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  1. "My heart shall always belong to Haense." The late Baroness clarified; lips pivoted upright in a warm smile as she glanced to her right as to gaze upon the warm features of her beloved husband. A nimble hand reaching outward for his own as she sought to stare down from the clouds above, watching her kin below warmly - specifically her beloved granddaughter Katrin. "But their hearts shall belong to Petra. I shall not feel frustration nor fury from their relocation - they follow their hearts, Arthur. Just as we had with ours. Let us hope they ensure they make House Stafyr proud through their merits." The woman concluded, being both of the name Colborn and Stafyr. She tilted her head to the shoulder of her husband, eight goats sworming around their ankles with rowdy bleats.
  2. Somewhere far into the Haense countryside idled a young girl with dark hair akin to the bark of pines, tainted with the abnormality of greying seen only in elders. She gawked at her storybook of Knights, listed from the time of King Georg I and beyond, and there she read of Ser Audo Weiss. One of her many inspirations. The girl was hardly intelligent, hardly old enough, and yet cunning enough to know one thing - she would be like him, and many of the Knights before him. Sweat dripped from her temple as that young girl practiced, repeatedly swiping a sword at the straw-filled dummy before her. She was strong for her age, an emptied husk of profound might, and yet no purpose. That would come later. For now, she would train, train to be like other Knights of the Haense Realm - such as Ser Audio "The Raven."
  3. Somewhere far during her travels... Lhoris removed her tricorne, paying respects to Otto once hearing about his passing. "Should the universe be kind, may we meet once more in what comes after our morality." Otherwise, she ensured to cherish the time they spent, and remember his memory fondly.
  4. Somehow the late Elia Eryka convinced her beloved daughter to sit before her, digits parting ebony locks as to twist them together into long braids. An action done throughout her childhood. "All is in the hands of their rage." She uttered, though one name in particular boiled her blood with great fury. Aaren Colborn. A boy who was spoiled in his youth, brought up in life with love, and regarded as her son once. Should she not be confined to the heavens by death, she would've burned, burned with the very same flame that caused Amaya's martyrdom. And more importantly, they got the missive wrong. Aaren was no Colborn. He was not even worthy of the surname Black.
  5. Amaya stood there with tears running down her features, evidently shaken to the core. It was hardly an image I could handle. Seeing her in that state only brought further dread to that building knot within my stomach, threatening to push my luncheon of goat milk and pitepalt back up. She was too much like her mother, too much like her grandfather. Was she fit to be Queen? I did not doubt it. But, that feeling of uncertainty of whether or not she would be loved back as she will love lingered. Competency was something none of the Colborns lacked during my time, but the question of being admired by all is something that I know Ada lacked, someone whose nature was so similar to that of Amaya’s: stubborn, curious, heroic, and determined. It could be both her strength and weakness. “You must remember our motto, little raven.” It is all I could do. All I could remind her of as I reached forth to brush back an ebony-colored lock from her temple. She looked so much like Ada, with her strong cheekbones and sturdy nose. “Family through fire. No longer shall only the Colborn be your kin, but all of Haense and her people. You must protect them, care for them, and nurture them.” ____________ The air smelled pleasantly of honey and roses, consuming the atmosphere in its sickly sweetness. Plains of grassy fields with roses seemed endless, as a pond sat on the horizon in her paradise. Elia Eryka sat there with features soft in their youth, reverted as she lingered inside her personal oasis. From afar she saw the children who had already joined her, as well as her siblings and husband. They were always in eyesight, even in these moments of silent solace. In the winds carried her plethora of blueprints and jewelry designs which would never touch the mortal realm, drifting around her in idle futility. She was at peace as she dragged a piece of charcoal against parchment, copper curls hugging her features while a tender smile played at her lips. She was surrounded by her ensemble of eight goats, those who she ensured would join her in this afterlife. They were alerted