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  1. A COLLECTION OF REINMAREN FASHIONS EINE SAMMLUNG VON REINMAREN MODEN | A COLLECTION OF REINMAREN FASHIONS Issued by the Baroness of Sigradz In the year of our Lord 1978 ÖHNE UND TÖCHTER VON REINMAR, IT IS THE COURT’S PLEASURE TO ANNOUNCE that the longstanding project of providing a series of clothing designs that the Reinmaren may freely access has been completed. The garments below are the proud work of Reinmaren tailors and seamstresses, including His Lordship, Reinhardt Barclay. Additional designs have been attached at the end of this document. DAMENBEKLEIDUNG Women’s Clothing DIE SCHILDMAID BAUERNFREUDE DIE REINE JUNGFRAU DIE STAMMESFRAU FLUSSUMHANG HERRENBEKLEIDUNG Men’s Clothing FERDENWALD GEWÄNDER FROMMES KARMESIN CREMEFARBENER UMHANG ADDITIONAL RESOURCES For the People (1960), HPG Theodosia Barclay WER RASTET, DER ROSTET HER LADYSHIP, FREDERICA, Baroness of Sigradz, Seneschal of the Heather Court HIS LORDSHIP, REINHARDT BARCLAY
  2. THE FIRST REINMAREN UR TOURNAMENT DAS ERSTE REINMAREN UR TURNIER | THE FIRST REINMAREN UR TOURNAMENT Issued by the Baroness of Sigradz In the year of our Lord 1976 ÖHNE UND TÖCHTER VON REINMAR, WITH THE REVITALIZATION OF THE BELOVED GAME UR, it is the wish of the Princess of Minitz and der Heidehof that it be more widely introduced to the Reinmaren people, so that they too may find enjoyment through a classic pastime from generations prior. The game of Ur was first put to paper by Johanna Barclay, Duchess of Reinmar, with a description of the board and the game’s rules. The game had existed long since before that, often enjoyed by Waldenian youth and scions of House Barclay for generations. With this new resurgence of the game, brought about by the Princess of Minitz, House Barclay invites the Reinmaren and their allies to the first tournament of Waldenian Ur. The first-place winner of the tournament shall receive the first Ur Championship Cup and a cash prize of 150 mina. The second-place winner shall receive a runner-up ribbon and a cash prize of 100 mina, and the third-place winner shall receive a cash prize of 50 mina. All are most welcome to attend, and those who wish to participate are directed to send their names to the Baroness of Sigradz, the final call for entries shall take place on the day of the tournament. WER RASTET, DER ROSTET HER LADYSHIP, ADALFRIEDE of HEXENWALD, Princess of Minitz HER LADYSHIP, FREDERICA, Baroness of Sigradz, Seneschal of the Heather Court
  3. THE MANTLE PASSES YET AGAIN Issued by the Baroness of Koravia With much pride do I, in my last act as the Baroness of Koravia, announce my abdication. Never has it been my wish for the Bull’s mantle to pass from one head to another by the result of GOD recalling a soul to the Seven Skies, as it was once passed to me so long ago. I have every confidence that my eldest son and heir, Erik Otto, shall lead this house into a better and brighter age. One bathed in light, untouched by premature death. And so, with this document, I hereby invite all who wish to celebrate the new Baron to a feast in his honor, where I shall formally pass on my title. Long may he and the House of Kortrevich prosper, and may GOD smile upon him for all his life. INVITATIONS Their Royal Majesties, IVAN VIII and NATALIYA OF GHAESTENWALD, King and Queen of Hanseti-Ruska and their royal pedigree His Grace, GAREN BARUCH, Duke of Valwyck and his noble pedigree Her Grace, TATIYANA VAS RUTHERN, Duchess of Vidaus and her noble pedigree The Most Honorable, HENRIK-OTTO LUDOVAR, Margrave of Kvasz and his noble pedigree The Right Honorable, MIKHAIL COLBORN, Count of Malkovya and his noble pedigree The Honorable, HENRIK AMADOR, Viscount of Zvezlund and his noble pedigree The Honorable, REZA WEISS, Viscountess of Novkursain and her noble pedigree Her Ladyship, ROSALIND VALKONEN, Baroness of Svargrad and her noble pedigree His Lordship, FYODOR KOVACHEV, Baron of Kovgrad and his noble pedigree Her Ladyship, GALINA GODUNOV, Baroness of Vereskya and her noble pedigree Their Royal Highnesses, ALFRED I and LEON II, Princes in Reinmar and Her Royal Highness, ADALFRIEDE VON HEXENWALD, Princess of Minitz and their royal pedigree The Reinmaren People His Apostolic Majesty, JOHN I, King of the Apostolic Kingdom of Aaun and his royal pedigree Her Ladyship, EMMA AMADOR SIGNÉE PAR, Her Ladyship, IRENA STEFANIYA KORTREVICH, Baroness of Koravia For now. “Tiz Dzuty, Triek Caezk” “With duty, comes honor”
  4. TO THE TAILORS OF AEVOS AN DIE SCHNEIDER VON AEVOS | TO THE TAILORS OF AEVOS Issued by the Baroness of Sigradz In the year of our Lord 1974 ÖHNE UND TÖCHTER VON REINMAR, AS AGREED UPON DURING THE 1974 SESSION OF DER HEIDEHOF, the Court endeavors to offer the blooded sons and daughters of Reinmar a selection of designs for their attire, at no cost to the citizenry, to encourage a wider embrace of the Reinmaren culture through dress. Die Mode der Reinmaren, authored by Leon II, Prince in Reinmar, provides a comprehensive study of ancient Reinmaren attire, including armor, hairstyles, and jewelry. It is strongly recommended for any Reinmaren seeking a deeper understanding of our culture to explore this document, along with others published by both the Princes in Reinmar and the Princess of Minitz, a list of which shall be provided below. Therefore, the Court encourages all interested tailors or seamstresses to submit a letter to the Baroness of Sigradz, including their names and samples of their craftsmanship. Compensation will be addressed in private correspondence. RESOURCES By order of publishing year. The Legacy of the Reinmaren, Chapter I: Genesis (1822), HG Erich Barclay and Ser Osvald Barclay The Legacy of the Reinmaren, Chapter II: The Oath of Macken (1822), HG Erich Barclay and Ser Osvald Barclay The Legacy of the Reinmaren, Chapter III: The Reinmaren Individual (1864), St. Johann Barclay, Ser Osvald Barclay, and Ernst Hieromonk The Fashions of the Reinmaren (1969), HRH Leon II and HL Frederica Barclay The Reinmaren Duty (1969), HRH Leon II and HL Frederica Barclay The Veneration of the Ancestors (1973), HRH Leon II and HL Frederica Barclay The Tale of Osmund (1973), Aelfwin von Kretzen, HL Frederica Barclay, and HG Nikolaus von Kanunsberg The Reinmaren Woman (1974), HRH Adalfriede von Hexenwald WER RASTET, DER ROSTET HER LADYSHIP, FREDERICA, Baroness of Sigradz, Seneschal of the Heather Court
  5. Frederica Barclay filled her copy of the study with annotations and questions written in the margins to ask Adalfriede later.
