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  1. A Snow Elven warrior laments over the now deceased Artanaro. “And yet another man I hold respect for passes on. And thus my curse of madness draws ever closer.” He sighed to himself, setting down missive upon a table. “I hope your gods smiled on you, Artanaro. Ito nae elannil’wyrvun.”
  2. Aesilnoth Tundrak begins to write a letter. Name: Aesilnoth Tundrak Nation: Aegrothond Combat Experience: Warrior
  3. Hey boys just cut out my eyeballs where can I acquire myself edgy blindfold magic so I can see again? 

    1. Heero


      at your nearest eyephone dealership



  4. Somewhere throughout the land of Arcas a certain Snow Elf would find the declaration. “I do love the Dwed and I ******* hate Uruks...” He’d decide, placing the missive into his travel pack.
  5. In reply to Datura Tathvir. “To the now councilor Datura Tathvir, You have outlined the reason I did not return in your letter. But I do not believe you have a true grasp of the situation. During that time, I had entered Tahu’lareh to reminisce within my home. Upon entry, I spotted a masked individual making his way into your very own bloodline manor. A manor which had been inhabited by my dearest Rhaella. You did not have children of your own, last we spoke. But I’m sure you can understand the true power, that is the feeling of love a maln has for his only daughter. Though it was not my jurisdiction in the eyes of the law, by the eyes of nature it was. I confronted this individual, seeing as he was only hours before turned away from Irrinor under similar suspicion. That is why the altercation occurred. I will not lie, I would do absolutely anything to ensure Rhaella’s safety. If that meant breaking laws that I myself wrote as High Justiciar, then so be it. What I had not anticipated, was having a militia of ‘ame whom I once saw as lliran attack me so abruptly under Aldred’s order. What I did not expect, was having my blood related nephew forego my rights as mali’fenn to a trial and having my chance to defend my actions to the ‘fenn stripped from me. What I did not expect, was having those who had served faithfully under my command enter my cell and mercilessly beat me under my nephew’s order. I did not expect those same two individuals to then use a warhammer, a weapon renown for it’s destructive blows to be used over, and over, and over, and over again on each and every limb. While I sat there and screamed for mercy, I was offered none. I was only left in a dark cell to die alone. That was when the very girl you make note of, my dearest daughter Rhaella discovered me in that very cell. And only through her help was I able to flee the city I had once held so dear. I was brought to the doorstep of Aegrothond on the brink of death and only through the careful work of the Sea Prince was my life spared. I still owe Feanor a life debt I could never repay. His kindness is at a level of it’s own and the serenity he keeps amongst the mali of Almenor is bar none a step above the rest. This is the reason I have stayed away. I bare a metal rod within my leg because of Aldred the unworthy, thus the painful memory never fades. I ask you this instead Datura, would you so easily return to a place if it had been you? So you see, the choice to return is not so simply black and white. There is distress and trauma you cannot understand. You are right on one account, I cannot claim to know all of Akkar’s actions and deeds throughout the span of his reign. The only basis I have is what I have been offered. And what I was offered is an equivalent to being spit on by the youngest iteration of my blood. Not once, but twice now. Salt rubbed into an open wound. So it is my sincere apology that I would not stay silent on such a subject matter. Not only this, I was recently visited by an old llir of mine. One who serves your Prince as we speak. She tells me that Akkar has labeled me a terrorist, but why? I have not spoken out in open defiance of his reign, I have not spoken out against my home, nor my kin. Why is it so, that he sees me in such a dark way? All the letters I have written, have been direct replies to those regarding myself. Ones in which this boy attempts to rip away my family name and spread misinformation. It is deplorable, to say the least. Despite this, I paid a visit to an old friend of mine. The Under King Utak Ireheart, who held skepticism about signing a pact with Akkar. And yet again from the King’s own words, my nephew belittled and demeaned my name. Even with all of this in mind, I still assured Utak I would take no action against Akkar or Fenn itself. Reassurance that a peace agreement between both nations would remain safe. I am not some demon, despite what is said about me. I am mali’fenn who walks the path Wyrvun has guided for me. If your worship reigns true, you would understand that hesin’fin is not a physical plot of land, but rather the spirit which resides in us all. As kin reborn from the madness of the World Altar. I leave you with this, Datura. May Wyrvun guide and preserve us all.” Ito nae elannil’wyrvun With regards, Aesilnoth Tundrak.
