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  1. finally. bring back the runelords
  2. Adalfriede knelt before the statue of Wilheim and Josefina, the play of water from the fountain quiet and melodic. A fallen leaf spun in the current and washed up against the pale stone. The stonemason had not quite managed to capture the late Duchess’ likeness, for hard stone could not radiate quiet strength and a glimmer in the eye as she had. Adalfriede removed the crown nestled over her veil. The Diadem von Minitz. Sunlight spilled through the sapphires and emeralds, casting bright gemdrops of colour across Adalfriede’s robes and the carefully tended flagstones. When Josefina had first given her the crown, they had been standing in the centre of camp, the city of Kretzen barely anything more than loose piles of stone and wood. Such a thing of beauty had seemed out of place in the ruggedness of the camp, yet looking at it now, the crown had its own brutal elegance, each tip sharp enough to skewer a man. One of mea finest pieces, if Ea do say so meaself. Vy deserve something that will match vyr own brilliance, and that will match the brilliance of our family. A shining crown for a shining jewel in the hearts of the Reinmaren. Glancing up into her stone face, the ghost of Josefina’s soft, wrinkled fingers caught on Adalfriede’s chin and sent a chill down her spine. Wind vibrated through the branches overhead, turning into the old woman’s quiet hum. Wear it with pride, dear child. Ea see magnificence in vy. Let it grow. Just remember to visit me when Godan decides mea time is near, hm? Adalfriede angrily dashed a tear from her cheek with the back of her hand. She had not visited. Why? The city of Kretzen reached its brick and tile fingers to the heavens, ensconcing Josefina in what would be her tomb, but she seemed too timeless to ever die. A dobry consort is a silent one who does her duty nie matter the price she has to pay. Ea was very young when Ea met Wilheim, vy know, a girl of but twelve, nearly eight decades ago now. Ea did niet feel Ea had the right to use his name or exercise his power or claim his honour as mea own, even though all those things were rightfully mine as his wife. And still, when mea dear Manfred took up the mantle, and Ea held the bowl into which he dripped his blood as he became Chief, Ea felt that as his mamej, Ea had nie right to make mea will heard, that Ea should merely be a support to him as Ea had always been. And he was wonderful and patient and kind, blunt and stubborn, da, but wonderful. All Ea can do is guide, though mea words are so often taken for granted. It is a symptom, vy see, of princedom and kingship alike. The koeng of Haense has wept in mea arms, and mine was the hand that fed and raised Manfred to the point where he could raise a family himself, with Ravenna. The plight of the mother is to live in the shadows of vyr children, and their children. And how wonderful those shadows feel, even when vy are long forgotten, and vyr words are but distant whispers in the wind. Ea only hope that, when Ea am gone, they will be able to survive without mea guidance. Adalfriede slowly rose, brushing the gravel from the folds of her gown. She was not a silent consort, nor one who was afraid to represent her husband’s honour. She ran a hand over the golden brooch clasping her tribesman’s cloak, feeling the careful engraving of a shield maiden on horseback, Reinmaren runes chased in silver spiralling along the edges. Josefina had had a woman’s strength, quiet and unyielding, weathering life as gracefully as an ancient oak at the heart of a great forest. Promise me something, won't vy, dear girl? When Yam gone, and niething more than a memory, watch over them for me. Love them all as vy love vyrself, and they will take care of vy, even if there are bumps in the road. Unclasping the cloak from around her shoulders, Adalfriede draped it around the stone likeness of Josefina. Raevborne yet Reinmaren to the bone, Josefina would bear the gold brooch of a Chieftess of the Reinmaren in death even if she had not seized that honour for herself in life. Adalfriede smoothed out the green fabric with a tremulous smile, foreign on her usually icy features. “I promise.”
  3. This looks really fun! I would definitely be keen to play a character in this niche
  4. Princess Adalfriede polished the armour of the Auserwal, rendering it to a high gleam. No doubt by the end of this it would be splattered with the blood of the enemy; if they even took to the field.
  5. Princess Adalfriede lamented that she would be unable to attend, but she set about preparing gifts for them both!
  6. The Princess Adalfriede diligently lacquered her shield, the ever-pious St. Julia of Paradisus engraved in immaculate detail on the heavy wood. No doubt before the end of this her shield would be chipped and marred from combat, but the symbol would forever remain.
