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  1. Art by Elentori A ‘ker sat beneath a willow tree, her back resting against the trunk of it. A staff laid across her lap, dark oak with vines and lilacs going up it. The sun was setting, a mixture of red, orange and purple across the horizon. Things were calm. A lesson with Hareven finished not long before. He had gone off to do whatever it is he does. Whatever it was, she didn’t know. The man always just marched to the beat of his own drum, following wherever it took him. The one thing she did know was that, along the way, he found others and welcomed them into his family wi
  2. Within the Father Circle, in a home beneath a tree, was an 'ame woman, not a former or current member of the Father Circle. Perched on the couch, amber gaze watching the flickering flames of the fireplace. Her recent conversation with Syndra came to mind. "Rosalia, I didn't expect to find you still here." Only one thing kept her there. A promise of forever, to wait and to always find their way back to one another no matter what.
  3. Eraami was able to read the new treasury police. She is very proud of her former healing student being the Financier of Elvenesse.
  4. Criala


    Having been present at the meeting in which Evar'tir was chosen to be the next High Prince, the Lilac Druid and Terin Elder wasn't surprised by the news. Vienele gave a nod of approval, folding the letter to tuck into her pocket. "I've faith you'll do great, Brother." A thoughtful look came to her face, wondering if she'd be able to attend the coronation. Would a gift be needed for such?
  5. ((I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, great job, Sug! +1
  6. As her brother went on his way, to go wherever it was that he went, the Lilac druid offered him a simple farewell and to be safe on his way. She turned, teal gaze lingering on his back as he walked off. Often she wondered where it was he went. He was never one to sit still for very long, not in all the time since she'd met him. The answer to that curiosity was likely to be everywhere, for he marched to the beat of his own drum and let it take him wherever he wished. Sometimes it took him to good places, sometimes bad. It's just how life goes sometimes. But he was one of the most g
  7. Congratulations to @ScreamingDingo! Can't wait to see what you do with the Story Team and how all of this goes.
  8. Vienele paid her brother a visit that day, only to be met with his house full of origami animals. Amusement was apparent on her face as she looked at each one. "You'll have to teach me how!"
  9. RP Name: Natalia Marie Falcone MC Name: TotallyNotZadie Voted: Yes
  10. Criala


    Take care, Rift. Hope you'll still around discord to chat still. It's been good having you on the server and as an Admin. But you gotta do what's best for you.
  11. Sobs echoed from somewhere within the temple of Thalassa, the sound carrying off of the stone. Following the sound of it was what led Estellise to Rhae. This was when she learned of what happened. The situation with Valerica wasn't something she'd known about, as she'd been spending most of her time at home, resting due to how late she was into her pregnancy. There was no hesitation to scoop Rhae up and hold her close, spending as long as it took to try to reassure her. Hours it took likely before the young 'fenn was calmed. It would have been a lie if she said she wasn't worried
  12. A mystery. That's what Gino Falcone had been to Natalia. Her future father-in-law, and yet she hadn't really had the chance to get to know him. Any interaction between the two was a simple 'ciao, come va?' and didn't extend much further than that, resulting in little personal experience with the man. Regardless, her heart ached for her fiancé. It also ached for their son who would never meet be able to meet him, and little Ludovica who would grow up not really knowing her father.
  13. The room was empty, except for the mali’fenn woman who resided there. Careful steps took Estellise upstairs to the bedroom. Once she was there, she collapsed onto the bed into the blankets and pillows. Turquoise settled upon the ceiling above her. Slow, deep breaths. “Damned octopus…” It was muttered beneath her breath, which she’d finally caught. There were red marks all along her right leg, bruising already starting to show along them from where the deformed octopus had its hold on her. Her eyes closed, arm lifting to rest over them. Quite the ordeal, but she had survived. She’d
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