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  1. Klara Elizaveta beams from her spot on the dais!
  2. Klara Elizaveta hiccups, holding the gifts her uncle had given her close as she rocked back and forth within her room at the Winter Palace. "Dravi, Aedypapej..."
  3. Klara Elizaveta climbed the ladder within her room to the screowl perch that sat close to the high windows that allowed light to stream across the floor. Bundled in blankets taken from her bed to ward off the harsh northern winds as she opened the window to look out across the gardens. "Godan will help Papej, won't he, Bruce?" The snowy screowl offered a chirp before going to burrow beneath the blankets with his owner.
  4. Klara Elizaveta signs the Lorraine over herself. "Godan, please protect vyr Pontiff, Everard. He is very dobry, he helped me when Ea was sad. Please protect him."
  5. Eleanora looks down from the Seven Skies with a frown. "May vy have strength, dearest husband @Pureimp10, and come out from this trial a better man..."
  6. WITHOUT RAIN [i] A painting of Eleanora Helaine of Valwyck, Viscountess-Consort of Aurveldt and Baroness-Consort of Mondstadt at twenty-five years old. A delicate hand turned a silver wedding ring about her finger, the silver she insisted it be. Silver seemed to be the color that described her most. Silver jewels, silver skies, silver tears. The sun barely peaked behind the clouds as Eleanora gazed across the way to her chambers, where her husband scribbled diligently at his desk. She brought a handkerchief to her mouth, coughing as she winced and turned away from the balcony. The cloth came back bloodied, as it so often did, and she tossed the linen into the fire. It was so different from the cloth she’d embroidered for her father. Plain. Unadorned. That handkerchief rested in a pocket in the neckline of all her gowns, close to her heart, wrapped around a necklace of silver pearls. No one could know, not when her children were so hopeful she’d be able to spend more time with them. With a deep breath, she lifted a round pill to her lips and slipped it between them, swallowing hard as she chased the pastel with water from the flask she always carried. Frowning at the bitter taste, she turned back toward the balcony, watching her husband with a fond smile. Dearest Isaak, so focused, so determined. Gaunt hands drew a shawl further around her as she turned, gazing out across the water. Valwyck lay within the fog, hosting her brother and his wife and her dearest niece. Her father’s coffin buried deep within, the coffin of his widow buried miles away in Vidaus. Life had not gone where she wanted it to, and Eleanora lifted her skirts, waving off her maid before traipsing down the hills and cliffs toward the water’s edge. It froze over in the winter, and she smiled. How she’d loved to skate across the ice without a care in the world when she was young, barely up to her father’s waist. The waves lapped at the rocky shore, and the Viscountess drifted to sit upon a fallen tree, gazing out into the mist. The walk had left her winded, and a hand lifted to rub at her chest, as if that could ease the burning in her lungs that arose when she pushed herself too hard. With a quiet sigh, Eleanora closed her eyes and remembered. She was a child once more, carefree and happy as she clings to her father’s sleeve. It’s father and daughter against the world, until a mother enters their lives and spreads softness and joy into their keep. A mother who brings three younger siblings and endless laughter. She brings with her a family, grandparents the child never had, more cousins then she could count. Beaming smiles and meals shared at the same table, her father’s gruff manner and her mother’s reserved nature. A mother who secludes herself from the world, though Eleanora could never bring herself to resent the mother who’d been so kind when she’d married her father. She could never resent Marjorie, not when her eldest daughter was named for her, not when her mere presence had brought so much hope. Two friends, attached at the hip as they begin their lives. Crawling turns to walking, and walking turns to running. Gifts exchanged between them, cherished even after years go by. Anxiety, excitement, love, sadness, pain. The embodiment of a sisterly bond. A bond forged in fire and terror, a bond unbroken even by the test of time. The soft brush of moonlight against pale skin, shining grey eyes