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  1. 21st of Malin’s Welcome, 1686 It wasn’t silent, just off the gravel roads which took the ‘ame forward up North-east of Atlas would have a constant buzz that gave eerie tenor. It was dark – sun had long gone for the moon to dazzle across the skies with it’s all seeing rays of silver. The forest held significance, enough to warrant the Smith to regard it with curiosity. Squinting, she had pressed off the road, boots digging into softer grass leaving a light trail of parted greenery behind her militaristic poise. Her wrist bore the mark of the Immortal, Queens Guard of Caras Eldar and it’s Matriarch. As the woman approached, she was to start the hunt – a series of footsteps padding along the treetops, leaves shacking, some to befall upon the ground just before her. She had undone her blade, a silver luster upon the moons gaze as she held it out in front of her. She took the time to withdraw a vial, labelled with ‘F’ a marked symbol of a flame crudely inscribed below it on a piece of paper stuck with adhesive. Splattering it upon the blade, a flick of a flint was done upon the cross-guard, it was licked by flames along its length. Sali, the woman sworn to the Sovereignty of Caras Eldar stood against a vindictive and vile beast, one on all fours with antlers sprouting from it’s mangled head, it was betwixt from the woods and their dastardly creator, September Prince. It opened its wretched maw and bespoke insufferable moans, beginning to take itself to fight the Smith. A quick eye, she fought valiantly, blade clashed against it’s thickened hide – whilst it’s agonized bone which sprout from it’s skull chipped away from the shoulders of her bladed tip. An unfortunate turn of events, the Smith had her left hand severed, a painful cause of being ensnared by the foul beasts maw, naught just torn but wrangled until becoming parted. Bloodied but adrenaline rushing through her veins, the end result was the sword within it’s gullet.
  2. Parker

    Need To See the Light

    if this was an introduction, it would’ve been up-voted twice. but farewell.
  3. Parker

    [Shamanism] Disconnection

    A well written piece of lore back-story, and an appreciation for reimbursing the clauses which the reason for having a fractured soul, a good punishment and good finishing story for a character.
  4. Parker

    LoTC Imprisonment System Proposal [POLL]

    The poor man known as Arhbi suffered at the hands of the snow-elves..
  5. Parker

    Admin Promotions

    no. yes.
  6. "its time to partaaay"
  7. Parker

    GM Monthly Update Log - September

    ty jaedne
  8. Parker

    Arcane Regulators of the Ardennes

    Form of interest: Your full name: Luther Race: Human Magical knowledge:None Other knowledge or experience: Medicinal, martial. (Martial, medical, alchemical, etcetera) Discord (for coordination): you got it
  9. Parker

    [Paladin Rewrite] Champions of Xan

    I appreciate this, thanks for clearing everything up!
  10. Parker

    [Paladin Rewrite] Champions of Xan

    I ******* love this. Questions So paladins can do up to a maximum of five of their abilities, except from using holy affinity and utility based. Unless I am wrong and have read it incorrectly. It states, and rumor has it that all holy magics can affect normal descendants, my question is how? Paladinism has two fire and lightning attacks, from my understanding with the lack of lightning, as only for sunspears and a few others, would that mean the paladin fire of an enchantment burns? Much like clericlism would burn normal humans? An addition to that, I wanted to know if a Sunspear can be hurled and affect people that are being carried away, or jumping, how fast is a sunspear? These are just questions in general, I've not a means to do this.
  11. Parker

    Vault Yard Sale Pt. 2 (RP Items)

    An old man wheezes, hacks and coughs. Beady old eyes take a gander over the items, as he curses aloud, "****!" perhaps it being too expensive for him to over-bid anyone now. He shakes his left leg, another tick. "Oh Whirlpool-.." he places his calloused hand upon his balding head, "what've you done.. you've spooked a child now.." he said aloud again before ultimately calling the poor elven lass a piece of tar.
  12. Parker

    Let's do this.

    am mi latz friend latz am hozh at any moosic instruments? wub latz lyk tu do in latz spare tik
  13. Yeah, the frame of mind jaeden has is corrupted.. that's what a few years of gm does to you.
  14. "I do not want to sign up for GM, because I do not want the extra pressure" - Pun in discord two hours earlier. We need a mother on the gm team, mothers are braver than soldiers.
  15. Parker

    [Denied][I] heathenshammer's Game Moderator Application

    this guy is funny!