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  1. Toni turns and walks away from the gallows, unsheathing his longsword with a sigh. He’d pursued a coward who tried to flee at the start of the battle, but by the time he’d caught up with him, Joseph had already finished with him. “I‘ll just have to work off this frustration in another way,” he muttered, flourishing his blade in an open clearing as he prepared to do some drills.
  2. Toni casts a brief gaze towards the rabble of enthused men, the corners of his mouth tightening into a smirk. Then, he turns back and makes his way back to his tent, a quill in hand to finish his latest treatise on Waldenian swordplay.
  3. Full name: Rudolph Reiner Age: 22 Experience: Experienced fur hunter, has done a few stints in skirmishes and line combat. Ethnicity: Waldenian [OOC] Username: Jagdkatzchen [OOC] Discord: Jagdkatzchen#1890
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