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  1. I didn’t mean to de-legitimize the past threads made on staff, the latest one being Harrison’s. What I meant with the sentence you quoted is basically in support of your criticism: that we found ourselves in a situation where unless big outrage is present, certain actions are not taken. That kind of mob rule may feel righteous because it is a moment where certain sentiments in the community are finally voiced, but I think we both agree that the system shouldn’t have failed in the first place. I hope that with the Safety Team, if there is overwhelming evidence of such a person roaming around: we can just go ahead and demand a(n investigation) ban. It would be a nice milestone if outrage threads are rendered obsolete, because people can venture to their staff teams again to address issues of whatever severity. Hopefully our team becomes obsolete in the future as well.
  2. Thank you for your questions, I will do my best to respond to them. I will only quote your bold questions in my post to avoid cluttering, but I will try to answer all questions below them as well. “In a case of sexual harassment where the safety team is approached, what evidence is shown them?” In principle, if the Safety Team is approached, all evidence is visible to all members. This includes the two admins in our chat. This principle isn’t always applied however, as it does depend on how a case comes to our team. If the player comes to us directly, he or she will be put in a specific channel where we organize the evidence, case, et cetera. This channel is visible to the entire Safety Team: but players need to consent to this. If they do not want a specific person involved in the process: not only would the person in question recuse him/herself from the case and voting, but also from the process entirely. If the admins delegate a case to us, I will talk with the admin(s) involved to see how we will proceed with said case. Maybe certain specifications are given surrounding our handling of said case, which might change the answer to your question. But a scenario in which person A doesn’t want Safety member B to be involved, but B remains involved, will not exist on the Safety team. This will change who sees the evidence of a case, obviously. “Based on what criteria are new members chosen?” This question is more for Telanir as I did not have a say in the recruitment of this team. I was appointed Safety Manager after its foundation. Though from my experience, Telanir looked at our OOC credentials, affinity with the subjects involved (such as dealing with emotional situations, potential high (dis)stress, that you’re able to deal with the fact that you might become a target yourself, HR, et cetera) and a series of conversations held between himself and myself, where I had to answer questions about my motive or my experiences with certain subjects. What the contents were of the background check I went through, why I was entrusted and the other person was not, is something only Telanir would be able to answer. The roster isn’t definitive and is the only reason why Telanir will proceed with a new public announcement sometime later. Past infractions and public image are relevant, but not leading in the recruitment to this team. If you know my personal history on LotC for example, you might learn that people related to Courland 3 years ago or certain individuals in Haense are on hostile terms with me. You see comments appear on some forum posts or discords about my temper, a harassment accusation, jabs at my character, etc. While on one hand it is relevant to know why this sentiment exists and to what extend it is to blame to my own poor conduct, on the other hand, you must realize that nearly everybody has a similar story to tell. If we were to take all criticism or people’s luggage at face value, nobody that actively participated in communities on LotC would be qualified. You’d have to get total outsiders to which the community wouldn't respond positively as well: as seen by the levied criticism of admins “never logging on and talking to the community” etc. I believe staff like Hunwald are a perfect example of this: loved by one side, hated by others, exposed to do controversial things, but yet remains a highly competent GM that their team wants and basically needs. Needless to say, background checks were held. The fact that I’m here talking to you as the Safety Manager means that Telanir didn’t consider my luggage bad enough for it to sow doubt about my character or competency. Though the rosters aren't final, and maybe even I won't be on the next one. That is up to Telanir. “What pex will the safety team have?“ As our forum roles and IG roles need to be finalized, as far as I know, we’d only get access to logs, fly and invisibility. This is not final however, and is still subject to change. I think this will be cleared up in the official announcement 2.0 made by Telanir. “Why does it feel rushed?” Only some aspects of the entire project were rushed. The announcement was done relatively early because we felt that it should be known that we were handling the GGT – Harrison case, which was exposed quite extensively in Harrison’s thread. We knew this thread was coming, and didn’t want to leave an impression that their concerns weren’t heard. Telanir was on a flight however and we ended up coordinating it with Flamboyant and LotsOfMuffins, who finalized the post with us & the forum rank. Because the announcement was rushed, the project feels rushed. But I can assure that even before we came into the picture, the idea for this team, its jurisdiction and functionality has all been thought out by Telanir and then eventually by the rest of the team. It was made as a follow up to the “We have a crisis” post. “I personally am not entirely against the idea of the safety team, but there are a lot of factors that come into play here that have not been explained to us properly. “ We understand and regret that in the chaos we decided to poorly announce ourselves. But I hope that through answering DM’s, threads like these, future announcements by Telanir and myself and the conclusion of cases such as GGT/Harrison one: we can answer all your questions and show the community that we sit behind this wheel with expertise and good intentions.
