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  1. The Conspiracy against Konstanz, 1738 [!] The Barclay Estate would gift Otto Barrow this newly drawn artpiece as a reminder for the good cause he's fighting!
  2. “Okay Imperial bootlicker, hope he sees this brüder.” Konstanz would note, hiding in plain sight at the empty Helena square.
  3. THE HIROMI 裕美 GOVERNMENT: THE HIROMI KAIGI 裕美会議 CURRENT SETTLEMENTS: Koukyo (capital), Hifumi, Ennochi, Omusa, Ganbaru, Fujiwara, Miyachi, 40.068, 26.712, 13.091, 12.084, 11.395, 36, 28, total of 103.414 CURRENT EMPEROR: JIMMU FUJIWARA 1st Emperor of the Hiromi ROYALTY: Hatsuki Fujiwara, eldest son of Jimmu Koizumi Fujiwara, second son of Jimmu Hiromi Fujiwara, eldest daughter of Jimmu Mariko Sakashi, Empress CURRENT MURA’S: Hirofumi Sakashi of Koukyo, Fujiwara & Miyachi Watabe Katsuyuki of Hifumi Shinjiro Sugawara of Ennochi Yoshihide Kono of Omusa Takemoto Muranishi of Ganbaru --- KOUKYO THE HIROMI GO EAST The Hiromi expedition had found, to the pleasure of Mura Sakashi, two valleys where a settlement could be settled. These newfound hamlets were called Fujiwara and Miyachi respectively. As resources were gathered, farmlands were prepared and forests were planted, the hamlets would fall under control of the capital: with Mura Sakashi deemed responsible for whatever happens to the hamlets. If they are to grow to proper settlements, they would be Mura’s of their own. The expedition teams would scan the area for resources, specifically stone quarries, to determine whether these hamlets would be a mining or agrarian settlement in the future. The agrarian initiative went fairly well, with most urban housing now maintaining a small garden or farmplot depending on the size. The Hiromian society saw this as a sign of individual independence as much as collective responsibility, with a lot of social clubs for women forming around this new phenomenon. While the men would be out to work, the women now would tend to these agrarian installations as a hobby: the better your household yield, the more contributing your household was for the nation in general. Despite the scale being relatively small, if this trend maintains itself, it will be a massive aid against famines or future sanctions, if they were to come. HIFUMI THE SCIENTIST WILL FIND A WAY The Watanabe crisis was still unresolved, with many Hiromi scientists trying multiple compost formulas in the hope to find the one. Slightly better versions were found, which made the reforestation efforts just a little bit quicker. Merchants were stockpiling lumber in case the reforestation efforts failed, hoping to make a quick taiyou. ENNOCHI FORTIFICATIONS BEGIN Mura Sugawara began to slowly reconstruct the northern walls upon hearing about the reforestation efforts. An alliance with the Golden Kingdom was deemed imminent, but none believed the world itself was a friendly place. Hearing of Ganbaru’s new crankbow meant for Ennochi that the army still cared for its defense despite the eternal peace. In case the Watanabe crisis is solved, the Mura commissioned new plans for a residential district behind the northern inland walls, anticipating a consistent population growth. The ancient citadel was never imagined to be an Empire’s third city. The Mura had two choices essentially: either sent people to the new hamlets, or expand his city. He didn’t want to stagnate his population growth, but he couldn’t de the latter either. The future of Mura Sugawara's policy depended on compost. OMUSA THE SEA AS A WELL OF LIFE As fleets of fishermen boats bring in fish for the populace, Hiromian breeders would convene to discuss the rhythm needed in order to fish without rendering the sea empty of life. In the Hinto religion, everything had to be balanced, and the eternal growth of the Hiromi was not to undermine that. Looking at the stars as much as counting yields throughout the months, the Hiromi tried to pinpoint when the fish were breeding. If they were able to discover this, they would stop fishing before this season, and continue after all the eggs were placed. GANBARU THE CRANKBOW CAN BE MORE The crankbow became a hit in the Empire, with many wealthy citizens buying it as a decoration or for self defense. Despite this, the military was anxious to adopt these mass produced prototype weapons. While it rivaled a bow, it wasn't superior to it. The mechanism required strength and it was bigger than your average bow, it simply wasn’t economical. Understanding this, Ganbaru continued to experiment with upgrades for the Crankbow, hoping make its reload mechanism quicker, easier to use and its power greater. DIPLOMACY The eldest son, Hatsuki Fujiwara, was offered as a marital candidate to the Golden Kingdom, so that the countries could unite under this royal marriage. All prominent cities were offered a Mura status, meaning that their resources and tax income would be subject to greater autonomy. Furthermore, all existing nobility would keep their titles, but would be restyled to the framework of the Hiromi. RESEARCH Continued research: I.- Compost that increases the growth rate of tree saplings. II.- An upgraded version of the crankbow New research: I.-Cycles for responsible fishing MILITARY Hirofumi Sakashi of Koukyo, 2.415 manpower Watabe Katsuyuki of Hifumi, 1.128 manpower Shinjiro Sugawara of Ennochi, 819 manpower Yoshihide Kono of Omusa, 472 manpower Takemoto Muranishi of Ganbaru, 892 manpower
  4. “They can't even stick to their own procedures.” Konstanz would chuckle. secretly practicing his rebel speech in the empty town square of Helena, where no one would see him.
