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Found 14 results

  1. Year 174 of the Second Age 30/03/2024 ISSUED BY: The Obsidian Throne ᛏᚺᛖ ᚾᛖᚹ ᚷᚱᚨᚾᛞ ᚲᛁᛜ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚾᛖᚹ ᚷᚱᚨᚾᛞ ᚲᛁᛜ YOTH BRATHMORDAKIN NA YOTH URGUAN ᛁᛟᚦ ᛒᚱᚨᚦᛗᛟᚱᛞᚨᚲᛁᚾ ᚾᚨ ᛁᛟᚦ ᚢᚱᚷᚢᚨᚾ I hereby issue a retelling of my coronation to inform those who could not attend my coronation of what happened and who attended. So that all Urguans folk may know that I Grelu Khron’edhekal has been crowned as the rightful Grand King of Urguan in the name of our ancestors and our holy Brathmordakin. The Coronation of Grand King Grelu Irgard ᛏᚺᛖ ᚲᛟᚱᛟᚾᚨᛏᛟᚾ ᛟᚠ ᚷᚱᚨᚾᛞ ᚲᛁᛜ ᚷᚱᛖᛚᚢ ᛁᚱᚷᚨᚱᛞ The throne room of Urguan was filled with visitors from all across Aevos, notable guest attendees were Illthrak Ibarellan, Prince Royarch of Celia’nor, King Cyris Collingwood the First and Rex Klog’Akaal. [!] The halls of Urguan were filled with curious dwarves and foreigners who awaited to see the coronation of the newly elected Grand King of Urguan. The dwarves have a proud tradition of electing their kings, unlike the folk of Aevos, so to them, their kings are elected on the basis of consent and the will of the people. Not some arbitrary lineage that deems someone to be able to be Grand King of Urguan. The throne room was filled with chatter and talk, many displaying banners of their clans as a way to represent their heritage and display themselves to the greater world. But as time passed, a march could be heard in the throne room. A retinue of dwarves in red and black, who carried the black ram banner with shields adorned with the sigil of clan Irgard, would enter the throne room. They would proclaim, “Kazamar Khron’edhekal hereby presents all of Urguans folk with the new Grand King of Urguan, Grelu Khron’edhekal, the 38th Grand King of Urguan to step before the throne to take upon him the Kingly oaths and duties!” Grelu, aged 86, would step forth, his red golem eye shining brightly like a beacon filled with warm rays of light. He would take the steps up to the throne. He would then kneel before the crown and Thazzaer Grandaxe, who would hold the ceremony. Grelu was kneeling before the crown he had personally made as a new crown of Urguan, not to make himself seem greater than any King before him but a crown that he felt worthy of carrying. As to Grelu, who in his own mind had and always will be a soldier, did not feel he was worthy of the platinum and sapphire crown. So he has crafted a crown of daemonsteel so it may weigh heavy on the head and remind future kings that their duties and burdens are heavy. A crown adorned with runes of all Brathmordakin and finely carved gems of orange topaz so that it was in the colours of the banner of the Grand Kingdom. A crown was made to humble all future kings so that they could later carry the ancestral crown as true kings of Urguan. Thazzaer Grandaxe would call Grelu to swear upon the Brathmordakin, his name and his ancestors to be a wise, just and fair King. A King who does not dishonour the glorious legacy of Urguans great name and lineage. Grelu would reply that he would act according to his creed and not forsake his vows or his people, not for glory, gain, or fame. After stating such, the crown was placed upon his head, and Grelu took the fateful steps up the throne and seated himself. Grelu looked upon the crowd, and his words from the top of the throne were: “Urguans folk and Yrromar, this day, you are witnessing history being made. Let it be known that this day marks a new era for Urguan. An era in which Urguan will no longer let disrespect and ill upon the name of our Great Kingdom and our people happen or slide. Let it be known that I, Grelu Irgard, will not accept any slights upon my honourable folk. To those who do such ills, your names will be remembered, recorded, and written in the Book of Grudges so that future generations may know and remember such slights. Either you can mend such ills and be pardoned, or you can show your true colours of deceit and evil so that I may know to destroy you. Mark my words!” With such words, the halls were filled with cheers of patriotism and pride as dwarves of elder, common, and clanless cheered, and the disrespect upon them by others was to be no more. “Narvak oz Urguan! Narvak oz Grelu! Kavir oz Kaznokmar!” Signed, Grelu Khron’edhekal, Grand King of Urugan, Clanfather of the Irgard, Priest of Dungrimm, son of Greldyn Khron’edhekal, Son of Jorik Grandaxe
