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  1. Lyanna Edvardsson fans her face idly, her eyes closing as she makes a mental note to attend the festivities.
  2. So yall just gonna have the community team handling bans handed by moderation team? As i said before n ill say it again. People who join CT are nice people who know basic lore and can lead new players around. Theyre not the team to handle bans
  3. me laffin that yall still trynna cover the story by saying axelu here just cryin for a bbnov princess thas abt it
  4. Why bother trynna air your concerns when your haense leadership gonna just brush this under da rug n continue pretending all is well. Considering pureimp aint even gonna own up to the fact that axelu did what he did due to prior treatments n not what pureimp elegantly stated as some tantrum over not getting barbanov 5.0 pureimps apology tldr: ah yes i am sorry for calling this young man, Axelu, a dumb ***** – but for a reason! He has, ALAS ((ALAS)), done me great harm by SENSELESSLY betraying HAENSE! not even going to address Axelu's point of being pressured when he was under queenship or even the time after that, doe im all over ooc bein ooc n ic bein ic but here have some more concerns tossed up!
  5. Anastasya of Muldav reads her old friend's letter to her, wheezing and cackling as she slaps her face with her hands. She continues laughing, to the point where her brother, Vladrick, had to support her from falling off her horse. She casually convinces her brother to go to different scholars ‘bout the lands, copying the contents and freely distributing the multitude of copies around the different notice boards.
  6. ill play ur butler for 1 good rzn n 5 pieces of bread

    1. FlemishSupremacy


      Yes check discord pms i need ur services

  7. "Sorry, who was it that initially hired and fought with the Ruswick bandits?" Lyanna leans forward, cupping her ears to the invisible entity of the writer. "Ah, yes, Oren. Go back to prostating yourself to your lich of an emperor and his ***** of a wife."
  8. Wtf wtf what did i miss why is everyone making a statua abt toxicity

  9. “That's his point.” Lyanna answers
  10. Anastasya Alimar spits out her water. Flabbergasted.
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