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  1. Trinn

    GM Update Log - December 2018

    nice job dewper!!! is this enough to warrant his unban? admins? ?
  2. Trinn

    The World Timeline [ET Story]

    i dont get it
  3. Trinn

    Atlas Anniversary Art & Writing Contest

    my commission list terrible rn I hate this timin 😔
  4. Some woman sleeps and hopes she wakes up to no more of either side's preaching.
  5. Commission - Druid Priestess by 1Valaquenta


    A finished commision :9

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    2. Evangelli


      y did you do :9 thats a frown isn’t it?

      Edited by Evangelli
    3. EarthMonkey


      That is amazing! Carrot man approved 

    4. Axelu


      we love a talented queen

  6. Trinn

    give me your fkn money

    Full body https://pin.it/encjvs2t4llmt3 Gimme your fkn skins axel .
  7. Amelia Horen nurses her husband back to health, with no knowledge on herbs and medicines. 😞
  8. Trinn


    Be well..
  9. Full Name: Amelia Philippa Horen City of Residency: Carolustadt Year of Birth: 1674 Address: Palace
  10. Trinn

    A Letter of Abdication

    Amelia held her nephew in her arms as she sat in the gardens of her Auntie's Manor, the girl silent as she cradled the child.
  11. Trinn

    The Aurelian Party

    Amelia Horen mimics Griffith with a nod of agreement.
  12. Trinn

    A Strange Character Request

    Phil, this isn't the way : (
  13. Trinn

    A Priests Report - Demons of Arberrang

    "Who's Laurie Horen??” Amelia Horen asks!
  14. now just apply for Wiki, world dev and admin.