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    Trial 1: Birth Elvenesse It called from the stalks of tall grass, waving in the warm sea breeze. Grating, shrill, desperate; its caws struck an unpleasant chord. He waded among the sea of green, gaze trained towards his sabatons, which flattened the long lime-hued blades underfoot. Hither and thither he tread, until at last he arrived at the source. Upon gauntleted palms, he scooped up a little ball of blackened feathers, lofting it to his visage. Its calls answered, the young raven fell silent. Intelligent eyes stared back, brown to his grey. “Hesin,” he spoke, and it cawed i
  2. except, wheelbarrows, cranes, and some of the other stuff u mentioned was invented long before the medieval era
  3. i pull up in elvenesse with my glock

  4. As always, absolutely opposed to this. I don't care about the powergaming potential, I care purely about the aesthetic. This is meant to be a Medieval fantasy rp server. This sort of technology (or any magic trying to mimic it) just doesn't belong
  5. "Please pick a different color, blue is taken," says Dirty Don Juan, esteemed Reiver, from his soaked cardboard box.
  6. Settlement PRO MC Name: MmmMonkee Settlement Name: The Fennic Remnants Proposed Settlement Locations (Highlight 3 on the map): Tile 6, 7, or 21. We’ve prebuilt the entire settlement on tile 6, so it would be immensely helpful if we got it lol Settlement Lore (could include previous roleplay posts showing involvement with the community) (1000 words minimum): https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/202393-snow-elves-the-malifenn/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/202418-dawn/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/202460-redemption
  7. Monkee


    Rays of sun pierced an overcast sky. Bathed in their light upon the snowy Rimeveld, the remnants of the Snow Elves assembled around an icy pond. Pale faces young and old alike mingled - veterans of the Princedom and those birthed since the most recent Cataclysm. The vapor of their breaths mingled in the frozen air. Upon a large stone at the pond’s center ascended Vytrek Tundrak. Nimble digits curled around the wooden shaft of his spear, against which he shifted his weight. Wasting no time, he spoke. “My friends, my kin, my comrades - Mali’fenn. You have trav
  8. Monkee


    Perhaps to any other man the sunny day would have come as a blessing. A bitter cold had set in over the past few weeks, one that delayed the beginning of the farmer’s harvest and one that kept restless children inside. However, to Vytrek Tundrak, days such as these struck him profoundly. It was a simple, predictable thing, the patterns of weather, but it was in that pattern that he found great meaning. Was it the circumstances, or was he always a dreamer? Likely both, but he had enough matters to dwell on already, there was no place for another. Rise, fall, rise, fall. He had seen
  9. Monkee

    The Epilogue

    is it go time?
  10. I expect it'll be less along the lines of "let me read this whole post" and more along the lines of "I'm interested in this aspect of the religion, or architecture, or history" and then they can just go to the section and read : )
  11. yeah i do a bit of writing

    1. CorweenieTheJedi
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      Just a bit I'd say.


      I helped too.....

  12. Themes At its most basic, Snow Elven culture can be summarized in but five themes, or priorities. Molded by a history of cataclysms, a harsh environment, and their religious origins, these concepts permeate each aspect of Snow Elven society, informing everything from worship and martialism to literature, architecture, and the arts. Survival The primary theme of Snow Elven culture is that of survival - and it is from survival that the other four concepts are derived. Survival, in its most basic form, is not something that the ‘fenn can afford to take for granted. Life in t
  13. Arsenios Moreno, the boy-ferryman, waves enthusiastically to his brethren as they return to the stone keep of their maritime kin! He spends the rest of the night begging his father to put him in the field, despite his young age.
  14. Within the stone confines of the Ferrymen's quarters, the youthful Arsenios Moreno lofts a tankard with his brethren - the boy's very first! "Four kills, zero losses, and plenty of spoils! It is a good day to be a sea-farer," he muses.
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