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  1. *Mikael Valaker would swiftly write his letter, after composed the elf would stamp it with a wax seal. A V would be sealed onto the letter* “Worth a shot” the man mutters before sending it
  2. MC Name: 3oyal/imwaeRP Name: Rizzo ‘oxTimezone: ESTDiscord: WAE#2753
  3. Bleachv2


    Because if he did have to be called cato everyday of his life it would remind him of his sister ,mom, and dad he didn’t save.
  4. Bleachv2


    Asher Liviticus was a simple boy, he helped his father at work (Prominent Blacksmith) and enjoyed spending time with his 1 sister. Everything changed when one night when his father took him hunting, as they were hunting a bear (or MC Animal) they made a bit too much noise, as the bear started to charge at Asher his father stepped in front of him as a shield (Asher was frozen with fear) As he snapped out of it he saw him father getting mauled, he picked up his father's bow and shot the bear in the head, killing him. He began to run towards his father with tears flowing down his checks he went to his dying father to comfort him in his final hours, he began to apologize and state; "Father, Father, I'm sorry I should've saved you i-" Before he could finish his father motioned for him to quiet down and admit that it wasn't asher's fault, when his father spirit lead passed on the cut off one of his father's fingers as was custom in their family. He picked up his father and began to walk with him resting on his horse back to Carolustadt. When he came back tired, afraid, and bloody his mother ran to him and cried seeing the father. They buried him that day and atticus's mother told him it wasn't his fault. Atticus didn't believe this, so he ran away 2 years later after he was done with bottling up all his emotions. Cato (20) went an adventure leaving his home and family to start new. Later changing his name to Asher Clarke as to not member his failures.
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