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    farewell 😭 will be missed :,< ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ freedom,, ❤️
  2. TO REFORM SILVER JUSTICE Issued 4th of Malin’s Welcome, 1770 ‘Larihei’s Justice’ Mali’thill - Blessed Citizenry, Our Silver Law, that which is aimed to protect us, to keep all in order. Though long have these revisions been a thought resting in back of mind, mournful recent events have only proved to shine light upon the immediate necessity for change - for correction. With these acts below, taken into law directly upon the release of this missive, progress is made - rectifying the ills of times past, bringing forth a brighter future. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya AMENDMENT TO THE PERMISSIONS OF ELMAHERAL ELSOHAER’EHYA In the interest of protecting the balance and integrity of the Blessed Diarchy, the Maheral retains the right to dismiss an absent Sohaer or one who otherwise fails to protect the legacy of Larihei and the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. In the event of the Maheral’s prolonged disappearance or mental decline, the malauriran may be called to determine whether the office ought to be declared vacant and a new Maheral be selected. AMENDMENT TO THE SYSTEM OF SILVER TRIAL: THE PARIRAN’TIR ACT In order to avoid such events as this recent crisis recurring, it has been determined that a new system of trials must be adopted to protect the integrity of Larihei’s justice in future cases. These amendments shall provide the time for parties to better prepare their cases, evidence, and witnesses before trials can proceed while ensuring matters are still resolved reasonably promptly. It shall also ensure that all cases are heard by professional and well-learned Pariran representing a broad range of interests within the state. With these changes implemented, may the integrity of trials henceforth be respected by all. The Pariran’tir Act Drafted by Acaele Lazul, 1761 Endorsed by the Heial’lauriran, 1761 Endorsed by the Blessed Diarchy, 1770 Passed into law, 1770 I. Professional Pariran’tir The citizenry and the state will be served by a body of five permanent, professional Pariran’tir operating under the Okarir’tir. These measures are intended to ensure that all trials are brought before a bench of magistrates who possess an operating knowledge of the laws and legal systems of Haelun’or as well as the capacity to ensure that trials proceed in an appropriate, organized manner. Besides serving on cases, these Pariran’tir would be charged with the compilation of past cases, close study of the laws and legal frameworks, and making decisions together on trial procedure. This would ensure that cases are always tried by magistrates with a working understanding of the legal system and process. II. Duties of the Pariran’tir I. Pariran’tir are charged with presiding over and ruling on trial cases when called upon. Pariran’tir will be expected to maintain order in accordance with the set trial protocol. II. Pariran’tir are expected to, with the counsel of the Okarir’tir, debate on and set trial protocol on matters such as who may call witnesses, how speaking time is to be allotted, on what grounds spectators may be removed from the chamber, etc. Trial protocol must be endorsed by a minimum of three Pariran’tir and the Okarir’tir to stand. III. Pariran’tir will keep a written record of trial proceedings, which are to be made public subject to necessary redactions concerning matters of security. Redactions are to be made only by order of the Okarir’tir or Sohaer, and active Pariran’tir and the Okarir’tir, Sohaer, and Maheral shall have access to the non-redacted information. IV. Pariran’tir will engage in a close study of the law. They are expected to study legislation, to compile past cases to the best of their abilities, and to advise the Councils and the Diarchy on proposed legislation when called upon for their expertise. III. Selection of Pariran’tir All Pariran’tir must, of course, be pure mali’thilln citizens in good standing. Pariran’tir may not simultaneously hold an office of the Diarchy or the Heial’thilln. In order to ensure that a broad range of interests are represented in the judiciary of the Silver State, the five seats will be filled thusly: I. One Parir’tir is to be elected by the citizens of the Silver State to ensure popular sentiment has a presence in the judiciary. II. One Parir’tir is to be selected by the Maheral, to ensure the highest cultural interests of the mali’thill are represented. III. One Parir’tir is to be selected by the Sohaer, to ensure the state and its sitting government have due representation in the judiciary. IV. One Parir’tir is to be selected by the Okarir’tir, to ensure that the chief legal officer of the mali’thill has due influence over judiciary