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  1. [Frost Witch Addition] Enhancing the Curse

    Yayayay Gotta slave em all
  2. [Denied]Stigwig's GM App

    Stig is ok, I guess. (<3) +111111
  3. hey trinn

    1. Trinn


      Hi mitto 😛

  4. T-The creative wizard tag is gone ??

    1. Heero


      The tag wasn't remove but there was a glitch when updating the forums where everyone with the rank lost it. Wyrnn made a post stating if you lost it to post on the VIP thread with a link to the contest you won.


    2. Trinn



      I forgot where I got it from. time to dig through the forums

    3. Skellington
    1. Vaynth


      what you drew this on a phone? It's amazing.

    2. Trinn


      thankfully I had my traditional art to guide me as a sketch 


    3. UnBaed


      trinn i love you and your art

  5. LadyRebecca’s Armoire [Closed]

    I just wanted to say that your skins are beautiful 🙂

    "Seven hundred." Lys comments, scribbling the bid where its due (??), annoyance plastered on her features
  7. [BOUNTY] Big Mouthed Snow Elf

    "Aha, so what you do is you first get the head of this Snow elf guy." A random lass by the name of Lys comments. "Get the money from this 'Ivan'. After that, get the head of this Ivan and collect the second reward from the other guy. Boom. Two bounties done and 7000 minas earned."
  8. d344e3c2273bdc30cb0c64ed92401f14.png

    frost witchery

  9. The first ever... Bokratz Skin Shop

    IS THIS OPEN c : ? cause R E S E R V E D
  10. I need a skinner plz 

    1. Heero


      You can skin what are you on about

    2. Trinn


      its called laziness damn it heero 

  11. 3f18ba81ca36efe4091b8fc0243ad9c7.png



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Trinn


      I mean I used to 

      then my digital art making laptop broke down

      so now im just drawing with a pencil again

    3. iMattyz


      You are good trinno

    4. Trinn


      thank u matt

      you are good too


  12. 🗑🗑🗑