swiftly, those eight goats, to something she yet comprehend. As they rose to their feet in a choir of harmonious bleats Elia could only turn her head and stare, bewilderment crossing her features. They tore through the clustered bushes and vines of roses, those which were so alike to the ones in Venzia. They shrieked and cried, rushing towards that sweetened scent of roses and soot. Amaya. A feeling of worry, grief, and joy instantly overwhelmed her - it was her, she was here. Without hesitation the woman arose, pushing through that greenery without care for the vines which entangled her hair and pulled at her skirts in resistance. She felt the tightness on her youthful flesh begin to fade, sagging with the years as that Colborn instantaneously aged. It was her daughter. With each heavy arc of her hand she palmed herself through, eyes wide with desperate for reunion once more, lips wavering in their timid trembles. Amaya was here, she was truly here. Did she live well? Did she drink goat milk? Where was she? ___________ I knew that these roses could come to cause me regret. I couldn’t help but surround myself with their fragrance, something I lacked while residing in the citadel for so long. I was fortunate enough that Arthur allowed me to grow them on the cliffside outside of Thurant. But she is here, she is finally here. My little raven, my daughter, Amaya. I knew of her reign and how she recalled every bit of wisdom she ever received, morphing it into insight of her own. She doubted herself yet persisted, and achieved a greatness many would hope for, but little would accomplish. She did not remind me of those she idolized, those she hoped to be. She was not like her mother, nor her more reserved kin. I had always forgotten who she reminded me of in her nature, but with the decades long passed in my paradise I had finally realized. If only I had known in the mortal realm. She reminded me of him, of my far-far-fadir, Adrian. In their kind and comforting essence, it was a rarity they were both blessed with. She was a true Colborn. ________ Then in a moment of sheer conviction Elia Eryka tore away that last bit of vine, pushing forth from the shadows. For a moment she was shocked, seeing the years which lined Amaya’s features and frame, all decorated with that tiara she crafted for her adoptive daughter ages ago. She was home, she was finally home -- and as she was passed off from Carolus she knew that her daughter waited for her, that she loved her as much as she did in return. A soft sob stuck in her throat, and with a wavering exhale she spoke: _________ “Dottir.”
  6. A Scorched van Leuven The Death of Adela Taronitissa van Leuven The cause of the fire was unknown, though it was furiously evident as it rose to great heights, scorching the walls and bursting the glass panes of framed windows. My leg throbbed with anguish for skin began to peel away from muscle and tissue below, fuming with the sickly scent of burnt flesh. I couldn’t feel the pain which surely coursed from it however, as I pivoted to the stairs in a flurry of misguided steps. Forcing through any disastrous fumbles I found the nursery in which half of my children rest: Mauhaut, Anton, and Eudoxia. They hacked as smog invaded their lungs, releasing in a chorus of exasperated breaths. No, no, no. The hearth blazed with the pooled remains of an evergreen curtain, continuously feeding the fire as it ate away at the surrounding memories - pictures, furniture, scrolls. The hundreds of items I’ve been surrounded with since my own later youth, devastated by the starvations of these ravaging flames. We will have to rebuild. As my twins clung to my flanks I continued to press forth toward the door, Eudoxia hugged to my bodice for her lungs were the youngest. As I neared the entrance the sight of curious and panicked others began to surround my household's exterior, yet none offered aid, none of the BSK were yet in sight. With every strength I could muster through my core I pivoted, seeking to thrash my clinging children to whatever kind stranger remained outdoors. For now I must depart, yet my feet still, and the hesitation overwhelms me. I need an excuse, an excuse to leave, an excuse to step outside, an excuse to remain ins-... The relics. How could I forget? The sharp discomfort in my leg became more evident now as I twisted away from the door, thundering towards the cellar with haggard gasps, smoke depriving me of both mind and air. I could only think of the future and past, for the present lay disastrous in its torment. All my mother had fought for, all that Priscilla had fought for, all my grandmother and great aunts had fought for. The door already began to crumble in its charred