  6. (( https://gyazo.com/124677a2cdce3e13d4482cbb6f295bb0 (( https://gyazo.com/95764412d07c25b07d9a80373182898b
  7. A Crown carried by a shell. In response to the Grand Pretender Akkar. “To Akkar, It is with my utmost regret to inform you of the falsities in your documents. It seems the scribes within the halls of the Citadel were remiss in their duty. As to my twin, it was her own choice to continue to hold our haelun’s name of Annungilben even after the discovery of our true lineage. It rather amuses me you would make mention of your maln, Aelthos Tundrak III. A man I myself helped raise whilst your mar’maln Aelthir was busy leading our kin. I believe by now you should have received a letter from that very ‘fenn. Keeping such in mind, I am fully aware of the values my family has upheld as the rightful leaders of the mali’fenn. And I can say without fail that you have tarnished our name. You make more claims of words from ghosts, Akkar. As the former Grand Marshal I know all too well these documents you cite are kept under strict supervision, unless that has changed under your rule. Who’s to say your words are even the truth? I myself have bolstered the support of people who I led in the past. Along with many who have served as council to your predecessors, for they know the truth you attempt to hide. While I do not know you personally, I know from your words the type of person you are. But I do agree, the mali’fenn know of my character. The former Fennic citizens who left to escape the tyranny of Aldred the unworthy are still people I would lay my life down for. It is clear now in your refusal to an honor duel under the sight of Wyrvun that you yourself would never do the same. You have brought this upon yourself by making proclamations with ill intent. How dare you attempt to strip me of a name that I have fought and bled for. Whereas you have done little to nothing for our kin. You are a shell, a pedestal of which the crown worn by my dearest friend Aelthir Tundrak the second of his name sits upon. You are, in its simplest form, a pretender, Akkar. It pains me that I write these words to someone who holds my family’s name. It pains me to see that the future of the Tundraks has become so dim. You are not the first boy Prince to soil and disgrace us. But I will say with assurance you will be the last. Until we may meet, Akkar.” Signed, Aesilnoth Tundrak.
  8. Aesilnoth chuckles as another failed nation leader throws his two cents into the fray.
  9. An open letter addressed to Akkar Tundrak. “To my Great-nephew Akkar, I have read over your missive with pure disdain. For I am the one disappointed in you and your actions. You were meant to be better than your predecessors and this, I assure you is not the way. You are a mere boy playing at a game you know little to nothing about. You are a Grand Pretender, presiding over only snow and ghosts. I, Aesilnoth Tundrak the eldest male of our line do not recognize you as the Grand Prince of our kin. You hold no domain over the name Tundrak and you are abhorrent in your duties. Not once previous to this letter of yours have I seen any attempts at reuniting our race and it is sad. You speak of our blood fighting in the front lines, but you yourself have never seen or been in the battlefield. As the former Commandant and Grand Marshal of the Ivae’fenn, I led our kin to countless victories and fought alongside both your Maln and Mar’maln. Your words are empty and you hold a crown of lies. Your letter was both disgusting and completely off-base. You, Akkar, have disgraced our name and our kin with your words. You have simply dishonored the name Tundrak and it will not stand. If you wish to attempt and take away my name, then you will do so from my cold and dead hands. Without war and without armies. I, Aesilnoth Tundrak first of my name, hereby challenge the offender, Akkar Tundrak the first of his name to an honor duel to first blood. You are a greenhorn in combat, thus I shall not demand your life for we are blood. If I emerge victorious, you shall never again take claim of the Tundrak name and forfeit all future attempts at such. If I am defeated, I will openly renounce my name and continue to live in peace. You have the time period of THREE elven days to submit your response. Disregarding this challenge will result in my victory. Cowardice in the face of this challenge will result in my victory. Refusal of this challenge will result in my victory. Ito nae elahern’wyrvun, Akkar. With regards, Aesilnoth Tundrak, former Commander and Grand Marshal of the Ivae’fenn, DrakonValkyr of Tahu’lareh, former High Justiciar of Fenn. (OOC info: If the duel is accepted, it will be a 1v1 mechanics combat until one party is downed. The setting for the duel will be decided by the agreement of both parties.)
  10. Aesilnoth Tundrak reads over the letter with a deep frown. He sets down at his desk and begins to write.
  11.  Throwback to this gem

