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  1.  Empress Adeline and the Princess of Alstion, dated 1717  OF MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS  “Ma colombe, I do believe we are almost there,” A melodious voice says grimly to another as the vessel they were upon continued to sway against the turbulent ocean’s mighty waves. “I do hope your dear siblings are well within Alba’s walls, non? Mon Dieu, what if their nurses have poisoned them!” The two figures of finely dressed women sat beneath the deck of a ship; a golden haired Auvergnian of vibrant countenance, alongside her somber-faced child that draped herself in lavish purple garments. “They wouldn’t dare, Mother, as your temper is fiery enough to lay the Horosid Family to ash.” Adeline Margaret utters, distractedly, as she peers out the small windows gifted within their sect. “But I look forward to being home.” “Bah! To mess with a mother is akin to messing with a dragon,” She comments flippantly, jerking her palm about in a dismissive display as she lowers herself beside Adeline — skirts succumbing to the seat with a heavy thud. “I will worry for our fair Oren, but I refuse to satisfy the new imperator that hath brought such shame to Godfrey’s name.” Adeline settled her attention permanently upon the brewing storm upon the horizon despite her mother’s words, the silence drawing further forth her mother’s concern.  “It is a girl, Duchess!” Stated the raspy voice of a nurse, beaming. Immediately, a frown would settle upon Vivienne’s sweat-laden face as she surveyed the infant; her blue eyes shifted over the babe’s crinkled, grey ones along with the wisps of chestnut locks upon her head. “Alexandre will not wish for a girl, Madame — he wishes for more boys. He will not be content with me!” Vivienne exclaimed, cooling to a seated stance as she hands the child off to the rotund crone beside her. “The Prince does not understand the worth of a girl, then,” The decrepit woman uttered, seating herself beside the flaxen-haired Princess. “Raise her well, fair songbird, and prove him wrong.” The then Duchess of Furnestock glanced over to her daughter, who whined with the vehemence of the dragon that she was, with a newfound admiration. “Bring her here, nurse.” Upon having the infant settled within her arms, she smiled a broad smile — caressing her cherubic cheeks. “I think I will call her Adeline.”  As the journey to Aeldin continued, so did the storm that set itself upon the course of the vessel. A clap of thunder came as often as the hurling waves, thrashing the wooden boat in fury. The wails of passengers and the screaming orders from the ship’s commander did nothing to aid the turbulence of it all. “Adeline, I will go talk to the captain to ask how it all fares, yes?” The auvergne woman questions her child gently, as she held the child’s head in her hands, “Stay here, Ma colombe. Stay here.” Adeline nodded her head dutifully, eyes wide as she looked desperately, still, out the storming window. “It is like the siege of Helena, the thunder and wails, and the banging upon the wall” She thought, and no small comfort came with her recollection.  When she first laid eyes upon the streets of Helena, afterwards it's siege, Adeline’s heart clenched in disgust and guilt. She expected the horns of triumph to blow through the street, as Renatian Legionnaires stood tall within their gleaming suits of armour; the banners of Joseph Marna ripped and cast in shame. Instead, there were no banners and sigils to behold upon the field of battle — the symbols of the proud nobility and royalties of either side were nothing more than bloodied fabrics upon corpses. The streets of Helena had brought a chill upon the girl, and a dreadful touch of death. “First we will deal with the wounded in the former halls of Parliament, there’s more than enough space there--” She utters to William Jrent, as she walked beside her mother hastily through the ruined Rubrummagnus and towards it’s entrance, “I want the gates closed and manned until we’ve both our citizens and soldiers treated.” “Adeline, you can’t go to the city -- please.” Her mother held her arm tightly before she could make it through, though William raised a brow. “Ma colombe, the streets still run red and the corpses are yet to be removed.” Adeline hesitated, the young girl’s troubled countenance prevalent. Nonetheless, she shakes her mother’s grip off -- “I will see them, mother. If I command them to fight for my nation, I will see the consequence that is death.”  “ADELINE!” Vivienne screamed as she hurled herself through the sinking vessel, back towards the chambers that she had left her daughter within. She was frantic, a madwoman desperate in her search, even as the water continued to leak within the boat. “ADELINE!” “Mother--” The desperate plea came to her as she neared the chambers, yet the door was shut tightly. “Mother, it’s stuck-- mother, I’m stuck, please--” There was only a small gap upon the door that allowed Vivienne to see within the room, and the sight that she received shattered her heart. Her daughter desperately banging on the door, as the water had risen dramatically to her shoulders. The Auvergnian woman threw herself harshly against the wooden door, yet her frail form did little against it. “Adeline, we’ll get you out of there, don’t you worry, Ma Colombe.” The woman reassured, continuing her fruitless effort to force open the doors. Adeline’s voice trembled, weak and desperate, as the water crept to her chin. She coughed as the water splashed to her lips, her fingers desperately clawing at the door for support to stay afloat. “Non, non! not without you. Never without you.” Vivienne assured, weeping as she laid her head upon the wooden door -- fists weakly banging upon it. The water on her side of the door had begun to creep up just as steadily, yet the woman held no care for it. “Please, please, Dieu--” “I don’t want to die, Mama, I don’t want to die.” Her daughter’s young voice, pleading as she stood desperately upon her tip toes, “Mama, please-- I want to see Papa.” “Focus on me, ma colombe, focus on me.” Her sobbing quieted as she begged to hear her daughter’s response, yet only a trickle of water answered her. The Princess of Alstion wept once more, her chest heaving with despair as her nails dragged upon the wooden door, the woman collapsing into the ever rising pool of water. “Leave me here to die.” The mother wailed to the empty halls, consuming herself in her grief. Vivienne pounded on the wooden door, even as the water rose to her cheeks. “But let her live, God, let her live, I beg of you.” Even a dragon's fire cannot overturn god's will  “Mama, where’s papa?” Beckoned a distressed girl, cooped within her chambers. As Vivienne brushed into the room, her eyes settled upon Adeline, whose face was shrouded with tears. “What is wrong, ma colombe?” Inquired the woman, tutting softly as she lowered beside the Empress. “Come, you can tell your mere. You can always depend on me, ma colombe.”  REQUIESCET IN PACE Adelina Margarita Alstion, Imperatrix Orenii 4th of Horen’s Calling, 1709 - 1725 Despite being born from a lineage of Emperors and Kings, Adeline Margaret was never expected to be anything more than a Princess to be married off and away. Nonetheless, such expectations were defied upon her coronation as, initially, the Empress of the Imperium Renatum, followed through with her crowning as the Holy Orenian Empress in a later date. Certainly, the young girl was married off with little consultation to herself; yet such titles had wrought upon her a great responsibility that defined the remainder of her life. Diplomacy, trials, the pleas of propaganda — heavy duties that weighed upon the minds of a child, whose Crown had engulfed her head just as it would her mind. Thus, she had lead her childhood life as an Empress besieged and in War. REQUIESCET IN PACE Viviana Alstion, Princeps Johannes 13th of Owyn’s Flame, 1692 - 1725 The only trueborn child to Francis d’Amaury, Margrave of Ardennes, Vivienne grew with a passion for life and the people around her; such never dwindled as she began to reach the final years of her prime. In her early adolescence, after awaiting merry news in Banardia’s courts, she was wed and made Princess of Alstion — a duty she greatly revered as she sired four children, the eldest being Adeline Margaret. Throughout her daughter’s tenure as Empress, the Auvergnian would often placate the girl, serving as a confidant; it wasn’t until her later years in which she took a more public role in Orenian affairs. Those acquainted with a younger Vivienne attest to her fondness for the pianoforte, spending her days in Carolustadt’s tavern alongside its denizens. ((Axelu n i wrote this together bc we die together. ride or die shih.))
  2. Amelia Philippa frowns, the woman recalling a friendly tour that she had been given within the halls of the Dwed – as well as the friendly exchanges between herself and the dwarves upon it. “War, again?” She questions, to none in practicular.
  3. Trinn