  6. THE CROWN JEWELS OF REINMAR DIE KRONJUWELEN VON REINMAR | THE CROWN JEWELS OF REINMAR Issued by the Baroness of Sigradz In the year of our Lord 1972 ÖHNE UND TÖCHTER VON REINMAR, THROUGHOUT ITS EXTENSIVE HISTORY, House Barclay has amassed a vast collection of artifacts and jewels. In anticipation of a forthcoming exhibition, where the public will have the opportunity to view a curated selection of these treasures in person, House Barclay presents this catalog featuring a portion of its illustrious Treasury. TABLE OF CONTENTS Section One: Crowns and Circlets Die Krone von Sutica Die Krone von Minitz Das Diadem von Minitz Der Reif von Reinmar Der Prinzgemahlin Reif von Reinmar Zirkhel des Adlerflugs Section Two: Assorted Jewelry Furstinsbrok Guldaur Adalfriediskja Der Adler Josefina of Jerovitz’s Locket Amulet of the Moon Joy Die Smaragdrose Commemorative Enthronement Brooch of Sigismund II Silver Cross of Lorraine The Three Wing’s Pin Golden Lorraine Cross Necklace Barclay Piety Section Three: Weapons Gran’s Blight Bralt’s Left Axe Bralt’s Burnt Waraxe Kriegsstahl Manfred’s Might Bonegrip Adversvs The Spirit of Herzog Leon Barclay A Prince’s Raven’s Peak Cedric’s Long Dagger Ancient Throqal Bone-Trident Blitzschwert Schnèll Hornissenstich Vailëdyr of the Wind Bedecked Reinmaren Tourney Lance Asul’sil Section Four: Assorted Items Crosier of Cardinal-Archbishop Anton Barclay Friedrich Oskar Gildfaaesten Juliaskjöld Ligisanhelmuts Reinmaren þragahorn Commemorative Haeseni Mina, 347 E.S. Dunking Tournament Token Section Five: Limbs and Remains Ashen Urn of Grand Prince Ferdinand Eye of Cedric Friedrich’s Atronach Arm Friedrich’s Atronach Leg Golem Eye of August Barclay Crystalline Eye Ütter’s Skull Section Six: Medals The Northern Fox Medal of the Ashen Fox Medal of the Iron Fox Haeseni Campaign Medal Golden Crow of Valour The Vydrian Banner The Sparrows Valour Siege of Reza Medal The Cross of Outstanding Service The Cross of Saint Karl The Queen’s Cross Medal Crow of Purist Faith Stalwart Sword The Infernal Scourge Section One CROWNS AND CIRCLETS I DIE KRONE VON SUTICA The Crown of Sutica This piece is a replica of the crown worn by Georg, King of Sutica, the fragments of which were later given to Saint Prince Johann, Patron Saint of Reinmaren, Waldenian Princes, and Axemen upon his inheritance of the Sutican title. The pieces were kept for posterity but never repaired due to the Haeseni Crown Prohibition Act of 1696, prohibiting the then Ducal House of Barclay from wearing circlets, crowns, or coronets. The crown was later reforged and repaired by Josefina of Jerovitz for the coronation of Alfred I and Leon II. The band of this crown has been wrought from fine Reinmaren gold, the crest of Sutica etched between large brilliant-cut teal sapphires. The blue-green gems were well preserved from the original Crown of Sutica, varying widely in size. Eagles forged from the same gold as the band have been added beneath each sapphire, hardy gilt wings outstretched to frame the gemstones with delicate feathers. Each gemstone and eagle nearly overlap, creating a jagged and near-swarmed effect as though a soar of eagles has descended upon the wearer’s head. All twenty-three sapphires have been polished to a flawless shine, and a band of emerald silk has been added to the interior of the piece to protect the wearer’s skin. Beneath the silk, the Prayer for Humility; Against Pride has been inscribed, along with the maker’s mark. “O God, I am nothing before Thee. Why have I desired, why have I ever wanted, why have I searched in vain for all but Thee? O God, my God, I am but a drop in the ocean, a leaf on a tree, yet, knowing that even a drop and a leaf falling is known to Thee, reduce me in pride. Let me hate myself, and love Thee.” J.T.R.B. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. II DIE KRONE VON MINITZ The Crown of Minitz Created for Grand Prince Ferdinand I by the late Josefina of Jerovitz, Duchess Emeritus of Reinmar, the majority of the crown has been forged from gold, and decorated with pearls, diamonds, emeralds, and a band of starsteel. The velvet for the crown’s cap was woven by the finest of Minitz’s artisans, the pearls harvested from Aaunish waters long before the Principality of Reinmar’s creation. The band and arches of this crown have been forged from gold, square-cut white diamonds held securely to the polished metal with tines and prongs. Bright white pearls have been added along the top of each arch, guiding the eye toward an orb carved from an emerald. A band of starsteel set with more white diamonds wraps around the diameter of the orb before curling over the top of the emerald to create a cross. Its cap has been handsewn in fine emerald green velvet, gold crosses studded with diamonds, and Barclay eagles surrounding the fabric. The crown band has been decorated with a series of larger diamond-cut white diamonds and pale blue oval-cut star sapphires. A lining of midnight blue satin wraps around the interior of the band for the comfort of the wearer, and to protect the velvet of the cap from wear. The maker’s mark has been carved into the gold just before the satin begins on the back of the band. J.T.R.B. Currently held by Leon II, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Minitz. III DAS DIADEM VON MINITZ The Diadem of Minitz Created as the accompanying piece for Die Krone von Minitz by Josefina of Jerovitz, the diadem was given to Adalfriede, Princess of Minitz, after the Principality of Reinmar’s founding, though before construction of the capital city of Kretzen was completed. The diadem is one of the first pieces created from gold and gemstones mined in the Principality and one of the only ones created with such materials by Josefina of Jerovitz. This delicate crown has been shaped from fine gold filigree which has been laid over the main body of the piece, drawing up into five large points with five smaller points between them. Gold pearls found in Aevos’ southern seas stud the top of each point, held to the gold with tines. Smaller champagne pearls decorate the main band of the crown in between square and emerald-cut sapphires and pear-cut emeralds. The very base of the band has been lined with yet more sapphires and emeralds, a pearl framing each sequence of gemstones. On the interior of the band, white silk has been attached to the gold to protect the wearer’s skin and hair, easily removed for washing and replacing. Underneath the silk, the Prayer of Diligence; Rousing Against Sloth has been inscribed. “God, help me focus on the work of this day, by the intercession of Saint Godwin. For, though a leper, he toiled with all his heart: even a fraction of his merit and diligence shall see me through, my duty done. And I must do my duty.” A maker’s mark has been engraved beneath the prayer. J.T.R.B. Currently held by Adalfriede of Hexenwald, Princess of Minitz. IV DER REIF VON REINMAR The Circlet of Reinmar Designed by Josefina of Jerovitz and gifted to Duke Manfred II Barclay upon the event of his wedding in 1928, the band of the circlet itself has been forged from gold before being decorated with diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. Delicate engravings of the Barclay crest and motto sit between each gemstone. Ten identical eagles, five carved from sapphires and five from emeralds, have been fastened to the polished gold of this circlet, all facing the same way. When worn, an emerald would rest on the forehead and a sapphire on the back of the head. Engraved between each eagle lies the crest of the Barclay von Reinmar and the words Wer Rastet, Der Rostet. Above the head of every bird sits a Lorraine cross made from square-cut white diamonds. Two bands of crushed emeralds and sapphires wrap around the top and bottom edges of the circlet encased in clear glass. A maker’s mark lies on the interior of the circlet, to the left of the wearer’s head. J.T.R.B. Currently held by Manfred II, Prince Emeritus of Sutica, Duke Emeritus of Reinmar. V DER PRINZGEMAHLIN REIF VON REINMAR The Consort Circlet of Reinmar Gifted to Ravenna of Thurant by Josefina of Jerovitz alongside Der Reif von Reinmar on the event of her wedding, this circlet was carved entirely from ivory, depicting eagles and a field of roses. Crushed gemstones including rubies and emeralds had been added into the grooves of the ivory, with only full gemstones being set into the eyes of the eagle carvings. Ivory carved with depictions of a soar of eagles flying over a rose field has been fashioned into a circlet, the most intricate of details only seen if one looks close enough. Frost has been etched onto the petals of the roses and along their stems, whilst clouds have been carved into the