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  1. gandalfo

    On Staff Disconnection: The Lore Team

    please, lets continue adding useless lore that doesn't get used instead of removing what is bad, that is how we will prove lore team activity.
  2. gandalfo

    _Jandy_'s Application Team Application

    yyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss +1
  3. This is being worked on currently and it's not been ignored. Raids and wars have been worked on as separate pieces and I'm currently in progress of writing something for wars and waiting for Wolfkite to come back and having him help me finish it or helping Wolfkite on what he has worked on.
  4. gandalfo

    Raid Rules Updated

  5. gandalfo

    CB Addition

    i support
  6. gandalfo

    Missive to Ord and Az'Adar, 1680

    Dear Queen Renn Calithil, You misunderstand the actions that were taken the day of King Abelas' death. The Dwedmar of Ord and King Abelas went into a alliance. The day that Abelas had broken that alliance stating he no longer wanted in it caused him to lose his honor that he might or might not have ever had. Abelas had accepted an honor duel which he did not have to agree to. I did no wrong-doing by choosing what I wanted to do after I had won the duel. You have already punished people that have had nothing to do with that duel with crimes against the Dominion of Malin. If you think I will turn myself in and have you execute me you are mistaken. I apologize for the grief I might have caused you for the actions I have committed but once again your King accepted an honor duel. You had every chance to arrest me before you let me leave your city. You choose now you want to take action two years after the actions I did. All you will do is cause more unnecessary blood spilled by trying to capture me. By accepting the honor duel, your late King has restored his honor and will live great in the afterlife. Signed, Atandt Irongrinder
  7. gandalfo


    idk ask any1 that question since the actual start of the map
  8. gandalfo


    it's been sitting there since the start of the map, I believe it was suppose to be apart of some event that was going to be held by Paleo, but then it got scrapped.
  9. gandalfo

    [ Staff ] Position Limitations

    actually agreed
  10. gandalfo

    GM Monthly Update Log - August

    its not just based off of modreqs, most things you said that it should be based off can count towards gm activity, i'd refer you to under where fireheart listed the modreq percentage.
  11. gandalfo

    Wiki Team? Horrendous writing.

    you go talk to a wiki team member and they can set you up with a wiki account.