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  1. Audo fell silent at the news, giving a small shake of his head. Life was crumbling to nothing - bit by bit, piece by piece.
  2. While it's important to be aware of gender bias, I also think examining something like LOTC for this kind of experience is rather strange. Playing on LOTC I don't expect to be treated as an equal irply in any given situation between the variety of races, beliefs and cultural practices. I also don't really want to always be treated as an equal - I want a fantasy realm with culture and culture does include the concept of gender bias and gender roles, and how your character interacts with those concepts is important and can greatly lend to your character's arc. In other words, I'm entirely okay with discrimination in a roleplay setting because I am not my character and I find those kinds of conflicts far more interesting and much less grating than some petty argument or getting hounded over one or two actions a character has done. I've also regularly played male and female characters in various rp communities - being assumed a male or a female is not exclusive to LOTC it's a logical extension of the information we do have because humans innately like patterns and we extend what knowledge we know naturally. It's not really particularly relevant to LOTC nor is it true bias imo, it's just a matter of ease and convenience of communication - if you play a male, expect to be assumed male. If you play a female, expect to be assumed female. If you don't want those assumptions to persist, politely correct someone. Moreover, as someone has pointed out this isn't a very good comparison. It's heavily skewed and offers a flawed, anecdotal experience which focuses its language on highlighting the negatives when it seems quite clear that although you were passed around on your very young female persona the community was going out of its way to ensure you had someone to rp with. Overall, I think coming at any fantasy realm with the idea that because I experienced [x] in roleplay therefore [y] is true OOCly is a dangerous and unhealthy mindset which should be looked at cautiously. There are times when this is appropriate, and there are times when it is not. from reading this, to me, it sounds like a time where it is not appropriate.
  3. After the return of Stanislaw, Audo Weiss fetched him some water, some Carrion Black and a fresh bowl of Ukha for when he awoke. He left little to the public eye of his family, especially given tensions rising to a duel. However, once confined to the solidarity of his room in the halls of Staalgrav he closed his eyes and took a breath. "Spasivo, GOD... spasiva..." He muttered, raising his hands to wipe joyful tears away from his automaton eye and the topaz he now bore. All the suffering he had lived through - that his family has lived through - could finally be over. And, now, vengeance could be sought in earnest.
  4. Viscount, now Lord, Audo Weiss stood aside with his wife as she tended his wounds - those that needed tending. The duo seemed to mill amongst themselves in the aftermath as they calmed and came to terms with the new Weiss Order, the letter freshly penned by a servant who had listened to Audo dictate. "Tu ordak?" Veronica asked as her gaze moved to scan her husband, taking in his scrapes and bruises - his broken nose and bloodied cuffs. Moving to spit disinfectant unfracefully into a bowl, his lost tooth somewhere upon the tiles of Staalgrav. "Ai... ai, eam ordak. This was always bound to happen. Ea always planned to fight him..." He rumbled, retrospectively wondering if perpetuating such ideas was beneficial. "Ea know tu did." Veronica said, taking the bowl with a nonchalance, ever so used to the gruff and rowdy nature of the family she had joined, and very much become a part of. "Does it feel freeing? Just being a lord again?" She then enquired, assessing Audo for all the things he'd never quite say unprompted. A small smile crossed Audo's lips. "...Rather freeing. Ea always hated that throne." He rumbled, peering to the ivory throne that sat upon the dias, faint scratch marks upon the legs made years ago from some long forgotten toy. "Ea know. Ea never liked mine either!" She chuckled, gladly. And as the two chatted and settled into their retirement from the peerage Audo eventually scooped Veronica from her feet, the two twirling with a a bubbly, shared laughter. For all the two had fought and stressed - despite all their disagreements - they very much found themselves on the same wavelength, very much like the pair they used to be many years ago...
  5. Letter of Abdication Penned by Royal Captain, Ser Audo Weiss Naf zwy hag 23rd i Msitza ag Dargund i 492 ES To his Royal Majesty and the esteemed peers of the Kingdom of Haenseti-Ruska, I write this letter to confirm my own abdication and acknowledgement of Vikomit Walter Weiss as the rightful holder of the Vikomit van Novkursain, ve Bossirzem van Zvaervauld and Ve Kastell i Staalgrav, whom in a manner befitting our heritage has claimed his position by right of strength. Let it be known that before GOD I cede myself from all landed titles, granting my heir, Vikomit Walter Weiss, the responsibility of family patriarch. From this the publication of this letter, he assumes all rights and privileges allotted to peers of our most beloved kingdom. In addition, he shall also take the position of Lovacz of the Weiss Council with which to preside over justly and with wisdom. And so it comes that I follow the footsteps of my father, abdicating my peerage while still alive, with my son and heir having proven his dedication and strength before me. I hope that have guided my family rightly, and that such teachings will continue to the future generations of Weiss. And unto the kingdom I do hope my contributions have served well, though I shall continue to dutifully serve regardless of privileges. I have no doubt that Vikomit Walter Weiss will serve with the same fervour that I have, and my father before me. Krusae zwy Kongzem; Va ve Maan Iv Joveo Mann, His Lordship, Ser Audo Weiss, Jovenaar of the Crown, Meyster Knight of the Order of the Crow and Royal Captain of the Brotherhood of St. Karl
  6. The Captain looked to the missive, giving a simple, subtle, shake of his head at the belligerent manner which had necessitated the response from a supposed brother-in-arms. His visage was aged and strained more than ever, very much eroded by the workload and stress he was under each waking, and oft sleepful, moment. He folded it up, setting it aside from his pile of unending work. "By goodness Ser Andrik is just like Haus. Nieauwn keeping him on a leash." He grumbled, waving fourth a servant so that he might pen a new missive. "The sins of familia do niet reflect all among them. He should be thankful for that." He grumbled bitterly. "GODspeed to vy, Rolim, borsa." He added somewhat more quietly, under his breath.