  3. Bit late to the thread, but I felt it was necessary to respond. The Safety Team's internal vetting and membership involves a degree of OOC that makes us at least more accountable than other layers of staff: because Telanir and Tythus would know our real life names, OOC employment, et cetera. This does not fully terminate the risk of ‘accelerating grooming’ or makes our team infallible, but it at least is a step to avoid misuse of our power or our ability to hide behind this staff title. We fall under intense scrutiny and I personally feel responsible for the quality of help and oversight we can give to players who feel psychologically harmed in this community, or find their ability to participate in it undermined severely. We wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment that if criminal or psychologically-harmful events take place, the victim should alert all proper organizations and/or the authorities. We can not, and will not try to, replace the role of actual police, family members or close ones. As a matter of fact, we will constantly suggest the involvement of parents or the authorities if the severity of the situation justifies that. But the fact remains that we have an active policy where we say as a server: we do not want certain people, who commit certain acts, on here. For this policy to be enforced: you need a team that adheres to a protocol and handles these cases, or else you'd get arbitrary enforcement or like in the previous cases: mob rule. It's ridiculous that it requires community outrage or a cohesive exposé on an individual for the responsible people to enforce rules, remove the person in question, et cetera. We cannot force people to trust us as a team, but I will personally put in the work to ensure that we show trustworthy conduct. As much as the launch of this team proceeded in a chaotic fashion, we must not forget that our mandate on this server is highly serious. All I can say for now is: please criticize us, reach out to us and keep us accountable. On our end we will help you do this by giving people that interact with us full access to all documents, transcripts, call recordings & arguments regarding their case. In the end, only time will tell if we managed to establish a team that helps this server or contributes to its existing problems with staff. Despite my own past wrongs and controversial history, I promise you to do my utmost best to stop the latter from happening. If you wish to join: please reach out to my discord so we can add you to the backlog of people to interview when we start to expand the team.
  4. Never Forget. Never Forgive.



  5. I’m glad the proper oversight is established over the Safety Team. Thank you, comrade.
  6. The moderation team remains the norm in most cases and, unless players specify themselves or admins intervene, will go to the moderation team. I personally have extensive moderation experience outside of LotC and Xalid for example is an ex-GM. Others have experience in that field as well. Yes, not only did we have to send in our OOC resumes, but we also had to describe our experiences with (sexual) harassment, etc. My experience comes from being the chairman of multiple chapters and political organizations in my country, where I had to deal with a major HR component and resolve conflicts with that theme. Please await the safety page for more information about our credentials and how we can be held accountable.
