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  1. I prefer 1.8, but honestly I feel lotc wars will be dead for a long while anyway. Server performance (or lack of) can't handle it, war rules and raid rules aren't good enough for it, moderation team ain't on top of it.
  2. Trevor reads the letter over, wondering when Padraig had a second daughter... called Siobhan? 'What a silly sounding name!', he thought, breaking into a fit of laughter and wheezing before crumpling up the missive with his boot
  3. Viktor Lorenz Barclay cries for only the 3rd time in his life at the news
  4. "Who the shimmering **** is this guy?" Trevor mutters as he withdraws the missive downwards to wipe
  5. @Gusano is my favourite snack, I'd be him, don't need to ask!
  6. Viktor Lorenz Barclay reads the missive, smiling. His smile turns into a frown as he hopes the Orenians don't come.
  7. IGN: Borin_______ Character Name: Viktor Lorenz Barclay Age: 52 Place of Residence / Street Address: Koengstriet 1 Position: (Alderman, Tribune or Maer): Alderman
  8. " 'Our King'? He's not your King. You serve the Imperial Family of Oren, not our king. Therefore, kindly pipe down and halt your interference." Viktor Lorenz Barclay comments, spitting on the missive and throwing it in the fire.
  9. I want to see your broad shoulders
  10. this makes me most pleased. compared to many I’m rather ‘new’ to the Haense community, though I’m extremely proud to be part of it. ty very much
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