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  1. >imperial

    1. Chimp


      it takes 2 minutes of research to find out that the empire has a parliament and that the elections are for it.

    2. Inferno_Ougi


      1 hour ago, Chimp said:

      it takes 2 minutes of research to find out that the empire has a parliament and that the elections are for it.

      halt right there

      do you even know who you’re speaking to?

    3. Chimp


      u wanna go mate i have really big buff monki arms that i use to swing from tree to tree

  2.  THE 1706 PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS As the Empire of Man descends upon the new lands of Arcas, the Imperial Parliament shall follow swiftly afterwards. The Fourth Term of Parliament shall begin henceforth, the first term seen upon the newly settled land of Arcas. Thus, it is imperative that the selection of Prefects will once more occur to represent the commoner population of the Empire within the Imperial Legislature. Only a selected few regions of the Empire are privileged with the ability to send a candidate to run as Prefect for their settlement. As residents of Ves, Reza, Wintermire, or Helena, should you meet the mandatory requirements and want to debate legislation on behalf of the entire Empire, you are eligible to do so. In addition, eligible voters are encouraged to participate in Parliamentary elections, as is their civic duty. Voter and candidate registration forums are included below. These named Regions are awarded the privilege to send a candidate of their own towards the seats of the Imperial Parliament of Man, whilst given the ability to increase the number of candidates sent through the show of prominence and activity. Thus, the numbers of Prefects defined for the Fourth Term is: Three prefects for The Capital city of Helena One Prefect for the city of Ves, of Adria. One Prefect for the city of Reza, of Haense One Prefect for the city of Wintermire, of Curon Should a city reach the maximum of 3 Prefects, a system of Proportional Election shall occur. The Election will conduct normally for those that receive only 1-2 candidates of Prefecture. PROPORTIONAL ELECTION: CURRENT CANDIDATES Helena The Party of the IPP The Party of the UFP Reza Konstantin var Ruthern (UFP) Ves Rivaini Othan-Semaili Rutledge (INDEPENDENT) WinterMire Javier (LOPA) REGISTERED POLITICAL PARTIES United Federalist Party (UFP) Federalism, democracy, capitalism Click here for platform Imperial Preservation Party (IPP) Mercantilism, monarchism, traditionalism Click here for platform Loyalist Party (LOPA) Monarchism, elitism, vassal responsibility Click here for platform Aurelian Party (ARP) Militarism, equality, centralization Click here for platform CANDIDATE REGISTRATION VOTER REGISTRATION After registering to vote, you’ll need to visit the Imperial Parliament building of Helena in order to retrieve your registry. You will need this card to vote on election day. ((MessageTrinn#0726 for more information)) ELECTION SCHEDULE We look forward to another term in Parliament Praise be the Empire ((Message Trinn#0726 with any inquiries))
  3. Dominion has fallen?

    1. Mada


      it finally did, didn’t it?

  4. A reminder from the I.E.C. to vote in today’s midterms, Americans!

  5. Remember, elections for the Imperial Parliament are on Saturday, you can vote at your polling station at any point during the day. A thread will be posted shortly elaborating on voting procedures. If you’ve signed up to vote but haven’t picked up your papers in game, then please do so soon.


    If you’d still like to run for office in your district, or simply want to learn more, please refer to this thread.

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