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  1. I have hidden 5 posts already. Next person to post a non rp post can enjoy the warning points that come with it.
  2. A Letter to Daniel VI Issued Spring 1733 To the esteemed Pontiff of the Canonist Church. With the recent influx of Canonist Renatians into my demesne, I find myself obliged to tend to their unique religious needs. As such I request the inclusion of my Duchy within one of your existing diocese. Or perhaps the conception of an entirely new diocese. The realm of Morsgrad, being a primarily fatherist realm there are unique issues and challenges herein that your average priest or bishop will find opaque and unconquerable. To that end I would suggest a preemptive balm to this most troubling dilemma. Within my realm are a number of eager young scholars who have taken well to the unusual circumstances they find themselves in. Aptly navigating the streets of the city and resolving conflict where they find it. These young scholars have expressed interest in a vocation of faith. Thus I request that they be educated at a seminary of your choice and returned to us. To tend to the religious needs of the Renaii dwelling within Morsgrad. In exchange I am willing to offer an annual tithe of Nordish marks and manpower. Regards and respects, Godric of Morsgrad
  3. Registry Form Name: Donovan II Branch: Edvardsson Line of Descent: son of Thoromir II, son of Exander, son of Arthas, son of Beo, son of Edvard, son of Thoromir
  4. Jakkir Atmorice reads the note, brought to him by a small black cat curled up on his lap. He absent mindedly scratches the feline's ears. "At least I still have you old friend." He says mournfully, throwing a now empty wine bottle into his campfire.
  5. Xalid

    So long LOTC

    For the last time...Howdy! Let me begin with who I am. I am a father of 2 wonderful children, during my tenure as a moderator I expanded that to the playerbase. I went out of my way to treat everyone fairly and with respect. If you were pleasant during a modreq I would abuse my pex and give you cake. If someone mentioned in OOC they were having a bad day I would reach out to them either by pm or discord to talk to them. It did not matter to me what nation they were from because to me they weren't an orc or a human, they were an actual person. As are you dear reader. Fast forward from when I joined the team to about a month ago. A player had reached out to me asking if I had time to talk. They told me of issues they were having and I listened, offering advice where I could. We ended the conversation on a good note and they seemed to be feeling better. Over the next few weeks I had checked in on them a few times just to make sure things were still going well. This person's significant other took offense to this and messaged me the names of my children. This morning the situation was resolved, did I believe I or my family was in any danger? Of course not but I did have a wake up call. If my being who I am on this server would directly impact my family...is it worth it? Simple answer no. With this situation I have come to realize while most people do not, some take this game far too seriously and take their irp hatred way to far. So I'm stepping down and leaving the server. I am fighting a losing battle trying to help the players that do not want to be helped and I'm tired. To the person responsible for my epiphany, I am much better at the internet than you. I will not name you but I will let you know that I do know you were picked up by the police for possession 8 months ago and that your junior year yearbook photo you are wearing a blue polo with 2 white stripes on it. To my former team, we are staff but remember we are not better than anyone else. We are players with more responsibility to be an example. To every one else. It's been real. Tldr. I rambled, I'm leaving, treat each other like human beings please. Mods if you feel the information I shared is doxxing please ban me accordingly.
  6. Xalid


  7. Personally I feel the situation could have been handled better from the start. The changing of the warpath without resetting the week prep. The building of the meme tower in renatus. I was not around for the war claim itself but I read the reports and watched the recap. It was a hard fought battle that had its issues. The invisible user, the hackers, the lobby killing, all bad but renatus still pulled through and earned the W. I was just as shocked and disgruntled about the redo being called and raised my concerns about it.
  8. We (mods) don't all agree with the decisions made in regards to the outcome and have voiced our opinions about it.
  9. Name: Jorin Clan: Clanless Residence: The golden fields Desired Alderman: Artemis of Dunharrow
  10. Joran holds an empty flask sitting in his boat. Looking back to the shoreline a beacon of light shines from the doorway of the wench drawing him home.
  11. Alright. Playing the victim card is fine I can let that go, you want the upvotes? Go get em tiger. Calling for bias is something else. So let's review with more info so we can try rid of all that bias. 1. Someone felt the need to modreq against you. (No bias there) 2.You were extremely uncooperative and opposed to a screen share. (No bias there, and you being uncooperative doesnt help your situation) 3. When an agreement was finally reached the hack was found in the recycle bin. There is no way we can pit every scenario in the rules. We rely on the playerbase to have some common sense when it comes to the rules and guidelines.
  12. That's the thing though. While I am not the mod who handled this, a mod WAS asked to look into you because of the suspicion of using something to give you an unfair advantage. You just happen to have them (we both know where) only adds credibility to the claim.
  13. Got you covered there. Hacks, hacked clients and specifically autoclickers are all mentioned in the server rules. See below §1.8 Do not use hacked clients that grant you an advantage or cheat in any way. §1.9 Do not use auto-clickers or mouse/keyboard features to that effect or radar.
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