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  1. IGN: Urguan RP Name: Atandt Irongrinder Candidate: Jorvin Starbreaker
  2. Edition #21 Utak Ireheart Abdicates Grand King Utak Ireheart, resigned from Grand King recently. After having a long tenure the dwarf decided it was time to hang up the hat and let the Fourth Grand Kingdom of Urguan have a new leader. Some dwedmar expressed to the DNN that it came at no surprise believing that he was planning on abdicating after the Grand Kingdom of Urguan defeated the nation of Krugmar however Utak reigned for a few years after and reinstated a new version of the Articles of Urguan. Charles “the Bald”, Jorvin Starbraker, and Dorinmur Goldhand were all nominated to be the successor to Utak Ireheart and to be the first dwarf elected Grand King of the Fourth Grand Kingdom. Urguan Election Polls The DNN went out and asked over 20 dwedmar in the Grand Kingdom who they planned on voting for. According to the first DNN Grand King Election Poll, Jorvin Starbreaker leads the open race with 56.2 percent of the vote. He leads the next highest candidate, Charles “The Bald” by 28 points. Charles “The Bald” has 28.1 percent of the vote. The Goldhand candidate, Dorinmur Goldhand, has just a small 4.5 percent, however, Undecided voters were at 11.2 percent putting the election wide open with the top two contenders for the race being Jorvin Starbreaker and Charles “The Bald”. The poll has an error rate of ±3.
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  6. The only true Lord of the Craft character has died. 

  7. Atandt Irongrinder would check up on his friend and his Captain, Charles ‘the Bald’. He had been with Charles since the beginning of his life and had been personally trained by Charles himself. They had been together for a hundred years and Atandt would be there as Charles took his last breath before stating, “He was a legend until the end, no-one else could manage to kill him asides Yemekar himself.”
  8. “Huh, I thought Torvin Grandaxe had them all” Atandt would say to himself.
  9. gandalfo

    DNN #20

    Celebrating 145 years of the truth Edition #20 Local Businesses Booming Ever since Under-King Utak Ireheart declared war on the orcs, the dwedmar have come out stronger to support their local businesses in times of war. Businesses including the kingdom tavern, the Ruined Runesmith, have reported large surges of new customers. The support of the dwedmar in this time of war has allowed businesses to look past getting through their tax weeks and on how they can expand further. An owner of the tavern, Mafraedon Irongrinder, told the DNN that they were going through many kegs a day of their finest ales because of the large surge of customers. Former King Hard at Work Former Grand King Gror Ireheart has been recently seen in the Under-Realms of Urguan. He was spotted hard at work in the forges to help with the Urguanian war effort. Gror was seen coming back to help Urguan as he has a passion for war and also because he is a relative of the Under-King. The weapons and tools that Gror were producing were of the highest quality and suitable for even the Under-King himself. Haense Visits Urguan In the past stone week, the King of Haense visted the Under-Realms of Urguan to speak to the Under-King of Urguan, Utak Ireheart. The King of Haense and his advisors proposed opening up the markets between the dwedmar and the umri to which the Under-King had not made a decision about. After more discussion, the King of Haense invited the Under-Realms of Urguan to compete in the Reznian games due to the invitation of the Krugmar being receded. The Urguanians agreed to send representatives into the games stating that they were natural sprinters and dangerous over short distances. Nottingham Mercenaries In Urguan A group of mercenaries from Nottingham were spotted in Urguan after allying themselves with Krugmar. Grand Marshal Axel Ireheart quickly shut the gates on one of the mercenaries. One of them quickly ran off before fighting the local Urguani guard. After a quick scuffle, another Notthingham mercenary was also trapped in the gates. The Urguani Legion would then get into a fight with them before winning. After the Urguani guard won the fight, they arrested two individuals and brought them to the prison. Charles “The Bald” Returns! The Grand Champion, Charles “The Bald” has returned to the Under-Realms of Urguan after a long period of being missing. Charles “The Bald '' comes back to both be a free citizen in Urguan after a court case against him was dismissed and to inspire the Urguanian legion in the current war against the Rexdom. Many dwedmar have reported being inspired to slaughter more orcs because of this great legends return and have stated saying that they know that the Brathmordakin have sent this legend back to help lead the dwedmar through the war. Sponsorships Da Kirkja Dverga - "It is the duty of da Kirkja Dverga to ensure the culture of Yemekar's people stays pure. If seeking answers regarding the traditions and faith of the dwedmar, the clergy is here to help." Contact a member of da Kirkja Dverga for more information. The Mining Guild of Urguan – The Mining Guild of Urguan, newly reopened, is recruiting miners to help with the war effort. Head to the Mining Guild to join up today, and do your country proud. Clan Irongrinder - “We support truthful news in the land of Arcas.”
  10. gandalfo

