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  1. gandalfo

    Challenge to the Dominion, 1688

    ((my work has paid off))
  2. gandalfo

    Villainy Blacklist for Justice RP

    Buff and elrith are pretty good friends and i’ve been told that by both of them, its a major conflict of interest here and it seems pretty awful that elrith would even try to handle this situation i feel bad for you @Blago because it seems like your just trying to discuss this situation and buff is sitting here not taking it serious at all and just trolling like he usually does
  3. Caranthir is probably the worst pick for GM that i could think of. big -1
  4. “i recall a story where you shite your pants after losing a battle and then ran away, what happened to your pants that day” atandt wonders
  5. gandalfo

    The Struggles of Moderation

    arcadia wasn’t even around in august?
  6. gandalfo

    Lore Breaking/Bending Undocumented

    thats very hypocritical as kaz'ulrah had a 100 block tall golem built in front of them like a month ago.
  7. gandalfo

    Admin Promotions

    you sure?
  8. gandalfo

    Admin Promotions

  9. gandalfo

    September Prince, Feedback!

    i'm sorry that its rigged against the defenders every time
  10. gandalfo

    September Prince, Feedback!

    wow not like aesopian has done the same thing for all of his events... @Aesopian §3.12 You can not be forced to permanently kill your character by another player without your consent.
  11. gandalfo

    The Necessity of Dwarven Unity

    atandt scratches his beard even harder then morug "kazulrah has probably like a third to half of the dwarves, there is plenty of other dwarven settlements or individual dwarves that don't live with kazulrah"
  12. gandalfo

    this is a new level of dumb

    wasn't us
  13. gandalfo

    With love, from Knox.

    peace out homie
  14. gandalfo

    [Denied]FuzeAlt's World Developer Application

    if hiebe supports i support