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  1. we fought but it was nice knowing you prior to it. pce
  2. Adeline gives a short salute from the grave, before going back to her daily face care routine in the Seven Skies.
  3. whats fun these day dudes

    1. sergisala


      Nothing really, my empress.

    2. _Hexe_


      video games

    3. Sorcerio
  4. "Wait, whos betraying who?" The violently pink soldier questions, "It was less than a saints day ago that you were allied with the same people, theyre just staying allied whilst you chose to relax. Lets not point fingers."
  5. Adeline recalled standing by the fountains of Helena amidst the marching of soldiers, the banners of Renatus flying atop galloping horses and the Pertinaxi cross gleaming in rays of sunlight. In the middle of the bustle, she sees her young cousin, Titus; her words stopped short of calling out to him, bidding him to come play in the Palace Gardens, as he walked armoured and carrying his crossbow aloft though he was no taller than herself. She recalls pausing, as the young boy was pushed towards the crowd of bloodied war veterans. “Hello, Titus.” Adeline greeted upon his entrance to the Seven Skies, the young girl greeting her childhood friend with an unacharacteristically gentle smile. “Come sit. I think that you need some rest, after all this time.”
  6. oh waddup

    1. Trinn


      oh lawd hello

  7. the coronavirus in france might go for a small car trip there 😷


  8. Lyanna Edvardsson fans her face idly, her eyes closing as she makes a mental note to attend the festivities.
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