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  1. [!] Alaion Miravaris, writing a letter of congratulations to his relative. From travels in a land upon the coast somewhere rather distant, Alaion Miravaris would come to overhear a mention of critical news from Haelun'or. Eventually, this missive would make its way to him - by one means or another. Upon his unfurling of the paper, so too did a smile begin to unfurl in the corners of his lips - one corner drawn slightly higher than the other, though no doubt an expression of pleasant surprise. Brushing back a lock of long, flaxen hair, the elf would drum thin, porcelain fingertips against the side of his teacup, taking a sip of the sickly-sweet concoction. "Hrm, let us see.. A Miravaris Maheral?" Reading further, the Miravaris exhaled a chuckle; light and airy, alike the tone of a small bell. "Ah-a, oem'ii Arasdir; I suppose he has grown much by now! Certainly, a 'thill Most Pure - there is no Miravaris that does not hold utmost dedication to the Silver State. maehr'sae hiylun'ehya." the elf would speak, a twinkle in his catlike gaze. "It does grant me quite some relief to know elCihi'thilln is in good hands. The Calith has chosen well."
  2. Lleinde Tillun'sae, tucked between books crammed floor to ceiling within her homely tower, would be awoken by the sound of papers being slid beneath the door. Upon inspection, the elfess would give a scrutinising nod, setting about penning a notice. In a brief and silent excursion, she'd post a note beneath the door of the Sohaer's office, reading as follows : [!] This note would only be received by the Sohaer @Iverach "Dear elSohaer Uradir, One is much pleased by the selection of Okarir; a terribly well-suited 'thill for the task! Yet, one has indeed slight concerns - due to the negative historical legacy held by the title of Okarir'sil, and in the interests of remembering the terrible significance of historic misdemeanours, one promptly requests for the title to be rectified to Okarir'tir - perhaps designating the Tilruir role as Tilruir'sil as alternative. Ahern ito nae'leh, and with shimmering regards, ~ Lleinde Tillun'sae, concerned citizen and scholar. "
  3. Lleinde Tillun'sae rejoices, sequestering herself once again in a dusty corner of the library to write more unfinished draft essays.
  4. [!] One Lleinde Tillun'sae, upon finding this address stapled to a board within the walls of elCihi, would pin a brief note of response beside it. Readers would find this in the form of an open letter, penned upon cream parchment trimmed with silver. The handwriting would be incredibly neat; at first glance, one may even be inclined to believe the author had used a typewriter of some sorts, if not for the occasional missed inkblot. The response would read as follows: "To one dear Elesia Elervathar - whom, if one recalls correctly, ought to set aside the undeserved title of 'The Dove', let alone that of 'The Eternal Dove', given the consensus of elMalauriran that your tenure Was Not. To begin, one urges your presence in elCihi to corroborate these claims, and provide a counter to presumed 'inadequacy'. One inquires; if not elMaheral Calith, which 'thill might you name as Most Pure? In the words of Sullas, the Maheral Simply Is; one truly believes you shall find few in elCihi who recognise your absent self as indeed Most Pure, amongst our many talented and silvered kin. Shimmering regards, ~ Lleinde Tillun'sae "
  5. Lleinde Tillun'sae would eye the missive, mourning an inability to attend any debate soon ! Still, seeing the citation, she'd make note to pen a reply some-time in the future, if possible.
  6. Lleinde Tillun'sae mourns that she shall not be able to attend most these lectures, making note to keep updated as she can and endeavour into similar studies nonetheless.
  7. Lleinde Tillun'sae, coming upon this missive, would offer it scrutinizing gaze. A sage nod of approval, the elfess stowed the papers away in her pockets, setting out to find herself a snail of her own to train up for the competition.
