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  1. Wow! I'm very surprised. All of the work submitted for BOTA was wonderful and congratulations to the winners and everyone who participated. (P.S. I love you Sarah, thank you for answering all my questions for the submission process.)
  2. It was a warm, sunny afternoon in the nation of Urguan when Brynaelda Grandaxe decided to start packing for her departure. She had aimlessly sat in Grudgebeard’s easy-chair after seeing him off - it was a difficult morning. She had eaten his sandwich, given as he left it behind in his hasty exit. Bryn wandered the halls of the Clan Hall district, settling on the doors of the Grandaxe Hall and tracing the red heart painted on the door. Her time as Clan Mother had not been the easiest, but it was certainly memorable. She reached for the suitcases and grumbled, “I’m not leaving my good plates behind.” Her feet shuffled reluctantly to the kitchen, packing the plates- and then unpacking them… “Well, they might need them anyway. I will just get more plates. A new adventure and all that...” Brynaelda commented to no one in particular as she stood aimlessly in the Clan Hall. Leaving felt unfathomable, but staying felt just as foreign. Bryn meandered from the Grandaxe Hall’s kitchen, lingering at the statues of the Grandaxes who lead before her, she panned upwards to blow a kiss to Dhaen’s statue and whispered in a mischievous tone, “I’ve got an ale with your name on it at the White Stag.” She grinned, guiltily peeking at the Clan Mother’s seat, a chair she had sat in twice, and then began the slow meander back towards the front door again. Brynaelda turned, she affixed a note to the pillar of the Clan Hall for her clanmates to read; nearing the front door, Bryn scratched Bucky the Cat on her way out. Her thoughts briefly drifted to clan beardlings before easing as she reminded herself that the clan has stood before her time and will continue to stand after. “Clothes, keepsakes, blankets, yarn.” She echoed aloud as she walked towards her residence, she glanced past Grudgebeard’s Stareyes banner. Brynaelda was trying not to worry about him, if their paths were meant to cross- they would cross again. In the distance, the loud cluck of a Bokolo echoed sonorously from the stables, reminding Bryn of her own path ahead. She tossed the pile of suitcases by the front door into a wagon, gathering the last few possessions, placing her lute and songbooks atop the mound and then wheeled it towards the entrance of Kal’Darakaan. She would never forget Urguan, carrying a piece of her homeland in her heart wherever she went. Likewise, as Brynaelda wheeled the wagon out of the stony gates of the city, she knew Urguan wouldn’t forget her. Despite the difficulties that she had faced, she had done more for her people and kin than most dwarves could even dream of. Elysium, like her home once upon a time, would welcome her with open arms. As Brynaelda walked into the growing dusk of evening, she left a legacy of unmatched honor and walked a path none but herself could follow. Brynaelda Grandaxe riding a bokolo, Year 33 of the Second Age. ... For the Grandaxes:
  3. Brynaelda watched Grudgebeard walk out the door, numbly staring at the exit for a few prolonged minutes before panning to her left and noticing the perfectly good sandwich he left behind. Darn it... I won't let this go to waste. Brynaelda paced aimlessly about the house, his goodbye echoing in her ears as she flipped the portrait around. "Remember, I'm not sharing anymore, love." She cracked in the empty house, boxes strewn about the abode.
  4. IN-CHARACTER What is your name? Brynaelda Grandaxe Why seek membership to the Mages Guild? "I would like to practice arcane arts with others and socialize with other mages. A goal of mine would be to be able to take on students when I am more capable, and I would like to be able to pursue further gifts." What arts, if any, do you currently practice? "I currently practice the following magics: Fire Evocation Air Evocation Housemagery." What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance? "For now, Adeptus Minor, eventually Adeptus Majoris." When should you be contacted for an interview? "Any time you are available, neighbor!"
  5. IGN: Miss_Confined Category: Visual Arts Artwork: https://imgur.com/m2Jbjom
  6. Fliers posted around noticeboards in Norland would carry the same scribed message, each one stamped with the same red wax seal, written in the same ink with messy scrawled writing. Surrounding these notes would be the sticky marshmallow prints of the dwarven vacationer on the parchment, each parchment nailed up shoddily.
  7. IGN: Miss_Confined RP NAME: Brynaelda Grandaxe AGE: 220 years old. ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: 3. (Guild, Home Owner, Clan List) CANDIDATE: Levian'Tol Grandaxe
  8. I love Zezimus as a loremaster and this video is 11/10. Very good work.
  9. Raffle Form Username: Miss_Confined Discord: Miss_Confined#8341 RP Name: Brynaelda Grandaxe How many Tickets: 5
  10. Brynaelda Grandaxe scurried through the house, juggling three gray children and loudly called, "DEAREST? Where'd we put uhm.. The smokes? Ye know, the smokes t'at Rex fella gave me? I think they're in the cabinet. Here, here. Ye take Okrikor, an' I will fetch 'em." Brynaelda passed off her chubbiest son to Grudgebeard, kissing each of them gingerly, before lighting the blunt and sitting it on the mantle respectfully. She coughed at the smoke a handful of times before mumbling, "I hope ye get lots of those uruk lassies ye were wooin', w'erever yer goin', friend."