  5. “Finally an original law codex!” a Leumont would cry out.
  6. *screams in establishment conspiracy theories*
  7. SONGS FROM THE HANSETI The Hanseti are a people familiar with strife and the loss of their homeland. Through these battles, those had prevailed had written songs in remembrance to their sacrifices, as much as their hopes for the future. House Barclay has ensured that the original scrolls of these songs remain safeguarded, and its contents known, so that the newer generations among us will never forget. These songs have been translated from old Reinmarische Hanse sprache, and therefore may have lost their poetic qualities that they would carry in their native tongue. Because these ancient tongues are no longer widely spoken, it was deemed essential to translate them for its accessibility to Hanseti commoners. More songs are expected to bet translated from the preserved Hanseti scrolls. The Fire of our Nation Our freedom and rights that was stepped on by them We don’t even hope for mercy All we want is one thing: Hanseti liberty Even if you press and choke my neck, I will shout: Hanseti liberty! For freedom we come together as one For each other, we become stronger for one and another In the sky the Haensi banner raised up high We shout without pause, Hanseti! There is no one that can stop us We raise the Haensi banner up high as we say liberty Neither pressed down or snapped Afraid? Never! We will never step down Firing up the spirits of our fellow allies Resisting with all strength and skill to overcome I will never lose again! I must overcome this! Raise your cups For the expected liberty We salute to our country Hanseti resistance (AVE)! Hanseti restoration (AVE)! Hanseti success (AVE)! Hanseti liberation (AVE)! Hanseti nation (AVE)! If you do not care about your own body and home There is no one to care for you If one’s own nation’s people do not save their country, who will? That’s called the responsibility of its owners You must carve these words in you So that even the smallest mission is being worked on with all you’ve got That is called loving your country There is no one that can stop us We raise the Haensi banner up high as we say liberty Neither pressed down nor snapped Afraid? Never! We will never step down Firing up the spirits of our fellow allies Resisting with all strength and skill to overcome I will never lose again! I must overcome this! Raise your cups For the expected liberty We salute to our country Hanseti restoration (AVE)! Hanseti success (AVE)! Hanseti liberation (AVE)! Hanseti nation (AVE)! Let us all say AVE HAENSE (AVE HAENSE!) The Blood of Our Root GOD BLESS the Hanseti! We are natural when we are free It’s a wonderful thing to be natural I don’t know how natural it is to show off what you have GOD BLESS the Hanseti! Because of their desire to be barbaric and their hatred I’m the one who’s been trampled on my right to freedom When you and I are equal The precondition is that we free ourselves from where we stand Now that I can do what I want in my land Remember that our breathing root is not dead For now good has to be a threat to evil Peace comes after, peace is my spirit Don’t forget the legacy of our common ancestor My home, which is restored forever. Yes, my hometown It’s going to be the way it was The soul of the movement The bloodstained soil of my beloved root The sovereignty of my house is only to you and me, not to them Let’s show them the meaning of shouting Hanseti Liberty They’ll never take away our land again Step on my nation’s soil till it gets on my trousers They’ll never take away our land again I want my trousers covered with our dirt From Gaius, Mirtok to Andrik and Saint Karl, Haense as the heart of mankind Our centuries of history is directed not by them But by the blood of our patriots The cry of the century creates the present A step forward to a new 100 year Hanseti reign You and I have to be together It’s a cessation of peace in the struggle We only have the power to create or destroy It is our eternal wish that we are free and peaceful This isn’t it about them Don’t try to trap us in their past mistakes Our vows are to fight, as much as a step towards the heaven of tomorrow My land today is fertile to be obsessed