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  1. A familiar voice called out to Timothee in the afterlife before a white hair lady ran up and embrace the bard " hello brother I have missed you" Celtic said with a happy smile " come our old friends are waiting for you as well" she said
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    While Celtic has very little memory of her past due to falling very sick a few years ago, she does remember the day her mother died. she remembers being the only child and has never met her father, but anything else is a complete blur to her. Having only her knowledge of fishing and baking Celtic some nights when to bed hungry, due to not catching anything or not having the cooking supplies. After two years of being on her own Celtic decided to venture away from her home and find a new place to live, and hopefully, meet some people along the way. It took a few weeks but she found a called Pessac where for a while she decided to stay and play music until she decided to leave or stay there forever.
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