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  1. So we have so many broken systems on LoTC yet the most important change is to make Global Moderators again and you don’t get to choose what team you apply to anymore? really?

    1. Rickson


      Not being able to apply to a team just feels like a wrong decision.

      It’s literally the sketch from the first 5 minutes of I.T Crowd.


      Sure you get to decide what role you want IF your application is accepted, but the difference between say a GM and ET Builder are completely different and should have suitably varying application processes. Also, if community feedback on someones staff position is really valued as much as the admins say, then this change goes completely against that as the community have no clue what role someone might go into.

  2. gandalfo

    Grudges Declared!

    “The Treebeards are one of the eldest most clans and it is not up to some random one of its clan members that have not been around for years and years like all the others to decide its fate. This grudge should be revoked or its terms reworked.” Atandt states
  3. mate, halflings haven’t been active since ever. ‘Losing a village’ in 2015 did not scum you over and you bringing that up thinking that you deserve a plot because of the ‘improper’ eviction of your village from 4 years ago is such a dumb argument. Halflings have always been either active for a short time or inactive for months. I saw about 8 holmites a little while ago to, lets give them land because i saw them
  4. gandalfo

    Redemption for Incompetence

    Giving the orcs land next map is not fair to anybody else. The orcs were given their tile back. Even when it was announced that you will have to active in order to be counted for next map’s land auction the orcs still failed and they have land. They could’ve come together as a group and got enough activity for land next map. The dwarves got screwed out of land so many times during bullshit events that took our capitals and stuff like that and it killed our activity. For months we never had the same activity but we always came back as a race. If the orcs couldn’t do something like that after 6 months then they don’t deserve land. Even if they weren’t given their land back this map is fully freebuild, you could’ve gone and just built a shitty city or camp and asked for one of the activity regions to be counted in for next map. Saying that one of the four main races not getting land is the reason this server is dying is false. People who say this server is dying do not know what they are talking about. People don’t deserve anything for nothing.
  5. gandalfo

    The World Timeline [ET Story]

    unwillingly definitely states it best. also a player event imo is something like a festival or maybe even a hunting trip i’m not sure if you actually mean to try and do this or not because you put it in creative writing
  6. gandalfo

    Clan Hartgarde

    @gamingfishtv looks cool, rp what you want man and don’t let others drag you down
  7. all i want for christmas is a grand kingdom of urguan plz

  8. gandalfo

    It was good.

  9. gandalfo


    sorry to hear m8, stay strong.
  10. gandalfo

    On Imperial Godhood

    a dwarf named atandt says “maybe i should become the emperor of man, my great great great grand uncle was Horen himself”
  11. gandalfo

    Ulhart's Oddities Now Selling a Bunch of Crap!

    “oh so thats the a**hole that stole my stuff” atandt says.
  12. gandalfo

    Grudges Settled

    “LADEDADEDA DEATH TO ULRAH!!! WE’VE WON!!!” atandt screams in excitement