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  1. Why do I keep getting extremely small profile pictures, how do I change this?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Zhulik


      often times a forum profile picture's size is reflective of the users post to rep ratio. 

    3. Pikel Boldshoulder

      Pikel Boldshoulder

      stop being a peasant


    4. Draeris
  2. "Time to make monsire proud." Marcus would mutter, wandering about his messy room filled with maps and garrison plans.
  3. Laurelin Guard on suicide watch:


    1. Jow__



    2. Publius


      the walking trigger warning

  4. Peace in our time.

  5. While the WC itself is fine as far as I know, (Staunton Suprem!), the basis you use for this conflict implies that you are the Duke and therefore can logically/legitimately pursue this conflict. But as you're not considering how Richard was Duke, (and I am now his regent, meaning I handle the peace negotiations/war affairs as far as I am told by Charles)I think this calls for a change in presentation or a nullification of this WC.

    Friede kann so einfach sein.. Aber alle schauen nach unten

    So sind wir, die Kinder des Krieges
    Streben nach unseren Träumen und

    verehren die Lieder unserer Ahnen, 

    die nach Frieden schreien,

    anstatt an ihm zu arbeiten.


    Erhebe dich Bruder im Geiste.

    Erhebe dein Haupt,

    auf dass du blickst auf die Vernunft,

    und nicht an Träume die am Boden haften.

    1. Vege


      Ich fahre mit dem Stereoanlarge

  7. Shame that large profile pictures became the victim of this forum change.

    1. Tythus


      DW we'll get em back where would I put all my gifs

  8. This is quite an interesting proposal to add to Magic Roleplay, I'd give it a +1
  9. All players within the borders of the Northern Commonwealth do not require a VA, for we support proper RP as it is meant to be, unrestricted.

  10. Why was Heff's post removed?

    1. Jonificus


      No memery allowed.

    2. Heff


      dirty player traitor ratted me out

    3. Praetor


      DISGUSTING memery

  11. Was Aeldin there during Aegis? (Lorewise)

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    2. TeaLulu


      The Verge, as the one who did all the lore and explaining for that crap, was another world that linked to Asulon by the sea.

    3. 501warhead


      It was a portal south of cloud temple that led to a part of the realm of Asulon

    4. TeaLulu


      HOWEVER. there WAS a MUCH earlier exodus of peoples of all races from Aegis to Asulon back when Iblees first rose; this is where the mori and ruins of cities came from. They COULD have settled more than 1 continent.

  12. When did the Fringe end?

    1. Jistuma


      1465 was the IG date of when we changed to Thales

    2. Fimlin


      Never. 4.0 is a lie.

  13. Would the community be interested in something Arabian/Cultural?

    1. _Deutschland_


      I think the more diversity the better.

    2. Timmeh!


      been there done that

    3. Imam Faiz Kharadeen

      Imam Faiz Kharadeen

      if u take my caliphate away from me u will die

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