filled with tears staring into her own as they whisper sweet nothings together in a garden teeming with life. Broken hearts and silent tears mark the end of childhood as fingers intertwine and confessions whispered that shall never be repeated, secrets pass between that shall never see the light of day. The death and rebirth of hearts accompanied by the sweet scent of flowers, even as they carve I love you into each other's souls. Gasps overtook young lungs as Eleanora stood at the front of the basilica, her cousins spreading flowers down the aisle as she took her father’s arm and allowed him to lead her to her future. Her mother hadn’t attended, too busy with her books and her poetry, and Eleanora forced herself to carry on anyways. There the future stands, at the altar, with vibrant red hair and smiling eyes, a hand outstretched to hers, so different from the tearful goodbye all those years ago. Their lips meet in a chaste kiss as applause erupts around them. Their new life has hardly begun before two new lives are added to their family in a private room in the clinic at Karosgrad. Twin children, a son and daughter, who fill their parents’ lives with light and immeasurable happiness. A second daughter is next, followed by a second son. Children laughing as they fill their new home, surrounded by family and godfamily as they flourish and grow. Heartfelt congratulations and sleepless nights as infants cry late into the evening. Four beautiful children she’d cherished before even seeing their faces. Tearfilled eyes as coffins are lowered into the ground. First, a father who shielded her valiantly from all the pain the world had to offer, only for his efforts to be shattered viciously the moment she’d heard the diagnosis. A mother followed, taking her own life and finally abandoning her children for good. It was nothing new, being abandoned by a mother, but it did not hurt any less because it was the second time. Heartache as a cousin who had always done his best to make her laugh and smile took his family and left Karosgrad for good. Health declines as grief grows, and Eleanora offered a crackling laugh to the blue sky. A pang rushed through her that left her gasping for breath, tears slipping down hollow cheeks as she watched the spouts of the whales drift upward from the water. A trembling hand lifted to unfold the handkerchief she kept nearest her heart, clutching the fabric as she felt over silver pearls. The faces of her loved ones passed over her eyes. Her father, her siblings, her husband, her children, her cousins, her friends. She struggled to her feet before collapsing to the ground, a hacking cough leaving her as blood spattered against the gravel. With a gasping breath, she rolled onto her side to face the shore once more. To face Valwyck once more. “Please Godan… let me see it one last time…” The fog never lifted, even as Eleanora Amador took her last breaths. To the denizens of the Aurveldt Viscounty and beyond, It is with great sadness that we, the House of Amador, announce the death of Viscountess-Consort Eleanora Helaine Amador, formerly Baruch. Below lies the final will and testament of Viscountess Amador, which lists various bequeathments to the following persons, and these persons should present themselves at Aurveldt in a timely manner to receive the items left to them by the late Viscountess. TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Statement from the Departed II. Bequeathments and Personal Statements I. STATEMENT FROM THE DEPARTED To my beloved family, If you are reading this, then I have passed to the Seven Skies. I have relished every second I have spent with each of you, and I shall watch over you forevermore until you join me here should Godan will it. I have lived a privileged life compared to most, and I am grateful for that fact. I am grateful that I was able to see so much in my lifetime, that I was able to live my life well. Do not cry, for someday, we shall be reunited. I pray to Godan that you all lead healthy and wonderful lives. That you may never know hardship and suffering, only kindness and compassion. Always know I shall be watching over you, even when it seems as if you have been abandoned. Live your lives well, my dearest loved ones. SIGNED, The Honorable, Eleanora Helaine Amador, Viscountess-Consort of Aurveldt and Baroness-Consort of Mondstadt II. BEQUEATHMENTS AND PERSONAL STATEMENTS To ISAAK AMADOR, should he still