material. Crushed rubies and emeralds were added into the grooves of the roses, and crushed white diamonds to the clouds. Each eagle bears an emerald or a sapphire where its eye would’ve resided. When worn, the crest of the Barclay von Reinmar would rest on the forehead. A maker’s mark lies on the interior of the circlet, to the left of the wearer’s head. J.T.R.B. Currently held by Ravenna of Thurant, Princess Emeritus of Sutica, Duchess Emeritus of Reinmar. VI ZIRKHEL DES ADLERFLUGS Circlet of the Eagle’s Flight This crown was gifted to the House of Barclay during the Loyal Exchange of Aleksandr II and Amaya of Venzia in 1969, created more so as a symbolic piece than one meant for daily wear. A crown made out of evident care and great luxury, forged from the finest Karosgrad mineral, made from pure gold. As such, it is not meant for daily wear, intended to be used in greater events, symbolic of the Waldenian and Reinmaren might. The band itself is detailed with an intricate design of eight repeating panels, each hosting four smaller round-cut blue diamonds, and one giant zinnia-cut emerald: thirty-two and eight in total. Atop the band are protruding figurines of eagles with their wings splayed, hovering above each section where the emerald lay and within their torsos rest marquise-cut tanzanites. In between each of the birds was a decorative Lorraine cross, each four points holding onto a small round-cut emerald. The center eagle was poised with its wings held out more largely, three relevant gemstones decorating its core: One ruby from Haense, one garnet from Savoy, and one red diamond from Aaun - all meant to represent where the Household Barclay swore allegiance prior. As a bit of a treat, below the main eagle just above one of the larger emeralds was the two engravings of side-view stallions as an ode to the household founder, with a particularly striking black opal. One of the few gemstones left from the collection of Her Majesty, Eve of Aesterwald. The late Queen of the Westerlands. This crown was not only to be worn by any gender, but a piece made in honor of Duchess Ravenna Barclay nee Stafyr, Baroness Elia Eryka’s first-born daughter. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. Section Two ASSORTED JEWELRY I FURSTINSBROK Furstin’s Brooch Created by Adelmar von Kanunsberg for Adalfriede of Hexenwald, this brooch is a part of the Princess’ daily attire, used to pin her tribesman’s cloak to her shoulders. Like with all pieces created by Adelmar von Kanunsberg, the use of Reinmaren runes and artwork is prevalent throughout the brooch. The golden brooch before you, inlaid with silver thread had been handcrafted meticulously, wrought in the venerable style of Reinmaren artistic tradition. Fashioned from the fine gold extracted from old Minitz, with the surface of the brooch displaying engravings that depict scenes of a shieldmaiden atop a steed in battle, bearing her round shield proudly, raised high. Each detail is painstakingly crafted, from the curling tendrils of foliage to the precise etching of runes along the edges, which read “ᚪᛞᚪᛚᚠᚱᛁᛞᛖ”- meaning “Adalfriede” in Reinmaric script. Currently held by Adalfriede of Hexenwald, Princess of Minitz. II GULDAUR ADALFRIEDISKJA Adalfriede’s Gold Designed and created by Adelmar von Kanunsberg for Adalfriede of Hexenwald, this pair of earrings is a part of the Princess of Minitz’s daily attire, continuing the theme of drawing on Reinmaren tribal art. This bejeweled set of earrings, fashioned for the noble Princess Adalfriede seems to boast an air of simple humility with them. Fashioned from gleaming gold, each earring features intricate filigree work reminiscent of the Reinmaren tribal art, characterized by its geometric patterns and runic motifs. The right earpiece depicts a serpent entwined around and onto itself, a mouth, engraved so that it opens up and loops back towards the creature’s tail, depicting the serpent in the process of devouring itself. Currently held by Adalfriede of Hexenwald, Princess of Minitz. III DER ADLER The Eagle A simple silver signet ring created by Josefina of Jerovitz for Manfred II Barclay upon the event of his eighteenth birthday. The ring carries the sigil of the Ducal House of Barclay while the House was in service to the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Altogether, this little silver ring is nothing special to look at, though if one takes the time, the quality of the silver that it was forged from is second to none. The signet ring bears the crest of the Ducal House of Barclay and has obviously been forged to fit a man’s finger. Around the outside of the band, excluding where the raised crest sits, lie the words Wer Rastest, Der Rostet. On the interior of the band lies a name. Manfred II Johann Barclay is written in a neat script, and below it lies a date. The 11th of Wzuvar and Byvca, 451 Ehr Sigmunda. Perhaps it was the date the ring was forged, or indeed, the birthdate of the wearer. Currently held by Manfred II, Prince Emeritus of Sutica, Duke Emeritus of Reinmar. IV JOSEFINA OF JEROVITZ’S LOCKET Silver Wedding Locket This locket was one of a pair forged by Edith of Reinmar, Queen Mother of the Apostolic Kingdom of Aaun, for the wedding of her elder brother Wilheim II and Josefina of Jerovitz in 1895. The late Duchess Emeritus wore the locket until her death in 1971. A pair of small silver lockets have been made for the newlywed Barclay Duke and Duchess. Gifted to the couple on their wedding the 6th of Malin’s Welcome, 99 SA, each would bear a likeness to its pair with the Barclay crest engraved on the front and on the back, a rose for the bride and a stallion for the groom. The inside of this locket bore a miniature painting of the Duke Wilheim Barclay, for the Duchess to keep close to her heart in trial and hardship. Currently under the care of the Treasury of House Barclay. V AMULET OF THE MOON Amulet A dusty, yet beautiful, monk relic. A sleek, shimmering chain of silver held along it a large charm; a moderately sized, rose-cut white diamond would be fitted into the main piece of the amulet, ringed with delicately crafted silver crescents holding the jewel in place. The surface of the gem would dazzle if it caught the light at the right angle; quite the beautiful display. A small clasp would be apparent on the side of the main amulet as if you once were able to open it up; the pendant was hinged, yet jammed. It seems that whatever lay within remained a mystery. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. VI JOY Wedding Ring Designed by Josefina of Jerovitz for the wedding of her youngest son, Ser Konstanz Barclay, to Lady Astrid Colborn, who later tragically passed during the birth of their first and only son, Matthias. It is one of a pair, alongside the ring named Bliss which was forged to fit Lady Astrid’s hand. A small oval-cut emerald with a deep green color has been set into a band of fine silver made to fit the hand of Ser Konstanz Gottfried Barclay, the precious metal smooth and unblemished apart from the engraved depiction of an eagle with a rose between its talons. A line of square-cut diamonds lines the middle of the band, just beneath the eagle depiction opposite the central gemstone. Carved into the interior of the band would be two sets of initials inside the depiction of a rose. K.G.B. and A.R.C. lie side by side on the flower’s petals. The maker’s mark is carved beneath it. J.T.R.B. Currently held by Ser Konstanz Barclay. VII DIE SMARAGDROSE The Emerald Rose Designed by Josefina of Jerovitz for her youngest son, Konstanz, to gift to the then Lady Astrid Colborn during Queen Sofia of Hyspia’s Lifstala in 1928. Emeralds have been crafted into the petals of this rose, each gem shining brilliantly in the light. Held together by a delicate stem made from gold, a sapphire blue ribbon has been tied about the end of it. If one should look closely, etched into the gold would be curls of frost and different phrases from poetry about beauty, love, and fidelity. The maker’s mark lies on the underside of a leaf. J.T.R.B. Currently held by Ser Konstanz Barclay. VIII COMMEMORATIVE ENTHRONEMENT BROOCH OF SIGISMUND II Brooch This brooch has been created in commemoration of the enthronement of Sigismund II of Haense. It is a small golden brooch with at its center the Haeseni coat of arms. Engraved above it in a half circle are the words “Kongzem Edaeleo ag Kusoraev” New Marian of the Dual Monarchy of the Kingdoms of Hanseti and Ruska. Beneath the coat of arms stands written “Enthronement of Sigismund II, 1762, 9th of Horen’s Calling”. