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  1. Özenler Discord: Click Here To View Culture Updates! Introduction The Özenler people are a human-folk which travels through the lands of Almaris with a great ambition, the creation of an Empire in which the Özenler are the settlers together with followers of their faith. They derived from the well known Turkin, they are travellers who are closely related to the Nomads, they still stick to several traditions of it, but due to the independence they wanted to create, by the lead of Mehmed Akbas, several people who declared themselves as independant, named themselves Öze
  2. THE AYRIAN SUBCULTURE Ve Ayrikiv TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Introduction II. History III. Physical Characteristics IV. Way of Life & Dress V. Language & Dialect VI. Religion VII. Notable Individuals I - Introduction The Ayrian people (also referred to as Valwyckan, Valwyckian, or Ayrikiv in their native Naumariav) are natives of the highest mountains and peaks of Hanseti-Ruska, usually situated near large bodies of water such as seas and lakes. Years of a sta
  3. The Following Missive would be scattered around various Mali filled nations: A SHORT COMPOSITION OF ELVEN PHRASES Heya’van ito nae’leh? - How do you fare? (Heya- What, How, Who) Ayla ito kae! - I am good! Llum ito kae’leh - I am sad (Sorrowful) Nae’eyha? - And you? O? - Why? Adont’ahern - Please Ahernan ( ito nae’leh) - Thanks/ Thank you Itone - You’re welcome Llun ito kae’leh - I am Sorry Tilunen’ne ito nae’leh - I don’t forgive you Malieir ito nae’leh - You are a traitor
  4. The Union of Rosius et Frand ~ ~ 𝔄𝔦𝔪𝔢𝔢 𝔡𝔢 𝔉𝔯𝔞𝔫𝔡 requests your presence at the marriage of her sister, the fair Claude de Frand to The Honorable, Otis de Rosius At the Basilica of the Ascent, in the center of the Imperial City of Providence, officiated by Vice-Chancellor Cardinal Pelagius-Albarosa. Followed by a reception at 'The Ivy House' hosted by Madam Ivy herself. To be taken place on the 19th of the Sun's Smile, 1813 ((Sunday, 3/28/21 7pm EST))
  5. “To Safeguard Happiness” The Elvenesse Revelry Guild The Aegis Adventurers Seen typically within fine taverns or wandering the beautiful streets of Elvenesse, those within the Wyn’okar are not out-going adventurers or mercenaries but morerather fun-loving individuals or seasoned veterans of whom seek to improve the homelife and participate in different activities Elvenesse has to offer. They are the homefront guild, those who wish to see the city prosper. Those within the revelry guild are those who enjoy the warm moonlit nights in festivals or the hot s
  6. The Puerokars Spinners of Stories The Puerokars are a seed centered around the worship of the Rabbit Mani Bilobooz, and the celebration of the individual legacies of its members. Formally a matriarchal society on the fringes of other larger wood elven groups, The Puerokars have recently been reintroduced to society by the new generation of Puerokars. Whether through murals, totems, journals, or through their Ilmyumier itself, the Puerokars celebrate the events that make an individual who they are. History The Puerokar’s were once a group of eig
  7. Li-Wen 李文 Li-Wen is vastly different from any existing languages on Almaris, borrowing greatly from the Hou-zi in its use of characters and pronunciation, often very difficult for those unfamiliar to pick up. Words are often made of a combination of up to three syllables in phonetics, with five different inflections. Li-Wen is tonal; tones must be correct in order to convey the correct meaning, which makes it more challenging to learn. One mispronunciation of an inflection can result in calling your mother a horse. It is heavily context-laden and lacks preposit
  8. Yong Ping Settlement Guide Name of settlement: Yong Ping Peak Times: Peak times are generally 5pm EST-4am EST. We have a good amount of Aussie timezones, with some American mixed in. Populace Density: The settlement generally consists of most notably, Elves, Humans and the occasional Dwarf. Culturally, you'd see the Li-Ren and Oyashiman running about but it is not exclusive to just them. Brief Description: Yong Ping is the home of a variety of Easterner Farfolk cultures, having grown a bit of a reputatio
