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  1. Joan cheers as she clumsily follows along.
  2. 3 5  p  i n  g s 

    1. ScreamingDingo


      that's a you problem not a me problem

  3. why yes, my pixel **** IS bigger than yours!
  4. Registry Form Name: Lyanna Branch: Edvardsson Line of Descent: Lyanna from Edvard II, from Exander, from Arthas, from Beo, from Edvard, from Thoromir
  5. 20190902_195817.jpg


    ss for anyone curious abt them bans. 😳

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    2. rukio


      Oh lmao the pic didnt load before. Who is the monkey who made those rules 

    3. Heero


      @rukio Look at cells H16 + H17

    4. rukio
  6. Last spreadsheets I saw of the ban protocol had the first green tabs outlining 0-5 ish days of ban for first infractions. Which ones totally out rules banning in this new ban protocol?
  7. Then it's your fault for having a rule in which the protocol allows for players to break it repeatedly without repercussion. This is an absolutely laughable excuse ngl. If you find that people do this, fix it on the way so that you can still allow players to maintain a degree of trust with game moderators through ensuring that ban length are public and consistent.
  8. We're going to credit you as you're an admin who is RESPONSIBLE for recognizing when your fellow admins are making a terrible decision. Don't just say “don't credit this, dont blame me, its not my idea". You're an admin, recognize that players are pointing out that this is a terrible idea instead of attempting to shrug it off as “oh it's not me”. Telanir is barely on these forums, and when he does he posts some vague wishy washy posts regarding good will between players.
  9. why not? isnt it better for the playerbase to be able to see where their punishment will fall, to ensure consistency in bans between players? what reason is there to hide the length of bans for each offense?
  10. community team have players who join because theyre nice, welcoming and can talk to new players. They are NOT there to handle bans, as that they would not have handed the aforementioned bans themselves. As well as the fact that bans often end in controversy and complex reasonings, which should involve the GAME moderators.
  11. BID: Russian Red - 2500
  12. kins and bids: Russian Dress – 900
  13. Discord: u have it b Bid: 1050 Skin: Plate Armour
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