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  1. this makes me most pleased. compared to many I’m rather ‘new’ to the Haense community, though I’m extremely proud to be part of it. ty very much
  2. IGN: Borin_______ Character Name: Viktor Lorenz Barclay Age: 45 Place of Residence / Street Address: Duchy of Reinmar Position: (Alderman, Tribune or Maer): Royal Alderman
  3. Viktor Lorenz Barclay bows his head, saying a small prayer before signing the Lorraine “Ah, and a fine four years it has been! We look forward to the end of your journey among your flock.”
  4. “He... has a point. It seems Church interaction with and teachings to the public are lacking, there are almost monthly attacks on Canonism and even attacks on men of the clergy in the streets of Helena. Haense seems to remain faithful, however.” Viktor Lorenz Barclay sighs, saying a short prayer and signing the Lorraine before placing the missive in a drawer.
  5. “Cope” says Trevor to nobody in particular
  6. Viktor Lorenz Barclay reads the missive from his good friend the High Pontiff, shedding a few tears “He’s right, the amount of heretical speech I hear from the unfaithful and uneducated Elves, Wonks, other races, men and women in the Empire is enough to make a grown man cry... But we can’t do anything about it or we’ll get arrested!” he wipes his cheek “Atleast House Barclay shall forever remain faithful servants of GOD!”
  7. Viktor Lorenz Barclay nods, somehow feeling someone named Lauritz spitting straight facts
  8. Viktor Lorenz Barclay looks over the document, smiling proudly “You know, this bill is great. A Haense system for employment registry by Haensemen for Haensemen, that can be updated regularly. That Imperial Employment Registry hasn’t been updated in a few years, and the only job in Haense that isn’t labour work for the ‘Imperial Industry Agency’ has already been taken! Imagine what sort of incompetent, Haense-hating clown wouldn’t want this...” he says to himself.
  9. Viktor Lorenz Barclay runs around in circles, gleefully packing his Carrion Black supply and other enjoyment enhancers for the trip. He likes hide and seek.
  10. Minecraft Username: Borin_______ Character Name: Viktor Lorenz Barclay Character Age: 40 Place of Residence/Street Address: Duchy of Reinmar Position (Grand Maer/Royal Alderman/Tribune): Royal Alderman
  11. Name: Coen de RuyterRace: HumanGender: MaleIntent on joining (Temporary/Full time): Full timeIf temporary, how long do you intend to stay?: N/AIf full time, do you agree to taking on all aspects of the monastic life?: YesDo you agree to follow the rules of the Monastery?: Yes
  12. Viktor Lorenz Barclay reads over the missive, slightly surprised. “Hmm, I didn’t expect this. Nobody expected the Empire’s Inquisition!”
  13. Coen de Ruyter sits, cross-legged by a tree reading the missive from the trustworthy and pious source. A few bottles of Carrion Black beside him, he says to no-one in particular: “Well, we’re all a bit busy right now, someone decided to go to war on the eve of the apocalypse. Maybe we’ll join the rest of Arcas in dealing with this matter when we’re done...”
  14. Viktor Lorenz Barclay halts his jig, looks to his brother and replies “whatever you think is best for Haense and House Barclay, let’s listen in on this couple’s breakup.”
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