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  1. Alone on his organ, His Holiness Owyn III would weep. Recollecting his first time in a tavern with Robert in Providence, he started to sing out of sorrow: "It's nine o'clock on the 15th of the First Seed, Regular crowd shuffles in.. There's a young boy sitting next to me Makin' love to his first ever tonic and gin. I ask him: son, can you play me a memory? I'm not really sure how it goes anymore. But it's sad and it's sweet, and I once knew it complete When I wore my premier's clothes.. La-la-la de-de da La-la de-de da da-da
  2. They were young and energetic, yet stood with great discipline before His Holiness. The nameless recruits simply did what they were told, with their Captains Erik & George observing them closely. Handshake after handshake, a thank you after thank you. His Holiness was pleased with being able to express a fundamental feeling he had carried around. His Knight-Regent though observed them curiously for their formations, as the Abbot & Cardinal made commentary on outfits and colour schemes. Not all were there for the same intentions as His Holiness: but that was okay, as they d
  3. "They're trying to reach GOD?!" the High Pontiff would sound outraged "They have no business going up there to visit him! Humans belong on the ground. Bah! Heresy!"
  4. Why are forum profiles ruined now?

  5. The scars, the pus, the painful breaths of Ser Brandt Barlcay: it bothered His Holiness profoundly. As the maimed Knight shyly returned the helmet onto his head, Owyn III couldn't help but to scan his Knight-Regent & Knight Komnenos for their responses. Was he the only one that could weep for his fate? A man merely doing his job for his people somewhere in the nation of Norland, to be punished so severely: to be maimed beyond one eye escaping the wall of bandages? "GOD.." he whispered to himself, standing before the Knight and his own "What must I do to help this man, GOD?". A
  6. "My Vice-Chancellor does not disappoint." His Holiness Owyn III would smile, reading over the thesis in his chambers beside the Basilica of Ex. Godfrey " I shall praise him when I see him again: a magnificent author in the maker!"
  7. "A public chessboard?" he'd look at Cardinal Pelagius @Julio ツ, smiling at the memories of playing chess in Owynsburg "A little bit of Kaedrin right here in Haense: who would've thought?" As His Holiness walked out of the now repaired Karosgrad Basilica with the Cardinal by his side, he would look at a HRA patrol passing by "I wonder if their Chess skills match that of the Albarosan clergy.. If only we had a tournament to answer this question."
  8. "It is always important to maintain a sense of community. While Haense might be an intimate flock already, Guilds shall only strengthen this bond." His Holiness spoke with a soft smile, reading over the missive with great curiosity "I would like to meet this Maer soon."
  9. "Calm down?" The Pontiff would chuckle at his reinstated Cardinal, offering him a peppermint.
  10. PRIMUS BULLA AUREA JORENUS The First Golden Bull of Jorenus OWYN III, pontifex maximus, servus servorum Dei, episcopus Sancta Sedes, Weeps at the sight of this civil unrest instigated by the Cyril Halcourt sympathizers before the Basilica in Karosgrad. It is unfortunate that the violent protestors found the need to damage Karosgradian property, endanger the lives of the Clergy & that of His Holiness Owyn III. They had unfortunately attempted to do the same to the Basilica of Ex. Godfrey in Providence. But the violent rioters were quickly quelled, and ord
  11. His Holiness Owyn III sat by himself in the devastated Karosgrad Basilica, his centerpiece of a podium missing from the trashed chamber. There, seated on the steps as he read this young man's letter, he wept. It wouldn't take long before His Holiness would muster the strength to go to his private Office, and pen a letter in return. To the young Robert Foltest Helvets, You are in my deepest prayers as we both combat the sorrow that now overcomes us. Count Rochefort was in many ways a pillar that upheld many around him: someone who rejected the sinful temptations o
  12. GOD TESTS US ALL THE SORROW OF OWYN III @LithiumSedai @frill “I wish to author a eulogy.” the fatigued Pontiff looked at the broken window of the Karosgrad Basilica, flanked by his Monsignor & Knight-Regent, “a man of true stature has violently passed, and done something despicable before GOD in his final moments... Although I cannot understand why he would do such a thing.. Did his demons finally get to him? I must defend his honour posthumously.” “I would advise against that, Your Holiness.” Monsignor Vicary jeered, folding his hands behind him
  13. FIRST HOMILY OF JORENUS By Sanctitas Pontifex Maximus OWYN III AS TRANSCRIBED BY BENEDICT ARCHIEPISCOPUS JORENUS IN THE CAPITAL CITY OF KAROSGRAD, HANSETI-RUSKA THE TRANSCRIPT EDITION Dear Royal Majesty King Josef ‘the Liberator’; The most esteemed houses of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska; & my beloved Haeseni colleagues from Jorenus, Heinrikev and Valwyck. As St. Henry Otto Barbanov once built Alban from the snowy wastelands of Tahn, so did the vigilant houses of Hanseti-Ruska construct Karosgrad. A shining beacon that represents t
  14. "How blessed for a sovereign to interact in such a fashion with her subjects." High Pontiff Owyn III would comment, reading the report after the royal wedding " Hopefully a trendsetter, and something I could perhaps learn from?" he turns to his Monsignor Robert de Bourdon @Tiresiamand nudges him to hand him his paper.
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