    1. howard


      woah predators covering for each other... couldn’t have seen that ******* zinger coming

    2. GavinH


      Its been announced that it wasn't Pedo stuff

    3. TheAlphaMoist
  12. A great evil has been extinguished. 

  13. Reply to a summons. “This is a formal reply to the summons dubbed “Act of Tir’Kathir”. I Aesilnoth, former Commander and Grand Marshal of Fenn, former High Justiciar of Tahu’lareh, and member of the Tundrak bloodline am willing to cooperate in regards to a summons. However, I will not answer a call simply approved by Aelthos. If the Grand Prince wishes to speak with me, I will await a missive written by him personally. As for the threat of being extracted by force, Aelthos, you and I both know it doesn’t matter how hard you may try the Ivae’fenn will never reach me. I was handed an ultimate injustice at the hand of your son. A boy who clearly couldn’t handle the pressures of leading our people, a boy who I hear called upon the help of paladins rather than his own Ivae’fenn when his intended was assassinated. I look forward to clearing the air of this entire situation involving Aldred and the traitor ‘ame. I look forward to hearing from you, Aelthos. Ito nae elahern’wyrvun. Signed, Aesilnoth Tundrak. Former Commander and Grand Marshal of the Ivae’fenn, former High Justiciar of Tahu’lareh, Former Drakon Valkyr of Fenn.
  14. Unfortunately, Eir’thall’s letter would go to waste. Upon hearing it was from the “Irrinite Ilerir”, Aesil would toss it aside as it was unimportant to him. As was everything from Irrinor.
  15. Claimant of Victory. 9th of Sun’s Smile,1739. “Miklaeil, A true leader owns up to his mistakes. I owned to mine, yet you give excuses to your actions. That is fine, your rejection is admittance enough. But I feel remiss that it seems you do not understand the full story. None of you do. You only know what the Grand Pretender has told you. What my cousin has told you. A mountain of lies it seems, built upon a foundation of jealousy and spite. Upon my arrival into Tahu’lareh, I had noticed the same masked individual you had only just turned away. Sharing your idea that he was potentially a mage of the dark arts, I confronted him. Upon doing so, a previous subordinate of mine a Guardian of the Ivae’fenn attempted to stop me under a pretense that he was “checked” on. The use of masks covering the face inside the city walls of Fenn is against Fennic law. Laws I wrote. The Guardian then initiated an altercation against me, which Aldred happened to walk in and see. And therefore used this as a means to lie and slander me. I never attacked or threatened the boy. I told him to not be a disappointment, as his Maln had been. That was all. There was never a threat or an attack on his person. As to your declination, that was an expected response. You and I both know whom the better fighter is. For you to accept a duel against me would mean your own death. An act of suicide. But I had no intention of killing you, Miklaeil. I would have offered you mercy. Much more than you gave me. Despite what you and your people may think of me. I would not dare widow Layla, or orphan your children. The many wars between Malin’s children have caused me much pain. I have grown quite tired of the kinslaying. As such, I will not pursue you beyond words. For now, this final letter must come to an end. For there are far more important things on the horizon, Miklaeil. I do hope we will stand on the same side of things when it comes. Ito nae elannil’wyrvun, old friend.” Signed, Aesilnoth.
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