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  1. A PRAYER FOR THOSE SUFFERING WRITTEN AND PUBLISHED BY HIS EMINENCE ALFRED CARDINAL JORENUS 1795, 11th of the Sun's Smile My dearest friends, we find ourselves in a troubling time. Our homes destroyed, our cities eradicated, and our families separated. it is in such a dark and gruesome time, my dear faithful, that we must have hope. Hope that things shall change. For the better. And it is with such in mind that I hereby invite you to pray. Pray for those suffering. I invite all to pray for those in need. For the families separated. For the children who shall wake without mother or father. For our brethren in GOD. And for those who gave their life today, so we could stand among ourselves. I invite you to pray the following prayer and speak your concerns to GOD. For may he have benediction upon the souls we have lost. And may we find time to mourn for those lost in such a dire time. And may the following prayer bring peace upon our Terra; “Dear GOD, please grant us peace of mind and soul. And to calm our turbulent times. For our land has been struck and divided. I seek to be guided under your word to greatness. Give those strength who need it this time we find us. O Lord, illumine my path you have laid out for me with the light of your justice, your righteousness, your greatness and your power. I beg of you, O Lord, guide us, your flock, to salvation. May you in your infinite love save us, Lord. I beg for your love Lord. I beg for your heavenly touch. Amen.” signed by, His Eminence Alfred Cardinal Jorenus Archbishop of Jorenus and Auditor of the Tribunal
  2. A LETTER TO THE FALSE PROPHET MELCHIZEDEK WRITTEN AND PUBLISHED BY HIS EMINENCE ALFRED CARDINAL JORENUS 1795, 10th of the Sun’s Smile To the false prophet Melchizedek, it deeply saddens me to be informed by one of my pious clergymen that you have once more penned a letter in response to the trial. It is furthermore saddening that in your letter you deny and disencourage our Holy Mother Church. You claim to be the Prophet of GOD, but who wears their laurel? It is the High Pontiff and the Church entire. You are still a part of GOD’s flock, my dear child. Allow GOD’s light to illuminate your true path. Your path back home, back to our Holy Mother Church and GOD’s fatherly arms. For a lost child can still find back to its parents. And a lost sheep can return to its flock. And it is so I invite you, Melchizedek, and all those who allow your false claims upon our faith to grow stronger. I invite you to return. As a child, as a believer in GOD. I invite you to rejoin our glorious and pious church. I invite you to return as a servant of GOD, my friend. Your infamous letters tourment my heart, for seeing a soul corrupted is saddening. But what torments my heart and soul the most is your apparent wish to reluctantly continue your heresy. And my torment shall continue until the day where you and your soul return to us as a pious, brave and good canonist faithful child of GOD. Yet for the time being, as a servant of the servants of GOD; I cannot possibly allow you to corrupt your fellow faithful. For it is your heresy, Melchizedek, which stirs them from GOD. It is your heresy that disregards their souls from salvation. And it is your heresy which corrupts their love for our Lord upon this terra. You have openly and notoriously made threats against our faithful and our Holy Mother Church. And such, Melchizedek, I cannot allow. It is with this in mind, I, as Auditor of the Tribunal, hereby constitute upon you, Melchizedek, our Holy Mother Church’s most solemn sanction. You shall hereby be, by the will of the High Pontiff James II,. declared anathema and shall be shunned by the faithful. I warn you, Melchizedek, this is your final chance to step before us and repent your sins. Signed, His Eminence, Archbishop Alfred Cardinal Jorenus
  3. Cadet George Darkwood salutes to his commanding officer and carries out his evacuation orders diligently. He marches alongside his comrades and moves the civilians to safety at the Eye of Man.
  4. Cadet George Darkwood of the Imperial Second Brigade of the first Regiment swiftly moves out as soon as he received the orders from his Commanding Officer. The young aspiring Officer of Her Imperial Majesty's forces grabs a horse and rides quickly to the scene before beginning to investigate.
