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  1. What’s your favorite number?
  2. It took time for the news of Pelilasdir's death to reach Eraami. With putting together lessons plans for the students of the Healing Institute, Peliasdir being one of those students, she'd been busy. She had been wondering why Pelilasdir hadn't been present at the last couple she'd held, but she had just assumed there were other things he'd been busy with, and that he'd be able to attend future lessons. The news stopped the elfess in her tracks, her eyes widening. Not once had she thought that his death had been the reason for his absence. "Oh, Pelilsadir..." It was whispered, her hand lifting to cover her mouth. Tears welled up in her eyes, though they did not fall. "I hope you're at peace, Pelilasdir... It won't be the same with out you..."
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    Aaaaa, yay! πŸ˜„ Thank you for holding this lovely raffle ❀️
  4. MC β–« Name β‰Ž Criala Sprite β–« Type β‰Ž Animated & Complicated Character β–« Name β‰Ž Eraami A. Reeyse Character β–« Race β‰Ž Wood Elf Reference β–« Picture(s) β‰Ž https://imgur.com/a/pjOogL3
  5. Ohhh, I'll have to find the stall and get some art for other chars!
  6. Oh, hey, statuses are back.

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  7. Ele'ira Des'Nox Nicknames: Ele. Age: 50. Gender: Female. Race: Dark Elf. Status: Alive. Description Height: 5'7". Weight: 118 lbs. Body Type: A little curvy. Eyes: Red. Hair: White, normally left down to fall to her waist. Skin: A light ashen gray. Markings/Tattoos: None at this point in time. Health: Healthy. Personality: She has no problem speaking up or saying what's on her mind. She can be kind, understanding and has a caring side to her, though it comes out more around those she's close to. Unlike her mother, she doesn't have a great deal of patience. Life Style Alignment: Neutral Good. Alliance/Nation/Home: The dark elves, none at the moment. Job/Class: None at the moment. Profession(s): None at the moment. Special Skill(s): None at the moment. Flaw(s): Sometimes she can speak without thinking. Family Parents: Dak'ir Des'Nox (Father), Lielle Des'Nox (Mother). Significant Other: Ganzorig. Godparents: Mithius (Self appointed Godfather). Grandparents: Sivarian Auinelli Aizin Vincrute (Grandfather, deceased), Eilae Auinelli Zanexes (Grandmother), unnamed Zanexes (Step Grandfather). Siblings: Arveldir Des'Nox (Step brother), Riv'su Des'Nox (Adopted brother), Jayce Des'Nox (Adopted brother). Aunts/Uncles: Malystryx Zanexes (Step Uncle, deceased), Izier Vincrute (Uncle), Alirya Vincrute (Aunt), Dak'res Des'Nox (Uncle), Shagarath (Adopted Orc Uncle), Calius Terin (Adopted Woodie Uncle). Cousins: Mizziyrn Zanexes, Xallin, Neci Vincrute, Saint Vincrute, Izaros Vincrute, Ganzorig (barely related), Vas Umbra-Vincrute, Alavera, Tayna Vincrute. Nieces/Nephews: Saria (Half niece). Background Ele'ira was born to Lielle ad Dak'ir Des'Nox in the month of the Deep Cold. She lives in Ker'nor with the rest of her family.
  8. Lielle looks over the paper, before signing it. Lielle Des'Nox ((Signed as Criala))
  9. Lielle Des'Nox Nicknames: None at the moment. Age: 255. Gender: Female. Race: Dark Elf. Status: Alive. Description Height: 5'9". Weight: 123 lbs. Body Type: A little curvy. Eyes: A dark blue. Hair: Black, normally left down to fall to her waist. Skin: A light ashen gray. Markings/Tattoos: None at this point in time. Health: Healthy, because she does her best to take care of herself. Personality: Though she can be soften spoken at times, she has no problem speaking up or saying what's on her mind. There is a bit of a motherly side to her. She will do what she can to help those close to her and will defend them without hesitation. She has a very kind and caring heart. Life Style Alignment: Neutral Good. Alliance/Nation/Home: The dark elves, none at the moment. Job/Class: Farmer. Profession(s): None at the moment. Special Skill(s): Her skills with swords are rather good due to her cousin, Mizziyrn, teaching her how to use them. Flaw(s): At times, she can bond rather easily with others, and sometimes that is not a good thing. Family Husband: Dak'ir Des'Nox. Parents: Sivarian Auinelli Vincrute (Father, deceased), Eilae Auinelli Zanexes (Mother), unnamed Zanexes (Step father). Siblings: Malystryx Zanexes (Step brother, deceased), Izier Vincrute (Half brother), Alirya Vincrute (Adopted sister/sister-in-law), Dak'res Des'Nox (Brother-in-law). Children: Arveldir Des'Nox (Step son), Riv'su Des'Nox (Adopted son), Jayce Des'Nox (Adopted son), Ele'ira Des'Nox (Daughter). Grandchildren: Saria, Elawynn, Seri'su. Cousins: Mizziyrn Zanexes, Xallin. Nieces/Nephews: Neci Vincrute, Saint Vincrute (Step nephew), Izaros Vincrute (Deceased), Ganzorig, Vas Umbra-Vincrute, Alavera Umbra-Vincrute (Step niece), Tayna Vincrute. Background For most of her life, Lielle lived on her own. Her father passed away when she was only a few years old, and once she was old