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Found 6 results

  1. OH'SEHN VAL LOCH'TOHL The Barony of Al'Ildic presents. . . Rare is it that this occasion befalls on the Barony keep, especially of the heiress Al'Ildic and a lord Jerovitz. . . The bride and groom invite those of the Old Regime, Knights of Hanseti-Ruska and the Old Regime of Petra, and peers of both. [OCTOBER 29TH, 2022. 4PM EST] In the Emma of Woldzmir Chapel, The Commonwealth of Petra Synopsis of Lovers Vladrik Kortrevich II and Sadie O'Rourke, two souls that begun their conquest of courtship at the age of youths. Together, they ensued many cricket-sounded nights, summer-sunned days and an entire childhood with one another. The Stone Rose of Krusev was given to the Baroness Al'ildic in honor of Kaitlyn Kortrevich, the first baroness of Jerovitz. The heirloom is treasured by House Kortrevich, and now passes onto its future generation of star-crossed lovers. In Kortrevich tradition, the ring is only given to koravian brides whom are a clear and constituted choice for suitor. The Northman himself, enacted his dedication by opting out of lifstalan events, required by his nation. Focusing on scholarly pursuits. Now, he settles into his knighthood trials and a life with his dearest Baroness, as her loyal consort. Ceremony The proceedings will take place in the bride's chosen chapel for it's patron saint, Emma of Woldzmir. Show to the courtyard near the Margrave of Minitz, carrying into the church for the blessed ceremony under star and sun. The clergy of Canonism oversees in the eyes of Mother Maya vas Ruthern, and in holy matrimony they will stay. ____________________________________________ INVITEES Count Nikolai Mikhail Kortrevich of Jerovitz ( @Phersades) Countess-Consort Esmée Gabrielle Kortrevich of Jerovitz ( @dove ) Ser Calahan O'Rourke of Old Halstaig ( @Pyrite ) Holy Mother Maya vas Ruthern II of Vidaus ( @milkyi ) Dame Catherine, Regent of the Commonwealth ( @AndrewTech ) His Royal Majesty, Keong Karl Barbanov III of Karosgrad ( @GMRO ) Her Royal Majesty, Keonas Amadea Ulyssa of Susa ( @shay ) Knights & Squires of the Circle of Saint Emma Knights & Squires of the Round Table Dame Irene of Vienne ( @ RainedropF ) Best Man, Firr Tulip van Wick ( @HurferDurfer1 ) Lord Everett Patrick O'Rourke of Old Halstaig ( @CanadaMatt ) Lady Alexandrina Maya O'Rourke of Old Halstaig ( @ ) Lady Mischa Florentia Lesanov-Falcone of Florentine ( @Melpomenne Haunch-Prinzen Georg Sigismund Barbanov-Bihar ( @gusanoarentonio ) Princess Royal Analiesa Josefina Barbanov-Bihar ( @PerfectlyPeachy ) Prince Marius Audemar Barbanov-Bihar ( @Mio ) Lady Esfir Rose Kortrevich of Jerovitz ( @marslol ) Lord Matviy Kortrevich of Jerovitz ( @MapleSunflower ) Lord Anton Otto Rique Kortrevich ( @AgentofDeath13 ) Lady Inessa Kortrevich of Jerovitz ( @GlassySkies ) Duchess-Consort Josefina Renée Kortrevich-Barclay of Reinmar ( @crazedpudding) Ser Matyas Baruch of Valwyck ( @ThanksChris ) Ser Barley van Wick of Woldzmir ( @ScourgeOfOrders) Lord Cosimo Falcone of The Holy Land, Florentine ( @Goon) Lady Margosha Lesanov ( @Bonito ) Manon Yvaine de Falstaff ( @wowsirss) Viorica Barrow of Jerovitz ( @sarahbarah ) Wynanya Arvellon of Nevaehlen ( @critter) & her invited kin from the Vale Princess Elizaveta Ulyssa van Wick ( @Moenah) Lady High Justicar Adele Emma Ludovar ( @CopOwl) Ser Sebastien 'The White Sun' de Savoie ( @tcs_tonsils_ ) Signed. . . Her Ladyship, Sadie Cristonia O'Rourke, Baroness of Al'Ildic His Lordship, Vladrik Iov Robaire Kortrevich II, Baron-Consort of Al'Ildic
  2. THE EXHUMATION OF KRUSEV [i] A painting of the crypts beneath Krusev. Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik It is the House of Kortrevich’s greatest honor to reunite the fallen beneath the old keep of Krusev within the lands of Jerovitz, under the supervision of Lady Josefina Kortrevich and Lord Vladrik Kortrevich II. The original crypt and tombs have been kept as intact as possible, for any who may wish to visit the original site of burial. The comital family shall put forth an additional effort to preserve the underground portion, and the top half with efforts to uproot, and relocate the invasive tree within; effective within the next saint’s week. Visitors are always welcome, but those that wish the site harm and ruin shall be treated as if they are attacking the current standing keep. The remains of the ancestors of House Kortrevich shall forever remain protected and remembered within the County of Jerovitz, in the crypts below the Chapel of the Venerable Dame Primrose Kortrevich. The current comital family of Kortrevich and future generations will hold the original crypt as a sacred site of their heritage and blood. THE EXHUMED Arranged by year of death. Lord Markus Kortrevich 156 E.S - 209 E.S Lady Amelya Kortrevich 183 E.S - 221 E.S Lord Tillman Kortrevich 182 E.S - 229 E.S Lord Lukas Kortevich 208 E.S - 243 E.S Lord Henrik Kortrevich 209 E.S - 243 E.S Lord Elijah Kortrevich 215 E.S - 256 E.S Lord Seath Kortrevich 218 E.S - 256 E.S Lord Alexander Kortrevich 230 E.S - 256 E.S Lord Dexios Kortrevich 230 E.S - 257 E.S Lady Kaitlyn Kortrevich 238 E.S - 272 E.S