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  1. IGN: Miss_Confined RP NAME: Brynaelda Grandaxe AGE: 220 years old. ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: 3. (Guild, Home Owner, Clan List) CANDIDATE: Levian'Tol Grandaxe
  2. I love Zezimus as a loremaster and this video is 11/10. Very good work.
  3. Raffle Form Username: Miss_Confined Discord: Miss_Confined#8341 RP Name: Brynaelda Grandaxe How many Tickets: 5
  4. Brynaelda Grandaxe scurried through the house, juggling three gray children and loudly called, "DEAREST? Where'd we put uhm.. The smokes? Ye know, the smokes t'at Rex fella gave me? I think they're in the cabinet. Here, here. Ye take Okrikor, an' I will fetch 'em." Brynaelda passed off her chubbiest son to Grudgebeard, kissing each of them gingerly, before lighting the blunt and sitting it on the mantle respectfully. She coughed at the smoke a handful of times before mumbling, "I hope ye get lots of those uruk lassies ye were wooin', w'erever yer goin', friend."
  5. The Grandaxe Ale Faire The Grandaxe Clan cordially invites all people across Almaris to take part in an ale faire that showcases their wildly popular drinks. The festivities will include musical entertainment and various other talents, carnival games, ale-drinking contests, and mercantile pursuits. Those who seek to part with their wares are able to take part in an open market within the faire that would put the blessed Lady of Passion, Belka, and the Merchant Father, Armakak, in awe. The performances will be held by the We will have multiple stalls open for different nations and g
  6. Brynaelda's Bold Beauties Fashionable Finds for Fabulous Friends Looking dastardly, drab, or droll? Brynaelda Grandaxe's skills are gold! A seamstress to help you look your best! A treasured tailor in Almaris! Just take a look at Brynaelda's Bold Beauties... Brynaelda Grandaxe is a mountain dwarf with needle skills unlike you have ever seen! Stationed in her home in Urguan, Brynaelda's creativity and talent reflects the styles and fashion of around the globe. As although her legs may be short, and journeys may take long, Brynael
  7. Brynaelda Grandaxe sat lazily in a seat in the clan hall, the stout and round dwarfess had clearly put on some weight since her marital festivities in the months prior. Her green gaze peeked over at the pile of work she had to sort, darted longingly to the three slices of fruit tart sitting mere inches out of her grasp, and then curiously, to the two missives that laid to her right. Intrigued, she unfolded the papers and with great interest devoured the contents of 'Hearsay of Hanseti Ruska' Edition I and Edition II. Not only did Bryn pour over the reading, kinsmen can attest that she smiled g
  8. COMMISSION FORMAT: IN-GAME NAME: Miss_Confined DISCORD NAME: Miss_Confined#8341 NAME MC LINK: https://namemc.com/skin/3bf0c825a21af7be
  9. Congratulations, Fishingrobyn! You have been accepted into the Grandaxe Clan. We are so happy to have you as a part of our clan, it's been a pleasure getting to know you. I will get you up to speed on your trials and I look forward to having Bjorn as a member of the clan!
  10. A Celebration of Anbella: The Wedding of Officer Grudgebeard and Brynaelda Grandaxe Saturday 3/6, at 7:00pm EST. Ceremony held in the Temple of Kal'Darakaan [Urguan]. Party after in the Queen's Bounty [Urguan's Tavern]. Invitations would be sent to: The entirety of Urguan. The Duchy of Elysium & The Kingdom of Norland. The Nation of Krugmar. The Kingdom of Haense. Friends of Elvenesse. The Village of Bramblebury. Friends of the Druids' Grove. Friends of Kaz'Ulrah. Pizza P
  11. Resume Name: Brynaelda Grandaxe Race: Mountain Dwarf Age: 205 years old ((OOC)) MC Name: Miss_Confined Discord Tag: Miss_Confined#8341 Timezone: EST
  12. Brynaelda Grandaxe wept briefly, her hands briefly grazed the desk as she stood quietly in the Grandaxe Clan Hall. Her heart ached with some emptiness, memories of decades ago filled her thoughts. A friend, a mentor, a former clan mother. Her memories of Dhaen were bittersweet as she recalled her confidant. "I'll miss ye." Brynaelda's voice trembled faintly, the thick dwarven accent was almost as heavy as the air in the room. "I'll do my best, fer ye." She remarked quietly to the statue before her, a monument to Dhaen's legacy and a briefly comforting presence, despite the coldness of the ston
  13. IGN: Miss_Confined RP Name: Brynaelda Grandaxe Candidate: Durorn Ireheart
  14. Looking to join a fun, community-based clan? Then Grandaxe is the clan for you! Always open to taking on new members, and it is a great way to enter the stout-folk!

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