  9. -Kharajyr Astronomy- (Disclaimer: all of this is cultural and not actual lore.) [!] A kharajyr's depiction of Metztli, standing in the sands of time [!] Astronomy The studies of the Kharajyr of old focused heavily on the study of Astronomy. Most of the ancient Kharajyr passed on this knowledge down, making it a still practiced study among Kharajyr and various other individuals who learned it from them. The study of astronomy itself focused on the stars, meteors, the sun, and the moon. Any phenomenon that occurred in the grey skies was considered a part of
  10. The Path of the Flame The Philosophical Musings of Elros Silma The 13th Year of the Second Age Foreward Some view the mali as twice cursed. Few in number and forced to endure the pain of the world in a way others do not. The life chosen for the Mali is a hard one, for our blessing brings with it an expectation, a duty, which the other races do not have laid out for them. For in our long life comes a challenge to improve and better ourselves, so we may better serve the world. For who are better to serve as preservers of history than those who live through it,
  11. YONG PING SETTLEMENT APPLICATION Settlement PRO MC Name: Kemobrown Settlement Name: Yong Ping Proposed Settlement Locations (Highlight 3 on the map): 1st preference - Tile 66. 2nd preference - Tile 73 3rd preference - Tile 77 Settlement Lore (could include previous roleplay posts showing involvement with the community) (1000 words minimum): Yong-Ping City is the epicentre of Eastern-inspired culture and arts. It’s home to the Li-Ren, Hou-zi, Oyashimans and many other travellers who have found home with its unique cultu
  12. Deórhyrst/Deórhyrstas Culture TLDR The culture/religion is composed mostly of warriors, farmers, and merchants. All of whom are religious zealots with various cults being the most fervent in their faith to the gods. They lived in isolation until clan wars forced most into migrations toward current nations. The people are human supremacists with the most common demographics being Highlanders and Heartlanders. Farfolk members often only have a place among the faithful as converts, usually forced. The Deórhyrstas hate the other races due to religious values vi
  13. [!] A flyer would be distributed round all of Almaris with elegant calligraphy in Li-Wen and common translation underneath. Not only that, but on the bright red paper was a shining gold border, and engraved on the very top was an ox, the zodiac of the New Century! TAI PING LUNAR NEW CENTURY, NEW YEAR! Dear Reader, you are formally invited to join the citizens of Tai Ping in celebrating the Tai Ping Nian Festival! This year’s celebration will be packed with festivities - one for each month! So don’t fret if you miss out on one event, for there is sure
  14. Among the A’tmuzigh, it is said that every grain of sand in the desert is inhabited by a spirit. A semi-nomadic farfolk tribe scouring the deserts, hopping from oasis to oasis, the elders say the A’tmuzigh are as old as the sand itself. Although political strife and conflict have whittled down their numbers, a select few tribes of the A’tmuzigh still remain. Their relative isolation has made it so few in the great cities, even those nestled amongst the desert dunes, know more than myth and legends of this tribe. City folk say they ride sandstorms and worship idols in the form of monoliths in t
  15. Hello friends and foes of LoTC! I hope that my post finds you all well, that the new year has been kind to you thus far and that you find yourselves in the best of health. It is my sincere hope that you are all safe and sound with your loved ones (or your pets). With the coming of the new year I found myself back on this wonderful server nearly three years after I took a hiatus. Much has changed and I felt like the type and quality of roleplay that we have had has changed as well, to my pleasant surprise! I grew nostalgic of my early days of playing on the server back i
  16. The Sutican Culture, on paper I tried to find the illustrator but was unable to find them. The sutican culture has always been obscure and relatively quiet compared to other cultures around the realm, while not documented previously it is now possible to write down all key features and values of an average
  17. [!] Flyers made of rice paper would be distributed across Almaris, a small ink-brush doodle of what looks like a fun child’s game dominating the page. Battle of the Bei-Blades Calling out to all the kids in Almaris, big and small, as well as the playful at heart - challenge your friends in this fun new game of ‘Bei-Blading’ at Tai Ping District, Talons Port! This traditional Li-Ren sport consists of a match between two expert ‘Bei-bladers’, equipped with their trusty spinning tops. Each contestant will face off against one opponent per heat, with
