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  1. Javick


    Ace Merentel receives the news and stares blankly at the declaration paper for a moment. He then nods his head once as he folds the paper up “It must be done” he says with determination
  2. Ace Merentel smiles and nods “Well Deserved”
  3. Ace’s eyebrows lower and his heart starts to beat with crazy strength. He places a hand over his heart and closes his eyes to smile “See ya in a few years, I still got some things to do”
  4. Javick

    I did a Bad

    Corniboy you suck very largely ?
  5. Javick


    Ace and his twin brother Travis were born to mother Ada and her Third Atlas Coalition War veteran husband Chase. To their parents dismay, the children had the habit of accidentally breaking vases, plates, and windows around the house while fighting with sparring swords. When Ace wasn't sparring with Travis he would be talking to his wise mother about the history and current events of the world yet barely seen by his curious eyes. The family moved to the newly established Imperium Renatum along with many other Heartlanders .After reaching 12 years of age the kids' differences became more noticeable. Ace and his mother would go on for hours asking each other challengingquestions to exercise the mind. The families' celebration for the kids' 15th birthday was an unforgettable one. Ace received a book with no author, passed down from his mother who claimed it was important along with a hunting knife from his father. One afternoon during a strong storm two men with a carriage seeking shelter were allowed inside by Ace. The friendly men began to ask questions about where the man of the house was and Ace began to worry. Loud knocking interrupted the tense conversation to Ace’s relief. He opened the door and was instantly knocked down by his father who barged in and scanned the room until he met the eyes of the two men in the house. They all unsheathed their blades and Ace fell onto his knees at the horrific sight of the carriage unloading armed men like a fountain, he could not see his father surviving the onslaught. But Travis couldn’t bear to stay upstairs and watch over Ada when he had a knack for fighting. He drew his sword and ran downstairs where he saw his brother had given up, but he slashed through the assassins until he and his father were back to back. The armed men warned Travis that they were there for his father and he could still live, but Travis was determined to help his father. The room went silent as Travis stopped talking and released a scream of pain. Ace had sent his hunting knife into his brother’s shoulder and taken control of the room. Their father was ready for death and said his goodbyes before a dagger entered his heart. Ada screamed as she ran downstairs to attack theman who landed the final blow. Without time to stop her, Travis and Ace watched as she jumped into another knife, marking the end of their parents and the only happiness the boys had left. The assassins left the home while the boys sat on the floor, both hurt beyond repair. Travis blames Ace for his father’s death while Ace blamed Travis for his mother. They each went their separate ways, but the two brothers now harbor deep hatred for each other, and it would not bode well if they were to encounter each other again.
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