  2. Year 172 of the Second Age 14/03/2024 ISSUED BY: OBSIDIAN THRONE ᚨᚾ ᛁᚾᚢᛁᛏᚨᛏᛟᚾ ᛏᛟ ᚦᛖ ᛞᚹᚨᚱᚢᛖᚾ ᚲᛟᚱᛟᚾᚨᛏᛟᚾ ᚨᚾ ᛁᚾᚢᛁᛏᚨᛏᛟᚾ ᛏᛟ ᚦᛖ ᛞᚹᚨᚱᚢᛖᚾ ᚲᛟᚱᛟᚾᚨᛏᛟᚾ YOTH BRATHMORDAKIN NA YOTH URGUAN ᛁᛟᚦ ᛒᚱᚨᚦᛗᛟᚱᛞᚨᚲᛁᚾ ᚾᚨ ᛁᛟᚦ ᚢᚱᚷᚢᚨᚾ Preamble As the coronation of Grand King Grelu Irgard draws near, it is imperative that the Aevosi community and all its realms witness the spectacle of the new King ascension to the highest office within the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. All nations and all leaders are welcome to this bountiful affair, and shall thus receive letters to note the occasion. The following are registered as current allies of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and are requested to attend this coronation: Invitees Aleksandr II of The Kingdom of Haenseti-Ruska Shugo Kato of The Moonlit Land of Nor’velyth Ramona of The Sovereignty of Hyspia Illthrak Ibarellan of The Principality of Celia’nor Tar-Caraneth Aryante of The Kingdom of Numendil All are welcome to this coronation regardless. May this notice reach the invitees and all those who seek to attend in good health! NARVAK OZ URGUAN! NARVAK OZ BRATHMORDAKIN! NARVAK OZ GRELU! Signed, GRELU KHRON’EDHEKAL Grand King of Urugan, Clanfather of Clan Irgard, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik
  3. Year 170 of the Silver Age 3/03/2024 [!] A letter would be sent around Urguan stamped with the crest of Urguan’s folk with a grey wax piece and a black wax piece with a ram's head that read: Dwarves of Urguan and beyond! The abdication of Grand King Sigrun Stonehammer pains us all. He did many great things for Urguan, long may he live. We sons and daughters of Urguan are at a crossroads. Either we can choose to believe we will never be greater than our past or we can look to the future. OUR MIGHT I have served in the Urguani Legion for many battles under the former Grand King, and I have dedicated myself to the revival of our forces personally. I will drive out decadence, laziness and complacency within the dwedmar. Under my leadership, we shall no longer take such disrespect from our enemies. The Legion shall honour those who have performed their duty in battle by medals, and honour those who gave their lives. The Dwedmar must show honour! We shall fulfil our grudges against the Azdrazi, the Khorvadic debearders and slaughters We shall avenge the seven they have slayed, in the name of Darek Irongrinder. The wrongs must be put right! The Workforce shall be reinvigorated, our forges ignited, to produce a steady supply of equipment from the Legion. Potions, weapons, armour, ore and siege engines! The excess shall be sold to yrromar for profit, to ensure consistent payment for our Legionnaires. OUR CLANS The Clans have lingered in idleness. They are the foundation of our Kingdom and no longer shall we bicker and squabble between ourselves. I call upon the banners of Urguan to unite! May the Irehearts slay our enemies! May the Starbreaker carve the golems! May the Ironguts record our knowledge! May the Grandaxes brew our drinks for generations! May the Frostbeards cut the waves! May the Goldhand earn their coin! May the Doomforge light our fires! May the Stonehammer crush the wicked! May the Hefrummo tend our wilds! May the Grimgolds engineer our contraptions! May the Irongrinder cast great magic! May the Irongates fill our ranks! To increase cooperation between Clans, I shall host Clanmoots often. This will allow the clans to communicate freely with each other, and keep the affairs of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan transparent to the public. In addition to this, it will encourage newer clans to contribute, and idle clans to reawaken so that they may sit on the Council. OUR FAITH With da Kirkja Dverga slowly being revived, I shall do my utmost as Grand King to ensure piety amongst the dwedmar, and that the da Kirkja Dverga can conduct its teachings properly so that more dwedmar can honour the Brathmordakin. OUR HOARD To grow our reserves of mina and precious materials, our international stalls shall be distributed to our merchants to operate. This will coincide with the increased production from the Workforce, to ensure plenty of goods are available for sale. OUR CITY With our growing hoard, I will employ the best dwarven architects to ensure the speedy reconstruction of our Capital city. OUR ALLIES With the end of the War, our attention shall be turned to the Western sphere for the realm focusing only on our closest neighbours and ourselves, to ensure that we are allied only with those with dwarven interests at heart. I, GRELU KHRON’EDHEKAL Grand Marshal of Urguan, priest of Dungrimm, Clanfather of Khron’edhekal, son of Greldyn Khron’edhekal, son of Jorik Braveaxe will do my duty. The Grand Kingdom of Urguan needs a new King! I’m willing to do what is needed for the good of the realm! I’m willing to sacrifice, I’m willing to die for all of you! It won’t be for power, it won’t be for coin, it won’t be for titles. It will be for the good of the realm that I will be the candidate for Grand King of Urguan! I must recite who has called upon me to run as the true candidate for Grand King: Grimni Goldhand, Onora Mossborn, Gallio Grandaxe, Thazzaer Grandaxe, Ulfar Starbreaker, Dor’nal Hammerfist, The Movement, Hefrumm, Clan Grandaxe, Clan Starbreaker and Clan Goldhand. I have pulled our legion out of the muck and into something far greater than any Marshal I have seen so far. I have rooted out decadency and laziness wherever I went. I have fought countless battles for Urguan and the dwedmar. Before the war against Veletz, I enlisted without question and I went to every single battle against them. I will not let the dwarves be just a mere page in someone else's history book! Ut vellar dwedmar! Ut vellar Urguan! Narvak oz Urguan! Signed by: Grelu Irgard, Grand Marshal of Urguan, Priest of Dunngrim, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik
  4. Clan Irgard(Irongate) is looking for more members we offer a tight knit clan based on honour, duty, warriorhood, crafting and homesteading. To join the clan by blood you need to be a mountain dwarf, tho you can join as a patron as any other type of dwarf. Our aestethic is a menacing red and black with a rugged but sturdy look. We offer 4 great lineages and a future that will be great. We are specifically looking for members to populate the lineages of: Jorgur, Yemgar and Irgen. But now open to the accept members to the lineage of Greldyn. The rp center around craftsmanship, soldiery and great artisan work. We are stubborn, headstrong and determined. I seek dedication to dwarven roleplay first and foremost. I myself am online during most days and am active on the forums+discord. So reach out and honor Jorik Braveaxes lineage. Read our clan post on the forums If you wish to join a new dwarf clan it is time to contact me at @viktorgrindset on discord or message me directly on the forums or join the clan discord through this link https://discord.gg/cUNQ5BHks3 . I hope to see you rallied under the Blackram banner.
  5. To the faithful A new preceptor has spoketh A letter would be sent round Urguan stamped by a black wax piece with a ram's head that read. “Ruk Khrum Dwedmar, Tha Grelu Khron'edheklin Hath E quesasan yoth othok! Rumol hath seen da brathmordakin tidach by E kirkden? Tha Zal lare Mer taught, ruk Khrum eron othok ath kirkden othok Zal lare othok Dwedmar dutieth. Tha'm lare speakuroz eron da haz kirkden varak othok. Kolun othok ath E Dwed eron highrumm beliefs, othok shall tidach da brathmordakin ruk Khrum Dwed. Kolun Vos grond da onaligion tidach da brathmordakin ekran! da haz kirkden var anakrun othok morrud ukavoasan. Tha Var Tidach Dungrim, Tha Var Tidach Khorrokunn, Tha Var Tidach Anaraan, Tha Var Tidach Kavir! Var othok Tidach?!” (To all dwarves, I, Grelu Khron'edhekal has a question for you! Who has seen the brathmordakin preached by A priest? I have not been taught at all! If you are a priest you have not done your duties. I'm not speaking of the Highpreceptor mind you. If you are a Dwarf of higher beliefs, You shall preach the brathmordakin to all Dwarfs. If any discover the faith, preach the brathmordakin! The Highpreceptor will trial you on devotion. I will preach Dungrim, I will preach Justice, I will preach Duty, I will preach Death! Will you preach?!) Signed by: Grelu Irgard, Grand Marshal of Urguan, Preceptor of Dungrim, Clan father of Irgard, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik
  6. A summon to the Khron’nozkrom The One eye’s summon Irgard! Your Clanfather summons you! We must gather as I have news for all of you! So on the date of the 20th day of the Azsol during the 172:th year all Irgard and Grandaxes shall gather to discuss the news that Grelu Khron’edhekal brings forward. We of Joriks blood must convene and work together or else none will argue for Justice, for Honor and for Duty! Signed by: Grelu Irgard, Grand Marshal of Urguan, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik, Clanfather of the soldier sons
  7. Clan Irgard(Irongate) Kazamar Khron’edhekal Their words goes as follows: “We stand and fall at the gate” “Ut vellar na ut zhuld da edhekal” Their crest is a black Shield with a red Pale and Orle which symbolizes the heritage to Clan Grandaxe and Jorik. At the top is a portcullis which is a symbol of resolve, duty and determination. In the middle is a shield with two crossed spears, said shield has an emblem of a banner with an anvil on it. The arms signify the Irgard’s most trusted weapons, the spear and shield. At the sides are shields and axes showing their heritage and new blood. Lastly at the bottom is a shield depicting a ram sheep. Which depicts their nature. They are hardy and brave who will defend the herd with horn and cloven hoof. History The Irgard clan formed during the hard times and civil war of the War of the beard. As the four founding brothers went away to follow prophecy. The Irgards trace their lineage back to Jorik Grandaxe who had 4 sons in addition to his daughter Merida Grandaxe. Said sons are: Greldyn, Yemgar, Jorgur and Irgen. Greldyn “Ram horn” Irgard, Yemgar “Head taker” Irgard, Jorgur “Gatekeeper” Irgard and Irgen “Dreadspear” Irgard. All Jorik’s sons banded together to form a new branch family of the Grandaxes since they wanted to honor their father with a clan made in his name and blood. They were different, they do not know fear, dishonor, retreat nor surrender. The original four brothers of Irgard would leave Uruguan as they believed that the Brathmordakin contacted them in their dreams calling for them to be truly tried and tested on their faith, loyalty, perseverance, endurance and unwavering strength of mind. Greldyn had a dream about a lone Goat ram being eaten by direwolves. Yemgar dreamed that heads of dead men would eat him. Jorgur