state, allowing for the easy grip of trembling digits as I began to tear away at whatever remained of silver hinges. I could only thank GOD in haste murmurs for the cobblestone walls sweat in its protective state, deprived of flames though intense with unforgiving humidity. My hands bled now with previous efforts, but gathered whatever they may in eyesight. Anything and everything of relevance: family heirlooms, family history, our personal belongings. It had to survive, it was the blueprint to our life, to our future. Ratibor. How could I be so selfish? He was home. I felt a newfound burst of adrenaline pump through my calves, allowing me to rush through the house once more with a crate of gathered items in hand, my scorched skirts flourished with panicked pace. Only moments could be spared as I came across the door once more - the sight of three sobbing children kept at bay by strangers. In a mournful shriek I alerted my dearest son, Anton, and tossed the box to him from within - few items of lesser relevance scattered near the entry, but it mattered naught now. Was that burnt flesh that embraced his cheeks? I must find their father. The sound of groaning wood echoed inside the house, as the wails of merciless flames continued to consume everything around me. I could only focus on finding Ratibor, my love, my partner, my life. As I carried along through that maze of death and fire, my heart patterned with exertion, my energy dwindling. Something soft felt on my soles, beneath pillars of rubble. Ratibor? The sight of a mangled body filled my vision, grotesque with twisted limbs and peeling flesh, features churned in a horrific display. He was alive, he had to be. I grabbed onto him, feeling the warmth of boiling blood as I pulled and heaved, the sounds of groans and wails around me turning into screams. Please, do not leave me, do not leave. I cannot step outside with you, be my shield as you promised, be my foundation. Creaa-... Bang. I felt the intense pressure of rubble atop of me, piercing into my body as I became pinned to the floor. Pain erupted throughout my entire being, embedding me with its memory and stain, it was torment. It burned, it hurt, it was merciless. Ratibor was dead, I was deceived by hope. I was dead. Did GOD grace him with swift death unlike my own? As the feeling of life slipped from my frame, I could only think of seven things-... Adelina, Elliot, Junien, Eilys, Mahaut, Anton, Eudoxia. As light filled the space before me, I stood before a large paradise filled to the brim of fellow Canonists, those who paraded on the clouds above. Beside me was the warm hand of Ratibor, lips placed into a kind smile, and together we stepped forth into the embrace of warmth and GOD. No longer did the outside strangle me with fear, I was freed. __________________________________________ THE OBITUARY OF ADELA TARONITISSA VAN LEUVEN 485-521||1932-1968 __________________________________________________ **In Loving Memory of Adela Taronitissa van Leuven** Adela Taronitissa, a beloved wife, mother, sister, and friend, passed away tragically in a fire alongside her devoted husband. Born to loving parents, she brought warmth and joy to all who knew her. Adela's legacy of love and compassion will forever be cherished by her seven children: Adelina Claire, Elliot Aleksander, Junien Caisin, Eilys Taronitissa, Mahaut Marie, Anton Johan, and Eudoxia Leontina. Her unwavering love extended beyond her immediate family, touching the lives of many. Adela Taronitissa’s brother Nicholas Archibald, niece Yvaine Mathilde, and sister-in-law Giselle Penelope mourn her loss deeply, finding solace in the countless memories they shared together. Adela Taronitissa's presence illuminated every room she entered, her kindness and generosity leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those fortunate enough to have known her. While her departure leaves a void in our lives, her spirit will continue to live on in the countless lives she has touched. In this time of sorrow, let us remember Adela Taronitissa's boundless love and enduring spirit, finding comfort in the memories we shared. Though she may have left this world too soon, her legacy will continue to shine brightly, guiding us through the darkness with the light of her memory. Furthermore, it is by decree of her will that the following shall be established: * The publication, House van Leuven: Succession, shall be followed accordingly. * The children of Adela Taronitissa shall be provided wardship under Her Ladyship Irena Stefaniya Kortrevich; * Adela Taronitissa shall be given a proper funeral by the state, where her body will be laid in the ground, and given formal Canonist burial rites.