Lady Sarah Kortrevich 239 E.S - 282 E.S Lady Lotte Kortrevich 232 E.S - 282 E.S Lord Odo Kortrevich 183 E.S - 283 E.S Lord Martin Kortrevich 232 E.S - 289 E.S Lord Nikolaus Kortrevich 233 E.S - 303 E.S Lady Winnifred Kortevich 270 E.S - 309 E.S Lady Primrose Kortrevich 256 E.S - 311 E.S Lady Adaine Kortrevich 232 E.S - 312 E.S Lord Duncan Kortrevich 232 E.S - 330 E.S Lord Otto Kortrevich 230 E.S - 331 E.S Lord Elgon Kortrevich 232 E.S - 331 E.S Lady Emaline Kortrevich 259 E.S - 333 E.S Lord Georg Kortrevich 318 E.S - 341 E.S Lord Leopold Kortrevich 297 E.S - 343 E.S Lady Marya Kortrevich 293 E.S - 344 E.S Lord Markus Kortrevich 272 E.S - 347 E.S Lady Sarah Kortrevich 286 E.S - 351 E.S Lord Ivan Kortrevich 291 E.S - 351 E.S SIGNED, Her Ladyship, Josefina Theodosya Renèe Kortrevich His Lordship, Vladrik Iov Robaire Kortrevich II
  3. Disappearance of a Cardinal 397 E.S. It is under unfortunate circumstances that we announce that Anders Cardinal Jorenus has disappeared. It is unknown what the circumstances were for vanishing. His stave was discovered in the graveyard alongside his wet klobuk. It is suspected that the incident occurred in the middle of the night when many were distracted in their own homes, kept in by the rain. It is with high hopes that the cardinal may be found. If you know anything about their disappearance, please send all information to His Holiness Everard VI. [OOC] Obituary of Anders Kortrevich (Do Not Metagame) Anders Kortrevich 355 E.S. - 397 E.S. Prelate of the Priesthood Cardinal and Patriarch of Jorenus Bishop of Henrikev Anders Kortrevich, pious in his actions, was a family man.. who saw all of Hanseti-Ruska’s faithful as his children. He saw fit to engage in decades-long fasting, and assisted in feeding the faithful as a father feeds his children. It is believed that in this persistence, he had obtained a miracle from God Himself; being able to harvest wheat with his stave as if it were a scythe without losing its durability. With this miracle, Anders was able to bake thousands of loaves of bread that was used to feed the people of Hanseti-Ruska. A miracle that he informed his colleague Cardinal Francis of. He had been given the belief that he was hand-picked by God to protect the faithful after surviving the destruction of Krusev in his youth, vowing to himself to live a life of piety and reverence to God since. Anders was a royal alderman for a short time, believing that that was the best way to serve the faithful. Believing there were better ways to be helpful, he did not run a second term, opting instead to become a priest, which he would serve for the rest of his mortal life. One day in his office, he had received a ‘prophetic’ vision that detailed the burning of a pyre with Elves on it. His companions in the vision, a Champion of Xan and a Canonist apparition, he initially believed this to solely be regarding the need for the Xannites and the Church to make amends to fight against Azdromoth and his followers. However, his opinion of the vision soon became more inclusive of the Principality of Savoy after its formation, noting their execution of Elves by pyre, and especially their Azdrazi presence. He was quite average in his anti-Azdrazi duties but unfortunately for the Church, his lack of knowledge about Heraldry tattoos allowed him to unwittingly let a Herald be free of public scrutiny. Surviving the vicious attack on his life by the vampire, Ser Vukosav, early in his cardinalship alongside the death of the former High Pontiff Tylos I, Anders had only reinforced the belief in his mind that he was truly destined by God to accomplish something of note. Although, he was still unsure of what. A few years later, after praying in Savoy’s Basilica, he was approached by a Dame who gave him three prophecies and a saint’s relic to deliver to the world. While he was mostly skeptical about the Dame who claimed to be sent from God, there was an itch in the back of his mind that this was what he was destined for. Delivering the ring to the High Pontiff, and delivering the prophecies to the Church’s curia and cardinals, Anders felt that he had served his divine purpose. It was in his final years of life, following the heartfelt death of his cousin Jan Otto Kortrevich, that Anders was wrought with guilt for not being able to alleviate Jan of his sins. Feeling personally responsible that his cousin most likely did not reach the Seven Skies, he had entered into a depression of sorts. On his death day, he came to the Haeseni graveyard for a moment of tranquility. However, he would instead come across Emelya Eloise Kortrevich, a daughter of Jan’s, who would go on to accuse Anders of flirting with Tatiana, Jan’s wife, and speaking poorly of Jan after his death. This left the cardinal severely heartbroken, putting him into a cardiac arrest. Not given proper attention amidst a tense situation, Anders perished with his own failure as his last thoughts before death. With his body missing, it is publicly unknown about his status except for the very few who witnessed it. Dedicated to God until the very end, he would have found peace in his final hours even while wrought with heartbreak. Amin.
