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    A small blackish-grey orc infant washes ashore on the beaches near Kaz’Ulrah. The only hint of his past is a cut on his collarbone and the small raft he lay upon donning a small banner reading “Shorav Glob Kub”. Shorav grew up around the rivers near Kaz’Ulrah, raised by a surrogate mother who took him in. His Cave Dwarf mom never spoke much to Shorav of how he landed in the care of her, but judging from his height of 5’6 and below average muscle mass, it didn’t take much to figure out. His small (to an Orc, tall to a Dwarf) dark grey appearance brought strange looks from some and stranger words from others, but he didn't pay them any mind. He couldn't have said anything back to them anyways since having tusks and being raised with a Cave Dwarves tongue produced funny sounding speech. Shorav learned to be silent and listen more. He grew up mostly in the company of Cave Dwarves like his mother and a Forest Dwarf named Yodir. Shorav preferred the company of these two and spent much of his time learning about fishing, hunting, gems, and ores. Yodir and Shorav never had a tight bond, but Yodir had always been willing to help his mother, so he would teach Shorav of some Orc culture and explained his name and how/why he was found on the shore. Yodir told him about how they found him with a banner. Yodir knew many languages including Blah and said it meant "Small Fool Child” and assumed Shorav was born of a warrior but was so small, they (sloppily) cut his neck and floated him to die. He said Shorav was lucky that his mother found him because had it been hours later he would have surely been devoured by seabirds. Yodir said Shorav was so small he thought him to be a Goblin. Shorav had tried making friends his age but they all made fun of his stature and ugly attributes that came with his race. They called him “Shorav Duk Grobbi“ and would through the mud at him saying “it would finally make him bigger” (Shorav later altered the name to be Shorav Kragob). Shorav decided to stick to Yodir and his Mother. Shorav knew tragedy more than most people but never felt sorry for himself or like he had been cheated. He only felt angry and vengeful towards whatever clan left him for dead. Yodir told him its natural to feel this but it wouldn’t solve anything, but Yodir isn’t an Orc and doesn’t understand what Shorav felt. Eventually, his Mother died as she was centuries past being a beardling and was already weary. Shorav asked Yodir how old she was after she had passed but Yodir didn’t know exactly either. He only knew she had been around for many centuries from the stories she had rarely told and the detail she had told them in as if she was around for most. Shorav was 19 when his Mother died, and Yodir had grown to like Shorav enough to teach him more after she had perished. Sorry if it seemed to switch a bit between a first and third-person perspective. I was/am tired while writing and just want to get the basic idea and history and origin of Shorav. To sum up everything, Shorav is a Grey Orc who became slightly lighter in complexion from spending more time underground with his mother than above ground with his family friend Yodir. He was thought to be a goblin at first but was an Uruk of small stature and slightly below average intelligence. He has a large scar on his right collarbone, is 5’6, and has a simple-minded friendliness. He isn’t very ambitious or rage driven like some of his Orc brethren, but still craves for revenge against his unknown clan (Though he tries his best to suppress this). The first time spawning in game would be Shorav leaving the Kaz’Ulrah area 2 years after his Mother dying (21). Picture of character below. (Also my skin is ass naked because I’d like to rp as leather armor being clothes, so I have to wear something on my character like armor just to add some extra rp points)
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