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  1. somethings fishy in why some people got denied without reason
  2. Karakah dons an Uruk helmet unfit for their skull, akin to a child playing with his father’s knightly panoply. Setting it atop a table and screaming at the Rex the next time they cross paths.
  3. Parker

    Vice City

    “Wub da zkah” says Rahka
  4. Parker


    “ug” says og
  5. Parker

    Beasts of Antiquity

    Reading over, shivers and trembling fingers.
  6. This is good My addition to this; You have players who don’t know leniency. It is what deters players from role-play MOST of the time. You have players who don’t know the value of life, shrugging at the thought of death of a child or loved ones or whatnot, because OOCly they know of CT. You have players unwilling to PK in good RP, an honor system broken time and time again. You have players who have foul attitudes and don’t know how to step back from the server for a moment, we’ve been there. You have people who get angry out of OOC for something not happening in RP, typically something to do with magic obtaining or role-play romance. If people followed the Community Guidelines then there would be less; meta related problems modreqs that could’ve been solved within the boundaries and capabilities of the players instead of staff, I’ve not been a GM but I am surely aware they get annoyed to see a modreq that could be simply resolved by themselves. long-run less power-game less fail-rp less mary sue Though, when will we obtain that.
  7. Zukio is rite. still cannot believe she threw an apple at nynaveave
  8. Papers Please, only to be ridden with otherworldly world edits. @Narthok
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