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  1. "Huh, Gror's been going on for centuries about how he can't read or write. Wonder what Orenian he had write this for him." A dwarf would comment to his brother Darek while munching on some Happy Hogarth's Frozen Bees.
  2. gandalfo

    DNN #31

    Edition #31 Bakir and Philip Loveheart try for Child! The DNN has an exclusive update to report about a story it broke earlier this week. The DNN has been told by its source within the Imperial Court that Bakir and Philip Loveheart are trying to start a family together! The DNN is still unsure whether or not Philip will divorce his wife, or will take Bakir on as a mistress. It is also unknown whether or not when the child is born if it will be taught a mix of both its parents’ cultures or just be strictly taught how to be a proper Orenian. DNN's Imperial Court insider heard Bakir yelling with Philip about how the child should be trained strictly as proper Ireheart, so it could cause chaos within Almaris in 50 years time. At this point, when this child is born, the DNN expects its caretaker to announce that it also will be joining the fourteen other people attempting to press their claim for the Orenian throne. Who knows, the child might even win.
  3. Atandt Irongrinder would nod at the missive, "It saddens me that it has come to this."
  4. gandalfo

    DNN #30

    The DNN delivery boy would smile knowing he gets more money by the Grimgold's constantly ordering their paper!
  5. gandalfo

    DNN #30

    Edition #30 Printing Press Fixed! The DNN spent nearly a million mina, but it was worth it for our printing press is now fixed after Gror Ireheart destroyed it in an arson attack! Bakir Ireheart Kisses Orenian Emperor Sources have told the DNN that Bakir Ireheart and the Emperor of Oren have started a romance together! The DNN was told by a trusted source that Phillip was actually upset at the Irehearts the whole time because he knew that he would not be able to get a divorce to marry a dwarf! Witnesses have seen Phillip and Bakir kissing and doing nasty things in local Orenian bathhouses. The DNN will ensure that members of the public are kept aware of updates of the story!
  6. gandalfo

    DNN #29

    Edition #29 Irehearts destroy DNN printing pre
  7. Atandt Irongrinder smiles remembering the siege equipment this time!
  8. urguan clearly was winning wtf

  9. Former Under King Atandt also chuckles.
  10. Atandt smiles, "Yemekar looks favorably upon us tonight!"
  11. Forge and Flame Accord Since the first settlers on Nyrheim arrived the Kingdom of Norland and the Grand Kingdom of Urguan have maintained a friendship, after the failure of the Iron Accord and the subsequent years of Norlandic silence internationally, it is the prerogative of King Vane Freysson Ruric and Grand King Ulfric Frostbeard to once again establish and renew our historic ties and friendship. This pact shall be required for re-evaluation and renewal in twenty years time. Section I: Pact of Friendship The Kingdom of Norland and the Grand Kingdom of Urguan declare themselves official allies before the world stage, and are bound to preserve this friendship to their fullest capabilities. The signatories formally recognize each other's claims to land, titles, and authority over their respective peoples. This includes the titles and claims of their vassals and subjects. The signatories, should conflict arise between populace or politics, promise to resolve issues through diplomacy. The signatories agree to respect each other’s religions and ensure their safety in all territories, that no members of a clergy shall come under any harm. The signatories assure each other one free shop or stall in each other’s capital’s market free of tax to encourage trade, as well as ensure free trade and caravans permission to each other’s lands. The signatories promise to hold festivals with each other, and participate in each other's celebrations to help nurture the bonds of the alliance. A direct carriage route between Varhelm and Kal’Darakaan shall be established, the cost split evenly between the nations. Section II: Pact of Defense The Kingdom of Norland and the Grand Kingdom of Urguan shall enter into a pact to provide strength and security to each other's borders and peoples. The signatories formally enter into a defensive military alliance, that an attack on either signatories’ people is an attack on both. The signatories are not obligated to but fully capable to launch war together against common threats. The signatories shall never declare war without consulting their ally, nor any other large scale acts of aggression or retaliation unless immediate action is warranted. The signatories agree to cooperate against forces of evil and corruption in the realm, and preserve moral justice in Almaris. The signatories agree to unite in the fight against the following: the Spawn of Iblees, Voidal Horrors or Blights, the Undead, and the Svarlings. Mages which do not practice blood magic or necromancy shall not be hunted under this agreement, and shall be allowed acceptance and sanctuary as the regional laws of each signatory allows. The signatories agree to military correspondence, to orchestrate joint-trainings, international wargames and tournaments, rallies and etcetera militia affairs. The duties of military cooperation shall lie in the Marshal of the Ashguard and Grand Marshal of Urguan, and to be assisted by their officers. IN THE NAME OF, His Royal Majesty, Vane Freysson Ruric, King of Norland, High Chieftain of the Rurikkid His Royal Highness, Alric Edvardsson Ruric, Prince of Norland, Baron of Krew, Hand of the King ᚢᛚᚱᛟ-ᚨᚾᚨᚱᛏ'ᚢᚱ'ᚢᚱᚷᚢᚨᚾ Grand King of Urguan, Elder of Clan Frostbeard, Thane of Rhewenholm, Great-Grandson of Rhewen Lord Chancellor Atandt Irongrinder, Arch-Runelord Darek Irongrinder, Clan Lord of Clan Irongrinder, Grand Architect, Ambassador to Norland
  12. "What a true group of Orenian heroes, waiting until everybody is in sleep to attack Urguan." atandt states
  13. The Lord Chancellor, Atandt Irongrinder, would nod at his King's missive. "His intelligence is off of the charts, it is why I voted for him."
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