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Found 4 results

  1. Zvaervauld Honeydrops Issued naf zwy 14th hag i Joma ag Umund i 462 ES. Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik, With the production of Zvaervauld lilac honey now consistently underway, House Weiss has sought to expand beyond the raw product into more refined goods. Given the sweet and delectable taste of honey we saw no venture more fit for the first expansion than an irresistible candy: honeydrops. Honeydrops are a hard candy, crafted with care by our dedicated artisans. By mixing sugar, water and lemon juice then heating the mixture we get a solid base for the creation of our hard candies. Our signature lilac honey is then added to the mix, stirred and all is caramelised until the hard-crack stage. At this point, we pour the mixture into moulds and allow the candies to set. Then off they go - straight to your tummy! For an endearing flare, we take the extra time to craft moulds of all bee-related varieties. When you buy a pack of mouth-watering honeydrops you’ll find yourself with bees, hives, honeycombs, and flowers (especially lilac, of course!). Get your first un-bee-lievable pack today! Sold on Market Stall III. Tested and accredited by the youngest of Weiss! Iv Joveo Mann, His Lordship, Armsman Audo Weiss Her Excellency, Dame Via Weiss, Knight Paramount of Hoonseti-Ruska Lady Sierra Weiss
  2. Zvaervauld Lilac Honey Issued naf zwy 13th hag i Msitza ag Dargund i 461 ES. Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik, House Weiss introduces its first batch of lilac honey this Saint’s day. With a selection of rolling fields belonging to our great king being left under our protection comes an opportunity to expand the commerce of the realm internally and externally. We have chosen the first export we will invest time into: honey. For some it is a delectable snack, for others a medicinal wonder. Tender practices and attentive care has allowed the lands surrounding Staalgrav to flourish in the vibrant pinks and purples of blooming lilac. Within such oceans of petals we have established strong colonies of persistent honey bees, all who work diligently to create the lilac honey of the future. For these bees we have provided only the most quality of man-made hives with roomy confines and easily removable racks that have been hand-carved with the utmost vigilance to mimic the internal starting structure of a colony: a love letter to the wonder of Godan’s Creation. Though we have tried our best, we have found that some bees inevitably prefer nature. To encourage the utmost comfort for our hard workers (and to gain the tastiest of honey) we also allow the construction of natural hives. With great effort, we ensure that we disturb these small worlds as little as possible. Whichever the source, we can assure the quality of our Zvaervauld lilac honey. Sold on Market Stall III or speak to Audo Weiss. Iv Joveo Mann, His Lordship, Audo Weiss
  3. THE FIRST CENTENNIAL MISS ALMARIS PAGEANT 5th of The First Brae, Second Era Year 69. Trumpet Fanfare Medieval HEAR YE, HEAR YE! Daughters of Almaris, The Eternal Lordship of Du Loc extends its warm greetings and offers unto you the single greatest opportunity of your lives! Bear witness, for The Eternal Lordship of Du Loc thusly announces that it will be hosting the First Centennial Miss Almaris Pageant! Occurring once a century, this contest seeks to determine who is the most elegant and beautiful of women on the whole of the continent. May the victor be doused with many roses and shiny doubloons. The requirements for entry are thus: THERE ARE NONE! Do you doubt yourself because you may be a Dwarf or an Ork? Perhaps you are disheartened because of your feeble age? By Quentin Brae’s smoothen bod, even a man can enter this contest and pry an upset victory from the shooken frames of the womanly beast. All that matters is that YOU, the esteemed applicant, acquire the most Golden Braes during the contest -- trough efforts of beguilement and femininity. The Pageant shall be broken up into three smaller contests, from which the Golden Braes shall be distributed dependent upon the performance. At maximum, only three Golden Braes may be awarded per contestant within each category; it also remains possible that a contestant will earn ZERO Golden Braes! THE CONTESTS ARE THUS The Charisma Check The Garment Flaunt The Gauntlet of Torment The “Charisma Check” shall see the participants showcasing their ambitions and personality to the judges. The women who prove the most interesting will be awarded the most Golden Braes. The “Garment Flaunt” shall have the participants showcase their finest attire. Be it a dress, armor, body-forming leather or any other variant garment. She who has the most inspired and aesthetically pleasing drip shall win the most Golden Braes. The “Gauntlet of Torment” shall present to the participants the ultimate challenge in parkour skill in but a single attempt. Those who pass the third checkpoint will be awarded three Golden Braes, whilst those who complete it in its entirety will be awarded an unheard of fourth Golden Brae! Lastly, should the Pageant come down to a neck-and-neck tie, the winner shall be determined through the HONEY BOWL BRAWL. After all, what good is a nubile woman if she cannot cause your brains to leak out your nose with a frying pan? THE WINNER OF THE PAGEANT SHALL BE REWARDED THUSLY The Esteemed Title of “Miss Almaris”. The Key to Immortality 1000 Mina. The Pageant shall be held in the Eternal Lordship of Du Loc, ia Year’s Time, upon the month of Sun’s Smile, Second Era Year 69. [OOC: Sunday, April 3rd at 9 PM EST.] APPLICATION Name: Race: Age: Gender: Does the Applicant waive any and all liability on behalf of the Eternal Lordship of Du Loc should they end up maimed, disfigured, disgraced, and/or murdered [Y/N]?:
  4. [!] A note is pinned to the Honeyhill Noticeboard Da Honey Harvest! The village bees grow fat and large with all of the honey they've been accumulating! We must take some of their honey for ourselves so that the bees have room to take more! Thus, next Pumpkin Day I will lead a small band o' us halflings around the village to gather up all the honey we can. -Filibert Applefoot, Elder of Honeyhill ((7 PM EST, tomorrow the 23rd of February, 2022))
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