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  1. Deadass why was my rp comment removed i just emoted my character spitting out water in shock

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    2. Ivorey


      mine too 😞

    3. Trinn


      Mods rlly said no fun allowed here maam 

    4. Lumii


      u must write a three page essay for forum emotes now sorry.

  2. reminder that ur fat, ch-

  3. i hate u ur g-

  4. UR so hot 2 Cloaked red gown – 800 :3
  5. 582040921dd0cf330f464ef93c64edd6-png.jpg

    lets not mock people by @’ing your discord clique for saying they won't pk, when an NL, such as yourself, did not as well : ) 

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    2. ReveredOwl


      Didn't you do the same to nathan when he said he wouldn't pk in looc? 

    3. Trinn


      i never got captured and not pk'd as an NL 


      and my drama with nathan was me not executing him after a trial bc i knew he wouldn't pk 😪

      let's not forget that the nature of nathan's statement was a brag about my friends wasting their time, as “he won't even pk” 

    4. sergisala


      God bless the Empress of Renatus

  6. The first time that Lyanna allowed herself to fall into tears was the night her father's killer was burnt. She shook with rage. Rage and fiery indignation. Then she counted the minutes until her eyes dried, and went to read her studies. The second came only for a cruel and passing moment; the loss of a sister, who will draw breath as a stranger from then on. She closed her lips tight, her face as typically gaunt as her ancestor's, and stood at loss for what to do.
  7. THE COWARDS OF HAENSE A depiction of the cowering Haensemen, not leaving their walls! The day had started with a force of 10 Haensemen heading out towards Rubern, upon seeing the forces within - they quickly turned tail and ran towards their “bastion” of New Reza. Upon gaining entry to their city, they quickly rallied all their banners and blew all their horns! Summoning a “mighty” force to their city, ready to combat against the AIS. Or, so the AIS thought - as they also rallied in tandem; both armies gathered in their respective cities. The men of AIS assumed they would meet a mighty horde on the field, but upon marching out, what did they see? Nothing. The field was barren of any Haense presence, odd. So they continued onwards towards New Reza and it opened their eyes to a displeasing sight… Thirty Haenseman locked behind gates and key and hiding in their city with no ambition to push out. The AIS retinue sat outside New Reza for nearly a saints-hour, with no movement from within apart from the stray arrow shot that was nocked and loosed over the roads. After an hour of inaction, and only a few kills as a result from this, the men of AIS jeered at the cowering Haenseman who assumed it would be an open-field, equal numbered fight - yet it was equal-numbered; it was not open-field. Their only victory they proclaimed was defeating a single horse, not even the horse-men, just a horse. In a last-ditch effort to try and acquire an actual fight, the men of AIS sallied forth from Rubern again and managed to catch out Jasper! An Orenian Marshal, upon bringing him down to his dying-breaths, the men of Haense merely sat and watched their dying soldiers. Nothing too exciting happened thereafter, just the occasional Haenseman wandering outside and being cut off by the far mightier AIS men. Their numbers were being thinned, but nothing of note. Despite this, the Haenseman found it in them to still hurl slurs from over their walls, even while the man named Adrian was caught out. In the midst of battle, Doctor Daniel was even safe enough to take off his armour and commence a sketch! In the end, the fight had been prolonged to two saints hours; they did not come out of their once as a group - only single souls who were promptly picked off via a flank. Though, in fairness, it is no surprise they are petrified of the AIS men.
  8. A Captured White Knight The depiction of Cyrus, sobbing in the corner after falling for the White-Knight trap. The roads had continued to be plundered, for good reason, and after wiping the roads clear of Imperial insurgents, the AIS had concocted a plan to draw more Orenians out of their city! With this in mind, a lone dame was sent up to the gate to exert her feminine wiles, crying of a tragedy from a singular bandit; in typical white-knight fashion, the soldier known as Cyrus had quickly rushed out of his city in an attempt to save the dame! Perhaps he thought this as his clear way of managing to court a female. There is a simple decision to be made here, come and negotiate a ransom for this Imperial Captain, or he will be slaughtered. You have a few saints hours.
  9. u have smth on ur face

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      quit sittin on my face

    2. Trinn
  10. Adeline Alstion Golfing with her Pals in the Seven Skies, sporadically watching the living with a minuscule amount of entertainment.
  11. Trinn

    For the Reivers

    sir r u in love with dpm or sumthin
  12. Morsgradian Footman stares intently at the newly captured orenians in the Rubern cages, poor men that Siegmund abandoned in favour of his own freedom.
  13. Trinn

    The Rescue; The Fight

    “Then why were you having a hostage trade with us a saint's day prior? One between your husband and that bore of a Merentel.” Shouts the Morsgradian Footman in Pink to the skies.
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