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  1. Trinn

    [✗] Clarifications to the Mani + Summoning Mani

    Talked about this a bit with you before, but yeah, I'd rather see the summoning of the Mani have more risks added to it in order for it to become a last resort effort. Not in a sense that the mani are dangerous, but rather adding to it that the process of summoning them become a danger as well I'd say the greater the mani, the greater the danger. I don't know if it'd be as dire as a PK Clause, but something to make it a definite last ditch effort. Im eating rn and have no ideas will hit u up if I think of smth
  2. Trinn

    [✗] Clarifications to the Mani + Summoning Mani

    I like Mani lore clarifications ! +1 One point I'd like to see added is that there should be some sort of price to summoning a Mani. Something that makes it dangerous/risky procedure. But that's just my two cents on summoning, since I'd like to see a risk-reward type of thing to it. But +1 !!
  3. Trinn


    The Naelurir Archdruid continues to laugh even as her priest finishes reading the missive for her
  4. Trinn

    The Empire of Man, c. 1679

    https://inkarnate.com/ make an account and b wild
  5. Trinn

    Public Denouncement of the Crown of Malin

    The other Archdruid just can't read.
  6. please don't use my mother ( @Heero ) like this
  7. Trinn


  8. 21bb4466a60a19690eb094fdad073e28.png


    Practicing colouring armor jdhfkdsj

  9. 9b6af90bcbcb99237788bfcead113d32.png

    some wood elf art

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    some art armor practice 

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      HOLY FRICK 10/10

  11. Trinn

    Art stuff is Art

    2018 Summer Art Post/Dump? I spent more time drawing in summer than I care to admit. -- Hi hi, I'm Trinn. I do art and I'm currently open to 1-2 more commissions! There's about 4-5 people in line right now, just a heads up if you care to commissios :] Commissions are currently closed Art Examples Commissions info:
  12. Trinn


  13. this isn't a case of false reports on forged discords. Knox initially stated that he couldn't do anything because it was out of his hands--out of the lotc mediums. Annie got passed admin to admin despite her efforts, and no response that implied she would be getting further investigation. 501's outcries of giving them time is literally seeming like him grasping at straws at this point. If annie didn't get the notification that her evidence would be handled, how unreasonable would it be for her to post this when someone she personally knew was targetted? She's not stirring the pot for fun. It's not a case of the evidence being easily forged or not, its the admins cherry picking what is viable for bans because "" lotc mediums ""and refusing to do anything for the reports by acting so dismissive
  14. I think 501 is talking in reference to another pedo--she was reported like the start of the week or smth. Nevertheless, their response of wanting us to """wait a week"" is a contradiction to the initial refusal to act on the report due to it being on another ""platform"" and the act was ""allowed"" by the victim(a minor).