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  1. Emerentia Kovachev looked at the paper with interest until it mentioned her, expression becoming something akin to horror at the statement made about her.
  2. RP Name: Emerentia KovachevMC Name: Papi_PolloVoted: Yes
  3. RP Name: Emerentia KovachevMC Name: Papi_PolloVoted: Yes
  4. Emerentia Kovachev would receive the news of the fallen but as she finish the rest of her wine with a sharp inhale, lips thinned as she lower the glass upon the clothed table at her front. She would begin to silently send her regards to an old friend who she knew was close to the man.
  5. Name: Emerentia Kovachev Address: Gryphon Court
  6. Emerentia Kovachev reads the poem during breakfast one morning, finding the women of Carrion to be very talented when it comes to expression and poetry.
  7. Emerentia Kovachev silently read the missive with a warm grin, eager to attend the event.
  8. Jeanne Vladov cheers from the seven skies.
  9. The Imperial Hunting Society A group of Orenians after a long hunt. [After the Hunt, Nicolas Lancret. 1740.] [!] Fliers are sent across Providence and other districts within Oren. The youthful Mr. John and Ms. Emerentia Kovachev would like to extend an invite to any interested participants to join the newfound Imperial Hunting Society. Founded within 1809 this group explores the more exotic and dangerous breed of animals that roam the realm of Almaris. Should you wish to join it is asked that you do acknowledge all members of the party are responsible for th
  10. Papi Pollos Skin Sale hello so basically im selling all these skins for 100 as a buyout price. solely because ive had people try buying these off me before but i said no. but now i am selling these skins because i do not want them to sit and go to waste. Please try to give others a chance to purchase a skin and etc. remember. all skins are 100 MINA - I DO NOT TAKE USD. FORMAT: Username: Discord: Skin you want: ------------------------------------ Grapes and Chocolate BLUE AND PINK TAFFY VES PRIDE ROYALLY GREEN
  11. Emerentia looks over the missive with humor as it was given to her via servant, lips perked into a vague smirk.
  12. Emerentia rubs her chin as she hears about the contest via a small parchment delivered to her. She would hand it over for her sister to view as well. @GrandpaBlue
  13. Emerentia Kovachev remained quiet upon hearing of the sudden death, lone forefinger cradled by her lips as she spoke naught, eyes pivoted onto a nearby desk. A soft croak escaped the now grown woman's lips as the one who she held the first concept of love for now lay dead, never given closure for the happenings within their lifetime. The miserable and depressed husk of a playwright remain still as she spoke not, azure gaze becoming overwhelmed by an onslaught of silent tears.
  14. The idle sway of grass came into view as Albert silently passed on into the next life - welcoming him with a soft melody as birds chirp and chimes tenderly click in metallic tune - beckoning him inwards. As the younger Falstaff approach the beautiful ethereal estate from afar he would notice a tuft of curly blonde hair known to be adopted from Rovin traits. "Ah, chubby boy!" A voice hollared from the confines of twisting vines and red grapes, escaping to reveal the middle-aged complexion of the Grand Vintner long passed. "Why don't you put that silly little instrument down for a second and hel
  15. A woman clad in leather and furs had cradled a missive she discovered by other sources, digits pinching the edges of the parchment as she idly read the contents below. She did not stir nor fret at the slander as it was expected that those who hold only hate in their heart would attempt to pounce at any chance. The woman knew the truth in the fullest; The Dragonkin were of corrupted origins and always caused chaos and were better off dead. When she was invited to the attempt to defeat the Drake by one of the Paladins within the Sunlit Order she took it. If Norland alongside Her allies sought to
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