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  1. Mother Frinna and Bishop Callahan of Lemon Hill sign the paper in support after having read the news of the diocese with much interest!
  2. Lemon Hill Monastery [Mother Frinna and Father Callahan] presents… ART AND FAITH, A DISCUSSION Published 7th of the Godfrey’s Triumph, in the year of our Lord 1943. The Monastery of the Sacred Heart invites all to attend the unveiling of a set of religious artworks of Mother Frinna Glennmaer on the 3rd of the Sun’s Smile, in the year of our Lord 1943. The paintings will be depictions of our faith's beloved Saints and Prophets, and invite conversation on religious expression and art theory. The pieces themselves endeavor to put to canvas the delicate history of some of our esteemed Exalted, by way of the brush. All paintings will be on display in Lemon Hill, and reproductions can be requested to be displayed elsewhere across nations. In honor of the toil of our native Mother Frinna, Lemon Hill invites all to join in festivity and the eating of cake. It is asked of all who have the means to do so to bake cakes for the occasion, that we might share in the joys of our shared faith and make merry. [With cake.] OOC Info: Sunday @ 3 PM EST, located at the Monastery of the Sacred Heart, Lemon Hill.
  3. Fishing up a treasure chest if you don't have one already would be really cool. Or like a fishing relic.
  4. Carnival of Númendil Hosted by the Glennmaers. [MUSIC] For a series of nights of fun and delight, in the heart of Númendil, the people of Númendil invite you for a carnival to excite and amaze. Bring loved ones and friends for celebrations of the beginning of summer! Open to all ages for a series of games, charades, and jokes, everyone will find something to partake in. Tickets available for purchase for games attempts. A variety of prizes to be won! ★ Games such as ring toss, whack a mori, theatrical displays, and more! ★ Unique prizes to bring home! ★ Auctions for the land’s finest artworks and fineries. ★ Bardic displays of skill. ★ Feasting on local treats. ★ Balloons for sale! ★ Archery contest [for a prize]! ★ Sweets-eating contest, sponsored by the local Lizard Cafe! ★ Stalls offered to local businesses in the region. ★ Caricature portrait hours [specific times noted at the event]. ★ Garden stall with local flowers and flower meanings. ★ Evening dance floor session. ★ Auction of custom outfitting by Bia Glennmaer, starts at 50 minas. ★ Auction of custom painting by Frinna Glennmaer, starts at 200 minas. ★ Performance by the Church Choir of Númendil, led by Lugash. Stall Information There will be four stalls for commercial use that are open for anyone to use. Just contact Frinna Glennmaer in Númenost either by letter or in-person to arrange one. Carnival Information ★ Saturday, June 24 from 1:00pm EST to 3:00pm EST, at marked carnival grounds. ★ Sunday, June 25 from 5:00pm EST to 7:00pm EST, at marked carnival grounds. Any questions? Direct them to Frinna Glennmaer of Númendil! Looking forward to seeing you all there!
  5. IGN: Miss_Confined Discord: Miss_Confined#8341 Category: Visual Art Title of Piece: "End of an Era, New Beginnings" https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1108611307101507615/1115009100024131714/ct-art2023-final.png https://imgur.com/gallery/UWUYUOK
  6. Wow! I'm very surprised. All of the work submitted for BOTA was wonderful and congratulations to the winners and everyone who participated. (P.S. I love you Sarah, thank you for answering all my questions for the submission process.)
