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  1. [Ooc] Username: Kribbitz Activity Rating (1-10): 8 Discord: kribbitz #8675 Skype: same Do you have teamspeak? This is a necessity: [RP] Name: Sidahur Gender: Male Place of residence: Fenn Race/Sub-race/Culture: Snow Elf Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?: yes
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    Spoke with the leaders of this faction, though im unsure if this is fine.
  3. Krib


    Iyasu was born to one of the Ghanyan tribes in the northern desert. The tribe puts a strong emphasis on martial ability. Boys are trained from early childhood in the use of the sword, spear and shield. Iyasu's Father, was a man revered within the tribe and of high status and nobility as not only a leader of men, but of a valiant warrior in his own right. Growing up, Iyasu trained often with his father, with sparing sessions beginning from the age of 8. When not serving as a warrior under their local chief, his father owned land where the family farmed crops, such as millet and sorghum. As tension with Haria has coincided with his coming of age, Iyasu now finds himself in tumultuous times.
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    not sure if the clan reference is a problem. He isn't part of it its just an aspect of his backstory
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    Atharen was the product, of an affair between his father, a wealthy Goldhand dwarven merchant, and his mother, a dark elf woman he never met. Though his father rarely if ever spoke of his birth, the few times he had he mentioned that she was pressured by her family to give him up as an infant due to their adherence to purity within their bloodline. So instead, Atharen was given to his father where he was raised in Kaz'ulrah in the city of Kal'Tarak. His father was a somewhat cold and distant figure. The clan he belonged to was a very prestigious clan of birth rights and were particularly proud of the clan feature of notable blond hair. To be born with ashen skin and pitch black hair made him stand out as the odd one out. Though his father tried to hide it, he was somewhat embarrassed and viewed him as an obligation. Atharen spent most of his early years alone in solitude from many of his peers. Besides his training to take up the clan trade, his features and the nature of his birth left him ostracized and ignored by many, besides the occasional cruel gossip that would be spread about him. Atharen did make one friend, an old smith by the name of Kadrak. Kadrak noticed the young beardling was often alone and took pity on him, letting him spend his free time in his smithy. Atharen was enraptured by the process of smithing and after a significant amount of pestering and begging Kadrak finally relented and showed Atharen a little bit of what he knew. Atharen found he enjoyed the work and became proficient enough to help the old smith with the some of the orders and commissions he received. It was while spending time in Kadrak's smithy that he came across an old tome that'd change his life. he found an old dusty book among the smith's collection of old dusty things about rune smithing. he inquired about it and Kadrak admitted he didn't remember having it or where he got it from, however he let the young dwarf have it. Atharen voraciously devoured its content over the course of several weeks. After that, wishing to expand his knowledge, he would scrounge up enough pocket money and seek out local book dealers, picking up other books on a variety of subjects from the arcane to artificery, along with dwarven lore and history. Atharen's Father was somewhat aware of his interests but ignored it as it kept him busy and out of his hair. However as time went on and Atharen came to the age of diving into the trade more seriously, his father pressured him to conform. Atharen however, had no interest in trade. He felt disaffected without a real place to belong and stifled from pursuing his interests. And so, he made a fateful decision. One night he decided to pack a bag, leave his home and forsake his clan, to find his place in the world.
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    I hope I didnt leave out any important details.
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    Auzokh was Born to clan Gorkil living in a small nomadic tribe in the desert outskirts of krugmar. his father Nazoth was a warrior who was well respected participating in numerous raids on hapless wandering foreigners that ventured into their domain and the occasional attack on undead holds scattered across the landscape. As a kub, Auzokh was captivated by the stories his father would tell him of the raids he fought in, detailing the tactics and complex maneuvers in setting up an ambush, the tale reaching its crescendo in the resulting rush of violence and victory. As a young orc finding his way in the world, Auzokh did as most orcs of his age did, test each other in klomps of strength and skill. Auzokh due to his size and strength did well for himself commanding some respect and even fear from some of his smaller peers. However, Auzokh did not find the satisfaction he yearned for. He found it in strategy and tactics, commanding the other local young orcs in hunting creatures of the desert. He coordinating ways of luring and trapping them for sport, exercising cunning and ambition. As he grew older he even took part in a few raids, a dream he had had since he was young. However, Auzokh knew he wanted more from life than that of his tribes nomadic existence.When he came of age, before leaving his tribe for The capital with his fathers blessing, he spoke to the local shaman and asked him what his ancestors had destined for his future.The shaman told him what he had already known, that he was destined for greatness
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