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  1. I am sure to witness a Merentel’s trial but It was not Alexander’s. If I am not mistaken it was a child in front of the gates of Curon.
  2. Planning a war, getting ready 50 people in 2 days. Clear out your day also make sure another 49 people will clear out their days for this. Then war is off before 3 hours

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    2. Arcean


      45 minutes ago, YPJgamer1999 said:

      also no one cares about your weird internet child soldier struggles. go roleplay w/ the 50 people you rallied and have a feast or something

      appearently you do big guy

    3. seannie


      pvping on the lords day is an unholy sin repent sinners go to church 

    4. Nathan_Barnett36


      I’m banned and still somehow found out earlier then you did.

  3. Hip would watch the kid and the soldiers with a surprised look. After approaching these words would come out of his mouth “Ye want some buttered bread, lil kid?”
  4. People need to chill 

    1. Werew0lf


      enjoyed your loot two times got any new gear for us to keep

  5. Banning a leader and also a coalition leader prior to the war is a bad move. Apart from the justifications behind the ban or the cause you must think about the situation in the server. Incoming war on saturday with estimated numbers of two side together nearly 300 and as a staff working for the benefit of the server banning the leader of one side is just a bad influence over the war.
  6. High Pontiff doing good work
  7. Arcean


    James Percival Suffolk smiles looking at the Golden Helmet of Lukas Vyronov.
  8. James expected more.
  9. Esteemed Citizens of the Empire, We, as the Kingdom of Curonia and Archduchy of Suffonia, are writing this letter to you to express our dissatisfaction with the state of the Orenian Administration. We joined this Empire with our own will, voluntarily trusting that ALEXANDER II could unite humanity under one banner, for we had and always believed in a united humanity. But alas, His Majesty, Alexander II has passed away, and his Empire crumbled under the Lord Protectorate and continued to fall until it completely sunk into the swamp of incompetence under Peter III and his appointees. The Orenian Council claims to be the unifier for the human realms however, they have reduced the imperial name to a mockery of its once prestigious glory. They have no respect for honorable lords and gentlemen. They discredit nobility in every act. They reduced honourable lords and kings who fought for the human realm and the holy faith to be administered by quill-pusher bureaucrats. The swamp of greedy, corrupt and incompetent bureaucrats flooded imperial ranks once held by loyal lords and ladies. We admire the Archchancellor for trying to drain this swamp of corruption, but what little he can achieve against these odds is constantly undermined by Peter III, who has allowed himself to be leashed by his own appointees. Shame on those who stained the empire, shame on those who stained the imperial bloodline. Corrupt and avaricious Orenian Bureaucrats ignored the traditions and culture of the Kingdoms and States under the Empire and made a mockery of our ways. Placing their snouts in the trough, these Bureaucrats dismantles proud nations for their self interest. First they came for our legislative rights, then they came for our judicial rights and if we don’t stop them when we look around we will see ourselves left with no rights at all! The promises offered to us, and gifted to us, by Alexander II which were our pinnacle reasons for voluntarily joining the Empire were cast-aside and forgotten about. Thus as we had voluntarily joined the Empire in 1718, 23 years later we now voluntarily leave and declare our independence. We hope his honourable majesty the King of Hanseti-Ruska will see the reason beyond our acts and remove the imperial shackles around his Kingdom stand with us as independent states. Ave Freedom! Ave Humanity! HIS EXCELLENCY, Angelo de Alba, Lord Regent of the Kingdom of Curonia & Count of Astorga. HIS HIGHNESS, Prince William Devereux, Heir to the throne of Curonia. HIS EXCELLENCY, John Nicholas of the House of Suffolk, Lord Protector of Suffonia
  10. James Percival Suffolk signs the document
  11. “This happy occasion shall bring joy to our family.”
  12. Upon hearing the news James Percival Suffolk would frown, fondly remembering the Lord Palatine, whom he never really had the chance to know.
  13. “I believe it will end badly for vintas.” then he shrugged.
  14. Arcean


    Arcean is a Heartlander, Suffonian. He lives in the capital of Archduchy of Suffonia, Warwick Castle. He tends the horses of Prince Anthony. In his early days Arcean was a farmboy who learned to speak very late. Among his friends he was always the last in everything. He wasn’t strong, fast or clever. Most of his life he felt left out and alone because there was no one like him. He was fragile and simple minded. At the age of 15 he started to play with horses and really liked them. Because of this probably in his 33 years old life the place he feels the most peaceful is stables.
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