  7. Dear friends of LotC, In Telanir’s “We have a Crisis” post, he described a new initiative that he would take regarding the safety of its players within this community. This came after a series of incidents within our layers of staff and players alike, shaking the server and its trust in the staff team to its core. From this initiative, after two months of extensive conversation and brainstorming, we can now proudly announce the birth of LotC’s Safety Team. We will now proceed to answer the relevant questions: First things first: We are aware of the thread made by Harrison regarding the ban of Narthok, Swifty_Sam and Ggteixeira, and we are investigating the case mentioned. We have already engaged with both Harrison and Ggteixeira in what we experienced as a productive and good conversation. Updates regarding the case will be given privately to those involved. We just wish to express: we hear you. In response, we are going to speak with Hunwald and Dibbo9 regarding their decision to ban the players involved and see if everything has gone according to procedure and if all the information was applied correctly. This, however, does not dispute their great contribution to their server as diligent staff members, who, just like any human, do their jobs with the risk of making a mistake once or twice. We will look at the bigger picture of this case and resolve it accordingly. What does the Safety Team do? We ensure that all community members can feel safe when playing on the Lord of the Craft, with safety defined in its abstract sense. This can vary from harassment between players and groups, racism, sexism or more heavy topics such as grooming or pedophilia. Victims of any of the above can contact our team (contact details below) and initiate an investigation, from which the team shall decide how to proceed. The gravity of the situation will determine whether a Moderator or the Safety Team will handle the situation, if the victim hasn’t approached the Moderation team in the first place. After investigations conclude, the Safety Team decides what type of sanction or reform is necessary to not only bring justice for the victim(s): but how such a situation can be avoided in the future. Who is on the Safety Team and why? The initial recruitment process was done by Telanir through his personal E-mail, where applicants shared their real life resumes, credentials and experiences that justify their presence on this team. The focus was heavily put on finding members outside of existing staff teams to avoid bias and implement a form of community representation within this team. After Telanir’s selection, the following safety team members are recruited. Draeris Draeris#4899 Safety Manager DoctorD DoctorD#6351 Safety Team HR Xalid Xalid#7248 Safety Administrative Team Hedgehug Hedgehug#2111 Safety Team Member ArborGold ArborGold#7019 Safety Team Member Future additions to the team will be mentioned in the Safety Page, which is a w.i.p. For the LotC website. If you wish to join, please contact the Safety Team Manager (Draeris) or Telanir. Will there be persecution? Often when teams announce policy surrounding ERP, harassment, et cetera, a large portion of our community fears that it would mean in practice that being a controversial player, making politically incorrect jokes or participating in memeing means flirting with a ban hammer. Although we will not stray from the conventional guidelines that are enshrined in the rules, a general clarification would seem in place considering this existing sentiment. When we judge players over abstract and subjective things such as harassment, racism, et cetera, we look at the whole picture surrounding this player. For members of any community or any staff team to feign innocence as an individual, is an unsustainable model if we wish to actually enforce sanctions for the reasons stated above. In the end everyone at some point to someone would probably have stated something offensive, controversial or politically improper. We will take these words into account, but only in the context of the situation given. We will be extremely communicative in what details we have taken into account and will provide arguments for our verdict. Furthermore, every verdict will be made collectively as a team: personal bias or history with any member of the Safety team will not influence a verdict. We hope that due to our strict enforcement of neutrality and high standard of communication with the community, we can terminate the sentiment of arbitrary punishment or the staff being the fun police on this server once and for all. What are your next steps? We expect to finalize our handbook soon, in which we transparently structurize how we deal with certain situations and how we maintain proper functionality within the team. Furthermore, we will properly integrate this team into LotC: establishing a Safety page with our contact details, better visibility, proper permissions on the server necessary for investigation and establishing communication with other staff members. At last we will prepare for a new round of recruitment for this team, which we hope to have completed by the end of january. We will do our best to maintain a high standard of safety and social quality on this server. We wish to thank Telanir for understanding the severity behind the need for safety in an online community. We also wish to thank that community in advance for its cooperation and mutual dedication to make this server a place that is fun and safe for all of us. Yours truly, The Safety Team
  8. Başil Karamanoğlu was shocked, hearing the news from one of the girls in his harem. “Utterly barbaric! These Canonists claim to hold hands under one big yurt, while slaying each other over a loaf of another’s baklava! How many effeminate Stone Yurt men must die before they see that conversion to Kashgarism is the only way forward?” he’d scoff, shaking his head once more “May four thousand doves defecate onto the stone yurt of Darrowmere.”
