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  1. was fun cherry, dont be a stranger o7
  2. High Prince Vytrek lowers his spear for the first time in years, scrawling his signature upon the treaty with a short, thin stick of charcoal. It was a victory to make Malin proud. He hoped the peace would last.
  3. We'd like to ask for 4pm EST on Saturday, July 9th as the siege day/time
  4. the elves are back baby

  5. The Battle of Karimir Mountain "They always act tough when on the up, nay?" - Hugo van Aert Resplendent rays pierced the dense forests of the Hinterlands, casting long shadows upon the ground as the sun slipped above the eastern horizon. Dawn had arrived, and even through the viridescent foliage, steel in a thousand points. Beneath those ancient trees, the war camp of Malin'or stirred. Snow Elves of Fenn, High Elves of Celia'nor, Dark Elves of Nor'asath, Wood Elves of Amaethea, and the mixed human and elf mercenaries of the Blackvale Company, Ferrymen, and Silver Lubba. Already was their armor fastened, as the final stragglers rushed to join their formations. The blast of Elven horns signaled their subsequent advance; and so in short order, they departed. At their helm rode 500 cavalry, mostly of Malin'or and Blackvale, and led by Princess Ivarielle of Celia'nor, Bigsby Higgs of Blackvale, and the Valkyr Varlor Sylric of Fenn. No less than 8,000 infantry followed closely behind, marching beneath the turquoise banners of their Malinorian domain. As they arrived at their expected battlefield, upon the steep slopes of a coastal mountain, they quickly divided their forces. The cavalry ascended the mountainside, arriving at its crest whilst the infantry formations marched through the tunnel. Emerging upon the other side, they found the plains before them abandoned by all but unfortunate Horde stragglers. Before the Malinorian and mercenary formations, they were swiftly put to the sword; there was no sign of the bulk of the Horde. The arrival of a rider descending from the summit spurred the army's attention; to shouts of "Atop the mountain! Atop the mountain!" the Malinorians quickly reorganized. Upon the mountain's crest, their cavalry had met the bulk of the Horde - 500 against nearly 8,000. Arrows snapped and whistled down the forested slope as the Horde ascended, weathering the arrowfire of mounted Malinorian archers. Gradually, the cavalry pulled back; theirs was a delaying action. With the time they bought, the infantry had split. The Blackvale Company and Ferrymen formed ranks at the bottom of the hill, led by High Prince Vytrek and Vyllaenen of Malin'or and Captain Mihaly of Blackvale, while the Malinorians marched back through the tunnel with Captain Hugo van Aert at their helm. They would not have to wait long. Shortly, arrows streaked through the humid air, impacting Blackvale and Ferrymen shields. Forming together in a dense formation, the mercenaries not only stood their ground against the Horde as they appeared at the summit; counter to all convention, they began a steady advance up the steep slopes. Crossbowmen ducked behind their brothers' shields, sending bolts back up at their Orcish foes. As they ascended, the Horde took the bait; gradually, they moved down the mountainside, until at last both sides clashed upon the slope. Despite the weight of both gravity and the Horde's numerical advantage, the mercenaries held fast, digging their heels into the earth to hold their formation. As the minutes passed, both formations broke; rather then retreat, the men of Blackvale and the Ferrymen surged forth into the Horde, hacking away. Despite their bravery, they were drastically outnumbered. They would not hold much longer. But they would not have to. With the blaring of an Elven horn, Captain Hugo can Aert then emerged upon the summit. As his steed reared, he pointed his steel down the slope, and bid his detachment forth with a ferocious shout. The Malinorian Elves, light upon their feet, had ascended the steep, forested slope behind the Horde in stunning time. With no time to form up, they swept over the summit and down the mountainside, crashing into the Horde's rear. It was a slaughter. Caught between the Malinorians and mercenaries, the Orcs, Men, and Elves of the Horde and their allies fell swiftly and in great numbers. Swords, falchions, spears, and glaives hacked through their armor; whilst their screams rose above the din of battle, their blood bathed the slopes in crimson mud. The deafening din of battle died down in what seemed like seconds; it was over. 8,500 Malinorians had met 7,900 of the Horde in battle. By its end, the Malinorians had lost 800 of their own, which were pulled from the battlefield with great care. The corpses of nearly all 7,900 Orcs, Haelunorians, Norlanders, Hyptosians, Khelites, Daelanders, and their mercenaries were left to rot.
