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  1. While sitting in his seat within the chapel of Saint Daniel, Archbishop Ernst of Curonia receives a swift letter bearing this information. Ernst then says to himself: “This Father Cassian seems a very bright fellow.” Ernst then nods once and continues his afternoon prayer.
  2. Archbishop Ernst of Curonia reads the post, then nods and smiles to himself.
  3. Archbishop Ernst of Curonia reads the call to council and readies himself to attend the council.
  4. Archbishop Ernst wonders who this priest is and says to himself: “Not a schism.. again.” Ernst then sighs, finding no evidence to this Priest’s ordination.
  5. Archbishop Ernst of Curonia wonders which Priest will perform the wedding.
  6. Ernst looks to the picture on the post, seeing him performing the coronation of Pierce I. Ernst then wonders why he was not invited exclusively
  7. Peace on God's world; Issued and Confirmed by the Authority of the Archdiocese of Curonia ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Faithful Flock of GOD; with the war nearly ending, we, the children of GOD, must stand tall. It is a solemn duty of the faithful during the month of Horen’s Calling to weave the prayers of the fallen of this war, the faithful must face. We must follow in the footsteps of Our predecessors, We heartily approve this, and We call upon all the sons of the church to offer special devotions to the most blessed Saint Catherine during the year of 1721 and the year 1722 to come. For the Danger of a more extensive and dangerous calamity hangs over the sons of Horen, especially in the parts of northern Arcas, where a bloody and hard-fought war is raging. With this it is that we, the flock of GOD, feel most urgently that we must once again do what we can to safeguard peace within Arcas. We wish all of those who live by the word of GOD, peace and love throughout the centuries to come. Signed, His Eminence Archbishop Ernst of Curonia
  8. Ernst frowns deeply seeing as another clergy member has been killed. Ernst then adds a little prayer for Zachery and a prayer for peace to his daily routine.
  9. Archbishop Ernst looks upon the thesis written by young Johannes and nods to himself.
  10. Archbishop Ernst of Curonia views the thesis carefully, reading it multiple times
  11. Writ of Defrockment Written by His Eminence Ernst of Curonia, 1720, 17th of Owyn’s Flame Servus Servorum Dei _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ To Those Faithful, it is with great misery that we, The Archdiocese of Curonia, hereby must place this Writ of Defrockment upon one of our former Priests, Victor Kentroselo. This Priest has on multiple occasions brought shame and misconduct to the word and teachings of GOD. This man has put shame upon not only this Archdiocese, but Also the Entire Holy Mother church with his actions. It is with this document that we, the Archdiocese of Curonia, have decided to defrock Victor Kentroselo. Mister Kentroselo shall henceforth no longer be allowed to carry the title of ‘Father’. He shall no longer be considered a Priest of the True Faith by the Faithful and the Clergy. And Mister Kentroselo , has with this document, lost the right to preach of the Word of GOD as a Priest. The Former servant of GOD has put shame upon this church and its faithful, for what I, Archbishop Ernst of Curonia, must apologize. I Must apologize to the Kingdom of Curonia, that I had let such a fatal mistake slip through. I Must apologize to the Holy Father, for me allowing such a man to enter the holy cloth of Clement and Evaristus under my Jurisdiction. And I must apologize to you, the faithful flock of GOD, for I have let such a man preach of our Creator’s Word and guidance. It is with this that the Archdiocese of Curonia shall declare the Priesthood and all the Services of Mister Kentroselo nullified. If Anybody has been Baptized, Married or Blessed by Mister Kentroselo, please speak with your local Bishop Or Archbishop. Signed, His Eminence, the Archbishop of the Kingdom of Curonia and the Arch-duchy of Suffonia, Ernst
  12. Archbishop Ernst of Curonia starts preparing for the coronation.
  13. The Archdiocese of Curonia Written by his Eminence Ernst of Curonia, 1720, 8th of Owyn’s Flame __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Introduction: The Archdiocese of Curonia, Encompassing the Kingdom of Curonia, and the Archduchy of Suffonia has been decreed within the year 1720 by his Holiness Daniel VI. Its mission to bring faith and the mercy of our Glorious Creator to the States of Curon and Suffonia. The Archdiocese will also offer a variety of Services to it’s flock. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Services concerning Sacraments; As mentioned earlier the Holy Mother church within the Archdiocese of Curonia will be offering a variety of different services to those faithful to the true faith; Marriage Services will be provided for a faithful couple who wishes to bring themselves together as an official union of Man And Woman in the Eyes of GOD, Mass will be held to preach the faithful flock of GOD the Divine Word and the Divine Teachings of GOD on Peace, Love, Justice and the history of his flock, Baptism will be provided for the children at the age of 7+ who wish to bring their soul closer to GOD and bring the first official absolution of their sins in the eyes of GOD. Funerals shall be held for those whose soul has left us in this here world and grant their body the final sacrament for their life as canonists to be fully completed in the eyes of GOD. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Social Services; The Holy Mother church of the true faith lays great value upon its flock being in good hands and well cared for, hence why the Administration of the Archdiocese has these Services to be offered; The Holy Mother church within the Archdiocese of Curonia will be providing free food and a place to sleep , for those in need , to the full extent of the Archdioceses resources. Such as breed and soup. The True faith of GOD within Curonia shall also henceforth provide the Archdiocese with an Orphanage for the young children of GOD's flock who could no longer be supported , housed and treated by their family beforehand. The Holy Mother church shall also bring upon the diocese religious and ethical education to those faithful as their wish. These teachings shall always be provided after Mass to the faithful. With such, those who wish to attend shall also be granted the opportunity to be accepted into Deacon ship of the Holy Mother Church after the religious education has been completed and the student wishes for a future position within the Shepard’s of GOD's children. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Administration: The Archdiocese of Curonia is currently under the Administration of Archbishop Ernst of Curonia. Although the Archdiocese itself is made upon 2 other Dioceses, the Archdiocese of Curonia is still Standing above both of the Dioceses encompassing it; -The Diocese of Avalain, encompassing The Kingdom of Curon, it’s respective lands and minor vassals. This Diocese as well is administrated by His Eminence, Archbishop Ernst of Curon. And, -The Diocese of Pembroke, encompassing the Archduchy of Suffonia and it’s respective lands and minor vassals. This Diocese is administrared by His Grace, Bishop Frederick of Pembroke. Even though the Archdiocese will be very self- governing , it will be working very close together with the Other Archdioceses and Dioceses around Arcas. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If there are any more questions concerning the Archdiocese, the doors of the church are always open. Signed, His Eminence Ernst of Curonia
  14. Ernst smiles at the changes being made, then proceeds to celebrate that the church has found itself in a stable position once more.
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