  7. Ser Audo Weiss peered to the missive with jaded eyes, knowing, of course, the death of the prior duke was no accident. He knew Aleksandr to certainly be a terrible man with a taste for power and age only seemed to strengthen his boldness. "His end should have come all the sooner, by the koeng." He took a breath before giving his head a slight shake. As much as Viktor had proved more tolerable than most Rutherns, it could not be overlooked that at the top of one of their ducal vassals now sat a kinslayer and, arguably, a blatant murderer. As much as part of him was glad - and part sour - that Aleksandr was finally dead, this turn of events could surely not be overlooked.
  8. Ser Audo Weiss rolled his wheelchair to more solitary confines once home, moving to rub his fist. Talinn's hand, in an act perhaps a little sickly, he had so placed in a preservation jar. He still did wonder if issuing a beating over lashings was the right call, and yet, he had orders he'd recieved to fulfill. Perhaps it didn't matter, for it seemed that the man was filth anyway and there never was anything to teach him. A stain upon the world. "Good riddance." He eventually muttered to himself.
  9. [!] A missive of warning is pinned in various locations around Valdev A WARNING TO CITIZENS Penned by ROYAL CAPTAIN SER AUDO WEISS Naf zwy 19th hag i Msitza ag Dargund i 491 E.S. Va ve Edlervik, With local undead activity it is advised that all citizens take the utmost precautions when traveling the roads. This includes but is not limited to: Travelling with trusted groups Avoiding isolated areas, even within cities Carrying weaponry at all times, including that of aurum To plan your journey beforehand, including knowing the nearest defensible settlement If you encounter undead do not engage; flee to the nearest defensible settlement and alert the guards. It is additionally advised that citizens avoid forested areas, with a notable number of recent disappearances occurring. Furthermore, the appearance of a vile and eerie beast of unknown nature around the forests of Valdev ought warrant caution. This creature is known to entice people to trade. It is recommended that if you encounter this creature to avoid it further at all costs. If you so happen to trade with it, do not consume or use whatever it provides. Iv Joveo Mann, His Honourable, Ser Audo Weiss, Viscount of Novkursain, Baron of Zvaervauld, Jovenaar of the Crown, Meyster Knight of the Order of the Crow, Royal Captain of the Brotherhood of St. Karl
  10. PRINCESS RESCUED A declassified report of the Victory against Cultist Forces Issued by ROYAL CAPTAIN SER AUDO WEISS Naf zwy 19th hag i Msitza ag Dargund i 491 E.S. The Preparations On the 6th of Tov ag Yermey 490 ES, A small strike force of loyal soldiers of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, Crow Knights and Landsers marched to rescue Her Highness Isabel Theodora from the cultist forces which had dared to abduct her. Prior to any brief, a handful of soldiers sought the location of the cultist’s base which was found within a number of days. With the aid of Armsman Ryba Volkov-Novikov, a small scouting outing was formed to assess the battlements and positioning of the cultists, allowing for the formulation of an attack plan. A brief was presented by Captain Audo Weiss consisting of the attack plan against the cultist forces. The strike force was split into three squadrons, led by Ser Andrik var Ruthern, Ser Konstanz Barclay and Captain Audo Weiss. Ser Andrik var Ruthern and his forces were to comprise a frontal assault, using whatever force necessary to enter through the reinforced front door. Ser Konstanz Barclay and his forces formed a flank assault and, equipped with smoke whispers and grappling hooks, were to ascend the walls in a secondary attack. Captain Audo Weiss and his forces were to assault from behind, with the primary goal of surrounding the tower and preventing escape for any lone cultists or, moreover, those with the princess. The Assault The cultist forces were quick to notice the approaching forces, leading to a rain of arrows and forcing a hasty split of each designated flank, Ser Andrik positioned himself to the South, Ser Konstanz to the East and Captain Audo Weiss to the North East. Ser Andrik led first an assault with arrows, before moving close to the single true entrance. This door caused some issues for the squadron, being unable to be bashed down while being reinforced by the enemy forces within. To slow the assault, a number of cultists leapt from the tower, striking the force from behind and causing grievous injury to some Haeseni forces. The squad was able to mount a counter-attack, before some quick thinking from Armiger Demitrey Novikov allowed the foe to be weakened through the use of Alchemist’s Fire. Once gaining entry into the gatehouse, they became trapped but were aided by the likes of Ser Konstanz and Klaus Helfgott, who had become separated from their own squad. After successfully repelling the attack the forces, defended by Ser Andrik’s tower shield, were able to breach