  6. @itdontmattaThis still, but also - Our mercenary companies are all ready to be set up. Blackvale has a spot picked out for their mercenary outpost and has done the rp, and is just waiting on staff to put in the region so they can build, and give set up their realm. Silver Lubba is the same - they're ready and waiting on staff for their mercenary outpost and realm. Ferrymen are also ready for their realm to get set up. I really hope this stuff can be done very soon. We've been ready on our side with most of these issues for a while now; the ball is in staff's court and it'd be scuffed to hit us at the last minute with penalties that we have no control over. Thank you king
  7. Was told we're using the realms plugin for this. There's some issues with it. First off, the command to invite people to a realm doesn't work - they have to join themselves by running the command. Second off, none of the mercenary realms exist yet. Third off, this plugin is like 3 days old. I think both sides can probably agree that the expectation for nations/settlements/mercs to get all of their players into their realm within a week is incredibly unrealistic. Maybe we could use it for the siege since it'll be a while, but this is too soon. @itdontmatta
  8. Seeing as it's against the rules for you to build it in the first place, and itdontmatta said only we could decide if you could break those rules, yeah we kinda do get to say so lol The pirate's cove is a settlement of tile 43 lol. It's a subregion on tile 43 and an actual settlement, as opposed to a lair Neither this war nor the warclaim were out of the blue. The war was declared after we posted demands and you attacked us. The warclaim was posted after weeks of conflict, including a 29v36, 10v10, 21v33, and 46v46. There's even been a wiki page for it this entire time. You've had your war discord up for weeks. You've had your warclaim sign-up form for days. There's nothing sudden about this. Everyone on our side is on board with the war. If they weren't, they wouldn't be participating, but here they are in our war discord preparing for the warclaim. I'm not sure what you're hoping to get at with this lol You've had more than a week's notice that the warclaim will be this weekend; it's listed on the warclaim thread posted last Friday night, and it's listed by itdontmatta at the top of this thread as taking place this weekend. If you're worried about the factions players you've had applying to fight for you, you should've had them apply and get their hours earlier - maybe during the >2 weeks this war has been happening
  9. tbf we haven't been receiving much either, we had to jump itdontmatta in a vc to get a 5 min convo. I'm pretty sure itdontmatta said you could only use the new fort if we let you since the rules don't allow it, and we said yes if you didn't make it a cancerous underground gauntlet, and you did exactly that for the most part. As for the pirate cove, it's not your decision either. It belongs to staff. For conquest, you have to siege the primary settlement within a tile. The pirate cove is an actual town, while the academy is basically a lair. That's why we're asking staff to let us siege the pirate cove. I'm not sure why you're trying to say you didn't expect this war. We've been at war for weeks now and a warclaim was obviously coming. It's not like this has been out of the blue. You've had your war discord up for weeks now. There's no custom to do warclaims two weeks after the post - the only custom is that the post must be up at least a week before the first warclaim. itdontmatta has plainly stated at the start of this thread that it'll be this weekend. In that, you've had no advantage over us; you made your war discord before we did (both of which were made weeks ago) and you put out your war sign-up sheet before we did.
