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  1. Candidate’s Full Name : Sir Arceus Reine Age of the Candidate : 26 Street Address of the Candidate : Pontian Place 3, Bastille
  2. Name: Sir Arceus Reine Age: 24 Gender: Male Race: Human Position Applied For: Treasury Aide Relevant Experience: Quartermaster for ISA Additional Notes: N/A [[Username & Discord: Arcean_ | Arcean#3296 ]]
  3. Spits on the ground with a certain image of distaste on his face. “This is the most heinous act I have ever seen. Is this invasion a jest to you? Are we fighting for the likes of you to joke and laugh about this threat? This very theme is an insult to all who perished by the inferi also all my fellow soldiers who served beside me in the siege of Korvassa.”
  4. Sir Arceus Reine turns towards his brother after reading the letter “Did you read this? We are invited to the tavern.” then passed the letter to his brother “We should host something like this.”
  5. Arceus nods at the missive stating ”What a glorious day! I am sure empire will prevail in every single front! We will be better, we will be stronger and we will grow further in every new year. Those savages who tries to hinder this growth by taking arms against this great empire will perish on the battlefields. They will become one with the ground beneath ourselves. But make no mistake. This efforts are not the efforts of one man or one group. Every single citizen of empire works for this glorious achievement and they have to be heard. They have to be recognised for their struggles. With this beautiful parade, we will honor those who worked behind the walls. Let’s not forget our brethren in haense aswell. They have been fighting with us shoulder to shoulder. All of our dreams may come true if we work hard and work together to achieve them. But achieving our dreams isn’t enough. We have to go beyond our dreams and limits. Many people limits themselves to what they think they can do but we have to remember, together we can achieve much more than anyone alone. Even though we may struggle on the road, we can make mistakes. We are only human and making mistakes is the reason we go beyond. Trying hard and trying new things in every single aspect of our lives would bring new experiences. Also we should not listen to those who can’t believe. If people are doubting how far we can go, we need to go so far that we can’t hear them anymore.” Takes a very long breath and continues ”I am not a big man or a great man but I am a faithful man. I believe in GOD, I believe in Empire and I believe in Emperor. Because of that I will stay true in my path and work hard. It doesn’t matter if I were a soldier or a miner or a tradesman or just a simple fisher. I would do my job so good that no one would deny my hard work. We should not be afraid against the future. We should march forward with our visions and ambitions. Even though we stumble on the road we have to believe in the road we are taking and stay true to it. No one can change our situation but ourselves as well as no one is to blame for our situation but ourselves. We have to invest in our own future, work hard and continue doing what we are doing in the best way to become better. I believe this parade will become a beacon for those who are doubting the road we are taking and it will help the empire.” Takes another deep breath and drinks water to squench his thirst. “Even His Imperial Majesty Peter III being there would encourage people. I support these kinds of public events. It helps to build reliable relations between military personnel and civilians. Civilians needs to know they can trust us and we need to believe in ourselves to protect them to our best capabilities. To achieve the best as I said we need to work hard.” Stops for a brief moment to look around. Noticing he is just talking to himself like a lunatic and with shame he goes on to his merry way without talking about this to anyone.
  6. SOLO REGISTRATION: Competitor’s Name: Arceus Reine Competitor’s Age: 19 Username: Arcean_
  7. James Percival Suffolk from long away would sip his drink while reading this and turns towards his cousin “He is still using the honorable name of AIS to gain reputation.” Then throws the paper away sipping his drink and living the life in comfort away from drama.
  8. Arceus Reine would scream “CAN’T YOU SEE? THEY ARE SO SIMPLE MINDED THAT THEY ARE THROWING THEMSELVES AT US TO DIE!!!” turns towards his brother “They are even trying to boast with attacking civilians.”
  9. Arceus Reine reads the missive with teared eyes “Such loyalty! Admirable!”
  10. Staff report I sent on feb 12 still open xd no replies or anything xd

  11. still waiting someone to notice and respond to a staff report I sent 1.5 month ago

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      at that point, just go public


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