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  1. "w'u are deh deep'ooks?" atandt asks
  2. History of The Dwarven Kingdoms ((Credits to @Josh3738 for the original post)) - Aegis - - Asulon - - Isles of Elysium & Kalos - - Anthos - - The Fringe & Thales - - Athera - - Vailor - - Axios - - Atlas - - Arcas - - Almaris -
  3. The blind dwarf, Atandt, would drink in honor of his friend. He'd remember the orc finding him a home when he was lost and remembered Hu'Din helping him find his way once more, "Gug'ye brudda."
  4. why did someone make a 13v12 a wiki page 



    1. Caelria


      Why do we still have a wiki

    2. rukio


      • (cur | prev) 12:43, 26 April 2022 Wholesomerp (talk | contribs) . . (2,013 bytes) (+2,013) . . (Created page with "{| class="wikitable" style="float:right; margin-left: 10px; width=200px;" !colspan="2" span style="background:#cbe; color:#000; text-align:center; vertical-align:middle;|'''Ba...")



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      Howdy there! Im tigergiri, most people call me Tiger! Im a relevantly a friendly person! If you have any questions then feel free to send me a forum message or message me on Discord: @Tigergiri#0744

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      (If u see this tiger ily friendo!)

  5. "Wait.... what?" An honorary orc, At'andt, would question.
  6. "Glory to House Staunton!" Caldwell would shout.
  7. "Rest well friend," A blind dwarf would state during meditation.
  8. A big thank you to @Llir, man set up a warclaim at 11pm at night

  9. "Long live House Staunton!" Caldwell Staunton would say.
  10. really haven't seen any ooc hatred or toxicity, this war is kinda tame
  11. would've been easier to just get an active admin
  12. Justice for @Elennanore!

    1. sneakybandit


      Very cool gandalf!

  13. Edition #31 Adluknw Olldasdi!!!! A disclaimer from DNN Employees: The Editor has gone blind, we apologize.
  14. Lord Atandt would be puffing on one of his cigars, "Wait wot deh fock 'as dis lad done..... ah will shave 'is beard mehself."
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