  8. I think this attitude is entirely understandable given the circumstances that nation-leaders/'rp-community-providers' are in, but also hinges entirely on the nation-centric 'competing for activity points players are numbers not people stats stats data data efficiency' metric we've been going by - something which i genuinely do think is the crux of lotc's issues today (perpetuated by a way-too-big map, but i digress); i think the idea of a physical cloud temple that actually exists is both fun and rp-positive; i remember, as a new player mid-atlas, people interacting with me in cloud temple and teaching me to rp, getting me invested and showing me all the places ! a much better way than getting funnelled to a place oocly and staying there for the rest of my lotc life to exist as arbitrary pixel player activity counter #185 ! from a place of wanting to promote a more rp-heavy culture (drapings and introductions influence how players respond and act; if the server mechanically promotes an rp-first culture it will cultivate an rp-first culture), i liked having a cloud temple that you could walk to and from, as a physical place! use it to promote actually engaging and fun rp! unsure what the CT is up to these days, but i'd love to see someone revisit my project plan of working with ST to set up a bounty-board-esque system at CT, and a way to provide new players with fun rp events to get them into the server where possible! (just little things to start them off with that whimsical feeling we were all looking for when we joined, and some of us were lucky enough to get from friendly players :] if we're still looking to boost that initial retention rate [the most important part of retention i think we've seen is first impression, if a player gets through the first week or two, or even the first day, they are much more likely to stick around] i think it would be a real good start!) i think an attitude of lotc where we treat it as 'how can we best 'balance' this grand-strategy-world-conqueror-simulator' is flawed and cuts us off from having more interesting and enjoyable rp, and drains the life out of people trying to keep their communities together and provide some fun rp as they r forced to treat it as such. but yeah tldr i think CT should be considered part of RP and an actual fun, engaging RP starting point rather than a hypixel minigames hub 👍
  9. i liked the little carts last map ! if we are using a 'hub' system, i think that is overwhelmingly better and more efficient - a cooler roleplay intro to new players of 'getting a horse and cart' to somewhere (rather than feeling like a minigames server hub), and just overall much easier to use. since it's in the air, maybe work something with that? little magitech blimps idk, but some mode of travel to fit in with the roleplay universe, acting mechanically in the same way the horse and carts did last map! :] in general i'm not a huge fan of soulstone mechanics but i can understand the quicktravel need; i think in the case of ct hubs though it is just a bit convoluted and messy to use.
  10. never really got into aphmau and the like highschool rp side of mcrp youtube, i think the first series that properly got me into mcrp stuff / lotc-adjacent was captainsparklez' mianite series! good stuff :] but i also remember waaay back as an 8yr old kid watching MADMA, super throwback i loved those guys !! im sure there are more roleplay-style minecraft youtubers i watched also which i am not remembering at this point :O minecraft is an awesome vehicle for creative storytelling, always has been always will be !
  11. [!] A high elven woman, though not present for the conflict, would be roused from her sleep; cheek taken from the cushioning of papers upon the elfess' desk. Her ears flickered once, twice - hair in a mess, and looking rather dishevelled, the scholar would take slow rise, the sounds of trouble abrew just beyond her doorstep. With shouts and cries, a gaze outside would reveal the swarm, swiftly drawing closer. Swiftly gathering up the most precious of belongings - though most lay stowed already within her draping, many-pocketed cloak - she'd step out; stormy winds biting, lashing at her brow. And as upon the horizon, something began to rise - closer, and closer, a wall of water - in measured, even, but hastily quick steps, would the woman desert the city. Robes soaked and sodden, a good thing it was that the paper-parts of her belongings kept from dissolve within the inner part of her cloak - though still a little damp, littered with blots of run ink. In shadow of the Sillumir who lead the way, she'd follow towards the final stronghold - spending such a last battle once again in shelter before moving along with her kin.
  12. || A Mali’thill’s Recommendation || 6th of the Deep Cold, 113 S.A. This day marks the vote for the new Sohaer of the High Elven peoples; a key point in our history, one that comes every so-often. After so long without Sohaer, I mark it to be incredibly key that the one who takes this role understands the full extent of what they are undertaking; one who is not only capable and passionate, but best fitted for the role of Sohaer - our leader by teaching - especially. Though I have been unable to attend the debate in person, lliran, I have been much impressed by the contents as I have read in the brilliant transcript published but an Elven day ago - my thanks to miss Elervathar for her work. And, after perusing over the contents, I have placed my own vote; now, I am here to convince you, both Silver Citizens and prospective candidates, to understand the most rightful course of action. I shall let it be known that both of my votes have been placed for Miss Luthien Maeyr’onn. This decision is made not out of personal friendship, nor solely on seniority. It is my genuine belief that miss Maeyr’onn brings both the passion and credentials for the role. However, the main factor behind this is not only the slightly higher qualification of miss Maeyr’onn, but my full conviction that both other candidates are better suited in other roles - these fine members of Silver Society have a great deal to bring to the table, and I believe the role of Sohaer would hinder and inhibit them from doing so. In such, I urge each other candidate to step down in pursuit of more fitting roles. Firstly: Miss Eistalyn Othelu’maehr; an individual of grand passion and care for their fellow ‘thill, and equally fervent towards elmaehr’sae hiylun’ehya. Such is an elfess I have come to greatly respect through her fine oration in this debate and campaign. I fear that the pressures of Sohaer would burden miss Othelu’maehr, forcing her to pry her attention away from her passions in order to address outside, foreign issues, and to busy herself within bushels of political machinations and paperwork. One envisions miss Othelu’maehr as an administrator of the Eternal College - whether as Okarir or Tilruir. In regards to such, one provides certain suggestions: I == As suggested herself, the introduction of a more regularly-scheduled programme within the Eternal College; two lectures each Elven week, perhaps, with one focused upon the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, culture, and Haelun’orian history, the other varying topic-to-topic per week. One would suggest, perhaps on alternating elven weeks, an additional practical workshop on various artisan talents. II == The establishment of a Tutorship System, wherein respected ‘thill may take on apprentices, those to study under their guidance. Apprentices under Mali’thill recognised as Masters (a non-political embellishing title, as suggested, bestowed upon respected academics) within the Eternal College will be equally recognised as Eternal Scholars, and eligible to take-part in Scholar events. III == The promotion of both Sciences and the Arts within elCihi, providing places for these activities to be pursued, holding events to promote these, etcetera. I would expect these duties to be delegated out properly, that the burden may lie on no ‘thill’s shoulders alone. Next, my suggestions for: Mister Atrus Calith; an elf who presents themselves quite properly, one fine loyalist to the Silver State. A mali’thill raised with the attitude one would expect of elSillumiran; the marks of dedicated service are pressed into his demeanour. And indeed, I feel the areas of Military, Innovation, Economics and Foreign Policy are where he may best stand - equipped with a brilliant tool such as this.. Golem, I believe? I am certain mister Calith would be excellent to undertake a role in any one of these aspects, in greater capacity than Sohaer. In the role of Sohaer, this elf would be bound to paperwork and delegation, to the stresses which I believe he would do best without. One would argue that perhaps when time comes for the next election, he may be better prepared, better seasoned and equipped for the role, having contributed all he might in these other areas. Such is why one would encourage mister Calith to retain his role of Okarir’nor - assuming that this covers still yet the administration of finance and innovation - or, better yet, a reformed role to cover more of these aspects. My suggestions are as follows: I == The reform of elOkarir’nor to include oversight of engineering, economy, citizenship, and diplomacy in some respect. A Tilruir role beneath the ‘nor, or beneath the ‘mali, shall be tasked with the upkeep of Citizenship and Tax in document-form. II == Under oversight of engineering, mister Atrus might oversee the upkeep of public services and development of new additions or major projects to elCihi as he sees fit - an ambitious Mali, one is sure he shall think up some fine additions. III == Under oversight of the economy, mister Atrus might reform the tax system (perhaps partially involving this prospective ‘merit’ system?), and pursue diplomacy in trade routes, such that it may cross over with other aspirations of diplomacy (the organisation of embassies and ambassadors, as he so wished). Additionally, one would encourage him to hold limited open trade market days and auctions, to boost the material prosperity of elCihi. VI== Under oversight of citizenship, mister Atrus might pursue his merit reform in encouragement of certain traits, should this be wished by the Haelun’orian people. VI.1 == One would encourage that, for a 'merit system' perhaps rather than solely on behalf of the individual, one might work with the ancient institution of the Lauriran and Talonnii houses to provide reform to this element of Haelun’orian Society; perhaps limiting the ahTalonnii to a set number - three, as suggestion - and being involved in the consistent review/competition of which Talonnii fit this top-three status. elOkarir’nor, or a Tilruir of such, would also outline the corresponding benefits this might set out - as well as the duties (ahTalonnii’s holding events, providing signature wines to the Silver Tavern, etcetera). Again, one would expect these duties to be delegated out properly, that the burden may lie on no ‘thill’s shoulders alone. To conclude, lliran, I thank you all for reading my suggestions surrounding current affairs. One strongly encourages all three Sohaer Candidates to review my writing, and for the Sohaer whom I have backed to succeed in their campaign and forthright implement these suggestions. Ahern ito nae’leh. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, ~ puerir’arche.
  13. || The Ballot || -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- [[ MC Name : puffables ]] Name : Lleinde Tillun'sae Vote 1: Luthien Maeyr'onn Vote 2: Luthien Maeyr'onn
  14. this post is wonderful and so are you critter ; now as a collective we gotta prioritise not only recognising the bleed but countering it actively. last thing i wanna see is people going 'so true so based!' and then immediately reptile-brain returning to exactly the mentality they had before as soon as they encounter mild inconvenience. think we can all say we're guilty of reading some good advice on good rp but spur-of-the-moment discarding it when we feel spited by others not taking such good faith; first step to changing community attitude is, even when encountered by bad faith, allow it - can rly make an impact on not only you (might feel like it sucks, letting 'some upstart newbie powergamer play-to-win self-insert' inconvenience your mighty lvl100 grizzled soldier-mage , but trust me - situations with some element of loss is fun rp, and really forces you to engage more with the story being built!! winning always doesn't let you incorporate actual character into your character, its setbacks that do so.) but also the other player. when other players encounter good-faith rp, especially in the long-run it encourages them to also participate in good-faith rp by creating an atmosphere of such.