    The Response

    ironically the players have more good spirit than the game moderators inflicting this good spirit clause.
  4. Amelia Philippa scowls at a former Pertinaxi taking the name of John. She rants about it to her half-senile brother, the pair having settled themselves to a picnic in the gardens of Pronce.
  5. “Which one has stronger Marnan influence, that's the question!” Adeline Margaret states, wringing her hands together.
  6. An illiterate wood elf stumbles into the wrong building, the pagan idols and symbolisms prevalent upon her figure.
  7. The Regent and Imperial Privy Council of the Holy Orenian Empire signs this treaty.
  8. Trinn

    The Dowager's Farewell

    Amelia Philippa rests her head within her hands, the aging woman's countenance dark in grief. “Why must God take you away so soon, little Lady? Sooner than my own life, when your youth still had not left. God torments me, he does.”
  9. “I don't think that last bit is quite right.” Frea says, at the mention of the Emperor's father.
  10. Fréa soon realizes that she is directionally challenged, and worries about accidentally entering the mentioned swamp.
  11. Amelia Philippa frowns, recalling the disturbing origins of Varoche. She turns away from the missive, nonetheless, to take care of the golden halls of her family home. Afterall, she was free from the concerns of younger generations.
  12. VaultS? When? : (

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      Like half the server have their vaults, but the other half don’t. Big dumb.


