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  1. THE GRAND HUNTER’S GUILD ᚱᚢᛗᛗ'ᚢᚱ'ᛟᛏᚺᚨᚱᛖᛗ We dwarves are naturally isolationist folk and for too long have our lands gone unexplored and wild; teeming with beasts of all sizes and ruins lost to nature. For this reason, the HUNTER’S GUILD was formed, a guild whose goal is to encourage and organize dwarves in exploring the great unknown and hunt the beasts and vagabonds within it. Operations Bounty-Hunting A Dwed must make a living somehow, and sometimes the disciplined order of the legion can be somewhat… restricting. However, if one’s martial skill excels beyond those of industrial means, the Hunter’s guild offers plenty of Bounty work to keep your pockets lined. Execute a particularly impressive hunt and your trophies will be displayed in the hall for all to see. During their exploration of Dwarven lands, The Hunter’s Guild is expected to run into threats of all forms - ranging from local fauna to hidden beings locked away centuries ago. Regardless of their origin, the Explorers are tasked to eliminate any and all threats within the Holy Lands of Urguan, as allowing them to live may only allow them to grow more dangerous over time. Depending on the threat, the Guild may also wish to further examine slain foes, as the secrets of this new realm have yet to be fully uncovered, and unique creatures are to be expected hidden in their shadows. In extreme situations, the Explorer’s Guild may call upon the Legion of Urguan to assist in dealing with any and all threats. Mapping and Exploration The Explorer’s Guild of Urguan is responsible for the exploration and charting of Urguan’s underdeveloped territories. Hidden throughout said territories, ruins and artifacts alike remain undiscovered, unexplored, and unobtained by the Dwarven populace. Through their discovery, these riches and ruins shall give Urguan a better understanding of these lands, and why their inhabitants vacated them centuries ago. While exploration may be the primary target of every ruin, the proper mapping of their placement on the realm and their interior are both required to fully understand their meaning and prior use during their time of inhabitance. Guild members may typically revisit ruins or may use their location to attempt to seek out other ruins covered over time. With these maps available, Explorers will be able to continue their progress forward without having to retrace their steps prior to every new project. Organization Grand Huntmarshall (Grung-Rikkin) The chief Royal Officer of the organization, the Grand Huntmarshall leads the efforts of the guild and organizes all expeditions. He is meant to be skillful both in exploration and combat tactics and has unilateral authority over the operations of the guild save for the Grand King himself. Should the Grand Kingdom go without properly running expeditions for too long, the Grand Huntmarshall is liable to be removed. Master Hunter (Kronok-Grunga) The most Elite Hunters of the guild, often under training provided by the Huntmarshall. These Hunters often take the mantle of Huntmarshall once the position is left vacant. Proven in their skills of both exploration and hunting, they now focus on improving their leadership skills, both on the hunt and within the guild’s inner workings. The Master Hunters act as Grand Huntmarshall in his/her absence. Hunter Veteran (Thorok-Grunga) Experienced members of The Hunter’s Guild, Hunter Veterans are individuals who have proven their capabilities to the guild, and therefore have been given the ability to lead projects, recruit and train new Hunters, and host guild events, amongst other duties. These individuals typically make up the pool of possibilities to fill the title of Master Hunter, and due to such, are expected to lead by example. Hunter (Grunga) The standard rank of the guild, Hunters are the common khazadmar who make up the bulk of The Hunter’s Guild. Individuals with a passion for exploration and a lack of fear, Hunters are expected to represent their guild at all times and be ready to jump into action as soon as called upon. Hunts will be provided by the Grand Huntmarshall, though the amount one can take within a set time is restricted, to ensure there’s enough for all Hunters. Expeditions may be organised without the Huntmarshall’s supervision. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Application Form Minecraft Username: Roleplay Name: Race: Timezone: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. RP NAME: Svardin Grandaxe MC NAME:Pepto_Bismol_ WEAPON OF CHOICE: Bearded axe WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO THE GUARD?: Military and Combat experience ANY SPECIAL FEATS OR ACHIEVEMENTS?: A walking flint and steel, also a good hunter. Previous Commander, Pridebearer and Immortal.
  3. Name:Svardin Grandaxe Proffesion(s): Blacksmith and Lumberjack Hobbies/Additional skills: Mining Are you in need of a residence? No
  4. Your Name? Svardin Grandaxe Your profession (minin'/smithin'/enchantin')? Smithing/Mining Place of Inhabitant? Kal'Akash ((Skype?)) you have it already
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