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  1. IGN (MC Username): cottage__cheese Discord: cottage cheese#9620 Likes: Clothing(skins) and weapons Dislikes: books, irrelevant ****, random stuff 
  2. ok boomers, zoomers, coomers, and doomers. It’s that time of year again and I’ve took it upon myself to arrange this years secret Santa after the disaster of my last one due to being late as **** and irl problems. But this year I’m ready and I hope you are all especially with this awful looking forum page. So tldr I will do a secret Santa and accept applications until this Friday. On Santa you will all receive your secret Santa partners along side their wishlist. It is up to you to deal with the rest after that. Ok so I shall make this simple. Mailing items are forbidden 🚫 **** that ****. But you can buy internet games from steam and ****. If you do that in your wish list please list it like so ((Hentai Game 2 – mypoopysteamname)) So it’s easier for both me, you, and your partner. If you don’t receive a gift I got your back and if you don’t send one and your partner gives you one 1 you’re a **** 2 you will not get your gift. Here’s the rules: no dumb **** or meme **** unless specifically asked for instructions: Fill out form Wait to receive partner Do gift for partner pm gift to me when done unless transaction then pm me evidence of it being sent the due date enjoy Christmas gifts DUE DATE FOR APPLICATIONS: 11/29/19 DUE DATES FOR GIFTS: 12/22/2019 https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSft2ro6nZWCkC3fuoTl5M_u_0iNTlgDkGEXxGo28inJAZBvjQ/viewform?usp=sf_link e njoy
  3. do not question me...
  4. helno I make nice fat skin. U want skin? I give u skin. here ref https://imgur.com/a/uQxhhRt u give me ref I give u price and I make u skin 800-1000 most of time. Can change u leave format here in comments and contact me on discord. U spam me u get no skin srsly idioto me discord cottage cheese#9620 format: Ign: discord: reference for skin: favorite food: okay bye
  5. [!] Hayley silently sits among the chaotic mess of the traffic in said bowling alley, head pressed to the faux marble of the plastic table, eyes brimming with tears. She holds back a sob, rotund fingers pressing against her mouth, shoulders heaving as her jubilant atmosphere dropped. Her eyes scattered across the broken screen-protector on her iPhone, teeth baring as she wept loudly while the middle-aged populace shot her concerned glances. She rose, slamming a bowling ball down before rushing to the bar for a piece of parchment and pigeon quill. Thus, beginning her narrative. “Woe is me, my shining armor. It has been many fortdays since our last interaction.. my heart aches for you have left our reach in the block plane.. yet not my fleshy heart. Since your departure I have been trying to find other slice of life roleplay.. meanwhile dodging the incel wraith of ScreamingDingo and the clammy palms of the many dysfunctional middle-aged men in this server. You left me, our daughter Selena Gómez Rosa Gloria Jose Roseways, and son.. Andrew behind. When will you return to us, my pixel love? – sincerely your minority wife”
  6. looking to play a human noble. v experienced at making pvp goons depressed and triggering e girls 

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    2. YPJgamer1999


      join my noble family!! 😄

    3. DahStalker



      what are your qualifications sir?

    4. YPJgamer1999


      none. please join my minecraft noble family im desperate

  7. who wants to raid  area 51 

    1. Tato


      bob lazar will

  8. Henry lay his head upon his chipped desk, features muddled with despair as the boy somehow received the missive, fingers taught around the crinkled parchment. The boy has lost many, but, this was perhaps the most gruesome loss of them all!
  9. looking for a cool elf family man just need a char 

    1. Tigergiri



    2. YPJgamer1999


      does it have to be an elf family

  10. “Ok don't speak” says a being
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