  9. Başıl Karamanoğlu peered over the letter in his office, sitting on the floor as he was flanked by a couple of literate young peasants. “Do I understand this correctly?” he’d lean forward towards the young Bryan, showing the letter to him. “Ye- I mean, evet Your Excellency the Inspector-General.” Başıl nodded once more, cracking his knuckles before penning a letter to the Grand Lady of the Imperial Court. “ Merhaba, Kadin of the palace, I understand your initial desire for civility before a Bey. The leader of any Stone Yurt deserves a degree of gratitude, servitude and honour when his subjects stand in his presence. But while your conclusion is good, your substance is not. The Stone Yurt of Helena truly prides itself in the vast variety of peoples it can attract: bringing in commerce, swords for the war and in my case, service to the Empire and its bürücraci. The dancers you were so disgusted by were Rheynari: a culture not so distant from our great Subudai ancestors. A bond that, despite its distance in history, brings the Karamanoğullari close to its Basrid and Konchak contemporaries. With this letter, not only do you express yourself with a certain reckless liberty that a lady isn’t supposed to have, but you insult the very cultural expressions that are the slices of peach in the Empire’s yogurt. In your letter, you reference the name Jahan Basrid, who is apart of the same lineage you scoff at with this unladylike correspondence. If the Basrid Bey seeks a dance that expresses his culture, or a Karamanoğullari Bey wishes to smoke Hookah with his kardeşler, a woman is in no place to reject that. You point to and judge the fine dancers of the steppes for their lack of physical chastity, while you lack the spiritual chastity by penning this grave insult to all people that call themselves Farfolk. If I find a letter that states that my privilege to attend a court I serve, is being reviewed. By Kashgar, I shall wish for a thousand swans to trample you. Sana yeşermiş ve güçlü bir zeytin ağacının sağlığını dilerim. Başıl Karamanoğlu Inspector-General “
  10. Başil Karamanoğlu had watched the concert in utter shock, sitting closely to Simon Basrid. “Long had I respected the men from the Stone Yurt of Helena, but after this decadent display filled with promiscuous women and pretentious poetry... I can no longer! Bah! this has ruined my appetite for Yoghurt.”
  11. Başıl Karamanoğlu grew frustrated with the disbelief from his relatives, nudging Kübek on the shoulder as he nearly shouted: “Tell them! Tell them what we saw!” It wouldn't have mattered however, for the water crystal jewels remained a distant dream regardless.
  12. Başıl Karamanoğlu in his new workplace in Helena The Crown’s Foreigner A tale of an unusual employment When one observes the renowned House Basrid, one might forget that their roots are entangled into tales of barbary and primitivism: for they exhume an aura of civility and knowledge. If one is to come across a Qalasheeni, he is reminded of the centuries of cultural distance that both have enjoyed from each other: each other’s differences emphasized as a bitter sweet reminder. But what of a Karamani? For he walks with an attire of hides and speaks an exotic tongue, while finding no issue in mingling with the Orenian bureaucrats and prominents alike. Had their different faith inconvenienced them in their friendship with the staunch Canonists from Hanseti-Ruska? Had their language complicated their warm conversations with those of Sarkozic and Carrion lineage? Had their nomacy affected their ability to pen the finest of records, their participation in the most profitable of business negotiations and their availability to their international contacts? If one knows a Karamanoğlu further than his own first impression, his answer would be no. But who can get really close to a people that carefully select their foes and friends alike? This great deception bestowed upon those that are unfamiliar: did not fool Joachim Haas. The wise Vice-Chancellor had observed the Karamanoğullari Bey, Başıl Karamanoğlu, as they ventured through Helena occasionally. From negotiating an import contract with his younger brother Boudewijn, to sending a diplomatic delegation to the Kingdom of Curon. These primitive nomads seemed more than capable of travelling through the extensive bureaucratic pathways that make Oren go forward. Upon further investigating the travelling society, Joachim realised that the prominent psychological component in selecting the right candidates for the right job, were a matter of life or death for these Karamanoğullari. Their internal titles, albeit of no relevance to the Imperial peerage, were ones wielding grotesque mandates of care taking, prosperity and justice upon the young and old alike. A society that banks so much on a singular individual, must possess a cultural filter that is excellently capable of separating the strong from the weak. This conclusion led to Vice-Chancellor approaching Başıl, commencing what would become a