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  1. Aduna-Effrosyni was educating Tobiasz and Austinya of the old tale of Pete the Kha as she pointed her digit to each of the words, enunciating slowly. "Pete the Kha goes walking down the street. . ." -- Blissfully unaware of all the clamor surrounding the nations.
  2. The midwife, Aduna-Effrosyni, carefully treads upon the thought of how many more children will come to her care. Repudiating her conviction, she merely is assured by the fact the Duchess had a safe delivery— and that simultaneously, another birth of a Duke had been consummated.
  3. A nursemaid who came onto the role for the once Countess and Count— now emerges as a nursemaid for a Duke and Duchess, plainly willing to go to any length, for Aduna-Effrosyni revered them so dearly. Clearly, this momentous occasion's impact outstretched so much to the point she had no words, just a smile that cascaded over her face over this new spring of hope.
  4. “Karaban! How many plights will this woman face in her lifetime? Now to take care of a child? A force to be reckoned with..” The farfolk, Aduna-Effrosyni remarked rather loudly.
  5. Ricominci


    Rosalind Fohena, born and raised from the Republic of Vrakai. She lived in a small quaint house on a small hill a bit far out from the main town overseeing the estuary with her older brother Garit, Aunt Joyce, and Grandmother Elinor. They took care of them because of a devastating accident causing of both of their parents to pass away. Rosalind was quite young so she had no recollection of her parents while Garit did. Rosalind was exposed to nature and mostly uncultivated land resulting in her to have a different personality of who grew up in a bumbling busy town environment. She cared for the area dearly and wanted to preserve it for future posterity. Most of the girls her age avoided her but she didn't mind because she had her other brother Garit to play with, though he thought of her as an annoyance sometimes. They would play wherever they could, to it being a small forest near to the town, or the open farmlands. Though, as Garit was almost 7 years older than her and left the house when Rosalind was about the age of 6. He left at an early age to pursue his dreams, to study and learn magic just like his father had. Rosalind was devastated and it brought her into a deep state of depression for a few years. Then as she turned around the age of 8 she tried focusing on training her farming, fishing, hunting, and eventually her combat abilities. Rosalind was quite fond of fishing, as it gave her a thrill while doing it. She would practice her combat skills to fake dummies she made, trying to improve diligently and with perseverance. At around the age of 16, she would contemplate either to leave Vrakai and explore the unknown lands, with another intent to find her brother or stay put for the rest of her life. She made her farewells to her Aunt and Grandmother and made a promise she'd come back soon enough with dozens of stories to share. Then off she went, her plans were to travel to The Jade Peaks, then wherever that brought her.
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