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. IX SILVER CROSS OF LORRAINE Lorraine Cross This silver cross of the Lorraine was handcrafted in Vuillermoz in the year of 1740 by Father Harald Vuiller, later known as Saint Harald. It has a fine lining of rose bushes going up the middle with a blue crystal in the middle, connecting it on each hand of the cross the names of the Holy Scrolls would be written. The back would be marked with the name of the Holy Sir it belongs to. “Nicholas Barclay” would be written on this cross. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. X THE THREE WING’S PIN Pin Gifted to Alfred I and Leon II, Princes in Reinmar, at their coronation in 1968 by the delegation from the Principality of Celia’nor, this pin is a symbol of the friendship between the two Principalities. Engraved on a silver pin is a depiction of a brave crow, wings spread to shelter its allies. Underneath the left is a lion, preparing to protect the trio with an elegant phoenix on the right. When the pin is raised and touched by the sun’s rays, it shimmers and then begins to shift. The crow’s wings beat, rising upwards as it lifts the others. The star-speckled background changes to depict the sun, signaling a bright future ahead. To those familiar, a clear depiction of the friendship between Reinmar and Celia’nor. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica and Leon II, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Minitz. XI GOLDEN LORRAINE CROSS NECKLACE Lorraine Cross Created by Manfred II, this Lorraine cross is worn daily by the Prince Emeritus. A relatively simple yet delicate and radiant Lorraine cross fashioned out of 18-karat gold, suspended gracefully by a slender twine of woven rope. The reverse side of the cross was marked with the names of the Holy Scrolls and Four Exalted, inscribed with utmost care and reverence, with ‘Manfred Barclay, Prinz von Sutica’ duly inscribed just a little below these inscriptions. Currently held by Manfred II, Prince Emeritus of Sutica, Duke Emeritus of Reinmar. XII BARCLAY PIETY Lorraine Cross This cross is worn daily by Adalfriede of Hexenwald, the Princess of Minitz. The colors of House Barclay are clearly present in the gemstones decorating it, though it lacks the theme of Reinmaren tribal art that most of the Princess’ pieces display. A large Lorraine cross wrought from gold, its face studded with sapphires and emeralds; Barclay blue and green. Often seen hanging from the neck of Adalfriede of Hexenwald, the Princess of Minitz, this symbol of faith has been worn smooth by the countless passing of a thumb over its surface. The long gold chain allows the cross to hang just below one's sternum, or it can be worn looped around the waist. Currently held by Adalfriede of Hexenwald, Princess of Minitz. Section Three WEAPONS I GRAN’S BLIGHT Spear This spear was liberated from a shaman on the continent of Arcas by the Brotherhood of Saint Karl after the shaman’s defeat. The spear eventually came to the hands of Friedrich I after being retrieved by the Brotherhood, who put it to good use during his lifetime and chose to pass it down to his descendants. A unique-looking spear, the blade being around 12 inches in length, while the shaft is around 78 inches in length. The blade itself is made out of a blighted-looking material,its durability being comparable to that of an aurum weapon, however maintaining a good edge in combat. The blade is forged into a dagger-type shape with serrated edges on both sides, as to embed itself in the victim and make it hard to pull out, as well as making it easy to cut and inflict azhl anemia on a target. It also has a fuller on each side, as well making it harder to bend and relieving weight from the rather heavy and unwieldy metal, making it balance better and less top heavy. The shaft is made out of polished oak wood to make for a durable handle. As well as this, the blade is an ashy-black metal, the weapon as a whole weighing around 2.1 kilograms, making it a good spear to wield for the inexperienced and knowledgeable alike, making it highly versatile. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. II BRALT’S LEFT AXE Axe This axe was one of Bralt the Boar, King of the Scyfling’s war axes, which was given to the House of Barclay by the Brotherhood of Saint Karl after Erwin I led the forces that defeated the Boar in the Battle of New Reza on Arcas. The left-handed axe of Bralt the Boar, leader of the Scyfling pagans who invaded the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska on Arcas. It’s a long-handled weapon, better suited for most people to use two-handed. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. III BRALT’S BURNT WARAXE Axe Another of the war axes of Bralt the Boar, it was also given to the House of Barclay by the Brotherhood of Saint Karl after Erwin I’s victory at New Reza. Before you lose a war axe about 130 centimeters in length, with a steel head and wooden handle. The handle had been burnt to the point of fragility, but not entirely burnt; and as such the type of wood cannot be determined as of now. The war axe had clearly been through plenty of battles, judging by the dried blood on the axe head and the state of the wood. This axe had been recovered from the throne room during the Siege of Reza in 1777, during which a fire raged through the palace. Remarkably enough, the blade is still sharpened to a fine edge, despite all the damage done to it. This specific axe was one wielded by the Infamous Bralt the Board, former leader of the Scyflings; and in a way, it died with him. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. IV KRIEGSSTAHL War Steel This sword was shown to Wilheim I by an ancient specter after it was freed from beneath Freising, having been kept in a hidden cache buried long before House Barclay’s arrival. Wilheim I had the blade refurbished and added to the Treasury of House Barclay. “War Steel”, the tall, two-handed longsword, which belonged to Ser Wilheim the Stallion, founder of the Noble House of Barclay, and Lord Marshal of Haense, with tenure starting in 1724. This Waldenian blade had seen many wars, fought many battles, and slain many enemies of Hanseti-Ruska. After many years of idleness, Kriegsstahl was polished back to its original appearance and effectiveness. Blue and green dyed leather was wrapped around the handle, the colors of House Barclay. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. V MANFRED’S MIGHT Longsword Created by the Paladin Hillith, this sword was gifted to Manfred I, enabling him to strike down darkspawn and Azdrazi during the final battles of Arcas against the Inferi. A steel longsword being at a total of 130cm in length, with a blade of 110cm. It holds onto a sturdy hilt of wood bound in leather, with a concluding pommel holding tautly onto the raw funk of light stone secured into place, with an additional set of rubies on either end of the cross-guard. With stretched-out limbs the gems would be held firmly in its prison of shifted steel and iron. The activation requires a simple murmur of blessing to Can, and for the user to be gripping upon its hint, for it would passively fume with gold Xannic mists. It required to be recharged after every use and needed to bask in the sunlight undisturbed. [Holy Affinity Melee and Fatherly Embrace] When activated, the blade would engulf the user with warm mists that can either soothe, give courage, pride, and/or as well as wash away fear, anger, and/or sadness. The sword allows for five rounds of the Holy Affinity ability before becoming deactivated. The ability itself infuses the length of the blade with aureate murk. Inscribed on the cross-guard would be: “Hillith” Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. VI BONEGRIP Sword Created by Brandt Barclay in 1776, it was added to the Treasury of House Barclay for use by future generations. Forged of strong Hanseti steel, this weapon had the length of the average Bastardsword. The most notable and interesting part of the sword would be its handle, which appeared to have been made of a tough, almost beastly bone, the end of which would also replace the pommel. The blade itself would be sturdy, sharp, and nicely polished, whilst not being too heavy on the hand. The handle of the sword would also be wrapped about with green and blue dyed leather, representing the colors of House Barclay. The Waldenian name “KNOCHENGRIFF” would be carved on each side of the blade vertically. Forged: 1776 Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. VII ADVERSVS Against This Lunarite dagger coated with Null Arcana was given to Brandt I, Grand Prince of Minitz, later High Pontiff Caius I, by Shugo Kato Oijin at his enthronement. An illustrious dagger, extending in totality to a length of an imperial foot. Its silver and aurum hilt is of the pierce