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  1. It has been a few days since the Christchurch terror attack— the first of its kind in New Zealand’s modern history. This tragedy in my city affected me in a way that I could never have expected, and cannot hope to explain. However, it did prompt me to consider what is truly important in life, and what is worth investing emotional energy in. As much as I enjoy roleplay as a hobby, it did not make the cut over continuing with my degree and spending time with my friends and whānau. In a world with such immense hatred and cruelty, it is communities and hobbies like this that have the potential to be sparks of light in the darkness. At its heart, LotC (and other MCRP communities like it) are supposed to be about collaborative literature. Creating a character, watching them grow, and creating stories with one another. It is supposed to be fun. I have some advice for LotC which I hope will help people to gain some true enjoyment from this medium, when in recent times they may have lost sight of what it’s truly supposed to be about. One: Take a step back Disentangle yourself from the feelings and experiences of your character. Our characters go through strife and hardship every day, whether that is through losing their belongings, arguing with a friend, making an enemy, or even dying. Just because your character experiences those things, does not mean it has to personally affect you. Take a breath, consider what is actually important, and try to realise that in a game, and in roleplay, everything is salvageable. It may take a little time, but items can be recovered, new characters can be made, and relationships can mend. Two: Identify what you want What are you seeking to get out of your time on LotC? What are your goals? Take a moment to think about what you truly desire from this medium, so that everything you do can be to work towards it. Some people often lose track of why they joined LotC in the first place, which lessens their enjoyment over time even if they don’t recognise it at first. If your goal and incentive for playing on this server is to gain notoriety, or create strife between individuals and groups, then you may need to rethink your motives and find something that will be beneficial not only to yourself, but to the people around you. Believe me, being friendly and trying to help others is far more rewarding in the long run than trying to beat your enemies or tear other people down. Three: Meme responsibly “It’s just a meme, don’t take it so personally” is no longer a valid excuse. Posting a derogatory meme opens you up for criticism, and you should either be prepared for that criticism and disapproval, or keep that sort of thing to yourself. In a medium that is about roleplay and having fun, there shouldn’t be any need for those kinds of jokes in the first place, however I recognise that it is considered humour to some people. No matter who you are, consider if what you’re posting is relevant, necessary, and kind. If it isn’t, but you decide to post it anyway, you forfeit the right to complain when other people call you out for having poor taste. Four: Roleplay! Yes, that is what LotC was designed for! First of all, you should find your niche. What do you enjoy playing? What do you find interesting? For me, it was healing. For you, it could be any number of things, and with the huge diversity that LotC has to offer in terms of play styles and roleplay niches, you can almost certainly find what you are looking for. If not, create it yourself! Your character doesn’t have to last forever, and every interaction doesn’t have to hugely impact on their development and story. However, you should endeavour to give them some kind of goal, or calling, that means you are moving forward with momentum. If you want to get better at roleplay, I have three tips. 1) Roleplay with good roleplayers. Learn from them, take them as role models, adopt a similar emote style to them and then gradually evolve into your own. 2) Read! This a fantasy medium, as are most other MCRP settings, therefore reading fantasy authors can really help you to capture the essence of a character. Books can expand your vocabulary (keep a list of interesting words you come across, to use later). My recommendations are: The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas Inkheart by Cornelia Funke A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling The Wildkin’s Curse by Kate Forsyth Master of the Grove by Victor Kelleher 3) Write, whenever you are able. Make journal entries from the perspective of your character, write short, creative writing pieces about them. Even writing fanfiction about your favourite book series can help, because it will get you in the practice of writing in a way that enables the reader to visualise a scene. Being a good roleplayer isn’t about winning, or even about having the longest, most detailed emotes. It’s about crafting a character that others enjoy roleplaying with, who interacts with the environment in a way that is fluid. Let others impact you, and allow your character to impact others. Five: Humanise the opposition On LotC, communities and individuals go head to head all the time. When it is kept entirely to