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  2. Brynaelda Grandaxe sat perched at a bar stool, slumped over a leather-bound book. The ink slid gracefully from the quill onto the pages, each one of the lyrics painstakingly written and thought of. The bard lass lingered a moment while her quill hovered over the front cover. In slanted writing, Brynaelda scrawled across the page: Brynaelda Grandaxe In the halls of Agnarum, music floated joyously in the air. The tavern was bustling, there were plenty of patrons about. And upon a stage, a fiery-haired bard performed, singing and dancing her heart out. To spread cheer and joy, she spun and twirled and belted out with pride... So, she gathered the glee and it lays inside: Brynaelda Grandaxe’s Songbook on the Brathmordakin
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    I've Been Playing Here for 3 Days AMA

    To the Mysterious, Magical, and Marvelous Dr. Fong! It is I! Your bearded lady enthusiast and carnie pal. In your eyes, what makes the best adventure stories? If you had a genie in a bottle and got three wishes, what would you wish for? (Don’t wish for more wishes!) Should I expect more incredible amusements or are we drifting now? What do you think of the dwarf fellas? It’s fantastic to see you around!
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    Brynaelda is a jovial woman with a penchant for mischief, unfortunately holding plenty of vices such as drinking, gambling or games of chance, and a curiosity for the unknown. Since childhood, Brynaelda has always shone as an outgoing, friendly, and adventurous dwarf lass. As a result of Brynaelda's warmth and attraction to the lively parts of life, she studied carving and music, growing into an avid performer. Notably, Brynaelda will not back down from a challenge during revelry, leading to impulse decisions. Despite all of Brynaelda's love for wild festivities and adventures, she is a devout follower of the Brathmordakin religion of the dwarves and strives to find her proper place. In terms of profession, Brynaelda uses her knowledge on the arts of stone carving to peddle trinkets and uses her voice along with her lute to perform in exchange for coin. As of current, she wanders the world selling her wares and meeting new people.