  7. Stag and Bull Brewery _________________________________________________________________________________________ Households Kortrevich and van Leuven are happy to announce the opening of their joint brewery: Stag and Bull Brewery. Having similar ancestry, the respective Matriarchs of said households sought to come together as to open such an establishment in hope of not only providing the Kingdom of Haense with affordable yet luxurious beverages, but further bond the families through commerce. ________________________________________________________________ Adela’s Remedy [Chocolate Liqueur]: Crafted with the finest cocoa beans, this velvety brew boasts a deep, intense flavor that envelops the senses with each sip. Its luscious texture and bold chocolate notes create a decadent experience, perfect for those who crave a truly indulgent treat. Whether sipped on its own or used as a luxurious ingredient in cocktails and desserts, our strong chocolate liquor promises to elevate any moment with its unparalleled depth and richness. Irena’s Hymn [Strawberry Wine]: Savor the exquisite taste of our luxurious strawberry wine, a captivating blend of ripe, succulent strawberries and the finest grapes. Each sip tantalizes the palate with the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, delivering a delightful burst of fresh strawberry flavor with every taste. Crafted with care and attention to detail, this wine embodies elegance and sophistication, making it the perfect choice for any special occasion or romantic evening. Pair it with creamy cheeses, decadent desserts, or simply enjoy it on its own to experience the pure bliss of indulgence. Treat yourself to the epitome of refinement with our luxurious strawberry wine. Bull’s Rampage [Spiced Vodka]: Embark on a journey of unparalleled intensity with our super strong Russian spiced vodka. Crafted with the finest ingredients and infused with a tantalizing blend of exotic spices, this vodka is not for the faint of heart. With a potency that commands respect, each sip delivers a fiery explosion of flavor that ignites the senses. The bold combination of traditional Russian spices creates a symphony of complexity, with notes of warming cinnamon, invigorating ginger, and a hint of fiery pepper. Whether sipped neat or used as the foundation for adventurous cocktails, our super strong Russian spiced vodka promises an unforgettable experience for those seeking a taste of true Russian craftsmanship and boldness. Prepare to be captivated by its intensity and embrace the spirit of adventure with every sip. Stag’s Prance [Raspberry Liqueur]: Indulge in the vibrant allure of our tart raspberry liquor, a tantalizing fusion of luscious raspberries and premium spirits. Bursting with the natural tanginess of ripe raspberries, each sip tantalizes the taste buds with a delightful balance of sweet and tart flavors. Crafted with care and attention to detail, this liquor captures the essence of freshly picked raspberries, offering a refreshing and invigorating experience with every pour. Its bright red hue adds a touch of elegance to any occasion, whether enjoyed on its own over ice or used as a versatile ingredient in cocktails and desserts. Elevate your palate with the irresistible allure of our tart raspberry liquor, a true celebration of summer's bounty in every sip. Leuven Lullaby [Elderberry Mead]: With each sip, the palate is transported to a realm of sublime complexity, where the velvety sweetness of honey intertwines with the dark, alluring depths of elderberry, imparting a symphony of flavors that dance upon the senses. Embracing centuries-old techniques and artisanal mastery, our elderberry mead embodies the essence of elegance and sophistication. Its deep, ruby hue tantalizes the eye, while its aroma evokes visions of ancient forests and twilight whispers. Whether savored as a standalone indulgence or incorporated into culinary creations, this elixir transcends the ordinary, inviting you to partake in a ritual of taste and tradition. Kortrevich Kiss [Sweetened Beer]: Crafted with precision and passion, this beer encapsulates the essence of French refinement while offering a unique twist with its subtly sweet profile. Embrace the golden hue of this brew as it tantalizes the senses with its delicate aroma, reminiscent of sun-kissed fields and gentle breezes. Each sip unveils a harmonious blend of malt sweetness and floral notes, carefully balanced to provide a symphony of flavors that linger on the palate. Crowstead Wine [Black Wine]: With its alluring ebony hue, this wine stands as a testament to the artistry and dedication of our vintners, who have harnessed the darkest depths of the grape to create a wine of unparalleled richness and complexity. From the first pour, the intensity of this wine is unmistakable, captivating the senses with its deep, velvety color and inviting aroma. Each sip reveals a symphony of flavors that dance upon the palate, from ripe blackberries and plums to hints of dark chocolate and espresso. But it is the wine's exceptional dryness that truly sets it apart, offering a palate of sophistication and elegance that is as refined as it is indulgent. With its lingering finish and exquisite balance, this wine is a true delight for those who appreciate the finer things in life. ___________________________________________________ MISS ADELA TARONITISSA, Matriarch van Leuven HER LADYSHIP IRENA STEFANIYA, Baroness of Koravia .
