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  1. Reply to a summons. “This is a formal reply to the summons dubbed “Act of Tir’Kathir”. I Aesilnoth, former Commander and Grand Marshal of Fenn, former High Justiciar of Tahu’lareh, and member of the Tundrak bloodline am willing to cooperate in regards to a summons. However, I will not answer a call simply approved by Aelthos. If the Grand Prince wishes to speak with me, I will await a missive written by him personally. As for the threat of being extracted by force, Aelthos, you and I both know it doesn’t matter how hard you may try the Ivae’fenn will never reach me. I was handed an ultimate injustice at the hand of your son. A boy who clearly couldn’t handle the pressures of leading our people, a boy who I hear called upon the help of paladins rather than his own Ivae’fenn when his intended was assassinated. I look forward to clearing the air of this entire situation involving Aldred and the traitor ‘ame. I look forward to hearing from you, Aelthos. Ito nae elahern’wyrvun. Signed, Aesilnoth Tundrak. Former Commander and Grand Marshal of the Ivae’fenn, former High Justiciar of Tahu’lareh, Former Drakon Valkyr of Fenn.
  2. Unfortunately, Eir’thall’s letter would go to waste. Upon hearing it was from the “Irrinite Ilerir”, Aesil would toss it aside as it was unimportant to him. As was everything from Irrinor.
  3. Claimant of Victory. 9th of Sun’s Smile,1739. “Miklaeil, A true leader owns up to his mistakes. I owned to mine, yet you give excuses to your actions. That is fine, your rejection is admittance enough. But I feel remiss that it seems you do not understand the full story. None of you do. You only know what the Grand Pretender has told you. What my cousin has told you. A mountain of lies it seems, built upon a foundation of jealousy and spite. Upon my arrival into Tahu’lareh, I had noticed the same masked individual you had only just turned away. Sharing your idea that he was potentially a mage of the dark arts, I confronted him. Upon doing so, a previous subordinate of mine a Guardian of the Ivae’fenn attempted to stop me under a pretense that he was “checked” on. The use of masks covering the face inside the city walls of Fenn is against Fennic law. Laws I wrote. The Guardian then initiated an altercation against me, which Aldred happened to walk in and see. And therefore used this as a means to lie and slander me. I never attacked or threatened the boy. I told him to not be a disappointment, as his Maln had been. That was all. There was never a threat or an attack on his person. As to your declination, that was an expected response. You and I both know whom the better fighter is. For you to accept a duel against me would mean your own death. An act of suicide. But I had no intention of killing you, Miklaeil. I would have offered you mercy. Much more than you gave me. Despite what you and your people may think of me. I would not dare widow Layla, or orphan your children. The many wars between Malin’s children have caused me much pain. I have grown quite tired of the kinslaying. As such, I will not pursue you beyond words. For now, this final letter must come to an end. For there are far more important things on the horizon, Miklaeil. I do hope we will stand on the same side of things when it comes. Ito nae elannil’wyrvun, old friend.” Signed, Aesilnoth.
  4. Tharandil raises his eyebrows once Abelas begins to laugh....
  5. An Address to the Annilir. 10th of The First Seed, 1739. “Miklaeil Arvellon. It has been many months since our last encounter which left me broken. Not only physically, but emotionally. My mind and heart were not well. An occurrence which was not under my control left you with distaste for me. I could see it, most everyone could. I was your friend, Layla’s friend, and your subordinate. But did you offer your help? Did you offer an ear to talk to, or a hand to pull me from darkness? The simple answer. No. Instead you turned your back on me. You left me to fend for myself as my mind continued to plague me. How could you call yourself Annilir, The one who guides, when you refused to even guide your own friend? The one who guides… yet you were quick to try and guide your blade into my throat. In front of my own daughter no less. If I had not had the reaction I did, I would not be writing this to you now. But here I am. Once you hit me over the head, I assume that was the extent of your care for me once it was over. You left me to the Grand Pretender to handle my punishment. And tell me Miklaeil, do you know what he had done to me? He ordered the Grand Marshal who subsequently ordered a Valkyr to strike my limbs with a warhammer. My left arm and both legs were crushed, seemingly beyond repair. You left me to my kin who would have rendered me crippled for the rest of my life. I am lucky to live thanks to that daughter of mine you would have scarred forever, had your blade found its mark. I have spent many many months healing from my wounds. And now I find myself writing this letter to you, Miklaeil. Enough is enough. Under the sight of Malin. Under the sight of Wyrvun. And under the sight of your Aspects and Mani. I Aesilnoth challenge you, Miklaeil Arvellon to an honor duel. To occur with the next appearance of the full moon. You have slighted me in one of the worst ways imaginable. As someone I saw once as a friend and a man I respected. It pains me that this has become the reality, but it must be done. I shall allot you the time of three elven days for a response. If you intend to accept, then I look forward to our next meeting, old friend.” Signed, Aesilnoth. ((OOC INFO: Duel will be fought in mechanical combat. I.E. PvP. If accepted it will take place TWO days after the acceptance. It will also be fought on neutral ground, as in neither participant’s home tile.))
  6. @FlamboyantTyrant Could you please provide the community the definition of “concrete evidence”? I mean if screenshots of them literally being a child predator isn’t concrete then we don’t know what you want. Do you need their webcam footage of them typing it? Or???

