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  1. Resume Name: Brynaelda Grandaxe Race: Mountain Dwarf Age: 205 years old ((OOC)) MC Name: Miss_Confined Discord Tag: Miss_Confined#8341 Timezone: EST
  2. Brynaelda Grandaxe wept briefly, her hands briefly grazed the desk as she stood quietly in the Grandaxe Clan Hall. Her heart ached with some emptiness, memories of decades ago filled her thoughts. A friend, a mentor, a former clan mother. Her memories of Dhaen were bittersweet as she recalled her confidant. "I'll miss ye." Brynaelda's voice trembled faintly, the thick dwarven accent was almost as heavy as the air in the room. "I'll do my best, fer ye." She remarked quietly to the statue before her, a monument to Dhaen's legacy and a briefly comforting presence, despite the coldness of the ston
  3. IGN: Miss_Confined RP Name: Brynaelda Grandaxe Candidate: Durorn Ireheart
  4. Looking to join a fun, community-based clan? Then Grandaxe is the clan for you! Always open to taking on new members, and it is a great way to enter the stout-folk!

  5. The Grandaxe Clan is always open to new or returning players looking to find a home amongst the dwarves! Interested? Feel free to contact me!

  6. Saturday, January 16th at 8:00pm EST. The Grand Kingdom of Kal'Darakaan, Urguan, The Queen's Bounty. Pajamas encouraged, but optional. The Bard-Off is open to all bards, be somewhat respectful. Activities include: bard-off, drinking contest, cake-eating, story-telling, dancing, and games. The following invitations would be posted at the following locations, and spread to all by word of mouth or via gifted invitations. The Kingdom of Norland The Kingdom of Haense The Realm of Elvenesse Brandybrook, the Halflings The Free Tr
  7. Looking to make a dwarf persona? The Grandaxe Clan is always open to assist new players and returning players settled into the community! With a friendly family atmosphere and dedicated members, the Grandaxe Clan is a perfect way to try out a new race and culture!

  8. The Grandaxe bard peered at the song and remarked plainly, "This song is terrible, perhaps the bard could use some education on music." She penned the following public song and publicly belted it out loudly in the square of Urguan's Kal'Darakaan. "High up on mountain peaks, a Queen oversees us all. May she bring us joy and peace, as she's done for years gone. Dhaen Grandaxe, mother, leader, friend, may she keep us happy until her reign's end. Blessed are we for her persistence that never bends. When naΓ―ve bards sing of folly, of disgrace and untruths,
  9. I'm always very proud of Titanium and he puts out consistent work. Much love to him, and would highly recommend him.
  10. Brynaelda Grandaxe eyed the missive with great excitement, blurting, "LASSIES, I'm MAKING ALL THE DRESSES. Bryl, matching beard ribbons. Mica, the ladies are MOVING OUT! I love weddings!" Practically threw herself from her seat in a flurry of mismanaged motivation, too many thoughts and plans all at the same time. "Dhaen better have the best tiara!" Brynaelda demanded loudly on her way out into Urguan to go searching for proper presents.
  11. Krugsmas is coming! Bryn's sweaters are a cheap present for all your friends!

  12. Bryn's Knits: Sweaters from a Dwarf Mum to Your Shoulders [Just like a Warm Hug!] Bryn's Knits makes custom Krugsmas [Dwedsmas] Sweaters for you and your friends' enjoyment. 1 sweater is 25 minas. 3 sweaters is 60 minas. +5 minas for front-back detailing [2 symbols, 1 in front, 1 in back.] Perfect for families, clans, and organizations for the holidays. Show your friends and loved ones that you care by getting them a Krugsmas [Dwedsmas] Sweater! Examples. Any colors combinations are fine. Need more i
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