be living at the time of my death, I leave all my worldly goods except those mentioned in this final will and testament and those that cannot be bequeathed because of the death of the inheritor or failure to claim their inheritance. I leave to him our children, to care for and to love in junction with their chosen godparents. [i] A letter would be enclosed addressed to Isaak Amador. To ALEKSANDR LUKAS AMADOR, should he still be living at the time of this reading, I leave my arctic fox figurine and my sapphire ring. I leave him the painting of his father and I that hangs in the private wing of the keep at Aurveldt, the one of our wedding day. I leave to him all my worldly goods should the inheritor above have died before him. [i] A letter would be enclosed addressed to Aleksandr Lukas Amador. To SOFIYA MARJOREYA AMADOR, should she still be living at the time of this reading, I leave my string of silver pearls. I leave to her my glass turtle figurine and half of my jewelry collection. [i] A letter would be enclosed addressed to Sofiya Marjoreya Amador. To ANNA KAROLINA AMADOR, should she still be living at the time of this reading, I leave half my jewelry collection and my dresses, to do with as she will. I leave her half my paints, unfinished works, and art supplies. I also leave to her my business, The Azurean Rose Boutique, for her to pass down onto her daughters. [i] A letter would be enclosed addressed to Anna Karolina Amador. To FILIP HIEROMAR AMADOR, should he still be living at the time of this reading, I leave half my paints, unfinished works, and art supplies. I leave to him my beloved pets, a parrot, my hounds, and my cats. [i] A letter would be enclosed addressed to Filip Hieromar Amador. To EIRIK MATYAS BARUCH, should he still be living at the time of this reading, I leave the necklace our dear father, Ruslan Eirik Baruch, gave to me on the day of my wedding. I pray the paintings I had given our father during his lifetime remain in House Baruch’s possession as proof that our father was much loved by all his children. I also beseech him to tell our dearest sisters that I love them, for I know one will not want my words and the other will not understand. [i] A letter would be enclosed addressed to Eirik Matyas Baruch. To PRINZENAS PETRA EMMA, should she still be living at the time of this reading, I leave the enclosed letter, for nothing I can give her will repay her for all she has done for me. [i] A letter would be enclosed addressed to Her Serene Highness, Prinzenas Petra Emma. To KOENAS EMMA KARENINA, should she still be living at the time of this reading, I leave the enclosed letter. [i] A letter would be enclosed addressed to Her Majesty, Koenas Emma Karenina. To KOENG SIGISMUND III, should he still be living at the time of this reading, I leave the drawing I created of him when we were both only children that resides in my jewelry box, as well as my prayers for his health and glory. [i] A letter would be enclosed addressed to His Majesty, Koeng Sigismund III. [OOC: I had a really great time playing Eleanora, but now it's time to move on and dedicate time to the upcoming characters as well as the existing ones who demand more of my time. Special thanks to everyone who helped form her into an awesome character to play, like @Sarmadon @Pureimp10 @sarahbarah @livrose @Xarkly @Gusano @Mady @kaylaa @Herod @MotherLay@tadabug2000 and more! (I can't remember all her kids' forum names, whoops, but you know who you are.) I enjoyed every single second of playing Ellie, thanks to everyone she interacted with to being all around amazing people!]
  7. Eleanora knelt before the alter at the chapel in Aurveldt, her hands clasped and her head bowed as she thought back to her brother. "Exalted Horen and Saint Julia," she murmured softly. "Behold us prostrate at vyr feet, learning by vyr most noble example." The woman paused in her prayers to cough, a hand coming to rest at her collar as she regained her breath. "Through Godan our Lord, grant us peace and harmony, and, through the abundant graces Godan hath given to vy, bless us in times of need and plenty alike."
  8. Eleanora coughed into her handkerchief, shaking her head tiredly as she made her way to the basilica to pray. Klara Elizaveta frowned sadly. "Dravi, Kustiwubintiuminstin..."
  9. Klara Elizaveta places a polar bear plush beside her newest brother, beaming happily. "Ea am give vy lots and lots of plushies, Josef!"