  4. A Successful Campaign I would like to thank all of my dedicated supporters. Without your faith in me, I would not be a worthy representative of the Edlervik, and without Godan’s guidance, I would not be in this position at all. I swear to dutifully uphold our laws, the will of the people, and Godan’s Word. I have high hopes for what our nation may accomplish in due time. As most of you may know, we held a charity event alongside my campaign. All in all, we were able to raise a total of twelve krawns for St. Henrik’s Basilica. Given that I too am a heavy supporter of the Church, I will be adding onto this amount as well- bringing the total funds raised to one hundred and eighty-five krawns. Furthermore, any payment that I receive in my position as Royal Alderman shall be donated to the Basilica after all life and work-related expenses. This money shall be given to an ordained priest of the Basilica so that they may combine it with the rest of their treasury and spend it how they see fit. With Godan in my Prayers, Anders Kortrevich 13th of Gronna ag Droba, 375 E.S.
  5. Rally of the Red Rose Our men and women, devout in their faith with loyalty in their hearts. We give earnestly to each other and to our neighbours, but sometimes we overlook the dedication that we owe to Godan for the Virtue He shares with us. We know He is the most holy, and we know He is the most virtuous. We are told in the Scroll of Virtue that He breathes life into our hearts, and into our children. He breathes life into the crops we sow, and He breathes life into the animals we raise. Godan has given us everything and we, as a society, and as Godan’s flock, do not show the appreciation that is deserved for He who breathes life into our children, our farmers, and our kings. Not all pray. Not all confess. Not all attend mass where the Word of Godan is spoken. We fall short of making Godan a daily part of our lives. This is the result of nurture that failed to highlight the importance of Godan. With the appropriate support, it can be addressed and solved in the Royal Duma. Faith must be put to action. Anders Kortrevich, prospective alderman, will be holding a rally outside St. Henrik’s Basilica in the Karosgrad marketplace to encourage the Edlervik to vote in the upcoming elections. Any questions can be asked and answered there. To show your support, red and black cockades shall be sold at the event with all proceeds going towards St. Henrik’s Basilica to fund equipment as well any projects they undergo. 19th of Wzuvar ag Byvca, 375 E.S.
  6. Anders Kortrevich for Alderman Faith in Action Who is Anders Kortrevich? Anders Kortrevich was born in 355 E.S. in the Viscounty of Krusev prior to its destruction and occupation by trolls. In his youth, he lived piously with Godan in his heart and mind. Now, Anders seeks to stand up for Godan’s Word as he follows his virtuous path with His guidance and favour. Although inexperienced with Haeseni politics, Anders is exceedingly literate- being able to speak, read, and write in both Naumariav and Common. He also has extensive knowledge in the Holy Scrolls, having studied it in his spare time with the assistance of the former Archbishop Yaromir, now Cardinal Jorenus. Straying from Godan While the newly appointed High Pontiff is Haeseni-born, it is unfortunate to see that the Kingdom has not taken to integrating Godan's Word in its institutions to a higher degree- something that could benefit the Kingdom's future generations. With Godan overlooked in some areas of its institutions, this has allowed undesirable outcomes that disbenefit the Canonists of the world. deeply felt that the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska is straying further from Godan. This can be seen in the Royal Duma, where a bill was put forth offering legal leniency to those who engage in interracial relationships- a violation of the Canticle of Temperance in the Scroll of Virtue. Unfortunately, this bill gained major support in the Duma; opposed only by those in House Kortrevich. An example of this, the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska has chosen not to assist the Empire with its defence against the barbaric pagans in the Kingdom of Norland. These instances are unacceptable by themselves and represent the larger issue that Godan is losing His presence in Haeseni society. It is unacceptable and the nation should take better actions to defend Godan's faithful. A Solution for Hanseti-Ruska With Godan’s virtue and guidance, Anders Kortrevich will propose and support policies that promote the role of Godan and the Holy Scrolls in Haeseni society and law. He will uphold his office in accordance to His virtues, working diligently yet humbly as a servant of Godan, whilst also upholding it in accordance to Haeseni law and standards. Should Anders Kortrevich be voted into the Royal Duma as a Royal Alderman, he will act loyally, humbly, and painstakingly with faith in action as a servant of Godan and a representative of the Edlervik. 20th of Tov ag Yermey, 374 E.S.
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