roleplay, these conflicts and tousles can be enjoyable— a little competition never hurts. But what I have found increasingly obvious is that roleplay conflicts almost never remain in RP. If you find yourself getting into toxic opposition with someone, firstly, take a step back. And if you want to resolve something, take it to voice. This can be moderated by staff if need be, but actually talking to someone and hearing their voice as opposed to seeing words on a screen helps you to understand that it is a real person who you are speaking to with real experiences, problems, and history. This is a game, and we are here to have fun. Get into a channel and talk it out, and if it’s still irresolvable after that, stay away from one another or take it to staff. I now have a few messages that I would like to share. To Aegrothond— We've created something beautiful, building an entire community from the ground up. Continue being kind to one another, and don't lose sight of the reason why Aegrothond was created: so that people could have a warm, welcoming environment to roleplay in without harassment or baggage. Don't let go of that, no matter how large the community grows. To the Institute of Healing— Thank you for your patience and perseverance. The amount of people who wanted to come and learn how to do healing roleplay astounded me, and I am so pleased with the progress of each and every one of you. With around 30 acolytes and 3 teachers, I hope that most of your characters will choose to continue learning, and some of them will go on to become teachers themselves. The curriculum has been written down and will remain with the current teachers, but I also hope to be posting some of the material I’ve been sitting on over the next couple of weeks. To Fenn, Agnarum, Vira’ker and Brandybrook— It’s been so much fun roleplaying with you guys, you all have great communities which I hope will continue to grow. I continue to be impressed by how different each group is, but how everything works together so perfectly. To the Staff and Administration— Thank you for volunteering your time to keep this server up and running. I know that, for many people, this is a place they call home, where they have made real friendships. This community should be one that has zero tolerance for hatred, bigotry, or bullying, and I hope that through staff reforms and continuing care, you can begin to return LotC to a place where roleplay is considered paramount. Kia Kaha, Kia Maia, Kia Manawanui.
  2. Introduction Lawless, Aegrothond’s society has never been. There has always been a mutual understanding, a stock of unspoken rules amongst our collective of Free Elves that has maintained a level of peace and prosperity. In evolving significantly from a tiny island in the eastern seas of Atlas, the Seastone Court sees fit to document these rules in an official Codex of Law, so that all elves of the Isles, new and old, can see in written form the morals that form the backbone of our society. Index Definitions Crimes Against the Isles of Almenor Treason Piracy Slave dealing Vandalism Forgery Dark magic Crimes Against the Person Violence Kidnapping Theft Expectations of Conduct Domestic conduct Conduct when abroad Improper gate use Religion Magic Civic Duties Duties to society Protection of the Environment Definitions Isles of Almenor, Almenorean Isles, the Isles, Almenorean Realm These terms are used to refer to the entirety of the southern archipelago, and all communities that reside upon it. Principality of Aegrothond, Caras Aegrothond The Capital of the Almenorean Isles, lead by the High Prince and High Princess. Sable Enclave of Vira’ker, Isle of Harlond The Isle of Harlond, southernmost of the Isles of Almenor, is where the Sable Enclave resides. It is governed by the Sable Prince. Crimes Against the Principality Treason Any citizen who assists an enemy of the Isles, including but not limited to the passing of sensitive information, is guilty of treason. The punishment for this crime is immediate banishment from the Isles of Almenor, including all of its constituent states. Piracy An unlawful act committed at sea, on board or in relation to a ship, amounts to piracy. Acts of piracy include: destroying the goods or cargo of a trading vessel; unlawful taking of goods or vessel; willfully yielding goods or vessel to a pirate; willful tampering of a vessel with the intent to hinder its course or cause bodily harm to its crew. The punishment for piracy is to be left at sea with nothing but a single canteen of water, and banishment from the Isles of Almenor and her domain over the Southern Seas. Slave dealing Everyone is liable to death who, within the Isles of Almenor, sells, purchases, hires, or in any way condones the use of another Descendant as a slave. The act of imprisoning another against their will and using them for personal gain is anathema to the Free Elves of Almenor, and any who are guilty of this crime will be dealt the swift hand of justice. Vandalism Those who have vandalised within Aegrothond or Harlond without criminal intent will be warned, and their changes rectified. Everyone is liable to banishment from the Isles of Almenor who wilfully damages property, with the intent to dampen the beauty of said areas, or