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  1. you have moist toes ?
  2. “Oh, thank the GODS that isn’t a ‘Grand Marshal’ ” Coen sighs
  3. “Thank god he isn’t actually an officer...”, exclaims a bored Helena citizen
  4. “I assume none of these apply to those you’re allied with that you kidnap?” Says a very informed Helena citizen
  5. “Capturing and killing a 10 year old? What men of GOD are these?!” Says an Orenian fellow
  6. ye, wz is just a nice way to pass the time while staff get wc together, hm?
  7. ye man, consistently killing a suicidal naked guy with a stone sword ain’t really impressive enough
  8. This really isn’t representitive of the entire thing. At all.
  9. Borin


    Baerin Sickle-Shield never led an exciting life at first. Born to a peasant farmer mother and a soldier father he lived a quiet childhood, learning how to use a sickle in service to his mother and shield in service to his father, to one day take his place as commander of his villages’ militia. The days were long, the dinner table full, and the world as he knew it uneventful. That all changed when his father died. Not in battle, but from age, he passed away quietly one night and Baerin took up his father’s position. The world seemed to change that day, and seemingly just to spite him the War of the Two Emperors began. His village was neutral, but that didn’t stop both sides of the conflict staging frequent raids to get supplies or his village becoming the battleground, they were the board in some sick game for the nobility above to throw their pieces at. The final raid his village received was the last night the village was inhabited, as that night in retaliation for one of their men being killed by a villager for attempting to steal their gold they, the men of the Empire of Renatus, entered the village with a burning revenge, torching the place. Try as he and his men might they couldn’t repel the attackers, and all he could do was ensure as many people as possible could escape. He couldn’t save the village, or his mother, who died in the fires that night. Long after the fires that took the village died down the flames of sorrow in his heart never left, and he still holds those burns to this day, as he tends to the fields of the Orenians and the village he callS home.
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