filigree variety of exceptional detail. The obverse is studded with four large azurite stones, and its pommel with a large fluorite stone. The blade is a straight-edged mastercraft, eight inches constructed originally of the highest quality Starsteel. It glows brightly and appears pure gold due to its alchemical treatment. The blade has also been treated with Null Arcana, giving it anti-voidal properties. Upon the handle is inscribed a Marian prayer to St. Nicholas the Martyr. Currently held by Leon II, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Minitz. VIII THE SPIRIT OF HERZOG LEON BARCLAY Spear This spear was gifted to Brandt I by Shugo Kato Oijin to commemorate the death of Brandt’s father, the late Leon I, Duke of Minitz. A spear, six feet in length, which exhibited an ox tongue spearhead shaped from starsteel and a riveted haft of hickory wood, making it a durable but flexible haft. Shallow protrusions extended from the weapon’s base which aided in the parrying of weapons and the tearing of flesh. Around the handle, a silver iron cross rosary and an Oyashiman omamori were intertwined. When illuminated by the light of the Sun or Moon, the spearhead exhibits a soft and silvery glow akin to the glistening of distant stars. It is noted that Lunarite is resistant to corrosion from both alchemical and magical sources. Currently held by Leon II, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Minitz. IX A PRINCE’S RAVEN’S PEAK Axe A short cavalry battle-axe of Reinmaren origin measuring 60 centimeters (2.62 feet) in total length bearing a steel axe head of a long, curved beak intended for stabbing on one end and a light axe blade on the opposite side for hacking away at one’s opposition fastened onto an oaken handle. At the butt of the handle, a golden eagle in the style of the Reinmaren crest has been sculpted out into a jagged-blunt instrument for beating people mercifully if need be. This weapon’s steel axe head and eagle fixture has been quenched in Tobias’ Boone leaving an aesthetic golden luster to the metal to make it appear as aurum but without its supernatural qualities. The metal maintains the durability of its original steel. Currently held by Leon II, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Minitz. X CEDRIC’S LONG DAGGER Dagger The first-ever dagger to be smithed by Cedric Barclay. The dagger looked quite normal; ranging at about 20cm, the blade was made out of Hanseti steel, forged to be a very light and easily usable weapon. The pommel and the crossguard of the dagger would both be rounded in the same way, and the handle would be covered in somewhat dark leather straps. Overall, the dagger looked quite decent, though feeling a little clumsy in spots. Not a masterpiece, but a suitable weapon. Forged: 1791 Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. XI ANCIENT THROQAL BONE-TRIDENT Trident A gruesome-looking weapon roughly the length of a polearm, however, the three spikes upon it were a little shorter than the variant with a blade and one spike on top. The trident was, despite it being carved from bone, fairly sturdy and would rival ferrum in terms of resilience. The light form of it was made for piercing thrusts and pinning down the opponent while maintaining a strong grip, it wasn’t suitable for throwing or bludgeoning. It was non-conductive and resistant to oxidation. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. XII BLITZSCHWERT Lightning Sword This magnificent weapon is a masterpiece of medieval swordsmanship. The blade is forged from high-carbon ferrum and has been honed to a razor-sharp edge. The fuller, or groove, running down the center of the blade reduces weight and increases balance. The crossguard and pommel are made from ornately carved and polished gold, adding to the sword’s elegant aesthetic. The hilt is wrapped in supple leather and includes the intricate initials “G.L.B.” When held, this longsword feels like an extension of the arm, allowing for quick and fluid movements in battle. The sword’s graceful lines and perfect balance are a testament to the skill of those who crafted it. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. XIII SCHNÈLL Quick The dagger of Ser Konstanz Barclay, forged in the late years of the continent of Almaris. An exquisite Thahnium dagger with a curved blade. This weapon's azure thahnic-steel blade lent itself well to slicing, and could be used for a devastating, if difficult to pull off, thrust with its curved blade. Both edges of the dagger were sharpened. The weapon featured a very ornate handle, made out of hickory wood, lacquered into a dark brown color. The Reinmaren crest, the Barclay eagle, was engraved into the wood on both sides, with great attention paid to the tiny details. The weapon had a small crossguard, large enough to provide some protection but mainly to ensure the fingers did not slide onto the blade. The end of the handle was capped with a gilded pommel which featured the letters "D.A." engraved in fine calligraphy. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. XIV HORNISSENTICH Hornet Sting This is a finely crafted short bow, made from the finest ash wood. The bow has been carefully shaped and strung with high-quality bowstring, ensuring it is both durable and flexible. The limbs are smoothly curved, and the grip is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable hold for an archer or hunter. The bow has a natural draw weight, making it easy to use for extended periods of time without fatigue. The bow's compact size makes it ideal for use in tight spaces, such as in the forest or among buildings. Whether used for hunting game or as a weapon in battle, this shortbow is a reliable and accurate tool that will not disappoint. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. XV VAILËDYR OF THE WIND Hornet Sting A saber of old Elven make, purchased by Ser Konstanz Barclay from an Elven merchant on Almaris. An elaborate Lunarite saber of Elverhilin make, bearing to itself a glistening sheen during the day, and a dull illumination when set beneath the moonlight. The very end of the blade would curve backward as to permit greater and more elegant aerodynamic movement, spanning no more than thirty-six inches. Upon its hilt remained some archaic sigil which only those of a certain house might decipher, in its center a great platinum gem that seemed to sing as softly as the wind. Those who might invoke the power of the sigil by uttering the words "Súrë'velu" shall manifest a luminous glow within the embedded gem, swathes of air beginning to whip about the blade over the course of the next turn. Upon the third emote, a powerful gust may be ejected from the blade upon its next deliberate swipe. This projectile appears as an arc of wind that travels forward for up to eight meters, rendering those it contacts prone and requiring they an emote to recover. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. XVI BEDECKED REINMAREN TOURNEY LANCE Lance A one-handed jousting lance which extends to a lengthy 304.8cm and weighs 2.7kg. The tip is shaped to be a multi-pronged steel lance head, a coronel, made to prevent penetration and emphasize delivery of kinetic force instead. Made of Minitz high carbon crucible steel, the tip is ensured good durability and toughness. Its long decorated shaft is made of the finest Reinmaren oak and is painted in red and white stripes running down from top to bottom. Towards the bottom above the carved-out handle is a small conical metal plate, made to deflect incoming blows. Forged in the fires of Minitz, this lance is heralded by its knights during times of tourney. Inscribed into the plate in niello is; "Forged 1910 F.A.” Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. XVII ASUL’SIL Sword Gifted to Alfred I and Leon II, Princes in Reinmar, at their coronation in 1968 by the delegation from the Principality of Celia’nor, this pin is a symbol of the friendship between the two Principalities. A 40-inch (101-centimeter) longsword compromised of an anorum blade, steel crossguard and pommel and a dark oak handle. The main blade being forged of pure anorum being almost crystal clear giving it a pale white sheen. The cross guard a shiny silver with a mushroom-shaped pommel of the same color. Indented on the pommel would be the letters C.D.A. Section Four ASSORTED ITEMS I CROSIER OF CARDINAL-ARCHBISHOP ANTON BARCLAY Crosier The crosier of the first Cardinal born to the House of Barclay, Cardinal-Archbishop Anton Barclay, the brother to Wilheim I. A 6-foot-tall staff with a golden shaft. The shaft is decorated with rubies and emeralds from top to bottom. The Crosier terminates at the top in a loop. In the middle of said loop, one can see a bronze eagle with wings displayed facing left: a reference to the Cardinal-Archbishop’s Coat of Arms. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. II FRIEDRICH Living Doll Created by Manfred II for Alfred I to help guide and protect him as a child whilst residing in the new capital city of Hanseti-Ruska on Aevos, Valdev. Before you stands a living doll fashioned to capture the essence of a robust brown bear, cloaked in a plush blend of organic cotton and soft wool that offers it a tactile embrace reminiscent of a bear’s own fur. A delicate collar in shades of green and blue graces its neck, bearing the coat of arms of the House of Barclay of Reinmar on a discreetly added tag. A green seal of magic in the form of an eagle had been embedded on top of the bear’s head, concealed by the little green and blue hat reminiscent of those worn by the guards of Reinmar. Friedrich was bound to Alfred Barclay, to serve as a mindful companion. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. III OSKAR Living Doll This living doll was created by Luisia Barclay for her nephew, Manfred I, on the continent of Arcas. An oak wood and Haeseni steel ball jointed fox, sitting rather squarely at a meter in length and height. Sky Blue paste stones have been inset at the eyes, gleaming in the light like pools of water. There was a removable whistle at the back of the hinged mouth full of dull teeth made from antlers. His body was relatively sturdy, but hollow to remain light, painted with the markings of a typical Red Fox. On his chest, relative to a heart and concealed by a silver bandana, a purple seal of magic shaped as an edelweiss had been placed. Oskar was bound to Manfred Barclay, to serve as a mindful companion. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. IV GILDFAAESTEN Golden-Bound This pipe was carved by Adelmar von Kanunsberg for Adalfriede of Hexenwald. It is often used to smoke herbs when the Princess conducts the Trial of Spirit for herself and others. Its carvings depict imagery of the Princess’ birthplace, Hexenwald, in the traditional Reinmaren art style. This pipe before you, carved with a dirk in subtle craftsmanship is hewn from the finest cedar growing near the evergreens of Reinmar, adorned with intricate carvings in the Reinmaren tribal art style. Along its length, runic inscriptions are etched into the wood, labeling embellished scenes of speared warriors in battle, their forms rendered through the firing of the pipe with charcoal, outlining the pipe in bold, black lines. Beyond the warriors stands an impression of a castle, with four towers reaching into the clouds, labeled in runic tongue as “ᚺᛖ᛭ᚲᛖᚾᚹᚪᛚᛞ” - translating to “Hexenwald”. Currently held by Adalfriede of Hexenwald, Princess of Minitz. V JULIASKJÖLD Julia’s Shield This shield depicting Saint Julia of Paradisus, the Patron Saint of Mothers, Matrimony, and Exorcism was crafted from the finest of Reinmaren cedar by Adelmar von Kanunsberg for Adalfriede of Hexenwald’s use. The rich paints were among the first crafted from dyes made during the years of the Principality of Reinmar’s birth. The round shield before you is crafted from sturdy cedar wood, logged near the Evergreens of Reinmar. Fashioned into a round shape fit for defense, the surface of the shield is painted with a fresh coat in greens and whites, its surface adorned with an intricate Reinmaric painting. At the center of the shield, a woman bowed in supplication is depicted, with a halo around her head in Saintly fashion to represent Saint Julia of Paradisus - Her presence displaying a look of determination on the icon, one hand holding a sword, and her other hand gesturing an open palm - a symbol of peace. Currently held by Adalfriede of Hexenwald, Princess of Minitz. VI LIGISANHELMUTS Helmet A resplendent helm and a war mask of Reinmaren origin. The Ligisanhelmuts boasts a striking design that seamlessly merges ancient tribal aesthetics with the craftsmanship of a helmet. Intricately handcrafted from durable yet lightweight metal, the mask features a mesmerizing symphony of swirling patterns, symbolic engravings, and meticulously carved details. Along the helmet’s brow lies a runic inscription that reads “ᚺᛖᛚᛗᛖᛏ”. Currently held by Leon II, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Minitz. VII REINMAREN þRAGAHORN Drinking Horn This drinking horn, intricately carved from ivory, boasted a sinuous curvature that gracefully culminated in a finely detailed rim. Adorning the mouthpiece of the drinking horn were golden supports meant as a show of status and opulence, with the frame being decorated from the tip to the top with a golden plating that framed the device into shape. Runes of the Tribal Reinmaren skaldic language meticulously etched into the surface, likely through the intercession of a skilled craftsman with a chisel and a knife, reading “ᛞᚱᛁᚴᛁᚾᚷᚺᛟᚱᚾ” Currently held by Leon II, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Minitz. VIII COMMEMORATIVE HAESENI MINA, 347 E.S. Mina An old commemorative coin from the court of King Josef I of Hanseti-Ruska. A pure aurum coin minted in 347 E.S. engraved with the face of Koeng Josef I. The words "Jura ag Eudra" are printed below, translating to "Law and Order”. On the other side of the coin is Ekaterinburg, the Royal Palace of New Reza. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. IX DUNKING TOURNAMENT TOKEN Medal A token from the Dunking Tournament from the wedding of Brandt Barclay and Adrianna Barclay nèe Vitale. This golden token was made to be given to the winner of the Dunking Tournament in the Wedding of Brandt and Adrianna Barclay. The winner of this token has shown they have a good aim and can get people wet! Nice aim brother! Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. Section Five LIMBS AND REMAINS I ASHEN URN OF GRAND PRINCE FERDINAND Urn An urn, made out of clay. On top of the centerpiece of the urn coat of arms of House Barclay, supported by its eagles. Around the urn were various designs of religious significance, such as scepters, crosses and angels. Back of the urn, the ascension into the Seven Skies had been depicted, the spirit of virtue leaving the mortal body behind. Inside the urn, the ashes of Ferdinand, once the Grand Prince of Minitz remained in stagnance. Currently held by Leon II, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Minitz. II EYE OF CEDRIC Eye This jar would have the left eye of Ser Cedric Barclay. It was removed during the Siege of Krusev by Dr. Aestenia Aevaris. Entombed in the Crypts of House Barclay. III FRIEDRICH’S ATRONACH ARM Atronach Arm This beautifully crafted atronach limb has been forged in the form of a right arm, having been crafted with the utmost care from daemonsteel plates, gears, and springs. Embodied with an atronach core enchanted with fire evocation, it would be perfectly fitted to the exact specifications of one ‘Friedrich Barclay’, whose name is inscribed in tiny cursive lettering beneath the elbow of the contraption. The crest of House Barclay could also be seen etched into the arm’s elbow, a noble stallion seen rearing its head proudly aloft. This artificial arm would grant its user perfect mobility and all the benefits associated with the use of an atronach limb. The arm will recharge off of the user’s passive mana. However, this will not hinder the activities of their daily life. If the arm is warded or heavily damaged, it will cease to function. Entombed in the Crypts of House Barclay. IV FRIEDRICH’S ATRONACH LEG Atronach Leg This beautifully crafted atronach limb, taking the form of a left leg, has been carefully forged with the utmost skill from steel plates. Embodied with an atronach core enchanted with water evocation, it would be perfectly fitted to the specifications of one ‘Friedrich Barclay’, whose name is inscribed in tiny cursive lettering into the thigh of the contraption. An etching of a single rose could be found engraved into the object’s knee, along with the image of a smaller stick figure girl into the limb’s ankle. This artificial leg would grant its user perfect mobility and all the perks associated with using an atronach limb. The leg will recharge off of the user’s passive mana. However, it will not hinder the activities of their daily life. If the leg is warded or heavily damaged, it will cease to function. Entombed in the Crypts of House Barclay. V GOLEM EYE OF AUGUST BARCLAY Golem Eye This is a Golem eye made from average stone from Urguan’s vast mountains. The eye is covered with various digits which allow for the wearer’s sight, at the end of the orb is a tapered connector spike. Entombed in the Crypts of House Barclay. VI CRYSTALLINE EYE Fake Eye Designed by Edith of Reinmar, Queen