  18. The Cophinus Invarius - Children of the Typhoon Introduction The Children of Typhoon, Cophinus Invarius, are hardy people who are known to endure many unyielding trials. Hailing from the Southern points of the world they have made life more than livable in tropic atmospheres. While a mostly calm and collected people, the Cophinus Invarius also holds a strong military tradition. They hold their values of virtue, honor, and kinship to their fellow man above all else. The leader of the Typhoon is known as the Sovereign of the depths. The Sovereign rules like a king but is an
  19. The Truthful Sixty Four The Truthful Sixty Four, these are the gods who control the world born of The First. The Primordial, The Dreamer, Zoramus the creator of all things. The teachings of Ziagonism and of the Truthful Sixty Four have been transcribed within the Dream Seeker Tablet from long ago. The First (Primordial): God of Dreams: Zoramus The Second Two: Goddess of Life and Fertility: Syun God of Death: Tunxar Syun and Tunxar’s Children (Syuxarians): God of Seas: Zeamus Goddess of the Sky: Allyria
  20. Li-Guo 李國 APPEARANCE The people of Li-Guo call themselves Li-Ren and are an assortment of different races, though the population is predominantly Farfolk with pale to sallow skin, dark hair, and dark eyes. With their long history of trade and diplomacy, other races such as elves and dwarves have made Li-Guo their home, choosing to adopt the customary dress of Hanfu. Hanfus are characterised by their flowing sleeves which act as extra storage, as well as the tight belt that holds the ensemble toget
  21. Ultimate Guide to the Halfling Race Contents: ~The origin of the Halfling culture ~How to Halfling ~Halflings, what are they? ~Should I play a Halfling? ~How to create a Halfling ~How to talk like a Halfling ~How to join the Halfling village ~How to build a Halfling burrow ~Things to do as a halfling ~The Halfling Festival ~How to Shog ~How to build Halfling villages (Coming soon) ~Other cool Guides The Origin of the Halfling Culture
  22. ALKALORIAN CULTURE "This armor is part of our identity. It makes us Alkalorians who we are"~ Alk'alor the Unifier INTRODUCTION The Alkalorians—known in Alko'a as the Alko'ade, or "Children of Alkalore"—were a nomadic group of clan-based people consisting of members from multiple species and multiple genders, all bound by a common culture. HISTORY In their early years, Alkalorian culture revolved around battle, with war being a source of honor and pride in their community. The leader of the Alkalorians was known as the Alk'alor, translating to "Sole
  23. [!] Invitations have been sent to all registered citizens of Elvenesse, with formal letters arriving at the halls of the many elven houses that reside within the nation. [!] The Ceremony of Winter Starlight You have been cordially invited to attend and participate in an ancient tradition passed down by the alder folk, from Almenor and Malinor past. Don your most festive winter garb and bring your kin, for we are to witness the retelling and reincarnation of our grand heritage, almenodrim, wood elven and dark elven alike. In ancient times when Malin's
  24. Anthology of the NGS A Compendium of Studies by the Northern Geographical Society The Great Crest of the Northern Geographical Society Est. 1762 ✵ FOREWORD ✵ By Celestine E. Herbert President of the NGS For well over thirty years, the Northern Geographical Society and its membership have boldly sought to dispel the fog of ignorance by drafting ethnographies, taxidermies, field guides, histories, and biographies for the public to read and enjoy. One of the definition goals of our organiz
  25. We Want YOUR Screenshots! A lot of Orcish RP revolves around the Spirits & Ancestors, and particularly our ways of worshipping them. You’ll often hear a victorious Orc praising his chosen Spirit, or a Orc returning from a hunt dedicating his trophy to Votar. Unfortunately, few track our progress, and thus our Shamans cannot keep RP the Spirits or Ancestors being happy with an Orc’s dedication during the Spirit walks. So, if you ever construct a Shrine, sacrifice an Elf, dedicate a victory or in any other way please your chosen Spirit or Ancestor, send the screenshot in
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