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  1. The Levy of Garenbrig Vassal of Numendil Honor and Duty The Levy of Garenbrig, being a levy raised to serve Tar-Caraneth and her holdings, follows much the same doctrine as the capital soldiery. Derived from the Barrowton Guard, defenders of the March, protectors of Canondom, guardians of the people. Their purpose true and bound, the Guard protects Numendil, the glorious white City of Numenost, and all other holdings of the Tar. It is the driving force behind the fist of the Tar and their Knights. The Levy of Garenbrig serves mostly to protect the western watches of Numendil, the cliffs bordering the dead Oasis, and the rugged Hills of Garenrbrig. A Garenbrig Guardsman holding vigil over a fallen brother in the lower cisterns Duties of the Levy A Garenbrig Knight rallying the levy as they begin their training As written by Ser Garen Glennmaer, Captain of Numendil, every Numenedain soldier is expected to take on the following duties: Uphold the Peace. Keep Safe the Gate. Keep Safe the People. Hunt the Darkspawn. Slay the Beast. Help Thy Comrade. Serve Thy Liege-Lord. Cleanse the land of all its Darkness. Rations and Wages To Serve Numendil does not come without thanks. Food, Bed, Board and Wages will be provided every saint’s week to each guard and knight. Exceptional performance warrants promotion, and further benefits. Guards may be heightened to the rank of Serjeant, and entitled to higher wages and command over lower ranks, though these promotions are optional and come with plenty more responsibility. Those include training lower ranks, and organizing their trappings and rations. Knights are entitled to further pay, should they deem necessary, though many opt for none. From Knight to Noble It is not uncommon for the Canonist denizen to wish for more, to strive for Greatness. Knighthood is the most Reliable path when one's Goal is to achieve Nobility in the eyes of GOD and their fellow man. In Numenost, when a Knight attains the Position of a "Knight of the White Court", they are at a prime position to begin their ascent. In Garenbrig, the Knights are given much the same treatment. For it is the Code of Chivalry that Knights live by, and it is this code that Allows for Greatness, and Encourages the Betterment of the Self. Like House O'Rourke, Seregon, Glennmaer, and Arthalionath; Greatness can be achieved through Determination and Loyalty. Trappings and Ranks Harkening back to the days of Old, when good King Uther ruled the humble hold of Barrowton, a beacon of light in a wretched Abyss, the Host of Formindon practice traditions of comradery, humility, honor and duty, much like their counterparts in the capital of Numenost. With a home-town much steeper, wetter, and rough, the soldiers of Garenbrig, as well as their Knights, wear lighter and somewhat looser armor, leaving joints somewhat less encumbered to facilitate mobility on a harsh terrain. Classical, tried and true armor of Plate, Mail, Gambeson and Surcoats. Large Greathelms, bearing the Cross of Lorraine and Horen, and reliable weaponry lacking excess adornment. What trim they bear is of bronze, instead of gold, for the aurum is far better suited to crafting the tools to hunt the dark. Adorn your trappings with Bronze, and you are given ample excuse to keep shiny. A green trim means a lazy Glennmaer. Guardsmen A Garenbrig Guardsman charging headfirst into a host of Ratiki squatters Guardsmen of Garenbrig are the core of the Levy. Loyal, well-trained, and well fed. Where one might expect a levyman in a feudal dwelling to eat his bread and drink his water, the Glennmaers know all too well that a hungry soldier is a dead one. Dressed in the Surcoat of House Glennmaer, bearing their resolute tower, the Guardsmen of Garenbrig are expected to be steadfast and enduring, as the words of House Glennmaer encourage. `Do and Endure`. No expense is spared in arming the levy. Whereas hosts of old might deem one man important, and the next cannon-fodder, the Formindon warband is armed to keep themselves alive, and swinging. Knights A Garenbrig Knight posing for his portrait in the halls of Formindon, accompanied by his leal hound, "Corpsegrinder", and his trusty steed, "Binky" Knights of Formindon and Garenbrig are expected to hold themselves as any other Knight of Numendil. Uphold the law, follow the scrolls and the code of chivalry to the letter. To