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  1. VaTuSo

    Da Arkammar oz Zarhere

    VaTuSo Vordrolim Mountain Dwarf Because of Wisdom, Discipline, Real objectives, Clear plans for the future. Legion gives less perspectives compared to the Order.
  2. VaTuSo


    Vordrolim was born and raised like other Dwarves in Kal'Nikaer, with love and happiness of his parents. He was calm, resilient but not very confident and that’s why he was so lonely. Both of his parents were working, Father as lumberjack and Mother as tanner, and thus he was learning not only in school but also his fathers profession. For years he was a great help to his father, although was dreaming about the Dungrimm’s Legion and his own way to the top. That’s why he studied, he studied history and listened to people very carefully, for informations that could help him. Now, after many years of his mental preparations young Dwed is ready to begin his own journey without help of his parents. With only basic knowledge of the art of war, woodworking and some heard stories his first moves are taking him before Grandaxes Clan.