Mother of the Apostolic Kingdom of Aaun, for Manfred II as a wedding gift in the year 1928. A glass eye made to fit Manfred Barclay, finely crafted with several layers of glass fitting perfectly where an eye once was. The center of the eye has a small blue diamond, colored glass intricately layered to mimic the original eye, barring the diamond inlay. The surface is finely polished with a small stamp EB is on the inside which cannot be seen when worn. Currently held by Manfred II, Prince Emeritus of Sutica, Duke Emeritus of Reinmar. VII ÜTTER’S SKULL Skull The skull is that of Ütter’s, who lived long ago and has since passed away. Part of its surface is covered in a thick layer of green and brown moss, which has grown over the years and given it a weathered and aged appearance. The skull’s eye sockets are empty, giving the skull an eerie and unsettling nature. A few worn teeth remain which suggest a long life of use and decay. It bears marks of trauma from battles and fights which serve as a testament to the harshness of its owner’s life. The mossy covering on the skull speaks of the passage of time and how long ago the man had lived and died. Entombed in the Crypts of House Barclay. Section Six MEDALS I THE NORTHERN FOX Medal This medal was granted to Erwin I for his victory against the Scyfling invasion of Arcas. A pale, icy-blue badge depicting a fox, standing proudly, awarded in recognition of leading the armies of Haense to victory against the Scyfling Invaders upon Arcas. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. II MEDAL OF THE ASHEN FOX Medal This medal was granted to Manfred I for his service to the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska on both the continent of Arcas and the continent of Almaris. The Medal of the Ashen Fox, awarded to Duke Manfred Barclay for his esteemed service as Lord Marshal of the Haeseni Royal Army from 332 E.S. to 358 E.S. The Fox Medals, with the Medal of the Northern Fox first awarded to Lord Manfred’s father and predecessor Duke Erwin Barclay, are a mark of recognition for only the finest military leaders to grace the Kingdom of Haense, and this Medal - dubbed the Ashen Fox for Lord Manfred’s leadership during the Inferi War - recognizes his excellent service, to be cherished and appreciated always by the Kongzem of Hanseti-Ruska. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. III MEDAL OF THE IRON FOX Medal This medal was granted to Friedrich I for his service to the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. A medal depicting a fox with its tail curled around itself on clean iron, with the words of the H.R.A. oath etched into the margins. This was bestowed upon Duke Friedrich Barclay for his service as Lord Marshal of Haense, who faced riots, Trolls, and rebellions during his tenure, the likes of which only a man with an iron will could endure. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. IV HAESENI CAMPAIGN MEDAL Medal A medal awarded for participating in the Rubern War, in recognition of service to the Kingdom of Haense. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. V GOLDEN CROW OF VALOUR Medal The Golden Crow of Valour is the highest military honor in Hanseti-Ruska. This particular medal was awarded to Manfred I for his part in Hanseti-Ruska’s victory over the Scyflings during the Scyfling War on Arcas. Atop a black background sat the Golden Crow of Haense, watching over the blackened fields with clear valour and pride. The Golden Crow of Valour, penned by his Royal Majesty, King Sigismund III himself, acts as the most supreme medal in the Brotherhood of St. Karl, and is only bestowed to those who perform beyond what is expected, a miracle through Godan in service to the Kongzem of Haense. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. VI THE VYDRIAN BANNER Medal This banner was given to Manfred I for his service during the Scyfling Wars on Arcas. A red gryphon on a black banner, ordained in gold, the Vydrian Banner is awarded to the men who rally and defeat a greater force against all odds. It is named after the Late Orenian King Andrik Vydra, who took a broken Akovian people and led them to victory against the violent hordes of Schismatic Heretics, Orcish screamers, and Dwarven legionaries. A nearly impossible accommodation to achieve, but a great honor. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. VII THE SPARROWS VALOUR Medal Yet another medal given to Manfred I for his service during the Scyfling Wars. A black flying sparrow across a yellow shield, the Sparrows Valor is given to those who have proven capable of leading men. It is named after Saint Thomas of Gaekrin, the once Crown Prince of Kaedrin who led countless victories in conquering the Elven State of Malinor, and defending against the invading Dwarven Armies of the first Human-Dwarf war. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. VIII SIEGE OF REZA MEDAL Medal This medal was granted to Wilheim I for his service during the Siege of Reza. A golden medal with the image of the city of New Reza, and a victorious Brotherhood soldier standing over it, carrying the Golden Crow Standard of House Barbanov. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. IX THE CROSS OF OUTSTANDING SERVICE Medal This medal was granted to Wilheim I for his service during the Siege of Reza. A golden shield background with the black silhouette of a soldier holding his sword high in the air with obvious pride. The cross is given to those soldiers that perform beyond what is expected for the sake of the Kingdom. They are the first out of the barracks doors, the first with their helmets on, and the first on the field. These are the people that we need in the Haense Royal Army, that we depend on. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. X THE CROSS OF ST. KARL Medal Four of these medals were granted posthumously to members of House Barclay, notably Karolina Barclay, commemorating their deaths fighting against the Scyflings on the continent of Arcas. A golden cross with the initials K.B. inscribed into it, the Cross of St. Karl is only given out posthumously. Not simply to those who die in battle, but those that die in battle as a martyr in service of the Kingdom. The Cross is named after St. Karl Barbanov, the progenitor of the Haeseni State. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. XI THE QUEEN’S CROSS MEDAL Medal The golden medal on a red ribbon is cut in the shape of a diamond, with a picture of a sword encircled by a crown elegantly engraved into the gold. The Queen’s Valor Medal was given to those brave enough to step out despite their own best interest, and save another. On the back of the medal, etched in fine script, would read “In any given moment, we have two options. To step back into safety, or step forth, and take action.” This medal was given in 1779 by Queen Mother Viktoria of Metterden, after the conclusion of the Scyfling war to Stefan Vyronov. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. XII CROW OF PURIST FAITH Medal This medal was granted to Saint Johann for his service during the Sinners’ War. Awarded to those men and women who made the greatest sacrifice for their Kongzem and faith by taking up arms against the Anathema of Oren in the War of the Wigs. The medal would be round with golden edges, with a tripartite shape in the middle of it. Inside the Tripartite, a Haeseni soldier would stand with a Hussariyan in hand, beneath him a pool of bodies, symbolising the great sacrifices made in the longest and most brutal war Almaris has ever seen. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. XIII STALWART SWORD Medal This medal was granted to Saint Johann for his service during the Sinners’ War. Awarded to those men and women of the Brotherhood who’ve proven themselves outstanding and unwavering soldiers, the Stalwart Sword was composed of a black background, with one of the Brotherhood proudly raising up a silver blade in the air. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. XIV THE INFERNAL SCOURGE Medal This medal was granted to Friedrich I by Manfred I whilst he was Lord Marshal of Hanset-Ruska for Friedrich’s contributions in the Inferi War on the continent of Arcas A medal composed of a sword engulfed in orange flames upon a crimson field. The Infernal Scourge medal is awarded to those who actively fought against the Inferi during their Infernal invasion upon Arcas, the conflict which left the Koravassan isles in ruin. Currently held by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar, Prince of Sutica. WER RASTET, DER ROSTET HER LADYSHIP, FREDERICA, Baroness of Sigradz, Seneschal of the Heather Court HER LADYSHIP, JULIYA, Lady of House Barclay