  15. retired now (and hopefully for good) but yknow how lotc is; 1. What's your favourite part about being an NL/SL? i loved being able to contribute to the communities i love in meaningful ways, and i love getting to know new players + helping them settle into the community !! i think being able to communicate so directly with staff was pretty cool, hanging out with folk in the nl chat etc (but then again, similar and even better vibes through that from when i was on CT!). its rly nice to get some insight into the behind the scenes and feel like you're really playing a part in keeping the cogs of the server turning, and it genuinely does feel like such an honour to represent your community - both current, and the numerous players who've passed such a rich rp history down to you. 2. What's your least favourite part about being an NL/SL? not gonna lie, on the overall i absolutely hate being an NL/SL; i'm much more of a sidelines sorta person. love making fun little events, doing little bits here and there. being an NL is so stressful and props to those who can do it without feeling just completely drawn away from the rp itself - ooc bs sucks ass. suddenly. its no longer 'your character' making decisions for the sake of story, but a whole string of requirements for vague ooc settlement-survival stuff. i am someone who loves pure rp, and loves rping from an 'undergaming' type perspective, and it sucks to find yourself having to instead weigh in all these other bits and pieces - because if you do make a bad call, its no longer a 'character quirk' part of fun dynamic rp, its 'possibly gacking a community's beloved rp-hub that they've entrusted you with etc etc'. highkey i think NLs need more bonding sessions. like, cmon, NL game night; i think a lot of NL's are pushed into a mindset of aggression and distrust of other NLs, and i would LOVE to see more communities working collaboratively on a storyline between them; conflicts for the fun of the plot, tongue-in-cheek aggression between two parties that can be resolved in a satisfying way without the ooc shtfest 'winner-takes-all' 'other guys bad as ooc people' mentality that comes with it. 3. What's your most prominent memory as an NL/SL? oh god thats a difficult one. i'd like to say that my most prominent memories were the good times, but ngl probly the most prominent memory as NL was being kicked off it lmao - whilst majorly upsetting and stressful at the time, esp as i was under a lot of stress from irl stuff, looking back on it, was pretty interesting and fun rp !! not as an NL, but two good memories otherwise are a bit of scenic rp i did with a player i never met before (who is now a good friend) trying to set up a telescope, and looking out to the stars. another is from i think war of two emps?? where we gathered this huge rally, such a hype energy and taking some screenshots together with this community we'd gathered rly put it into perspective. around this time also we had a lot of ooc game nights and man do i love a bit of scribbl.io. 4. If you led your Nation/Settlement into a war, do you regret it and did it turn out to be fun? If yes/no, why? Lots of things i regret from times as NL, especially because a lot of the time i spent as NL was also during some of the most busy times of my IRL life; i regret not being able to put in the proper time and energy as NL, then playing for like 3 days straight when i had time, stressing tf out of goings-ons and then burning out so quick. I think wars can be fun, and I rly enjoyed a lot of the war rp and the kinda community-building of rallying for warclaims! i do however wish that i had more of a choice to not get involved in wars, as they are majorly draining - i think it would have been nicer to focus on some internal development and more chill, internal storylines, and probly would have been less gruelling and stressful than one war chat/diplo chat after the other. another regret - as mentioned earlier, i rly would have loved to try and get some actual, ooc-friendly, fun minor conflict going with another nation ! we see the 'shared events' 'culture exchange' thing more often nowadays, which is cool, but like,, a more drawn out storyline with a bit more depth than just 'attending each others' events' would have been sick to do - if i ever return to lotc for an extended period of time, this is probably one of the things i would like to spark most (as well as my goddamn cursed pirate town project... shalesport, forever in the google doc drafts...) 5. Did you inherit your Nation/Settlements most of the time or build them from scratch? Or was it different each time? Inherit ! though, i'd never call them just 'mine' - the hnor community is ancient. lots and lots of brilliant people working on keeping the spark going, passing down the torch of one of the oldest consistent cultures on the server. i think if i ever became some sort of NL/SL again, i'd really like to try make something from scratch. honestly, i feel like there's a lot less pressure and i'd feel a lot more free to just play with stories, rather than the overwhelming fear of accidentally snuffing out an ancient flame.
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