  5. Alfred Cardinal Jorenus frowns at not being invited to the chat.
  6. A CALL TO TRIAL WRITTEN AND PUBLISHED BY HIS EMINENCE, ALFRED CARDINAL JORENUS 19th of OWYN’S FLAME, 1792 To the false prophet Melchizedek, In response to your recent and aggressive commentaries regarding the legitimacy of our Holy Mother Church and its faithful, allow me to make it crystal clear to you: Any soul which strolls this terra of Arcas can attempt to dismantle the claims of our Church. And any soul can question the salvation of the faithful children of GOD. Yet I find great error and confusion within your publications and reasoning, for you seemingly neither understood nor attempted to understand the authority of our Holy Mother Church. It is the very heretical approach made by you of opposing the word of our Holy Mother Church, which our Lord GOD established and created through our Prophet Owyn, that proves to not only me but also all of canonism how little you truly understand of the Theology on which we lay our grounds . It is this foolish stand you and your heretical followers imprudently and blind from false contradictions of GOD’s word which chains you from GOD’s fatherly arms and his salvation. Therefore, there can neither be doubt nor sway in one mind. I profess you to be not only a schismatic but also a heretic. Bearing such in mind, the following ultimatum hs been published without regard; For if there shall be no alteration or reform in line to the heretical and blasphemous behavior and publications of this False Prophet, it is with the power of this supreme position of ecclesiastical authority granted to me by His Holiness, the Vicar of GOD, we shall declare and designate the aforementioned man who goes by the name of Melchizedek and all his followers to be heretical and supporters of blasphemers. He and his supporters ,in the aforesaid matters of proof, shall be called to an ecclesiastical Trial to the Holy See in the Palatinate of Aquila. There their guilt shall be determined before a Tribunal of Auditors. I pray you shall alter your efforts and repent for your sins. I await your immediate response, Melchizedek. IN NOMINE DEI ET HORENI His Eminence, the Archbishop of Jorenus and Auditor of the Tribunal, Alfred Cardinal Jorenus
  7. Alfred Cardinal Jorenus reviews the thesis and nods to himself. He then extends an invitation to the young acolyte to meet him in the Chapel of Reza at any time to discuss his further training.
  8. Alfred Cardinal Jorenus sits in his office as a courier swiftly places the letter upon his office for him to read. The Archbishop then nods to the courier and opens the letter. He views its content carefully and ready it with great interest. He then nods slightly and looks forward to discussing and debating this topic with his fellow Cardinals.
  9. THE END OF A TOUR 1788, 3rd of the Sun’s Smile Dearly beloved, These past 4 years have been ones of humility and worship. I have pilgered towards the faithful to greet and celebrate alongside them. And in the spirit of these 4 years of the rejoicement of GOD’s word, which I have had the honor to share with you face to face, I write to you in this matter to announce the end of my archdiocesan excursion. These 4 years in which I have travelled abroad within the Kingdom of Haense and my Archdiocese have been a most grand honor to not only me, but also all loyal servants of GOD who accompanied me. And I can proudly say, that it was not the education and studying of literature that taught me to become the shepherd I am today, but the faithful who supported me along the way. I have committed myself to bringing our Lord GOD’s word into every household and as well as consult with the pious and GOD fearing faithful of this great Kingdom.. Yet, my dear faithful, everything must come to an end. And it is with this ancient saying, I proclaim the final destination of the Archdiocese Excursions. The final celebration of mass under this tour is to be held within the city of New Reza, the capital of the Kingdom of Haense. There a parade shall commence on our way to the basilica, in which I shall be accompanied by all the most humble and loyal servants of GOD. I beseech every GOD loving man, woman and child to rejoice and take to the streets of New Reza and celebrate amongst us. It is indeed GOD’s will that every faithful shall one day be one with him. To join in his fatherly arms once they ascend to the skies.And it is indeed the direct duty of our Holy Mother Church to ensure the salvation of your souls. With this in mind, I invite you, the faithful children of GOD, to a grand event, First, I shall join together with many other shepherds to a parade along the streets of Reza. beginning from the palace to the Basilica of fifty virgins. And to conclude our 4 year long journey a grand mass is to be hosted in honor of our Lord GOD, his Exalted and Saints within said cathedral. Furthermore, alongside myself and the other Priests, the Prelate of the Priesthood shall be in attendance to allow faithful souls of the Kingdom of Haense to join the cloth and serve GOD under our Holy Mother Church. (The Parade and following mass shall commence at 2 PM est on the 5th of October 2020!) IN NOMINE DEI ET HORENI His Eminence, the Archbishop of Jorenus and Auditor of the Tribunal, Alfred Cardinal Jorenus
  10. Alfred Cardinal Jorenus smiles proudly while reading the missive in his office. He then recalls his own history within joining the servants of GOD. His smile grows tenfold with a nod of approval following.
