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  1. Xalid

    Feedback on Staff Reports

    Speaking from experience here. Not all staff reports are locked and swept under the rug. I kept the ban report against me and let mine play out in the public eye. I hold no ill will against jandy or wolf for it and actually agree that if a player wants to waive anonymity then let them. In my own experience I would have never known the issue against me if it had not been reported publicly.
  2. Moved to completed blacklists.
  3. Hey there. I apologize for the delay. You served your time, now time to prove you have reformed. Go forth and be a "good" villain.
  4. Claimed. Expect a response in the next 24 hours.
  5. Xalid

    [✗] [Server] Anil Ban Appeal

    You have a 3 day ban that expires today.
  6. Xalid

    T'was the night before Krugsmas...

    What a wonderful dream
  7. Xalid

    Haelun’or ito lye’leh

    "I cannae be sure bu' I think is somethin bout Haelunor" Xalid muses.
  8. Thalen mimics his mother's nod unaware what the scribbles on the paper mean.
  9. Xalid

    [✓] [Server] Lacivertimsimor Ban Appeal

    You are unbanned. Welcome back.
  10. Xalid

    [Accepted] Aquaquean's Application Team Application

    +1 Aqua would be an amazing addition to the team.
  11. We may have had our disagreement but the man does have the best interest of the server at heart.
  12. Xalid

    [✗] [Server] L0rdLawyer Ban Appeal

    You were banned for toxcity, targetting a community member and the doxxing. Making the claim that you were only banned for accidentally using someones name is downplaying everything else that was said. If it were just a simple mistake with nothing else attached to it, probably would not have been an issue. I will show you the logs from HawkEye of what the real issue here is. I am denying your appeal. Evidence: https://i.gyazo.com/8298e9cd492089c387f47915eab7be4d.png