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  1. Hi! Do you still do commissions? I'd like to commission something for my large bi-racial elephant-boar race I'm planning on playing here.

    1. TreeSmoothie


      We have an elephant-boar race!?

    2. UnusualBrit


      of course we do this is the lord of the craft

  2. Maxima frowned. simply.
  3. Maxima scurried around the halls of the Royal Quarters with a gleeful laugh, forcing Maude to follow along with her antics. The young princess, devious as she was, began messing around with her siblings; stealing their planned jewelleries or decorations for the banquet!
  4. Maxima began to collect Garlic and Lemon elixirs within her room, adding them into her diet -- as well as into the diet of her pet pug, Max.
  5. MC Name: Dead_Trinn Discord: trinn#0602 Image: Description of Image: Character's Screaming cat painting Dimensions: 2 wide, 2 high
  6. An application was submitted, however the writing incoherent or simply gibberish. Likely written by a young child's hand.
  7. anything but this i log on to roleplay with ppl/friends not grind minecraft survival and stress over my hunger bar
  8. Adeline Margaret plays golf with Anabel in the Seven skies, cheating with a cheeky smile when the other woman would look away.
  9. Melia puts on her dancing shoes, then pausing as she realised that she can't dance, nor was there an event to dance in. She frowned heavily, before resorting to simply picking out a fun outfit without the dancing shoes.
  10. "This is actually quite tragic!" Melia uttered fervently, walking around in Du Loc with her friends. "I hope for her happiness in the future ahead."
  11. Trinn

    A Friend Lost.

    did he leave u on read after gogurt headass
  12. Illaeriana scratches the side of her head, yawning a little as she was woken up rather suddenly from her long nap. "Huh? Oh, yes. Mhm. Very true, maln, very true."
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