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  1. Dungrimm’s Legion The Legion is a collection of militant Dwarves whom make up the main force of defence for the Council of Agnarum. They are responsible for the protection of all holdings under the Council. The Legion pledges full loyalty to the Council and its peoples. The Legion is currently lead by: Grand Marhsall Dain Metalfist Perks of Joining the Legion Equipment; Gear for combat and traversing the land is available to the forces of the Legion who have passed training (Grunt Rank) and can be obtained from the Grand Marshal or Commander, a Dwarf may only receive one off duty kit per Stone week and will by default receive a combat kit during times of war. Free housing; A new recruit may gain free housing within the barracks, the recruit that partakes in this bonus will lose their lodging after purchasing a home of any type within the capital or in the kingdom’s surrounding lands. Officer Ranks Commander (Velerakian) Second in command. This legionnaire must be treated as the Thruum'Kazak, should he be absent or if he has chosen the Velerakian to give orders. Only two Dwarves may have this position at a time. Lieutenant (Barel'Rikkin) Highly respected among the Legionnaires. Veterans and skilled fighters, the Barel'Rikkin are trusted the most. They may be chosen to lead squads or lead the army, should both the Velerakian and Thruum'Kazak prove absent. Only three may have this position at a time. Ironbreaker Ranks Longbeard (Melkan'Trumm) The Highest Rank a soldier can be without otherwise having the ability to lead. Khro'Nazkarumm are the strongest amongst the Ironbreaker ranks. Experienced fighters, usually chosen to fight first, due to their more developed skill. Stoneguard (Gorix'Akvel) The average rank of a soldier. Each is a capable a defender of the Council, and all of it's land. Trained and armed, ready to face attackers at a moment's notice, however lacking experience, compared to an Khro'Nazkarumm. Slayer Ranks Killer (Kavokrumm) Extremely strong, and nonetheless ferocious, a Dreng can work themselves into a rage at a moment's notice. Chosen for their ability at killing beasts, demons or hordes of men. Nothing but a lethal blow may take one down. Beast (Dharok) Named after the Dwarven word for "Beast", these warriors act as if they were infact an animal. Howling, roaring, and wild. They've a taste for combat, and like the Killers, rarely feel pain. Ranger Ranks Hunter (Grungrumm) The most experienced rangers hold this rank. Some even feeling more at home outside in the green, than within stone halls. These dwed are masters of the wilds, of both its fauna and flora, and are permitted to tame and utilize dogs, bears and wolves. Field-Dwarf (Aindar’Dwed) Dwarven scouts and trackers. These Dwed are crucial to the Legion, and serve as their far-seeing eyes. A shield wall may be a valid tactic for defense, but it always helps to know what’s coming… and which direction its coming from. Lighter on their feet, and blessed with wisdom, these Dwed are often the first to know of intruders. Training: Practice or Training one’s combat skills and labor talents is an important factor within the Dwarven Kingdom as well as the Legion. Formations and discipline are often the most stressed subjects as the Dwarven Legion is well known for its organization and prowess. Combat Military practice is often done once or twice every Stone Week to hone the skills of both recruits and veteran soldiers. It is also to ensure that siege weaponry is in working order. Practice also allows the legion to plan for their battles, and also to give newer recruits a chance to gain experience. Group practice Parading (marching in formation) Drilling (Fighting in formation) Hunting (To train one’s skills) Combat Practice (To train one’s fighting prowess) Personal practice This must be supervised by an officer rank. Can be in the form of combat or complex skill demonstration. Labor: Labor training is done through one’s own time with or without supervision of a specialist in the field the legionnaire is interested in, and allows for the recruit or avid soldier to partake in specialized military fields. Guard Duty: The Duty of Guarding is a crucial role within the capital, Militants within the Legion are expected to serve for one stone hour to protect the Hold, duties of guarding include: Gate Management Is the duty in which a Legionnaire is to protect the mighty stone gate way of the capital. In order to promote camaraderie it is recommended that more than one guard is on duty during shifts. During shifts legionnaires are expected to keep the gate open for Dwarves to pass freely in between, but be alert enough to shut the gates for outsiders so that the following questions may be asked (Name, Race, Reason for Visiting, and their home). Patrol Patrolling is vital to the Kingdom’s well being be it either; tunnel clearances (when a guard goes into the deep mines and disposes of creeps and critters who may harm the miners) or doing surface checks (where the militant will do tasks similar to the tunnel clearance but on the surface. This is usually the job of a ranger.) Any peculiar sightings are to be reported to the Legion Commander for further inspection. Surface Checks The Guard is to wander about the perimeter of the capitol where he or she will be charged with examining the wall that protects the Hold’s border as well as slay and critters who threaten travelers, any peculiar sightings such as wall breaks, mysterious structures, or brigand presence, is to be reported. Formations: Vel - Vertical line. - Formation always has the leader in front - Line must not pass leader or break form during march - Not default stance when inactive Dree Vel - Multiple vertical lines. - Formation always has the leader in front - Line must not pass leader or break form during march - May be default stance when inactive if numbers exceed 8 soldiers - Continues going down in rows to accompany all soldiers Aemiz - Horizontal line - Formation always has the leader in front - Row will not be used during march - Default stance when inactive if number is less than 8 soldiers Tekom - Formation has leader in the center - Important individuals will be hosted on the inside - Line must not pass leader or break form during march - Rarely used during march due to difficulty to maintain - Not default stance when inactive Application: (OOC) MC Name: How active are you?: Discord: Timezone: (RP) RP Name: Gender:
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    He's got some good ideas, me likey. +1
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    Solid guy, definitely a good pick for GM
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    The Reformation of the Rune Guard

    RP NAME: Svardin Grandaxe MC NAME:Pepto_Bismol_ WEAPON OF CHOICE: Bearded axe WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO THE GUARD?: Military and Combat experience ANY SPECIAL FEATS OR ACHIEVEMENTS?: A walking flint and steel, also a good hunter. Previous Commander, Pridebearer and Immortal.
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    The Grandaxe Clan

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    The Grandaxe Clan

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    No doubt that he'd be a good GM. +1
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    Rockstar is a great builder, active and can get things done. +1
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    The1bow is 2 gud. Great at RPing beasts and hunting.
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    Vailor's Red Urguan Worker Party

    Name:Svardin Grandaxe Proffesion(s): Blacksmith and Lumberjack Hobbies/Additional skills: Mining Are you in need of a residence? No
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    Red Urguan's Workers Party

    Your Name? Svardin Grandaxe Your profession (minin'/smithin'/enchantin')? Smithing/Mining Place of Inhabitant? Kal'Akash ((Skype?)) you have it already