    DNN #19

    Celebrating 144 years of the truth. Edition #19 War in Urguan After the recent aggression by the orcs, Under-King Utak Ireheart met with his closest advisors and attempted to open a line of diplomacy up with the orcs. However, due to the Rex of the orcs refusing to accept the terms put on by the Under-Realms of Urguan. Urguanian diplomats were then ignored by the Rex and all talks of peace broke down between the two nations. With the orcs continuing their aggression against Urguan, Under-King Utak Ireheart was forced to declare war on the orcs. The dwarven legion now prepares to march towards the capital of the orcs in order to stop their aggression and to protect the dwedmar. Swans return to the Under-Realms The majestic and beautiful stone swans have returned to the Under-Realms of Urguan. The National Urguanian Conservation Society led by High Preceptor Norli Starbreaker has advised citizens of the Under-Realms to keep their distance from the swans as they are aggressive to those that they are not acquainted with. Norli Starbreaker explained to the DNN that “It’s a miracle and blessing from Anbella, a sign of her favor. It’s exciting to see such a creature return to our caves and it is a good omen for the times to come, including this upcoming war where surely Anbella shall keep us in her warm embrace through thick and thin.” Mysterious Disease Spreading Doctors from the Under-Realms have warned of a new disease spreading that has been labeled as a stone disease, Stonevid. The disease targets the skin of dwedmar making them pale to a point where it looks like stone. It has also been warned that another symptom of the disease is stark raving madness. Urguanian doctors have warned that the only cure is orc blood and unless people are planning on fighting orcs they should keep a four foot distance from orcs. The DNN was informed that the orcs are the cause for the spread and they have built up an immunity to it so they can attempt to give it to other nations. Sponsors Da Kirkja Dverga - "It is the duty of Da Kirkja Dverga to ensure the culture of Yemekar's people stays pure. If seeking answers regarding the traditions and faith of the dwedmar, the clergy is here to help." Contact a member of Da Kirkja Dverga for more information.
  11. gandalfo

    Ale Day

    “I sure do love the sacred holiday of National Ale day” -some dnn reporter states
  12. gandalfo

    DNN #18

    Edition #18 Justice in Urguan! Tragically Morag Goldhand was brutally murdered earlier this week. The legal experts from the #1 law firm, Irongrinder, Irongrinder, Irongrinder, & Irongrinder, and sons Law Firm prosecuted the defendant, Ivar Goldhand, with charges such as murder and heathenism. During the trial the defense attempted to state that Ivar at first did not do the crime and then that he did it out of self-defense because of insanity. Justice was served when the judges came back with a guilty verdict on the charges of conspiracy to commit murder, kidnapping, murder, heathenism, vigilantism, and assault. A local clown honked his horn happily upon hearing of the justice for the fallen dwed and Chief Prosecutor Bhudand ‘****-Slayer’ Irongrinder (Note: Both of these statements were given before the Defendant took his own life) gave a statement to the DNN in which he expressed he was happy with the results of the trial and was happy with justice being served. The Goldhand Clan was charged with a 45,000 minas fine with punishment of helping assist Ivar Goldhand in the charges. Convicted War Criminal Commits Suicide Ivar Goldhand shortly after being found guilty of his crimes against Urguan, pulled out his halberd. He then took his own life instead of receiving his life banishment. Experts on the subject said that Ivar would rot in Vuur’Dor. Other than that, nothing really eventful happened afterwards asides for a ruling that the deceased had to be buried outside of Urguani land.
  13. BREAKING NEWS!!!! Edition #17 Goldhand Clan are Murderers!?! One stone day ago, Morag Goldhand was taken by the Goldhand Clan and ruthlessly murdered. The leader of this murderous bunch of dwedmar, Ivar Goldhand, masterminded the plot to take down a fellow dwarf. Morag Goldhand had gone to inform his Clan Father, Ivar Goldhand, about the return of his cousin, Barundin Goldhand. Ivar, along with the Goldhand Clan lured Morag outside of the capital with intentions to murder Morag. Morag informed the classified key witness that should he not return, it should be assumed that Ivar had done the worst to him. The classified key witness watched several members of the Goldhand Clan surround Morag’s corpse; Morag Goldhand had been murdered. THEREFORE: Irongrinder, Irongrinder, Irongrinder, & Irongrinder and Sons Law Firms, in the name of the murdered Morag Goldhand, hereby moves forward to prosecute Ivar Goldhand and the Goldhand Clan with: Conspiracy to commit Murder - Second Degree Conspiracy to commit Kidnapping - Third Degree Conspiracy to commit Heathenism - Fourth Degree Conspiracy to commit Vigilantism - Fourth Degree Conspiracy to commit Assault - Third Degree Murder - First Degree Kidnapping - Second Degree Heathenism - Third Degree Vigilantism - Third Degree Assault - Second Degree
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