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  1. Parker

    LotC Valentine's Day Cards (Terrible Puns)

    holy **** holy **** holy **** reported.
  2. Parker

    The Iron Wolf Clan

    im very fricken good at pvp innit?
  3. Parker

    Cursed Bloodline (Part 2)

    this is something i can get behind.
  4. Parker

    Say You'll Remember Me

    can i learn some more blood magic trix
  5. Parker

    Peace out!

    lol am sad
  6. Parker


  7. Parker


    what other jokes do you have?
  8. Parker

    A Time For Fire, A Time For Steel, A Time for Blood.

    A certain Abrams would become giddy, clockwork spinning abnormally at the hearing of this.
  9. Parker

    Dragonslayerelf's Resignation

    Libertus> liberal
  10. *takes out a sword and stabs it into the small of back. *makes a big scream like “aaaaargh” and then seeks treatment.
  11. Parker

    The Corvin Choir of Exalted Siegmund

    “excuse me momma can i get a booster shot for good roleplay” : (
  12. Parker

    Should Izkuthii be shelved?

    sucky wucky my emotions
  13. Parker

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Username: vileblooded Screenshot of the item: https://gyazo.com/5be395bd8ad3c79a6cd34f99e16119bc How you got it: As a gift from a Green blooded- bat faced, STRIGAE. Screenshot of the item: https://gyazo.com/14b3e4b10329a6278855d2ea39eaa4c3 How you got it: enchanted from the last Keeper played by AerialKebab Screenshot of the item: https://gyazo.com/6136bf5bbd77a7a0e6a744ae4b02ee50 How you got it: made it through roleplay as shown in the tinyurl Screenshot of the item: https://gyazo.com/a28a74a057a89d69223c3dd09c5dbd93 How you got it: made it myself, got all the ingredients by doing travel rp from different kingdoms and settlements, staying their overnight. Screenshot of the item: https://gyazo.com/17cdb0b4420eb689d67862bc3753145d https://gyazo.com/f5d1ea4075632a9fcc938aba43d86122 https://gyazo.com/55a560caa84d10374ebd7fab07d67b93 https://gyazo.com/a0fc61542e42790564878f23bdecf2f7 How you got it: i got it through being offered by Renn in rp as a gift. Screenshot of the item: https://gyazo.com/d399fda7a17c3b6badf0f07ecab4fe0f How you got it: i got it through creating it. Screenshot of the item: https://gyazo.com/93bd6eff519e1f19ff46b23c966e27d6 How you got it: gift from cornivore after healing his char’s sister or smth