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  1. Xalid

    [✓] [Server] HurferDurfer1 Ban Appeal

    Welcome back. Behave yourself
  2. Former friends and to whom I thought were my family. In light of recent events and opinions made public rather than addressing them civilly and with whom it concerns, with a heavy heart I Xalid hereby tender my resignation as mayor of Nordengrad and renounce my claim as an Arden. I wish the Earldom the best and earnestly hope you will prosper in the coming years. With this letter I also bequeath ownership of my stables to the Mournstone clan as they are the only clan that refrained from stabbing me in the back. May the stables profit you as they have myself. I will cut this letter short before I lose my civility.
  3. Xalid

    Decree of Dissent

    Xalid reads the decree and pens his letter of resignation as mayor.
  4. Xalid

    The Fourth Nordengradic Decree

    Xalid reads decree from Ardenhall. “Kjartan will heal in time.
  5. Flyers are posted throughout the city of Nordengrad. They read as follows: It is with great pride I write to you my first goal as mayor has been completed. The school construction is complete! Our future burns brighter with the knowledge our children will gain. Verona Fiscere has graciously offered to operate the school. Courses offered will be reading, writing, history, numbers and the Red Faith. Any suggestions for courses or if you wish to become an teacher should be directed to Verona. The school is located adjacent to the farm gate and on the path to the Purifier’s tower. Signed, Xalid Arden Mayor of Nordengrad
  6. Xalid

    The Struggles of Moderation

    👻sad ghost is sad
  7. Xalid

    The Third Nordengradic Decree

    Small Council Vote Voter Name: Xalid Arden Clan: Arden Sheriff Preferred Sheriff: Kanna Yaander Mayor Preferred Mayor: Xalid Arden
  8. If that is the decision that is made I can live with that and will heed your advice!
  9. IGN(s): Xalid Age 33 Timezone EST Discord: CthuluHoop#6741 What map did you join during?: Atlas Do you have access to a Microphone? Yes Average Daily Play Time? 6+ hours Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: N/A Do you have prior history in any forms of moderation? I was a game moderator for about 3 years on a non Minecraft game (can provide the name if needed). 4 years peer mediation in college. I currently manage a team of 30+ people at work and get to practice my conflict resolutions skills on a weekly basis Why do you want to join the GM Team?: I am willing to donate my time to the server I have fallen in love with. When I joined everyone was more than willing to assist and I want to return the favor. I aim to help people out, be it completing modreqs, spectating raids or resolving/preventing IC conflicts that boil over to OOC before they become huge issues. I want to help the team make the server more player friendly (Not to say it isn't). I have read the rules on a variety of topics and feel I can offer a fresh perspective on them. Ultimately I want to help in any way I can and ensure the server stays active for years to come. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: No Anything else you want to tell us?: I realize I am still new in comparison to the other applicants which may be a ding against me but so be it, I can always try again at a later date.
  10. Xalid

    Clan Arden

    Nods his approval at the posting. "Good to be a part o' the family."
  11. Xalid

    Xalid for Maeyr

    People of Nordengrad, I write this with a heart full of pride. Our city, nae or people have flourished under Thoromir’s watchful eyes. The All Father truly smiles upon our humble city. As our city flourishes, Nordengrad begins to take an important role on the stage of Atlas. The political structure of this land has been missing our strong and wise words. Thoromir must turn his attention towards making all of Atlas grow in the way we have. That is not to say he will neglect Nordengrad, not in the least. What I am saying is his attention on the day to day operations will need to be watched over by another, the Maeyr. The Maeyr will continue to ensure the city grows and is ever prosperous. With that in mind, i wish a school shall be built in the vacant land near the farm entrance so our children may learn from the best our people have to offer. Reading, writing, trade, the Red Faith to name a few. We need to show the denizens of Atlas who we are as a people instead of just a spot on the map. I propose that each of our great clans will hold a feast throughout the year to celebrate what their families do for us that we may or may not know. A festival to celebrate the dedication of the Red Brothers and the Rangers of Northemarch in the form of feats of strength, agility and determination to never let our lands fall to the eternal dark. We should not just celebrate the older generations of our people but the children as well. I propose we hold a festival for all in which we dress in costume to celebrate the imagination our youth offer us. Not a formal masquerade but a carnival with ideas gathered from their bright young minds. The job of Maeyr is not all planning parties however. We must keep track of all new citizens, to find them homes and trades within our walls. We all know that without each other helping the greater well being of the city there would be no Nordengrad. We must track the bounty of our harvests, be it the fields or the sea to ensure we all have the sustenance we require. Though we live in different houses or hold different clan names we are all the family of Nordengrad. We welcome strangers to warm themselves at our hearth, eat at our tables and provide them shelter from wilds. Bearing that in mind I propose that each clan provide a small portion of their harvest at reduced or no charge to any citizen who is struggling to put food on their table. I have watched over you all from our city walls, from the surrounding wilderness before the rangers were formed. I implore you to let me continue to watch over you in the role of Maeyr. If the people of Nordengrad choose me to represent their interests to the Ashen Council I will always welcome ideas, suggestions or objections in the affairs that affect their daily lives. I seek to give a voice to everyone in the political structure of our city. I thank you for your time. -Xalid Arden