  11. A VERDICT ON THE XANNIC PALADINS WRITTEN BY HIS EMINENCE ALFRED CARDINAL JORENUS THE AUDITOR OF THE TRIBUNAL 4th of OWYN’S FLAME, 1787 Dearly Beloved, It has come to the attention of the Dicastery for the Canon Law that there are Canonist believers who affiliate with a group known as the ‘Xannic Paladins’ . This group of descendants, through intercession, receive magical power from the Aengul Xan to uphold his ideals, following their Paladin creeds. These paladins are no different from regular Descendants outside of bearing an ember of Aengulic power close to their souls, a manifestation of Xan's intercession. After investigating the matter personally and interviewing several paladins, the Dicastery has determined that their core value is to use their magic solely to protect the innocent, for it is against their creeds to use their magic for personal gain; such an attitude results in the disconnection of their intercessory gift. We have also examined their beliefs and practices, and determined they do not express any elements of heretical worship or practices. Their traditions are capable of existing within the Church without threatening the Virtue of their followers. It is due these findings, alongside prior reports, I hereby issue the Church’s verdict on the ‘Xannic Paladins’: The organisation known as ‘Xannic Paladins’, after rigorous investigation, are found not to contradict the teachings of the Canonist faith and its Holy Mother Church. As always, those Canonists who utilize Aengulic intercession are still charged to obey the Virtue and refer to a Church confessor frequently. It is with this fact, I announce they are free of suspicion. This organization’s beliefs are found to be free of heresy. In Nomine Dei et Horeni, Alfred Cardinal Jorenus
  12. His Eminence, Alfred Cardinal Jorenus, the Archbishop of Jorenus and Auditor of the Tribunal reads the verdict with great discretion and nods to himself. He then raises his cup of warm tea before swiftly being interrupted by the Archdeacon of Jorenus storming into the room. The Cardinal spills his tea all over the document and grunts to the Archdeacon, who swiftly says “Your Eminence, I deeply apologize. I shall bring you a second copy.” The Archdeacon says with a bowed head before continuing “Furthermore, I must inform you that the saulite report by Cardinal Kovacs has received great criticism from both the laity and clergy.” The Cardinal then nods thrice, still mad about having tea all over his desk. He then answers “I see. Then I shall look into the matter myself.” With that, the Auditor gestures for the Archdeacon to leave and sends out a courier to inform the Cardinal Judges of the Church of his personal insight and investigation into the matter.
  13. The Archbishop sits in his office alongside Bishop Jakob and Cardinal Kovacs. He then smiles lightly and points to the map of the Kingdom of Haense. Suddenly the Archbishop says “There. This shall be my second destination.” The Cardinal’s fellow clerics nod and begin to prepare for His Eminence’s excursion alongside him. ((MASS TO BE HELD AT 2 PM EST in the AMADOR MANSION WEST OF REZA on the 8th of September!))
  14. ARCHDIOCESEAN EXCURSION OF 1784 written by His Eminence, Cardinal Jorenus, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Jorenus and Auditor of the Tribunal within the Curia of His Holiness Archbishop Alfred Ruthern Brethren in GOD, ever since my appointment I have strived to govern the diocese underneath me with great connection to its populace. Yet, in recent years I have found myself bound to my office quarters writing writs and letters instead of celebrating with you the life that GOD gave each and every one of us. It is due to this, I declared to my fellow bishops that I am going to commence an Archdiocesan Excursion to the lands of my Archdiocese. A grand tour of every faithful canonist settlement within the lands of the Archdiocese I was appointed to so many years prior. Within this tour, I will celebrate mass and hold holy canonist services to the faithful of each region. During the tenure of this excursion, I will be followed by his Grace, Bishop Jakob of Petrovic and His Eminence, Goren Cardinal Kovacs. These humble servants of GOD will accompany me in this trip and are going to spread the word of our Lord GOD alongside me. Furthermore, I wish to personally commence a private audience with every leader of the settlement I visit to discuss the relations between their faithful and our Holy Mother Church. The Excursion will begin in the city of Johnstown within the Diocese of Kovacs and then commence through every settlement within the Archdiocese. The tour will come to a final end within the city of Reza. If you wish to join the church in any way of form as aforementioned, please contact Archbishop Alfred! (IGN: Froschli DC: Hoehlenmensch_HD#1788) ((First location will be the city of Johnstown at 2 PM EST on the 7th September)) IN NOMINE DEI ET HORENI His Eminence, the Archbishop of Jorenus and Auditor of the Tribunal, Alfred Cardinal Jorenus
  15. Alfred shakes his head in disgust before remarking to the Bishop of Kovacs “This must be investigated.”
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