with yesterday By the blood of our fallen patriots Remember the past centuries Remember that the next centuries depend on our shoulders Now let me know That you will remember that this all used to be ours They’ll never take away our land again Step on my land’s soil till it gets on my trousers They’ll never take away our land again For their final hour will be ours Drowning In a Past Sorrow When you walked into this foreign city With all your broken dreams and desires There were all kinds of faces, reminding you of the enemy Yet no one could remember your face After three rounds of drinks You hid in the tavern corner And insisted on signing the bitter songs Even though your voice was drowned out by the noise You pick up your flask and say to yourself One toast to the scorching sun Another to the cold moonlight Rousing my passions And turning my assiduous life into something more Thus, I soar against the wind without turning back Unafraid of the pouring rain in my soul The materializing mist in my eyes One toast to my homeland A toast to its distance As I protect my kindness Urging myself to mature The road to my home no longer endless My spirit no longer in disarray One toast to tomorrow Another to my past My shoulders become broader As I have to support my people Although I never believed in nobleness or pervasiveness Life in painstakingly short So why must we waste it on fixed complacency One toast to freedom Another to death Forgive my past failure Clear up my confusion When the day breaks We always leave carelessly Clear headed men turn out to be the drunkest When the day breaks We always leave carelessly Loyal men turn out to be the foolhardiest
  8. Konstanz Moritz Barclay, Anton Barclay & Natalya Elizaveta Ruthern at Konstanz’s concession speech in Reza, right before Konstanz is to speak. CONCESSION OF DEFEAT SPEECH IN THE FIRST HANSETI SENATORIAL ELECTION “Friends, comrades, colleagues of the brotherhood, Thank you for your trust in me, thank you for your vote on me and thank you for your hope in me. When I ran for Senate, I did it because I believed the establishment was too complacent to a clique of Imperial bootlickers, seeking to slowly kill off our way of life and our freedoms. I believed that with my election, I could restore the international honor for our Brotherhood of Saint Karl, I could protect our courts from Imperial infringement and I could work together with my Curonian allies to cherish our independence. This is not the outcome we wanted, nor the one we worked so hard for. Our crucial Senate seat shall go to an invisible imperial bootlicker yet again, we will see our freedoms limited and our opposition silent, yet again. While I feel pride and gratitude for this wonderful campaign we have built, one must ask the question that has floored all our supporters tonight: “How could this have gone so wrong?”. For that, I point the finger to the establishment. At the behest of Terrence May and Ser Konrad Stafyr, with their subtle endorsements and spreading of vicious rumors, they have tainted the well regarded Barclay name and misled the public. Their favoritism and desperate clinging to power might’ve been successful for now, but at what cost? How can we trust Senator Corbish, when he has stood silently and did nothing about the dissolution of NAFTA, did nothing for our allies in Suffonia, did nothing against the tax deals of Peter de Sarkozy. As he shares ale with Helenian bureaucrats and strokes his ego with his elected position, our greatest ally has no representation, and our days of true freedom are coming to an end. What has Siegmund done for Haense, aside of being an establishment insider and career politician? People, my brothers, this is merely a temporary victory for them. While we may not find our nation defended in the Senate, a Duma election is coming up soon. I trust all Patriots to vote for me in that election: so that we may construct our bastion of freedom there. A Barclay candidate shall always respect our troops, and will always put Haense first. Whether it’d be as a bureaucrat, an official or as a mere citizen of Reza. Do not lose hope, comrades. There will be another election, and we the people are not going anywhere. AVE HAENSE, AVE BARCLAY.