  8. In the afterlife, a woman with her herd of goats waited. Although Liridona was not of blood, she was a Colborn. Family. When given the time to see that woman once more, she smiled. ”Out of all of the gems I have seen, with all their perfections and flaws,” The late Curator of Crown Jewels began. “You were one of the strongest.”
  9. SUCCESSION: van Leuven *X* 17th of Vyzmey ag Hyff, 520 SCELERA NON NOSTRORUM ________________________________________ House van Leuven has established itself as a venerable estate with a rich history, nationalistic pride, and well-educated familial members. As requested by my beloved spouse, I have recently sought to unveil a meticulously preserved document detailing the intricate succession plans for our household and the futures of our seven beautiful children. This document, a testament to House van Leuven's commitment to tradition and family values, carefully outlines the distribution of responsibilities, assets, and legacies among the heirs. As the household stands as a bastion of heritage and continuity, this comprehensive plan ensures the seamless transition of both familial and material wealth. House van Leuven's dedication to fostering a strong sense of unity and prosperity within our household echoes through the carefully articulated provisions, reflecting a timeless commitment to the enduring legacy of our esteemed family. By my decree as Matriarch van Leuven, I hereby claim the following succession: _________________________________________ ADELINA CLAIRE VAN LEUVEN [1960] - Shall inherit all rights as Matriarch and all household relics. @Dramatude ELLIOT ALEKSANDER VAN LEUVEN [1961] - Shall inherit the van Leuven shares of the joint-company “Stag and Bull Brewery.” @zuziee JUNIEN CAISIN VAN LEUVEN [1962] - Shall inherit the right to the van Leuven mercantile company “Banquo Corporations”. @Caedis EILYS TARONITISSA VAN LEUVEN [1963] - Shall inherit the sapphire necklace “L’oiseau Chanteur Bleu”, passed down from her grandmother Eugina Marie de Leuven. @tadabug2000 MAHAUT MARIE VAN LEUVEN [1964] - Shall inherit the dress of her ancestor Ipera Antoinette Ashford de Falstaff. @pomegrad ANTON JOHAN VAN LEUVEN [1964] - Shall inherit all worldly collections owned by Sir Ratibor Reagan van Leuven. @Koraito EUDOXIA LEONTINA VAN LEUVEN [1965] - Shall inherit the “Blade of Lethzander”, passed down from my paternal side. @TheCapybara If none stated above are able to lead, whether it be due to the following situations or above: death, abdication, or disownment. The succession should fall to the youngest and only sibling of Adela Taronitissa, and his kin would inherit in chronological order of their birthdates. NICHOLAS ARCHIBALD VAN LEUVEN [1934] - Shall inherit nothing directly from Matriarch Adela Taronitissa van Leuven. YVAINE CONRADINE VAN LEUVEN [1964] - Shall inherit nothing directly from Matriarch Adela Taronitissa van Leuven. @DahStalker Miss, Adela Taronitissa van Leuven, Matriarch van Leuven, Royal Scribe of the Esrova Court, and Court Historian
  10. pls send obligatory food pics
  11. Adela Taronitissa looks at her three eldest toddlers. “You’re old enough to network.” She said, encouraging them to attend. @Dramatude @zuziee @tadabug2000
  12. opinions on demon slayer movie pls

  13. I just baked a tres leches cake and feel powerful. What r ur guys favorite things to bake?

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