all found within will be seen as nothing more than enemy combatants. Continuing to support the Llyrian dictator will be met with a blizzard to last a thousand years.” To the Empyrion of the Llyrian Concord. How dare you. How dare you betray the trust of Fenn, how dare you sentence your subjects to the sword, how dare you start a war you could not finish, and how dare you disregard a land of peace and prosperity. We gave you ample opportunity to avoid what is to come, and you spat on it. You have propagated among your people the ideal that the Mali’fenn are warmongers. This is your doing, Empyrion. I will offer you the same mercy as I have your people. Turn yourself over to Fennic custody and I swear on my honor you will receive a fair and just trial. I implore you to think about the decisions you have made and invite you to mend these mistakes. Think of your people, do not sentence them to ultimate and unavoidable demise. I will give you personally the allotted time of three Elven days from the time of this missive. Otherwise you will suffer the same fate of those that you have condemned.” Signed, Aesilnoth Tundrak. Grand Marshal of the Ivae’fenn, Drakon Valkyr of Fenn, High Justiciar of Tahu’lareh.
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