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    The Black Berets [Citizen's Volunteer Outfit]

    [!] Posters are distributed across the Empire, with an emphasis on rural vassal regions. A brief missive is pinned beneath it. [!] The missive is pinned beneath the poster. THE CITIZEN’S VOLUNTEER OUTFIT Protecting our rights to GOD, capitalism, and Parliamentary representation The United Federalist Party advocates for the good-will of individuals, capitalism, and the right to be represented in Parliament. As such, it is only appropriate that we “walk-the-walk,” so to speak, by establishing a philanthropic organization in advocacy for the Imperial citizenry. To embrace the policies detailed in our platform, the Citizen’s Volunteer Outfit, colloquially known as the “Black Berets,” is a non-militant regiment of pious individuals working for the benefit of their local communities, and by extension, the Empire. All constituents of the Empire who worship GOD’s might, express their support for the principles of our Emperor’s Parliament, and advocate for a free economy are invited to join the outfit. The CVO does not discriminate on the basis of political beliefs, gender, or race, so long as you believe in the word of GOD and the good of the Empire’s people. Monetary rewards are available for philanthropic duties. As a Black Beret, you shall exercise the following duties; Protection of the peasantry class, both physically and economically Strictly non-violent maintenance of peace in the Empire Devotion to the Statute of Carolustadt, and by extension, the Imperial Crown Volunteer services, such as providing food and supplies to those impoverished individuals Advocating for the spread of pious, Canonist tenets in the Empire Enjoying the occasional drink alongside your fellow countrymen As a Black Beret, you shall be held accountable for the following; The ability to resolve conflict as an authority figure, without resorting to violent measures Equal treatment of fellow Black Berets in the outfit To represent the organization as an upstanding member of the community Additional information in regards to the CVO will be published in the near future. If you wish to benefit your local community, please submit the following application to be notified of future activities. You will be granted an introductory handbook and a uniform. Name: City of Residence: Please indicate which activities you’re comfortable with participating in with an “X” in the blank column Patrolling the streets within and between the Empire, preventing malicious activities ___ Collecting and distributing food or equipment to impoverished individuals ___ Preaching the good word of GOD alongside members of the clergy ___ Raising mina for the CVO through donation campaigns ___ We look forward to your participation in the work for righteousness!
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    [!] Following the civil unrest in the Imperial capital, agitated legislators from various different parties in the Imperial Parliament convened. They quickly issued a missive to all residents of the Empire. THE UNITED FEDERALIST PARTY 12th of Sigismund’s End, 1701 Following the 1701 Carolustadt By-Election, reactionary political demagogues established a cabal designed to undercut the grand legislative achievements of the Great Council of the Exalted Godfrey. The so-called Imperial Preservation Party stands to compromise the integrity of our public elections, instituted by His Imperial Majesty, Aurelius I. They stand to undermine the integrity of our legislative process, designed for the well-being of the Imperial constituency. They advocate for reviving abhorrently outdated ways of life, which we have long since abandoned due to their draconian nature. This, to us, is unacceptable. To maintain a legislature for the people, and by the people, numerous minority political parties have vowed to dissolve and formulate a single political merger, in order to combat this common enemy. The United Federalist Party shall uphold the values so graciously gifted to us by the Imperial Crown, such as the right to popular and fair representation in the Imperial legislature. For this reason, a bipartisan effort has been made to rebel against our new, common enemy, by any means necessary. We will work with those across the aisle in Parliament, but will always combat the despotic nature of the reactionary aristocratic traditionalists, otherwise known as R.A.Ts. They are political opportunists, incapable of representing the will of the peasantry class. THE UNITED FEDERALIST PARTY PLATFORM A strong belief in central powers of government. Bipartisanship and cooperation between heads of state and parliament. Opposition to Reactionary Aristocratic Traditionalism (R.A.T.s) Free-market capitalism as the fundamental system of growth and progression in the economy. Uphold Canonism as the culturally unifying component of our society. Education of the masses with a heavy emphasis on the sciences, the arts, and calculus. The right for all eligible citizens of the empire to vote in elections. Restructuring and consistent growth of culture, through public services and subsidies. The regeneration of economic prosperity across socioeconomic classes. Providing employment to any hard-working man or woman of the Empire who strives for one. Expand diplomatic relations within our foreign policy. Protecting the integrity of our elections. Strengthening immigration security. Recognize the Imperial Crown as the sole arbiter of political turmoil. Already holding numerous seats in Parliament, we will strive to compose a reliable base before the next election cycle -- but we require the help of you, the average citizen. We are a party composed of the worker, a party composed of the soldier, the doctor, the bartender, the banker, the clergy, and the administrator. We are a party of the people, and to the people, we make three promises; The United Federalist Party promises to. . . FIGHT to preserve your right to have a representative in the Imperial government. STRIVE to institute a newly functioning economy, in which meritocracy and capitalism can thrive. DEFEND our Empire against all enemies, foreign and domestic. And those are promises you can count on. In the near future, the UFP will release additional information, pertaining to the election of the newfound party’s leadership. We ask for your participation in local events leading up to future elections, to express your support for our Imperial values. We hope that all citizens of the Empire can embrace an optimistic outlook on the political climate going forward. As this notice concludes, we encourage you to advocate for your beliefs in the Imperial legislature, as is your right. GOD bless the Empire, and remember. . . DON’T FEED THE RATS