matters. V. One Parir’tir is to be selected by the Heial’lauriran, to ensure that the interests of the most respected bloodlines of the mali’thill are represented. IV. Selection of a Bench A bench of three Pariran’tir will preside over each case. The prosecution and defence will each be allowed to select one Parir’tir from the available pool that they believe will be the most sympathetic to their case. Pariran’tir selected in this manner do not have to represent or rule in favour of the party that has selected them. This is to ensure that both parties feel they have been allowed a fair, interested hearing of their case. In cases brought by the state against a defendant, the Okarir’tir will act as the prosecution and may select a Parir’tir from the available pool. Pariran’tir may not refuse to serve when called to a bench but are party to discussions on scheduling. The third Parir’tir to serve on the case will be the remaining Parir’tir who has gone the longest without serving on a case. In the case that both the prosecution and defence select the same Parir’tir, the remaining two Pariran’tir will be the two Pariran’tir who have gone the longest without serving on a case. V. The Trial Process Pariran’tir and parties to the trial will be given no less than one elven day to prepare for a case by reviewing the relevant laws and evidence. Trials will proceed no later than one elven week after charges are filed. Parties to the trial should seek to substantiate and submit their evidence prior to the opening of the trial. The one elven day preparatory period may be forgone with the unanimous consent of the Pariran’tir and parties involved in a case. Trials may proceed more than one elven week after charges are filed with the unanimous consent of the Pariran’tir and parties involved in a case. Trials shall proceed according to the protocol agreed upon by the Pariran’tir and Okarir’tir (see II-II). Guilt or innocence will be determined by a majority decision of the Pariran’tir of the bench. Each Parir’tir is required to submit their reasoning to the public record, subject to redactions (see II-III). Parties who fail to appear at the agreed-upon time are interpreted to have forfeited the trial. Punishments are to be administered by the Okarir’tir who must respect all laws concerning necessary and appropriate punishment. VI. Dismissal of Pariran’tir Pariran’tir may be dismissed under the following circumstances: I. Pariran’tir may resign. A Parir’tir who refuses to hear a case to which they are called is assumed to have resigned with immediate effect. II. Pariran’tir may be recalled according to the method by which they were selected after having served for no less than one elven month. That is to say, the Parir’tir appointed by the Maheral may be dismissed by the Maheral, the Parir’tir elected by the people may be challenged in an election, etc.; A. When the elected Parir’tir is challenged, elections will be held no more than one elven week following a challenge. Multiple parties may challenge the incumbent Parir’tir and participate in elections at the same time. B. A Parir’tir who is recalled after having been named to the bench of an active trial may continue to serve until that trial’s completion but is removed from office immediately following. III. Pariran’tir who are found guilty of impurity are immediately removed from office and barred from serving until they have completed the Path to Purity or are otherwise restored to citizenship in good standing. IV. Pariran’tir may be tried as any other citizen. In the case that a Parir’tir is party to the case itself, either as prosecution or defence, they are not eligible to serve on the bench. VII. Privileges of the Okarir’tir The Okarir’tir has the following rights: I. The Okarir’tir may meet and discuss with the Pariran’tir of a trial bench prior to a case being tried as they deem necessary. II. In the event that two trial cases establish conflicting interpretations of a law, the Okarir’tir may call on the Sohaer to bring necessary clarifications before the council and require the law be amended to decide the matter one way or another. III. The Okarir’tir has the right to order a retrial under the following circumstances: A. A retrial may be ordered in the event that a Parir’tir serving on a case was found to be compromised by bribery, blackmail, or impurity. B. A retrial may be ordered in the event that new and compelling evidence emerges in a case. C. A retrial may be ordered in the event that one party forfeits by failure to appear but is able to present a compelling excuse for their absence. D. A retrial may not proceed if either of the parties to the original trial is deceased or otherwise unable to represent themselves. IV. The Okarir’tir possesses all the other rights enumerated in the earlier sections of this document (the appointment of one