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  1. Being illiterate the grimy peasant Chadeline read the missive incorrectly, lips splaying into a wide grin with crooked and yellow teeth; "Keep all Musin safe besides Nutmeg! Kill Nutmeg! Shitty spice, gives me gas!"
  2. : ) love is love, man is man, woman is woman, they is they, love everyone and be epic
  3. Jeanne Vladov supported this message from the seven skies, recalling the old days prior to major female involvement in the government, prior to female lead. She wiped a tear for her beloved and living friend.... Miss Vivaca Rutledge.
  4. A miserable specter idles by the youthful girl, features lined with anguish as she held onto a ghost-flask of gin. She was supportive of the attempt to avoid boarding school.
  5. This is the type of **** I was talking about in my hiatus post man, this is the type of adventure we should try to remember when playing LOTC. It's not the same anymore, it really isnt imo. Everything is too technical! I'll bring out my first laptop and see if I can get any LOTC screenshots from 2015
  6. https://gyazo.com/2e9ff7d75e1ef2dfe34c7f90c580ffec
  7. To be honest I have replayed my departing post in my head repeatedly over the years as a player but never really thought how it would play out. I would think if it would be outlining something at peace or even a common ‘**** LOTC bye’ leave. However, I can full heartedly say it is not the latter. I joined LOTC on April 25th, 2015. Little did I know it would be a life-changing action, placing me in a community that would consist of a lot of my closet and some of my longest living friendships. I remember joining excitedly in Athera after several attempts of getting my application accepted and ro
  8. [[Positive vibes only, if anything is laughing or obviously poor quality rp, it'll be removed from the post. OOC friends reply once and have the rights to reserve first.]]
  9. Her Final Show The Death of Miss Menza Emerentia de Falstaff in her youth. [The Hon. John Collier] Her breathing became shallow as powdery lips fetched for water but found none, cradled in her abyss of rich polyester and thick furs belonging to exotic cats. Over the past years her health had quickly deteriorated, leaving her nearly bedridden at all times. Only the acceptance of her oncoming death had kept her sane oddly enough, for once she knew the outcome, rather than anxiously anticipating the conclusion of an unfathomable ordeal. As the clock struck its next
  10. The Author of recent publications is still quite upset that both Anna Pruvia and Wilhelm d'Arkent had lied to the House of Lords for decades, visibly disgruntled.
  11. Once the sickly de Falstaff had returned to her room she would silently stare at the ceiling with a sharp inhale, features churning in disdain upon hearing the departure of Anna Henrietta. Meanwhile she grew up with the woman within school, once a close friend of hers, she undoubtedly came to dread the woman at a point. A bizarre mess of emotions which brought upon her own misery at a point, the woman who planted a seed for spoiled youth and bringing the reputation of her beloved friend to shambles. Was it sorrow or hatred she felt? She knew not anymore. Only the wretched ache in her chest whi
  12. The author of most recent publications once more caressed her temples in dread upon seeing a new missive sent out, nostrils flaring as she huffed out in laughter. "Beryl and his father were adopted, yet he was not thrown to the streets. They speak of the Simon boy taking the Emporium for himself is greed when these fake-Carrington's are buying out all these commercial buildings and leaving smaller businesses to suffer. What a painstaking attempt at a stab back. Dreadful, really."
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