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  1. Parker

    [Magic Lore] - Virailum of Tahariae

    what the heck is this
  2. Parker

    LotC 16 Personalities Test

    alright.. just don’t laugh ok?
  3. What kind of ban are you appealing? In-game Ban Minecraft Usernames blothrbhakthal Reason for punishment I downed Glonkey five times Players Involved Parker By your own understanding, why did you recieve a punishment? So, it was late at night for me- ofcourse this does not warrant me falsely accusing him of being muted in a discord and thus making him a bit angry. I downed him five times despite him pleading against it and then logged off to go to bed as he entered the home of two people role-playing without any role-play, it was more so us hopping around than anything really, you know when you are on a discord call and just run around aimlessly. Why should you be pardoned? I think I served my time of however long two or three weeks, I apologize to gloonkey for making him quite upset and will never troll him in discord and down him or any person for that matter again, even if we were in the end all fooling around. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your punishment? I will make sure I assume everyone in a situation as light as that one in my understanding, will get offended by my sarcastic tones. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. Following the community guidelines in respect to my punishment shows that if you are 'laid back and considerate' to others during small out of character bouts and discussions rather than trying to ramp up people's attitudes, it will not get you the punishment I got. I think that if anyone was as tired as I was, or wanted to be a bit feisty with others, they should realize what is in it for them, or assume what the person you are doing it to has been through during the day, perhaps they are not currently in a stable mindset, who knows.
  4. Parker


  5. Parker

    Playable CA Race Lore - Drakul, Serfs Of The Stone Serpent

    GREEN EYES WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA “ruh roh” *puts draining rune on mouth* “now i am strigae” *injects blood magic berserker dna* “wooooaaaaaaaeeeeeee” *runs around and bite people drain them with your rune in your mouth* “aeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeea” *makes black book by using ink sac dye on book cover* “hohohohohohohohohohohohoh witcher witcher!!!!” 😉 smiles like that because nobody can catch me
  6. Parker

    On 'Blood Magic': Occultist Sorcery or Ancient Alchemy?

    “Someone who understands”
  7. Parker

    Alimar Arts & Attire Store

    Someone is happy someone does roleplay
  8. Parker

    The Institute

    then there are somethings you haven’t seen before. I have done role-play with crude medical sciences for sure. I can definitely say Mordu has done some crude back alleyway medicinal. Bokratzia has also done things along the line of mechanics, engineering and science related despite having magic in the server. Some lore such as Machine Spirits and Clockwork as example. Maybe you should look at it in terms of not how realistic and real-world SCP might be to real life, than LoTC. But look at it from the perspective of using LoTC magic and it’s creatures for the people to interpret as things to study and contain. It has been done before, I am sure the Ascended even contained some odd entity and studied it, before killing it ofcourse. Saying LoTC is a bloated mess is one thing, but doing something is another. It’s the same old, I’m just trying to deal with this in roleplay rather out of character this time. If you could help out, I’d appreciate it too. edit : send me your scp link, I’d like to read it too.
  9. Parker

    The Institute

    “Anomalies, subjects and victims of; the uncanny, eldritch, abominably. The Foundation requires staff to conduct, contain and wet blanket any of such incidents or reports that the public mustn't be in the need of concern of. A group of people dedicating their lives in efforts to stop World End Class scenarios, and are responsible for saving many lives, although in sacrifice to having their own at expenditure.” – Gunther, 1st Amber Cold. 1708 -|- The sound of clockwork tick and etch into the background of the newly found, temporary office holed up somewhere within Arcas. Stretched along a narrow Oak counter, propped a man’s feet extended unmannerly from his sitting position, wearing a trench-coat, arms folded over his chest. “Right here, you do understand what is at stake-- correct?” he spoke in a gruff tone, as if he had some years on him. The man’s eyes were wary, grayed. Another man stood opposing him, he seemed wealthy; a high socioeconomic class and of good influence. Wearing suspenders and a pair of Aurum rimmed glasses, a smug attitude however. “We don’t know, who and what they are. If you think for a moment I won’t put my savings on the line, we are done here, Gunther.” he held a right hand in a balled fist, seemingly distressed. “Very well then, I’d need time. I need to find people, we cannot do this alone. Not in a million life-times. Elves, as much as they can be sly.” a hand rubbed over his stubble, grayed much as his aged look. “I’d take it you have nothing else to offer, there are alot of people who don’t know a lot of things.” The two associates planned. -|- An Out of Character : I have plans for this to become a server-wide and enjoyable player-event-line. I do not want this to be a typical guild run by myself as a character of mine. I will be assisting people in role-play through events, and role-play event characters that can be role-played without the jurisdiction, meaning everything that will come to be regarding this guild will have some meaning of legitimacy in terms of whether I can or cannot do this or not. I will not overstepping any lines regarding my abilities of doing events. There are so many problems with Lord of the Craft, regarding fear role-play- and knowledge of the unknown. It is assumed, a farmer can understand the wicked traits of a Naz’therak or the sly and uncanny behavior of a Strigae. I find that perhaps a reset and step back would be adequate if you want to help me on this. The ignorance of the use of Wiki and Lore solely for the solitude of role-play would be an incredible improvement to how people can interact with one another. I may not have the qualities of some event team players, nor the thought processes. I am just doing this so others may pick up on it in role-play. Through player-run, and event-run events. If you think you can set-aside your mechanical fun, and characters for just a moment and assist me in making this something, an antagonist, protagonist, a story for the server. It would be highly appreciated. An expectation. A suggestion from me would be create a new character, completely blank slate, without pre-knowledge of anything on the Wiki. Get into a profession; smithing, woodworking, leather-working. Something that can take your mind off the lore and all the mumbo jumbo. Under-game your character, from the start, build them up to who you want them to be. Set goals, journals, google docs of your role-play. There isn’t a good guide on role-play, but this is my aim to bring a guide that will be built from a simple idea from simple role-play interactions. If you want idea’s for a character creation, perhaps some goals or anything. You can contact me Parker#7128. We. Want. Good Fear RP. We want a Good Story, we can be better than this current LoTC. Yes, this is based off SCP. -|- A charcoal-hued raven weaved through the trees, from the Wild-lands deep forestry and over the snow peaked mountaintops. ”To whom it may be concerned. I am Gunther, and I am looking for an adequate and healthy minded person with strong will and curiosity. We will meet soon, contact me through parchment and send it towards the high peaks of the Wild-lands. A respone may not always be possible, as I am swamped with paper-work and organizing of things.” the Parchment seemed as if it went through alot of trouble to get to where it is now. At your character’s feet. The writing was casual and had no hint of professionalism, it was vague and one could truly see this as some senile man gone away from civilization for far too long. But would you take it?
  10. Parker


  11. Parker


    The Ones who Fled Two, only. Watching as their men were hacked and bullied by the Arcane power displayed by the Vira’ker populace. Both retreating beneath the murky water that now was dyed crimson by the blood of their brothers. Slinking back to their decrepit hiding, among the islands not far from the shores of once a pitiful battle. Maybe a warning.
  12. Parker

    [Rule Suggestion] Buff Villainy.

    lol like that’s gonna stop them. alternate accounts, yatta yatta alternate personas people have their ways, way too creative for a simple plugin feature to just simply fix it tbh community guideline rules are broken when people do this sort of thing, it’s not authentic and not fun
  13. Parker

    -= Very Attractive Slaves For Auction. =-

    “can i buy the one taking the picture.” - og