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  1. would NOT recommend. came late, and the box was soggy. It was just rattling around, no bubble wrap or anything else inside to keep it safe.
  2. I've expressed many of my opinions previously in threads, discord and in your dms, and a lot more sober Hubs are ****. Ct should be it. Anyone who says otherwise is incompetent and should be ignored. Banned, even. Utter shitters Ringroadringroadringroad - arcas was my first map so im biased but it was gr8
  3. You are far down my list on schizoposters. Otherwise from a neutral HUMAN CANONIST STRAIGHT WHITE MALE OBSERVER, valid points.
  4. "Just in the Vator-nik of time I say" grins Bishop Viktor, proud of his pun as he scours his quarters for a lost bottle of bald head moisturiser
  5. Bishop Viktor cheers! "Tylos the Third! Tylos the Third!" he chants "Praise GOD!"
  6. "Are the knights of Haense truly looking to offer themselves out to foreign powers? Which foreign powers, those pagan, uncanonist entities?" Bishop Viktor frowns
  8. Simply implement shit and unimplement shit: 1. get to the point where you can get land and have a group independent of nations and without having to go through lair and settlement application processes - for example, a tavern by the road, a local chapel or monastery, a fort or a village at somewhere they can attract players (strategic spot near a bridge, crossroads, etc), anything. A gremlin cave for the spookplayers, whatever. Or make things for events, etc 2. make tiles a lot smaller and make them fit the landscape. reduce the size of nations at the start so other groups have opportunities to form and take good bits of land, rather than having entire huge areas of the map already locked down 3. LC. Resource pits like Arcas. Whatever is necessary to allow nice builds to be made. Keep the shit with nodes for herbs and rare metals and shit. Not wood or cobble. Smh. 4. Pull back from the weird obsession with putting the OOC concept of nations, settlements, nation leaders, PROs and ROs into RP and entrenching it further with plugins and rules. This will contribute to encouraging RP, new cultures and independent settlements, free of reliance upon getting gibs from the local OOC leader of (insert nation here). It's also just generally an issue that needs to be addressed later, aside from impact on this topic - Complaints about 'waaa abandoned settlements! waaa!' are useless. This happens whether people are more free to build stuff outside of a nation or not. See: Sutica/Savoy, Urguan, etc - Just read what taketheshot, james, monkeypoacher, adam, satinkira have said. -----------------------------------other crap------------------------------------ Remove or limit AH substantially Keep doing the changes you've been making recently, been good.
  9. Why further entrench nations and encourage people against their own independent community and such, there's already too much reliance on pleading for gibs from nations if you want to make anything
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