  7. Mama called me destructive

  8. Always remember. ******* ain’t ****. 

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  9. Dingo the tyrant got removed finally? 

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  10. An account of the “Crimson Forest”. 7th of Sun’s Smile, 1737. Aesilnoth stood tall within the walls of the Irrinorian Forest city. A bird soared high above the walls, soon swooping beneath the canopy of trees. A letter had arrived from an old friend. A human by the name of Harold Spencerton, a veteran who had served alongside Aesil during the War of the Two Emperors. It was a call of defense, he had witnessed a group of the Haelunorian aggressors assembling within their walls. A call for action, which Aesilnoth intended to answer. With the Silver State’s recent declaration of war on yet another group, there was only one place they could be going. Quickly did he ride past the lands of Aegrothond and the seafarer elves within. Alongside the mountains of the Under-Realm Dwarves of Urguan across the bridge leading to the warmonger Elves of Haelun’or, but stopping just before to enter the small village of Ruswick. Within it were gathered a decently sized force of its citizens, as well as an Orcish screamer for Krugmar. Gathering inside the tavern, most already knew what was to come. A plan needed to be devised, the marching boots were already booming in the distance. The officers talked for a short while before each had nodded their heads in agreement with the plan. The plan of deception, the element of surprise. Aesil had joined the others squatting in the tavern, lying in wait. Only to soon hear the Sohaer Dimaethor Visaj screeching outside of the village walls. “Come out!” he spouted. Little did he know, we would be doing just that. After a quiet countdown, the horn blew heartily. The screams of the Ruswick denizens as well as his own erupted from the tavern, as the entire defending force charged out of the front gate. The ‘aheral aggressors had no idea what had been waiting for them. Quickly had the silver elves’ courage faded, becoming completely routed as they attempted to flee back to their city. But to no avail, the warriors of Ruswick cut them down one by one as they fled. Seeing as the main force was retreating, Aesil alongside his friend Harold rushed towards the back of the village. It wouldn’t be long before they spotted one of the raiders aimlessly running around the back. A chase had begun, but not for long as the lone raider was cut down “Bye idiot!” He’d spout venomously down at him before his blade Dawn found the raider’s throat. Once the crimson stained the grass, Harold and himself elected to return to the main force. Continuing their path all the way to the steps of the Silver city. Cutting down raider after raider until it seemed as though they were the raiders. A glorious and decisive victory against the aggressor High Elves. The day had been won. The Silver Forest now bore a new name, the Crimson Forest. An artist’s depiction of the defenders standing victorious was drawn below.
  11. A Snow Elf would read over the declaration. “Huh, I wonder if they know I’m ******* their High Priestess...” He’d chuckle, tossing it into the fire.
  12. Who cares? 


  13. A previous Snow Elven commandant chuckles as the ‘aheral woman goes back to sitting as usual.
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