the tower and lay waste to the enemy within, able to successfully and quickly act to retrieve the bound princess with the aid of other flanks. Ser Konstanz led his forces, hidden in the foliage, to the side of the tower ordering the troops to bear their smoke whispers until the last moment to cover their assault. Upon which, each potion was cast and the wall was covered in a plume of thick smoke. Throwing the grappling hooks, the three lines were secured before they began their assent. Ser Konstanz’ line snapped, while the line of an accompanying lander was cut. With the commander below sight the walls, Wilhelm von Berkhoven took over command. Under the command of Wilhelm von Berkhoven the few remaining members of the squadron, with the aid of a concussive spell from Armiger Haus Weiss, swiftly and skillfully took control of the walls removing any advantage the cultists may have retained. The squadron was able to move in alongside that of Ser Andrik’s forces to dispatch any threats to the princess, and eliminate any remaining cultists. Captain Audo moved his forces to the furthest position while retaining cover from the foliage. Unseen, their initial assault of arrows was able to land by surprise, eliminating some of the cultist forces on the walls.Return-fire was caught upon defending shields before a charging shield wall commenced to reach the walls of the tower. Captain Audo was struck by an arrow in the knee, resulting in him taking shelter behind his shield as he ordered the forces onward. Unable to leverage a shield, Armiger Haus teleported himself upon the battlement, and with his vantage point was able to concuss the enemy forces engaged with the landers and subsequently could aid in defending the princess directly. The remaining forces, still under the command of Captain Audo, below took cover below the lip of the castellations, before moving to surround the tower to ensure no cultist could escape with their lives nor the princess. Our forces suffered three critical injuries, mainly from arrow-fire, with zero deaths. In return, the entirety of the cultist presence was systematically eradicated and the princess was retrieved. Krusae Zwy Kongzem, His Honourable, Ser Audo Weiss, Viscount of Novkursain, Baron of Zvaervauld, Jovenaar of the Crown, Meyster Knight of the Order of the Crow, Royal Captain of the Brotherhood of St. Karl
  11. Ser Audo Weiss peered upon the missive before letting it flop to his chest as he laid back, both feet bandaged and agony to walk upon. The pleas of the Princess - of his sobrina - wrought his gut. Between a child that disappears, one that thinks so lowly of the family as to lie, his son in at least two pieces, and the unknown outcome of such a missive, he was beginning to feel somewhat hopeless cooped up under a royal order to rest... and yet surrendering to such a feeling was not an option. Callously, he scrunched up the missive and threw it to the floor. His gaze turned to the servant by him, continuing, instead, to dictate to them the missives and reports he needed to make, albeit, sounding awfully more vitriolic than prior.
  12. Upon investigating the problem, the Captain saw very few beavers. In fact, he could only see one very angry beaver upon the throne. Regardless, a Royal call had been made and the Brotherhood will answer!
  13. Ser Audo Weiss grumbled at the missive and how menial it was. He had considerably larger concerns... If anything, he was impressed anybody was foolish enough to get close enough to be bitten. And his own niece, no less!
  14. Ser Audo Weiss sat back in his living room in the Weiss manor, not quite bothering to stoke the fire. His gaze peered into the empty pit of the fireplace as shadows drenched the living room - only the faint glow of his automata eye casting a subtle blue highlight to his face. After a day of meetings, of aiding hands outstretched, of condolences and meaningless nothings he finaly had the chance to take in everything that had happened. He moved himself to the kitchen, hobbling with his singular crutch. Cracked and dented, the cast on his right leg still held after his assault of it in the square. Methodically, he poured himself a glass of Carrion Black in the dark and, then, he poured a second. He slid the second glass across from himself, glaring at it with an intensity as he recalled receiving the letter. And he recalled the unceremonious visage of Stanislaw's arm crumpled in a bag. "Stay strong, padrevar. We're coming." He promised in a gruff grumble to himself before downing his Carrion in one singular swig. His glare only hardened in the next moment. "Va ve Maan."
  15. Ser Audo Weiss sat in his office as he filed through each piece of paperwork after paperwork. His weight creaked back in his as his gaze cast out the window, then sliding up to the Weiss and de Pelear pendant, united in both halves that dangled above the window. His youngest by blood had grown up. How fast life had gone by... Deeply, he inhaled before he set about continuing his work.
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