enough to take care of herself, her mother wasn't around as much. But after a couple decades of going from man to man, her mother remarried and settled down. She married into the Zanexes family, giving Lielle an older brother, Malystryx, and a cousin, Mizziyrn. As the years passed, she grew closer to her new brother and cousin. Mizziyrn was the one that taught her how to use a sword, helping her to increase her skill. And Malystryx would listen to her when she would read the poems she'd written. But eventually, the two of them moved, and it was many years before she saw her brother or her cousin again. In the time of Asulon, when she was maybe forty, she spent most of her time travelling. With the way her mother went through men, she wasn't keen on being at home. During her travels, she came upon in a town just outside of Normandor's bridge. In the night, she tried to sneak through the town. But she was caught by a couple of members of the White Rose. She would have been exterminated had a group of Mali'ker clad in midnight blue and light armor not intervened. A tall, masked Mali'ker stepped in front of her. The two of them only shared a brief glance, but his vibrant red eyes stuck out to her. After the group took care of the White Rose members, they were gone before she could ask the masked 'ker his name. But she never forgot that night or the red eyes of the masked 'ker. Little did she know, she'd meet him again many, many years later. Then, during the time of Athera, she received a letter from Mizziyrn, asking her if she'd like to come and live in Ker'nor. Eager to see her cousin again, she was quick to agree and traveled to Ker'nor as soon as she was able to. When she arrived at Ker'nor, she was pleasantly surprised to find herself reunited with not only her cousin, but her brother as well. After living in Ker'nor for a few weeks, she finally met the leader of the dark elves. Dak'ir Des'nox. The man she'd only heard of from the others that lived there until that moment. He was different than she had expected. They seemed to connect instantly. It wasn't long before they became a couple, and she was swept off her feet. After being together for four years, on the thirteenth day of Snow's Maiden in 1504, the two of them were married. That was the day she became Lielle Des'nox, the only wife of Dak'ir, with Mizziyrn being the one who performed the ceremony. Then, in Vailor, they had moved to Vivec. The time there was enjoyable for the most part, give or take a few incidents. After many years of being the dark elf leader, Dak'ir stepped down from the position. Then she spent time sailing around Vailor with him, docking at the wood elf and dark elf cities from time to time. It was only a few years before Dak'ir took on the position of leader of the dark elves once again. A new city for the dark elves was built and named Ebonglade. It was in Ebonglade that Riv'su, an orphaned child, appeared. He immediately won over Lielle's heart, and it wasn't long before he was adopted as their son. Then came the time of Axios. Much to Lielle's amusement, since she met her husband in the other caves, the dark elves found themselves living in another cave. Ker'nor. The first few years after moving there, she gave birth to her and Dak'ir's first biological child. A daughter, Ele'ira. Currently, Lielle's still living in Ker'nor with Dak'ir and Ele'ira.
  10. I) Full Name: Ryllae II) Any existing ties, worth notice: None. III) Place of origin: A small nameless village around 1380. IV) Intention of desired strand, of the trinity (Arts, music or literature) for specialism: All of them hold a bit of interest, but most literature. V) Current status of Citizenship (Salvian, or otherwise): Citizen of the Lorri'sae farm, south of Cerulin. VI) Reasoning in becoming of the Bards: I've always held an interest in the arts, mainly literaturate. And I was look for something meaningful to do to occupy my time. VII) Potential projects you may aspire to do: I'm not sure at the moment about any projects, because I just let inspiration come to me. I work hard when the inspiration does come to me. VIII) Does Salvus represent peace, or war? Peace. IX) Where is the Republic located, currently? The skirts of Embermoore, and the Forests of Adrallan. X) Which holds more heavier punishment: Racism or Anti-Enlightenment? Anti-Enlightenment. XII) Which body holds highest power within the Republic? Inner Council of the Salvian Authorities. XII) How often may the Curator of the Bards be changed, and what does this coincide with? Every sixteen years, as well as the overall Salvian Election period. OOC Section: I) Do you have Skype, for contact and general purposes? If so, what is your Skype name? Giliath has it. :) II) Do you have any questions, thoughts or confusions about what the Bards are, or what they do: or even, just wanting to challenge its existence? Not at the moment, but if I have any questions, I'll be sure to ask!
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