  9. Konstanz does the Landser salute, shedding a tear as he starts singing “Ich hatt’ einen kameraden”..
  10. Altar und Thron First Edition, 1738 The greatest Hanseti publication enlightening our godly Patriots and contemporaries, wherever they might be. In every edition of ‘Altar und Thron’, we shed a divine light on the affairs of the Empire and the lifestyle of the pious man. Im Names Gottes. HEAVY IS THE HEAD THAT SMOKES THE CACTUS GREEN Princess Adryana was caught handling narcotics in the townsquare of Reza today, sending shockwaves through the pious community of Hanseti-Ruska. An anonymous priest commented: “It truly is barbaric, disgusting even! Our royalty doing drug deals so openly and blatantly. What is this? Helena?” as Siegmund Corbish stated: “As Senator, I fully support the use of narcotics for all our citizens. After all, when they are sober, they won’t vote for me.” This shines an intricate light on the life of our royals, as many wellness-specialists were already concerned about the mental exercise that being smug requires. “Constantly raising your chin and demanding people to correctly address you, is a formula for insanity” Wellness-expert and staunch Hanseti Heinrich de Glüklich stated “Before you know it, you resort to narcotics to sleep. Then you take them to talk and then SNAP!” he would snap his fingers “You’re addicted, and make a fool out of yourself on the Reza town square!” Insiders in the Duma tell us that the usage of narcotics among royalty will be discussed after the Duma election. This will be the first time that the Helenian opioid epidemic reaches the shores of Reza. Will our lawmakers hold the right people accountable, and keep our society rein und ordentlich? THE SENATE ELECTION: A CHOICE BETWEEN JESTERS Hanseti-Ruska went through its first Senate election in years, prompting a new pretender to the seat to arise against Reza insider and establishment candidate Siegmund Corbish. The pretender? A random Barclay peasant who thinks he can save the world. Or well, the Military, specifically.. We guess? As the election is about to come to a close, many citizens are relieved that the intense campaign is finally ending. “We literally could not even mate.” a couple living near the tavern would state “Before I go in, there is shouting at the town square.. A Barclay Senator respects our troops! Just ignore the lunatic Natalya! King Andrik endorses his puppet Corbish! It truly disturbs our peace!”. Another guard would tell us “Brüder I enlisted to fight Elves and to gain a masculine reputation, but then suddenly the Marshal tells us to hand out flyers and harass a political candidate? I mean sure I’m getting paid, but I’m a guard right?”. Whether this will set a worrying precedent for Hanseti politics is unsure. The Barclay candidate is tipped to win, but Reza insiders deem his policy to be deranged and populist. “Haexit, free ale, military spending? This smells like a scheme for the installation of a military junta” Chayim Silverstein, political analyst to King Andrik, would comment “We are a monarchy with a Duma that is also a part of this Empire. The fact that Konstanz can spout such nonsense, and get so high up in the polls? A scary time for the liberal-royal world order, fascism truly is on the rise”. One of our reporters attended a Barclay rally near the cathedral of Old Reza, where chants could be heard, varying from “Lock her up! Lock her up!”, referring to Katya Volskaya, the vigilante hereticesse. As the crowd threw ale at a hay puppet of Siegmund, Konstanz would chant: “By the end of 1738, we are exiting the Empire! Deal or no Deal!” as the crowd chanted “Haexit, Haexit!”. “Uhmm sweetie..” a female political analyst, Jennifer Rubinstein, interjected us “Haexit can never happen.. First, the Emperor must agree to it. Which he won’t. Secondly, the free movement of people and the exchange in academia and ideas outweigh any financial benefits we would get from Haexit”. We reached out to Konstanz’s Senatorial office with several questions surrounding Haexit. His spokesperson, Jacques de Beaumont, stated: “By the money we get from Haexit, and the control we regain over our borders and trade deals, we can easily invest the money in societal projects such as free ale for all, our healthcare and a new golden cathedral to celebrate Hochmeister Mirtok”. When we pressed our doubts to the spokesperson, he ended the conversation with “It is obvious that your special interests paid you to say this. We refuse to talk with puppets of the Elven banking cartel”. OOC DISCLAIMER TO THOSE WHO CANNOT UNDERSTAND HUMOR: ALTAR UND THRON, and all publications, memes and messages that stem from it or quote it, are all meant in pure irony and humour. We are not commencing Haexit nor disrespect anyone mentioned in the article. We are all one house, and for us to have a good Thanksgiving at the dinner table without drama, it needs to be known that this