  10. itdontmatta has already said the field battle is scheduled to take place this weekend. You're wasting time; the only debate around the day/time is whether it happens this saturday or sunday, and at what time. As for Elysium, crines was given a ban for stalling by a week, so I'm not sure why you think you can do the same thing Permission to build the fort was explicitly given with the condition that it wouldn't be an underground gauntlet, and itdontmatta can confirm that (along with the other people in vc at the time). We're still pretty sure the pirate cove is the primary rp settlement in the tile, but as we said before, we're willing to siege the new fort if it isn't an underground gauntlet. The allied war costs you're talking about were already factored in, not sure what you're hoping to gain. Players will only fight for Malinor if they meet the proper conditions - an associated persona created two weeks before the warclaim with 40 hours on it. There are a number of Ferrymen who played Elves with Fenn, Nor'asath, Celia'nor, or Amaethea very seriously, and who have the proper persona creation date, persona hours, and roleplay. They'll be fighting on their Elves. If you want to contest that we're happy to open your rally up to kick out any players who happen to play another persona outside of Krugmar, but I think you'd find that's unreasonable.
  11. The roleplay casus belli is that the Horde has asked for tribute from a couple of the Malinorian constituent principalities, waded into Elven politics, pushed towards the Hinterlands, and been a nuisance. When we put out demands you attacked us, so I'm not really sure why you're suddenly complaining about the fact we're even at war lol. Despite all those reasons, the rules clearly state we don't need one. The entire Elysian tile transfer was done in roleplay and omni will confirm that. Malinor is a nation of nations. By definition it's not a nation, but its constituents are nations and settlements. Celianor isn't just in this war because Malinor is - the Celianorians were the ones who put out the demands in the first place, and all of your attacks have been against them. Elvenesse is a nation, not a settlement, and it's a nation because it is a subracial nation - the same reason the Orcs stayed a nation when they ran sub-3% activity. Fenn as a principality was disbanded over a month ago, and we've just been waiting on the administration to set up Nor'asath in the west. The fact that you're even arguing about any of the above is a massive waste of time. What are you hoping to get out of that lol As for the field battle date, there's absolutely nothing that states you're allowed 2 weeks time after the post. You're just making that up. There's a custom that the warclaim must happen at earliest a week after the warclaim post, so there's no reason we wouldn't do the field battle this weekend. I'll also state that you shouldn't be allowed to build that fort in the first place without our approval: As we said to itdontmatta, since the current academy is a mess, we would be okay with allowing you to make a fort on the condition that it's reasonable and not some underground pvp gauntlet. So far, from what we've seen, there's nothing reasonable about an underground bunker complex that literally can't be breached by siege engines.
  12. activity is measured by tile so i dont really know how you can say it's the academy and not the cove that contributes more - especially when every time ive been there, the academy's been empty and the cove's had people i pretty clearly circled outside of the volcano, just because i couldnt zoom in on the dynmap enough to see where the cove was this is ignoring the fact that after the warclaim was posted you decided to just straight up build an underground pvp gauntlet where there used to be done. trying to justify it through the mental gymnastics of it being near another build that has some underground aspects, and with a dwarf being involved in its construction, really doesnt justify it. so long as the build is a pvp gauntlet built hundreds of blocks into a mountain with loads of internal gates, where the only way we can get through is by trying to mine all the way through a mountain with trebs, there's no reason for us to allow it
  13. The Mali-Orenian Pact Signed 20th of Amber’s Cold, Year 80 SA The Kingdom of Oren and the High Princedom of Malin’or recognize each other’s Realms as independent lands ruled by their respective monarchs, and will make no attempt to subvert those authorities governing them. The Signatories will adhere to a pact of non-aggression, and will not incite conflict between them. Neither signatory will provide military or economic aid to powers hostile to the other. The Signatories will allow free passage for civilians and refugees through their respective territories, under the law of both nations. This treaty will remain in effect for Fifteen years. It may be renewed by mutual consent of both Signatories. In the case where either signatory is found by the other to be in violation of this treaty, all articles will remain in effect, while the signatories search for diplomatic resolutions. Signed, Vytrek Tundrak, High Prince of Malin’or and of the Elves GOD WITH US, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Frederick I, King of Oren, forever August, King of Renatus, Curon, Kaedrin, Salvus, and Seventis, Grand Duke of Ves, Duke of Vienne, Helena, Novellen, Sunholdt, Furnestock, Petra, Oltremont, South Arentania, and Lorraine, Count of Mardon, Stassion Castle, Baron of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders and Farfolk, etcetera
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