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  1. Trinn

    The Ichor Way

    Tevi goes to read it for him before she realises that she, too, cannot read.
  2. Trinn

    A thorn in our sides.

    Adeline heaves a great big sigh. Sometimes she wished her family members were normal.
  3. Trinn

    Creative Wizard Tag

    : ( pls
  4. Trinn

    Aether VIP giveaway

    i've always wanted to be bold :^u
  5. Trinn

    Character Art Raffle

  6. Trinn

    Character Art Raffle

    Hi Bailey :U I want your love and your art
  7. Trinn

    [ET Art & Writing Contest] Seasons of Atlas

    But y the prizes so low tho
  8. visualization of Phil creating his events I like it. Phil is a good boy. The one we need but don't deserve :/ +1
  9. Trinn

    The sword becomes heavy

    Tevi offered a brief frown. "Good Prince. Wonderful Prince." She'd utter. Yet a small part of her was glad to see him be able to relish the freedom of the wild once more, without the toll of the city on his back. " Here's to hoping that Khaine will finally get more tattoos in his newly found free time."
  10. Trinn

    [✗] Infernic Castors; Firearms

    Yessir that sounds great + 1
  11. Trinn

    AT Update Log- February

    Diraar r u ok
  12. Trinn

    Maliearnan Ito Cura'cinh

    Ilae sits by sipping tea aggressively. "Haha whoops. Forgot to re-read it. Hopefully no one is petty enough to criticize based on a dead language. Haha imagine that."
  13. I need skinners ://

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      alex skins are evil

    3. Slayy


      Girl your skin skills are awesome 

    4. _draak


      employ yourself.

  14. Trinn

    Magical Licensing

    Addy raises a brow. Nonetheless, she will write one and prepares to send it off. "Wow. Frost witches are allowed. What a wonder." Name: Adeli Avern'ii Gender: Female Place of Residence: Currently wandering Race/Subrace/Culture: Frost Witch Type of Magic: Frost Witch Why do you want to use magic within the Princedom?: It's cold, lliran. It's cold.