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  1. “Yet.. there is still a madman who roams the streets of Ves... his cleaver shines.. with the glint of red.” a poor farmer, says.
  2. Parker

    The Human Crisis

    “Removing hands of children, is this truly imperial justice?” – some beggar said saddened, the only thing of worth was a lorraine cross hung from his neck.
  3. I honestly thing back then for example, you and I can definitely speak about this alot. Soul Puppetry was a magic meant to create stories and make characters develop on them, it was meant to be a magic that was albeit vague- left the users with common sense, to curse someone and not have them balling their eyes out with roaches digging under their skin. It’s purpose was that intention other than the Lore of Soul Puppetry and it’s upbringing. Magic now has so many restrictions in my opinion, not that it is a bad or good thing. There are people who like to make minae and to make minae they make enchantments, that is not okay. As someone who has powergamed magic, as someone who has meta-gamed knowledge like most of us here, I know how someone can think. Alot of people start of with the intention or implication that magic is pretty rad, and it might be to some and might not be to others. Some might want magic through role-play intention and some might want it through OOC means whether it be circle jerked between friends or be given because someone of high reputation wants it. I had a revolting talk with an unnamed person that they go for the very boundaries of magic, and I thought that was just disgusting. I would always undergame my magic, atleasst nowadays when I have a brain to spare. I never do the bare minimum for anything, I never kill- because it is just not going to help out with developing characters stories. If you took the time to realize you were being such a coward for letting someone go because “I am scared they are going to tell others and I’ll kill them so they won’t remember” then there would be less problem with people being on the roads with dumb spooks going about the roads and doing this sort of thing. It is not just them mind you, but this post is primarily on magic not Orc banditing. Another point that I’d like to make is that magic once was like it was now, and there was a point last map where Lore Team gave free reign on how one person could create an item. If you took the ******* time to log your ****, and role-play via self and not complain there is nobody to here your emotes yatta yatta, do something like this.. there are no ******* good teachers in this god damn server other than spare few. https://tinyurl.com/DamascusLOTC When I teach my students, I always tell them to log their stuff so it isn’t as hard to deal with when Lore team asks for it. It isn’t a pain for them to work out the numbers of genus to ritual ratio for blood magic for example or if naztherak rituals are this or that. It is not only that, I am definitely sure creations of subtier mART’s can get as complicated without having to make an actual app, however the majority of people do not help out with the team Flamboyant has. The reason why I tell people to log their stuff is because it’ll help the majority of the people who do it, to remember what the hell they are doing. It is also something someone can easily recall and pull from the cloud and show the LT or people that need evidence.
  4. *giggles* omg... i can’t believe im asking this.. *blushes* omg omg omg ahahahahahaa let me calm down first.. tee hee.. how many magicks do u have omg! >:^)
  5. “Hey this is pretty good” says an olog
  6. GIVEN NAME: Jellal NOBILITY/GENTRY (Y/N): None NAME OF RECRUITER*: Laertes USERNAME: kadarsi DISCORD#: you got it brothers
  7. ““Funny how objective this can be. ” *giggle
  8. *cannot hear the criticism as they are showering. This would be very PERVERSE to overhear, what the heck?
  9. *doesn’t understand or see who they are talking to, because my character is chilling alone in the house................................
  10. “More people to kill.”
  11. alright.. just don’t laugh ok?
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