Parir’tir, the right to administer punishments in accordance with the law, the right to serve as the prosecution in cases brought by the state, etc.;). VIII. Closing Sentiments By adopting the legal system outlined above, our blessed people will enjoy a more professional, responsible, and orderly administration of the law in accordance with the values of Larihei. We shall be able to strike down the morally corrupt while protecting the citizenry from trial by chaos public opinion. We shall organize our judiciary so that criminal decisions are made based on the best available evidence and arguments. We shall empower the citizens with an understanding of the law bolstered by a robust public record of trials and arguments that have come before. We shall approach as a society a better realization of the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. Ahern ito nae’leh. Signed, Sohaer, Alaion Miravaris Maheral, Acaele Lazul
  3. IN REGARDS TO ELILUMIRAN : 1769 Issued 6th of the Amber Cold, 1769 “Rise - rise - rise… maehr’sae hiylun’ehya shall release our full potential!” [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIBp-eN4Ph4] The unknown. Long had Larihei’s children dared to venture beyond the conventional truth of reality, seeking solutions and answers to our trouble different from the lessers’ sword and shield. It was in the perfection of their mastery over the void which the Blessed Blooded made the dark come to light. In magical supremacy there was progress and health; vast knowledge and reliable security. The Mali'aheral had long praised those who followed intellectual pursuits. Therefore almost naturally they had gravitated towards the arcane arts. Power derived directly from intellect, it was obvious that the Mali'aheral would be attracted to such a proposition. The Ilumiran of The Silver State of Haelun’or as of 1769 Marailer Silvos Sythaerin [[MrSyth]] Amanaan Olrin Maehr’tehral [[Sorcerio]] Saevel Sythaerin [[Nozoa]] Evelon Telperion [[Rwk0]] Muriel Uradir [[Johann__]] Akalan Anethra Uradir [[squakhawk]] Ceruberr Asul’ailer [[CaptainSheepy]] Nuala Uradir [[Geminisole]] Iatrilemar Elervathar [[BrandNewKitten]] Iaria Elervathar [[Halsi]] Dimaethor Elervathar [[Ankan]] Nerithil Valarieth [[Iverach]] Sulii’ceru [[FiliusDei]] [[ If you are interested in joining the Ilumiran Order, or have any questions on such, please contact MrSythaerin#4018 on discord. ]] Further Info The Ilumiran Order: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/187678-the-ilumiran-–-the-magic-disciples-of-the-diarchy/ Arcane Fraternity: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/188969-the-eternal-college-the-ilumiran-order-arcane-fraternity/
  4. TO REOPEN SILVER GATES Issued 6th of the Amber Cold, 1769 The Silver Gates stand tall: to usher in lost lliran, to turn away the unworthy. Blessed Citizenry of the Silver State, good lliran across Arcas; times have been turbulent. That much is uncontestable - the gusts of each day carry across our bastion of Silver various changes, of various levels. Yet, amidst this all, our Silver Gates stand tall - the blessed Silver Walls watch over the lands below, an eternal grandeur present in their stabilising argent sheen. With blessed stability once more secured, with progress pressing onwards - we reopen our Silver Gates. The Silver State welcomes home its pure, wayward children. May the light of Larihei guide them back to the stronghold of elmaehr’sae hiylun’ehya. For those not of silver-blood, who yet hold scholarly sheen in glance - rejoice. The Silver State, ever a magnanimous people, remain resplendent in their unyielding generosity. A glimpse of silver might just be attainable for those who prove worthy to our critiquing Mali’thill eyes. With such, we would - of course - expect only the brightest to find themselves in our blessed bastion. Those of keenness in artistry, in literature and in progress. A basic understanding of the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya is only to be expected, mm? The Mali’thill hold a logical attitude in high regard; any who would seek passage to the sanctum of lustrous silver ought to present such to the best standard that one of non-‘aheral descent might be capable of. In final addition, the Silver State welcomes fruitful discussion with fellow intellectual states. We would invite such lliran to send word so that we might provide apt hospitality in receiving them; the bond of knowledge is one which holds much favour in the halls of the pure. Ever-pressing forth, the Mali’thill stand united and strong. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. Signed, Sohaer, Alaion Miravaris Maheral, Acaele Lazul
  5. ❤️ ❤️ so goOOD, insanely quick receival and vv easy to work with 😮 ❤️ 11/10 would recommend !! B))
