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  1. Trinn

    Curonia Prints, Fourth Edition

    Amelia Philippa scowls at her Father's new wife, quite displeased at the woman's lack of proper etiquette and mannerisms.
  2. CALL TO SUMMONS ✠ Issued and confirmed by Her Imperial Highness, Amelia Philippa, Privy Seal of the Imperial Crown of Godfrey 4th Tobias’ Bounty, 1707. We declare, as per the Statute of Carolustadt, that it is the responsibility of the Imperial Crown to summon its loyal subjects to the Parliament in order to represent their political ambitions and desires to His Imperial Majesty, and by extension, the constituents of the Empire. The following individuals shall be called to serve as voting members in the Imperial Parliament, as either Lords Temporal, Lords Spiritual, Prefects, or Imperial Privy members. The Map of the Prefectures of the Empire of Man ✠ LORDS TEMPORAL RED PRINCESS OF MULDAV, Aleksandra Barbanov-Alimar KING OF CURON, Will Devereux BARON OF HERBORN, Uthred Gromach IMPERIAL PRINCESS OF MAN, Theodosia Horen COUNT OF PEMBROKESHIRE, Edward Suffolk COUNT OF AYR, Jan Petyr Baruch BARON OF BELFOIRE, Nathaniel Windsor CALIPH OF KADARSI, Abbas Kharadeen COUNT OF MARSEN, Theobald d’Anpalais DUKE OF ADRIA, Paul Varoche LADY OF RODENBURG, Ildaria Castelo LORDS SPIRITUAL HIGH PONTIFF, Pontian II PREFECTS PREFECT OF HELENA: Frederick Baden, Philip Marshal PREFECT OF VEZ, Rivaini Othan-Semaili Rutledge PREFECT OF REZA, Konstantin var Ruthern PREFECT OF AVALAIN, Javier IMPERIAL PRIVY COUNCIL ARCH-CHANCELLOR, Edward Morris MINISTER OF INTERIOR, Charles Talraen GRAND KNIGHT, Sophia Halcourt MINISTER OF MAGECRAFT, Vexalia GRAND MARSHAL, Rozmeo Kastrovat CHIEF JUSTICIAR, Cassius Horen LORD SPEAKER OF THE PARLIAMENT LORD KEEPER OF THE PRIVY SEAL, Amelia Philippa NON-VOTING MEMBERS ELECTION COMMISSIONER, Chadwick Morris DEPUTY SPEAKER, [VACANT] LORD TREASURER, Azoth Hawksong IN NOMINE DEI HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Antonius I of the House of Horen, Emperor of Man, King of Renatus, Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland, Santegia and Norland, Duke of the Crownlands, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Helena, Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera
  3. Trinn


    Amelia Philippa claps politely for her husband's sister.
  4. Trinn


    Amelia Philippa sips her tea, as this was not any of her side of the family's business.
  5. Trinn

    The Imperial Tea Party of 1707

    Amelia sweats.
  6. The Imperial Tea Party of 1707 Missives distributed to a selected list of Noble Ladies. To the Noble Ladies of the Empire, It is with great pleasure that her Imperial Highness, Amelia Philippa, should cordially invite you to a gathering within the gardens of Rubrummagnus. The occasion for such an invitation is a humble one, in which the Lady Amelia desires simply to gather and conversate once more with the amicable Ladies that have grown to be the familiar friends of Her Imperial Highness. The Ladies invited to the event are enabled one guest to bring alongside themselves, though only Ladies of Noble blood may be permitted as guests in such an occasion. Her Imperial Highness invites you to bring, should you desire to, a favoured dish of choice from home in order to further entertain the diversity of the Empire’s lands. Signed by Her Imperial Highness, Amelia Philippa of House Horen, Princess of Alstion. The Missive would be sent to the following list of People, ((I pm u time later !!))
  7. Trinn


    “Why do you need to announce this?” Amelia comments in confusion.
  8. Trinn

    Conversion Overflow Thread

    Main Username (Put the one who requested the conversions): Jungle_Asian Helper #1’s Username: Rickson Is this an alt or another player? If another player, ping them here with an @forum name: @Rickson Helper #2’s Username: Halsi Is this an alt or another player? If another player, ping them here with an @forum name: @Halsi Helper #3’s Username: Parion Is this an alt or another player? If another player, ping them here with an @forum name: @Parion Helper #3’s Usernames: Deadlypikachu, Laurelin, Megameow Is this an alt or another player? If another player, ping them here with an @forum name: @Lirinya might add 1 more player dunno yet
  9. photobender_1.gif




    I editted animations on my drawings,,, :d

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    2. D4NNA


      now that’s interesting

      did you facerig your drawings or did you use some face tracking Software? 

      Amazing Headshots btw!

    3. Trinn


      it was an app that let u like
      edit the faces 

    4. ThatGuy_777
  10. The Parliamentary Reform Act In the Palace of Caesaromagnus 15th of Sun's Smile, 1705 Authored: HER IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, Amelia Philippa of the House of Horen, Duchess of Alba, Lady Keeper of the Privy Seal. Whereas We see great necessity for reform amongst Our Great Council, and We, enjoying the benefits of peacetime and the affluence it brings, do hereby promulgate these following laws. That the establishment of Prefectures, and all organisations thereunto belonging, shall be refashioned in the following manner: the amount of prefects within each selected region may be increased through the display of activity in population, with the base number of 1 Prefect and a maximum of 3. The increase in the number of Prefects that a Region may attain shall be petitioned through the Lord Speaker of Parliament. That should a region reach the number of 3 Prefects for candidacy, a system of Proportional Election will occur. That any Lord of the Empire who shall willingly make false return or neglect his duty, shall incur the penalty of 5000 minas. That all who have advised, assisted, or abetted in rebellion or taking arms against the realm, who have not already been given a pardon by the Emperor, shall be incapable of being installed or elected to Parliament. That all persons not of good human blood shall be incapable of being elected into the role of Prefect, and must be of known integrity, GOD fearing, and being of the age of sixteen years. That Committees are reinstated, on the basis that a committee may only be created when necessary. Committees may be formed through the will of any member of Parliament, nonetheless must be dissolved when its purpose is completed. That the Procedure of Parliament and its inspections of Legislations are to be re-defined and set. That all of these shall be faithfully transcribed into the Charter of Carolustadt.
  11. Trinn

    Hand Cannons; Firearms

  12. Trinn

    7.0 Moderation Update Pt. 3

    L O G P I T
  13. Any DnD groups open ? ¿ 

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      sobbing rn .

    3. Silverstatik


      Got a group with some lotc folks if you are interested. 4 sessions in and still going right along.

    4. Zarsies


      sorry no girls allowed........

  14. Ilae Elervathar shakes her head.
  15. 37a149538ed276fafc1c1c791a074c7d.png 

    Almost finished commission!

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    3. Trinn


      this is bullying. phil. Jacko. 

    4. Ford


      haha this weak spindly gay ass twink almost looks like abelas