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  1. FORMAT: Alex Username: crazedpudding Discord: pudding#7426 Skin you want: Scarlet Dubois
  2. Chen Wenya smiles as she tunes her erhu in preparation for the play.
  3. Zara Al-Ulamah looks over the wedding preparations with a delicate eye before spotting a random Hamad scarfing down some refreshments. "Not the kunafa!"
  4. [i] A desert falcon lands before you, carrying a scroll of parchment within it’s talons. ❂☽✵☾❂ Sheikh Hakim Bin Mutayr Al-Hattan and Zara Bint Ahmad Al-Ulamah of the Fakhr Tribe invite the following to celebrate their upcoming marriage within the tribe’s Musjid in the Oasis of the Kharasi deserts. ❂☽✵☾❂ Invitations to the following would be sent out especially, although every friend to the tribe is welcome. The Sheikhs of Al-Haybah and Al-Hamad, and the Sheikha of Al-Ulamah The Fakhr Tribesmen HIH, Princess Wilhelmina Beatrix, Duchess of Helena and Col
  5. Sapphira Loretta Al-Nabeel, Sultana of the previous Sultanate, looks over the paper with sadness in her eyes. "Is this what we have become? No more than men and women taken by the petty squabbles of how to worship? Why must there be violence until one faith reigns supreme? Are we all not Allah's children? Do we all not share the same core beliefs?" Zara Al-Ulamah frowns, frightened at the thought of being attacked for her faith before moving to her Aunt's tent with quick steps, gathering the tiffls as she went.
  6. Chen Wenya would sigh quietly as she cleaned the bedrooms of the Chen House, waving dust rags out the windows to usher in the New Century with cleanliness. Unfortunately, the same could not be done for the streets of Talon's Port.
  7. Chen Wenya runs through the musical arrangement once more for today, smiling at her sister Yunya as they finish practice. @tadabug2000
  8. Zara Al-Ulamah dons her burka with continued solemnity to mourn her fallen cousin and support the Sheikhess in her quest for vengeance.
  9. Sapphira Loretta shakes her head in dismay before beginning to pray to Allah for peace.
  10. Sapphira Loretta finishes reading with a smile as she puts down the document before returning to her work.
  11. Sapphira Loretta nods her approval at the announcement as she dons a hijab, a tradition of the faith she has converted to.
  12. The Union of The Korvassa The Sayyid, “Al-Mujjadid”, the Sultan of Korvassa, Sheikh of Al-Faiz and Prince of Vitenna, hereby announces the date of his wedding to the Lady Sapphira Loretta, regent of the Principality of Vitenna. His Majesty henceforth invites the following to this joyous occasion, and hopes you will all join him in celebrating the union of the South. Invitations The Kingdom of Haense and its peoples. The Free State of Sutica and its peoples. The Orenian Empire and its peoples. The Sovereign Nation of Ta
  13. Sapphira Loretta signs the document, whispering under her breath one final time. “Per Stato e Gloria.”
  14. Lady Sapphira Loretta signs the document before looking off in the direction of ViraBay. “Per STATO e GLORIA.”
  15. Sapphira Loretta cried “Per Stato e Gloria!” as she read over the document.
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