  6. irl first bro, goodluck in all – I wish i had the same ability but alas, I am addicted to this game,,,, will miss u while u gon, expect pvp pings bestgoon ❤️🙏
  7. Welcome to the next event put on by the Community Team: The Labyrinth The Labyrinth is a large maze filled with puzzles, traps and treasure. A chain of mazes, each one going forth gets more difficult - though with risk there is always reward. Will you stop after the first section, pocket your findings and leave? Or will you risk it all for something more and continue on. The choice is yours. Some say those who go in… never come back out. [ THIS EVENT SHALL RUN FROM 16/5/2020 TO THE END OF THE 18/5/2020 ] Instructions To begin the maze, you must gather a team of 2 - 4 (the Labyrinth must be attempted as a team and cannot be done solo) then make your way to the Cloud Temple where you make a /creq asking to attempt the Labyrinth. After that, the CT handling your request will give you further instruction. However there are some important rules you should be aware of; 1. If you die (a very real possibility) in the Labyrinth all your prizes are forfeited. 2. Any use of exploits in the Labyrinth will result in failure and any earned prizes will be forfeited. 3. You will only have one attempt at the Labyrinth, ever for the duration of the event. 4. Your team may escape at a checkpoint with the current prizes your team may have, or they may continue with the potential to earn more rewards; but risking death and total failure even more. 5. You must enter the Labyrinth with an empty inventory. As you will lose everything if you die in the Labyrinth. 6. There is a time limit of ONE HOUR. Should you fail to exit the Labyrinth in that time, you are considered to have LOST - all your shiny collected bits will be GONE.. [[PREWARNING : do be aware that only ONE group will be able to participate at a time, so there may be a wait if many creqs are made!]] Special thanks to the Community Events Team for working on this project!
  8. A PLEA FOR PROGRESS - 1768 - Puerith karinte u’kente Alaion Miravaris Blessed Citizenry of the Silver State. In recent times, one might have noticed the presence of a certain strange individual within elcihi’thilln. Orange-hued skin, green hair, no blood of the same nature as ours. One might have questioned such - questioned the presence of this creature, this oddity. However, I wish to assure you of the positive intent of this arrangement - this creature claims to have been once one of our own. Through means unknown to us, unknown to them - a strange sort of curse, perhaps disease, has fallen upon them. A transformation into something near resembling the qualities of a plant - likely druidic influence is at play, to bring harm to a once-pure llir. Here, a tragedy presents itself to us. Here, a golden opportunity presents itself to us. And so, lliran - we cannot sit idly by as a pure Mali’thill falls ill. In case such an ailment as this begins to spread - I have heard rumors of others with similar conditions already - we must be prepared. Elmaehr’sae hiylun’ehya invites - ne, it demands - for us to pursue research into this issue. We must pick up quills, hypothesise, write. We must query, we must research, we must investigate. We must test, experiment - plan. And we must find answers, lliran. Therefore, I offer this. I plead for all Mali’thill with an idea in mind, all those who wish for PROGRESS, to submit their proposed experiments utilising the attached form. As the overseer of such, the test subject lying under my care, I have set out some basic requirements and regulations to ensure the validity and logic of our testing - as, of course, experiments ought to be done in a proper manner to achieve the correct and logical results. I implore you, mali’thill; Ay’maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, puerir. Signed, A. Miravaris, Okarir’tir, A fellow uhierir’maehr to you all. RULES FOR EXPERIMENTS: - Preferably will not simply kill the plant - we’ve many experiments to do, and a Mali to cure, you know. - Nothing excessively graphic or such. - Unique-! If someone has submitted the same idea, please simply ask to tag onto their experiment soon, rather than submit the same again. - Possible and Logical. If your experiment has no logic or purpose in gaining utile knowledge, it is likely to be denied. - Please do not eat my dryad-plant test-subject, or use it for any food/drink/consumption-based purpose. Just.. please. FORMAT OF EXPERIMENT SUBMISSIONS: [[OOC]] mcname: discord: timezone: [[IC]] Name: Experiment Name: Hypothesis: Prediction: Number of Lab Assistants Needed (excluding the test subject and the overseer): Equipment Needed: Method:
  9. get well soon ❤️ we’re all here for you, and I hope you return in good health after fighting off this terrible virus 🙏
  10. nice rewrite! very cool – would love to see this magic make a return ?❤️ I was forced to write this yes..