be a Knight is to present ones self as the finest Humanity has to offer. Whilst a Guardsman can be an adept fighter, a Knight must also be wise. Cunning. Compassionate. Respectful. Pious. All these things and more must you show before you can ascend to the rank of Knight, and wear your own heraldry. Ride atop your own Elcir, and fight in not just the name of Numendil, but your own. Enlisting To join the Guard, contact Ser Glyndwr of Formindon ((Pepto_Bismol_)) Or Fill Out the Form Below. Uniform, Armor, Weapons, pay, and Training will be provided. ------------------------------------------------ Application Form Character Name: Discord: Minecraft Name: Race: Age: Timezone:
  2. A Missive, to the The Radiant Guard of Numendil Banishments, as of 8th of Malin's Welcome, Year 176 of the Second Age THE BANISHMENT OF ONE: HUMMINGBIRD AND NENAR, DRUIDS AND APOSTATES The druids named thus are hereby banished from the Kingdom of Numendil, an all it's holdings. Lords/ladies of Numenedain vassals are to uphold this law as written: The Druids known as Hummingbird and Nenar, are to be removed from the lands of Numendil and its Vassals, should they be found within them. Should they refuse to comply, they will be put to the sword with no excepton. Heresy will not be tolerated to any degree, show no leniency. They have one chance. - By order of Pontff Caius I, Knight-Commander Glyndwr Glennmaer, and Royal Castellan Alywn Glennmaer
  3. At the foot of the Willow in Formindon's courtyard, Glyn emptied a patch of ground. The shovel cast aside, he arranged the armor of his friend out, along with his sword, as if he were there, clutching the blade close to the empty chest plate. "Here you lie a hero of Formindon. Perhaps not in body, but in spirit. Your surcoat will lie here, your heraldry forever woven into the fabric of this good green land. Your banner shall be entrusted to another, I will not let thy name die. The red and gold shall fly wherever we ride, in the name of GOD, and the radiant star. Forever will you be a part the roots of my home, and from your virtue shall sprout the peace we all strive for." The Knight Commander rose then from his knees, taking up his shovel, before covering the armaments of his fallen friend.
  4. Commander Glyndwr entered his office. He slapped some parchments down onto the desk, pouring over them. Schedules, inventory, reports. Guards to be added. Guards to be removed. Funeral pyres and alchemical orders. A hard day, but not the worst. He pulled a bottle from his desk, Grandaxe Whiskey, pouring two cups, sliding one to the end of the desk. "You not drinking tonight?" He asked across the room, the words bouncing around the otherwise empty walls. A moment of silence, realization, as he absent-mindedly wrote away like any other day, before looking up. An empty couch, a dying fire. Paintings lining the wall and a statue of his Father's bust, all bought and sourced for him. By Her. The Princess who so often kept him company as he grumbled away in that office, away from whatever troubles waited outside. A sigh, flowing from his nostrils as he chewed his inner lip, worry laden across his face. This night, the parchments would be the distraction, as the untended fire faded and the room grew cold.
  5. A Missive, to the The Radiant Guard of Numendil Any and all peoples who enter the city wearing a mask, are to be asked to remove said mask. If they refuse, they are to be given another chance. If upon second request, they refuse a second time, they must submit for a test, or be banished. If there are multiple Guards, do not let them leave without being tested. If you are alone, seek comrades, or write a note to report it to a superior. - By order of Knight-Commander Glyndwr Glennmaer
  6. Realist thing i've ever read.
  7. "I miss Barrowton..." Said Galadain, the Knight-turned-Priest. A single tear shed for the fallen walls, and the fallen comrades.
  8. Galadain looked over the parchment, before taking out his Numenedain stapler, and affixing another parchment. `Study Material for the Needy.` He wrote.
  9. "...Numendilian. Ain't that one of them fellas with the tails and the shells?" The Numenedain asked himself, as he went to rummage through Toni's old library.
  10. "I can't say that's the best way t' make friends, no..." Ser Galadain nodded in agreement, recalling the veiled threats.
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