  7. Toffee


    THE BEGINNING OF THE SECOND KRETZENFEST DAS ZWEITE KRETZENFEST | THE SECOND KRETZENFEST Issued by the Princess of Minitz and the Baroness of Sigradz In the year of our Lord 1970 ÖHNE UND TÖCHTER VON REINMAR, OVER A CENTURY AGO, the Reinmaren people observed the first Kretzenfest at Wilheburg, held by Saint Prince Johann Barclay to celebrate the harvest. An ode to centuries-old Reinmaren fortitude throughout the harshest of winters, Kretzenfest is a festival of determination, as well as a last goodbye to the warm balm of summer. ITINERARY DIE ERNTE | THE HARVEST With the opening of Kretzenfest, citizenry and honoured guests alike are invited to partake in the traditional harvesting of wheat and milling of flour. They shall then go on to bake pretzels and share their work amongst themselves amidst drink and song. To those who seek to complete the Trials of the Stallion and become a blooded son or daughter of Reinmar, this shall serve as their Trial of Humility. A feast shall then be served to mark the official opening of the festival. ERZÄHLKUNST UND MOOT | STORYTELLING AND MOOT The Reinmaren people keep an oral tradition, passing down stories through the performance of skaldic poetry and telling of tales. All shall gather in the theatre to watch a traditional Reinmaren fable performance by Adelmar von Kretzen. Following the performance, Moot shall be held within the Moothall. DER MARKTTAG | THE MARKET DAY A grand marketplace will be constructed in the central square of Kretzen for traders across Aevos to hark their wares, from arms and armour to medicine to delicate needlework. There shall also be a haybale maze to traverse. Can you find your way? Should you wish to reserve a stall, send word to the Princess of Minitz or the Baroness of Sigradz stating the broad genre of your wares and whether you will require a small, medium, or large stall. Brewers and vintners from across the continent are also invited to partake in a drink-making competition. All in attendance will vote on the finest beverage, and the winner will be awarded a contract to provide their drink in great quantities for future feasts hosted by Der Heidehof. The value of this contract is to be negotiated with the Princess of Minitz. INVITATIONS His Holiness, CAIUS, High Pontiff of the Holy Mother Church. The College of Cardinals. The Diet of Bishops. The Clergy of Clement and Evaristus. His Apostolic Majesty, JOHN, King of the Apostolic Kingdom of Aaun and the Aaunic people. His Royal Majesty, IVAN, King of the Dual Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and the Haeseni people. Her Royal Majesty, CATHERINE, Queen of the Commonwealth of the Petra and the Petran people. Her Royal Majesty, SYBILLE, Queen of the Kingdom of Balian and the Balianite people. Her Royal Majesty, TAR-CARANETH, Queen of the Kingdom of Númendil and the Númenedain people. OIJIN KATO, Shugo of Sakuragakure and the Oyashiman people. His Highness, JOHANNES, Elector of Merryweather-Alstreim, Lord Vandalore. His Lordship, SIEGMUND VON REUSS, Elector of Velen, Ritterkommandant of the KOV. His Grace, AUREL VON THEONUS, Elector of Marignan. The Honorable, FRIEDRICH VON AUGUSTEN, Elector of Hohengarten. SIR DARIS VERETHI TERES, Syndicate Envoy to the Waldenic Diet. The Waldenian Peoples. His Royal Majesty, ILLTHRAK, Prince of the Principality of Celia’nor and the Celia’norian people. His Majesty, GRELU, Grand King of Urguan and the Urguani people. The Reinmaren Peoples. WER RASTET, DER ROSTET HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, ADALFRIEDE of HEXENWALD, Princess of Minitz HER LADYSHIP, FREDERICA, Baroness of Sigradz, Seneschal of the Heather Court
  8. Adalfriede polished off her earrings and donned her tribesman's cloak, securing it with a gold brooch chased with silver.
  9. The Princess Adalfriede had witnessed the trial and burning of a demon with the sense that its death was only the beginning. Her dark eyes skated over words of the Pontiff's doings and she knew that there was much more to be done before the realm was purged of such disease.
  10. The Princess Adalfriede sharpened her spear and readied her shield for the glory of Reinmar!
  11. Illynora Sylvaeri remembered a time, twenty years before the shop's official establishment, when a young Jorvin Starbreaker was finding his feet as a smith and as a merchant in the harbour city of Aegrothond. She read over the pamphlet and smiled, resolving to make the trip to Urguan if only to be reminded of times long since passed.
  12. The missive came across Adalfriede's desk and the princess, usually so stoic, allowed herself a small smile. She was right to give Frederica responsibility at such a young age; the girl was growing into it, making the office her own. Good.