  11. ELSILLUMIRAN The Weeping Blades 8th of the Grand Harvest, 1764 Puerithe Elokarir’tir Alaion Miravaris Introduction Elsillumiran, those who fight for purity - fight for the Silver State. Those who are so brave as to shed blood for their people, to sacrifice their health for the sake of their ‘thill kin. Larihei’s ancient teachings, the creeds of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, forever guide us onwards - the safekeeping of these values are imperative for the continuance of the Blessed State and her People. The Silver Host of the Diarchy, Elsillumiran, it is they who will the Eternal Library and College to remain ever eternal, and ensure our permanence and grand relevance in these lands. The army in times of conflict, and ever the custodians of peace. Tasked with duties ranging from gatekeeping, to policing, to acting as our standing army, these Mali‘thill and select lessers work to protect us in every way they can. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, may they eternally prosper. The Sillumiran Oath and Code: An ancient oath, taken by all who pledge themselves towards Elsillumiran - towards the protection of the Silver State. “Larihei, kae'len cruan sulier, ay'kae vallumer'ehya Elihnsil, Elberr, kina'ehya, laean kae wynne myumiereyae ay'nae'leh sirame k' taliiyhe, ay'elcihil k' cruare il'iylkarim, mirueln thill'ehya ito kae'leh.” Elsillumiran, as those who fight for the Silver State and upkeep the law, are to abide by this code in all their duties; - The basic mission for which Elsillumiran exists is to prevent crime and disorder. - The ability of Elsillumiran to perform their duties is dependent upon citizenry approval of Sillumir actions. - Elsillumiran must secure the willing cooperation of the citizenry in voluntary observance of the Silver Law to be able to secure and maintain the respect of the public. - The degree of cooperation in citizenry that can be secured diminishes proportionately to the necessity of the use of physical force. - Elsillumiran seek and preserve citizenry favour not by catering to the public opinion but by constantly demonstrating absolute impartial service to the Silver Law. - Elsillumiran use physical force to the extent necessary to secure observance of the law or to restore order only when the exercise of persuasion, advice and warning is found to be insufficient. - Elsillumiran, at all times, should maintain a relationship with the citizenry that gives reality to the historic tradition that Elsillumiran are the Citizenry and the Citizenry are Elsillumiran; Elsillumiran being only members of the Citizenry who are tasked with giving full-time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of Haelun’orian welfare and existence. - Elsillumiran should always direct their actions strictly towards their functions and never appear to usurp the powers of the judiciary. - The test of Elsillumiran efficiency is the absence of crime and disorder, not the visible evidence of Sillumir action in dealing with it. Structure and Authority Halerir: The Haelrir are the recruits of the Sillumiran, the newest members. All accepted applicants are automatically given the rank of Haelrir. Members of this unit are considered unproven and therefore have no real authority as a Haelrir. As a result, those who are in the Haelrir are expected to attend training and rallies in order to prove their devotion and to become full-fledged Sillumir. Sillumiran: The Sillumiran are the main force, the fully-fledged soldiers of Haelun’or. After proving oneself by attending training and rallies, the Haelrir becomes a Sillumir, and is thus seen as a complete member of the force. Along with the new rank comes new responsibilities. Sillumir are expected to attend regular training, patrols, and rallies, to be considered active. Failure to be active as a Sillumir will result in demotion or removal. The Sillumir are responsible for all of the defensive measures of the state, which include patrolling, peacekeeping, manning the gate, rallying, and military duties. They also