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  1. Delphine Pruvia falls to the ground after she is told the news of her father, sitting in silence, and alone. “Papa.. you said you wouldn’t leave me like mama” she mutters bitterly, thinking of what she is going to do now, without either parent.
  2. LATTE

    Brothers of Virtue

    “Wow this is so cool” a certain Easterner comments.
  3. -=This auction is now CLOSED !! =- Thank you to all who participated , and I will DM you on discord soon after if you won !! -=- Thanks loves
  4. “Thank GOD- I hated him,” a certain terrorist mutters in the afterlife.
  5. Hello, many of you might know me as Dashing or Latte. One thing you might not know about me is that I like to skin in my free time. I have roughly started this hobby at the beginning of the new year. Having a lot of time my hands since then, I would like to say that I have improved! Which is why I wish to start an auction as well as just advertise in general. Auction Rules: Ends at 12:00 AM EST on Sunday August 23 Bidding starts at 500 Do NOT edit original comment or your bidding will be null and void Highest Bidder gets the Outfit Bidding Format: IGN: Discord: Skin: Bidding amount: =Skins For Auction=- Peach Flowers Savinian Regality Teal Rennaisance Fire Lord Ohani Elven Two Piece Faded Yellow Regency -=EXAMPLES OF COMMISSIONS=- My information: IGN: ILOVEG3CKO Discord: LATTE HOT-TAY#9269
  6. Have you eaten today ???
  7. Florenza del Rosario leans over to scan the missive, a wide grin appearing on her face. “How exciting- I can’t wait!”
  8. Kayah de Madera grins at her old friend’s newfound success!
  9. [!] A crisp letter, seemingly made out of bamboo pulp is sent to one Amelia Mortimer. It is kept in good conditions, despite a presumably long trip. The letter itself is sealed with a gold wax, and is written in remarking good penmanship. It reads the following: Salve, Privej, Konichiwa and many other greetings. I hope this letter finds you, Miss Mortimer in good health and prosperity. I have read up upon your predicament, and would like to offer my assistance. As a young child, I had had a great interest in exploration, adventuring out with my childhood friends many times. And although this adventuring did not turn into a career, it has for my dear friend. My friends, including the one listed prior would be interested in helping you with your family estate; If you will, of course. Down below I have listed our jobs and credentials. Ohani Ashigawa – Myself, who is a Doctor who has studied under the mentoring of Alya Vuiller before her eventual disappearance, and in said disappearance was handed over the Vuillermoz clinic for some time, and possibly still now, but probably not. Anduin Dering – A Paladin initiate who was been involved in various battles with demons. He has also been involved with the undead. Ruben Var Ruthern- A head butler who serves the Royal Family of Haense; who has served two kings. He is currently the Grand Lord in Haense, and has been a squire for 13 years with the ultimate goal of becoming a knight for the Order of the Crow. Kallian Syrivir- A practicing mage who researches herbs and Voidal occurrences in his free time. I do hope to hear from you, but for now, my team and I wish you the nothing but the best. Signed, – Ohani Ashigawa 芦川オハニ
  10. Florenza eyes the missive, physically shivering “What king of pick-me-choose-me-love-me girl would go to this”
  11. Kayah would go to awkwardly scribble out the one million dollar thing for a one thousand dollar thing. “oh my, what a very, very silly mistake...”
  12. The Grand Spring Ball of Savinia As the Royal Duchy of Savinia settles once more, it is decided by the Lady Treasurer, Kayah de Medera and the Duchess, Annatrina-Beatriz de Savin, that it is a long time due for celebration! Said celebration, hosted as a ball will be spring themed, and it is asked that attendees wear something that represents such. As well as dancing and plenty of stalls for people who wish to sell their items, the Ball also hosts other Events. -=Events=- The Great Drinking Contest: Hosted at Savinia’s fine tavern, Eagles Roost Tavern and Inn, the contest will be played out as such. Attendees who wish to sign up for this contest will do so before the contest, this way the owner, Anduin Dering will have enough to go around. During the Contest, The contestant will see how many bottles of straight Vodka they can drink in under the time given, (10-15 saint’s Minutes). The Winner, and runner ups with get such: First Place Prizes: Lifetime supply of free drinks from the Eagles Roost Tavern, and 800 Mina Second Place Prizes: A sum of 500 mina, and 10 free drinks from the Eagles Roost Tavern. The Dress of The Daisies Contest: For the ladies, a contest will be held as well. This contest will be a contest of the arts. The aim at this contest is to have what the judges deem the best dress. Ladies competing in this contest will be judged on the following: Style, Pattern, how well it fits with the theme. and the full appearance of the lady. The theme, for this ball, is springtime. Dresses should appear light, moveable, with light colors that go well with each other. The judges for this contest are: Her Grace, Annatrina-Beatriz de Savin, Duchess of Savinia Her Ladyship, Constanza-Alexia de Savin Her Excellency, Kayah-Despina de Medera -=- The Solo Winner of this Contest will receive the following 1k Mina, and a free commission from the Duchy Tailor, Kayah de Medera. (On an OOC note I cannot skin Armor) -=OOC=- If you would like a stall, or would like to sign up for something else, please do contact one of the following. Levicourpos(Crushems#4883) IWantAnIcedlatte (ICEDLATTE#9269) Saturday, May 16th at 2pm Est || X 2380 Z -509, The fastest way To get there is the road to Krugmar !! THE DUCHY OF SAVINIA PERSONALLY INVITES THE FOLLOWING; THE SULTANATE OF KORVASSA AND ALL OF ITS PEOPLE THE PRINCIPALITY OF VITENNA AND ALL OF ITS PEOPLE ANY OTHER BEING IN THE LANDS OF ARCAS THAT WISH NO HARM ON THE DUCHY
  13. “The best Academy!” Kayah would say “In all of Arcas!”
  14. LATTE

    Kayah's Tailory

    KAYAH’S TAILORY Signs and posters have been spread across Alego, Al Faiz, Reza, and Helena! They portray a beautiful tailory shop within the Duchy of Savinia and a number of dresses of striking design. Are you in need of a new dress? A hat, perhaps? Then look no further than Kayah’s Tailory! We take great pride in our quality of design and seek to provide fine attire to women across the human realms of Arcas. While based in Alego, we are available to take requests from abroad and can ship our products to Helena, Reza, Owynsburg, Al Faiz, and Courland as per the needs of our customers. Showcased below are some of the finest examples of our attire. Although we specialize in the production of female clothing, we may occasionally service male customers if the request serves to interest Miss Kayah herself. Here are some examples of our work: The Duchess of Savinia, Annatrina-Beatriz de Savin The Owner, Kayah Hatathli And now some that are currently on the market. These, specifically, are to be sold, and possibly auctioned at the upcoming Festival in Alego, Savinia. Hats & Headwear ((+ Heads)): 200 Mina Full Outfits: 1000 Mina Advanced Outfits ((Full Outfit + Heads)): 2000 Mina Requests are done on a first come, first serve basis! So please, do keep this in mind as we endeavour to work out the orders that are placed so we are not overloaded at any given time. If you would like to request a piece, please feel free to comment down below as such, or, PM me at IcedLatte#9269 Name (IGN): Discord: Request Information:
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