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  1. The MANTICORE Initiative

    Character Name : Koralon Minecraft name : SoulAugmentation
  2. Reese Duchannes

    this is gonna be my girlfriend ha
  3. Minimum Bids for the Auction

    i do this, massive apology.
  4. boingy's Arts / Character pics

    wow this is ******* good
  5. GoddessofNight's Ban Appeal

    I have worked things out with both Marsi and Darklore formally during a long conversation over discord. I can hereby say that they deserve a chance, and I think that everything that happened in the past should be left unhinted at. I genuinely have a belief that Marsi is fully capable of carrying out proper roleplay and deal with problems that may arise oocly with integrity. I want to give her another chance, and this is coming from the person who this ordeal started out with, I'd assume. One of the things we three have talked about in the discord call, was how we had a few mis-interpretations between one another. This was mostly caused because of heated moments when we tried to interact with one another with roleplay, which did not resort itself. I was as honest as possible when I spoke in this discord, and I am sure Marsi and Darklore gave their honest input and opinion of my views, as I did theirs. When we worked out these, and to find solutions, I gave them a few of mine; Amongst others, I told Marsi she should try to come back as a different character, perhaps to relief some stress, and I talked to her about tolerance. What I mean by tolerance was patience. I told her when I was a new player, I used to generally get pissed off and if it were that bad, I would lash out at someone through pm's only the very next day to apologize. So I asked her if she would be willing to play a new character, which she was near-willing, if it not for the fact of OOC hate. I told her she should not have to worry about OOC hate, if she serves her sentence, even if it gets reduced. I spoke to the two in detail about their opinions of power-gaming and meta-gaming, and they have explained it to me as I assumed, as best they could calmly. They told me that there were a few minor and perhaps one incident which occurred a few months past, which involved the miscommunication or even the outright logging on, however I've forgive, and they've forgiven me for bad mistakes I admitted. Give her another chance.
  6. GoddessofNight's Ban Appeal

    If I may, permission to speak on this thread?
  7. Race Trailers?

    yeah, I like this Idea I like this Idea I like this Idea I like this Idea I l
  8. [Dark] [TA] Ganved

    good boi
  9. [MA][Soul Puppetry] MrPieMan1111

    yeah thats me
  10. [MT] Hedge's RE-RE-Shaman MT Application

    he helps me with alot of muyakelg stuff, i love him.
  11. Kinslayer's LT App: A Boy You Can Trust

    give him a chance, even if he's sometimes incompetent. hahahaha
  12. [DA] [MA] Lily

    IS THAT GORE audfahgfusgufagufguifbuibfasf