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  1. Trinn

    Looking for Bored Roleplayers

    hi I can be your back up skinner if a skinner doesnt show up https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/trinnionaire/submissions/?morder=order_latest also im a bored rper looking to come back to lotc for summer yeeh
  2. Trinn

    [Updated 7/13] Kim's Art Thread ✍

    marry me ok
  3. Trinn

    Beautiful Creatures [Commissions]

    teach me
  4. 017f6fc60eba2619679eb41bd6e14999.png


    art ****

  5. Trinn

    An apology to the LoTC community

    I'm proud of you, Matty.
  6. free my brother, don't tentacle your way into people's discords just to be able to feel your mineman authority
  7. Trinn


    Tevi dragged a hand across the bark of the tree--a hand gloved in dirt as she stood near an offering she had placed before an altar for the Aspects. "Khaine Csarathaire bears the symbol of the phoenix and its flame as his own--he is, in his way, the phoenix and fire made flesh. Let us hope he does not consume himself in flames, yes, Eni? I've not yet convinced that one to give up his shoes." Tevi merely offered a final smile towards the other elf before standing, turning to proceed in gathering her flowers and bones.
  8. Trinn

    [Pending]Tahmas's Lore Moderator Application

    bullies me a lot tbhh +1
  9. im confused

    1. LoTC's Next Top Model

      LoTC's Next Top Model

      you finally ready to give up your globe earth, now that you've seen the light?



    2. Vaynth


      Aren't we all.

    3. Hero_


      good it’s for the better

  10. holy **** they're really good builds