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  1. “So, the Clerics have been reunited.” Leilani murmured to herself, reading over the missive she’d just received. “Suppose there will be a trip to Aegrothond.”
  2. "I’d never met Xavis..." The words were murmured, a slight frown upon Amara's visage at the news. In her hands was a wooden item, the design beginning to take shape, though it wasn’t clear what it was going to be yet. "Where will the afterlife take him, I wonder?” "So, Xavis has passed on." Estellise mused to herself, an open sketch pad upon her lap. She was silent for a moment, a quiet exhale escaping her. "I feel for all of his children and family. Loss... Loss isn’t an easy thing to deal with."
  3. MC Username: Criala Character name: Neia Csarathaire and Zolitas Discord name: Zadie#4764 ----------- Mina or USD: Minas Accessories: None! ---------- Skin – References of hair – Any preferred pose – Neia leaning against Zol is good! Any Details I need to know? – Neia has a red flame tattoo going up her right arm. Expression – Smiles are good. Cup Type: Tea cup. Liquid: Yes. Do you want anything on the mug: Yes, an open book please! ------- Do you understand that I do this as a hobby and will do yours in order, by saying yes you agree to not rush me. When I get to it, I get to it, okay? : Of course! ?
  4. The Des’nox Matriarch was silent, taking in the sight of the familiar gates before the group. The gates of Ker’nor. They hadn’t changed at all, almost as if they’d been frozen in time. It was a surreal feeling, standing before those gates once more. Over two hundred years had passed since they were last here. Sapphire remained locked on the closed gates, until she felt a hand reach out to grab hers and give it a squeeze. A look to her left showed that Dak’ir had been the one to take her hand. Her fingers entwined with his, returning the squeeze. Even as the rest of the group conversed, mostly about how they would get inside, Lielle’s mind wandered. The memory of the first time she approached those gates, over two hundred and fifty years ago, came to mind. All because of a letter from her cousin. She was pulled from her thoughts when her hand was let go, in favor of Dak’ir looking through his key ring, full of at least a hundred keys. It took him some time to sift through them all, but he eventually found the correct one. He really should color coordinate all of those. She told him to before. And with that, they were able to enter. What greeted them was unexpected. Spider webs were all over, along the walls and across the ceiling of the cave. A frown tugged at her lips. This wasn’t the state they’d left their former home in. The deeper in they went, they found that the webbing was everywhere. Almost no place within had been spared. Even the temple, where the remnants from her and Dak'ir’s wedding remained, was covered in it. They were all in agreement to clear out the taint that had overtaken their old home. It wasn’t just the webbing that now held the caves in its grasp. Cocoons also hung from the ceiling at various points in the caves, one of them being right outside of the temple. Despite them causing it to pop open and small spiders to rain down upon them, the arachnids were fended off. It was a tedious task, but a task that would be worth it. In the end, it was their group that was victorious, though it was not without injury. Gusiam’s lung had been punctured, and Twilight ended up with cracked ribs. But the injuries would heal. There had been no loss of life that day. The start of an old beginning was now cleansed of taint.
  5. Leilani Aureon would have taken the note to read it after Lyemar had set it aside. A quiet gasp would come from her, a hand lifting to press to her mouth. The High Princess would be in shock, what she'd just read taking several moments to process. "I'm so sorry, Sister." It would be the only thing that came out, the words quiet. A glance would be sent to her husband, a slow and shaky sigh escaping from her. A silent prayer would soon follow for her seed sister.
  6. Criala


    Hands clasped together and eyes closed, the mali’fenn woman sat with her legs tucked beneath her. It would appear that she was in prayer, though no sounds came from her. She remained like this for several more moments, before her eyes opened. Her hands dropped, unclasping in the process. Whatever answer she’d been looking for, it wasn’t obvious. Her gaze lowered to fall upon a spot on the floor. Silence filled the air, the sound of her breathing the only noise in the room. Now she was deep in thought. When was the last time I actually felt free? How long had it been? Years, at the very least. So long she’d been trapped by guilt. By a need to prove herself. To be trusted. All of which only weighed her down. She felt so heavy, carrying such a burden upon her shoulders. Too much. It was getting to be too much. Had been too much for a long time. But that need to prove herself, prove her loyalty… It kept her locked in a cage, confined by obedience. I can’t live like this anymore. No, this wasn’t her turning her back on anyone or anything. It was letting go. Something she had needed to do a long time ago. She just hadn’t wanted to. A tiny bit of hope. But that was no way to live. Lockezi was right. He was making fun of me. But he was right. Too long had she been like a bird in a cage, hoping to spread its wings. Now finally… Finally, she would fly. Art by Wlop
  7. Criala


    Beneath the Gehenna Estate, in a room deep within the lowest levels of the underground, was a Mali’fenn woman. She was seated upon the floor, sitting cross-legged in front of the desk, upon the carpet. A mirror reflected her look of concentration, locks of her silvery white hair threatening to spill over her shoulders. Black snowflakes stuck out on her arms, going all the up from her wrists to the top of her shoulders. In front of her was a sketchpad, strokes of charcoal being brought over the page. The outline of a swing was beginning to take shape. Once the swing was done, her hand slowed to a stop, blue gaze scanning the page. Charcoal stained her fingers, contrasting with her pale skin. She gave a nod of approval, reaching to grab a cloth to wipe her hands off with. The black was wiped away, smearing across the white cloth. She balled the cloth, dirtied side on the inside, and set it aside to wash later. Her focus fell upon the page once more, taking a moment to take in the details of it so far. Picking the sketch pad up, she closed it and set it upon her lap. Her fingertips brushed along the cover, before she set it on the ground beside her. A quiet sigh flowed out from her as she heaved herself up from her seated position. Her gaze caught sight of the mirror, lingering upon her reflection for a minute. Soon though, she tore her eyes away from it, her focus falling to the ground. “I feel so lost sometimes.” The words were murmured, her mind beginning to stray. Arun’asna. The name had lingered in her mind since she’d first heard it from him. Ever since she’d come back to the Estate so many years ago, it’d stuck out to her more and more. Perhaps it could give her something. A purpose. Something to follow. Anything. “Show me the way, Arun’asna.” Art of her by Wolf-fram
  8. The only sound within the room had been the breathing of the Mali'fenn woman. Then the Exalted at entered the room, his voice reaching her ears. Her ear twitched a little, but his speaking didn't wake her. Though her sleep had been peaceful, the chaotic aura of the being began to take its toll on her. It caused her to stir, her brow furrowing, her body curling further into the blankets and pillow. After he left, and the aura had gone with him, her stirring ceased. She was left unaware of what had happened.
  9. What’s your favorite number?
  10. It took time for the news of Pelilasdir's death to reach Eraami. With putting together lessons plans for the students of the Healing Institute, Peliasdir being one of those students, she'd been busy. She had been wondering why Pelilasdir hadn't been present at the last couple she'd held, but she had just assumed there were other things he'd been busy with, and that he'd be able to attend future lessons. The news stopped the elfess in her tracks, her eyes widening. Not once had she thought that his death had been the reason for his absence. "Oh, Pelilsadir..." It was whispered, her hand lifting to cover her mouth. Tears welled up in her eyes, though they did not fall. "I hope you're at peace, Pelilasdir... It won't be the same with out you..."
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  12. MC ▫ Name ≎ Criala Sprite ▫ Type ≎ Animated & Complicated Character ▫ Name ≎ Eraami A. Reeyse Character ▫ Race ≎ Wood Elf Reference ▫ Picture(s) ≎ https://imgur.com/a/pjOogL3
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