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  1. elker’ilum - THE NIGHT OF LUMINESCENCE- Issued 12 S.A. A jar of fireflies, collected from around the Silver City. [Firefly Night, Brianna Moore] [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jq1xmbE8byY] Since the times of Larihei have the Mali’thill striven for light - illumination, in both mind and in body. It is said that, when Mali were simply Mali, the only providers of light were the Sun and primitive Fire. It was only through the inventions of Larihei that manufactured Light was given use in daily life - the creation of lanterns, controlled fire and arcane lu
  2. "An exercise in hiylun - how fitting." the Tillun'sae would nod. "So long as it is measured, moderated duels, made not to draw Silver Blood, it is a wonderful exercise. A duality in dueling, with either a debate of minds, or an exercise of hiylun - the choice of which decided mutually among the participants." A careful sip of her cup of morning tea, she'd offer a glance up to the wall of her office, to a certain decorative piece it held. "I am certain that the same rules hold here as most other things - no brute Valah or Uruk may challenge a Mali'thill, and an 'ata might not c
  3. It was a pleasure having you around, man - stay safe, and we'll certainly miss you;; <3 You can and will get through this, and I hope things go well during your break and you are able to get everything resolved as much as possible. Here for you always if you need anything at all, and you'll always have a place here if/when you return :]
  4. I've been attending model UN's before I even really got into LotC - they are so good would recommend, for anyone with interest in political-POV rp !! definitely looking to get back into it when COVID regulations allow it :]
  5. "Another wonderful paper." she remarked, reading it over her morning cup of tea. "It gladdens me to see such a fantastic display of true journalism!"
  6. "maehr'sae hiylun'ehya! Truly, this is what one loves to see. " an enthusiastic Tillun'sae comments.
  7. "maehr'sae hiylun'ehya - I look forwards to the PROGRESS this Elven Week shall bring-!" an enthusiastic Mali'thill rejoices.
  8. "maehr'sae hiylun'ehya. It is about time that the Mali'thill return to their roots - the mastery and study of the arcane." an elfess spoke with pleasure, reading over the joyful missive. Progress was soon to return.
  9. "Finally, a more accessible and practical farming plan!" an elfess expressed with satisfactory smile, reading the paper over a good cup of Haelun'orian Tea.
  10. 1 - I enjoyed it quite a bit !! have been off exploring other hobbies - picked up the guitar and some video-editing skills while i was gone, which was fantastic !! definitely missed it, though , addicted as i am;; 2 - Now that I'm back, I am once again funneling my entire soul into the Haelun'orian High-Elf RP sphere, and working to eviscerate the mina also the impures B)) I know a couple people have asked me if I'm planning on reapplying for CT, and the answer to that is - idk man, not for a bit at least ,, wanna enjoy the freedom of being able to dedicate more
  11. Most meaningful RP experience? There are a couple that spring to mind !! From my first day on the server, where I had nooo idea what i was doing, having applied on a whim a few years ago and then never having logged on - whitelisted without making a proper character ! Definitely lead to some interesting experiences. A month or so later, my first ever experience of High Elf RP was incredibly meaningful - since then, i've been hooked to the haelun'orian community and rp style !! In more recent time, the section of rp just before my break - while incredibly, incredibly stressful - was al
  12. i dont believe i've done one of these yet, and having just got back, it seems an appropriate time ! with over 2 years (like,, damnnn, thats a lot of hours) on this server, having had a 6 month break just prior to returning to visit yesterday, i'd say i'm ready to answer some questions. ask me anything :] ~ puff
  13. A SILENT EGRESS A certain breeze blustered through the Silver City that day. Finally released from the point of swords, the pale elf stepped through the doorway of the Dagre’sae Manor, a dust off of his just-before shackled wrists. His eyes took on a peculiar sheen, the forlorn, blank gaze of one in either utter disconnect from reality, or far too aware of the dreaded realism that surrounded them. For some time did he merely sit, sit and stare at the pillars of the Silver City, ears silenced to the distant shouting, the people busy in bustling spree a
  14. The Sohaer Alaion Miravaris signs the document.
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