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  1. "Hmmm, I'm pretty sure he got the Franz from me..." Franz Wilheim concludes
  2. Papa James, can you tell me the stories of all the times you've been banned?
  3. "Who is this 'Reinhart' he speaks of?" Franz Wilheim asks his Barclay friends and employers, cackling hereafter
  4. "Hm. I think they'd like this, to be honest..." Franz comments, scratching his 'tache
  5. "This is why we crucify people in Savoy" Franz sighs, bashes his head against a wall a few times in exasperation
  6. Full Name: Wilheim Barclay Age: 31 Gender: Male Race: Human Religion: Canonist [Username: Borin_______] [Discord: Borin#6114]
  7. Franz Wilheim nods as he reads the missive sent out from Reinmar, stating "She shall be rid of her Bishop name and brought into the Barclay family, for Antonius. We're rid of the rest of them".
  8. Love you dude. The rest of the Barclay boys, are, as you know, always about and ready to welcome you into our tribe once again. o7 o7 Sad to see you go and for what happened, but some manage to escape this place eventually.
  9. What's your favourite film series? (LOTR, Avengers, Alien, etc)
  10. "Finally! **** 'em!" Viktor Lorenz Barclay wheezes from his deathbed
  11. Hi Oren Treasury Department, I heard you have a lot of money. Can you spend some of it on Stripped Spruce Logs, thanks
  12. I wholeheartedly agree with this post. I stand with poor folk like Sorcerio, etc, who have received such horrid abuse in the past...
  13. farewell clunky! o/
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