  7. Frederica Barclay is obligated to pick the blue war paint.
  8. PAPER The gardens of the Heather Palace. A singular question seemed to rattle in Josefina’s head as the days became longer. As she became more content to sit still, surrounded by the laughter of others, rather than take part herself. What became of a life? Some, she knew, were written in sand and washed away by even the most gentle of waves. Fleeting and temporary, and ultimately unwritten or forgotten as the world carried on. Others left the proof of their existence in flesh. Still more were scrawled onto paper, to persist or crumble away to dust with care or lack thereof. And a minuscule number of lives were carved into stone and metal, untouched by time. As she lay on what she suspected would be the bed she would die in, Josefina wondered. What would define her life? What would become of it, after she had gone? She had raised fortresses and cities from bare patches of earth, and carved the most stubborn of diamonds into thousands of different shapes. Surely, she had left a mark on the world, even if none remembered that it had been she who had done so. Would her children ask the same questions when they too faced the end, like Amaya had as she held her hand? Would her grandchildren, and their children? As one moves through life, and adjoining lives fall away, Josefina found that one gradually forgets what had once been as clear as glass. After all, she could not say she remembered Esfir’s face, nor Anton’s or Inessa’s. Vladrik’s too had been lost to her, and she was sure Matviy’s would have gone with him to the Skies had he not had a portrait drawn. She could not remember the voices of her parents, nor those of her friends. Anabel came and went like fog on a hill, Georg flew in and out of her vision as a swiftly passing cloud, marked by paperwork, long nights, and a gratitude for the man her sister had married. Edith was only a warm, smiling face in the corner of her eye and a gentle hand on her shoulder. Niamh had become no more than a shadow. Josefina could not remember the idle conversations, nor the quiet moments. She could not clearly picture anything that hadn’t left a scar. These days, all she could remember is that she had loved them all dearly, and missed them just as much. After all, her heart had always bled far too much for them. One face, though, refused to be forgotten. It had been carved into her heart, along with a smile, a laugh, a vow. It had left her years ago, she didn’t care to remember how many, along with the man who bore it, but its image had been tattooed into her soul. She had lived only twelve of her ninety-five years without knowing him. She grew with him, she laughed with him, and she lived with him. She wondered if her life would be written with his when she passed. He stared back at her through her sons and grandsons, and his voice filled every silence. Manfred looked at her with his eyes, eyes he had passed down to his sons and daughter. Konstanz bore his smile, and Georg, named after a King long passed, had gotten his temper. Little Winifred, the most like her, had gotten his heart. Her eyes and ears were tricking her, she knew. A pale imitation of the vivid nightmares her mind had conjured when she thought him gone a lifetime ago. He had given her everything, after all. How could she ever forget him? She had been a mother to many more than four, and he had never begrudged her the need to care for as many as she could, nor her need to worry and fret over him. She had loved abandoned children, and those without any parents to call their own, as if they were hers. As if they were born from her own flesh and blood. She had taken care of Aleksandr, Ileana, Fabian, Matthias, and Wilhelm, for they had let her, and she had happily done so. Had she given them enough? Would they forgive her if she hadn’t? With a soft, barely there breath, Josefina fell into sleep, and suddenly she was twenty-two again, and the tiniest baby rested on her shoulder. Mist filled her eyes as she rocked him, soft humming rising from her chest to lull him to sleep. The child slumbered on, and the world spun on its axis, and there Manfred stood, seventy-three and long since grown, dearest Ravenna beside him with her hand on his shoulder, Alfred and his siblings standing around them. Her arms were open to him, as they always were. As they always had been. And as her eldest approached and laid his head on her shoulder once again, Josefina sighed, content. All he had ever needed to do was accept it for what it was, comfort. Her golden son, with a heart as soft as the metal itself. “You have been the best parent anyone could ever pray for. As perfect as Saint Julia herself.” Little Georg, cradled securely in her arms, struggled and writhed against the blankets she had swaddled him in. She supposed that was fitting. He always had been more content to wander through the world than put down roots. And then he was sixty-eight again and supporting her as she struggled to stand. All Josefina could do was stifle her tears. How she had missed him, her wandering son. Winifred skipped ahead of her next, a carefree smile on her lips, and laughter in the air. Her only daughter. Dear, shy Winifred. A child with her hair and her temper and the name she chose. Josefina wondered where she was now. If she was happy. If she had found all that she sought out of life. She would be sixty-four now. Josefina had celebrated every birthday, she had prayed every day. She wished she had been able to say goodbye. Konstanz came next, her youngest, the final gift God had given her, with his dark blonde hair and his green eyes. The perfect mixture of her and the man who changed the course of her life with a mere word or two. He was so very gentle as he grew, she liked to think at least a little of it had come from her. And then there he stood, the first to help her to her feet when her legs could not hold her, sixty-three with a heart of steel, and Josefina felt pride swell in her heart. The world changed again, and she knew motherhood no more. Youth surrounded her, draped itself over her in waves, and Josefina barely breathed as a shadow she knew she would never forget appeared in her view. Wilheim, all of twelve years old, sat astride his horse with that same confident smirk that she had missed so dearly, and as she reached out to settle her hastily crafted handkerchief in his hand, Josefina realized her body didn’t ache as it had from missing him. This was where she first felt as though all the light in the world had first dawned on her and her alone, even as his shadow bore down upon her. This was where they had begun. Where it had all begun. “You always were the only one who found ease in defeating me, dear.” As she took his hand after bouts both won and lost, Josefina smiled. She was content if this was to be eternity, and even if it wasn’t, she was content to see only this glimpse of what was. She was content to rest.
  9. Frederica Barclay approached Adalfriede bearing new polish and cloth, standing dutifully nearby as the Princess worked.
  10. Frederica Barclay beams at the invitation, setting out to acquire a gift.
  11. Frederica Barclay nodded, satisfied.
  12. Irena Kortrevich coughed and sneezed, an ice pack placed on her head. "...Oh nie. LEONID! LEONID, VY HAVE TO TAKE THE CHILDREN TO THE CORONATION!" She shouted through Koravia from her sickbed. @erictafoya
  13. Frederica Barclay hastened her preparations. The harvest was drawing near.
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