act as the police force of Haelun’or, enforcing laws, and apprehending those found to have broken the law. Divkinaelan: Eldivkinaelan are our blessed officers, those to command the defenders of Silver. They are tasked with the recruitment and training of new Haelriran, the organisation and hosting of various further training and patrols, ensuring the wellbeing of all Sillumiran, keeping watch over the Silver Gates, assisting in updating policies, handling arrests and reports, as well as several other tasks. They assist Elokarir’tir in many of their duties; the one selected as Tilruir’tir being Elokarir’tir’s direct second-in-command, and next in line, serving as general of the armies. Elokarir’tir: The Okarir’tir manages the judiciary and military functions of the Silver State. The Okarir’tir is expected to advise the Sohaer and Heial’thilln on matters of new and existing criminal law. The Okarir’tir presides over the Sillumiran and is responsible for the punishment of those convicted in criminal trials. Applications: If one wishes to JOIN Elsillumiran, they are advised to reply with one of the formatted slips below, and contact one of our officers. Okarir’tir Alaion Miravaris ( puffables, duckybreb#4385 ) Divkinael Muriel Uradir ( Johann__, Johann#2476 ) Divkinael Elahern Aeth’sulier ( snoopie12, Luca03#8195 ) Divkinael Alluin Miravaris-Seregon ( Arachne_07, Arachne_07#4565 ) [[ https://forms.gle/M7GhtadtMFxacfeg7 ]] Signed, Okarir’tir A. Miravaris. Divkinael M. Uradir Divkinael E. Aeth’sulier Divkinael A.Miravaris-Seregon
  12. Monk Guidance; Your View Hello everyone! Recently, the Community Team’s been talking about how we can improve monk guidance on LotC. The team is interested in hearing y’all’s thoughts. How can we improve guidance? What do you like or dislike about guidance? Is monk guidance helpful at all, or is it completely useless? What is Monk Guidance? Monk guidance is essentially what the Community Team uses to help teach new players about the server! We teach them the essentials to roleplaying; things like emoting, chat commands, common rules that are broken by relatively new players. We also take them to the nation(s) of the race they applied for. For example if a Human player applied, we’d take them to a settlement such as Oren or Haense! Who does Monk Guidance? Monk guidance is done by monks of course! More specifically Wilven Monks, which are the persona’s used by the CT team for introducing new players to the server, and maintaining Cloud Temples beautifully kept grounds. Why are we changing Monk Guidance? We are trying our best to reduce the amount of OOC communication between the new player and the CT member performing the guide, to help them understand the basics of roleplay as well as get acquainted with the chat commands. Practice makes perfect, of course! We’d like to see more players who are new stay on the server. Sometimes new players find it difficult getting engaged into roleplay when they don’t know anybody around them, or are even too nervous to engage. Creating a good first experience for fresh players is our top priority, and expanding and changing the way we do monk guidance is a good step in the right direction for helping make that first experience a meaningful one. Monk guidance right now seems kind of tedious, it’s like a half an hour tutorial that you can’t get out of when you first start playing a game. To change that, we’re trying to make the monk guidance more enjoyable for new players as well as Community Team members! How can we improve Monk Guidance for New Players? Have you ever had a negative experience with the monks? As a New Player, were you helped by a monk? Did the monk guidance give you a better understanding of how the server works? Why or why not? Do you think that monk guidance is beneficial to players who are new to the server? As a new player, were you left feeling more confident after being helped by a monk? Do you feel that the monks are necessary for assisting new players on the server?
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