cause general destruction. Forgery The act of wilfully forging documentation and acting as though it were genuine, with the intent to bypass security within the Isles of Almenor, is a criminal offence deemed worthy of banishment. This includes but is not limited to the falsification of: citizenry details, enrolment into a guild, letters of consent, admissions of entry, et cetera. Dark magic Practitioners of dark magic are strictly forbidden from the Isles of Almenor. Any who are found to have hidden their true abilities will be immediately expelled from the Isles, as well as banished from ever returning. Guards and citizenry reserve the right to use whatever force necessary to remove dark mages and entities from our borders. Crimes Against the Person Violence Any and all forms of violence within the Isles of Almenor will not be tolerated. Murder of any individual, citizen or otherwise, within the Isles will result in the banishment and execution of the perpetrator. Other forms of violence (excepting that within voluntary spars), will result in banishment. Kidnapping Detaining another Descendant, either without their consent or with consent obtained by fraud or duress, is punishable by banishment from the Isles of Almenor. As with slavery, this act is anathema. Theft Theft or stealing is the act of dishonestly, and without any claim of right, taking the property of another with the intent of keeping it as your own, selling it, or otherwise depriving the original owner of their property. This includes but is not limited to livestock, chattel, trade secrets, and creative property. First time offenders shall receive a warning, though repetition of this act shows an unwillingness to cooperate in a peaceful society, and therefore the perpetrator shall be removed from said society via banishment from the Isles of Almenor. Expectations of Conduct Domestic Conduct When within the Principality of Aegrothond, there is the expectation that you will treat your fellow citizens and guests with respect. This includes maintaining a polite manner, keeping your voice at a reasonable volume, and moderating your language— particularly in the presence of children. There is the individual responsibility to ensure our city's aesthetic integrity is kept in tact, meaning that any above ground construction should be discussed beforehand with the Head Steward. Conduct when abroad Adventurous souls by nature, many Almenorean elves will find themselves wandering to the far reaches of Arcas in search of knowledge. When beyond the reaches of the Isles, you stand as a representative for our people, and are expected to act accordingly. You should never resort to violence unless in defence of yourself or others, no matter what the other party has done to incite anger. You are liable to facing punishment in the Almenorean Realm if you are convicted of a crime in another nation. Improper gate use It is the moral responsibility of every citizen to protect the security of our nation. While it may be true that our gate policy is far stricter than any other Descendant community, this is in the interest of protecting our citizens’ safety, and maintaining Aegrothond’s culture as being a bastion of peace for Free Elves. Any who are found to be admitting individuals not included in the Trusted Visitors list will have their keys removed for the period of one Elven week. In failing to adhere to this code after that fact, individuals guilty of this breach will be removed from the Principality. Religion There is no officially recognised religion in Aegrothond, though shrines and mosaics dedicated to various deities can be found in and around the city. All citizens are free to practice their faith, so long as it does not disrupt the lives of others. On the Isle of Harlond, the Onyx Path is the dominant religion— any visitor found to be blaspheming against the goddess Luara while within Vira’ker is liable to punishment by the Div’cruan. Magic Dark magic is outlawed within the Isles of Almenor, but Voidal magic is not— however, users must have applied to the Magic Registry via a steward. Any practitioners are expected to use their abilities responsibly, and refrain from excessive casting in public. All forms of Voidal magic are outlawed within the Institute of Healing, and the arcane arts are not to be practiced near shrines for the wild faith. Civic Duties Duties to Society Citizens do not have to pay for their homes, nor are they asked to pay taxes. However, in times of great financial need, there is an expectation that Almenorean Elves will contribute in some way to the upkeep of the collective coffers. Additionally, should any outside forces threaten the safety and sanctity of our home, citizens of the Isles of Almenor should be prepared to take up arms to defend their homeland and their people. Protection of the Environment No citizen of the Almenorean Realms will cut down a tree, drain a pond or lake, deposit waste, fish in large quantities, or in any other way upset the balance of nature without first considering sustainable practices. Arboretums are the exception to this. If you believe that your actions upon the environment will be more than minor, you must first consult with the Lord of your respective island.
  3. Toffee

