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  1. DahStalker

    Thanksgiving Day

    What are you thankful for?
  2. DahStalker

    bigcrazy/Swgrclan's Event Team Actor application

    literally can't **** up more than me
  3. Looking for someone to make me armor skin

  4. DahStalker

    The Adrian Ducal Retinue

    Minecraft Name: _appdata_ Roleplaying Name: Ronnie Crawfish Character Age: unknown Character Race: Human Discord: You got it.  “I, Ronnie Crawfish, pledge my life and soul to the service to His Grace, Duke Ratibor of house Carrion, and to GODANI almighty, until I am discharged or die honourably in the battlefield. For Duke and Duchy, so help me GODANI.”
  5. DahStalker

    House Denhardt

  6. DahStalker

    Taking What is Ours

    @1784 1 banana 2 banana 3
  7. DahStalker

    The Formidable Anti-Imperial Coalition

    Shakiras hips don't lie
  8. DahStalker

    Interactive Battlefields?

    yeah sure sounds nice
  9. DahStalker

    Message to Elvenkind - Have you seen my waifu?

    Sally begins to sweat @Shady_DaSneak primo no
  10. DahStalker

    I need female elf char

    no kid – must be elf – must be female she gon work in caroulstadt as event planner and steward
  11. DahStalker

    Needing a human skin (again), will pay a fair amount

    ur discord doesn't work
  12. DahStalker

    Farewell lotc my goodbye

    habibi : ( xo many hearts
  13. DahStalker

    Wedding Announcement,1688 (lets try again)

    Sally the Child pokes at Eliza-lee’s arm. ”We are family enough, right? Your brother sucks.. leave him home." @Torky