  7. It was a warm, sunny afternoon in the nation of Urguan when Brynaelda Grandaxe decided to start packing for her departure. She had aimlessly sat in Grudgebeard’s easy-chair after seeing him off - it was a difficult morning. She had eaten his sandwich, given as he left it behind in his hasty exit. Bryn wandered the halls of the Clan Hall district, settling on the doors of the Grandaxe Hall and tracing the red heart painted on the door. Her time as Clan Mother had not been the easiest, but it was certainly memorable. She reached for the suitcases and grumbled, “I’m not leaving my good plates behind.” Her feet shuffled reluctantly to the kitchen, packing the plates- and then unpacking them… “Well, they might need them anyway. I will just get more plates. A new adventure and all that...” Brynaelda commented to no one in particular as she stood aimlessly in the Clan Hall. Leaving felt unfathomable, but staying felt just as foreign. Bryn meandered from the Grandaxe Hall’s kitchen, lingering at the statues of the Grandaxes who lead before her, she panned upwards to blow a kiss to Dhaen’s statue and whispered in a mischievous tone, “I’ve got an ale with your name on it at the White Stag.” She grinned, guiltily peeking at the Clan Mother’s seat, a chair she had sat in twice, and then began the slow meander back towards the front door again. Brynaelda turned, she affixed a note to the pillar of the Clan Hall for her clanmates to read; nearing the front door, Bryn scratched Bucky the Cat on her way out. Her thoughts briefly drifted to clan beardlings before easing as she reminded herself that the clan has stood before her time and will continue to stand after. “Clothes, keepsakes, blankets, yarn.” She echoed aloud as she walked towards her residence, she glanced past Grudgebeard’s Stareyes banner. Brynaelda was trying not to worry about him, if their paths were meant to cross- they would cross again. In the distance, the loud cluck of a Bokolo echoed sonorously from the stables, reminding Bryn of her own path ahead. She tossed the pile of suitcases by the front door into a wagon, gathering the last few possessions, placing her lute and songbooks atop the mound and then wheeled it towards the entrance of Kal’Darakaan. She would never forget Urguan, carrying a piece of her homeland in her heart wherever she went. Likewise, as Brynaelda wheeled the wagon out of the stony gates of the city, she knew Urguan wouldn’t forget her. Despite the difficulties that she had faced, she had done more for her people and kin than most dwarves could even dream of. Elysium, like her home once upon a time, would welcome her with open arms. As Brynaelda walked into the growing dusk of evening, she left a legacy of unmatched honor and walked a path none but herself could follow. Brynaelda Grandaxe riding a bokolo, Year 33 of the Second Age. ... For the Grandaxes:
  8. Brynaelda watched Grudgebeard walk out the door, numbly staring at the exit for a few prolonged minutes before panning to her left and noticing the perfectly good sandwich he left behind. Darn it... I won't let this go to waste. Brynaelda paced aimlessly about the house, his goodbye echoing in her ears as she flipped the portrait around. "Remember, I'm not sharing anymore, love." She cracked in the empty house, boxes strewn about the abode.
  9. IN-CHARACTER What is your name? Brynaelda Grandaxe Why seek membership to the Mages Guild? "I would like to practice arcane arts with others and socialize with other mages. A goal of mine would be to be able to take on students when I am more capable, and I would like to be able to pursue further gifts." What arts, if any, do you currently practice? "I currently practice the following magics: Fire Evocation Air Evocation Housemagery." What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance? "For now, Adeptus Minor, eventually Adeptus Majoris." When should you be contacted for an interview? "Any time you are available, neighbor!"
  10. IGN: Miss_Confined Category: Visual Arts Artwork: https://imgur.com/m2Jbjom
  11. Fliers posted around noticeboards in Norland would carry the same scribed message, each one stamped with the same red wax seal, written in the same ink with messy scrawled writing. Surrounding these notes would be the sticky marshmallow prints of the dwarven vacationer on the parchment, each parchment nailed up shoddily.
  12. IGN: Miss_Confined RP NAME: Brynaelda Grandaxe AGE: 220 years old. ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: 3. (Guild, Home Owner, Clan List) CANDIDATE: Levian'Tol Grandaxe
  13. I love Zezimus as a loremaster and this video is 11/10. Very good work.
  14. Raffle Form Username: Miss_Confined Discord: Miss_Confined#8341 RP Name: Brynaelda Grandaxe How many Tickets: 5
  15. Brynaelda Grandaxe scurried through the house, juggling three gray children and loudly called, "DEAREST? Where'd we put uhm.. The smokes? Ye know, the smokes t'at Rex fella gave me? I think they're in the cabinet. Here, here. Ye take Okrikor, an' I will fetch 'em." Brynaelda passed off her chubbiest son to Grudgebeard, kissing each of them gingerly, before lighting the blunt and sitting it on the mantle respectfully. She coughed at the smoke a handful of times before mumbling, "I hope ye get lots of those uruk lassies ye were wooin', w'erever yer goin', friend."
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