    A Map of Arcas

    Absolute legend
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    A tribute to the fallen commander

    On the other side of the continent, a healer knelt before a large seaglass mosaic. Hamasta, the Dolphin of Mercy, glittered in a thousand different pieces, casting errant shards of light over a dark expression. “Rest well, Commander,” she whispered, in a voice that was heavy with regret.
  5. Toffee

    Event Battle Discussion

    If you have the staff for it, the way I’ve coordinated events on other servers is to assign a DM to each task force. Preferably they would be doing stuff more than 25 blocks apart so that local range isn’t affected, and all of the DMs would be in voice coordinating what has happened with their group and how that affects the others. Obviously that takes a lot of manpower and organisation though, which some people might not find desirable.
  6. I wrote this when 7.0 was first announced and sent it to some world developers to see what they thought. I don’t expect this to be reviewed by the lore team, but rather intended this post as a bit of food for thought for the playerbase. Enjoy! Introduction Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and other tectonic-caused natural disasters don’t just occur. They are influenced by (often delicate) geographical processes, just as the subvergence of one tectonic plate beneath another over thousands of years. When the stress of that built up pressure finally breaks, the energy released is felt on land as an ‘earthquake’. I believe having solid geographic lore will add flavour to the world by not only explaining the presence of mountain ranges and volcanic activity, but also provide the Event Team with a basis when running events based around natural disaster. 1: Tectonic Plates For this proposal, I drew a rough plan for tectonic plate placement based on the map released in the 7.0 announcement. As can be seen above, the major mountain ranges occur on a plate boundary. This classifies them as “fold mountains”, formed by tectonic plates pushing against each other and folding the land above them. An area of volcanic activity in the southwestern corner of the map occurs on the boundary between the Desert and Western plate, where the crust is weakest. This allows magma to be pushed upwards in convection currents and break the surface, forming an active volcano. Plate boundaries that occur in the ocean, such as the boundary between the Eastern and Continental plate, would likely have oceanic trenches (subvergence zones). This could provide some interesting roleplay and event possibilities, especially considering 1.13 is the ocean update. New sea creatures and monsters could be discovered in these trenches, as well as the possibility of offshore earthquake sources, which in turn form tsunamis. 2: Mountains (Orogeny) Areas marked in white are “fold mountains”, as explained in (1). Those marked in yellow seem as though they would be “block mountains”, while the little island on the Archipelagic Plate shows characteristics of a “plateau mountain”. Block mountains occur when a weak section of the earth’s crust fractures and material is thrust upwards, characterising mountain ranges with a steep front side and sloped back side. These occur in the middle of tectonic plates as opposed to on plate boundaries. Plateau mountains are formed in the same way, but gain their distinct, flat-topped shape through erosion over time. While it may not be important event-wise to explain how the mountain ranges of 7.0 were formed, I believe it adds flavour and would enable in-character geologists to have a basis for research and pursuits of knowledge. 3: Diamonds! (Metamorphism) In order to form, diamonds require immense pressure and heat. They are then stored in areas called “diamond stability zones”, within the earth’s mantle. Deep source volcanic eruptions tear out pieces of the mantle and deliver them to the surface (creating something known as “kimberlite pipes”), with diamonds included in the rock. This is how diamonds can be found close to the surface and extracted in open cast diamond mines. These diamond stability zones can only be found in the mantle beneath the stable centres of tectonic plates, meaning that areas found on plate boundaries do not tend to be diamond rich. This would enable those on the lore and event team to place diamond-rich areas in realistic areas of the map, perhaps for player excavation. The same could be said for thanhium; putting deposits for player discovery in the centre of tectonic plates, so that one event of an earthquake will not interfere with another event of thanhium excavation, as the ore is unlikely to be found at a plate boundary where earthquakes occur. 