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  1. A proud master hums to herself. "Only in such arduous Norlandic cold could one find warmth like this!" The journal she talks to chirps back melodically!
  2. A lovely and welcomed addition! The spells add extra flexibility and rewards preparation + creativity in roleplay! Hats off to Hyper for figuring out a solid base for how these combos could work and straight up nailing it first try!
  3. HAPPY ONE YEAR you art fiend! Riddle me this, Uni. What's a piece of lore or roleplay niche you'd love to either explore yourself or see portrayed more?
  4. • ○ Vailu Valmiran ○ • Upcoming changes and Internal Restructuring. [!] This missive starts with a neatly handwritten letter! It reads: “After running this College for over a century, I can comfortably call its success and outreach a lifetime achievement. Fruits of obsessive dedication and absolute single-mindedness. Now, the dream has outgrown its dreamer. I find that my silent, focused labour does not reach the true potential span of our artistic developments. Therefore, I am resigning as Headmistress of the Bard’s College and, as a final act of conviction, I have elected a Bardic Council so that our united efforts may push us towards, and beyond, journeys we could never have dared to yearn for alone. That we can be. Behold. Be beholden to one another. Brimztra bless us all.” - Inny Yuln’aher. • The Bardic Council • Art by the always lovely Unibearse! The Vailu Valmiran’s Council holds five positions to represent each of the Four Arts, and House Magics as a whole. The current elected Bardic Council Members are: .• Master of Aesthetics •. Glorier Maiheiuh .~ Master of Movement ~. Zyn'ira Terin . ♪ Master of Sound ♪ . Farian Malto-Gylldene . / Master of Word \ . Inny Yuln'aher . ´ Housemagery Representative ` . Haus Each member is expected to encompass their assigned sect of artistry by encouraging both its propagation and advancement. Members may be expelled or substituted on majority vote during a Meeting. • Meetings and Direction • The Council is to meet whenever deemed necessary to both discuss current matters and vote on potential actions, directions, or artistic projects. During meetings, any and all officialized College Teachers may freely join discussions, propose projects and vote on matters. During meetings, all votes and opinions hold the same weight and importance. If you’re interested in keeping touch with College happenings, learning artistry, or joining our ranks, then keep a close eye on our notice boards! [Join our College Discord!]
  5. Another way to cast that seems very obviously needed, adding some great spell combo potential and raising the skill ceiling for big performances!
  6. This is, indeed, great! Some extra flare that the base lore surely needs, and a fantastic way to introduce new players and non-bardmacers to some of the cool stuff the magic offers! Uni did a superb job writing, checking in with us, and sprinkling in some great art on top of it all to make this such a fun addition!
  7. A thrilled Headmistress starts working on her costume!
  8. A saddened Headmistress stares past her window, at the massive walls of the once small Nor'asath. She mourns for a friend. She worries for her people.
  9. Okay NOW we're cooking with gasoline 🔥🔥🔥
  10. [!] Rumors speaking of a massacre and the Goldhands reach a certain cart. A woman peers out her window, grinning ear to ear. "Such a tragedy. You know- it wasn't too long ago I had read that Hate taints Justice into Vengeance..." The amusement fades immediately when Inny realizes she is alone and talking to her cloak.
  11. A busy Headmistress stumbles upon this missive when keeping up to date with current events. She'd rub her brow when getting to the end, starting to write a cease and desist letter to the Eternal Library. Making sure it is clear that THE COLLEGE WILL NOT PROVIDE ANY ENCHANTMENTS to winners. She also writes that Red wine is clearly the better wine. "Moon's Light. What do people think Bard Magic does, these days?"
  12. A busy headmistress stumbles upon this missive, a copy pinned upon her very own notice board! She'd pluck it, scratching her head, then chuckling to its contents. "Oh woe. The poor fool!" The lady snaps her fingers to her Caravan personnel. "Set the stage darlings- We're... Curing someone!"
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