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      Modreq on day 44 as i wait for my chest to be opened

      almost 7 months now since move

  13. THE DISSOLUTION OF THE HOUSE OF HOREN. 12th of Owyn’s Flame, 1720 The House of Horen, a house associated with the absolute purity of human blood - traces their ancestry back to the original Horen, using it as leverage to put themselves above all others. Yet this distinction only exacerbates a growing divide between the commoners and those of a “Royal lineage”. Now, every man and woman descends from Horen. Yet, those of Horen lineage push their claim and false purity upon others despite the House being spread thin across many lines and their blood being dirtied along the way. The House of Horen is a false symbol of prestige, resulting in nothing more than power-grabbing, crude ambitions, and back-room plotting. No more I say, no more. The House meant to bind us together as one humanity has done nothing of the sort, and has instead instilled conquest, fear and war into our minds as if that is all we know. This is blatantly concluded from the War of the Two Emperors, the in-fighting of our House and its name used for nothing for than to justify an end. Ad mortem Horen. It is with this, I do decree with the backing of the distinguished lines of Horen to hereby disband the House of Horen. I make this decree as the Emperor and patriarch of the House of Horen, and with the support of many. The House of Horen shall split in to its numerous lines, each notable line taking on a new house name. I do furthermore decree that from these newly formed Houses, only Cascadia is of Imperial Royalty; as such, only those of the House of Cascadia shall be styled Imperial Prince or Imperial Princess, and all others shall take only titleage from their respective rule. ((Coat of arms made by TJBGamer)) The House of Cascadia;  The House of Cascadia shall derive from Romulus and his titles, the founder of the line - named after the titular holdings of this line. Henceforth, the following shall take upon the house name of Cascadia: Godfrey II, Patriarch. [Vegetarianism] Adeline Margaret [Dead_Trinn] Romulus [Dad_Jokes] Anabel [Ivoryyy_] Achilius [gusanoarentonio] Laurentina [Roseways] The House of Alstion;  The House of Alstion shall derive from their original progenitor, John I, gallant founder of the 5th Empire. Henceforth, the following shall take upon the house name of Alstion: John Alexander, Patriarch [stigwig] Henry Stephen [Caranthir_] Thomas Elliot [Harreson] Vivienne [CripplingQueen] Amelia Philippa [Dead_Trinn] William [OOCFlayEmpire] Jamie Oliver [Teegah] The House of Tiber;  The House of Tiber shall derive from its progenitor, the famed Tiberius, who brought a new-age of siege warfare upon the Imperial states. Henceforth, the following shall take upon the house name of Tiber: Titus, Patriarch [Ferdaboys69] Theodosia [GETSTUPID] Maria [CripplingQueen] Brutus [TJBMinecraft] Tiberius [OrenLAL] The House of Helane;  The House of Helane shall derive from the Empress, Helen, who was fair in her rule and constructed the monumental capital of Helena. Henceforth, the following shall take upon the house name of Helane: Persus, Patriarch [TrendE] Antonius [3andD] Magdalena [PapyB] Vespira [MarinaEmily] Octavian [Dili] Catherine [Pun__] Antonius [Architecus] Hannibal [Inferno_Ougi] The House of Vilac;  The House of Vilac shall derive from the ancestral seat of its progenitor, Vilacz, which held as a bastion during the formation of the Aurelian Empire. Henceforth, the following shall take upon the house name of Vilac Martius, Patriarch [Charlemagne] Georgius [Tornado___] Johannes [Squire_Mark] To further clarify on any non-named Horens, or branches: Any man or woman claiming Horen lineage, that has not been audited shall forsake the name of Horen regardless, taking on the House name of Renai - for the House of Renai shall be the holder-name for any forgotten Horens. Any cadet branch of the House of Horen shall forsake Horen in their name if they were previously dual-named. Horen-Marna shall become Marna, Horen-Rothesay shall become Rothesay, etcetera. Any man or woman that does not adhere to this dissolution shall be marked for death. Any currently surnamed Jrent may keep their name, but any bastards sired henceforth from the above houses shall be given new bastard surnames. Ad Mortem Horen HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Godfrey III of the House of Cascadia, Holy Orenian Emperor, King of Cascadia, Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland, Santegia, and Kaz’Ulrah, Duke of the Crownlands, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Helena, Alamar, Frederica, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera HIS HIGHNESS, John Alexander of the House of Alstion, Prince of Alstion, Duke of Balemena and Alba HIS LORDSHIP, Martius of the House of Vilac, Lord of Vilacz SIR, Persus of the House of Helane SIR, Titus of the House of Tiber
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