dreamt about a fortress which slowly became a ruin and Irgen dreamed about a hunter whose spear snapped in half while hunting a beast. Greldyn would interpret his dream as he would die alone. After his dream he got struck by the dread of a lonely death which he only acknowledged at his deathbed. His paranoia made him keep the brothers together and he fathered many children so that he would not be a lone goat. Until his old years when his paranoia fully took him making him no longer trust any of his kin. He refused to eat, drink and sleep to then eventually die in his bed alone by his own making as he refused his son's care forever sealing his faith. Greldyn died fearing loneliness, and thus instilled the importance of family in us so that we may not be lone goats feasted on by the world at large. Yemgar interpreted his dream as he needed to slay all darkspawn who crossed him. Yemgar would fight the undead till his death. He might not have feared death but he respected it neither. As his prideful display of trophy heads would lead to his demise. Yemgar to himself thought he was invincible, a warrior so acclaimed that none could defeat him. But in his hubris and quest of glory he claimed so many trophies that made him slow and clumsy. He would die in battle fighting a necromancer who raised his trophies to the state of undeath and Yemgar were so close to victory but his arm was gnawed off before he could strike the necromancer. Yemgar died due to his hubris and thus taught all Irgards the importance of respect so that we shall not walk his way of hubris and disrespect of death. As all warriors are never too great to not die. Jorgur interpreted his dream as that he must master masonry so that his walls would never fall. Jorgur and his family would practice their masonry learning from others on and each other on how to build a fort. But once they began building said fort, Jorgur did not listen to his wife and daughters. While great in size, the fort was not a home. The walls, gatehouses and towers were so thick that their quarters were so small that there was no dining hall nor a wine cellar. Jorgurs was so disappointed that their fort had no great kitchen, dining hall, wine cellar and even no room for their pets, mounts and cattle. Said fort was later abandoned after Jorgurs death as his family felt that there was no room for them in his great impenetrable fortress. Jorgur’s biggest achievement allowed no room for family. His unwillingness to listen to family made them leave his creation to become ruin. He built his home for him, the present but not his family and future generations. Jorgur taught us that dedication and hard work can create great things but Irgard’s value their family and shall always leave room for them as without them one’s greatest legacy might as well not last. Irgen thought his dream depicted how his weapon would fail him. So he set out to forge a spear made of the finest materials. A weapon so great that it could not be destroyed. He ventured all across the lands and collected the materials to make the ultimate weapon. Some claim that he spent a fortnight in his forge without sleep, without food, without drink. He was hammering his spear that would bring dread to his enemies and greatness to his kin. He wouldn’t just hunt a regular beast with such a legendary weapon. Irgen set out to kill the most ferocious beast he knew, a dragon. He left at night as he would return in daylight with a dragon skull. The trip was long and harsh. Nature was hostile to him going north but he would not falter, he was determined to slay a dragon. No matter how much wind, snow and cold Irgen would never budge or think about turning back home. He would eventually reach an empty den. Due to the weather he rested in the empty dragon's den but unbeknownst to him a dragon was hiding in the pile of gold. Due to his journey he slept so long that the dragon woke up before him and trampled him, breaking his spine but not his spear. Irgen teaches that dedication and resolve do not alone let you conquer trials but taking a rest along the way may help you be alert and skilled to conquer great beasts and trials. Irgen was so focused on making his spear hardy enough for his quest but forgot that he is made of flesh and bone. The brothers and their clan were thought to be dead until the return of Grelu and Yemegur who are of the line of Greldyn. Culture Irgard culture as a family is a soldier's culture. They are endlessly drilled for discipline, order and loyalty. To an Irgard(Irongate) all dwarfs are kin it does not matter what type of dwarf as they are all family due to all dwarfs sharing Urguan as their common ancestor. They do not trust strangers and treat them in a very cold manner. Until said strangers have shown them that they mean no harm, then an Irgard might introduce them to family . If said strangers get in their bad graces they will keep them out of their holds and show no kindness. An Irgard is stoic when doing their field of work as outward emotion would ruin craft and battle. To a member of the Irgard family, emotion makes you