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  1. #RIPFireheartsMom

  2. RP Name:: Atandt Irongrinder MC Username: Urguan Discord: gandalfo#0368 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Aegrothond/Urguan Why Do You Wish To Come?: To pay homage to Paragon Kjellos and visit the Hall of Urguan What Skills Can You Bring?: Diplomacy, Strength, Knowledge of the land
  3. “Great, our king abuses his powers by declaring a war in all but name. Great to see that he can abuse his office and nothing will happen.”
  4. gandalfo

    DNN #15

    Edition #15 Dwedmas Celebrations Underway! Dwedsmas celebrations have kicked off in the Under-Realms of Urguan. The Ruined Runesmith recently put up their Dwedmas Anvil. Tavern owner, Darek Irongrinder, had the honor of leading the celebration this year. The Dwedsmas Anvil that was decorated in the Ruined Runesmith was kindly donated by DwedCorp who stressed the importance of dwedmar celebrating the prestigious holiday and to have holiday spirit! Local Dwedmar Sing Dwedsmas Classics (Tharggus was absent when the DNN reporter was drawing the picture.) While drinking in the Ruined Runesmith, a group of local dwedmar sung Dwedsmas songs in an attempt to get the holiday spirit going in the Under-Realms of Urguan. Tharggus and Atandt Irongrinder started singing classic Dwedsmas songs such as ‘Oh Dwedsmas Anvil’. They were soon joined by Darek and Mafraedon Irongrinder plus Jorvin Starbreaker. Surrounding dwedmar stated that they were pleased by the songs and became filled with holiday spirit. The Lyrics for ‘Oh Dwedsmas Anvil’ Lord Chancellor Declares Celebration Lord Chancellor Jorvin Starbreaker has declared a celebration in preparation for the upcoming holidays of Paragon Kjell’s Day and Dwedsmas. Both holidays are a unique occasion for the dwedmar as they gather around and actually hand out gifts to each other. The Lord Chancellor decreed from his office that the citizens of the Under-Realms should decorate their houses and businesses to help celebrate the holidays. Sponsors: Dr. Beard Brewing Company: The greatest drink offered in all of Arcas, talk to Clan Irongrinder for inquiries of how to acquire Dr. Beard.
  5. this broken server is really disrupting my premium experience

  6. gandalfo

    DNN #14

    Edition #14 All Golems Gone Mad Recently, an outbreak of Golems have started randomly attacking innocent dwarves in the Under-Realms of Urguan. Fearless dwedmar such as Bhudand Irongrinder and Jorvin Starbreaker had recently fought with one of these rogue golems in the tavern. The golem was defeated and destroyed so it could not harm any more dwedmar. DNN would like to thank these dwarves for putting their lives at risk to help make Urguan a safer place. Not So Epic Journey It was recently reported by Lord Chancellor Jorvin Starbreaker that the Under-King, Utak Ireheart, had left the kingdom to go on an epic journey. The kingdom was placed under control of a regent while this epic journey was happening. Unfortunately for this epic journey, Jorvin Starbreaker has told DNN that the Under-King was found to have fallen down a ravine and got stuck. He was helped out by local dwarven firefighters and has returned to the kingdom to rule once again. Silver Alert Placed Out The Irongrinder Clan has placed a silver alert for hero, Zahrer Irongrinder. Zahrer was last seen leaving the kingdom looking for the nearest gas station to go buy cigarettes. Many of the clan was confused as the local Irongrinder company, DwedCorp, sells cigarettes and wondered why Zaher would need to go to a gas station to buy a pack of cigarettes. The old dwarf is around four feet high and has silver-grayish hair. If he is seen you should avoid him and contact the Irongrinders at once as he is assumed to be armed and dangerous.
  7. Another dwarf sits back eating some of that popcorn, “lets go sell weapons to both sides.”
  8. wow no credit for poor fimlin with the other dwarven builders
  9. Charles_The_Bald for Moderation Admin.

  10. lotc doesn’t own anything you build or create on the server and neither does the person who builds it
  11. >declare war >expect some people from a defensive pact to help in an aggressive war >they don’t >wow
  12. atandt wonders if this snelf realizes that the king of the dwarves can’t sign a treaty by himself, and sees none of the councils signatures on that treaty making it invalid
  13. “reading this made me lose braincells”
  14. so your experiment was to copy and paste and old post and see if the community was stupid or not?
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