4: Volcanoes and Geothermal Activity There is only one visible volcanic area on the map, that being the volcano on the aforementioned Western/Desert plate boundary. Were there to be any underwater volcanoes, the whole system could interact similar to the Pacific Ring of Fire, which is where most earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur. Having clear, defined plate boundaries would assist the Lore and Event team in making sure they are all on the same page when it comes to under and over water volcanic eruptions. Geothermal activity that would be able to be acted upon by the Event Team include mainly hot springs and geysers. They typically occur on plate boundaries-- yet another reason why having defined boundaries would give the team a basis on how to characterise different environments on the map. Conclusion This is a very brief proposal to gauge interest in having some defined geography for 7.0. I believe a large reason why ET haven’t run many natural disaster type events during Atlas (or had large monsters/creatures cause natural disasters) may simply be because there is little defined world lore that would be able to back up their claim of a tsunami, earthquake, or volcanic eruption. This would give those members a springboard to work off of without getting in the way of other events!
  7. What do you want to know? 😄
  8. This tome is provided to all acolytes of the Institute of Healing, to aid them in their initial lessons on familiarity. Easy to read version on the last two pages. Tools Curette - Round, looped head for scraping away dead tissue, pus, et cetera Tweezers - Used for removing debris from wounds, unpicking stitches, holding stitching needle Forceps - Blades used for grasping muscle, pulling aside tendons, widening wounds, holding bandages and other tools Needle + thread - For stitching wounds. Always use silk, to prevent shedding Scissors - Cutting off thread, snipping through clothing, resizing bandages Bandages - Made of breathable, crepe material to be wrapped around limbs. Staunches bleeding, and keeps wound clean Bone chisel - Used to bore through bone when tapped with hammer Scalpel - General dissection, cutting away of necrotic tissue, widening wounds Tray - Hold tools so they do not become contaminated, easy movement of medicines between cots Bone saw - Used in amputations, to saw through bone quickly Pipette - Glass and rubber dropper used for administering small doses of tonics Basin - Always wash hands and tools before healing Herbs Blissfoil - Pale blue flowers that make a thick blue salve. Used to numb pain, but do not use in excess Tippen’s Root - Plant with purple flowers and yellow roots with darker spots, that makes a sickly yellow balm. A strong coagulant to stem blood flow when applied to wounds, but smells like rotting flesh. Counteract smell with peppermint oil! Serpent’s Stalk - Bright green stalks with lighter green and brown streaks. Produces a clear juice that can be used to treat burns, or lower a patient’s body temperature if they have a fever Frost Vine - Creates a clear, sticky substance when crushed with water. Salve numbs pain and helps to ease aching muscles Flash Fruit - A round orange fruit with yellow streaks, flesh is maroon and oozy. Skin helps with dehydration, flesh soothes a sore throat Night Sap - Golden sap found leaking from tree trunks, strong sleep inducer Corvisange - To be used topically ONLY. A thin purple resin that is a powerful numbing agent Biteit - Small green mushrooms with brown speckles, creates a muddy coloured tonic. Helps the body to fight off infection Thyme - Can be pressed into an oil with antibacterial properties, and applied to wounds and bandages Mandragora - A turnip like plant with broad green leaves and purple/white meat. It can be used for rejuvenation tonics as it is rich in antioxidants, and its concentrated oil is good for headaches. Be warned, as it is dangerous to collect because of its sleep inducing spores Aqua Nymph - Chain of blue baubles that is often mistaken for frog spawn. Creates a thick, pale blue oil that is excellent relief from burns Yarrow - White and yellow flowers that makes a pale yellow paste. Used to treat the inflammation of wounds White willow bark - Pale bark, usually shredded. Decoction is a pale yellow. Effective pain relief when taken orally Calendula - Golden flowers that make a yellow ointment. Used for skin conditions and to aid the healing of wounds Witch hazel - Flower with spindly yellow petals and a red core, can be distilled into a clear, colourless liquid. Applied to bruising, inflammation, minor pain, and used as an antiseptic Comfrey - Otherwise called boneknit, it is a purple flowered plant that can be applied topically for bruising, and orally for broken bones. It also prevents scarring
  9. Healing lesson at the Library of Dragur at 7pm EST (2.5 hours from now). Feel free to come along to learn some roleplay skills and meet some other characters! 