is all good jest. WHY ARE ELVES SO RICH? In a world struck with famine, conflict and intrigue. How is it that a race, embattled by the strongest military machinations known to the realm, still outspend the average Human? Whether it is their golden armour, their lavish rounds in the tavern or their endless military stockpiles to bandit our roads, how do they pay for this? After several insiders in Irrinor sent us ledgers from the poorly guarded Elven treasury, it was discovered that the Elves had massive commercial operations in Human settlements. “What would seemingly be a Human bank, is apparently run by elves” economist Laurence von Loden comments “Humans are tricked into thinking they’re buying or working for Humans, while in fact, Elves rub their hands and giggle in their treehut somewhere faraway.” In the empty County of Harlingen for example, the Elves gather in the abandoned houses and scheme corporate takeovers. Notes taken during one of those meetings read: “The Humans have no idea what we’re doing, soon, all canals are owned by us!”. A Hanseti organization troubled by the disproportionate Elven influence in the Orenian economy is going to present their research to King Andrik soon. Leaks from the research report state demands such as: Creating a taskforce to dismantle Big Elven corporations, chronicle the presence of Elves better & the establishment of Human-only commercial organizations. OOC DISCLAIMER TO THOSE WHO CANNOT UNDERSTAND HUMOR: ALTAR UND THRON, and all publications, memes and messages that stem from it or quote it, are all meant in pure irony and humour. We are not OOCly hating elves nor disrespect anyone mentioned in the article. We are all one house, and for us to have a good Thanksgiving at the dinner table without drama, it needs to be known that this is all good jest.
  11. King Christopher de Rosean of Festina would shed a tear.. People still spoke of his great ancient nation!
  12. THE DEATH OF A MAGISTRATE The world revolves around a person, until it simply doesn’t. The indiscriminate march of time walks over many of noteworthiness, diligence, good intentions or ambitions, it frankly does not care for you, and why would it, if it didn’t care for them? Bohemond de Leumont became tired of marching. There comes a point for any person that your words no longer carry value, as much as your crown carries no weight. It is a point of fundamental confrontation where your right is irrelevant and where your anecdotes are mere gossip in hindsight. Was it his fault? Did he mean it that way? Was he honest? Who cares? Time had marched on, new figures had ascended and an intricate desire for a new status quo superseded his nostalgia for the old days. The amount of energy and conversation required for reconciliation overshadowed the actual end result; an awkward treaty of neutrality with people that already started to forget his face. There was nothing Bohemond could actually do, but to slowly wither as his heart bled. Too many desires to have done things differently, too many lies for him to trust again, too many mistakes to repair. Frankly, his existence asked too many sacrifices from himself. He had garnered the wroth from the likes of his colleagues and his brother Jon-Paul for carrying too much luggage from his imploded political career. He was a ship rendered immoble, although he didn’t have a destination to begin with. The world stopped making sense for him, but his feelings and convictions rang loud and clear. This was a story that had come to its organic end. It would be less romantic than anticipated and less grotesque of an event than hoped. He would not stand in the halls with Augustus d’Amaury, Hochmeister Mirtok or Alexander Staunton, that he knew. But neither was he truly insignificant, like he always feared. Gratification enough for him to end it in his own way. And thus, Bohemond wrote a final series of letters and entrusted his right hand, Malcolm, to deliver the letter to his family and those he once deemed important in his life. - “To my beloved friend, Malcolm Goldhand, Whenever I felt scared, you were there with blade and in armor. Whenever I felt lost, I was one conversation with you away from feeling found. Malcólm, if you just hadn't been a dwarf, I would’ve made your line into a House. I would’ve been the architect behind a great scheme to make you landed. I would’ve given you the best life humanly possible. For your loyalty and care deserved all that I could ever give you, and all that I couldn’t. Malcólm, as you’re the first recipient of these letters, please handle my legacy well. Deliver these letters to those I have written on the back, and please remember me fondly. Make something of yourself, so that you join me in the afterlife with towering achievements and many stories to tell. Mes sentiments respectueux Count Bohemond de Leumont of Provins” - “To my beloved brother, Jon-Paul, Blessed are thee for thine