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  1. Cardinal Viktor frowns "Specifics! Anything in particular you have to offer other than some broad topics you're interested in? You've apparently been a ward, learned so much, formed your own opinions, but you can't give any actual policy details for the voters!" he states aloud within a library as he reads the latest missives
  2. Cardinal Viktor shakes his head
  3. Cardinal Viktor nods approvingly "Perhaps we shall see the Haeseni prove their piety, I do hope, however, they shall answer the call to crusade with GOD in their hearts, rather than bloodlust." he looks towards the works of Ven. Friar Boniface, his inspiration...
  4. Cardinal Viktor shakes his head "Your penance shall be whatever your confessor decides it should be. Answering the call to Crusade, as valiant and pious as it is, does not absolve you from Secular nor Spiritual law. Efforts must be made to stamp out the degeneracy in one's own home, not just the degeneracy abroad."
  5. Cardinal Viktor reads the study and simply nods, considering whether to have it written up for his little library
  6. "DEUS VULT, DEUS VULT" Cardinal Viktor chants, dancing about on a rather precarious ladder as he redecorates
  7. Cardinal Viktor, vice-chancellor of the Canonist Church nods
  8. "I should think the Church shall do no such thing. Bold, to state that the Church should do this, and do that, to grant favour to those who have, clearly against both Canon and Haeseni law, lain with another outside of wedlock. Bold, yet foolish." Cardinal Viktor comments, deciding to make record of the document and his views on it for later
  9. "For too long it seems the Canon and Haeseni crime of lying with another outside of wedlock, married or not, has been ignored. Those who do so must be punished sufficiently, so that more bastards may yet be prevented and more do not disgrace themselves in the eyes of GOD." Cardinal Viktor states as he harvests potatoes in his garden "Tolerance has gone too far, sin has been allowed to infest the supposedly pious Haeseni nobility and even royalty for long enough, ignored or even embraced, and glorified!"
  10. Bailiff Otto farms Cardinal Viktor sighs with exasperation "When will they CRUSADE THE NON-CANONISTS!?"
  11. Cardinal Viktor screams internally as he reads the missive, flapping about muttering about 'pyres' and 'burnings'
  12. Bailiff Otto applies his moustache wax, whilst reading the recruitment post prepared by his reliable second-in-command with a SMILE
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