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  10. [!] A flurry of seabirds make their way across Atlas, bearing missives sealed with the sigil of Aegrothond’s Institute of Healing. To whom it may concern, A blizzard swirls across the land, threatening the lives of all Descendant races. People of the southern kingdoms suffered first, and they continue to suffer the most-- destroyed crops, freezing children, and citizens dying of afflictions caused by the intense cold. As the Healer on High for Aegrothond’s Institute of Healing, I welcome all who are able to attend to the warmer lands of the north, where a lesson will be held on treating these afflictions. You need no prior healing experience, all that is asked is that you bring note taking supplies so that you might share this knowledge with your neighbours and kinsmen. No man, woman, or child need suffer unnecessarily from frostbite or exposure, with learned healers able to tend to them. This lesson will be held in the Library of Dragur (please see the enclosed pamphlet for directions). All attendees are asked to respect the space which the Library’s Caretakers have so graciously lent to the Institute; it is a place of learning and serenity, not bloodshed. I hope to see many new faces there, as well as the familiar faces of existing acolytes. The opportunity to enrol at the Institute of Healing will also be available to all attendees. With warmest regards, Illynora Aureon Sylvaeri, Healer on High for Aegrothond’s Institute of Healing
  11. Toffee

    Persona Database Cleanse

    I can understand “heartlander, highlander, easterner” being removed, because they can all fit under the race of “human” with different subcultures. But if snow elf is going to be removed as a race, then wood elf, dark elf, and high elf should all be removed and added as subcultures beneath the race of “elf”. If the other three are going to be kept, then snow elves should be kept too as, from what I know, they are physiologically different from the other three races.
  12. Toffee

    Old Player, New Character

    My recommendation would be to join the New Player Discord as a returning player, so that you can relearn the ropes of what you may have missed while being gone 🙂 https://discord.gg/x2JnPZ
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    Ailments of Atlas

    Illynora smiled in approval, being sure to do her part and fill out the survey!
  14. Toffee

    Healing by the will of Anbella

    Illynora looked on as the hospital came to be before her very eyes, smiling proudly at the prospect of the art of healing beginning to spread across the continent. Upon returning to Aegrothond, she began to prepare crates of healing equipment to take over to Agnarum’s new House of Healing.
  15. Toffee

    RP and Map Size

    I think the map size is fine-- having a large map means that explorers have a wealth of places to discover and can be searching the continent for the entire duration of the map. However, because the map is so large, and nations like Sutica and Fenn are so far out of the way that it takes 15 mins or more to walk from Cloud Temple, some form of paid-for fast travel should be implemented. This could be a sign that teleports players to a ship or carriage where they wait for a 5 minute cooldown, and mina is automatically deducted from their account. This way, people could also at least do a small amount of RP while they’re in the process of traveling, instead of having to sprint along the roads to get to where they’re going.