remarkable job interview for the position of Inspector-General. The Vice-Chancellor would halt the Karamanoğlu on the middle of Helenian streets, interrupting his daily stroll to the tavern. “Weren’t you the one that interrupted our last Tartişma?” Başıl would fingerpoint at Joachim slightly, chuckling. Joachim would chuckle back “I certainly seem to have done so.” the conversation was then organically interrupted by Joachim’s beckons, as he simply stated: “Please follow me to my office”. Başıl complied, dipping his head as both of them ventured to the Vice-Chancellor’s office in utter silence. Once there, Başıl was fascinated with the vibrant colours that housed the Orenian bureaucracy. The walls decorated with a vast array of paintings and heirlooms, the carpets forming a symphony of tasteful colours deemed a luxury for Karamanid artworks. Joachim spoke:”My primary reason for calling you here is because I require men of fortitude that are outside of the system”. “You seek a man that has not lived in a Stone Yurt?” Başıl would interject: “quite unusual”. Joachim would nod, his hands softly placed on the desk before him. “I want a go-between for my ministers that aren’t biased to internal inquires. Effectively, I’d like to try out a man of your means, in the position of Inspector-General.” Başıl would cross his arms, raising his chin as he inquired: “What would I need to do as an ‘Inspector-General’?”. Joachim would lean forward slightly, as if to emphasize his words more: ”You will ensure that the right man is placed on the right job: and that they will do this job well in the future”. The Karamanoğlu nodded, entrenching his fingers in the fabric that was placed onto Joachim's desk. He nodded once, although he wasn't exactly sure to what he nodded for. They shook hands as Başıl was shown his office. Their kind and Joachim's kind were always separated by layers upon layers of difference. How would the great Timur or the benevolent Kashgar look upon him? Shaking hands with a man of a stone yurt? Adopting their bürücratic mandate as his own? Başıl took a deep breath, leaning back into his chair. By Kashgar, even men from Stone Yurts recognized the inherent wisdom of the Karamanoğullari. A question infiltrated his head however: while travelling, where would he store all of his parchment? The curse of bürücraci was already encroaching upon him..
  13. Başıl and Kübek Karamanoğlu try the Hookah in the Helenian tavern, 17th of Alev Yenilgisi High in Helena Two Kardeşler try Boudewijn’s cactus green Ever since the Karamanoğullari had ventured to Helena as their temporary stop, the shenanigans by these Stone Yurt people seemingly had no end. The naïve Başıl doubted Boudewijn Haas’ big claims surrounding his new shipment of Cactus green, thinking: “this couldn’t be better than what they smoke in Al-Faiz..” Ohh, how a man can make such a wrong judgment despite his conventional wisdom and many endeavours! Assuming the mildness of the substance, Başıl had invited his kardeş Kübek to try out the Hookah in the Helenian tavern. The first inhales were seemingly innocent: Kübek slouching down on his chair as a Başıl menacingly leaned over him. “You’re the only one of the Karamanoğullari without a beard” he would chuckle, his hand leaning onto Kübek’s shoulder. “Beards?” Kübek laughed in his face “They are fine. But a strong moustache..” he’d look up “is much better”. Başıl laughed back, his eyes studying the hairs on Kübek's chin for a while. The inhaling would continue for a couple of hours afterwards, with the entire stash of Başıl being smoked up by the rusty Helenian Hookah. With some time having passed, Başıl began stumbling as he tried to stand up. He then beckoned Kübeck, giggling as he motioned with his hand intensely “Come.. Kardeş, I have to show you something..” They had never been so enchanted by Cactus green before. Once at the back plateau behind the tavern, the two kardeşler stood over the railing. Başıl pointed at the frozen river, stating: “I’ve never seen this in Korvassa.. Timur had only told stories about it.. But to see it is an entirely different thing..” Kübek would nod, observing “They’re like water crystals.. Is it hard enough to make jewels?” Başıl obtained an epiphany, struggling to explain it to Kübek as he gestured randomly with his hands: “Jewels..” he’d simply state, pointing down “Jewels.. Of water”. Kübek’s eyes widened, his hands clasping the railing tightly “What a fantastic ornament that would be. But how could we make it?” He’d look down “We should try to make it loose.” Başıl started to hang himself off the railing, beckoning Kübek to follow “I’ll go down first, let’s try it.”As both brothers landed, one on his feet and the other one on his behind: they now stood on the frozen canal of Helena. Kneeling down, they each tried to break the ice with their bare hands. Such an attempt was unsuccessful however, as the two Karamanoğlu were waving their hands in the air in pain and in tears. “Not even an arrow could pierce it.” Kübek muttered as Başıl swiped a tear away from his cheek. “Maybe we should ask one of the locals of the stone yurt to help us?” Both in agreement, they tried to stand up from their kneeling position. Kübek unfortunately sliding forward onto his belly, causing his amused brother to cackle loudly: “you can ride a steed but you cannot ride this water crystal?”