unfocused and sloppy when performing one’s duties to clan, kin and hold. The Yemgar lineage holds most of the prominent warriors of Irgard as Yemgars fearlessness has been taught for generations. Though due to his death they are less reckless than what he was. Descendants of Yemgar pride themselves on his fearlessness and do not back down in any matter as they do not fear death. Many of the other lineages think the Yemgar descendants are mad due to their almost cult worship of a warrior's death. The Irgen and Jorgur lineages were craftsmen. Those of the line of Irgen were smiths while the descendants of Jorgur were masons. Their workshops/blacksmiths were known to be run under silence with just an occasional question about the craft. They believe that emotion will taint the steel/stone making it weak, brittle and bad in quality. But outside of work they are some of the most friendly and talkative people you might ever encounter. They banter and such often with each other often while off work, they also love telling stories of adventures they've been on. Besides craftsmanship and war the Irgards have been a family of agriculture due to their character of being territorial and industrious. Especially the lineage of Greldyn are known for being a family connected to cultivating lands and having livestock. Music Irgards are quite musical as due to their martial culture those unfit for service march along their kin with drum and horn playing marching songs to help coordinate the troops. Besides drums and horns instruments include flutes, trumpets and sometimes string instruments. Their songs are said to awaken the dormant warrior within, a warrior who might not be known will be summoned to do their duty. As Irgards believe that the Ramhorn of Greldyn awakened said warrior spirits from within with his horn. Irgard cuisine Due to the clan's heritage to the Grand Axes the Irongates have many influences in terms of foods and especially brewing. Though it must be noted that Irgard cuisine cuts both ways so to speak. For regular meals they usually have the following items: Cured/smoked mutton, boar, elk, moose and bear meats. Elk jerky. Oat porridge. Potatoes, boiled/mashed and baked. Stews of all kinds. Bark Bread. In terms of drinking the clan unlike other dwarfs while liking ale have taken a liking to spirits such as vodka. While non alcoholic drinks are mostly goat milk or mead. Due to Irgards being soldiers and their history, they cook some foods out on campaign which is absolutely awful but they eat anyway so as to not starve. Here is a short list: Bark Bread (contains more bark than grain) Hardtack bread The last fulfillment stew (grass, boiled water and a leather belt) Burnt jerky Sump grog (badly brewed ales mixed with spirits) Prisoner’s soup (if they have prisoners while being starved they might consider not having prisoners but a full stomach.) The Iron/Gold Way According to clan tradition things of the world can only be earned by two ways. One is the “Iron way” and the other is the “Gold way”. Irgards considers the Iron way the only way, said way is to prove your station through sacrifice, blood and steel. To truly earn something there must be sacrifice, hardship and dedication. The Gold way is one of scheming, dishonor and wealth. Due to the curse of all dwarves the Irgards have vowed to stay humble and honorable to not repeat the sins of Irgen and Yemgar which is pride and greed. Irgards can be merchants but they will never swindle or trick their customers. But Irgards do not pay enemies with gold or try to buy power they will use iron to get their clay through labor, battle and craft they will claim what is right. Trials To become a full member of the clan one must complete four trials to test one's abilities in endurance, fighting, craft and strength of mind. An Irgard must be able to do their duties no matter if they are faced by hardship or not. -First Trial- -Trial of Battle- The first trial is one of physical prowess. The Kangur/Bogur (The Unproven) must go out and fight either beast, bandit or undead. After the battle The Edhekalfund’in will follow the Kangur/Bogur during the trial to note down the progress. (Trial is crp combat). -Second trial- -Trial of Craft- The second trial is one of craft, the Kangur/Bogur must learn the ways of the smith or mason and craft an item worth to become an heirloom for the future generations one must learn from the best to make something so immaculate that it is worth dying for. Something that will impress the future generations. -Third Trial -Trial of Honor- The last trial of becoming a proven member of Irgard one must take the vow of Iron after pledging their allegiance and words to Iron they will be marked by a hot iron with the blackram in the back of neck. Said oath goes like this. “I (name here) take upon the oath of the sons of Jorik. I vow to not fear death. I vow to not claim trophies. I vow to care for my family. I vow that I will hold my station. I vow to rally my kin like Greldyn, I vow to fight like Yemgar, I vow to build like Jorgur and I vow to craft like Irgen. In the eyes