  13. CHRONIKEN DER FÜRSTIN VON MINITZ CHRONICLES OF THE PRINCESS OF MINITZ Published by the Fürstin Adalfriede von Hexenwald in the year of our Lord 1968 VOL I (LINK) VOL II (LINK) SÖHNE UND TÖCHTER VON REINMAR, These last several years have seen us strike out into the hinterlands, the rolling farmlands of Aaun disappearing at our backs as we made the long journey westwards with our livestock, belongings, and hopes for a future controlled by Reinmaren destiny. We have raised the city of Kretzen from a small collection of tents and huts to a bastion of culture and prosperity. Prince Alfred and Prince Leon have been crowned the Princes in Reinmar, and I as the Princess of Minitz, tasked with the duty of upholding the word of our Lord GOTT and the ways of the Reinmaren. WHILE ENCAMPED Our third child, Josefina Johanna, was born in 1965 while we were still encamped. She was born into hard living and little comfort, but so too were the Reinmaren of old, learning to live off the land rather than resting comfortably in stone towers. When our children are old enough, they will learn what it is to fend for themselves, to hunt their own fare and make beds from moss and pine needles as their ancestors did before them. There was more to fear from the camp than mere discomfort. In the quiet of night, a great white bear emerged from the woods, drawn by the scent of freshly hunted game. It attacked, leaving Nikolaus von Kanunsberg grievously wounded to the face and neck; scars he bears to this very day. The creature was fought off by the brave acts of Duke Gottfried Barclay, Mariola von Wesenburg, Joseph von Berkhoven, Feldmarschall Wilhelm von Berkhoven, Albrecht Barclay, and an outlander whose name I regrettably do not know. With the help of three kind strangers and the healing skills of Robert von Stroheim, Nikolaus’ life was saved. STRENGTHENING OF THE HIRD Mariola Sturmweber (now Mariola von Wesenburg as per the Letters issued in 1968) has served Minitz faithfully for a number of years. In recognition of this service, and for the loyalty she has shown to me, I asked Mariola to become a member of my hird. She now stands beside her sister Isolde as my hirdman, holding a hatchet as a symbol of the blood oath she swore within the square of Kretzen under the shadow of the Temple of Waldenic Martyrs. THE CITY OF KRETZEN Our stonemasons, carpenters, and architects have raised the City of Kretzen from the soil, where it stands as a beacon of Reinmaren culture. Already within these walls we have seen a consecration of the Temple, the coronation and enthronement of the Princes in Reinmar, and a Moot where all sons and daughters of Reinmar were called to attend. I have taught my son Brandt to ride in these streets, have taught my daughter Rosalyn of the Grand Kanun within the Moot Hall. I have seen apostate elves burned, warriors blooded, and oaths made. Reinmaren: this city is ours. Honour, cherish, and protect it. A WEREGILD EXTRACTED To those who are not well-versed in the Grand Kanun, a weregild is gold paid to a wronged party in compensation, to prevent a blood feud or blood-price being demanded. We recently witnessed a weregild being extracted for the crime of subversion. So says Book One, Chapter III.X of the Grand Kanun: The subject who attempts to spread foreign cultural influences within our motherland, be it through food, language, dress, or likewise, in beyond an academic, casual, and/or business sense—as is the case should one attempt to coerce another into abandoning their culture for another—is guilty of the wrongdoing of Subversion, and as enemies against the Waldenic and Reinmaren ways they shall be seen. Let the wrongdoer pay a small fee of gold, not exceeding two hundred pieces, and be relegated to change their ways at once. An outlander by the name of Robert not only entered the floor of the Moot Hall during Moot, which is reserved for blooded Reinmarens only, but he also spoke and attempted to play a foreign instrument. When he was cast out, he instead began to play this instrument in the city square. The Lawspeaker levelled on him a weregild of two hundred pieces, which he was unable to pay. Prince Leon II, who is ever-just, allowed the outlander to toil in the fields and procure wheat for the weregild instead. Let it be known that all who set foot within Reinmar should learn of our laws, for they shall be enforced. So says the Kanun. THE HEATHER COURT Alongside Frederica, the Baroness of Sigradz, I have brought into existence Der Heidehof to further the pursuit and propagation of Reinmaren culture. Within the Court are a series of positions and offices to meet this aim. The Baroness of Sigradz, although young, serves as my Seneschal. Already we have set to work preparing a grand Kretzenfest to celebrate the upcoming harvest, and have hired a number of staff. Hiring of staff is normally a function of the Chamberlain. However, until such a time as that position is filled, the Seneschal and I have added such a function to our existing duties. As was announced at the Royal Court of 1968, all who wish to put themselves forward for the position of Chamberlain should write to myself, the Princess Adalfriede. ENEMIES OF AILMERE When the people of Minitz lived in the lands of Aaun, we were beset upon by the Franks. Now, in these new lands we call home, the dark mages of Ailmere have made themselves our enemy. Already, they have burned the camp beyond our walls and taken my hirdman Isolde captive. They have attacked our fair city of Kretzen and attempted to strike fear into our hearts. Just as we defeated the Franks and slaughtered their leader the Roach, so too shall we defeat this new foe. Isolde was rescued, and the Host of St. Johann is ready. Brave souls frequently patrol the walls. Stand stalwart and unforgiving, sons and daughters of Reinmar. This new enemy shall learn that we do not rest, and we do not rust. Those who wish to join us in defending the city should speak with Wilhelm von Berkhoven, the Feldmarschall of the Host of St. Johann. WER RASTET, DER ROSTET HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Adalfriede of Hexenwald, Princess of Minitz
  14. Adalfriede of Hexenwald, dressed in her linens, stared at herself in the full-length looking glass. He who rests, rusts, she murmured to herself as she combed her fingers through her dark hair.
  15. Princess Adalfriede unfurled the great scroll of the Host upon her lap, pointing to each of the ranks illuminated in rich pigment. "You wish to be a warrior, Brandt? Then read, and know what it is you fight to uphold." @Shadow2k
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