  11. The Grandaxe Ale Faire The Grandaxe Clan cordially invites all people across Almaris to take part in an ale faire that showcases their wildly popular drinks. The festivities will include musical entertainment and various other talents, carnival games, ale-drinking contests, and mercantile pursuits. Those who seek to part with their wares are able to take part in an open market within the faire that would put the blessed Lady of Passion, Belka, and the Merchant Father, Armakak, in awe. The performances will be held by the We will have multiple stalls open for different nations and groups to claim these can be done by sending a letter to Brynaelda Grandaxe and is on a ‘first come - first served’ basis. Songbird Seed Performance Musical performances by the bards of Almaris, those who display great skill and talent. Best Brew Competition Submit your homemade crafted brews for tasting at the Ale Faire for a prize of 100 minas up for grabs. These drinks are judged for creativity and flavor. Dunk a Dwed Tank A Dunk-A-Dwed Tank will be available for dunking your favorite dwed, rotated out by Grandaxes throughout the evening. Ring Toss A good game for drunkards and dwedki, the ring toss will be open to all and will have a variety of prizes to take home. Ale Drinking Contest The one who wins the ale-drinking contest will get a special Grandaxe Ale Mug that declares their drinking prowess and is flashy enough to catch others’ eyes. Merchant Stalls A series of stalls showcasing trinkets from their respective nations and groups, food and drink available for trying. Available Stalls #1-12 Stall #1 Grandaxe Goods, Levian’Tol & Brynaelda Stall #2 HEFRUMM, Yazmorra & Co. Stall #3 ELYSIUM - NORLAND, Elysium Co. Stall #4 HAENSE, Treasurer. Stall #5 KRUGMAR, Kaluz'Lur Stall #6 VARHELM - NORLAND, TBD. Stall #7 Bjorn Grandaxe. Stall #8 Knitting Club, Imports of the Club. Stall #9 Charbonis. Stall #10 Urguan, Open Stall #11 Public, Open Stall #12 Public, Open How to get a stall? "Dear Brynaelda, I am So-and-So, I would like to sell X, Y, Z at the Ale Faire, and I would like Stall #X. Thanks, So-and-So." Further questions? Miss_Confined#8341 Date: Friday, 4/9 Time: 7:30pm EST
  12. Brynaelda's Bold Beauties Fashionable Finds for Fabulous Friends Looking dastardly, drab, or droll? Brynaelda Grandaxe's skills are gold! A seamstress to help you look your best! A treasured tailor in Almaris! Just take a look at Brynaelda's Bold Beauties... Brynaelda Grandaxe is a mountain dwarf with needle skills unlike you have ever seen! Stationed in her home in Urguan, Brynaelda's creativity and talent reflects the styles and fashion of around the globe. As although her legs may be short, and journeys may take long, Brynaelda's heart travels the world in wanderlust. Below are some images drawn of her creations, and further down she has available goods to buy pre-made. Artist depictions of Brynaelda's tailoring. Current goods for sale: Sky Blue Lady. 200 minas. Discount of 50 minas applicable in exchange for specific goods in bulk. Wild Adventurer. 150 minas. Violet Enchantment. 100 minas. Custom commissioned work sells for the following: 1 outfit is 200 to 250 minas. Discounts can be discussed in exchange for goods instead, but only on a case-by-case basis. 1 full makeover is 250 to 300 minas. Discounts can be discussed in exchange for goods instead, but only on a case-by-case basis. 1 armored set is 350 to 400 minas. Discounts cannot be applied to this commission. Seeking wares? Contact Brynaelda Grandaxe! [ Miss_Confined#8341 ]
  13. Brynaelda Grandaxe sat lazily in a seat in the clan hall, the stout and round dwarfess had clearly put on some weight since her marital festivities in the months prior. Her green gaze peeked over at the pile of work she had to sort, darted longingly to the three slices of fruit tart sitting mere inches out of her grasp, and then curiously, to the two missives that laid to her right. Intrigued, she unfolded the papers and with great interest devoured the contents of 'Hearsay of Hanseti Ruska' Edition I and Edition II. Not only did Bryn pour over the reading, kinsmen can attest that she smiled gleefully. Gossip was her favorite. Especially when the gossip had no repercussions for herself. She leaned back in her chair that released a pained creaking noise under her heft. Her expression of mirth persisted as she dragged the table closer with her foot, in effort to draw the plate of fruit tart nearer. Brynaelda beamed as she noted the names of 'Ser Alric', and 'Mariya Amador'. "I know 'em!" The Grandaxe blurted with far too much excitement, as she shoveled the slice of fruit tart messily into her mouth. Dribbles of jam clung to her wiry sideburns as she added, to no kinsman in particular, "He's t'e Squire-Leader-Lad an' she helped rescue my knittin'! ...Poor babby, I'm sure she looked lovely..." Brynaelda lamented over the criticisms of Mariya's wedding in the prior edition before peered over the two missives with adoration, as much as any average mum would be, she too was infatuated with the rumors and blatant drama festering within the writings. "I love a wee bit of romance, there's jus' so much t' take in!" Brynaelda grinned, covering her mouth with her hand as she thought to herself: For the next Squire that comes to me for a trial, I shall ask them about the author of these papers, so that I may send them some tokens of gratitude. Brynaelda nodded affirmingly to herself as she chewed on the pastry. She reached for another off of her plate, her fingers dangling mid-air in hesitation, before lifting the second triumphantly to her mouth. "One more cannae hurt..." Bryn mumbled to reassure herself of her wonderful decisions, raising her tone of voice to call out, "Somebody ought t' find my 'usband! He's nay goin' t' believe w'ot goes on in Haense!" After the wise decisions of scarfing two slices of fruit tart down in rapid succession, the Grandaxe Clan Mother hauled herself upwards as a dwarf on a mission; but her enthusiasm was stifled as a cramp settled in at her hip, prompting the woman to settle back down. She muttered under her breath, "I suppose findin' this talented fella can afford t' wait a wee bit... Nay point in rushin' an' lookin' like a crazed admirer."
  14. COMMISSION FORMAT: IN-GAME NAME: Miss_Confined DISCORD NAME: Miss_Confined#8341 NAME MC LINK: https://namemc.com/skin/3bf0c825a21af7be
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