. Kübek looked angrily at Başıl, stating: “Steeds do not slide beneath my feet, Kardeş”. Almost poetically, he then jumped himself straight onto the ice: maintaining perfect balance. They smiled at each other, now sliding towards the staircase to seek help with their quest. Once back onto the streets, they had a hard time finding a willing companion to help in their quest for water crystals. Giggling and looking around, Kübek noticed a small pool under the tree in the town square was frozen as well. “Look! The same water crystals beneath the tree! We don’t have to climb down again, kardeş”. They both walked towards the little pool of water, the two brothers would kneel onto the ice once more. “How should we break it?” Kübek pondered, looking over to Başıl. He tried to stomp through the water crystal, but to no avail. The surface stood strongly and only hurt his foot as well: merely showing some cracks around the place of contact. “Why would they place such an invincible crystal everywhere?” Kübek noticed the young Paulina Varoche balancing herself on one foot in the distance. Seeing an inhabitant of the stone yurt, Kübek beckoned Başıl: both now sprinting to the eight year old. “You!” Kübek pointed towards Paulina, distracting her “why do you have invincible crystals beneath the tree?” She would turn pale, eyeing the two Karamanoğullari surrounding her: “W-what..” Başıl took the child by her shoulders, shaking her “Child! Share us your wisdom!” as Kübek elaborated “Why is there, the water crystals!? How do you break it?” Paulina would eventually trip over her one foot, muttering on the ground “B-break it?” as the men now towered over her. “Great, she’s deaf!” Kübek would throw his arm in the air out of frustration, scoffing at the child. As she would stand up and scratch the back of her head, she’d notice that the men were talking about the ice underneath the tree. “Water crystals..” she’d mutter confused “You mean the ice?” Başıl would turn to Kübek, his cheeks red as his lips were compressed: he was trying not to laugh. “Hey kardeş” he stated: “Ice.” They both now chuckled at each other, rendering the poor Paulina extremely confused. “Mhm..” Paulina would reply “Ice is like, frozen water”. “How do you break this ice then?” Kübek inquired as Başıl took some steps forward in anticipation of her answer. “Well you either heat it up, or hit it hard” Paulina would muse, confused as to why she knew more than two men in their mid twenties. Probably for the first time in her short life, the eight year old felt like the adult in the square. “Can you help us break it then?” Başıl inquired, crossing his arms as his head tilted. “I’m a kid.” Paulina stated blankly, crossing her arms as well. “But you understand the ice!” Başıl would giggle to himself, the word still somehow funny. As Paulina couldn’t find a proper response: the kardeşler simply gave up. Scoffing at her with dismissive motions, walking away as Paulina couldn't fathom what she just had experienced. Going to the courthouse to seek warmth instead, the kardeşler sought a proper place to rest for a while. Sitting in front of the central lectern in the courtroom, Kübek observed: “How come that they have so much art?” Başıl shrugged, taking off his shoes “Compensation? It is a waste of colours regardless.” He would lean onto Kübek's shoulder: his head feeling light for the first time in what seemed to be a day. As they discussed the intricacies of the courtroom, giggling at the ridiculousness of having so many decorations and the general difficulty of dealing with the Stone yurt men: Başıl grew increasingly sleepy. The warm shoulder of Kübek served as a proper alternative for his hay pillow from his own yurt. With a few giggles and random comments here and there, they both closed their eyes periodically. Although they had quite the adventure: never would they underestimate the wares of a Helenian merchant ever again. If they hadn’t been so high, maybe they could’ve properly mined the ice for jewelry. The thought of such a wasted opportunity saddened Başıl, who couldn’t keep his eyes open. Kübek would silently stare into the courtroom, taking in the architecture. What a day people could have in Helena..
  14. ((The d’Amaury terms of service states that by playing a d’Amaury character, you agree to: 1). sign all documents that ggteixeira is the author of. 2). be in a constant state of rebellion against the Holy Orenian Empire until Arteh is made Archduke of Lorraine & 3). kidnap children for ransom to pay for operational costs in the first quarter.))
  15. “Okay bootlicker hope he sees this bro” Reinhard would state
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