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  1. @Jaelon@UnBaed are we still rushing aiglos or should we pivot?

    1. UnBaed


      i mean- i found geod, so maybe we can try artemis?

  2. Playing Bedwars to practice my MRP! Anyone wanna join? (: 

    1. Pancho


      Only if there's a mechanical roleplay enthusiast group 

    2. MeteorDragon


      All LOTC wars should be done via Bedwars

    3. Jentos


      I LOVE mcrping on my fav factions server

  3. any artists taking commissions ? 

  4. wubby synths

  5. To Liri, the line between elder and novice was never concrete. Some days she still felt the same as when she was first attuned – as if she was naught but a single snowflake amidst a raging blizzard. It was only when the aches of old age began to nip at her heels that she accepted her fate. She may have been an elder, a mentor, or just any other old, deranged druid, but she refused to become like her predecessors. Every step was a burden and every breath a struggle. She desperately leant upon her mother for support, hardly able to stand on her own. Sister Snow had made up her mind a long time ago as the seventh tenant of the Sage Way echoed in her mind. She could still hear her grandmother’s voice firmly lecturing. “Where life goes, so too should you.” The Lynx was Liri’s everything, one of the last things that still bound her to this tattered mortal coil. It mattered not if the Great Stag humored their request. If she couldn’t follow her partner right now, she would find a way to pass to the eternal forest on her own terms. To forsake the natural cycle was a failure of a druid’s duties. She could only ever delay the inevitable, so why bother to run any longer? “If we wish to welcome the new, we first must accept the death of the old.” She gave one final glance over her shoulder, tears only now beginning to gather in her eyes. One final lingering, observant gaze cast about all of those that bore witness to her death. There was a cruel irony to it, watching snow melt in the dead of winter. Turning back to the Lynx, she gave the faintest dip of her head. Their fingers intertwined, Liri keeping a tight hold for support as she hobbled forth. She had never thought herself capable of walking so willingly to her end. Death scared the elder more than anything else. There was no screaming, crying, or lashing out in refusal of her fate – only a resolute acceptance that this was not the end, but rather a new beginning. As she stared down the blinding light of the fae realm, she couldn’t help but murmur a final few words to her partner. Voice laden with an eerie sense of calm, kept it quiet enough that only Tailesin and the deities above could hear. “I sure hope you’re willing to spend another eternity with me, leyuan.” Amidst the ethereal portal she could see the familiar faces of old brothers and sisters peering out. Finally, alongside Lynx, Sister Snow was welcomed home. No longer did she have to bear the persistent ache of her transience. Winter ending only meant that flowers would soon bloom.
  6. but does he still hate the palebeast though? 

    1. ClassyDryad


      I love the pale beast

  7. any cookie run kingdom players?

    1. TaytoTot


      Omg yes my user is marrshberry

    2. Myleres


      are u on hollyberry server?

    3. TaytoTot
  8. Liri fell to her knees and wept, inconsolable as she clutched the note close to her chest. No words or comfort could break her out of her miserable state as she began to incessantly mutter. The voices in her head were growing louder, the dreaded call of nature becoming nigh insurmountable.
  9. common transphobe L

    1. argonian


      i wasnt the one who deleted it lol

    2. Myleres


      i dont even know what you are talking about 

  10. Myleres

    6 Months Q&A

    What’s your favourite song? What’s your favourite experience IRP? Are there any specific memories you look back on especially fondly?
  11. would maybe change this to “may only be reconnected once” but otherwise I think it’s a good idea!! the draan burns your soul or whatever something like that
  12. why cant the ender dragon read a book? because he always starts at the end 😂 😂
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