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  1. "The Basil Gambit. Church condemns group, group attacks the Church, group dooms themselves further. Classic." Brother Ninnias SMILES
  2. "Another instance of Petra being rid of troublesome vassals, only it is Balian this time who take the dregs of Canondom." Brother Ninnias concludes
  3. the goth and druid populations will be rightfully culled

    1. creamynoteblock


      they posted a similar status update 2000 years ago in rome

    2. UnBaed


      the visigoths got it coming to them, we've just done some more military reformations - our empire remains strong

  4. Brother Ninnias wholeheartedly supports the Pontiff's decree, preparing to be apart of the INQUISITORIAL DEATH SQUAD to find the TATTOO INDULGERS
  5. Brother Ninnias thinks a similar thought, though he remains ignorant to such a thought being shared by an ELF
  6. Nooo how can i do my spook rp without being able to ftb with people : (
  7. Thought there were another warclaim then when i saw the title, heh
  8. Y everyone cant just shut up and not make provocative comments on religious easter posting or other stuff then go pikachu face when people do it to you idk 


    It goes both ways

  9. "You like Mark, I like Mark, everybody likes Mark (for Duke)" Brother Ninnias sings
  10. "Get away from me, demon gremlin!" Brother Ninnias shouts at the miscreant invading his privacy, attacking the intruder with a bamboo stick
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