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  1. check pms 

  2. The roleplay server that shall not be named had a physical currency, that was quite cool. And to get money you 1. voted 2. there was a thing where u went around and when u visited certain monuments/landmarks u got given some money
  3. goodguymatt did smthn like that in Haense ages ago, long dead though, and it was over a discord channel, but people could ask for stuff and people could take the contract and give the stuff in return for mina or whatever else.
  4. Player shop ? Just wander around and offer to sell stuff to people? Like, you're on enough and you play in Haense and other places too iirc, there's no shortage of people around. Make irp deals w people, other sellers, etc. There's no shortage of demand, but now the AH is gone you actually have to RP :)
  5. Idk who you are, explain your lotc life story
  6. "eat eat eat keep going warhammers keep going eat eat" and whoever that idiot was going "im dying im dying" thats an L
  7. Maybe, but it's every major fight, every interaction - warzones, major battles on Arcas, and warclaims didn't have that, fortifications and all.
  8. Tbf james they seem to have joined in January, so it's understandable, they haven't really been involved in a warclaim, let alone a warclaim with 1.8 pvp last map. I agree with your point though, I barely went above a 6-7 when it came to cps, I'm not great at 1.8 and I'm terrible at 1.9 pvp, but there wasn't so much of a great divide between pvp ability last map as this one I feel. And the experience was better last map when it came to warclaims or large fights - there was no shouting 'GET IN THE BLOB GET IN THE BLOB, RUN AROUND THE TREE, HEAL IN THE BLOB AAAAAAAAAAA' for example :') .
  9. teach me the history of tiles from the inception to now monkeypoacher
  10. It would be cool if like, there were head items representing different food w a seed item, u could plant the seeds and it'd grow said food head, can be harvested like any other crop (gives u more seed, and an item) for custom recipes
  11. As an innocent no magic simply stab with sword man, as GOD intended... Isn't people just stacking magic and magic being a circle jerk, gained OOC through your friends already not only a stereotype but actually how things are? Enshrining that as an actual feature, passed on from one persona to the next is a... to be light, weird idea. no it would not be better if it were more accessible, there are already enough spooks and maniacs with magic running around, don't need more. it's not even interesting anymore, its just dull if everyone has something or things aren't actually like, rare. It's all just... *shrug* oh look that again... wow... Ban history etc - no.
  12. Cardinal Viktor squints "Did he get permission from His Holiness to remarry..?"
  13. This is mildly concerning and I do hope if you are going to move over to further convoluting and oocifying the nation/settlement system you can change the commands to be actually like... Simple, the current command is smthn weird. Take into account neutral folk. Or dont do it at all. Im really of the belief lotc doesnt need more commands and features that you need to search the forums far and wide for guides to know wtf you're doing. This is a pain for both old and especially new players, and probably not great for player retention - esp rn that resource gathering and other stuff that should be straightforward and simple (its minecraft) is buggered from the dreadful vortex experiment, and hubs are shit.
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