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  1. So long Chicken Man 🐔
  2. luke7bossman

    The Huntsmen

    Application Roleplay Name: Luke Race: Human Age: 18 Desired role: Humter Reason for enlistment: Luke believes that monsters killed his parents and gravely wounded him, though not 100% sure he is confident. OOC Username: luke7bossman Discord Tag (Example#3333): The_Two_Eyed_King#9649 Timezone: GMTGMT (british)
  3. luke7bossman


    Waking up in a forest with nothing but a sword lying next to him, bruised, bloodied and not remembering anything he dragged himself to the roadside before blacking out. When he came to he was in a hut near the Jade Peaks, the kind man had healed him and helped him, teaching him basic things like reading, writing and fighting with a sword though the man wasn’t able to teach him much natural instinct helped Luke out. He spent the next two years taking any jobs that would pay him enough to survive.
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