diligence and social maneuverability, for you have rendered me forever envious of your ability to exist without controversy. Blessed are thee for your loyalty and service to the right cause, even if thine brother had been discarded from it. I write this letter with great affection as much as deep sorrow, for your retrieval of this letter means my, perhaps yet to be discovered, demise. Even though you have never cared for Lorrainés nostalgia, I entrust you with the continuation of the County of Provins and its people. I entrust you with the job of proper fatherly care, if my son is to return from the Summer Isles. And at last, I entrust you to remember me fondly. I wished for more to give you than I actually did. I wish I was a person able to conform to your expectations, as much as pride you with my diligence. Yet not everybody always get what they want. My beloved brother, perhaps the true continuation of Lorrainés fighting spirit, keep fighting the good fight, and never forget what we have established together. Mes sentiments respectueux Count Bohemond de Leumont of Provins” - “To my beloved family, Like the Provinçian grapevines, you have grown to be strong and fruitful. Our existence was a testament to the power of our Lorrainés culture, the competency of our blades and quills, but also to the temporarity of life. We have grieved over the loss of Lorraine, as much as you will grieve for the loss of one of your own. But fear not, for it shall be both cases that you can move on and keep your chin high. You have made me proud beyond imagination, you have exceeded my expectations and showed many that we meant something in the larger scheme of things. Entrust my brother Jon-Paul with the continued leadership over our estate and family. Trust in yourself that there is still a purpose for you out there. My inherent weakness has no influence over your great strength. Let’s have wine in the afterlife. Mes sentiments respectueux Count Bohemond de Leumont of Provins” - “To my beloved friend, Jean Laurent, With blind trust and great expectations, did you join my entourage to only become my greatest advisor and my ideal friend. Perhaps I regret my decision the most because of you, for I have not yet managed to disappoint you like with my contemporaries. Realities are something fluid and very fleeting, for it is barely a Saint’s week ago that we composed songs of our hometown. It sounds surreally hastened, doesn’t it? Regardless mon ami, please stay strong and watch over any of my peers that you may come across. Fight the battle that I wasn’t able to, remember my merit where others may have forgotten. My beloved friend, please be the blessing to others that you were to me. Mes sentiments respectueux Count Bohemond de Leumont of Provins” - “To my former employers, Adrian and Peter the Poor, If our drama was ever to be chronicled, it would be a drama worthy of great melancholy and reflection. Below our feet stands a graveyard of our good intentions, our attempts at reconciliation and all the truths that died with our ability to separate politics from person. One expects a certain professionalism as colleagues or as a leal subject, but in my parting words I cannot afford such censorship. If this letter reaches you, please take note of my genuine sorry as I am to take many regrets with me to the grave. None of you are worthy of a negative classification. Any clear headed man can understand that we were simply at the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong expectations. Even in my afterlife I wish you and your efforts the best. Neither of our ancestors can smile at our conduct, either as statesmen or as companions, but may our peers find proper peace and forgiveness. In the afterlife, if not a next life, we will do better. I am certain of that. Please take good care of my brother Jon-Paul. Mes sentiments respectueux Count Bohemond de Leumont of Provins” - “To my most-esteemed contemporary, Leonard II de Ruyter You are the epitome of an incompetent manlet. Nepotism can only take you so far. From heaven I will chuckle at you, for that weakness will haunt you for the rest of your life, wherever you might be. May your relatives and offspring consider themselves blessed, for your weakness is fortunately not a hereditary disease. Tramas putidas! Mes sentiments respectueux Count Bohemond de Leumont of Provins” The Magistrate then stabbed himself in the heart in front of the John de Balain genocide memorial. Leaving behind two children, Maxime & Rafael de Leumont, who weren't there to witness his end. As they would say in Lorraine, c’est fini, mon ami.
  13. "Okay nice but can you start doing your job now?" Bohemond would implore the stable genius, seeing his codex lay covered in dust!
  14. IGN: Draeris Character Name: Konstanz Moritz Barclay Age: 23 Place of Residence [Street / County Address]: Barony of Freising
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