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  1. Staff report I sent on feb 12 still open xd no replies or anything xd

  2. still waiting someone to notice and respond to a staff report I sent 1.5 month ago

    1. FlemishSupremacy


      at that point, just go public


  3. James Percival Suffolk read the paper while cleaning the fresh blood off from his sword “They didn’t give any details!” frowned for a moment then shrugged “At least now civilians will know the worth of army of the empire. Losing while outnumbering twice.”
  4. James would arm himself to travel to Rubern after hearing the news about a regent getting captured. “Alliance soldiers art working day and night” He says before moving out.
  5. Lmao when I saw the title I thought lune became a CT member :DD good post btw I like this kind of things since it reveals the concerns and thoughts about the server.
  6. -Suffonia hosts event

    -Lotc: Dies.

    1. Vorgraven


      It is a plot to deter us, typical. They cannot let us have good RP.

    2. rukio


      -Oren has a wedding with 90 people attending

      -Server dies

    3. seannie


      i heard oren had a court case session with over 100 ppl in attendance, kinda wack

  7. Duncan couldn’t read so instead he just used the paper to fire his oven “Paper is always handy.”
  8. A random crimson guard shouts “Ave Suffonia! Ave A.I.S!” in the streets of Rubern.
  9. James would frown “I wish we could have captured one of the oren officers when we raided their city and killed one of their citizens in broad daylight. We could have asked for great gifts too!” pokes Aedyn (( @DanteZblue_potato))
  10. I SPIT ON YOU @auLune

  11. [!] A depiction of Rickard sitting in the tea garden of Kingdom of Suffonia. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rickard Johan Enthelor, Baron of Nohr and Ihiron, Lord of the Crowsfort and Crowsport. Lord Commander of the Kingdom of Curon has been captured by the forces of Kingdom of Suffonia. He unsheated his sword against Suffonia on many occasion. His ransom is 5,000. If the ransom is not paid in 1 saints hour, he will be hanged in Warwick Castle due to his crimes against Kingdom of Suffonia. Any party delivering his ransom will not be attacked by Suffonian forces. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ((RANSOM IS PAID))
  12. James would read the copy of the said letter with a frown on his face. “I don’t think he even remembers signing the same letter with enthusiasm. At least now his head is no longer attached to his body.” Throws the letter to the fire while talking to himself. “I guess, I am mistaken. It does not matter how kind or merciful thou art against a vermin. A vermin is always a vermin, calling it Alexander did not change his nature.” Takes a deep breath before opening a bottle of gin.
  13. A missive is sent to all Human factions and the cloud temple noticeboards. It would read the following: Ser Brand Aldis von Denhardt has been captured. He is a prisoner of war. His ransom is 2,000 mina. If his ransom is not paid by 3 saints hours he will be trialed under Suffonian Laws. Letters signed by the Prince James of Suffonia. [ransom paid by matthias ruthledge and captive released]
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