of the Khorok’ardann I swear to serve kin, clan and hold, honorably, dutifully and just. I (name here) submit myself to the way of Iron. I will only claim what is rightfully mine, I will only claim spoils that I took through blood, sweat and steel. I swear to stand my ground, I swear to be honest and I swear that my actions will speak louder than my words. I will serve, I will live and I will die as (name here) Irgard.” Family hierarchy Khazzar (Family head) =+= Kazan (Clan elder) =+= Hazzah (Clan ambassador) =+= Huzzar (Clan marshal) =+= Edhekalfund’in (Gatekeeper) =+= Bel'kaz (notable homesteader) =+= Jorg (Great mason) =+= Irg (Great smith) =+= Yem (Great fighter) =+= Grel (Great farmer) =+= Kanaz (member) Bonaz (patron member) =+= Kangur (Unproven member of lineage) =+= Bogur (unproven patron) =+= =+= Khazzar =+= The Khazzar represents the family politically and must be of at least the ranks of Grel, Yem, Irg and Jorg to claim such a title. (Kazan can’t be elected.) The Khazzar is an elected position and to get elected you need to prove that you have gone through hardship for Kin, clan and hold. You need a feat of: battle, care for family, honor and duty. A Khazzar serves for one year (irl) or until their persona is dead/does not want to. Said Khazzar can be re-elected. Said Khazzar can be deposed after popular vote by all members or Kazan. The Khazzar serves together with the Kazan at the “Khron’nozkrom” to further the prosperity of the dwarven kind. =+=Kazan=+= A Kazan is a semi elected position but only other Kazan and the Khazzar can elect new Kazan. These elders need to be of great wisdom and intellect. As they together with the Khazzar make the important political choices. As they serve as the Khazzar’s loyal political advisors giving them council on matters. They have 2 votes in a Khazzar election but can’t run in a Khazzar election. The Kazan serve as advisors in the “Khron’nozkrom” (Ironcouncil). =+=Hazzah=+= The Hazzah is a position held til life parts ways with the title holder. As the Hazzah is the clan's diplomat handling talks with other clans and outside folk. The Hazzah’s duties are as follows: help settle disputes between clan, kin and hold, help settle disputes with foreign entities and lastly a messenger between the King of Urguan and the “Khron’nozkrom” =+=Huzzar=+= The title of Huzzar is a marshal one so to claim this title one needs to achieve 1 medal while serving in the military of all dwarf kin. The Huzzar have the utmost authority to drill and equip the clan Yem’s to make sure that the clan is always ready to defend the homeland . =+= Edhekalfund’in =+= The Edhekalfund’in (the Gatekeeper) is a position of great authority as they watch over all trials. They also decide on who can be a patron of the clan. They make sure that all trials are up to Irgard standard. They are the only ones able to give the name of Irgard. Marriages/Patrons Marriages in the clan of Irgard goes as follows. The bride/groom must get consent from the Edhekalfund’in as they become a patron who can choose to use the name of Irgard. The Edhekalfund’in will make sure that the one being wed into the family is of good character. Then the groom must as per tradition must engage the father of the bride in a duel (pvp/crp). If the father after said duel feels the groom is up to standard the marriage may proceed to the ceremony. At the ceremony the groom and bride upon accepting the marriage will be firstly bound (loosely) together by the arms by chains of iron then said chains will be locked and the keys will be locked in a chest said chest will be kept away by the couple. Then both will make vows to stay faithful, dutiful and honorable in the names of the smith Irgen, in the name of the mason Jorgur, in the name of the farmer Greldyn and lastly in the name of the warrior Yemgar. After this the both of them are seen as legally married bound together til death. The ceremony holder will release them with a second set of keys after their vows are made. Patrons are those who are not directly descendants of Greldyn, Yemgar, Jorgur and Irgen but through completing the clan trials will then be seen as Irgards and their children will be seen as relatives through blood. Signed by: Grelu Irgard, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik (me) Yemegur Irgard, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik (Marky) Yemer Irgard, son of Yemegur, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik (Plummius) Feel free to contact me by discord (@gremlockgremlin)
  8. Sacrifices One taketh, one giveth At the date of the 12th of the Azsol during the 163th year during the second age, Grelu Irgard woke up after the battle of Stassion in a trench. He woke up with a terrible headache and without sight in his left eye. Grelu would scream in agony as he realized he lost his eye. But then it dawned on him, Dunngrim took his eye so Anbella would keep him alive. He might have lost one eye but more clearly it dawned on him it took eight archers to put him down. Signed by: Grelu Irgard, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik.