  10. FIFTH NAME DAY EXTRAVAGANZA [i] A painting of the Royal House celebrating Prinzenas Klara Elizaveta’s fifth name day sits here. Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik, Her Serene Highness, Prinzenas Klara Elizaveta, Duchess of Baranya, formally invites the people of Hanseti-Ruska and the honorable invitees below to her fifth name day celebration in the Nikirala Prikaz. Attendees will be expected to wear white carnations, Her Highness’ favorite flower. The festivities shall begin with a magnificent feast, where Her Highness shall be presented with marvelous gifts, an exorbitant amount of pastries, and an exquisite name day cake. After the feast, Her Serene Highness shall invite the attending youth out into the gardens to search for a hutch of animals that have been released, with each chicken signifying one point, each rabbit signifying three points, and the singular fox signifying ten points. The winner shall receive a bag of sweets and a sash. INVITATIONS WOULD BE SENT TO: His Grace, Eirik Baruch, Duke of Valwyck and his noble pedigree His Grace, Ailred var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus and his noble pedigree The Right Honorable, Vladrik Kortrevich, Count of Jerovitz and his noble pedigree The Right Honorable, Johann Barclay, Count of Reinmar and his noble pedigree The Honorable, Isaak Amador, Viscount of Aurveldt and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Robert Ludovar, Baron of Otistadt and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Sigmar Mondblume, Baron of Richtenburg and his noble pedigree His Royal Highness, Otto Morovar, Baron of Ghaestenwald and his noble pedigree The Allies of Hanseti-Ruska SIGNED, Her Royal Majesty, Koenas Emma Karenina, Queen of Hanseti-Ruska Her Serene Highness, Prinzenas Klara Elizaveta, Duchess of Baranya [OOC: To be held in the Nikirala Prikaz on the 2nd of December at 5 PM EST.)
  11. The young Klara Elizaveta wanders into her chambers, shocked at the nights events. She fell into a restless sleep, before waking to a nightmare and running to her aunt, Princess Anastasya Isabel, for comfort, all the while holding her plush ram that her grandmother gave her and the Lorraine cross she hadn't been able to return to Anne Josephine.
  12. Writ of Banishment Of Ser Snottyus of Karosgrad Ser Flemius being beaten by the Order of Rooftop Dwellers, circa SA 51 FOREVER MAY HOONSE PROSPER, After the grave slight of Ser Flemius of Karosgrad against Her Royal Majesty, Koenas Klara of Hoonseti Rooska, he is hereby banished forevermore from all lands and holdings of Hoonseti Rooska. With this writ comes the information that Her Royal Majesty has been forced to flee Hoonse, when pursued into the vast and glorious lands of her kingdom! Pursued by the wicked Margot Baruch and Her Majesty’s own treacherous aunt. Now, she has been dragged, unwillfully back to Karosgrad, and denounces the actions of all involved parties. Her Royal Majesty also declares the establishment of The Order of the Rooftop Dwellers, knights of Hoonseti Ruska dedicated to protecting their Koenas. Her Royal Majesty also declares that Osric Tsecsar is hereby created a knight under the Order of Rooftop Dwellers, forever more to be known as Ser Osric 'The Loyal'. SIGNED, Her Royal Majesty, Klara Elizaveta, Koenas of Hoonse
  13. Klara Elizaveta gasps with swiftly growing horror as she hears of her uncle's disappearance, running toward her father with tear stained cheeks. "Papej! Papej! Aedypapej Philip am missing!" @Xarkly
  14. The Grand Lady frowns from within her office, having just received a report on the recent rumors buzzing about. Eleanora scoffed at the third rumor, shaking her head. "Such bold words within Her Majesty's court. The Koenas will niet be pleased, and nor am Ea. Ea always knew the girl was trouble, may her new husband escape from her wretchedness forthwith!" The woman signed the Lorraine over herself as she thought back to simpler times. KIara Elizaveta frowns heavily as she listens to the gossip from her spot in the upper levels of the royal library. Bastard, they whispered. Immoral. The young prinzenas had no use for such words, and therefore, did not know them. But, upon mention of her dearest friend's fiancé, Klara dove into her encyclopedias that her various tutors had provided, a nasty snarl dawning her face as she found the definitions. "If it am his, Ea am kick Rice again! And Ea nie say szam!" The girl fumed before frowning and attempting to sign the Lorraine a few times for the child. For, in her world, a tiny baby was still innocent of all evil, just like her dearest brothers.
  15. Klara Elizaveta urged her pet screowl, Bruce, further with each toss of the small ball she'd brought outside, the animal eagerly bringing it back to his mistress each time. What happened at Cheval Hall, the toddler could not understand, for her own father had only ever treated her with love and kindness. "Maybe the world am niet as dobry as Karosgrad is..."
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