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  1. add laser eyes and I might be open to the concept. -1
  2. Vaeri frowns, having only met Juan once, and immediately insulted. “I suppose he was alright. Knew Jonah.”
  3. I self taught myself the Barney song because of him lmao
  4. Formatting? I don’t know her. Manor for Sale. Comment your Rp name, ign, number of family members, and discord to enter. Starting price is 10k. Do not auction now: those who are accepted will enter a private auction conducted in roleplay. Weekly tax is 650 mina ((might differ in future)) rules: I can accept or deny who enters as I please cannot currently live in Kaedrin has to have a household of 5+ members activity checks will be done and future officials in charge of housing can evict if deemed fit to be so. pictures of house. Yellow one: https://m.imgur.com/a/BHHgpUl tours ingame available ble upon request. Further inquiries can be directed to me @ cottage cheese#9620
  5. ill be an ewife if u free punchsteel

  6. Mariana Dubois spits out her coffee at the mistake. “I- WHAT IS THIS! I did not marry my late niece’s husband.”
  7. In the depths of some infamous town rest a chaotic elfess by the name of Melia, eyes bagged as her figure hunched with hoarse exhales, palms pressing into her temples as insanity wrecked her. Occasionally she would think back to the times of Carnatia, recollecting the era of solace held in childhood, mouth unhinged with gurgled sobs. Drasko, Astrid, Sergei, Henrik, Rickard, and Stefjan. At times she could not help but wonder if they had embraced the Seven Skies or other lesser GODS.
  8. The Bastarde of Armande wrung her hands, ready to follow in the footsteps of her Great-Great Uncle Banquo.
  9. I soak myself more in toxicity than I do in frills limited edition bathwater
  10. Mariana weeps softly as Padraig holds a crossbow to her scalp. “S-Such a good tavern!”
  11. Hillith Athna glanced towards the slumbering dwarf after their brief chat within the confines of Luxem, lips drawn into a simple yet remorseful smile at the small talk they had shared. She hadn’t known him long, their first being during a gruesome battle in Athera where he had revealed his brilliance in runesmithing. With a lingering moment to remember the Dwed’s face she pivot on a heel, ambling off towards her next mission.
  12. Applicant Name: Mariana Dubois Applicant Aviary Address (Discord): cottage cheese#9620 Applicant Sex and Race: Female and Human Form of Art: Acting, sculpture, and art Would you be interested in acting (Y/N): Yes Experience in the Performing Arts (if any): Mariana has been in two plays. Irl I’m stagehand and work w/ a variety of theater and dance productions for work idk is this irl or ooc experience
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