  9. The second Khron’nozkrom of memory The edicts of the Khron’nozkrom On the 8th of Khun - Khor’unn - Yemekar’s Balance 2A Year 163 the second Khron’nozkrom of memory was held in the home of Grelu. At this meeting the following Irgards were present: Grelu Dregdhad Kugduhm Nori Yemgar On the agenda of this clan gathering are the following topics. ᚬ The duties of greater clan ᚬ The reforms Irgard will forward ᚬ Trials of Thormodur, Nori, Dregdhad, Kugduhm, Borgur ᚬ Yemgar’s disownment The edict of duty The Khron’nozkrom’s edict on what the greater clan status means for Irgard is that the clan is seen as an honorable and dutiful clan. The clan will follow it’s creed and ways as it is a contributing factor to the revival of Urguan as a whole. The edict of reform The Khron’nozkrom’s edict on political reform within Urguan will be specifically aimed towards Dunngrims legion to foster more camaraderie and a more clear chain of command for the lower ranks in order to make it more effective. It was also stated the Irgard clan would like to enact reform concerning the officer corp. The edict of trials The Khron’nozkrom has officially recognized that Dregdhad, Thormodur, Nori, Kugduhm and Borgur have all concluded their trial of battle by working together as a unit to slay a great brownbear in the forests of Urguan. Dregdhad, Kugduhm and Nori especially who’m will be rewarded with trophies taken from said great beasts. The edict of Disownment Yemgar Irgard, son of Yemgar, son of Jorik was disowned by Grelu Irgard, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik as Grelu put Yemgar’s honor to question over the fact that he attempted to murder an innocent child outside of the trial of Dor’nal Hammerfist and Alaric Grimgold. The murder was prevented by Grelu himself with many as witnesses, specifically Dregdhad Grandaxe/Irgard and Obok Metaldrinks. Yemgar was not put to the sword as Grelu is no reckoner and therefore is not within any right to order an execution of him. But if Yemgar presents himself as an Irgard, wears the armor of Irgard. He shall be brought before Highreckoner, Jorvin Aenguldreng Starbreaker for these crimes: stolen valor, attempted murder, oath breaking and breaking clan creed. Signed by: Grelu Irgard, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik, Clanfather of the soldier sons Dregdhad Grandaxe/Irgard, son of Irgen, son of Jorik Kugduhm Irgard, patron son of Irgen, patron son of Jorik Nori Irgard, patron son of Jorgur, patron son of Jorik
  10. Honor before Dishonor Grelu’s secret At the date of the 12th of the Thorok’aindar during the 163th year during the second age, Grelu Irgard Clanfather of the soldier sons of Jorik sat in his newly moved home working on a paper for the Grand council. Then the bells of sorrow rang loud as Grelu looked out his windows to see the flags at half mast. Grelu would take to his pen and write this letter: “My dear clansmen of Irgard, today is a terrible day. Our King has died. I do not know how and why but I had a secret that I now have to tell you all before I wanted to. When we were made a Greaterclan by Grand Reagent Sigrun Stonehammer, he asked me to give him a political favor that did not lay well on my conscience. He wanted me, Grelu Irgard to support his potential candidacy for Grand King of Urguan while Garedyn the Emerald was still alive. I denied him that day as it goes against my vows, creed and clan to scheme behind backs. This was supposed to be revealed at the Khron’nozkrom to be discussed as I would like to discuss what our duties as Greaterclan is. I hereby want all Irgards to announce what they wish for the Clanfather to bring to the Grand council as an answer. It lays heavy on my heart that a man I trusted as an equal also can fall so low to scheme while the King is still alive and well. I wish that I have kept my integrity, my words, my vows, my oaths and honor intact through my actions. My loyalties lay first and foremost to my clan. I serve the Irgard as dutifully, as honorably and just decreed in our clan lore dictated by the Ironway. I wish to know your thoughts, clansmen, as I do not have any greater rights than any of you so I’m listening to your command and council on what to do. Sincerely, Grelu Irgard.” Signed by: Grelu Irgard, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik.
  11. A lance of iron The Valour of Grelu At the 11th date of the Azsol 162th year in the 2nd age, a great day is to be known. Through valiant service Grelu Irgard has shown impeechable skill and valor in battle as part of the Urguani cavalry. Grelu Irgard dismounted four enemy knights in a single charge. At this battle of Hippo's gorge Grelu dismount 5 knights in total, four which were apart of a single unstoppable charge. Such a feat most can’t accomplish within long lives, tho Grelu has at the young age of 72. He has shown himself a dutiful, honorable, just and now skilled lancer who can down even the most skilled of knights. Let it be known that Grelu Irgard has honored his oaths and vows to his; clan, kin, hold, Legion, King and Kingdom. For this feat Grelu will claim the epithet of “Iron lancer” as he did it through the ironway. He achieved it through blood, sweat and steel. Yemekar has created this soldier, Anbella gave life to this soldier and Dunngrim guides this soldier. May Jorik rest calmly knowing that his blood serves. Signed by: Grelu “Iron lancer” Irgard, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik
  12. An oath to remember The vows of Kugduhm At the 11th date of the Kaldithrhun 162th year in the 2nd age, a great day is to be known. A new patron was sworn into the clan of Jorik so that he may never wander alone in life and in death. Kugduhm Bronzemane is now to be known as Kugduhm Irgard, patron of the lineage of Irgen and patron son of Jorik Braveaxe. He has vowed to be honorable and dutiful in the eyes of the Brathmordakin as well as Khorok’ardann. Let it be known that he vowed to join said clan for honor and not for gain. Kugduhm Irgard at the next Khron’nozkrom will have to make his patronage known for all of clan Irgard to state that he will fulfill his duties to kin, clan and hold. May Yemekar bless his creation, may Anbella bless his life and may Dunngrim guide him to an honorable death. Signed by: Grelu Irgard, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik Kugduhm Irgard, patron son of Irgen, patron son of Jorik
  13. The first Khron’nozkrom of memory The edicts of the Khron’nozkrom On the 10th of Daruth - Dharguthr - Grimdugan’s Shroud 2A Year 160 the first Khron’nozkrom of memory was held in the home of Grelu. At this meeting the following Irgards were present: Grelu Kovidar Yemer Dregdhad Borgur On the agenda of this clan gathering are the following topics. ᚬ The world war ᚬ Clan homesteading ᚬ Clan hall location ᚬ Jorgur’und ᚬ Clan artifacts ᚬ Grelu’s trials ᚬ The Aengul in the north The edict of war The Khron’nozkrom’s edict on the current war is that it is a war of man and not of dwarf kinds survival. It was also agreed that the clan is ill fit to fully commit to the war due to the lack of resources and equipment but it shall be said that Grelu will rally any volunteers to the legion to fight alongside him. The edict of homesteading The Khron’nozkrom’s edict on clan homesteading is that the clan for the time will live in Urguan but in time will be going to settle in the Gotrek Union in order to populate, defend and expand the colony. The edict of clanhall The Khron’nozkrom after intense debate has settled that the clan hall of Irgard shall be within the lands of Urguan as to show their allegiance to the capital and the ancestral hold. The edict of Jorgur’und The Khron’nozkrom fully agreed to assemble an expedition to find and reclaim the lost fortress of Jorgur’s lineage as the fortress abandonment is seen as a great loss not only for the clan of Irgard but for all dwarfs. Therefore Jorgur’und shall be reclaimed and restored. The edict of artifacts The Khron’nozkrom fully agreed that the artifacts of the Irgards may only be reclaimed once the end of the current war is announced as then the clan will assemble expeditions across the realms to search for the lost heirlooms of old. The edict of Grelu’s trials The Khron’nozkrom has agreed that upon the truthful word and service of Grelu within the Legion of Dunngrim and the provided eyewitness sources it has been deemed that Grelu’s trial of battle is completed. Due to the lack of a Edhekalfund’in it was deemed that only a majority of a summoned Khron’nozkrom may approval of a Kangur’s/Bogur’s trials until a Edhekalfund’in is announced. The edict of the Northern Aengul The Northern Aengul near the Gotrek Union has been deemed by the full Khron’nozkrom a enemy of all dwarves as it stands in the way for the expansion of the northern dwarven realm. The Irgards shall assemble a force that will wait upon the summon of Ulfar Starbreaker to help slay the Aengul as it is a pretender of false Gods and heresy upon the Brathmordakin. Signed by: Grelu Irgard, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik Kovidar Irgard, daughter of Grelu, daughter of Greldyn, daughter of Jorik Yemer Irgard, son of Yemegur, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik Dregdhad Irgard, son of Irgen, son of Jorik Borgur Irgard, Patron of the clan of Jorik.
  14. A reunion of Iron The best gift At the 11th date of the Thorok’aindar 160th year in the 2nd age, a great gift was given to Grelu Irgard, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik. At the gate some days after the wedding of Lurdoic Irongut and Crera Mossborn a familiar face was seen and welcomed. Kovidar Irgard, daughter of Grelu, daughter of Greldyn, daughter of Jorik was embraced by her father Grelu who was performing his duties. Grelu had prayed day and night for his daughter's return. He denied Balor Irehearts command to ride out months before which Grelu rejected with these words “Oi’m waiteng on meh daug’ter lad, oi do be a soldier but am not gonna leave meh station ‘ere in meh kinland as oi’m expecting meh daug’ter’s return aye! Oi know meh oaths to Keng and hold but Oi ‘ave duties to famileh, yer nay gonna drag a father into some battle w’en ‘e’s nae seen ‘e’s daug’ter in years are yeh? Oi know meh oaths an duties, an meh duty is too famileh first.” Finally months later Kovidar did return, where even the stoic Grelu could be seen to be emotional. The Khorok’ardann watched her path and the black ram let her safely pass with life back to her father. A blessing to be sure as Grelu has dutifully honored his oaths and duties. Taken the lives of enemies in the field to bless his kin with life. The Irgard clan is gathering and soon may their banners wave in the wind. Together they will stand and fall at the gates. Signed by: Grelu Irgard, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik Kovidar Irgard, daughter of Grelu, daughter of Greldyn, daughter of Jorik
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